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Newsletter Volume 3 March 14 2013 Year 7 Girls Netball Trials

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers This week we begin with a plea, for the first time in a number of years our teacher in charge of basketball is struggling to find anyone with the skills and knowledge to coach our Girls A and Aims Basketball Teams. Many thanks for anyone able to assist us with this. Please see the contact the school urgently. I would also like to share the success of Sam Shergold and draw attention to the opportunities that sport can afford our students in the future. Sam our sports assistant and New Zealand Surf Lifesaving Representative is currently studying towards a NZ Diploma in Business. He has been lucky enough through his achievements in sport to receive a Bay of Plenty Polytechnic High Performance Academy Sports Scholarship. Sam receives his programme fees paid for two years of study in addition to free access to the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic’s outstanding sport and fitness facility. Sam also receives access to specialty sports services such as testing and nutritional analysis. Congratulations Sam on your achievements you are testimony to what can be achieved through hard work and application. I can still remember Sam as a featherweight 43kg playing in the 2006 Tauranga West Tai Mitchell Team. Starting on the bench in the final he was called upon when player of the tournament Ryan Hayes was sidelined with an injured wrist and acquitted himself very well against a much bigger Whakatane pack. A dogged  open-side  flanker who provided a turnover at a vital stage in the game which led to a try which would seal the match. Ultimately the point I am trying to illustrate is that students need to be encouraged to give everything ago. Play a range of codes (Sam no longer plays rugby) and that through adversity can come opportunity. Sam didn’t enjoy being on the bench for the final but when his opportunity came he made the most of it. Blake Carlin Head of Sport


Sponsors of the Tauranga Intermediate School Sports Academy & School Cross Country

Check out Sport BOP website where you’ll find lots of information regarding upcoming events, get active options, interschool results etc...

TIS SWIMMING CHAMPS Well done to all those students who competed in the school swimming sports on Tuesday 5 March. We had 130 students participating. The day was a success and students competed in high spirits representing their houses proudly. Individually a number of students swam really well and will be rewarded through representing our school at the PB/BOP Intermediates School Swimming Champs in Rotorua on Friday 22 March. Over the course of the day students collected points for their house from both participation and placings in heats. Highlight of the day was 17 school records broken and we like to congratulate the following students on their outstanding performances: Benji Rowe Rm 27 8 new records (every current record) Yr 8 Boys 200IM 2:41.92, 50m Free 29.58, 50m Back 35.75, 100m Free 1:05.25, 100m Back 1:16.81, 50m Breast 40.03, 50m Fly 33.24, 100m Breast 1:28.28 Marijke Hattingh Rm 29 8 new records (every current record) Yr 7 Girls 200IM 2:51.68, 50m Free 30.70, 50m Back 34.66 100m Free 1:08.34, 100m Back 1:17.72, 50m Breast 42.74, 50m Fly 35.74, 100m Breast 1:135.41 Felila Simanu Rm 42 1 new record Yr 8 Girls 50m Free 30.36 During our lunch break we were entertained by Tauranga Girls College students who put on a Synchronised Swimming display which everyone enjoyed. Students wishing to pursue this sport can contact Angela Thomas on 552 5416 A huge thank you also, to all those parents and students who assisted us on the day with time keeping and marshalling. Your assistance helped make the day run very smoothly. Results Year 7 Girls 200m Individual Medley 1st Marijke Hattingh Rm 29 2:51.68 nd 2 Joy Zhang Mitchell Rm 29 3:18.34 3rd Te Rina Leubert Rm 9 3:47.90

Boys 200m Individual Medley 1st Adam Galdeman Rm 18 3:50.26 nd 2 Adam Molloy Rm 34 4:09.92 3rd Connor Christoffersen Rm 15 4:20.60

50m Freestyle 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Te Rina Leubert

Rm 29 30.70 Rm 29 36.20 Rm 9 38.65

50m Freestyle 1st Noah Blackburn 2nd Luke Matthews 3rd Adam Galdeman

Rm 29 Rm 17 Rm 18

50m Backstroke 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Ashlee Ennis

Rm 29 34.66 Rm 29 42.66 Rm 24 44.63

50m Backstroke 1st Adam Galdeman 2nd Noah Blackburn 3rd Fergus Hamilton

Rm 18 46.50 Rm 29 47.80 Rm 24 49.00


35.87 38.02 39.53

100m Freestyle 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Lucy Paterson

