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Feed your soul. Nourish your spirit. Tau Center Spirituality Programs & Retreats • Fall 2017

a spirituality ministry of the Wheaton Franciscans

TAU CENTER STAFF Director, Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF Program Specialist, Sharon Kroon Devo Marketing Specialist, Nancy Morris Stay up to date on new program additions or changes by signing up for our E-News online at Take a private retreat day for yourself or a small group at Tau Center. See pages 18-19.


Tau Center 26W171 Roosevelt Road Wheaton, Illinois 60187 630-909-6805

A note from Sr. Glenna... “My friend, be strengthened for your journey, leave behind the world of senses. In the state of unknowing, allow yourself to be drawn back into unity with the One.” - St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, 1259 Written more than 750 years ago, this is pretty good advice for any person on a spiritual journey even today! In his seminal work “The Journey into God”, St. Bonaventure teaches us that the more we learn about God, the more we discover what we don’t know about God. In other words, the deeper our relationship with God becomes, we slowly realize we have only begun to comb the depths. The further we travel on a journey of faith, we discover that we have so much further to go. Nevertheless, we are drawn, urged by the Spirit to continue onwards. We are never alone on this journey. God is our faithful companion and guide in our exploration. Our faithfulness to this endeavor does indeed bring us “into unity with the One.” Very often guests at Tau Center comment on the peacefulness, the quiet and the beauty they find here. We believe this is our calling and our legacy to provide the space and opportunities for our guests to seek and discover the Divine. The peace one arrives at is not an end or a resolution to a problem. Rather it is like a prayer, a sense of peacefulness. You are changed, not the situation. You are strengthened, enriched, renewed for the journey that lies beyond these walls. In this booklet you will find our Fall 2017 Season of vibrant and spirited programs and retreats in which we invite you to “feed your soul and nourish your spirit.” We look forward to being with you as you continue to search for and journey with the One. Come friends…be strengthened for your journey …discover your inner spirit and become refreshed and renewed. Blessings of Peace, Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF Director of Tau Center


FEATURED FALL RETREATS... Mindfulness: It’s Not What You Think An introduction to practice

Thursday, September 14 • 9:30am-3:30pm Facilitated by Thomas Roberts, LCSW, LMFT Beginning the path of mindful meditation is an ideal opportunity to live our lives with great patience, openness, and compassion. The practice of mindfulness is a way of being more aware and alert to the flow of life – feeling more grounded in a quiet mind and open heart. The more we ‘wake up’, the more we live life from a deep place of innate wisdom. This awakening reduces our fearbased reactions and cultivates our natural ability to respond to life situations, others and ourselves with greater patience and understanding. This retreat will be a very dynamic and practical experience where we can peel back the layers of self-deception to see things more clearly, as they truly are. Drawing from various insightful and contemplative traditions, we will learn the essential qualities of taking our meditation practice far beyond the cushion or chair, thus allowing us to remain fearless amidst the day-to-day flow of our lives. We will invite our hearts and minds to expand and radiate with compassion and intelligence. The simple yet profound practice of mindful meditation, whether in a grocery line or talking with another, keeps you in an open and balanced place that makes our surrounding world better. (Lunch is included.) $75 • Registration requested by Thursday, August 31. (After 8/31, registration is $95.)

Register online at 4

Brush With Silence Friday & Saturday, September 15 & 16 • 9:30am-4:00pm Facilitated by Thomas Roberts, LCSW, LMFT The path to achieving deep and lasting harmony or balance in life can be manifested in many ways and through various forms of practice. In this session, we will look at the unique use of a ‘brush’ as a tool for meditation. The use of brushes, ink and paper as a method of deepening the spiritual journey has been employed throughout the centuries and by numerous traditions. What has evolved is a method of bringing greater peace, balance and harmony that opens up the depth of divine presence via patient brush strokes. In the Japanese tradition, this is referred to as Shodo or The Way of the Brush. During this two-day retreat, you will be inspired by the spiritual depth gained from this meditative practice. Through the dance of the brush, ink and paper, you will experience the subtle struggle between surrender and control, surface and depth, ego and divine. You will be invited to patiently embrace the process of letting go – giving in to the silence and flow of the divine through your hand, heart and spirit. Along with deep meditation and spiritual breath work, you will be inspired to look honestly and deeply at your unhelpful, self-critical patterns, replacing them with a deeply rooted expression of calm, balance and silence. (This is a multi-date event. Lunch and materials are included.) $175 • Registration requested by Thursday, August 31. (After 8/31, registration is $195.)


