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The assembly space proposed is not prescriptive, but rather irreverently makes use of


Informal Assembling

adjacent programs for activation. The gridded surface of the proximate Palace Square is mimicked and skewed, formally appropriating and reframing the surface treatment of this unconventional forum. Public washrooms and a coin laundry back up against and push into the proposal, forcing daily routine events into the assembly space. The programmatic juxtapositions question the reverence of civic infrastructure, privileging day-to-day occurrences as intrinsic to the

Section Details The section is iterative, diagrammatic, spatial. This marks the transition from spatial diagramming toward formal decision as the work progressed. The sections link the spatial diagrams through text coding printed on the diagrams and linked to same indexes marked on the section. This is about entry into the site and whimsy of staged encounters.



social gathering of the assembly space.8

Dimensions 26  
Dimensions 26