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Table Of Contents Pg.1- Cover Pg.2- Table Of Contents Pg.3- Poem Preview Pg.4- Just Because- COLORS Pg.5- Simile#1- Shark Attack Pg.6- Simile#2- Sweater Weather Pg.7- Hyperbole- Church Bells Pg.8- I Am Poem- Me, My Life, And I Pg.9- Soccer Pg.10- Paradise Pg.11- Goals Pg.12- Cummalative Story#1- He Who Lost His Jacket Pg.13- Cummalative Story#2- Dirty Situation Pg.14- Short Short Story#1- Halloween Night Pg.15- Short Short Story#2- Little Green Cupcake Pg.16- Monologue and Dialogue- Break N` Entering Pg.17- MIB Letter- Loon`s Letter Pg.18- Joe Mangrum Biography Pg.19- Joe Mangrum Showcase Pg.20- Words, Words, Words Pg.21- Life In WAM Pg.22- COLORS Pictures Pg.23- Shark Attack Pictures Pg.24- Church Bells Pictures Pg.25- Me, My Life, And I Pictures Pg.26- Soccer Poem Pictures Pg.27- Paradise Pictures Pg.28- Goals Poem Pictures Pg.29- He Who Lost His Jacket Pictures Pg.30- Dirty Situation Pictures Pg.31- Little Green Cupcake Pictures Pg.32- Break N` Entering Pictures Pg.33- Loon`s Letter Pictures Pg.34- Joe Mangrum Biography Pictures 2


Colors Just Because I'm white. Doesn't mean I wear yoga pants everyday. Doesn't mean I have tons of pairs of Uggs. Doesn't mean I'm blonde with blue eyes. The stereotypes are there but doesn`t mean I'm like that. Just Because I'm white. Doesn't mean I'm racist. Doesn't mean I love starbucks. Doesn't mean I always wear North Face Jackets. I have friends of every color,size, and shape.


Shark Attack The boy hopped into his father's boat like a sugar-high bunny rabbit. His father ran out of the boat to get the anchor untied. His father untied the anchor of the boat It seemed to scurry away like coward into the ocean blue. The boy got scared and was about to jump out‌ He felt something or someone rock the boat.. A HUGE Great White`s fin emerged from the crystal clear water. It hit the boat as hard as linebacker. The shark starting chomping on the boat as if it was a sandwich. The boy ran to the get this phone He dialed the Beach Patrol They came in a flash over to the scene The boat was as big as the shark`s head. The boy yelped as a dog would. The boy safely landed on the jet ski like a stealthy cat. They were back to shore as fast as lightning. His dad was waiting at the shore. Once the boy came in sight of the father`s eyes he gave him a big hug. Then the boy hopped into his father's oat like a sugar-high bunny rabbit. His father ran out of the boat to get the anchor untied. His father untied the anchor of the boat


Sweater Weather The dreaded sweater was as itchy as the worst rash in the world. I have to wear it because of grandma, who smells like flowers. It`s wool is as itchy as a poison ivy rash. I love my grandma as much as I hate the sweater. Christmas time comes. I have to wear the dreaded, itchy, ugly sweater. Grandma heard me say it. My face was shocked. She took the sweater off me as fast as you can say " B­U­T­T­E­R­S­C­O­T­C­H". Handed me a medium­sized box with beautiful Christmas wrapping. I opened the box as slow as a snail... I came to the last piece of tape.. There in the box was the best and softest sweater I've ever seen! I gave her a hug like a giant bear would. Instantly I put it on. It was so happy that I even hugged my annoying sister. I was the happiest person in the ENTIRE WORLD! I went back to my house. The next day I had school. I wore my soft sweater. Jamie Smith got it for Christmas  as well. I still love her with all my heart...  I think she still does too.. We talked until the bell rang. We said our goodbyes. I felt happy in my new favorite sweater.


Church Bells The final bell ringing. Walk out of the gym. Seeing friends and start hugging. Going to miss my favorite teacher. But I will probably see her when I visit Taylor. She starts talking about how old I am now. “Sixth grade to eighth grade is a big leap”, she said “You have grown so much in your math skills.” We had a funny last conversation. From anything to friends and to the new teachers. But after our laughs I gave her a hug goodbye. Then I walked away with my friends. I know I`ll see her so no need to be sad. Right as I'm about to walk away.. She says to me “You have always been favorite.” With a big smile and a wave goodbye I walk away with my friends. Then we all walk to St. Dunstan`s. Slowly tip-toe into the church. Thank the lord for the last day of school. This was also the final day of Middle School. Right after that bell rang I was officially in High School. It was also my brother`s last day in Elementary School. No more Meadows for my entire family.