September Program Schedule


Sep 7

Double Gong Immersion (p. 6)

Double Gong Immersion

Sep 9

Living Your Purpose (p. 7)

Sep 11

Explorations/Centering Prayer (p. 17)

Thursday, September 7 7:00pm-8:30pm

Sep 14

Mindfulness: It’s Not What You Think (p. 4)

Sep 15

Taizé Prayer Service (p. 17)

Sep 15/16 Brush With Silence (p. 5) Sep 18

Mindful Meditation (p. 17)

Sep 21

Exploring Wisdom in Your Night Dreams (p. 7)

Sep 21

Introduction to SoulCollage (p. 12)

Sep 21

SoulCollage Inspiration Circle (p. 12)

Sep 23

Christian History: Part I (p. 8)

Sep 25

Introduction to Essential Oils (p. 9)

Sep 28

Drumming Circle (p. 16)

Sep 30

God’s Promises: Keeping Faith During Life’s Unexpected Changes (p. 9)

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Facilitated by Susan Tauster and Ela Geske Become immersed in the rich tonal vibrations of two harmonious gongs as you detach from the pressure and content of the mind. Evoking physical, emotional, and spiritual responses, the vibrations of the gong stimulate and work on multiple levels to heal and transform. After a gentle, seated yogic warm-up and meditation to prepare the mind and body, relax and be embraced by sound as Susan and Ela play their gongs for an even deeper sound experience. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a mat and/or blanket (a chair is optional). In the communal spirit, we’ll share a cup of homemade Yogi Tea afterward. $30 • Registration requested by Thursday, August 31.

Exploring Wisdom in Your Night Dreams Thursdays • 7:00pm-9:00pm September 21, October 19 & November 16 Facilitated by Sr. Georgene Wilsons, OSF, D.Min.

Living Your Purpose Saturday, September 9 • 9:30am-12:30pm Facilitated by Rebecca Russell, MS What gets you out of bed and into the day? What motivates you—from a place of personal knowing—to keep working toward a goal? Well-being research indicates the value of having a clear purpose in life; when we have something to get up for in the morning, we live longer and more meaningfully. In this workshop, you’ll create a plan to enliven and embody your purpose. The result is that you’ll feel more aware of what you’re about and have a plan to move through your days more intentionally. The session begins with a gentle grounding yoga practice (no experience necessary) and includes contemplative exercises and interactions. $25 • Registration requested by Thursday, August 31.

Our night dreams are symbolic gifts from Wisdom, the Breath of the Power of God. If you are interested in exploring your dreams and their gifts of wisdom in a circle of other dreamers, begin recording your dreams now. Tell your heart that you want to remember your night dreams and ask for such grace. When you awaken from night sleep, ponder, “Did I have any dreams...even bits or images or feelings?” Write them down for yourself as if they are happening now. Bring these bits and pieces to these sessions where we will sit in a sacred circle, and by using present tense storytelling practices, we will gently explore the wisdom that your dream may be awakening in you. These sessions are not about psychological delving into your life, but rather discoveries through a prayerful, reverent, loving circle process. All will listen, ponder, and share together, thus enriching our own inner spirits. $45 • Registration requested by Thursday, September 14. (This is a multi-date program.)


