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Newsletter Volume 14 26 October 2012 12 HOUR RELAY ‘GET YOUR GAME ON!’ Jessica Cox Rm 29 in action on the Horizontal Bungy

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers Welcome back to our students and families for the final term of the year. This term we boast an impressive 559 students involved in 66 teams across 11 different codes ranging from cricket to surfing. Congratulations to all students involved for making the commitment and to our parents and volunteer coaches for their time and making this possible. Congratulations to Mrs Hughes and the staff and students of Rata House on their win in Friday’s 12 Hour Relay. The team lead from the start and showed determination to ward off a strong challenge from Totara House and emerge victorious at the end of the day. The efforts of their students personified what it means to be a true champion. With the promotion of Mr Shane Cunliffe to Principal at Te Puke Primary School and subsequent reshuffling I am happy to take on the responsibility of Head of Sport for Term Four and look forward to working with the very capable Mrs Hampton. I would like to acknowledge Gareth Scholes and the huge effort he has put into this role over the last four years. His passion, commitment and drive have been the foundation of the many successes the school has enjoyed over the years. Not only does he commit long hours to the school and sport he volunteers as a coach and referee in the community. This term the sports department is bolstered by the return of Brett Hampton from playing cricket in Holland. We also wish him well for his season with the Northern Districts Knights. In addition our other sports assistant Sam Shergold has won selection in the New Zealand U20 Surf Lifesaving Team which will compete in the Rescue 2012 World Lifesaving Champs. We wish Sam the best of luck with his endeavours. We are very privileged to have such esteemed individuals and look forward to utilising their wealth of sporting talent within our school when they are not on respective representative duties.

Blake Carlin Head of Sport


Sponsors of the Tauranga Intermediate School Sports Academy & School Cross Country

Check out Sport BOP website where you’ll find lots of information regarding upcoming events, get active options, interschool results etc...

NZ CUP CRICKET Last Thursday the Tauranga Intermediate boys cricket team took on two teams from Hamilton and Tauranga to try and progress through to the New Zealand Cup Northern Districts Final. First we had Cambridge, we were doubting if we were even going to play as the weather kept on turning on and off. But in the end we made the decision to go. As we got there it started to rain heavily so we had to hunker-down in the bushes (luckily we brought a tarpaulin to cover us up)! Eventually we got the toss done, we won and chose to bat. After a good solid 50 from Marcel Collet Rm 18 we had a good base of 146. The bowlers did their bit as well, getting them all out for 37, with an outstanding effort from David Rout Rm 19 with figures of 4 wickets for 3 runs. After much deliberation it was decided that our second game against Aquinas would be abandoned and would be played on Friday. After a quick shower play was on, and thanks to an early wicket by Oakley Dench we had our heads up. After some outstanding bowling and fielding we had them all out for 63 runs, with Finn Sears Rm 15, Mikaere Leef Rm 1 and Oakley Dench Rm 20 all getting two wickets.

Mikaere Leef cutting loose!

Our batting didn't start off so well after an early run out. With David getting a quick 25 and Taylor Kite Rm 36 and Mikaere getting not outs to guide Tauranga Int to victory! Final score, Aquinas 63 us 64 with 8 wickets and 7 overs to spare. Mikaere Leef Rm 1

“ If you aren’t doing the training, the opposition are.”

Sir John Walker


PB/BOP TENNIS This year we had a good solid tennis team looking to defend our title from last year. Each team consisted of two boys and two girls to compete in the PB/BOP Intermediate School Tennis Champs held at Whakatane. Our team was Jackson Currie Rm 20, Robin Yang Rm 19, Julia Newman Rm 3 and Kalais Going Rm 4.

Winning TennisTeam

The tournament is based on two competitions, singles and doubles played to time. The Teams accumulate points based on where they placed in both competitions. Once again the competition was extremely close, this year Whakatane Intermediate had a very strong team but we managed to pick up one more extra point than them and came away defending our title being the overall winning school. Individual highlights on the day: Kalais Going Julia Newman Jackson Currie Robin Yang

Winner Girls Singles/ Runner Up Girls Doubles Runner Up Girls Singles /Runner Up Girls Doubles Runner Up Boys Singles /Winner Boys Doubles Winner Boys Plate/Winner Boys Doubles

Karen Hampton Manager

NORTH ISLAND ROAD CYCLING CHAMPS On the 30th September and 1st of October was the Schools Road Cycling National held in Fielding. Â The first race was the 16km Road Race. I attacked a few times but I was unsuccessful, I went around last corner very fast hoping to get a gap and I maintained that gap until an another boy sprinted me just before the finish finishing 2nd. The next race was the points race at Mansfield when you sprint every 2nd lap in six laps. The 1st sprint I came third trying to get away but just got caught before the end. The next sprint I got third again but then a boy got away on the second to last lap but just before the finish I caught him and tried to sprint him but he just beat me by millimetres and I came 3rd overall in points. It was really successful weekend and I was also the only one who medalled in both events. Theo Wright Rm 37


