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Newsletter Volume 10 19 July 2012

Start of Year 8 Girls Cross Country Race

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers Welcome back to Term Three and what will be an extremely busy term! Congratulations to all of our 250+ athletes who have been selected to represent Tauranga Intermediate School at the New Zealand Community Trust AIMS GAMES from Sunday 9 to Friday 14 September. We are the largest team! Our athletes will compete across 15 of the 16 sports (we have no Waterpolo Team). Thank you to all the families who came along to support our students in the Cross Country. We were blessed with some great weather and some outstanding running. Our top finishers are now preparing for the PB/BOP Cross Country Championships on Friday 3 August. We wish them all the best. Congratulations to Mr Carlin, Mr Potaka, Mr Jeftha, Mr Parkin and the members of the Tauranga West Tai Mitchell Rugby Team. During the first week of the holidays they competed in the Bay of Plenty Primary Rugby School Tournament. The team were beaten in the final 15 - 7 by Te Puke, a great result. Good luck to those boys who have been selected to trial for the Bay of Plenty Roller MIlls. This Friday 100 students will be competing at the PB/BOP Winter Tournament in Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Football. We invite families to come along and support our teams at their respective venues. Regards Gareth Scholes


Sponsors of the Tauranga Intermediate School Sports Academy & School Cross Country

Check out Sport BOP website where you’ll find lots of information regarding upcoming events,  get active options, interschool results etc...

TAURANGA INTERMEDIATE NZCT AIMS GAMES TEAMS Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent our school at the 9th annual NZCT AIMS GAMES later this term. We wish you every success!

BADMINTON Quinn Porteous Erica Laura

Rm 41 Rm 42

Flynn Alexander *Nicola Davis

Rm 41 Rm 42

Tayla Fraser-Brown Devon Bannister Olivia Rose Felila Simanu Sahara Urwin **Mikayla Hall

Rm 20 Rm 3 Rm 20 Rm 30 Rm 10 Rm 3

Renz Hermoso Jimi Kameta **Bryn Fredheim Kata Brill Reuben Danen *Wiremu Leef

Rm 36 Rm 5 Rm 27 Rm 41 Rm 34 Rm 34

*Jasmine Creighton *Courtney Collis *Korban Eades *Lenox Jarratt Alex Newlove *Kalais Going *Skyla Brown **Bryn Fredheim *Edward Johnson *Logan Karauria

Rm 20 Rm 16 Rm 41 Rm 37 Rm 42 Rm 4 Rm 9 Rm 27 Rm 17 Rm 23

BASKETBALL – GIRLS Te Puawai Waller *Jasmine Creighton Wikura Kuka Olivia Holroyd Keiryn Willison Chavelle Gardiner

Rm 12 Rm 20 Rm 9 Rm 36 Rm 10 Rm 11

BASKETBALL – BOYS *Kyle Hamilton Mikaere Leef Reef Cooper Tiaan Rhind Josh Gwillim Oliver Rogers

Rm 42 Rm 1 Rm 21 Rm 27 Rm 42 Rm 40

CROSS COUNTRY **Kaylee Mudgway Rm 2 Grace Thomas Rm 20 *Paris Heslop Rm 26 *Jordan Gilmore Rm 27 **Theo Wright Rm 37 ****Greta Stanton-HoughRm 27 *Madeline Mear Rm 35 Victoria Seed Rm 25 *Lee Ririnui Rm 11 *Lachlan Haycock Rm 29


FOOTBALL – GIRLS Tayla Allen Georgia Winnard-Koha Haylen Ritter Kate Mear *Libby Sharp Sapphire Paton Lucy Horsup

Rm 2 Rm 8 Rm 36 Rm 15 Rm 13 Rm 25 Rm 40

Alice Cotter Caitlin Burns Rosalind Shennan Abbey Delaney Mackenzie Groos Geena Williams

Rm 16 Rm 18 Rm 34 Rm 13 Rm 20 Rm 20

FOOTBALL – BOYS Connor Thom *Hamish Gilmour Levi Taft **Theo Wright Liam Moffatt *Edward Johnson Adam Davidson

Rm 20 Rm 41 Rm 42 Rm 37 Rm 26 Rm 17 Rm 15

Tyce Robinson Matthew Hampton Craig Baldry Ben Whitaker Alex Smith Oliver Valentine Jake Peters