September Program Schedule Sep 7

Double Gong Immersion (p. 6)

Sep 9

Living Your Purpose (p. 7)

Sep 11

Explorations/Centering Prayer (p. 17)

Sep 14

Mindfulness: It’s Not What You Think (p. 4)

Sep 15

Taizé Prayer Service (p. 17)


Sep 15/16 Brush With Silence (p. 5)

Christian History: Parts I & II

Sep 18

Mindful Meditation (p. 17)

Saturdays, September 23 & October 14 • 9:15am - 12:30pm

Sep 21

Exploring Wisdom in Your Night Dreams (p. 7)

Facilitated by Matt Pozen

Sep 21

Introduction to SoulCollage (p. 12)

Sep 21

SoulCollage Inspiration Circle (p. 12)

Sep 23

Christian History: Part I (p. 8)

Sep 25

Introduction to Essential Oils (p. 9)

Sep 28

Drumming Circle (p. 16)

Sep 30

God’s Promises: Keeping Faith During Life’s Unexpected Changes (p. 9)

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On October 31, 1517, a Catholic monk named Martin Luther posted his famous “Ninety-Five Theses” on the door of a church in northern Germany, thus beginning what would become known as the Protestant Reformation. This coming Halloween will mark the 500th anniversary of that watershed event. In this two-part series, Matt Pozen will trace the history of the division of Christianity over the course of the past 500 years, and offer some hope for its future reunion. Each session will include a historical presentation, as well as incorporate prayer, small group discussions, and general Q & A. Part I: The Division of Christianity - 500 Years Since the Protestant Formation Saturday, September 23 Part II: The Reunion of Christianity Saturday, October 14 $25/session • Registration requested ten days prior to session date.

Introduction to Essential Oils Monday, September 25 • 7:00pm-9:00pm

God’s Promises: Keeping Faith During Life’s Unexpected Changes

Facilitated by Therese Yonikus

Saturday, September 30 • 9:30am-Noon

Essential Oils have been a part of many cultures’ medicine chests for thousands of years – the Egyptians and the Early Christians among them. Modern ‘aromatherapy’ was formally introduced by French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse in 1937, but recently it has seen a rebirth in the U.S. as more people are finding the benefits of using essential oils instead of artificial fragrances in their home and on their bodies.

Facilitated by Jill Monaco

The subtle energy of essential oils invokes in us a sense of wholeness and healing of our body, mind and spirit. Healing of ourselves raises the consciousness of our families, friends and culture. This workshop will introduce you to the use of essential oils as everyday companions for healing and more. We will explore how to use them, safe oils to use during pregnancy or with children, and some of the most powerful oils to have on hand in our own medicine cabinets. $25 • Registration requested by Monday, September 18.

When life’s circumstances change in a moment or drastically in a season, you may find yourself feeling ‘in between’ – between the painful past and the hopeful future. Juggling expectations, limitations, abundance or lack thereof, you might be wondering how you’ll get through it gracefully, or whether you’ll receive a guided answer from God. In this special session, we’ll look at the life of Abraham and learn more about ourselves through his story, mistakes and victories. We’ll be accompanied by Abraham on our own life journey and enjoy the secrets that his life reveals about how to transition well and find hope, even when you don’t see any hint of answered prayers. Discover the three things you need to do to enter your promised land and find the peace you long for. God’s gift is love and the journey from the promise to the provision doesn’t have to be painful. $25 • Registration requested by Thursday, September 21.


Oct/Nov Program Schedule Oct 2

Mindful Meditation (p. 17)

Oct 9

Explorations/Centering Prayer (p. 17)

Oct 14 Christian History: Part II (p. 8)

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER PROGRAMS Single Women’s Retreat: Healthy Relationships

Oct 16 Mindful Meditation (p. 17)

Saturday, October 21 9:00am-4:00pm

Oct 19 SoulCollage Inspiration Circle (p. 12)

Facilitated by Jill Monaco

Oct 21 Single Woman’s Retreat: Healthy Relationships (p. 10)

Are you enjoying being a single woman but find yourself wanting healthier relationships with friends, family members or co-workers? Are you struggling with romantic relationships and your desire for a loving, committed individual to share your life with? Sometimes the wounds of our unhealed soul keep us from having healthy relationships.

