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Tattoo Ideas For Men - Choosing One That Suits You Choosing a tattoo is a difficult choice and one which must be properly considered. Before getting tattooed it is essential that you think about what sort of design you would like. Tattoos are available in various styles and finding the best one just is dependent on what you like. The following material will describe tattoo ideas for men and the numerous styles that are readily available. Old School/Traditional DesignsTraditional tattoos began in the west. They feature bold outlines and are commonly rich in blues, reds, and yellows. Designs such as roses, anchors, pin-ups, daggers, fish, eagles, nautical stars, swallows, and hearts feature heavily in this style. Traditional tattoo ideas for men can be found by looking on the internet for traditional tattoo designs, or through viewing the works of certain renowned old school artists, like Sailor Jerry and Herbert Hoffman, for ideas.Asian DesignsAsian tattoos usually make reference to oriental designs, Japanese designs, and Chinese tattoos. Japanese style tattoos are especially popular. Dragons, samurai, Koi Fish, kanji, lotus flowers, tigers, and Buddhas are popular imagery in Japanese tattoos. Japanese imagery is excellent for arms and large back pieces. Black and Gray TattoosBlack and gray tattoos are considered a classic style. In place of centering on color, black and gray tattoos focus mostly on shading. They provide an amazing level of realism to an image and in most cases their quality won't fade as fast as it can with their colored alternatives. Black and gray is perfect for portraits, skulls, landscapes, flowers and lots of other images. Tribal DesignsTribal tattoos normally relate to Samoan Polynesian designs, Maori designs, and Celtic styles, but there are lots of other unique versions of tribal designs. Tribal tattoo designs are very popular amongst men and often include intricate patterns.Biomechanical DesignsBiomechanical tattoos are actually a surrealist style. Biomechanical styles incorporate aliens, machinery, and robot-like components often intertwined with the skin. This type of tattooing was made popular by H.R. Geiger's styles in the film "Alien." Portraits/PhotorealismPortrait tattoo designs involve portraits of family, characters like Frankenstein, well known individuals, and animals. Black and gray is perfect for portraits. Photorealism is a type of tattooing which focuses on the realism of an image, making it good for portraits. Tattoo ideas for men will be easily found simply by investigating the various types of tattoos and deciding which one best fits your needs. Once you begin investigating a specific type of tattoo you'll most likely discover more sub-genres within each style. Whatever your style, always keep in mind that a tattoo is permanent, so be sure you consider the style very carefully.

Tattoo Ideas For Men - Choosing One That Suits You