Theo with silver & bronze medals


2008 2011 2008 2008 1997 2008

Rikihana Borell Kyle Hamilton Burton McAdam Burton McAdam Ed Leef Hamish Symes

11.90m 30.30m 1.55m 5.13m 66.0m 56.40m

60m Sprint 100m Sprint 200m Sprint 300m 800m 1500m

2008 2010 2008 2011 2007 2009

Burton McAdam Steven Masters Burton McAdam Kyle Hamilton Thomas Taylor Andrew Robinson

7.71sec 12.62sec 26.45sec 43.80sec 2:29min 5:00.02min


2011 2007 2009 2004 2010 2009

Brie McLean Fiona Bennett Tayla Smith Mariah Ririnui Valerie Kairo Moana Whare

9.30m 21.90m 1.41m 4.65m 44.78m 39.80m

60m Sprint 100m Sprint 200m Sprint 300m 800m 1500m

2007 2007 2007 2004 2006 2006

Alice Bain Fiona Bennett Fiona Bennett Mariah Ririnui Courtney Williamson Madison Fredheim

7.87sec 13.30sec 28.62sec 45.62sec 2.41min 5.24:52

Class Relay House Relay

2009 2009

Room 11 Matai Matai

1:30.71 1:28.62

2009 2008 2009 1998 2009 2011

Rikihana Borell Liam Vanderdrift Burton McAdam Darcy Slattery Stephen Mayer Dylan Robson

13.32m 31.67m 1.65m 5.67m 69.30m 63.80m




60m Sprint 100m Sprint 200m Sprint 300m 800m 1500m

2009 2009 2009 2000 2000 2011

Hamish Symes Hamish Symes Hamish Symes Daniel Moses Daniel Moses Justin Mitchell

7.40sec 11.52sec 25.05sec 41.46sec 2:20.85min 4.52:28min


2007 2008 2009 2011 2010 2005

Khanum Elisaia Fiona Bennett Nicole Young Petra Ririnui Moana Whare Anique Reihana

11.21m 25.95m 1.47m 4.77m 62.00m 48.30m

60m Sprint 100m Sprint 200m Sprint 300m 800m 1500m

2005 2005 2011 2005 2000 1998

Mariah Ririnui Mariah Ririnui Samantha Bitcheno Mariah Ririnui Andrea Smith Alice Wilson

7.92sec 12.41sec 27.80sec 45.11sec 2:33.76min 5:21.70min

Class Relay House Relay

2009 2011

Room 23 Tawa Rata

1:23.08 1:25.20


TIS ATHLETICS DAYS YEAR 7 - TUESDAY 13 NOVEMBER YEAR 8 - WEDNESDAY 14 NOVEMBER 9.00am - 11.30 am Girls Field & Boys Track 11.30am - 2.20pm Girls Track & Boys Field 2.25pm - 2.50pm Class Relays FINALS DAY THURSDAY 15 NOVEMBER 9.00am - 12.00pm All parents and caregivers please feel welcome to come along and support your child


WINTER SPORTS UNIFORMS These are overdue and need to be returned to the Sports Office as soon possible! Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated.


SPORTS PRIZEGIVING - WEDNESDAY - 28 NOVEMBER On the page following is a nomination form for ‘Contribution to Sport’. If you know of someone who has coached a School team and is deserving of this award, please complete the attached form. Please include all teams you know this person coaches and all successes you know of. We want to know of their contribution to sport at Tauranga Intermediate. These nomination forms will need to be handed into the Sports Office by Friday 9th November.



! ! ! !

! ! ! !

! ! ! !

! ! ! !

! ! ! !

! !

! !

! !

! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I have nominated this Coach because: (Please include all successes he/she has experienced while in the coaching role). ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !





Name: Mikaere Leef Room: Rm 1 Kahikatea House Age: 13 years Sports played at school/team level: Cricket - TIS Green Volleyball - Super League A Grade Basketball - TIS Jazz Sport Academy Class Touch Rugby - PB/BOP Y8 Boys Team Sports played at representative level: Cricket - NZ Cup Boys Team, Coastland Squad Basketball - TIS AIMS GAMES Team What is your competing/training schedule like? Normally doing something everyday - we’re training extra hard with our NZ Cup team at the moment. What do you usually eat for breakfast and what is your favourite food? Quite often left-over dinner or toast. Butter chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese. Interests/Hobbies: Going to the beach and playing with my brother with some kind of ball Most memorable moment in sport: Probably when I found out our team had won the NZ Cup last year when I was in South Africa. Person you admire the most: Kane Williamson because he’s a great cricketer and a family friend. How did you get involved in Sport? Just has always been a part of my life. What influence has your family had on you in sport? Mum & Dad have always encouraged me. What has sport taught you? Winning isn’t everything but it is good! What is your future goal in sport? To make a New Zealand age group team in cricket.