Oct 26 Drumming Circle (p. 16) Nov 13 Explorations/Centering Prayer (p. 17) Nov 16 SoulCollage Inspiration Circle (p. 12) Nov 16 Gong Sound Meditation (p. 16) Nov 20 Mindful Meditation (p. 17) Nov 27 Meditation and Spiritual Partnership with Essential Oils (p. 11) Nov 30 Drumming Circle (p. 16)

Register online at 10

In this full day retreat for single women, we will look at four things that keep us from having the relationship we want. Using Scripture as a guide along our journey, we will discover contemplative practices that will help us break free from our past hurts and cultivate tools to have healthier relationships in life. We will look at what Scriptuire teaches us about forgiveness, overcoming rejection, fear and shame. You’ll learn to hear God’s voice to help you find freedom and comfort moving forward. (Lunch is included.) $75 • Registration requested by Thursday, October 12. (After 10/12, registration is $95)

Meditation and Spiritual Partnership With Essential Oils Monday, November 27, 7:00pm-9:00pm Facilitated by Therese Yonikus Botanical aromas in the form of essential oils have a direct and intimate relationship with our spirit. When we breathe during meditation, we connect our mind, body and spirit with every inhalation. When we partner our breath with essential oils, we are infusing the spirit of the plant into our body as well. Essential oils work directly on the limbic system which controls moods, sleep and waking cycles, emotional memories and more. Their helpful qualities are given through inhalation and move through the channels in our olfactory system and the brain to influence our consciousness. Essential oils help calm us, release suppressed emotional memories, uplift our mind and heart, and enhance cognitive function. They support us in letting go of distractions so that we may connect with Divine silence. Join us for this special session on incorporating essential oils into your meditative, contemplative and prayer practices to offer a unique way of supporting, calming, and balancing your spirit. $25 • Registration requested by Monday, November 20.


CREATIVE SPIRITUALITY PROGRAMS SoulCollage® Inspiration Circle Facilitated by Sharon Devo

Thursdays, 10:30am-1:30pm Sep 21 • Oct 19 • Nov 16 (Check website for 2018 dates) SoulCollage® is a powerful creative process that gently enables you to hear the deep wisdom of your own inner-knowing through the practice of collage art. This soultending practice honors one’s personal journey, while promoting personal growth and self-discovery. These ongoing inspiration circles combine the SoulCollage® technique and Open Studio Process of setting an intention, card-making and witness journaling for a morning of shared silence and creative exploration. During these open sessions, you will enjoy a contemplative atmosphere among other spiritual seekers. Monthly attendance is not required, but recommended. If you are unfamiliar with SoulCollage®, you can register to include a half-hour Introductory Session on the basics of this practice from 10:00am-10:30am prior to the start of the Inspiration Circles being held on September 21 and January 18. $25/session (Inspiration Circle only) $35/session (Intro & Inspiration Circle) Registration required one week prior to session date. Fee includes all materials.

Register online at 12

You Are Not Alone: A Prayer Shawl Retreat Saturday, December 9 • 9:30am-12:00pm Facilitated by Dessi Bushi Do you want to pray but words escape you? Does listening to God feel like an impossible task? If you find it difficult to stay focused in the stillness of prayer, creative spirituality practices offer an active approach to deep listening and discovery. Enjoy this morning of reflection where you will have the opportunity to explore your spirituality through the creation of a prayer shawl using fabric markers. We will use guided prayer and meditation as we move through the morning together, helping to set intentions and final blessings as we continue throughout the creation of the shawl. (Includes materials.) $35 • Registration requested by Thursday, November 30.

Zentangle® Inspiration Circle 6:30pm-9:00pm • Various Dates Facilitated by Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF At Tau Center, we focus on the “Zen” part of this art form as a way to tap into your intuitive nature and use it as a personal ritual to quiet your mind and explore your inner-self. Be supported in this small circle as a peaceful space for those who are familiar with Zentangle® and interested in exploring this practice as a deeper, contemplative tool. Share stories and be inspired by the work of others as we sit down together to practice this form of contemplative expression. $25/session • Check website for current program dates.