Rm 29 1:08.34 Rm 29 1:37.50 Rm 26 1:32.53

100m Freestyle 1st Noah Blackburn 2nd Adam Galdeman 3rd Luke Matthews

Rm 29 1:17.72 Rm 29 1:37.50 Rm 9 1:52.21

100m Backstroke 1st Adam Galdeman Rm18 1:44.85 nd 2 Jialan Campbell-Luo Rm 18 1:50.03 3rd Ryan Bosselman Rm 18 1:51.03

50m Breaststroke 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Olivia Summerville 3rd Joy Zhang Mitchell

Rm 29 42.74 Rm 26 45.89 Rm 29 46.12

50m Breaststroke 1st Taylor Bettelheim 2nd Luke Matthews 3rd Michael Chrisp

Rm 17 49.09 Rm 17 49.20 Rm 17 51.42

50m Butterfly 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Chris Bae

Rm 29 35.74 Rm 29 46.56 Rm17 56.38

50m Butterfly 1st Adam Galdeman 2nd Kees Tucker 3rd Campbell Browne

Rm18 51.50 Rm 18 57.50 Rm 17 58.18

Rm 29 1:35.41 Rm 29 1:42.30 Rm 26 1:42.40

100m Breaststroke 1st Luke Matthews 2nd Taylor Bettelheim 3rd Glen Moorhouse

Rm 17 1:44.90 Rm17 1:54.58 Rm 40 2:01.50

100m Backstroke 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Te Rina Leubert

100m Breaststroke 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Olivia Summerville

Rm 29 1:27.68 Rm18 1:27.91 Rm 17 1:28.28

Results Year 8 Girls 200m Individual Medley 1st Caitlin Burns Rm 19 3:13.99 nd 2 Emily Kneale Rm 19 3:25.00

Boys 200m Individual Medley 1st Benji Rowe Rm 27 2:41.92 nd 2 Daniel Reyland Rm 36 3:00.83 rd 3 Liam Moffatt Rm 28 3:02.77

50m Freestyle 1st Felila Simanu 2nd Caitlin Burns 3rd Emily Kneale

Rm 42 30.36 Rm 19 33.45 Rm 19 33.58

50m Freestyle 1st Benji Rowe 2nd Daniel Reyland 3rd Liam Moffatt

Rm 27 29.58 Rm 36 31.81 Rm 28 32.32

50m Backstroke 1st Felila Simanu 2nd Emily Kneale 3rd Caitlin Burns

Rm 42 37.44 Rm 19 38.76 Rm 19 39.60

50m Backstroke 1st Benji Rowe 2nd Daniel Reyland 3rd Liam Moffatt

Rm 27 35.75 Rm 36 37.80 Rm 28 38.69

100m Freestyle 1st Felila Simanu 2nd Nicole Hudson 3rd Caitlin Burns

Rm 42 1.12.43 Rm 42 1.14.85 Rm 19 1.15.27

100m Freestyle 1st Benji Rowe 2nd Daniel Reyland 3rd Liam Moffatt

Rm 27 1:05.25 Rm 36 1:11.90 Rm 28 1:15.61


100m Backstroke 100m Backstroke 1st Emily Kneale Rm 19 1:25.25 1st Benji Rowe 2nd Laura McKee Rm 20 1:44.00 2nd Daniel Reyland 3rd Brooklyn GlanvilleRollestonRm 12 2:03.60 3rd Liam Moffatt

Rm 27 1.16.81 Rm 36 1:21.84 Rm 28 1.27.50

50m Breaststroke 1st Caitlin Burns 2nd Emily Kneale 3rd Nicole Hudson

Rm 19 45.64 Rm 19 46.24 Rm 42 46.44

50m Breaststroke 1st Benji Rowe 2nd Tamarau Kipa 3rd Liam Moffatt

Rm 27 40.03 Rm 20 45.56 Rm 28 47.60

Rm 19 37.47 Rm 19 37.69 Rm 42 45.84

50m Butterfly 1st Benji Rowe 2nd Daniel Reyland 3rd Liam Moffatt

Rm 27 33.24 Rm 36 37.85 Rm 28 39.99

Rm 19 1:44.81 Rm 42 1:49.47 Rm 1 1:50.85

100m Breaststroke 1st Benji Rowe 2nd Tamarau Kipa 3rd Liam Moffatt

Rm 27 1:28.28 Rm 20 1:41.80 Rm 28 1.43.15

50m Butterfly 1st Caitlin Burns 2nd Emily Kneale 3rd Nicole Hudson 100m Breaststroke 1st Caitlin Burns 2nd Nicole Hudson 3rd Mikayla Hall Y7 RELAYS 1st RIMU nd 2 TOTARA rd 3 KAURI