Name: Aubrey Jeftha Sport/Team Name: Cricket Occupation: Teacher in Room 2 Kahikatea House Sporting Background/Qualifications: Sport is part of my life - I like all sports Personal Successes: Being Captain of the University’s Rugby and Cricket Teams in the same year. Best Memory as a Coach: Winning the NZ Cricket Cup last year (2011) Most Embarrassing Moment in Sport: Getting a ‘Royal Duck’ and dropping 2 catches in a game. Goals in Coaching: To successfully defend the NZ Cup we won last year. Best piece of life advice: Have lots of fun. Don’t hurt people. Do not accept defeat. Strive to be happy. Person you admire the Most: Nelson Mandela because he is a real humble and popular leader who has made an enormous impact on my life. His greatness, his sacrifice, his wisdom and his courage in the face of all that has happened to him makes him, a remarkable person. Interests/Hobbies: Cricket, Rugby and watching TV Favourite Food:

A nice hot curry/a juicy medium rare eye fillet steak. Favourite Music: Reggae - especially Bob Marley


TERM 4 CALENDAR TIS Athletics! ! ! PB/BOP Volleyball!! ! PB/BOP Beach Challenge!! Sport Prizegiving! ! ! PB/BOP Athletics! ! !

Tues/Weds/Thurs 13-15 Nov! Friday 16 November! ! Thurs/Frid 22/23 Nov! ! Wednesday 28 November ! Friday 30 November! !

School TECTArena Gisborne TIS Hall Tauranga Domain

YEAR 8 GIRL - ROWING COX Tauranga Girls College are looking for a year 8 girl (who plans to go to TGC next year) and weighs under 50 kgs to cox for the U15 TGC rowers.   We have an excellent U15 quad together and are in need of a cox.  This crew is very committed and should perform well this rowing season.  A potential cox joining this crew would not only have the opportunity to participate in a great sport but also join what should be a very competitive crew.  The girl would need to be committed to both trainings and regattas (this continues over the summer holidays and concludes at the end of March with The Maadi Cup).    Attributes required:  Passion for sport  Confident  Good vocals  Committed  Team player   TGC Rowing have set the Cox’s fees at $600 for the 2012/2013 rowing season.  We are prepared to offer a sponsorship towards the rowing fees for the right person and could look at subsidising these by at least 50%.  The fees cover coaching, entry fees, registration with RNZ, and travel to regattas and accommodation at The Maadi Cup rowing regatta (there is also a small cost for the rowing kit - bag, raincoat, hat, TGC singlet etc).    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call Lisa Rowe on 548-1722 or 021-454-003.

HAIR AND BEAUTY ON TANNER ALL SALON SERVICES AVAILABLE 1 Tanner Street Next to Tauranga Intermediate Ph 577 1571 Use Tauranga Intermediate as your booking reference for your school to receive a donation.

All sporting students should keeping a record/log of their achievements throughout the year - participation, representation, captaincy, placings, records etc. so this information is readily available at the end of the year for our Sports Prizegiving.


Tauranga City  Beach  Volleyball

Volleyball Tauranga  presents  an  opportunity  for  you  to  be  coached  by  NZs  best  Beach  Volleyball  players  and   Coaches.  Come  join  in  this  fun,  exciting  sport,  hone  your  skills  to  a  level  that  you  could  potentially  represent  your   country  in  exotic  places  around  the  world. COURT  DIRECTOR  -­‐    Grif/in  Muller   Griff  is  a  current  NZ  Team  Member  and  has  spent  2012  playing  on  the  Asian  Beach  Tour.  He  has  an  extensive   background  in  Indoor  and  Beach  Volleyball  touring  to  many  countries  and  reaching  a  very  elite  level.     COACHES  -­‐  Other  coaches  are  NZ  team  members  who  have  Iinished  in  the  Top  10  at  U19  World   Championships  and  are  now  representing  NZ  at  a  Senior  level. Where-­‐  Tauranga  City  Beach  Courts  (re  sanded)  Corner  of  13th  and  Devonport  Rd,  beside  the  Susan  Devoy   Squash  Courts. When-­‐  Starts  on  Monday  22nd  October  (Labour  Day)  and  weekly  thereafter  until  Friday  14th  December  –  8   weeks MONDAYS     Year  9/10  Boys&  Girls   WEDNESDAYS   Year  7/8      Boys  &  Girls   FRIDAYS   COMPETITION  GAMES    

3.45-­‐5.00 3.30-­‐5.00 Year 9-­‐13        4.00-­‐6.00

How Much-­‐  Each  Coaching  night  you  come  you  pay  $5.00  per  person  to  the  Court  Director.    COMPETITION   NIGHT  will  cost  $10  per  team  and  a  draw  will  be  made  on  the  night. The  programme  will  be  supervised  by  Darrell  Boyd,  NZ  Beach  Volleyball  Coach  and  Teacher.  