Rm 20 Rm 39

*Jordan Gilmore

Rm 41 Rm 2 Rm 21 Rm 1 Rm 34 Rm 39 Rm 36

GOLF Jackson Currie Matthew Fairweather

Rm 27

GYMSPORTS – INDIVIDUALS Kelsey Duff Rm 39 *Millie Burton Rm 32 *Georgina Dewar Rm 22 *Mia Gregory Rm 28 Bethany Lewer Rm 41 Karah Bixley Rm 32 **Zoe Walden Rm 27 Emily Parrott Rm 42 Amelia Kaiser Rm 18 *Phabian Patrick Rm 27 Kitana Wilson Rm 12 Georgia McDermott Rm 25 *Madison Randall Rm 41 Jade Van Syp Rm 29 *Libby Sharp Rm 13 *Courtney Collis Rm 16 ****Greta Stanton-HoughRm 27 **Caitlin Fletcher Rm 30 Kayla Teaotonga Rm 29 Erika McDonald Rm 40 Keanu Teao Rm 37 *Wiremu Leef Rm34 Reece Gander Rm 25 Tioriori Waikato Rm 23

*Caitlyn Wardell Rm 19 **Catrin Pearce Rm 16 Jessica Richardson Rm 6 **Mikayla Hall Rm 3 Molly Pender Rm 8 Emily Pua Rm 21 Jade Anderson-Wicksteed Rm 27 Trinity Gaby Rm 26 Marlique Ellis-Emery Rm 11 Isabella Blanchard Rm 18 Lauren Herbison Rm 29 *Rose Pua Rm 4 Hannah O’Neill Rm 1 Chloe Jordan Rm 6 Olivia Choo Rm 21 *Alexis Cowbourne Rm 18 Kayleigh Julian Rm 40 Shelbee Pointon Rm 1 Leah Hawthorne Rm 13 Karma Wilson Rm 11 Jack Niles Rm 7 Micah Francevic Rm 23 *Troy Morrell Rm 17 Ngatoroirangi Te Keeti Rm 9 [3]

Kobe Rodger Jack Hodge Travis Jennings Tawhai Wirihana Jesse Bennett

Rm 18 Rm 16 Rm 29 Rm 12 Rm 24

Te Waata Forbes Rm 7 Kaiya Rigby-Hibbard Rm 7 Christian Kameta Rm 7 Bowen Davis Rm 11 Koraha Bennett Pita-Grey Rm 12

GYMSPORTS – AEROBICS Tayla Fairbairn *Kennedy Crowther **Catrin Pearce Katie Goodwin *Brooke Aldridge **Mikayla Hall

Rm 16 Rm 41 Rm 16 Rm 4 Rm 30 Rm 3

Brittany Duggan *Madison Randall **Emily Kneale *Amelia Hillbrook Grace Ede *Rose Pua

Rm 41 Rm 41 Rm 18 Rm 30 Rm 17 Rm 4

GYMSPORTS – CHEERLEADING Casey McDowall *Mia Gregory **Catrin Pearce *Georgina Dewar **Eden Pou Georgia Bartlam

Rm 31 Rm 26 Rm 16 Rm 32 Rm 27 Rm 22

*Millie Burton Rm 32 *Kennedy Crowther Rm 41 **Zoe Walden Rm 27 *Courtney Collis Rm 16 Chontelle Strijkers-Bell Rm 41 ****Greta Stanton-HoughRm 27

GYMSPORTS – HIP HOP *Taylah Murray **Eden Pou **Zoe Walden *Phabian Patrick Sam Uljee

Rm 42 Rm 27 Rm 27 Rm 27 Rm 35

**Emily Kneale Rm 18 Stevie Smith Rm 27 ****Greta Stanton-HoughRm 27 **Caitlin Fletcher Rm 30

HOCKEY – GIRLS Sasha Powell *Caitlyn Wardell *Paris Heslop Tegan Wilson Georgia Henstock Ayla Woodhouse Kelsey Hannah Caitlin Moore

HOCKEY – BOYS Mitchell White Conner Farrant Hunter Wingfield Ethan Hahunga Scott Hitchcock Luke Gulliver Anthony Fraser-Leitch Russell Rahipere

Rm 36 Rm 19 Rm 27 Rm 19 Rm 42 Rm 39 Rm 37 Rm 31 Rm 16 Rm 19 Rm 28 Rm 18 Rm 17 Rm 30 Rm 32 Rm 30

Leah Owen **Caitlin Fletcher *Amelia Hillbrook *Nicola Davis *Brooke Aldridge Hollie MacKay Grace Fifita *Alexis Cowbourne

