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Practical Tips to Use Android Cell Phone Nowadays, Android Cell Phone is very hot and popular, some people use Android Cell Phone well and in fact, there are lots of tips to help to play your cell phone well. The first tips about how to use Android Cell Phone is about how to Unlock an Android Phone Many Android users wish to unlock their phones in order to use them with local SIM cards while traveling, or on domestic carriers that don't offer an Android phone for sale. Fortunately, this is easily accomplished with an unlock code and a second SIM card. Be sure to do your research before attempting to unlock your phone, since unlocking can cause unintended consequences such as decreases in data speed.

Instructions 1Obtain an unlock code. T-Mobile users can wait three months from the date their contract starts and then request a free unlock code from T-Mobile. If you're not a T-Mobile customer or wish to unlock your phone immediately, purchase an unlock code online. You'll need your IMEI number, which you can find by going to Settings > About Phone > Status. 2Turn off your Android phone and remove the back cover and battery. Look for the SIM card, and remove the one that's currently in your phone. Set it aside. Insert the new SIM card and replace the battery and back cover. Turn your phone back on. 3When the phone boots up, it will display a screen asking for an unlock code for the new SIM. The second practical tips help you to have all with a laptop and a Android Cell Phone, you may get traveling with a laptop and a cell phone, but it is very hard for you to get the network for your laptop, then you will be very happy to find that your cell phone can also be a Modem to Get Internet on Your Computer This tips tell you about How to Use Android Cell Phone as a Modem to Get Internet on Your Computer. Your Android can double as a wireless modem if you have the right software downloaded on both devices. The only thing you really need to worry about is whether your wireless network provider allows you to tether your Android to use it as a modem; if not, you'll face some hefty fees. 1Go the Android Market on your cell phone. Use the search function and enter the following search: "pdanet" (without the quotes). Open the PdaNet 3.02 application -- this is the latest version as of the date of this publication -- and download and install it on your Android. 2Install the PdaNet onto your PC or Mac. Go to and select your computer's operating system. Download and install the program and restart your computer once installation is complete and you are prompted to do so. Once your computer restarts, you will see the PdaNet icon tray on your computer. 3"Tether" your Android to your computer by hooking it up with its USB cable. 4Open PdaNet on your Android and tap "Enable USB Tether" to enable your Android to act as the modem for your computer. 5Click the PdaNet icon on your computer and choose "Connect." This will connect your PC to the Internet via your cell phone. The icon will blink for a few seconds and the turn blue. You are now

connected to the Internet.

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Nowadays, Android Cell Phone is very hot and popular, some people use Android Cell Phone well and in fact, there are lots of tips to help to...

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