OVERALL SWIMMING CHAMPIONS Congratulations to the following swimmers who will be recognised at our end of year Sports Prizegiving as 2013 Swimming Champions. YEAR 7 GIRLS YEAR 7 BOYS 1st Marijke Hattingh Rm 29 1st Adam Galdeman Rm 18 nd nd 2 Joy Zhang-MitchellRm 29 2 Noah Blackburn Rm 29 rd rd 3 Olivia Summervillle Rm 26 3 Luke Matthews Rm 17 YEAR 8 GIRLS YEAR 8 BOYS Record 1st Caitlin Burns Rm 19 1st Benji Rowe Rm 27 Breakers - Benji 2nd Emily Kneale Rm 19 2nd Daniel Reyland Rm 36 Rowe Rm 27, Marijike 3rd Felila Simanu Rm 42 3rd Liam Moffatt Rm 128 Hattingh Rm 29, Felila

House Points 1st Totara nd 2 Rimu rd 3 Tawa 4th Rata th 5 Manuka th 6 Kauri th= 7 Tanekaha 7th= Matai 9th Kahikatea th 10 Miro

Simanu Rm 42

412 172 154 124 113 87 71 71 32 30


NZ CUP BOYS CRICKET On Friday 8th March our Boys cricket team travelled to Whakatane for our second match in this competition. After winning the toss we elected to bat first. Solid contributions from everyone who batted, got us through to a total of 155/5 in 20 overs. Finn Sears Rm 13 got 23 not out, retired and Alex Smith Rm 37 was 31 not out, retired. Soon after a great feed from the Whakatane boys it was their turn to bat. We started off with a few quick wickets from Rhys Mischewski Rm 19 (1) , Finn (2) and Scott Ellerington Rm 20 (1). After that the wickets dried up for a while. Then a run out started a collapse and Marcel Collett Rm 19 finished off their innings with four quick wickets with figures of 4/4 off 2 overs. And that brought them to a total of 49 all out in 16.5 overs.

NZ SHIELD GIRLS CRICKET After about 2 weeks of trainings our girls cricket team had our first match against Katikati College at school on Wednesday 13 March. We won the toss and decided to bat first. Top run scorers for us were Jahla Cooper Rm 39 who got 28 and Toni Power Rm 34 scored 25. After our 20 overs our total was 128/7. After lunch we set out to defend this total. However due to poor fielding, dropped catches, and average bowling we missed our target. On the very last ball of the match Katikati were able to score a 4 which took them to a wining total of 129. Phoebe Turner Rm 13 was our best consistent bowler. We were Girls disappointed with our game but have Cricket learnt lots and hope to improve with our next one. Team Grace Ede Rm 19

POLICE COMPETENCY TEST On Tuesday the 5th March we competed in the blue light competency test at the TECT Arena. Our team was made up of two boys and two girls, Judah Ryan Rm 36, Tawera Ohia Rm 4, Hope Garner Rm 11 and Wikura Kuka Rm 12. Our team had the fastest P.C.T time but struggled on the fear factor activities. The fear factor activities we competed in were Marble Fishing and a Handcuff race. In the Marble Fishing activity you had two people from your team that had to try and grab as many marbles out of the container full of ice but you weren’t allowed any ice in your bucket and for the Handcuff race two people from you team were handcuffed together and had to run and get the key to unlock the handcuffs. [5]

l Our team was not only the fastest on the obstacle course, we were also the smallest. So everyone was shocked when we were the fastest overall. We completed the course with 2:47 as our fastest time. We also used parkour skills to get us through the course a lot faster than the other schools.

