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Tattoo Reality Shows Tattoos symbolized rebellion and revolutionary natures, and were used to promote individualism. While these properties and characteristics are still true today, it is evident that the tattoo business scene has changed radically. The reality show craze of the last 5 years has touched off a new movement" reality shows about tattooing. The most popular tattoo reality shows are TLCs Miami Ink, and LA Ink. Its time to take a break from characters searching for love, money, or attention- desperately craving their fifteen minutes of fame, and move on to truly talented artists. Despite all the drama, some good tattoos and surprisingly poignant stories are captured on film. Yes, lately, reality tattoo TV shows have been doing the rounds. Rio Ink- from Rio de Janeiro, is the latest body art reality show to hit the airwaves. It is a Discovery Channel spin-off of the original hit Miami Ink, and like the original, it follows five tattoo artists as they go about their work. The Rio Ink artists include: Lucio Tattoo (the passionate artist and shop owner), CH2 (known for his graffiti/hip-hop style), Lia (the only female artist, known for her feminine designs), Daniel (skilled at transforming existing designs), and Magathi (with years of experience). The tattoo shop Banzai Tattoo is situated in the center of Ipanema. The series catches the unique energy of a beachfront Brazilian tattoo parlor, and allows for a background on the clients and their causes for acquiring a tattoo. One of the characteristic tattoos in the Rio Ink series is a tribute to the Afro-Brazilian deity Iemanja. Thus, the popularity of reality-based television shows now brings you tattooing live and in colour, right into your very own living room! You can even watch Inked presented by the A&E Network. This, is set inside an actual working tattoo parlour, and generally follows the various daily activities of the tattoo artists and clients who come into the shop to get tattooed. Then there is Miami Ink, that takes place in the South Beach area of Miami, Florida. The show looks at a series of customers and their tattoos, and presents each as a little story. The various clients all talk about their designs, what the tattoo means to them, why they feel it was time to get that particular tattoo, and why they picked the artist that they were working with. Also worthy of mention is Inked, which takes place in the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company shop, located in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read More

Tattoo Reality Shows