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SO YOU NEED TO COVER UP AN OLD TATTOO‌ At some point in your life, you may need or want to cover up an old tattoo.

Before you jump into a cover up tattoo, there are a few things you need to consider.

Not just any tattoo will work and not every cover up idea you have will be appropriate.

NOT JUST ANYTHING WILL DO Cover up tattoos have to be compatible with your old tattoo.

You have to choose similar tattoo ink colors, shapes, and designs in order for the cover up to be totally effective.

There are some exceptions to these rules, but for the most part, cover up tattoos need to follow certain guidelines.

TATTOO COVER UP BASICS To begin with, your new tattoo needs to be at least three to four times bigger than your old tattoo, which can be problematic for large tattoos.

Secondly, if your tattoo is already dark, you’re going to need something with a lot of shading.

Unless your new tattoo will incorporate your old one, the cover up must also be a solid piece.

CAMOUFLAGE VS. COMPLETELY COVERED UP There are two types of cover ups. One style completely covers up your old tattoo so that it’s completely different. The second type camouflages your old tattoo so that it’s improved or changed in a way that makes it more attractive to you. Most tattoo cover ups aren’t done to get rid of things like names of ex-girlfriends, boyfriends, and spouses. They’re done to spice up or alter tattoos that people have grown tired of.

COLOR TATTOOS VS. BLACK INK ONLY Most cover up tattoos have to be the same color as your old tattoo, but there are some exceptions.

The thing with colored tattoo ink is that you can’t just put a new color over an old one. The colors will mix and could produce a muddy mess.

Shading will help conceal black ink tattoos, and layers of colors are best for concealing colored tattoos.

CONSULTATION Before getting a cover up tattoo, always make a consultation appointment with a tattoo artist.

They will help you decide the best way to cover up your old tattoo and they can help you decide if you need a full cover up, or if you need to camouflage your old tattoo.

They will also have valuable input about what the new tattoo should be and what will look best.

THE IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY Another main reason why people get cover up tattoos is because they got a tattoo that was poorly done or didn’t come out the way they expected. That’s why when you get a cover up or add to your existing tattoo, you need to make sure the artist you visit has ample experience and a track record of quality artwork. If you’re using a separate artist, you need to make sure that several people you trust look at the piece to help you decide if the artwork is really something you want permanently tattooed on your body.

CHOOSE WISELY Remember, tattoos are permanent. Though you can get a cover up, there’s only so many times you can cover up one tattoo.

That means you need to think about your new tattoo very carefully.

Don’t forget, some tattoos won’t cover up well, so think about placement for any future tattoos you may decide to get.

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The Best Way to Design a Cover Up Tattoo | What is the best way to cover up an old tattoo, and what are some things you need to co...

The Best Way to Design a Cover Up Tattoo | What is the best way to cover up an old tattoo, and what are some things you need to co...