Me, My Life And I I am loud and laugh a lot. I wonder if there is other life besides planet Earth. I hear an elephant trumpeting. I see a tiger behind the bush. I am loud and laugh a lot. I pretend to hear the crowd roar as I put the ball straight into the net. I feel the championship trophy in my hands. I worry about my grades. I cry about losing my dog one day. I am loud and laugh a lot.


Soccer Dribble. Pass. Run. Trick. Kick. Score.


Paradise Paradise isn't about the destination. But about whom is there throughout the storm to get there. 10

Goals No Matter What You Will Have Obstacles In Life But It Is Your Choice Whether let them stop you Or let them help ignite the fire. 11

He Who Lost His Jacket Johnny, the funny sixth grader lost his brand new 49ers jacket that his grandmother got him for Christmas. When he was walking him he felt chilly so he looked inside his backpack for his jacket but it wasn`t there. He started to get a scary feeling overcoming himself. Then realized why because his mother would ground him for losing that $80 jacket! He started walking real slow but that wasn't going to help anything so he decided to face up to his fear and tell his parents that he lost his $80 49ers jacket. When he walked up the steps to his house he thought of how his mother would react. But as it turns out he never brought it school and it was sitting on the coat rack. His mother told him that he had forgotten his jacket. So everything was good no grounding and no lost jacket.


Dirty Situation As I was standing up to go throw away my tissue after blowing my nose in it; which sounded like a trumpet. I got my foot stuck in something. At first I didn't know what it was so I tried to pull away but whatever it was wont budge. I notice people start laughing and I look to where one of my friends is pointing and my foot was stuck in a wastebasket. I finally got it out by sitting on the ground and pulling it off my foot which was stuck to some gum in the basket. Then finally I got up and went back to my seat and started to laugh with my friends about it. 13

Halloween Night I lay thinking and thinking how many candies do I have. I grabbed my flashlight and my pillowcase full of candy and went under my blankets and started to count. I tried not to be so loud as to wake my little brother. All of the sudden I heard something jump off my brothers bed. I didn't think much of it since we have three dogs and at least one of them was probably in his bed so I went back to counting. When I was on my 94th candy which was an Almond Joy. I heard something scratching the door and I thought it might be one my dogs wanting to get out so I got up but tripped on something furry but rough.. None of my dogs have a rough coat. I started to slowly back up and grab my flashlight‌ I could see my dog quivering in a corner and a wolf looking animal snarling at my dog. I grab my brother`s wooden baseball bat without getting off my bed. Once I got the bat in my grasp I got up slowly with the flashlight still on and hit the wolf thing away from my little dog. I started to snarl at me and then swung as hard as I could and when I did I dropped the flashlight but hit the wolf thing square in the face and I heard a squeal and then a thud of the wolf thing falling on the ground. I picked up the flashlight and turned on the lights and it was wolf that had somehow gotten into my room which was now laying on ground. I grabbed my dog, woke up my brother,got him out of the room and then went into my parents room, now everyone was awake because of when the wolf thing fell onto the ground. My sister, my brother, my mother and my dad woke up instantly. My dad went back into my room and looked at the wolf thing wondering how it got in there. Then he noticed the trashed window in the corner of the room, so it most likely jumped in from the open window. My dad called animal control to take it away. When they finally got there an hour after he called they weren't able to identify what kind of wolf or dog like animal was. One officer had a suspicion that it might have been.. A WEREWOLF! But there were many doubts because werewolves were just myths. So they took the body away and we never heard from them again...


Little Green Cupcake In Little Town Bakery there was once a little green cupcake. When Vanessa, the baker opened the oven he instantly hopped out with all his red velvet brothers and sisters. He never gave a thought about his green color. Until one day when Little Green`s brothers, sister, and himself were put into the display case, waiting for someone to pick them. A few days went by and all but Little Green was chosen by a little boy or girl. Poor Little Green he felt nobody loved him because of his "gross" color. A new week for the bakery had started but this time Vanessa made pink strawberry cupcakes. One of the pink cupcakes looked so sweet and pretty to Little Green. He had a big crush on Strawberry Steffanie. The next day Steffanie was placed right next to Little Green. They talked and talked about the slightest things which in their eyes were quite funny. A little girl named Susie Jones walked into the store with $1, hoping to get a cupcake for herself and one for her sick mother. The only thing was when she chose Steffanie, Little Green felt sadness overcome his tiny little heart... Then Susie picks Little Green after she notices the sad look on Steffanie`s face. Overfilled with joy Little Green was ready to finally get a home. The only problem was that Little Green and Steffanie both cost $1. But Vanessa gave Little Green to Susie for no cost at all. Before she handed Little Green to Susie she told him "Good luck Little Green", with the biggest smile on her face. He answers back by giving a loving smile back. His time at the bakery was at its end now for a new journey awaits ahead.