Thanks Matua Atirau for helping us. Wikura Kuka. Rm 12

Wikura Kuka, Hope Garner and Tawera Ohia

EQUESTRIAN TEAM On Wednesday March 6th Kate Hardy Rm 41, Maia Coster Rm 3 and Bella Einarsdottir Rm 22 set off on a journey. A journey that would take them over logs, tyres, up banks, down hills, through treacherous waters, and scary mud ponds. All this happened at BOP School Gambler Stakes. Gamblers is an equestrian competition which consists of show jumping and cross country. On cross country each jump has 3 choices - the higher you jump the more points you score. Maia went first and scored a total of 250 on her pony A Splash of Paint. Kate went second on her pony Secret Sam and scored a total of 270. Bella went last on Zinny and scored 180. Next was the show jumping. There were 12 jumps and the higher the jump the more points you got. Maia went clear with 39 points giving her an overall score of 289. Kate scored 32 points after knocking a rail giving her a total score of 302. Bella went last and scored 27 giving her a total score of 207. There were 33 entries for Intermediate riders. Kate finished in 12th place, Maia in 13th and Bella in 18th. They did not do a team score this year as the calculations would have taken too long. All three riders were all really pleased with the way their ponies went and are looking forward to the the BOP School Dressage competition in May. Written By Kate Hardy


BOP GOLF CHAMPS On Tuesday 12 March 8 golfers from our school travelled to Fairview in Katikati to compete in the BOP Golf Champs. Team 1 was Matthew Fairweather Rm 41, Ethan Larsen Rm 13 and Ollie Valentine Rm 2. Team 2 was Troy Morrell Rm 19, Liam McFarlane Rm 2 and Jodae Ngaheu Rm 5. Mikayla Hall Rm 1 and Anthony Ouellet Rm 15 were Team 3. It was a great day for golf however we were not quite able to retain the trophy from last year with Team 1 coming a close second by just 3 points to Rotorua Intermediate. Team 2 finished in 3rd. Liam was 3rd for boys stableford, Matthew placed 3rd for boys gross and Mikayla was second in girls gross. Matthew Fairweather Rm 41

Matthew Fairweather, Liam McFarlane, Ollie Valentine, Ethan Larsen and Troy Morrell

TrustPower TECT Rescue Helicopter Open Day Sunday 17 March 10am – 2pm Ian Pain Memorial Hangar, Tauranga Hospital, Clarke Road Ever wanted to look inside a rescue helicopter? This is your chance. Come on down to our fun, free OPEN DAY. All of the emergency services involved in our operation will also be on display plus face painting, giveaways, and activities. Drop off your colouring competition on the day and be in to win a flight! See you there!

Judea Junior Rugby Club Registration skills and Fun Day Sunday 24th of March 10am Sutherland Road, Judea Invitation to new and returning players to register for the 2013 season. Rippa Rugby 5 and 6 yr olds Tackle Rugby 7 to 12 yr olds Please provide a Birth Cert or Passport. Contact Jason Seeling 02102245782 or Email

All sporting opportunities are published in the daily notices. It is vital that your students collect notices from the Sports Office if they are interested in participating.


TERM 1 CALENDAR PB/BOP Surfing! ! ! WBOP Have a go Golf Day! WBOP Surfing! ! ! PB/BOP Swimming!! ! TIS Tennis Champs! ! PB/BOP Touch Rugby! ! PB/BOP Open Water Swim! Sport BOP Future Champions! TIS Badminton Champs! ! TIS Squash Champs ! !

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Friday 15 March! ! Monday 18 March!! Thursday 21 March! Friday 22 March! ! Tuesday 26 March!! Thursday 4 April! ! Thursday 4 April! ! Friday 5 April! ! Weds/Thurs 10/11 Ap! Mon/Thurs 15/18 April!

Mount Maunganui Te Puke Mount Maunganui Rotorua TIS Turf Rotorua Rotorua Mount Maunganui School Gym School Squash Court

If you would like to receive a copy of this newsletter electronically via email please contact Sabrina Jackson at to be included on a mailing list.

SPORTS HOODIES This year we plan to introduce a Sports Hoodie to form part of the Sports Uniform. This Hoodie is not part of the school uniform but can be worn to any school sporting event throughout the year. This can be weekly at netball, hockey, basketball, at any PB/BOP InterIntermediate, School events and NZCT AIMS GAMES. The cost of this Hoodie is $58 We will be taking orders for these Hoodies up until the end of the term where we will make a bulk order. There is a 4 - 6 week timeframe so they should arrive midway through Term 2. We have 5 sample sizes are available at the Sports Office to try as well as a sample of the fabric - Sizes 10,12, 14 and Adult XS and M

SPORTS HOODIE ORDER FORM NAME: ..................................... SIZE ............. $58 Attached


ROOM: ...........