Rm 18 Rm 30 Rm 30 Rm 42 Rm 30 Rm 15 Rm 30 Rm 18

*Korban Eades Aidan Heath Jared Reynolds Ethan Larsen Matthew Crockett Nathan Hunt *Troy Morrell

Rm 41 Rm 28 Rm 42 Rm 14 Rm 30 Rm 25 Rm 17


INDOOR BOWLS Bradley Allen Samuel Silby Dylan Weir Matthew Torrey Jack McLaren Javyn Burt Dylan Matten Kaine Hyndman

Rm 1 Rm 41 Rm 41 Rm 41 Rm 27 Rm 31 Rm 27 Rm 27

Connor Lucas Jack Harley Jarrod Morrissey Jasdeep Kohu Todd Hemingway Henare Thompson Bayley McFarlane Andre Dorofaeff

Rm 27 Rm 42 Rm 41 Rm 27 Rm 22 Rm 25 Rm 28 Rm 27

*Ruby Matthews **Theo Wright **Bryn Fredheim Riley Kirk *Madeline Mear **Emily Kneale

Rm 17 Rm 37 Rm 27 Rm 34 Rm 35 Rm 18

Rm 2 Rm 27 Rm 36 Rm 20 Rm 20 Rm 42

Taylah Tahuri Karolina Eyban *Islah Kerr-Aim Ella Walter Eden Faulkner Claudia Lamberton

Rm 5 Rm 5 Rm 8 Rm 1 Rm 19 Rm 18

Rm 11 Rm 37 Rm 1 Rm 8 Rm 2 Rm 27 Rm 23

Fredrick Davey Wiremu Brown *Lee Ririnui Rico Webster Wiremu Ryan Hunaara Herniman Paikea Dickson

Rm 12 Rm 21 Rm 11 Rm 24 Rm 22 Rm 2 Rm 12

Oliver Norris Fynn Dangen *Lenox Jarratt Chevy Haworth *Logan Karauria Finn Sears

Rm 42 Rm 36 Rm 37 Rm 13 Rm 23 Rm 15

MULTISPORT **Kaylee Mudgway Rm 2 ****Greta Stanton-HoughRm 27 Jack Wilson Rm 36 *Lachlan Haycock Rm 29 Kaleb Hyndman Rm 25 *Skyla Brown Rm 9

NETBALL **Kaylee Mudgway **Eden Pou Hayley O’Brien Briarley Smith Mischa Reugg *Taylah Murray

RUGBY LEAGUE Peter Seeling Michael McMahon Justyce Te Kani Hayden Ririnui Kaleb Chase Nathan Tunui Josiah Albert

RUGBY SEVENS BOYS *Kyle Hamilton Peniasi Lasaqa Taylor Kite Jordan Rupe Lachlan Ririnui-Cowden Connor McLeod

Rm 42 Rm 22 Rm 36 Rm 28 Rm 13 Rm 21


RUGBY SEVENS GIRLS Darryl Hunt Paris Nuku Hera-barb Malcolm Madison Harvey Isa Belle Todd Irakewa Tokona

Rm 11 Rm 11 Rm 12 Rm 22 Rm 10 Rm 3

Ngapeita Karati Lesley McGillicuddy Shania Heke Allen Jayda Hopping Juanita Tai Hope Garner

Rm 20 Rm 19 Rm 26

Robin Yang Hugh Yang Taylor Clarke

Rm 19 Rm 30 Rm 2

Rm 8 Rm 41 Rm 41

*Ruby Matthews Benji Rowe

Rm 19 Rm 26

Rm 2

*Kalais Going

Rm 4

Rm 11 Rm 12 Rm 12 Rm 12 Rm 1 Rm 3

SQUASH Jack Revington Jacob Forman Mikaia House

SWIMMING *Islah Kerr-Aim *Hamish Gilmour Ella Moor

TENNIS Julia Newman

Number of Students: 236 193 Competing in 1 sport/event 33 Competing in 2 sports/events * 9 Competing in 3 sports/events ** 1 Competing in 5 sports/events ****

WAIK/BOP SCHOOL TEAM TRIAL CYCLING Over a period of three Sundays last term, there has been two Tauranga Intermediate Cycling teams travelling to Lake Karapiro to compete in the Waikato/BOP team time trial series. Our Y7 team was Riley Kirk Rm34, Lachlan Haycock Rm29 and Kaleb Hyndman Rm 25. Our Y8 team was Theo Wright Rm37, Jack Wilson Rm36 and Bryn Fredheim Rm27. The Y7 team came third overall but had a gutsy effort when a rider came down in the last race of the series and got back up and Cyclists - Jack Wilson, Theo finished strongly. The Y8 team won Wright, Bryn Fredheim, Lachlan their division. All coming away Haycock, Kaleb Hyndman, Riley Kirk with medals, it was a successful time trial and we all had a great time. [6]

