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Memorials & Tributes A TKE Educational Foundation Memorial Gift is a meaningful way to celebrate the memory of someone important to you. A Foundation Tribute Gift is a meaningful way to recognize a TKE friend, Frater or family member who has made an impact on your life. Each tribute and memorial gift helps expand leadership training programs, strengthen scholarship support, connect alumni across the country, and sustain lifelong bonds—all vital components in building a better man for a better world. Make your dedication by visiting today.

Memorials William E. Elliott, Alpha-Zeta Chapter Donald G. Clodfelter, Alpha-Zeta Chapter Leroy B. Ritter, DDS, Iota Chapter David M. Diehl, CPA, Alpha Chapter Gwen Goodwin Ronald E. Goodwin, Gamma-Mu Chapter Joseph E. Carroll, Alpha-Psi Chapter George M. Lauderbaugh, USAF, Alpha-Psi Chapter Lindley T. Locke, Alpha-Omega Chapter Betty Locke Jess H. Luker, Beta-Theta Chapter Nancy Luker Joseph F. Maiocco, Jr., Rho Chapter Margaret L. McIntyre Anthony P. Pisano, Pi-Epsilon Chapter Christopher P. Murphy, Pi-Epsilon Chapter

Pete Dawson, Xi-Gamma Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Allen R. Derr, Alpha-Delta Chapter Glenn Miles, Alpha-Delta Chapter Jon Donohue, Xi-Gamma Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Kyle A. Erdman, Alpha-Gamma Chapter Glenn Miles, Alpha-Delta Chapter Jun Hwang Glenn Miles, Alpha-Delta Chapter Mike Johnson, Pi-Mu Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Dave Lefcourt, Alpha-Nu Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Paul H. Magnus, II, Pi Chapter John C. Magnus, Pi Chapter

William W. Downing, Gamma-Gamma Chapter James M. Peak, Gamma-Gamma Chapter

Michael A. Moxley, Beta-Beta Chapter Kathy J. Williams

Jack Price, Upsilon-Iota Chapter Bernie Price

Dennis “Buckwheat” Perry, Alpha-Nu Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

John F. Carey, Mu-Eta Chapter Edgar C. Seely, III, Mu-Eta Chapter

Gary A. Reed, Iota-Phi Chapter Kathy David

John J. Shaw, Gamma-Upsilon Chapter Grace Shaw

Jeffery A. Smith, Omicron-Nu Chapter Elmer R. Pensack, Omicron-Nu Chapter

Joseph M. Vangrin, Beta-Rho Chapter Robert S. Vangrin, Beta-Rho Chapter

Rodman Smith, Zeta-Tau Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter


Donald R. Tapia, Sigma-Theta Chapter Ian DiMitri, Sigma-Theta Chapter

Robert Allen, III, Mu-Theta Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Sean Babcock, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Shawn Babine, Lambda-Delta Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Kenneth A. Boehlke, Nu-Eta Chapter Glenn Miles, Alpha-Delta Chapter David Bohline, Beta-Sigma Chapter Michael C. Russell, Delta-Nu Chapter


Kathy David Adam & Shanon Miller (Omicron-Sigma Chapter) Gary A. Reed, Iota-Phi Chapter

James C. Upton, Iota-Omega Chapter Patrick J. McElroy, Iota-Beta Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Henry Timothy Vakoc, Theta-Rho Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Dylan Vidoli, Upsilon-Mu Chapter Patrick J. McElroy, Iota-Beta Chapter Kathy J. Williams Adam & Shanon Miller (Omicron-Sigma Chapter)

Friends of TKE Every year, TKE parents, wives/widows, and other friends of the Fraternity support the TKE Educational Foundation. The Foundation is encouraged that many believe you don’t need to be a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon to believe in and support our mission of aiding men in their mental, moral, and social development for life. Lenwood S. Cochran Scholarship Doug and Francie Markham J. Kendrick Cowdery Scholarship Jane Cowdery Joan Cowdery Leadership Academy Margaret Keller Leadership Fund Joyce Ann Anderson Eric W. Berg, III, MD Ashley Bush Rebecca Carney Emily Collins Chris Concannon Margaret Czapiewski Kathy David Charlie Deveau Connie Donnersbach Jonathan Goffman Lee Claire Graham Lamont Gray Brittany Jo Hall Houston Astros Baseball Club Brittany Knowlton Tatiana Kulhanjian Betty Locke Nancy Luker Erni S. Mann Margaret L. McIntyre Bernie Price Heidi Rishel Grace Shaw Bridget Soucy Cameron Volpe Bethany K. Warner Stuart Whitaker Ginger Whitwell Kathy J. Williams Rho-Chi Chapter/Walter Sheets Scholarship S. Dale Sheets Charles J. Trabold Scholarship Brian and Linda Jackman White-Lessard Scholarship Barbara Lessard Dwayne R. Woerpel Scholarship Diane Cooper

Do something SPECIAL for your chapter! Special Projects Funds provide a unique opportunity for alumni to donate and immediately benefit members of their chapter. Monies contributed can be applied to support members’ attendance at TKEsponsored educational programs, such as Regional Leadership Conference registration, or can assist with housing projects. There is no minimum balance to attain before the dollars can be used. Maintained by the TKE Educational Foundation, these funds are included in the endowment investment portfolio. Funds are managed by professional money managers and oversight is provided by the Foundation Board of Directors Investment Committee. An annual administrative fee is charged for each fund. Not only does the Foundation have a scholarship fund for every chapter in TKE Nation, it also has SPECIAL PROJECTS accounts, which Fraters are using to help their chapters in many ways. The nice part about contributing to the Foundation to help your chapter is that your dollars are tax advantaged, as the TKE Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3. As a result, many Fraters benefit from a tax deduction within the limits of the law and the dollars directly benefit the chapter as intended. The Foundation holds special projects funds even when the chapter closes so that when it is reopened, the funds are there to help establish a new chapter. One recent example was when Frater Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. left a bequest in 2010 —part of which was to benefit his chapter. The Foundation took those funds, invested them and, now that Upsilon has reopened at the University of Michigan, the necessary support is there to provide scholarships and send chapter members to leadership conferences or help with housing. While most bequests are unrestricted, some are restricted for the chapter’s benefit and are held and maintained indefinitely for that specific purpose. Frater Walgreen set a good example by leaving 75 percent of his bequest to the Foundation and 25 percent to the chapter. His money helped the Foundation recover from very difficult financial circumstances during the recession of 2008 – 2012 and also remains as a lasting legacy for his chapter. For more information on how to access Special Projects Funds, call the Foundation at 317-872-6533 or visit WINTER 2013 q THE TEKE 31

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