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Utilities Served 16 Tennessee Association of Utility Districts 840 Commercial Ct. Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129 (615) 896.9022 @TAUDTweets © 2014


Tennessee Association of Utility Districts serves

state water, wastewater & natural gas utilities in providing the highest quality technical, legal, and operational support to deliver safe and efficient services to the citizens of Tennessee.

Established in 1957 Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD) is the oldest rural water association in the nation. TAUD provides technical assistance to rural water, sewer systems and natural gas utilities to help ensure that citizens of Tennessee have clean, safe, drinking water, reliable sewer systems and the clean energy of natural gas. TAUD is an affiliate of the National Rural Water Association (NRWA). Currently, TAUD has over 700 utility and associate members. Expert staff, funded by four (4) sub-agreements with NRWA, made 2,180 contacts in 2013 with local utility operations. These contacts include training, technical assistance, trouble-shooting and operations management. After 50 years of service, TAUD’s strength remains in grassroots membership, assistance with local solutions to problems and services provided to meet its membership’s needs. With increasing state and federal water regulatory activities projected well into the 21st Century, the need for TAUD training and technical assistance continues to grow. TAUD maintains its responsibility to small and rural/municipal areas of our state.


Training Specialist

Master of Science, Biology - Middle TN State University


years of experience

- Certified Instructional Technologist - National Environment, Safety & Health Trainers Association - Certified Environmental Trainer - National Environment, Safety & Health Trainers Association - Grade 4 Water Treatment License - Grade 2 Distribution License - Risk Assessment Methodology for Water (RAM-W)

Greg BAKER EPA Source Water

Cross-Connection & IT Pro


years of experience

- Grade 3 Water Treatment License - Grade 2 Distribution License - Grade 1 Collection License - Cross Connection Certified - Biological/Natural Wastewater Treatment Operator License - NIMS 100/200/300 - NIMS 400/700/800

Tony WYATT Field Supervisor

West TN Circuit Rider


years of experience

- 1992, Rookie Circuit Rider of the Year - 2006, NRWA Circuit Rider of the Year - Grade 4 Water Treatment License - Grade 2 Distribution License - Grade 3 Collection License - Cross Connection Certified - NIMS ICS 100/200 & 700/800 - Risk Assessment Methodology for Water (RAM-W)

Larry LEWIS USDA Source Water

Protection Technician



years of experience

- Grade 3 Water Treatment License - Grade 2 Distribution License - Cross Connection Certified - NIMS ICS 100 - NIMS ICS 700

Dan MARTIN Middle/East TN

Wastewater Circuit Rider


years of experience

- Grade 2 Water Treatment License - Grade 1 Distribution License - Grade 4 Wastewater License - Grade 2 Collection License - Cross Connection Certified - Voluntary Pretreatment Certification, Level 1 - NIMS ICS 100/700



Middle TN Circuit Rider

- Grade 4 Water Treatment License - Grade 2 Distribution License - Grade 4 Wastewater License - Grade 2 Collection License - Cross Connection Certified - NIMS ICS 700

years of experience


Middle/West TN Wastewater Circuit Rider


years of experience

- 1992, NRWA Wastewater Trainer/Technician of the Year - Grade 2 Distribution License - Grade 4 Wastewater License - Cross Connection Certified - NIMS ICS 100 - NIMSs ICS 700

Steve ROBERTS East TN Circuit Rider - Since 1990, Field Office Manager of the Division of Water Supply - Grade 4 Water Treatment License


years of experience

Combined Years of E X P E R I E N C E 5

Congressional District Impact Total Systems Systems Visited Total Visits

469 378 2,180

Total Visits in 2013...

8 510

Total Visits in 2013...



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Total Visits in 2013...


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Total Visits in 2013...


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6 Total Visits in 2013...



Total Visits in 2013...


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Total Visits in 2013...



Congressional Districts 01 02 03



Total Visits in 2013... 05 06 07 08 09

Total Visits in 2013...


Support, Outreach & Communication 46 Policies

TAUD experts developed these policies to keep utilities efficient by maintaining financial & operational compliance.

2,180 Visits

Circuit Riders helped utilities meet regulatory and compliance standards.

2,654 Attendees Seven conferences are offered annually to provide continuing education opportunity for utility field staff, administrative personnel, commissioners & management.