WERO MATAURANGA SOCCER TOURNAMENT On Thursday 21st June our AIMS Boys football team went to a tournament called Wero Matauranga in Rotorua. Our first game was against St Marys of Putaruru just as the fog lifted at Arawa Park. We ran out easy winners 8-0. Our second game v Rotorua Intermediate was locked at 0-0 at the half way stage, until we came through with a 3-0 win. Next we came up against John Paul Collage Rotorua in our last group game where we took a 1-0 lead from the penalty spot. We ended up getting beaten 3-1 but still moved into the semi finals where we Oliver faced Kaitao Middle School the host of the Valentine Rm 39 tournament. A fun and friendly game which we in action won 7-2 and moved us into the final against JPC. An inspiring team talk from Mr Shane Cunliffe saw us lift our game to a 1-0 lead until the final 2 minutes were we conceded 2 goals to lose a nail biting game. Overall a good tournament considering it was our first as a team and hopefully we go one better in AIMS. Craig Baldry Captain Rm21

On Thursday the 21st of June the Tauranga Intermediate girls and boys football teams went to Rotorua for the Wero Matauranga Tournament. This was the first time this tournament was held and there were several teams from Rotorua and the surrounding areas but we were the only Tauranga teams. It was a sunny day once the fog lifted and we could see the fields. The girls played 5 games in total. We had two wins and a loss then went on to lose the semi final but won our final game finishing in 3rd place overall. We all played very well, our goal keeper Rosalind Shennan Rm 34 saved a lot of goals and worked hard. We had a fantastic defence with Georgia Winnard-Koha Rm 8 in central defence, and the midfield with Caitlin Burns Rm 18 was also very strong. The girls played fair and overall the team put in a lot of effort to make it an enjoyable day. Alice Cotter Rm 16

“The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.” Sarah Bombell Synchronised Swimmer [7]

TIS CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS Our 2012 Cross Country Event was held on Friday 22 June. Congratulations to all those students who completed the distance. Your hard work during training and encouragement from your teachers and peers was fantastic. Well done to our place getters, you can be very proud of your achievements in one of New Zealand’s largest Cross Country events - with over 1,000 competitors on the day! Once again we were lucky with the weather this year to run this event – sunny, clear skies and little wind. The course was a bit slow with the rain we had over the week prior. There were some great results on the day. A huge thank you to our sponsors Alison & Bruce Trebilco and the team at Smith’s Sports Shoes. They have been great supporters of our school and provided prizes for our top place-getters. Our Cross Country focus is now shifting towards PB/ BOP Champs and NZCT AIMS GAMES this term. YEAR 7 BOYS ROOM st 1 Edward Johnson Rm 17 2nd Lachlan Haycock Rm 29 3rd Logan Karauria Rm 23 th 4 Oliver Valentine Rm 39 th 5 Joel Carter Rm 25 6th Kaleb Hyndman Rm 25 7th Cameron Hedley Rm 34 th 8 Jesse Pourau Rm 35 th 9 Joshua Stewart Rm 17 10th Nathan Presland Rm 29 11th Connor Wakefield Rm 30 12th Ronin Tanner Rm 7 th 13 Kennedy Singh Rm 6 14th Mitchell White Rm 17 th 15 Kobe Rodger Rm 18 th 16 Reuben Danen Rm 34 th 17 Kyle Lusher Rm 29 18th Josiah Albert Rm 23 19th Jakob Millen Rm 14 th 20 Ethan Robertson Rm 40

TIME 11:24.63 11:35.41 11:39.63 11:48.10 11:55.28 11:55.88 12:15.06 12:16.63 12:17.63 12:19.78 12:22.63 12:23.91 12:30.28 12:30.63 12:30.88 12:36.88 12:41.20 12:42.52 12:44.98 12:46.41

