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Construct Detail The construct is a 3D model representing the spatial configuration (site specific) as well as diagrammatic relationships between the programming. The model shows programmatic elements in acrylic tabs, as linked to site plan.

Anecdotal Archiving

ment. Leveraging the digital interface, this

Public infrastructure of murmur chambers

architectural proposal seeks to move beyond

and forum for assembly necessitate another

the conventional modes of representation

infrastructure development—the database.

within the discipline. Interactive mapping

The input of whispers on the street is collect-

linked to site-specific aerials allow for the

ed and archived here. The amassed anony-

viewer to engage in a more full sense with the

mous anecdotes are archived and stored. The

proposed new space. The architectural inter-

digital archives are stored and distributed to

ventions proposed formulate and provoke the

the clandestine holding facilities beneath the

multiplicity of representation (word plays,

adjacent Palace Square. The physical loca-

render images, and construct sequencing).

tion of database suggests potentials within

This proposal seeks to realize the potentials

charged historical location, layering a new set

of the proposal itself—digitally disseminating

of revolutionary voices under the site. Thus,

the ideas of daily life murmurings to make

the site is charged and primed, awaiting the

visible the revolutionary potential latent in

activation of the public. The only question

daily life. D

remains—will you engage? In summary, Res Publica is both spatial and social. As with the Occupy Wall Street movements of 2011, the proposal seeks to link spatial occupation with social engage-

Dimensions 26  
Dimensions 26