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Information Technology Online


lexible online IT programs, which enable the students to advance their education and careers. The university offers Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs in different computing areas; the students can select the one which suits them.

Program Overview:


exila American University (TAU) combines effective theoretical and practical experience in Master's and Doctoral programs in IT & computer science. TAU offers these programs adapting to current technology and standards to meet everyday challenges in the Information Technology industry. The online IT program at TAU teaches not only the basics of Information Technology but also goes beyond basics of learning hardware, software, and innovation. The university teaches latest technologies and aligns it with business goals and objectives. by understanding their skills, background and needs.

Salient Features of the program:

Programs Offered:

µ Expert Professionals will guide you all the way with

Masters in Information Technology: Duration: 2 Years Eligibility: Bachelors degree in relevant stream Masters in Computer Science: Duration: 2 Years Eligibility: Bachelors degree in relevant stream

µ Study IT courses online without leaving your

current job or family commitments µ We are the one to provide diploma courses in

online with advanced learning platform µ We have Students from over 50 Countries so you

can have online chats or discussions with your classmates all over the world µ Our International Curriculum improves skills and

meets educational standards µ 24X 7 learning support, This means you can study

the program anywhere, anytime through our excellent learning management system current IT trend µ Each student assigned an individual coordinator to

teach all subjects and give you full academic support µ Students can write exams from anywhere I.e. in

your own place, home or at our convenient examination centers µ We conduct continuous assessment through

PhD Program in Computer Science Duration: 3 Years Eligibility: Masters degree in Relevant Stream.

weekly test, assignments, forums and projects µ Students shall receive internationally recognized

degree from UCN

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Information Technology Programs Online