Skyla, Kalais and Madeline

YEAR 7 GIRLS ROOM 1st Kalais Going Rm 4 nd 2 Madeline Mear Rm 35 rd 3 Skyla Brown Rm 9 th 4 Victoria Seed Rm 25 5th Emily Kneale Rm 18 6th Felila Simanu Rm 29 th 7 Pearl Sarsfield Rm 35 th 8 Kate Mear Rm 15 9th Kere Willison Rm 9 th 10 Devon Bannister Rm 3 th 11 Lauren Herbison Rm 29 th 12 Olivia Seed Rm 25 13th Leah Owen Rm 18 th 14 Chontay Kahotea Rm 25 th 15 Lucy Horsup Rm 40 th 16 Shiquille Whaiapu Rm 10 17th Oceana Whaiapu Rm 9 18th Angel Haeata-Burrows Rm 9 19th Tayla Hyndman Rm 14 th 20 Tyla Murray Rm 25

Lachlan, Eddie & Logan


TIME 12:48.50 13:10.07 13:17.42 13:21.64 13:40.60 13:45.24 13:47.64 13:48.42 13:51.00 13:51.64 13:57.72 14:00.02 14:06.24 14:32.02 14:32.96 14:34.75 14:35.00 14:38.90 14:.39.46 14:41.96

YEAR 8 GIRLS ROOM st 1 Kaylee Mudgway Rm 2 2nd Greta Stanton-Hough Rm27 rd 3 Jasmine Creighton Rm 20 th 4 Grace Thomas Rm 20 th 5 Courtney Collis Rm 16 6th Paris Heslop Rm 27 th 7 Ella Moor Rm 41 th 8 Kelsey Hannah Rm 37 th 9 Georgia Bartlam Rm 22 10th Lesley McGillicuddy Rm 12 11th Taylor Allen Rm 2 th 12 Daryl Hunt Rm 11 th 13 Olivia Rose Rm 20 14th Amanda Yang Rm 31 th 15 Eden Faulkner Rm 20 th 16 Ayla Carey Rm 22 th 17 Marlique Ellis-Emery Rm 11 18th Julia Newman Rm 2 th 19 Te Puawai Waller Rm 12 th 20 Jewel Harvey Rm 21

TIME 12:26.00 12:30.64 13:09.03 13:13.32 13:23.21 13:25.72 13:31.53 13:46.89 13:56.03 13:58.14 14:00.25 14:05.79 14:06.18 14:12.79 14:14.32 14:14.53 14:20.28 14:20.53 14:25.89 14:28.50

Lee, Bryn & Korban

HAIR AND BEAUTY ON TANNER ALL SALON SERVICES AVAILABLE 1 Tanner Street Next to Tauranga Intermediate Ph 577 1571

Jasmine, Kaylee & Greta

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th

YEAR 8 BOYS ROOM Bryn Fredheim Rm 27 Korban Eades Rm 41 Lee Ririnui Rm 12 Lenox Jarratt Rm 37 Jordan Gilmore Rm 27 Theo Wright Rm 37 Alex Newlove Rm 41 Michael McMahonRm 37 Matthew HamptonRm 2 Matthew Rea Rm 20 Dylan Russell Rm 31 Kurtis Allerby Rm 37 Jackson Currie Rm 20 David Rout Rm 20 Aaron Dawson Rm 5 Liam Cotter Rm 37 Kyle Hamilton Rm 42 Bayley McFarlane Rm 28 Nathan Tunui Rm 27 Jack Wade Rm 20

TIME 10:51.66 11:16.88 11:38.94 11:48.91 11:49.74 11:50.81 11:52.34 11:55.59 11:57.23 11:58.84 12:01.91 12:02.51 12:18.41 12:22.66 12:25.41 12:27.38 12:31.56 12:32.94 12:34.91 12:35.26

Use Tauranga Intermediate as your booking reference for your school to receive a donation.

All sporting students should keeping a record/log of their achievements throughout the year - participation, representation, captaincy, placings, records etc. so this information is readily available at the end of the year for our Sports Prizegiving. [9]

TAI MITCHELL RUGBY TOURNAMENT On Friday the 30th of June the Tauranga West team started the 6 day Tai Mitchell tournament along with nine other teams. The tournament was held in Te Puke. On the same day all the teams had to weigh in. If you were over 53 kgs you were too heavy and couldn’t compete in the competition. Luckily nobody in Tauranga West weighed out. Tauranga West had the first game of the tournament vs Rangatiki with a convincing win 108-0. A couple of wins later Tauranga was up against the tournaments favourite Te Puke. West was up 7-5 at half time, but in the second half Te Puke scored a lucky try to take the game 10-7. In the end West made it in to the semi finals vs Tauranga East. A good win of 24-10 against East got West in the final, to play Te Puke again. When West scored the opening try we went 5-0 up. Unfortunately Te Puke scored two more tries within the first half, and went into the break leading by 5. In the second half Te Puke scored another try after half time leaving the final score 15-5 at full time. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but second wasn’t bad. Players in the team were: Peni Lasaqa Rm 22" " Brody Irvine Rm 1" " Taylor Kite"Rm 36" " Lenox Jarratt Rm 37" " Sam Fitzpatrick Rm 41"" Kata Brill Rm 41"" " Lee Ririnui Rm 11" "