December Program Schedule Dec 1

Taizé Prayer Service (p. 17)

Dec 2

Reclaiming the Wonders of Advent and Christmas (p. 14)

Dec 4 Mindful Meditation (p. 17) Dec 7

Symbols of the Christmas Season (p. 15)

Dec 9

You Are Not Alone: A Shawl Retreat (p. 13)

Dec 11 Explorations/Centering Prayer (p. 17)


Dec 14 Symbols of the Christmas Season (p. 15)

Reclaiming the Wonders of Advent and Christmas

Dec 18 Mindful Meditation (p. 17)

Saturday, December 2, 9:30am-12:00pm Facilitated by Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF Can you recall Linus’ speech in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”? Through the retelling of the story of the birth of Jesus, Linus reminds us all of the simple childlike wonder and awe that is at the heart of this Holy Season.

Register online at 14

During this Advent Morning of Reflection, we will engage in a quiet, contemplative process to recapture our own childhood memories of this season, and to connect with the Spirit of God that came long ago to dwell on Earth and now dwells deep within our own hearts. We will incorporate guided imagery, writing exercises, silence and music throughout the time together. $25 • Registration requested by Wednesday, November 22.

Symbols of the Christmas Season Thursdays, December 7 & 14 10:00am-Noon or 7:00-9:00pm Facilitated by Sr. Georgene Wilson, OSF, D.Min. We use many symbols during the Advent and Christmas Season to enrich our hearts, our gatherings, and our relationships. Each day of these two sessions, you will be facilitated in choosing a symbol that is important to you. Using a spiritual practice of “Inquiring into Mystery”, you will be guided into its deeper and multifaceted meanings. Each session will conclude with a sharing of our symbols and the wisdom that emerged during our pondering/meditation time. Gift yourself with participating in a morning or evening session each day. All are welcome to attend one day or both. $25/session • Registration requested one week prior to program.



Drumming Circle

Thursdays, 7:00pm-9:00pm Nov 16 • Feb 1 • May 3

Thursdays, 7:00pm-8:30pm Sep 28 • Oct 26 • Nov 30 (Check website for more 2018 dates)

Facilitated by Marian and Gabriela Kraus

Facilitated by Therese Yonikus

The Gong has been used for ritual, ceremony, prayer, and meditation since the Bronze Age. The soothing effect of being bathed in an ocean of sound creates a profound relaxation and is helpful in reducing the stress that is harmful to healthy living. The moving sounds of the gong help to quiet and energize the mind and body on a cellular level, and help restore an intrinsic state of balance. Please arrive by 6:45pm, dress comfortably, and please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillows to lie on the floor (a chair is optional).

Drumming is a time-honored method of healing and helping others. While the drum has the ability to put us in touch with our own natural rhythms, the circle helps draw our individual energies together, unifying them into a consolidated force. Drumming helps to release tension, dispel stress and negative feelings, and restore energy.

$30/session • Registration required one week prior to session.


A drumming circle is very inclusive in that all people have the innate ability to create rhythm and can participate. Each person is given a rhythmic “voice” in this healing practice as we become connected through an invisible energy while united in purpose and community. Free-will offering. Pre-registration requested. September 28 Drumming Circle will be held outdoors (weather permitting) and will include a Fire Ceremony. Please bring a chair or blanket.

Explorations in Centering Prayer

Mindful Meditation

Taizé Prayer Service

Mondays, 7:00pm-8:30pm Sep 18 • Oct 2 & 16 • Nov 20 • Dec 4 & 18

Fridays, 7:30pm-8:30pm Sep 15 • Dec 1 • Feb 9 • Apr 6 • Jun 1

(Check website for more 2018 dates)

(Check website for more 2018 dates)

All faiths are welcome to attend.

