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Get more compliments with Tatty Devine! Famous for unique perspex jewellery design, our signature style is acrylic shapes and silhouettes in an array of bright colours, mixed with wood, leather, veneers and luxurious Swarovski crystals. Tatty Devine is a totally independent British company, still owned and run by designers Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine. There are two London boutiques and over 150 stockists worldwide. Almost every piece is made in our own workshops in London and Kent, using speciallydeveloped techniques. Tatty Devine’s designs are instantly recognisable and sought after by collectors and fans around the world. Statement pieces include the Dinosaur Necklace (made up of over 40 separate ‘bones’), the fairytale Horse & Carriage Necklace, the intricately layered Tiger Necklace and much more!


Cameo Large Necklace ÂŁ63

Cameo Earrings


Cameo Brooch £30

Cameo Ring £21

Cameo Pendant £33


Bunny Necklace £24

Bunny Bow Earrings £21

Bunny Brooch £24

Aarrghhhh Necklace ÂŁ45

Anchor Necklace - blue/tortoiseshell ÂŁ12

Banana Pendant £45

Banana Necklace £66

Banana Brooch £45

Antlers Pendant


Birdie Brooch ÂŁ27

Bow Tie Necklace (on model) £21 Bow Tie Mini Necklace (above) £15 Bow Tie Ring £9 Bow Tie Earrings £18

Bunting Necklace ÂŁ27

Cartoon Eyes Brooch £24 Cartoon Eyes Pair of Rings £30

Cat Bangle - black £30 Cat Ring - black/tortoiseshell £9

Crisp Necklace ÂŁ18

Word Necklaces ÂŁ18

Crown Mini Necklace ÂŁ15

Dinosaur GIANT Necklace - black/gold mirror ÂŁ132

Dinosaur Necklace - black/matt gold


Envelope Necklace ÂŁ24 (double sided)

Fawn Brooch £24

Fishbone Necklace ÂŁ39

Gilbert & George Gin Brooch £15

Gilbert & George Gin Cufflinks £30

Gilbert & George Gin Necklace £33

Ghost Cufflinks £30

Ping Pong Cufflinks £30

Glasses Necklace - small ÂŁ24

Glasses Necklace - large


Jarv Specs Necklace £42

Great Bear Brooch £33

Horse & Carriage Necklace - silver mirror ÂŁ57

Keyboard Necklace ÂŁ54

Kiss Mini Necklace ÂŁ24

Lady & Dog Brooch £42

Lobster GIANT Necklace - black/red ÂŁ123

Lobster Necklace - black/red ÂŁ36


Lolly Necklace ÂŁ30

Magpie Ring £9

Magpie Earrings £27 Magpie Necklace £30

Moustache Necklace: black/tortoiseshell £24 wood £27

Moustache Ring £9

Moustache Cufflinks £30

Moustache Earrings £30

Music Note Earrings ÂŁ15

Record Necklace - gold/red ÂŁ18

Pegasus Earrings - pewter mirror £30 Pegasus Mini Necklace - pewter mirror £24

Pegasus Large Necklace - pewter mirror £45

Pegasus Mini Necklace wood/gold mirror £24

Pegasus Earrings - gold mirror £30 Pegasus Large Necklace wood/gold mirror £45

Pineapple Pendant ÂŁ45

Ping Pong Necklace (reversible!) ÂŁ30

Plectrum Charm Bracelet ÂŁ36

Plectrum Single Earring (choose from 13 colours) £9 Plectrum Single Necklace (choose from 13 colours) £15

Plectrum Triple Necklace £21 Choose your colours or pick from our readymade mixes: turquoise/pink/white | pink/yellow/blue | black/grey/purple

Popcorn Pendant ÂŁ18

Plumed Bird Brooch £36

Price Ticket Cufflinks - $ or £ sign


Price Ticket Pin - £ or $ sign £12

Quill Necklace ÂŁ30

Swallow Earrings - pink/red £24

Swallow Cufflinks £24

Red Squirrel Pendant £24

Swallow Brooches - pair ÂŁ66

Ruby Slippers Necklace ÂŁ24

Swallow Necklace - black / silver mirror / turquoise mirror ÂŁ42

Tiger Necklace - orange ÂŁ84

Trapeze Necklace ÂŁ42

Volume Brooch - now goes up to 11! ÂŁ15

Zip Necklace - matt gold ÂŁ69

Large Zip Necklace - matt gold ÂŁ120

Brick Lane Boutique 236 Brick Lane London E2 7EB 020 7739 9191

Sales Kirsty Merrett +44(0)20 7739 9191

Covent Garden Boutique 44 Monmouth Street London WC2H 7EP 020 7836 2685

Head Office 7 Gibraltar Walk London E2 7LH 020 7739 9009

Press Amy Durrant +44(0)20 7739 9191 Japanese Sales and Press MACH 55 3F Kyuseigun Bldg., 1-20-5 Boisu Nishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1 50-0021, Japan Sales - Mr. Hasagawa | Press - Ms. Miura +81 3 5784 3555 French Press Dress Code 13 Rue de Turbigo, 750002 Paris, France +33(1) 42 33 36 33

Tatty Devine catalogue  

New for Spring 2011 - our Royal Wedding Cameo Collection (yes, it's Will & Kate in perspex!) and Bunnies & Bows for Easter.

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