COLOURS Pantone 2767 Navy Pantone 200 Red White




Name: Logan Karauria Room: 21 Kauri House Age: 12 years Sports played at school/team level: Cross Country - 2012 3rd Y7 Boy, 1st Y7 Boy PB/BOP Athletics - 2012 3rd Y7 Boy Rugby - Tauranga Sport U13 Touch Rugby - PB/BOP Y8 Boys Team Rugby 7’s - 2012 AIMS Team Sports played at representative level: Cross Country - NZCT AIMS 2012 - 3rd Y7 Boy Rugby - Tai Mitchell 2012 and Goldfields 2012 Athletics - PB/BOP Y7 Boy 1st 1500m and Long Jump - 2nd overall Y7 Boy What is your playing/training schedule like? Most nights I spend around half an hour kicking and running around the fields. I usually have friends to train with. What do you usually eat for breakfast and what is your favourite food? Weetbix - 4. Lasagna is my favourite dinner but I also like chocolate cake. Interests/Hobbies and favourite TV Show: Skating at the skate park with my friends, jumping off the rocks at Poripori. Man vs Wild. Most memorable moment in sport: Meeting Dan Carter for a private kicking session in Taupo earlier this year. Person you admire the most: Dan Carter because he’s the best at what he does. How did you get involved in Sport? I signed up for rugby when I was 5. What influence has your family had on you in sport? They have always encouraged me to give everything a go. What has sport taught you? To keep fit and not eat too much junk feed. What is your future goal in sport? To make the All Blacks.




Name: Te Atirau Ohia Sport/Team Name: NZCT AIMS GAMES 7’s Rugby, School Rugby League and Y7Boys Touch Rugby Teams Occupation: Youth Mentor at school Sporting Background/Qualifications: Grew up with Rugby, Rugby League, Tae Kwon Do and Softball. Later in life I got into Surfing, Touch, Basketball and Parkour. Have coached at senior and high school levels and also age group provisional levels. Personal Successes: Representative Rugby, Rugby League, Athletics, Tae Kwon Do and Touch. Best Memory as a Coach: Beating our arch rivals Royal Oak Intermediate last year at the AIMS Games 7’s. Most Embarrassing Moment as a Coach: At the PB/BOP Touch Champs, when our Year 8 Girls started singing really loud during warm up. They were flat as! Person you admire the Most: I admire anyone that take the skills they’ve leant and still be creative in their sport. I also admire people that can handle Big Game situations. Best piece of life advice: You are what you eat! Unfortunately you cannot eat awesome. Interests/Hobbies: Music, Guitar, surfing, video making, parkour, watching my children play sport. Favourite Food: Whatever Whaea Aorewa and Whaea Hinetapu bring for lunch : ) Favourite Music: Whatever the boys choir or the Poly Band are singing.


BLUE ROVERS  2013  SOCCER  SEASON Registrations for the 2013 Blue Rovers Soccer Season are coming to close (for all grades). Please click the link below (or copy and paste into your browser) if you wish to register your child now.  or go to  If you have any problems registering then please email: Lynette or phone 5789048.

Te Puna JMC RUGBY REGISTRATION Te Puna JMC Rugby invites all existing and new Te Puna Club rugby players under 6’s to under 13’s to attend registration for the 2013 season. This will be held at the Te Puna Rugby clubrooms at Maramatanga Park, Te Puna on: Wednesday 13th March 4pm to 6pm Thursday 21st March 4pm - 6pm

Cost for the season, including a free mouth guard is $35 payable on the night, cash or cheque only. If you are new to the club please BRING a copy of your child’s birth certificate Coaches for some teams still needed and any help to the committee much appreciated. Club socks $15 & Beanies $10 will also be available for purchase.

