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27 April 2012 Newsletter TERM

2 / WEEK 1

Tauranga Primary School Newsletter

Dear Parents / Caregivers, F r o m t h e P r i n

What wonderful weather we had over the holidays. It did make up somewhat for the wet weather over the Christmas break. It is great to see everyone back and ready to get on with a new term’s work. We especially welcome our new students and their families to Tauranga Primary School. It is good to see Mrs Pittams back in the office again. I would like to thank Mrs Happe and Ms Hollins who helped us out while Jenneane was away. We welcome Jo Taele to our staff as our new sports coordinator. Jo is finding her way around at present and her priority has been ensuring the winter sports teams are organised and have the equipment they need. When we have a permanent home for her we’ll let you all know. At present she is operating out of our library along with the rest of the admin team. The administration block extension is fast approaching completion. We are pleased that the staffroom was a priority for the builders during the break and that we’ve been able to move back into there leaving the hall relatively free for class and other activity use again.

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We are excited that we will be able to set up our blended classrooms during this term after receiving a grant from TECT and support from the Friends of the School. Mrs Hawes has worked so hard on this project and we know that with one last piece of financial support from our parent body we will have ready access to technology in all classrooms

p a l ‘s P e n

Remember that all contributions towards the project of $50 or more go into a draw for an i-pad 2. The draw will be held at the open day for our new offices. Thank you to the families who have already contributed in 2011 and this week. Winter is fast approaching: Please ensure that your children have suitable wet weather apparel, raincoats etc. as they do have to move around the school during the day to go to the library, the hall, etc. If it is raining, a coat is essential – umbrellas are difficult to manipulate in windy weather. Kind regards, Jenny McNicol Principal

Attendance at school: State and state-integrated schools must be open for instruction on the dates approved by the Minister of Education. There is a legal requirement that unless a child is sick they attend school every day it is open. We are required to also record whether absences are explained, justified or unjustified. It is therefore imperative that you ensure the office is aware of your child’s non-attendance on any given day before school starts. As with all New Zealand schools we have an electronic “Enrol” system for recording all pupil attendance and absentees. All entered data information is audited and can be accessed by MOE personnel. Absences in term time: If you are planning to take your child out of school in term time, you must request permission from the principal (in writing well ahead of time). A reply will inform you whether the absence is to be recorded as justified or unjustified and the notified dates can be pre-entered onto our data base. Please be aware - If an absence is to be 12 weeks or more, we are required to remove the child/ren from our data base (and they won’t count for funding purposes). This also means re-enrolment is not automatic on return. ie: zoning regulations impact and available places must be evaluated. Every day counts towards your child’s learning. Regular attendance at school makes a big difference because it gives children the best chance to learn

Tauranga Primary School Newsletter Key Competencies Key Competencies are the capabilities people need to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities. They are critical to sustained learning and effective participation in society and work. The five Key Competencies in the NZ Curriculum are: • Thinking (at TPS we call this, Thinker), • Participating and Contributing (Contributor), • Relating to Others (Team Player), • Managing Self (Self Manager) and • Using Language, Symbols and Texts (Communicator) We are aware that the Key Competencies of our TPS learners will be critical as they grow into adults of the 21st Century. Therefore we are increasing our focus on developing the vocabulary, dispositions and actions of each of these competencies across our TPS curriculum. In Term 2 we are focusing on THINKER competency. Thinking is about using creative, critical and metacognitive processes to make sense of information, experiences, and ideas. Students who are competent thinkers and problem-solvers actively seek, use, and create knowledge. They reflect on their own learning, draw on personal knowledge and intuitions, ask questions, can challenge the basis of assumptions and perceptions. Ways you can support this school wide focus at home: Conversations with your children could include: • Why do you think that? (justify, give reasons for thinking a particular way) • Are there any questions you have about that? • What if ? questions …. What if it was summer all year round? What if we only ate lollies for food? • Help your children to see that other people have different points of view. • Provide opportunities to be creative and problem solve. Cardboard boxes are great for this - get a pile and ask your children to make something with them. • Encouragement to try new things - risk take.


Term Dates for 2012: Term 2: * Monday 23 April - Friday 29 June Term 3: * Monday 16 July - Friday 28 September Term 4: Monday 15 October - Friday 13th December * ***********************

Week 1  25 April Week 2  1 May

Anzac Day FoTs meeting

Week 3  7 - 11 May Bike Safety - Yrs 5 & 6  7 - 11 Science Week  7 May Young Leaders @ Rotorua Week 4  16 May  18 May  18 May

Rippa Rugby World Cup Travelling Road Safety Show - Senior School Walk to School Day - Wacky hair or feet

Week 6  28-29 May Ruben The Road Safety Bear - Junior School  30 May Class & Individual Photos  31 May TPS x-country  1 June Teacher Only Day - NO SCHOOL Week 7  4 June

Week 8  12 June  13 June

Queens Birthday ICAS Science

South Cluster x-country South Cluster - Young Einstein Comp

Week 9

  20 June

ICAS - Writing WBOP x-country

Note: Dates are guides only and are subject to change


Thank you to those parents who helped with the New Parents Morning Tea, as always it was a lovely way to meet new parents of TPS and show them around our school. Next meeting 1st May, 7pm in the staffroom. If you are new to TPS, the Friends of the School group are a group of parents who are interested in being involved with the school and help to create fun memories for our children about their primary schooling. New people are always welcome to attend meetings. Grab a friend and come along.

