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Johnston Atoll as Thriving Animal Habitat Opposite page: While the man-made toxins at Johnston Atoll preclude man’s inhabitancy on the island, local plant and animal life persist and thrive. Not only is Johnston a stop-over site for many species of migratory birds, but its reefs are habitat to hundreds of aquatic plants and animals. This drawing traces the atoll’s impact on aquatic and marine life throughout the entire Pacific Ocean.

Nuclear Testing at Enewetak Atoll, 1951 Military officials watch nuclear test for operation Greenhouse at Enewetak Atoll.

information exchange. As a layered and redundant system, it can assume the robust but soft logic of the body. In his book Fashioning Apollo, Nicolas De Monchaux describes human tissue as “the fragile, layered membranes that are life’s greatest strength.” This thesis expands on De Monchaux’s provocation by interrogating architecture’s ability to do more than simply encase the body and protect it from hostile environmental conditions. D

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