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Henna Penna The Unique Body Art Henna Penna has not only made henna body art quick and easy, it is available now in several attractive colours. Henna body art has become quite popular in the West in recent years and emerged as the best option for the application of temporary tattoos, besides body henna being in demand as a beauty product. Several new beauty products that are henna based are now available in the market, from temporary tattoos to lipsticks. Why Henna Penna The foremost advantage of henna body art with the Henna Penna is that it is absolutely natural. There are no artificial additives, colours or preservatives. It is environmentally friendly and safe for the skin. Imagine a pen that is filled with natural henna extract, rather than ink. You could use it to draw on various designs easily, either free-hand or with the use of a stencil. The henna dries quickly and the colour stays on for almost a week. Then you could either refresh the colour or make it darker with reapplication or make a whole new design. The Henna Penna can as easily be used as make-up, in the form of eyeliner or lipstick. In fact, you could draw on a beautiful design around the neck rather than wearing jewellery. Plus, it comes in various colours, from a rich mahogany to black and even emerald green. The two-tipped pen allows you to make intricate designs with the thin tip and fill in colour with the thicker tip. The choices are endless with Henna Penna. Varied uses of the Henna Penna The Henna Penna doesn stop at body art. Now you can use the Henna Penna for makeup as well. The Henna Penna is now available in Henna Eyes, Henna Lips, Vitamines Eyes, Vitamines Lips and even as lip gloss and lip balm. The eyeliners and lip liners are available in six different shades and the Vitamines range is fortified with Vitamin E and C to nourish the skin. No other natural product could give you this wide a range of applications, with ease of use and no harmful side-effects. If you can use a pen, you can use a Henna Penna. The Henna Penna has totally redefined the concept of henna body art and has given people a natural alternative that is safe even for children to use.

Henna Penna The Unique Body Art