Tauranga Primary School Newsletter Room 3 Anzac stories -

Snippets ✤ Walking School Bus Did you know that TPS has a walking school bus? It operates everyday from school. After school children meet with parent “bus drivers” outside Room 15. They then walk down to Memorial Park (by the Rowing Club) where there is plenty of parking. The bus usually arrives by 3.20pm. There are lots of rewards and incentives for children to take part and if we can reduce the congestion outside the school gate, it will be so much safer for our children. Our Memorial Park walking school bus students had a fun Easter afternoon tea at the end of last term including a great Easter Egg hunt. ******************************** Thank you from the Young Leaders $435.90 was raised in the Term 1 Mufti Day. This money will contribute towards the cost of sending our Year 6 Young Leaders to the Young Leaders conference this term. ***************************** We received wonderful news from Tauranga Intermediate about two Tauranga Primary School ex pupils: Jimmy Kameta was appointed Head Boy for 2012. He really shone through on leadership camp. Danielle Sigley was appointed Deputy Head girl. We’re very proud as you would expect. Kennedy Crowther was also appointed as Sports Captain. Congratulations to you all. *********************************** ANZAC BISCUTS To commemorate ANZAC day our classes have been making ANZAC biscuits, a popular and tasty New Zealand and Australian snack. Ingredients: 125 gram 1 cup 100 gram 1/2 tspn 150 gram 1 cup 1 tblspn 2 tblspn

Flour Coconut Butter Bi-Carb of Soda Sugar Rolled Oats Golden Syrup Boiling Water

Mixing & Baking: 1 Mix together flour, sugar, coconut and rolled oats. 2 Melt butter and golden syrup. 3 Dissolve Bi-carb Soda in the boiling water and add to butter and golden syrup. 4 Make a hole in the centre of the flour and stir in the liquid. 5 Place spoonfuls on a greased tray 6. Bake for 13-20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

written as if they were Soldiers at War To my Darling Mother and Family: I wish you could come and pick me up so I could come home. We just had a big fight. I’m fine so you don't have to worry. I’m relieved and tired. All I can smell is gun powder. I’m hungry, I miss your lovely cooking. All I’m eating is rice and not much else. I can hear screaming and all I can see are New Zealand and Australian people lying on the ground with bright red blood flowing just like poppies. We can not have bath. All we have is the sea. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you guys, I miss you lots but if I don’t come home I’ll be dead but don't think of that! I’ll blow you a kiss from here. Don’t worry about me. Love from Ruby

To my Darling Mother and Father, I am missing you so much. I wish that I could come home because it is so dusty and stinky because I haven't had a shower in 3 days and there has been lots of guns shooting and lots of people have got killed from guns and bombs. I have gotten hurt but at least I am not dead! I have been washing myself but only in the sea. On the first day of war 200 people got killed. I am missing you lots. I love you lots and I will be home soon, probably. There is blood all over the place, redder than red roses. The only things that are on the ground are dead people with scars, wounds and blood. It smells like rotting fish. I love you so much and I will see you soon, Love from Kiana

Dear Mum and Dad. I hope you miss me because I miss you so much and when I hopped on the boat I felt sea sick and it took about 6 months. The war took 3 nights and 3 days and heaps of my friends died or got injured but I lived. 2000 people got killed in 1 day! There is blood flowing like poppies blow and people screaming and I can smell the dust and we are tired as. At the end of the war I was sad about the people that fell to the ground covered in blood. I will see you all soon, Love from Ryleigh

Tauranga Primary School Newsletter BOARD TALK - Bi-Election Board Changes! The Board of Trustees have confirmed their decision to hold a Bi-Election for the vacant positions currently available on our School Board, prior to the full 2013 BoT Elections. Election and closing dates for nomination forms will be advised as soon as they are finalised. The School Parental roll is open at the office if you wish to check your eligibility. The Nomination forms will be posted to every eligible Parent / Caregiver on our School Roll as soon as the dates are confirmed, please take time to give some serious consideration to ‘putting your name forward’ to become a Board of Trustee member. It is a great way to become involved in the governance of our school. If anyone would like to know any further information, please contact Barbara at the school office; < >, Jenny McNicol or myself; < > Neil Hitchiner Board Chair Tauranga Primary School

community notice board SPEECH AND DRAMA WITH BARBARA GRAY ATCL LTCL ATCL TEACHING, LTCL PERFORMING, TRINITY COLLEGE GUILDHALL LONDON Speech and Drama is FUN for children 7+. Trinity Guildhall offers an inspiring syllabus recognized worldwide. Focus is excellent communication skills, confidence and creativity! Develop concentration and skilful listening in a motivating environment. Classes each Wednesday afternoon 3.15 – 4.15pm at Tauranga Primary. Fee $90 for nine weeks. Classes begin Wed 2 May. Contact Ph 575 0266 Gymnastics will be starting in the Hall at Tauranga Primary School from Wednesday 9th May 8:00 - 8:45am to register go to: RHYTHM KIDS Dance classes conveniently right here at the school! For further details check out the timetable and on-line enrolment at <> or phone 5788780. Term 2 classes start week beginning Monday 30 April. Technics Music Academy offers quality lessons after school. You can choose from Keyboard, Piano, Organ, Guitar, Ukulele, and Recoder. Phone 577-0450 or email tma_tauranga @ hotmail. com. Please visit the website for more information. UKELELE LESSONS at TPS. Pene has regular Ukelele lessons at our school. contact her for more information. She is also considering offering Adult classes - if interested phone her or join her adult classes at Bellevue Primary on Wednesdays at 5.10pm starting in Week 2, Term 2. email: The *Gluten Free Food & Allergy Show which is on at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland on the 9-10 June 2012.

School Webiste – Sign up to the website to receive the newsletter via emails - also notification of school events being postponed or cancelled. Just log on and go to the newsletter signup button on the right hand side. Did you know that Tauranga Intermediate only send newsletters via email link now? This is the future of newsletters, it’s better for the environment and very cost effective for schools.

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