183 Courses

TAUD Training Station provides water, wastewater, safety & cross connection training courses; furthering statewide operator certification.



Operators who attended courses provided by TAUD.

2,100 Attendees Eleven regions across the state meet quarterly throughout the year. The Region Meeting program provides attendees an opportunity to network, and oftentimes offers continuing education after meetings.

4,300 Subscribers A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E T E N N E S S E E A S S O C I AT I O N O F U T I L I T Y D I S T R I C T S

4 th Q u a r t e r 2 013 v o l . 2 7

B U S I N E S S C O N F E R E N C E R E C A P | W I N T E R I Z E S Y S T E M T I P S | U P C O M I N G O P E R AT O R T R A I N I N G | R E G I O N N E W S


1st Q u a r t e r 2 014 v o l . 2 8

T E C H C O N F E R E N C E R E G I S T R AT I O N | L O W E R E N E R G Y C O S T S | U P C O M I N G O P E R AT O R T R A I N I N G | R E G I O N N E W S

Tennessee Utility News Tennessee Utility News O P E R AT O R I S S U E

8 21 31 48

3 r d A n n u a l O p e r a t o r E x p o B a s s To u r n a m e n t W a s t e w a t e r Tr e a t m e n t B i o s o l i d s U p d a t e C o m m e n t s o n E PA E l e c t r o n i c R e p o r t i n g Administrative Professionals Conference

Meet Our Friend,

Senator Yager.


10 19 32 38

C a l l t o A c t i o n ! R e q u e s t S u p p o r t f o r S . 18 2 4 Co m p o s i t e M e t e r I nt e g ri t y, Z e r o L e a d C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s F i r s t C e r t i f i e d TA P G r a d s D i a g n o s t i c To o l s f o r W a t e r S u p p l y Well Problems

Innovation on the Rise New 2014, Introducing Clickable Paper TM

With an annual circulation over 20,000, the Tennessee Utility News is not only the official publication of TAUD, but it is also free to anyone who would like to receive information regarding Tennessee’s utilities.


TAUD Training Station Established in 1998 to serve the training needs of utility operators, managers and commissioners, the Training Station is equipped with classroom space capable of accommodating one hundred forty students. The Training Station also provides an open bay for mechanical and performance-based training. Each year, training classes (ranging from one to five days in length) and three conferences are held that cover virtually every aspect of utility operations. Emphasis has been placed on classes providing operating experience substitution credit, continuing education credit and certification assistance. Due to the economic conditions of the past few years, the Training Station has increased its efforts to take more training across the state to accomodate rural systems. For many utilities that have found themselves in budget restraints, this has been a very welcomed addition, as this dramatically reduces the utility’s expense as well as the loss of man hours due to travel. Additionally, staff is available to offer specialized training and onsite technical assistance as necessary. The staff attends in-service training annually in efforts to update their education. Three staff members hold licenses as Certified Instructional Technologists and one as a Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer. Combined, the TAUD staff boasts over 248 years of experience in operations and 197 years of instruction.


Staff Bob Freudenthal Executive Director

Brent Ogles, Education Manager

Penny Funk Office Manager

John Hall, Advocacy/Finance

Carol Mims Accountant

Our mission statement:

Tonia Pass Education Administrative Assistant

“To provide the highest quality technical, legal and operational support to assist its members in delivering safe and efficient services in the public interest.”

Beth Hardiman Meeting Planner/ Member Services

Colleen Sauvé Publications

Vanessa Solis Administrative Assistant


Board of Directors

Tom Atchley Treasurer Hendersonville Utility District Hendersonville, TN


Bruce Giles Director First U.D. of Knox County Knoxville, TN Ph: (865) 966-9714 Fx: (865) 675-4955

Mike Green Director Warren County Utility District McMinnville, TN Ph: (931) 668-4175 Fx: (931) 668-4183

Drexel Heidel Director West Knox Utility District Knoxville, TN Ph: (865) 862-6701 Fx: (865) 531-1960

Nick Newman Director Memphis Light Gas & Water Memphis, TN Ph: (901) 528-4136 Fx: (901) 528-4086

Tim Pelham Director West Warren-Viola Utility District Morrison, TN Ph: (931) 635-2762 Fx: (931) 635-2561

