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The Popularity of Butterfly Tattoos The sign of the butterfly is always related to beauty. In tattoo art, women are fond of wearing this type of tattoo. There are a number of butterfly designs that you can choose from. They come in different styles, sizes and looks. What most people love about butterfly tattoos is that it is naturally colorful, best for colored tattoos. A butterfly tattoo is a preference among women. They can symbolize a lot of things. They can show femininity, creativity, and freedom, among others. Compared with other feminine tattoos, butterflies are less feminine than flowers. Not all women would want something too feminine that's why a butterfly tattoo is a good choice. For a tattoo artist, a butterfly is something that can be challenging to work on. They should turn these creatures into something innovative and unique. No one would want just a common butterfly design. Each piece should be special. The image of a butterfly has been an inspiration to tattoo artists. You would find hundreds of butterfly tattoo designs that you can choose from on tattoo catalogs and websites. Another explanation why a lot of people are fond of butterfly tattoos is because it can connote a lot of meanings. The butterfly has been a mark of rebirth. Everybody knows the story of the earthly caterpillar that transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Like a lot of people who have gone through their dark past to a positive outlook in life, the butterfly story is the precise sign of transformation that's why it is so popular and well-loved. A butterfly is a sign for onset of new beginnings and new life. Butterflies can also symbolize the delicate beauty of a woman. The delicate wings of a butterfly are related to the sensitivity of a woman. Because of its widespread and colorful wings the butterfly, it is also a famous tattoo sign for freedom. It also has a deeper meaning- the word 'butterfly' is a Greek word that pertains to one's soul. In religion, it symbolizes the soul of a person. Asian countries also have their own meaning for butterflies. In China, two butterflies flying together would mean love. In Japan, a butterfly symbolizes the person who is dear to you. In Russia, it is related to a grandmother. Butterflies can also mean a good omen or good luck. It could also mean peace. If ever you would catch a man with a butterfly tattoo, you might be a little startled. In some culture, a butterfly is a sign for a woman's delicate genital are because of its resemblance to that special part of a woman. Read More

The Popularity of Butterfly Tattoos