We look  forward  to  seeing  you  and  your  friends  join  us  for  a  little  bit  of  learning  and  a  whole  lot   of  FUN See    -­‐  For  all  you  Volleyball  activity


race starts at the aquatic & Fitness Centre, bay of Plenty Polytechnic, Windermere drive, Tauranga

Sunday, 18 november 2012 W! ne urSe Co

4girls, aged For boys &

registration Sunday, 18 november 2012, from 8am race Briefing 9.55am race start 10.00am venue The aquatic & Fitness Centre,

bay of Plenty Polytechnic, Windermere dr,


prices early bird Special - for entries received by 26 october 2012 IndIvIdual enTry GrouP enTry

prize giving from 11.00am

food and fun stuff!

$9 $25

regular - For entries received after 26 october 2012 IndIvIdual enTry GrouP enTry

$12.50 $35

enTer noW! Te Pare a Ruahine Aquatic Centre and Gym




OLYMPIC HOPEFUL U12 WATERPOLO about to make TOURNAMENT – Congratulations to all TIS a pass students who participated in this national event at the Millennium Institute Auckland during the school holidays.     Tauranga Waterpolo was represented by four teams, in a 26 team competition, over four grades.  Excellent results were achieved by all teams, many children returning with medals.  Special mention to Benji Rowe Rm 26 and Liam Moffatt Rm 26 who competed in the A grade Tauranga Typhoons team.   The team went through the competition unbeaten, but not without an exceptionally exciting semi that went to golden goal,  and won gold. Liam was also named in the tournament team.   SURF LIFE SAVING NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL POOL COMPETITION – Many TIS students representing various Eastern Regions Surf Life savings clubs competed at the National SLS pool competition during the holidays in Wellington.   Some outstanding results were achieved, placing students in the top ten in New Zealand – many returning with team and individual medals.  Well done to all children and good luck for the upcoming summer season at the beach.   Tamarau Kipa Rm 18 and Caitlin Burn Rm 18 had a very successful National Pool Championships competition in Wellington in the school holidays. Tamarau   Kipa Both Tamarau and Caitlin got 2 team medals each. Rm 18 Caitlin then just missed out on a bronze medal by the narrowest of margins in the Individual Rescue Medley Caitlin Race. Burns   Rm 18 Tamarau: Silver medal in U12 4x50m Mixed Obstacle Relay Silver medal in U12 4x50m Mixed Medley Relay   Caitlin: Gold medal in U14 4x50m Medley Relay Bronze medal in U14 4x50m Mixed Obstacle Relay   They both compete for Mt Maunganui Surf lifesaving Club with the Mount club finishing third overall at the Champs. Fantastic results!


Well done to Jack McLaren Rm 27 who went to Fiji in the School holidays and caught a 40kg wahoo. Jack also got his open water dive course ticket while he was there too. Over Labour Weekend Hyndman Rm 27 &

Jack with his Wahoo

Kaine Andre

Dorofaeff Rm 27 competed in the RSA Indoor Bowls Fours Tournament and won their event. Kaine was voted the best No 2 in a team and Andre the best No 3 on the day. A big congratulations to Meri Baker Rm 12 who scored a ‘Hole in One’ at Renner Park on Friday 12 October.

Meri on the No 3 Hole at Renner

Well done also to Islah Kerr-Aim Rm 8, Kaylee Mudgway Rm 2 and Karolina Eyban Rm 5 who were selected to attend the Netball BOP Spring Camp held over the recent holidays. Islah was one of 6 girls to be named ‘Outstanding Player of the Camp’.


CHEERLEADING Have you ever wanted to try REAL American Style Cheerleading? Come jump, tumble and stunt with the best, All Star Cheerleaders! As seen on New Zealand's Got Talent! No Experience Necessary. Everyone is welcome. We will teach you everything! Classes starting now at All Star Tauranga (Tauranga Boys College, 664 Cameron Road, Tauranga). Classes Mondays 5:00pm - 6:30pm (Ages 11 and under), 6:30pm -

7:30pm (Ages 12 and over). Call 0800 CHEERLEADER or email to book your FREE trial class today!

Head of Sport Blake Carlin: Email: Phone: 578-4401

Sports Coordinator Karen Hampton: Email: Phone: 578-4401 Extn:114 [14]

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