Facilitated by Sr. Pat Irr, OSF, and Laura Demairis

Hosted The Awakening Heart Sangha

Taizé is a Christian ecumenical prayer service that is designed to achieve a contemplative state and Christian unity through participation in song, scripture and silent prayer. This service helps to quiet the mind and open your heart in the presence of God. Taizé prayer uses short, simple verses and melodies that are repeated, for ease of participation. Light refreshments follow the service.

Mondays, 7:00pm-8:30pm Sep 11 • Oct 9 • Nov 13 • Dec 11

Centering Prayer is an invitation to a deeper relationship with God. You may notice a desire for silence and an inner stillness in your prayer life. If you listen to this call, you will realize a call to prayer without words, a desire to simply sit with God in stillness. In our Centering Prayer sessions, you will learn a simple method for such prayer and the joys and struggles of this type of prayer. In each class we will also have time for quiet, sitting and meditation. Both beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. Different contemplative themes will be introduced each week. $15/session • Pre-registration requested.

Mindfulness is the continuous practice of being aware and awake to the present moment – to be truly present and at one with those around you and with what you are doing. We invite you to join us for our open meditation sessions – a practice of mindful meditation in the general style of Thich Nhat Hanh. Each session will begin with a guided meditation or brief reading, followed by an hour meditation where participants alternate 20 minutes of sitting/ walking/sitting. Beginners and people of all faiths and traditions are welcome. You do not need to be experienced in any meditation practice to appreciate and benefit from our open meditation sessions.

Free-will offering. No registration required.

Free-will offering. Pre-registration requested.


Guided Retreats

Giving ourselves the time and space to reflect and heal can be a powerful way to learn more about our inner-spirit. At Tau Center, our personal retreats provide a gentle space to set an intention and explore your soul.

Personal Day Retreats At Tau Center, we know how essential and nurturing it is to take a personal 'timeout', and how a day of retreat can rejuvenate your inner-spirit and your outer-being. We invite you to spend a personal retreat day at our facility where you will have your own Quiet Room and can take advantage of our beautiful grounds, peace path, chapel, and other amenities. We're here to provide a space that allows you to reconnect with yourself. Write, create, pray, meditate, relax, or find your inner-voice in the quiet. Retreat days can be self-directed or customized based on your spiritual path or interests. ($25/Personal Day Retreat)


As we go through adulthood, we experience many moments where life calls us to pause and wonder. Transitions in family circumstances, professional career, moving to a new location, marriage or death can be marked by an inner change as we sometimes examine our faith during these times. Sometimes we find ourselves at a point where we need something, but we’re not sure exactly what we’re yearning for. As you seek inner-peace in your life, a Guided Retreat offers a personal, quiet space to explore your relationship with God and the love that surrounds you always. We work closely with you to create a retreat customized around your needs and where you are in life and on your spiritual journey. A guided retreat provides an opportunity to rest, renew, learn and grow in your own spirituality. During the retreat you are provided a comfortable Quiet Room and also given time for contemplative and solitary activities. You may also request the companioning of a spiritual director during your retreat. Our directors are sensitive and responsive to where you are on your journey and are experienced in different faith practices. You will have time to meet with one of them and share any issues that may have emerged. ($50/Guided Retreat)

A Day of Deeper Exploration: One-on-One Retreat Intensives

If you are seeking a day for yourself that offers a safe space to explore your spirituality through guided activities, then our one-on-one retreat intensives are for you. Rooted in ‘deep listening’, a retreat intensive is a gently structured day that weaves together silence and conversation, instruction and direct experience. Customized to your individual needs, each retreat includes spiritual companioning, light meditation and prayer, readings, inner-reflection, and contemplative activities, using a specific interest or practice as the day’s framework. Retreats are offered 9:00am-3:00pm on weekdays with an optional 8:30am liturgy in our chapel, as well as some limited Saturdays. To schedule a retreat, call Sharon Devo at 630-909-6809. ($75/One-on-One Retreat Intensive)

Meditation Retreat Throughout the day, you will befriend stillness using various meditative practices drawn from Christian and Eastern influences to help deepen your connection with your innerspirit. Creative Spirituality Retreat Creative expression is a growing spiritual practice. Enjoy process art making as a way to discover deeper meaning in your spiritual life. You may focus on a specific form of expression, such as poetry, free writing, journaling, drawing, painting, or shrine box creation. Franciscan Prayer & Spirituality Retreat Explore our deep connection to Mother Earth and all living things using St. Francis’ “Canticle of Creation” and other Franciscan resources as a guide throughout your day. A Day of Christian Prayer Deepen your spiritual practice through the Common Christian prayer, “Liturgy of the Hours”, using the Psalms and Seasons of the liturgical calendar as your guide.