" " " " " " "

Logan Karauaria Rm 23 Sione Tonga Rm 5 Neihana Uerata Wood Rm 1 Finn Sears" Rm 15 Sam Jensen Rm 42 Nathan Tunui Rm 27 Jay Gardiner Rm 3"

Neihana Uerata Wood Rm 1 Logan Karauaria Rm 23 Quinten

about to make a pass

our captain making a run


GIRLS A HOCKEY TEAM We've just completed the first Round of competition on Friday nights, which was made up of 6 teams: Tauranga Intermediate, Otumoetai, Aquinas, Bethlehem, Papamoa and Pongakawa. Two teams, Tauranga Intermediate and Otumoetai, went through the first 4 games of pool play unbeaten so when they met on the final Friday of the competition it really was a "winner takes all" game for Round 1 honours. Otumoetai went into the game as hot favourites by virtue of the fact they won the mini tournament at the start of the season. However, our girls came ready to play and play they did. The entire team played extremely well and ground out a 1-0 victory over their arch rivals to win Round 1 of the competition. The girls fought really hard and put their bodies on the line, literally, as we suffered 3 injuries during the match and were down to no subs for the last 1/4 of the game. The Tauranga Intermediate 'grit and determination' these girls showed was outstanding. What made the win even more spectacular was that, apparently, Otumoetai - traditionally a strong Hockey school, AND No.1 seeds for the upcoming AIMS GAMES, have not been beaten by a local school for 10 years, which was also Tauranga Intermediate when Gemma Flynn was in the team ‌ (I was told this by a prominent Hockey guru heavily involved with Intermediate age Tauranga Hockey) I can tell you that I have been involved with, and coached, numerous school sports teams over the years but have never come across a team like this one. They are a superb bunch of girls who all get on extremely well and have amazing attitudes, not only towards practice, but also towards each game and the team. Every Friday night they represent Tauranga Intermediate to highest standard possible. Throughout the entire season we have had endless positive comments from spectators and parents associated with opposition teams regarding the girls' attitude and togetherness on and off the turf. This is what has contributed to their success so far and the school can be very proud of them as ambassadors. Mike Owen Coach

All sporting opportunities are published in the daily notices. It is vital that your student collect notices from the Sports Office or ask about further information if they are interested in participating.


TIS TABLE TENNIS CHAMPS Table Tennis School Champs were held this week where students were given the opportunity to enter and compete in the championship draw. In the Boys competition there was a large draw of over 80 keen competitors. They played a knock-out competition the best of 3 sets to 11. The final was an all Rimu affair with Tyce Robinson Rm 41 beating Levi Taft Rm 42 - best of 5 sets 11/6, 11/9, 11/2. Robin Yang Rm 19 defeated Connor Thom Rm 20 11/9, 11/8, 11/7 for third place. The Girls competition followed with a similar format. Congratulations to Julia Newman Rm 2 who beat Ruby Matthews Rm 19 11/8, 11/5, 4/11, 11/8 in a close fought final. Islah Kerr-Aim Rm 8 placed third by defeating Oceana Whaiapu Rm 9 9/11, 11/3, 11/5, 11/5. Trophies and medals will be awarded at the Sports Prizegiving in December.

Winner Tyce Robinson Rm 41 Runner Up Levi Taft Rm 42

Runner Up Ruby Matthews Rm 19, Winner Julia Newman Rm 2

TERM 3 CALENDAR PB/BOP Basketball"" " " BOP Squash Champs" " " PB/BOP Winter Tournament" " WBOP Regional Gymsport" " WBOP Rugby League Tournament" PB/BOP Cross Country" " " PB/BOP Rugby 7’s"" " " PB/BOP Badminton/Table Tennis" NZCT AIMS GAMES " " "

Friday 20 July" " Tuesday 24 July" " Friday 27 July" " Monday 30 July " " Wednesday 1 August" Friday 3 August " " Friday 17 August" " Friday 24 August" " 9 - 14 September ""


Rotorua Stadium Te Puke Blake Park/Fergusson Park Argos Gym Waipuna Park Waipuna Park Blake Park Gisborne Various