All enquiries to Sarah Kemp (Registration Officer) Ph/Text: 021 288 0508

"I wouldn't say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it". Michael Phelps Swimmer [12]










NORTH ISLAND AND NZ SECONDRY SCHOOLS EVENTS VENUE: TAURANGA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL GYMNASIUM WHEN: STARTING FRIDAY 22 MARCH - FROM 3.00PM ANNUAL SUB: $10.00 For more Information contact: Craig Whiteside - Sport Development, 027 2057 910 Dave Crockett - Tauranga Assn. Secretary, 07 543 3394


Intermediate Girls – Waipuna Football Club Enjoy Football? GIRLS WE NEED YOU!!! *All Girls Intermediate team offered through Waipuna Football Club; *Division was taken out by Waipuna Intermediate girls last year; *Friendly and enjoyable environment; *Extra coaching opportunities available. If you are interested or just want to talk about it further we would love to hear from you. Please phone either: o   Robyn Williams 5785 050 (pm) or 027 235 8700; or o    Roy Lusher 544 6445 (pm) or 027 446 3503. [13]



operate!in!New!Zealand!and!Europe.!This!Camp!is!fantas0c!for!skill&development!and!a!perfect& opportunity!for!a!memorable&cricket&experience.!!If!you!love!cricket,!you!do!not!!want!to!miss!this!!


Dates:%% nd%April%–%Thurs%25th%April%2013% Mon%22 Where?%The!Ben!Williams!Cricket! !(4!days,!3!nights;!12.00pm!start!and! Academy!at!23!Paparoa!Rd,!Te! finish)! Puna,!Tauranga.! ! Please!see!website!for!photos!of!our!first! Costs:%$310%Gst%Inc.! !



class!cricket!training!facility!!! !!


Program%includes;%Full!Accommoda0on! with!4!bathrooms!on!site,!Leisure!room! with!DVD!player,!Sky!TV!and!Pool!Table,! BBQ!area,!Gym!and!a!Outdoor!pool,! Tauranga!Airport!pick!up!&!drop!off.!

%! !

! ! ! % % % % !

Also%note:%The%only%Merlyn%Spin%bowling% machine%in%NZ%will%be%in%opera<on%at%this% camp!! ! !! !!! !

“Having%spent%many%long%hours%in%the% nets,%wearing%down%Benny's%arm,%I%can% say%that%his%enthusiasm%and%dedica<on% creates%a%great%learning%environment%for% players%of%all%ages.%He%has% extensive%knowledge,%which%is% important%for%every%player%looking%to% move%their%game%forward.%Benny’s%love% for%the%sport%&%coaching%ensures%his% commitment,%not%only%to%helping% players%improve%but%so%they%enjoy%the% learning%process%along%the%way!"%%

% % % !









For Bookings & more information: 07 562 1325 [15]


JUNIOR CLUB 6:00pm to 7:30pm $4.00 per night Age 8+

CONTACT Delwyn Cooper on 027 2124720 for further details or email

HAIR AND BEAUTY ON TANNER ALL SALON SERVICES AVAILABLE 1 Tanner Street Next to Tauranga Intermediate Ph 577 1571 Use Tauranga Intermediate as your booking reference for your school to receive a donation. [16]

OUT OF SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENTS The following students were also selected for the Tauranga City Rep Basketball teams after trials - Logan Brill Rm 40 U12 Boys, Samantha Clement Rm 25 U13 Girls, Edan Housham Rm 23, Dublin Cundy Rm 30 U13 Boys. Tyzak Rhind Room 40 competed in the North Island Colgate Games in Inglewood in January. He won a silver medal in the 400m, was placed 5th in long jump, and 6th in the 800m in the 10 year old boys. A small group of students competed in the Waikato/BOP Athletic Champs in Hamilton last weekend with great success as follows: Zane Hamilton Rm 30 - 10yr Boys 1st 100m, 200m, Long Jump (in new record 4.75m), 3rd High Jump Tyzak Rhind Rm 40 10yr Boys 1st 400m, Medal 2nd 800m, 3rd 220m Winners Lachlan Haycock Rm Lachlan, Meila, 41 12yr Boys 1st 80m Tyzak and Hurdles, Zane 3rd 100m, 200m and High Jump Meila Eades Rm 30 11yr Girls 3rd 1500m, High Jump, 4th 100m, Long Jump Sheridan Harley Rm 29 11yr Girls 4th 400m, 5th 200m, 6th 100m Well done to Jessica Cox Rm 42 who competed in her first Bissell Women's Series Triathlon at Rotorua Blue Lake on 2 March. Her time was 1hr 22min coming 75th out of 189. Jessica had a great time and now wishes to compete in lots more in the future.

Jessica Cox Rm 42

Head of Sport Blake Carlin: Email: Phone: 578-4401

Sports Coordinator Karen Hampton: Email: Phone: 578-4401 Extn:114 [17]

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