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Texila American University Bringing Education to Life

Doctor of Medicine (MD)


hoosing a medical college is about choosing a place that enables you to reach your goals and ambitions. We have been giving over-achievers a leg up on the competition at Texila. At Texila, you will have a seriouslytalented, diverse-campus community behind you.

Program Overview:


elcome to Texila American University (TAU), the best Caribbean School with campuses located in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. We provide an outstanding educational program for high school graduate students and for health care professionals.

Salient Features of the program: µ The nature of the Premedical Foundation

with TAU allows the students to obtain strong foundation in the natural sciences re co m m e n d e d by U SA / U K m e d i ca l universities

Programs Offered: Doctor of Medicine - 4 years Programs Offered: 4 years MD Normal Track 4 years MD US Track Overview: Preclinical Part: 2 Years in Guyana Clinical Part: 2 Years in Guyana (or) 2 Years in USA for US track Eligibility Students who have done Diploma / Associate of Bachelor/Bachelors in Life Science or Allied Health Science.

µ Opportunity for USA Clinical Rotation and

greater advantages in applying to U.S. residencies, µ Learning new methods and techniques, and

studying new theories through our continuous education platform µ Students are counseled throughout their

undergraduate careers about opportunities available to them at every stage µ Skilled Faculty with a passion for teaching

with personal attention

+91 422-4559915

Texila American University Bringing Education to Life

Doctor of Medicine (MD) Doctor of Medicine (MD) for Healthcare Professionals: Overview: A unique Doctor of Medicine program specially designed for senior paramedical and allied health professionals with passion towards medicine and becoming a doctor by studying Pre Clinical part of the program online. Duration: 4 Years (Preclinical study: 2 years Clinical practice: 2 years) Eligibility: µ Graduate or Diploma certificate holder of

an allied or a Paramedical studies.

µ Additional experience of 5 to 7 years in

respective field

Concordia New York - American MD Overview: µ Year 1 and 2: The Students will Study for the

Doctor of Medicine - 5.5 years Overview: The 5.5 years Doctor of Medicine program is divided into 3 Parts. µ The Pre Medical Part: Duration 18 Months µ The Pre Clinical { basic Science } part: 2 Years µ Clinical Part 2 Years in Guyana (or) 2 Years in

USA for US track

Associate Degree in Science at Concordia College – New York. Duration will be 24 Months. µ Year 3 and 4: The Students will Study for the preclinical part of Doctor of Medicine Program at Texila American University in South America. Duration will be 20 Months. µ Year 5 and 6: The Students will do their clinical rotations in Different locations in USA, (Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, and MANY OTHER STATES. Duration will be 72 weeks.



µ Students from 10 to 12 years of Education or

µ Students who have completed the A LEVELS

Equivalent µ Student with NON - Pre medical College Credits Students who have earned 90 college level credit hours from undergraduate institutions

with the Science Subjects is Eligible to Apply for the Medicine Program. µ Students who have completed the High School with Science Background can apply for the Medicine Program.

+91 422-4559915

Doctor of Medicine (Md)  

Texila American University aims to provide the seamless high-quality education of medical students from admission to graduation; to enhance...

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