Ph: (615) 758-5682 Fx: (615) 758-4957

Ph: (731) 855-1441 Fx: (731) 855-1454

John Brown Director Harpeth Valley Utilities District Nashville, TN Ph: (615) 352-7076 Fx: (615) 356-6905


Don Stafford Director Eastside Utility District Chattanooga, TN Ph: (423) 892-2890 Fx: (423) 892-0656


Pat Riley Secretary Gibson County Utility District Trenton, TN

David Callahan Vice President Soddy-Daisy Falling Water U.D. Soddy Daisy, TN Ph: (423) 332-2427 Fx: (423) 332-6681

Freddie Weston Jr. President West Wilson Utility District Mt. Juliet, TN

Talmadge Mincey Associate Advisor Crom Corp Gainesville, FL Ph: (352) 372-3436 Fx: (352) 372-6209

Ph: (615) 824-3717 Fx: (615) 824-3797

Charlie Anderson Director Bloomingdale Utility District Kingsport, TN Ph: (423) 288-6551 Fx: (423) 288-9131 candersonbud@

Phillip Combs Director Alpha-Talbott Utility District Talbott, TN Ph: (423) 586-2925 Fx: (423) 471-0905

Legislative Outreach Over the last 57 years, TAUD earned a reputation of integrity and honesty in the Legislative arena. TAUD’s State Legislative program is overseen by its Legislative Committee and the Association’s two lobbyists, Joe May and Ralph Cooper. On a federal level TAUD partners with the National Rural Water Association to lobby Congress on federal legislation. This partnership benefits TAUD and Tennessee’s utilities by providing funding for TAUD’s technical experts as well as grant and loan funding for TAUD’s utility membership. Whether at Tennessee’s Legislative Plaza in Nashville or in the halls of Congress in Washington, DC, TAUD’s Legislative Program ensures that the voice of utilities is heard whenever legislative debate occurs. TAUD maintains a respected reputation with elected officials on behalf of utility systems and operators.

TAUD Lobbyists A native of Knoxville, Joe May has served as a lobbyist for TAUD for the past 13 years. He spent the prior years working in state, city and county governments. He was first elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 1984 and served two terms before stepping down to take a position with the Mayor of Knoxville. He was also elected as a County Commissioner in Knox County. May was employed at a public relations firm before starting his own lobbying business.

Joe May and Ralph Cooper

A native of Dresden, Ralph Cooper has served as a lobbyist for TAUD for 7 years. He established Ralph Cooper, Government Relations in 2006. During his 10-year tenure as Executive Director of the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers (TAAO), the organization’s influence and reputation strengthened significantly. Prior to TAAO, Cooper served three terms as Assessor of Property in Weakley County and received the Outstanding Assessor of Property in Tennessee and the Outstanding County Official in Tennessee awards. A former assistant principal, Cooper earned a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education at the University of Tennessee at Martin.


TAUD Region Meetings

Tennessee Utility Education Corporation

The TAUD Region meeting program is an opportunity for utility members and TAUD’s associate members to come together to learn about important issues emerging in the industry as well as provide utilities with information about valuable training, products and services. The goal of the region meeting agenda is to equip attendees with the latest information that will enhance operations for Tennessee’s utilities and also includes updates from regulatory personnel with state primacy agencies. Region meetings bring out every level of utility personnel, operators and those in leadership roles.

2013 WINNERS: Holly Cole, Harold Clark Scholarship Clinton Martin, Henry Elrod Scholarship Christen Harbison, Sam Bruce Scholarship

The TAUD Region Program continues to grow each year. In 2013, 2,100 people attended region meetings with an average attendance of over 57 attendees per region. Each of our 11 regions meet four times per year. These meetings typically begin at 10 am and end after lunch. TAUD Associate Members are given an opportunity to participate as speakers and sponsors. Region meetings allow utility personnel to exchange ideas and network with both vendors and personnel from other utilities. Utility personnel from each region are designated to serve as region leaders and coordinators for their region.