Name: Bryn Fredheim Room: Rm 27 Age: 12 years Sports played at school/team level: Cross Country - Year 8 Boy Champion AIMS Team 2011/12 Squash - Tauranga Club F Grade Volleyball - PB/BOP Team 2011 Basketball - TIS Jazz Team & 2012 AIMS Team Multisport - NZCT AIMS GAMES Team 2011/12 Soccer - Blue Rovers 12/13 Division Athletics - PB/BOP Team 2011 Triathlon - PB/BOP Team 2011 Cycling - Team Time Trial - Cambridge - Winners Mountain Biking - PB/BOP - Winning Team Sports Academy Class Sports played at representative level: PB/BOP Basketball Team, PB/BOP Cross Country Team What is your playing/training schedule like? Basketball - 4 hours, Squash - 8 hours, Running - 4 hours, Soccer 3 hours, Multisport 2 hours per week What do you usually eat for breakfast and what is your favourite food? Hot Ricies and Oats and eggs. Sushi and chinese food. Interests/Hobbies: TV, Computer, I-pod, eating Most memorable moment in sport: Probably winning the school cross country in both Year 7 and Year 8. Person you admire the most: Cameron Brown because he has achieved at Triathlons even though he is a lot older than some on his competition. How did you get involved in Sport? Siblings. What influence has your family had on you in sport? Watching my siblings winning event inspired me to achieve like they did. What has sport taught you? To never give up and to try as hard as you can. What is your future goal in sport? To get a medal at the Nationals with the Tauranga Boys College Team




Name: Michael Parkin Sport/Team Name: TIS School Rugby First XV Occupation: Teacher What got you started in Coaching: The great coaches I had growing up. They were passionate and dedicated a lot of time to the sport they were involved in. I always thought it was great and hoped I could do the same some day. Sporting Background/Qualifications: Played a lot of rugby growing up, just learning bits and pieces from the different coaches I had. It makes it easier to be a coach when surrounded by the many other fellow sport loving teachers at Tauranga Intermediate, who are more than to happy to share their knowledge of sport in their different specialty areas. Personal Successes: A highlight in my sporting career to date would have to be winning the Tai Mitchell rugby tournament. It was a splendid sunny day in Kawerau back in 2002 when the mighty Tauranga West team narrowly beat Te Puke 5-0. Fantastic Best Memory as a Coach: This occurred at the AIMS games last year where I was coaching the Sevens C team. It was great to see the boys skill set improve dramatically over the tournament. Goals in Coaching: Be part of a winning Tai Mitchell rugby team again. Best piece of life advice: Be patient and work hard, good things will come. Person you admire the Most: Apart from Mum it would probably have to be Will Smith and the crazy work ethic he has. Interests/Hobbies: Most sports, reading, watching movies, travelling and swimming in the local water hole. Favourite Food: Pizza. Favourite  Music: Most things they play on the radio, ask Room 34 I'm always trying to sing along to something.


TERM 3 TAURANGA INTERMEDIATE Starting wednesday 18th July - 26th September ! 3:15-4:15p.m or 4:15-5:15p.m Venue:! ! Either sport or assembly hall Cost: ! ! $80 term fee Participation ! ! ! $90 term fee with Personal Report ! ! ! Payment made at school office Summary:!! Sessions are for students of all levels of ability from ! ! ! begginer to advanced to develop skills and learn competition ! ! ! routines for Aims Games 2012 Date: ! Time: !


Place confirm term 3 place with online registration to above web page link



Hungary For The Worlds Enjoy and experience the outdoor adventure sport of orienteering over three weekends in July in the Tauranga area

A series of 3 orienteering events as fundraising to support Christine Browne of Orienteering Bay of Plenty as she represents New Zealand at the World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships in Hungary in August 2012 Individuals Families Groups All ages welcome

Registration from 2pm Start times as below

First timers through to competitive athletes Run, jog or walk - you set the pace Accompanying children is recommended because there are no marshals on the courses

Course closure at 4:30pm $10 per person $20 per family



The Lakes (signposted from corner of SH36 and Lakes Boulevard) 60 minute rogaine - mass start: 2:35pm Short orienteering course - start between 2 - 3pm Mountain bike 30 min. rogaine - mass start: 2:30pm


29 Aug 5

The Mount (signposted from corner of Adams Ave and Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui) 60 minute rogaine - mass start: 2:30pm Short orienteering course - start between 2 - 3pm


(signposted from corner of Windsor and Anne Roads, Otumoetai)

Sprint course - start between: 2 – 3pm Short orienteering course – start between 2-3pm

You will need: suitable running/walking shoes suitable clothing for exercising in warm clothing for afterwards water to drink a whistle is recommended for use in emergency only your bike if you want to do the mountain bike orienteering course - The Lakes course only (22 July)

What is rogaine? Using a map, find as many controls in a set amount of time, in any order that you like. There are points for each control visited but there are point penalties for returning after the allocated time limit. Punch the clipcard at each control. What is orienteering? Using a map, find the controls in order from start to finish in as long as it takes. Punch the clipcard at each control.