If you are interested in a retreat at Tau Center, call us at 630-909-6805.


Wheaton Franciscan Community/Staff Facilitators Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF

Sr. Pat Irr, OSF

Sharon Devo

Sr. Glenna is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister and serves as the Director of Tau Center with more than 25 years experience in group facilitation and retreat leadership, specializing in contemplative prayer and worship, scripture study, and creative spirituality.

Sr. Pat Irr is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister. She has a Master’s Degree in Sacred Science from St. Bonaventure University and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University, along with 20 years of experience in ministry at the Institute for Pastoral Leadership.

Sharon is on staff at Tau Center as Program Specialist, Retreat Leader and Program Facilitator. With a nearly 30 year meditation practice, rooted in desert spirituality and eastern traditions, she creates space in her life for solitude and silence daily.

She holds a Masters of Pastoral Studies from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, and is a graduate of the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction of Tuscon, Arizona. As the Pastoral Associate of St. Gerard Parish in Brooklyn Park, MN, Sr. Glenna directed the RCIA, and adult and young adult faith formation programs. At Tau Center, Sr. Glenna enjoys facilitating small groups and retreats and exploring creative spirituality.


Sr. Georgene L. Wilson, OSF, D.Min. Georgene L. Wilson is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister. She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois. Georgene lives in silence and solitude and offers spiritual presence and services from her home in Wheaton, IL. Sr. Georgene is author of several books and her ministry includes animating directed and guided retreats, teaching, preaching, writing, poetry, artwork, and facilitation of theological reflection on a wide range of subjects, all in the wisdom of Franciscan spirituality and presence.

In addition to meditation, Sharon relies on extended time in nature, yin yoga and creative work in her home studio, as the foundation for ongoing spiritual exploration and to balance responsibilities at the primary caregiver for her son with special needs. Training as a Co-Active Coach, SoulCollage® and Open Studio Process facilitator, she completed the Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation Certificate at Christine Center in 2010. Prior to coming to Tau Center, Sharon’s experience included work as an Operations and Training Leader, Advocacy Coordinator and Hospice Patient Care volunteer. Sharon holds a BA with graduate work in Training & Development and will be completing a certificate in Expressive Arts in the fall of 2017.

Guest Facilitators Dessi Bushi

Ela Geske

Jill Monaco

Dessi is the founder of From The Place, a ministry dedicated to helping women grow in their faith and build a vibrant relationship with the living God. Dessi graduated from National Louis University, is certified in Spiritual Direction through the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, and is a member of Spiritual Directors International. Dessi and her husband, Rev. Dr. John Bushi, also co-founded Relief Net, a ministry providing Christian counseling and seminars to married couples.

Ela Geske received her Kundalini Yoga instructor and Gong training through the 3HO Foundation/Spirit Rising Yoga in 2014. She is honored to share and promote inner peace through yoga and the relaxing sound of the gong.

Jill Monaco is the Founder and CEO of Jill Monaco Ministries, a 501c3 non profit that publishes the online magazine She is a certified Life Coach who has developed the Freedom Coach ModelŽ and loves helping people find freedom and purpose so they can live a life they love. As a teacher and speaker, Jill is known for captivating audiences with her high-energy, humorous approach to life’s serious issues. Her faith-filled and transparent stories encourage listeners to become all that God has created and redeemed them to be. Jill has a passion for encouraging people to experience the presence of God in their daily lives.