The TN Utility Education Corporation (TUEC) Scholarship Program in conjunction with TN Association of Utility Districts offers a one year, $2,000 dollar scholarship in each of the three divisions of TN. Harold Clark Scholarship for West TN Henry Elrod Scholarship for Middle TN Sam Bruce Scholarship for East TN Scholarships will be awarded to students intending to major in a field related to operations of a public utility at an accredited college or university. • The recipient must be a dependent child of a full-time employee (part time may be considered under certain circumstances) of a TAUD member or a TAUD governing board member; Or, the recipient must be an employee of a TAUD member. • Each applicant’s ranking will be based on leadership responsibilities, awards, honors, academic record, career goals and financial need. • The recipient must intend to study a major which is related to or can be used by the student in the operations of a public utility. • Deadline for submission is March 1 of each year. receive scholarships by the TUEC committee:


Life Support Tennessee’s Water

Education for Middle School In 2012, TAUD partnered with the Cumberland River Compact to develop curriculum for middle school students. Titled Life Support, Tennessee’s Water, this curriculum educates students on how water is processed from nature to our homes. The educational text is written by Margo Farnsworth, PhD and Environmental Specialist, Vena Jones with book illustrations by TAUD’s publications director, Colleen Sauvé and MTSU intern, Holly Johnson. This project is guided by TAUD Executive Director, Bob Freudenthal and Cumberland River Compact Executive Director, Paul Sloan. The curriculum offers the following: • Where is Our Water? • How Does Nature Help Clean Water? • The Importance of Flow • In the City and Country • Water Makes the World Go ‘Round! • Treating Before Drinking: The Man-Made Water Cycle • Where Water & Energy Meet • Water / Wastewater Science & Careers • Interview with Water / Wastewater Manager • You Can Be a Good Water Ambassador • Volunteering for a Healthy Watershed • Look at Tennessee’s Watersheds • Glossary of 35 scientific terms • Lesson plan guide for educators • Seven lesson plans • Twitter scavenger hunt with @lilblueheron • Corresponding resource website for educators & students This project is in it’s final stages to be introduced at the unveiling of the new Cumberland River Compact building on the Cumberland River, this Spring. It will also be presented to educators during in-service. The curriculum should be finished this year, 2014.


Utilities Served Utilities listed by East, Middle and West, TN in alphabetical order.

East Alcoa Water System Alpha-Talbott Utility District Anderson County Water Authority Aqua Green Utility, Inc. Arthur Shawanee Utility District Athens Utility Board Bean Station Utility District Benton Waterworks Bloomingdale Utility District Blount Co. Fire Protection District Blountville Utility District Bluff City Waterworks Bristol Water System Bristol Bluff City Utility District Brownlow Utility District Calhoun-Charleston Utility District Carderview Utility District Caryville-Jacksboro Utility Commission Cherokee Hills Utility District Chuckey Utility District Citizens Gas Utility District Clearfork Utility District Clinton Utilities Board Cold Springs Utility District Collegedale WW Collection System Copper Basin Utility District Copperhill Utility Department Cross Anchor Utility District Cumberland Gap Water & Sewer Cumberland Utility District Dandridge Water & Wastewater Dept. Dayton Water System Decatur Water System East Sevier County Utility District Eastside Utility District Englewood Water & Gas Erwin Utilities Etowah Utilities First Utility District of Carter Co. First Utility District of Hawkins Co. First Utility District of Knox Co. Foster Falls Utility District Friendsville Water System Glen Hills Utility District Grandview Utility District


Graysville Water System Greeneville Water Commission Griffith Creek Utility District Grundy County Sewer Systems Hallsdale-Powell Utility District Hamilton Co. Water & Wastewater Authority Hampton Utility District Harriman Utility Board Hixson Utility District Holiday Shores Water Service Holston Utility District Huntsville Utility District Intermont Utility District Jasper Waterworks Jellico Water System Johnson Bible College Kimball Sewer System Kingsport Water System Kingston Water & Sewer Knox Chapman Utility District Lafollette Utilities Lake City Water & Sewer Department Lakeview Utility District Lincoln Memorial University Loudon Utilities Luttrell-Blaine-Corryton Utility District Martel Utility District Maynardville Utility District Mid-Hawkins Co. Utility District Mosheim Water & Sewer Department Mooresburg Utility District Mountain City Water System Mowbray Mountain Utility District Mt. Carmel Wastewater New Canton Utility District New Market Utility District Niota Waterworks Norris Water Commission North Greene Utilities Inc. North Utility District of Rhea Co. Northeast Knox Utility District Oak Ridge Utility District Oak Ridge Water System Ocoee Utility District Old Knoxville Hwy. Utility District Oliver Springs Water Department Oneida Water & Wastewater Dept. Persia Utility District Peters Hollow Water System Pigeon Forge Public Works Plateau Utility District Riceville Utility District