For more details contact: Christine Harré Browne 027 227 1169


BILLETS! BILLETS! BILLETS! FAMILIES REQUIRED SUNDAY 9 SEPTEMBER - FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 2012 NZCT AIMS GAMES - BILLETS FROM SOUTH ISLAND We have been approached again from Christchurch Intermediate Schools to host sporting students who are competing in the NZCT AIMS GAMES. We have helped out these schools in the past and wish to continue assisting them as it is hugely expensive to travel to this National Sporting Event. Billeting would be from Sunday 9th September - Friday 14th September. Once at school their team would make their own travel arrangements for the day with team mini-vans.

Chisnallwood Intermediate have 35 students - a netball team, a boys rugby 7’s team, boys football team, 2 squash players and a swimmer.

Christchurch South Intermediate are bringing a netball team. So if you’re up for a new experience that week, where you’ll: * Meet and get to know students from the South Island * Can provide a bed, meals and a safe family home for the students * Get them to school each day where they will make their own travel arrangements, we would love to hear from you! .......................................................................................................................................... Please return to the Sports Office Yes I can take 1/2 billet/s from Chisnallwood Intermediate Boy/Girl (circle) Yes I can take 1/2 billets from Christchurch South Intermediate


Students Name: .................................................Room .................................. Address ......................................................................................................... Phone Number .................................. Mob Number ...................................... Email Address ............................................... Parents Name ............................................. Signed .......................................


U13 GIRLS COLLIER DEVELOPMENT TEAM Kelsey Hannah Rm 36 Georgia Henstock Rm 42 Milly Hillbrook Rm 30 Sasha Powell Rm 36 Both teams compete at a Representative Level in tournaments in August, followed by 3 Tri Series competitions which culminate Regional and/or National tournaments in October. Well done girls, this is a fantastic achievement by all of you. [17]

Waipuna Black Panthers - Girls Soccer Team with Alice Cotter Rm 16, Georgia Winnard-Koha Rm 8, Geena Williams Rm 20, Taylor Allen Rm 2 Kate Mear Rm 15, Hope Winnard-Koha Rm 5, Sapphire Paton Rm 25 and Stella Priest Rm 37  have had success to date as follows:   We are half way through the season and have won all our games – and are currently top of the table.  We have amassed a huge amount of goals with only one scored against us – 72 goals to 1.  Testament that we are doing extremely well on attack as well as defence.  We have an extremely strong midfield engine room!  They are also very nice young ladies and a pleasure to coach and their conduct is a great reflection on the School they attend. It would be great if we can continue in the same vein and win the division – fingers crossed!! - Robyn Williams Coach Jack, Lachlan & Theo

A big congratulations to Theo Wright Rm 37, Jack Wilson Rm 36 and Lachlan Haycock Rm 30 who entered as a team in the North Island Secondary School Team Time Trial Cycling event held in Cambridge in the holidays and placed 2nd overall with a time of 31.55 TIS 8A Netball Team took out the second Harbourside Netball Tournament on July 1st. They convincingly won against Otumoetai A, Mount A and Katikati A. They lost 14-12 to Papamoa College 8A after they were umpired out of the 2nd half. The girls did extremely well in controlling themselves in a very trying situation and did TIS proud. - Tracey Kerr-Aim Manager

Well done to Ella Moor Rm 41 who competed in a recent swim meet in Taupo and was 3rd overall girls age 12, 100 free and 3rd overall, 200 free. 

Winning Year 8A Netball Team

Well done also to Jackson Currie Rm 20 who got runner-up in the boys 14/u Q School Springfield Golf Tournament on 2nd July. Jackson also played in the WBOP Tennis Papamoa Tournament and achieved runner-up in 14/u Boys Doubles. Julia Newman Rm 2 was runner-up in the 12/u and 14/u Girls Singles and won the 12/u Girls Doubles.

Head of Sport Gareth Scholes: Email: Phone: 578-4401

Sports Coordinator Karen Hampton: Email: Phone: 578-4401 Extn:114 [18]

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