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Star Tattoo Ideas; Putting the Bright Side on Your Skin Stars have always brought great wonders because of how they glow against the dark sky. Fascination is synonym to stars and other heavenly bodies. Although scientifically, stars are only big fireballs scattered throughout the galaxy, these signify different meanings like hope or dreams. Some also believe stars can make your dreams come true. There are also some cultures that consider stars as souls of good people who already passed away.Any of these beliefs has contributed to the good image of stars. That's why it is now popular in the tattoo industry. More and more people are becoming amazed and attracted to star tattoos. Unlike other tattoo designs, stars are simpler that even the most untalented in an art class can give good ideas for star tattoo designs.Star tattoo ideas are best sourced out from the forms of stars and what meanings they convey. Here are some of them:* Shooting star. Shooting stars are commonly known as wishing stars. They symbolize hope, aside of course from the fact that shooting stars leave something beautiful in our eyes in just a few snap. Why not put a shooting star on your skin? Shooting star tattoos are more brightly colored than other star tattoos.* Filled star. This is a commonly used star tattoo design because of its simplicity. Filled star tattoos are usually combined with a butterfly or fairies. An all-black color is also a beautiful concept with the filled star tattoo.* Moon star. Stars are visible during the night, usually with the moon. Moon star symbolizes romance. This star idea is best when this is designed like a tribal image, with all black inks used. But you can also go classic and put bright colors for the star and the moon.* Pentacle. The pentacle star tattoo idea is known to be associated with witchcraft and commonly represents female power. A five-point pentacle star tattoo symbolizes the earth, air, water, fire, and spirit.* Reversed Pentacle. This is commonly associated with Satanism. Reversed pentacle has been popular to represent pagan horned gods. But the mystical appeal of this star tattoo contributes a lot to its popularity.* Nautical Stars. Stars play important historical role during the early navigation of the lands, or when the three kings searched for Jesus. Nautical stars guide sailors and travelers to the right direction. Nautical stars are noticeable enough because of their very bright colors. These are used to symbolize a good and safe travel. Mostly, sailors and travelers are best subjects for nautical star tattoos.* Four-pointed stars. These are commonly depicted as a mere plus sign that emphasizes the ends. Four-pointed stars were used by Native American tribes and are usually put on a man's chest.* Five-pointed stars. This is the most common star tattoo idea. Five-pointed stars are classic star tattoo designs that are beautiful whether in a simple outline or filled color. These stars are stunning even with a single small drawing or an image of five five-pointed stars. Unlike the four-pointed star, this star can just done without giving emphasis on all the points, and still look beautiful.Great ideas just puff up from simple ones. Creativity is the best tool to make great star tattoo designs. Let your imaginations soar high and free your thoughts. Express yourself with a star tattoo.Read More

Star Tattoo Ideas; Putting the Bright Side on Your Skin