Roan Mountain Utility District Roane Central Utility District Rockwood Water, Wastewater, & Gas Russellville-Whitesburg Utility District Rutledge Waterworks Department Sale Creek Utility District Savannah Valley Utility District Sevier County Utility District Sevierville Water Systems Shady Grove Utility District Siam Utility District Signal Mountain Water & Sewer Sneedville Utility District Soddy-Daisy-Falling Water Utility District South Blount Co. Utility District South Bristol-Weaver Utility District South Elizabethton Utility District South Pittsburg Water and Gas Spring City Water & Sewer Striggersville Utility District Sunbright Utility District Surgoinsville Utility District Sweetwater Utilities Board Tellico Area Services System Tellico Plains Water & Sewer Tellico Village Property Owners Tennessee American Water Co. Tuckaleechee Utility District Unicoi County Gas Utility District Unicoi Water Utility District Union Fork-Bakewell Utility District UT - Batelle (ORNL) Waldens Ridge Utility District Wartburg Wastewater Plant Watauga River Regional Water Authority Watts Bar Utility District Webb Creek Utility District West Knox Utility District White Pine Water & Sewer Whitwell Water System Witt Utility District

Middle 25 Utility District Adams-Cedar Hill Water System Alexandria Waterworks Allardt Water Works Appalachian Center for the Arts Arnold Air Force Base/ATA Ashland City Water & Sewer Baxter Waterworks

Bedford County Utility District Bell Buckle Water & WW System Belle Meade Collection System Belvidere Rural Utility District Big Creek Utility District Bon Aqua-Lyles Utility District Bondecroft Utility District Brentwood Water Department Byrdstown Water Department Cagle-Freedonia Utility District Carthage Water Department Cartwright Creek, LLC Castalian Springs-Bethpage Utility District Celina Utility System Center Grove-Win. Springs Utility District Centerville Water & Sewer Chanute-Pall Mall Utility District Chapel Hill Utilities Charlotte Wastewater System Clarksville Gas & Water Department Clay Gas Utility District Clifton Gas & Water Department Coffee County Utility Collinwood Utility Department Consolidated Utility District Cookeville Boat Dock Road Utility District Cordell Hull Utility District Cowan Board of Public Utilities Crab Orchard Utility District Crossville Water & Sewer Cumberland City Water & Sewer Cumberland Heights Utility District Cunningham Utility District Cunningham, East Montgomery Water Decherd Water System Dekalb Utility District DeWhite Utility District Double Springs Utility District Dover Water Department Dowelltown-Liberty Water Duck River Utility Commission Dunlap Water System DuPont East Fork Utility District East Montgomery Utility District Elk River Utility District Erin Water System Estill Springs Water System Fairfield Glade Land App. Facility Fairview Utility District Fall Creek Falls Utility District Fall River Road Utility District Farm Water System Fayetteville Public Utilities

Fentress County Utility District Flat Creek Water Co-op Franklin Water Management Dept. Gainesboro Utility System Gallatin Public Utilities Gladeville Utility District Gordonsville Wastewater System Greater Dickson Gas Authority Greenbrier Water System H. B. & T. S. Utility District Harpeth Valley Utilities District Hartsville Water & Sewer Hendersonville Utility District Hillsville Utility District Humphreys County Utility District Huntland Water System Iron City Utility District of Lawrence County Jackson County Utility District Jamestown Gas & Water Kingston Springs Wastewater System Lafayette Utility System LaGuardo Utility District Lakewood Waterworks Lawrenceburg Utility Systems Leatherwood Water District Lebanon Water System Leoma Utility District Lewisburg Water & Wastewater Lincoln Co. Board of Public Utilities Linden Utilities Livingston Utilities Lobelville Utilities Loon Bay POA Loretto Utilities Lynchburg Metro Utility District Lynnville Water Utility Lynwood Utility Corporation Madison Suburban Utility District Mallory Valley Utility District Manchester Water & Sewer Marshall Co. Board of Public Utilities Maury Co. Board of Public Utilities McEwen Water System Middle TN Natural Gas Utility District Milcrofton Utility District Minor Hill Utility District Monteagle Rural Utility District Mt. Juliet Public Works Dept. Mt. Pleasant Water/WW/Gas New Johnsonville Water Nolensville/College Grove Utility District North Overton Utility District North Stewart Utility District Northeast Lawrence Utility District Northwest Clay Co. Utility District