Break N` Entering Breaking N` Entering

Well it all started as a normal day; school was fun.. As soon as the final bell rang, I started heading home...but felt like I was missing something, that feeling went away. When I turned the corner to go to my house I started to search around in my backpack for my keys. I looked in small front pocket, wasn't there.. Wasn't in the medium sized pocket..wasn't in the biggest pocket either. I started to remember why I had that feeling that I was missing something because I started to remember where my keys were in my PE locker. But then I saw my sister`s car parked out front so I knew she could just open the door for me.

(Tatum walks up the staircase and to the door.) (Then she knocks on the door.) Dialogue aka Act 2 Title: Breaking N` Entering (Tatum walks up the staircase and to the door,then she knocks on the door.) Me: “Hey Tirza are you there?” *no answer* Me: “Hello..?” (Dogs start to bark.) *no answer* (Tatum jumps over her backyard fence to see if that back door was open, she jiggles the knob but its locked.) Me: “Hey Tirza are you there?” *still no answer* (Dogs start to bark even more than before now that they can see her, she starts to look for any open windows around the house...finally the bathroom window is opened but its the highest window.) (She walks to go get the ladder, she walks by her sister`s room yelling.) Me: “Tirza are you awake!” *no answer* (But only the faint sound water running...) (Tatum goes up the ladder and into the bathroom window which was about 5 inches wide but was able to pry it opened to about a foot wide, she finally get into the house.) Me: “Hey anybody home?” *no answer*(Dogs start barking and licking her out of excitement.) (Ten seconds later she hears someone walking down the hallway.) Me: “Tirza?.” “I called your name so many times and knocked!” Tirza: “Well I was sleeping so why didn't you have your key to get in my yourself?!” Me; “I forgot it in my P.E locker!” “So why couldn't you just open the door because I had crawl through the window!” Tirza: “Because I was asleep and you woke me up!”Me: “Well sorry to wake you up, I only just wanted to get in the house!” Tirza: “Next time remember your key.”Me.“Next time wake up early.”


Loon`s Letter I have a secret that nobody knows because its embarrassing and I know people would judge me for. I haven't seen Darla the beautiful blue balloon in years but I'm still in love with her, but I'm afraid that she won't love me back. I heard she is with a buff yellow balloon called Bobby from her town. So why she pick little old me, I'm not handsome, or strong or smart. So why would she pick me. If I see her and we go and see a movie or just hangout. I'm afraid that my feelings will come back I'll tell her that I still love her. But I think I`ll will just end up embarrassing myself and that she won't feel the same way about me. But I will have to tell her at some point so maybe‌No I think `ll just wait. Johnny, the reason I'm telling you this now is because I heard from Billy the orange balloon that she is coming into town next friday and said they she wanted to spend some time with me. Maybe she still does have feelings for me...but maybe she doesn't and just wants to be friends. Well I might as well be a good friend right? Anyways Johnny I just wanted your advice on the subject. Sincerely, Peter Loon


Joe Mangrum Biography Joe Mangrum was a multi-medium artist who used organic material such as; flowers, sand, and food. He also used computer and auto parts. He was born in the city of Florissant, PAt age 16 he won a trip to India by making " Portraits of India". That trip had sparked his new found interest in globe-trotting. After enrolling at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he spent 4 years traveling in Europe and throughout the U.S.A. Years later he finally landed in Laguna Beach and made his first installations, which caused for a lot of attention to the impending San Joaquin Hills. He began making mandala forms out of organic materials such as flowers and sand. But he complained to the city-council about how the Parks Department would swept up his art. Instead of telling the Parks Department to not sweep up his art they demanded him to pay 1 million dollars worth of liability insurance and move his installation sites. The L.A Times picked up on the story whom which caught the eye of Daniel Arvizu, who invited Mangrum to create an installation at his gallery in South Carolina. The piece he made was called "Garden of Earthly Delights", which he made out of molasses and orange slices (representing Orange County). He was awarded the prestigious Lorenzo de' Medici award in New Media for his installation called "Fragile". It consisted of a glass pyramid and a golden-leafed bricks with representations of the world`s commodities, and chess pieces on a fragile hierarchical pyramid. In 2005, in celebration of World Environment Day which was held in San Francisco, California. This piece he created was a 40 feet tall and 16 feet wide Mushroom Cloud of live wheatgrass. It was grown over a 2 week time period in various locations in san Francisco which contained 300 pounds of dry wheatgrass seed. The "cloud" towered over an artificial cityscape. This was called "Detonation Earth", which was installed at Red Ink Studios in San Francisco. He is currently working on a book that documents this history.


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