Laura Desmarais Laura explored meditation while living in India ten years ago. Since then, she has explored Centering Prayer and has been influenced by Thomas Keating and Cynthia Bourgeault. She has been active in the Tau Center for over ten years and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Marian & Gabriela Kraus Marian and Gabriela established Delamora in 2011 as the platform of their mutual sound therapy and human potential development related activities. Marian has developed a unique style of gong bath sound and guided gong meditations. Gabriela holds masters degrees in art, religions and psychotherapy, and degrees in communication and history. She is certified as a Life Coach and facilitator of Universal Energy.

Stay up to date on new program additions or changes by signing up for our E-News online at


Guest Facilitators Matt Pozen

Mary Rittman

Rebecca Russell

Matt is Director of Parish Faith Formation at Visitation Parish in Elmhurst, IL. He is a regular presenter for the Biblical Institute of the Diocese of Joliet and his focus on adult faith formation integrates prayer, scripture, song, presentation and small group discussion. His interest in the development of the early church from Jesus, Paul and the New Testament serves as a vision to help shape the way we live together as disciples of Jesus and our mission in the world. Matt graduated in 2001 from the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, IL, and was ordained in priestly ministry in 2005.

Mary has been a member of an ongoing spirituality group at Tau Center for more than 14 years. She is a retired language arts teacher with over 15 years’ experience in meditation and is also a certified Healing Touch Practitioner with her own private practice. Mary has facilitated numerous silent retreats and other spirituality offerings such as women’s wellness retreats, mindfulness retreats, chakra programs and others.

Rebecca Russell, MS, is a professional coach and educator offering individual and group experiences to help people create more fulfilling lives and navigate meaningful career transitions. Rebecca leads yoga and meditation classes for people of all ages at DePaul University and through ongoing group classes. Rebecca pulls from more than 20 years of experience in leadership management, coaching and career guidance at the college level in addition to a decade of teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation. She offers a unique fusion of down-toearth practical application, intuition-based exploration, and discerning wisdom. She holds an MS in Communication Management from Northwestern University and a BA in English Literature from the University of Illinois, along with numerous professional certifications.

Larry Stoll Larry Stoll is a Buddhist/ Christian and has been an active member of the Awakening Heart Sangha since 2008.


Thomas Roberts, LCSW, LMFT Tom has gained widespread recognition in the field of health and healing as an educator, author and speaker who shares practical strategies for enjoying a more fulfilling everyday life. A licensed psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist with more than 30 years experience, Thomas specializes in hypnotherapy and mindfulness therapy with particular emphasis on his unique approach to mind-body healing. Thomas is also an author and regularly presents at local, regional and national levels.

Susan Tauster Susan Tauster has practiced and taught Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She received her Kundalini instructor and Gong training through the 3HO Foundation. Therese Yonikus Therese is a licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Illinois and has Certifications in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy. Therese also is a clinical aromatherapist and loves sharing the connection of Essential Oils as companions in life. She continues to study Peruvian Shamanic Healing Practices and enjoys sharing rituals from the Peruvian Tradition as a form of prayer. Therese holds a Master’s of Education Degree from Northern Illinois University.

Look for these upcoming programs in Spring 2018 In addition to our recurring programs, enjoy these upcoming spirituality retreats in winter/spring of 2018: • Encountering God (January 27) • Women’s Day of Renewal (February 3) • Lent: A Journey of Self-Discovery (February 17) • Sound of Bowls (March 1) • From Being to Doing: A Men’s Retreat (March 2 & 3) • Lenten Retreat: Slowing to the Pace of NOW (March 8) • At the Cross (March 10) • Women of Wisdom (April 14) • Living the Wisdom of Francis of Assisi’s “Perfect Joy” (April 19) • Overcoming Rejection (April 21) • Shanti - Be Calm (April 28) • Relationship Retreat Series (various dates) • AND MORE... Follow us on Facebook at:


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Tau Center Fall 2017 Program Guide  

A listing of spirituality programs and retreats at Tau Center for the months of September-December 2017.

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