O Connor Utility District Old Gainesboro Road Utility District Old Hickory Utility District Pegram Wastewater System Petersburg Water System Pikeville Utilities Pleasant View Utility District Portland Utility System Pulaski Water & Sewer Department Quebeck-Walling Utility District Red Boiling Springs Water River Road Utility District Rutherford County Water Department Second South Cheatham Utility District Sewanee Utility District Smith Utility District Smithville Water & Sewer Smyrna Water System South Carthage Wastewater South Cumberland Utility District South Giles Utility District South Side Utility District Sparta Water System Spencer Utility Department Spring Hill Water Works Springfield Water & Sewer St. Joseph Water Works Summertown Utility District Sylvia-TN City-Pond Utility District Tarpley Shop Utility District Tennessee Ridge Water & Sewer Thompsons Station Wastewater System Tracy City Public Utility Tullahoma Utilities Board Upper Cumberland Gas Utility District Vanleer Water Works Warren County Utility District Wartrace Waterworks & Sewerage Water Authority of Dickson County Watertown Water & Sewer Waverly Water System Waynesboro Utilities West Cumberland Utility District West Overton Utility District West Warren-Viola Utility District West Wilson Utility Districts Westmoreland Water System White House Public Utilities White House Utility District Wilson County Water Authority Winchester Utilities Woodbury Water & Sewer Woodlawn Utility District


West Adamsville Utilities Alamo Water & Sewer Division Antioch Water Company Aqua Utilities Company, Inc. Atoka Water System Atwood Water System Bells Utilities Bethel Springs Water Department Big Sandy Waterworks Bolivar Water System Bradford Water System Brownsville Utilities Bruceton Water System Camden Water & Sewer Cedar Grove Utility District Clarksburg Utility District County Wide Utility District of Crockett Co. Covington Public Works/Utilities Crockett Mills Utility District Crockett Public Utility District Dresden Water & Sewer Dry Branch POA Dyer Public Works Dyersburg Suburban Consolidated Utility District Elbridge Water Association First Utility District of Hardin Co. First Utility District of Tipton Co. Friendship Water Company Galloway Utilities Gates Water System Gibson Co. Municipal Water District Gibson County Utility District Gibson Water System Gleason Water & Wastewater Grand Junction Water System Grand Valley Lakes POA Greenfield Water System Halls Public Works Harbor Utility District Hardeman-Fayette Utility District Henderson Utility Department Henry Water System Hollow Rock Water System Hornbeak Utility District Hornsby Water System Humboldt Utilities Huntingdon Water & Sewer Jackson Energy Authority Kenton Utilities LaGrange Water Department Lake County Utility District


Lauderdale County Water System Lexington Utilities Martin Utilities Maury City Utilities McKenzie Water Commission McLemoresville Water System Memphis Light Gas Water Division Michie Water System Middleton Water System Milan Department of Public Utilities Moscow Water Department Munford Utilities Natchez Trace Youth Academy Newbern Water & Sewer North Utility District of Decatur & Benton County Northeast Henry Co. Utility District Northwest Dyersburg Utility District Northwest Henry Utility District Oakland Water System Obion Utilities Paris Board Of Public Utilities Paris Henry County Utility District Parsons Utility System Perryville Utility District Piperton Water System Poplar Grove Utility District Puryear Water System Ramer Water Department Reelfoot Lake Util/Plan District Reelfoot Utility District of Lake Co. Ridgely Waterworks Ripley Utility System Rossville Water System Rutherford Water Department Saltillo Public Utility District Samburg Utility District Sardis Water System Savannah Utility Department Scotts Hill Water System Selmer Utility Division Sharon Water Works Somerville Water & Gas South Fulton Water & Sewer South Paris Coop Water System Springcreek Utility District Stanton Water System Tiptonville Water & Sewer Toone Water System Trenton Light & Water Trezevant Water & Sewer Trimble Water System Troy Water System West TN Public Utility District Whiteville Water & Wastewater

183 Utility Districts







2014 NRWA Rally - TAUD Book  

Annual recap of Tennessee Association of Utility Districts service to Tennessee utilities. This report shows why TAUD is Vital for Tennessee...

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