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Tattoo collectors are my people as are tattoo artists. Some of these artists...some of them have a gift. It needs no explanation. We're not telling you something you don't know...but this gift is enjoyed when it's given as much as it is when it's received. Ask a tattoo artist what makes them happy and they'll often tell you that it's the collector's trust in them, as an artist that gives them great joy. I'm no artist but that's gotta feel great, every time. None of us were born with tattoos. When it was our time, we chose it. Before getting that first tattoo, we saw a community of tattoo collectors and artists. We joined. When Facebook came along, Like it or Hate it, everything changed. We were now connected , real time, to everyone, everywhere. Conventions are great but Facebook allowed me to see my community all day long in between the monotony of work. SoTattooed was created to make money. It never made a penny and it took all of our money. Friends we had are gone and the stress of it all made our hair fall out. What we were left with were two things. The ART and You AMAZING People. Can't SoTattooed is not claiming to know who the best tattoo artists in the world are. The SoTattooed 100 is simply a compilation of 100 artists whose work we wanted to feature. In 6 to 12 months, you'll see the next 100 and so on and so on until we're all dead. The foundation of this community and culture runs deep. The pioneers who built it are owed an incalculable amount of respect and gratitude. SoTattooed will be featuring their contributions in the near future. If you like this book, we expect we will have ample opportunity to share some of the icons and legends of these founders through other projects all read in the works. We want to thank Sofia, Shoshana and Rae for spending the last 12 months putting this together. We also want to thank the team that manages SoTattooed. Most of all, it's you people, who allow us to do what we do. The appreciation we have for these artists and their work is unequaled. We try to impress you everyday. Thank you, The SoTattooed Team

Abrego, Roman Afferni, Andrea Alcantara, Stefano Allen, David Anabi Anderton, John Art Litos Artcore, Image Backert, Boris Backman, Malena Barbosa, Isnard Baxter, Nick Baychev, Zhivko Beavers, Nathan Blinston, Chris Bogdan, Bacanu Bond, Brandon Booth, Paul Butcher, Jason Byrne, Steve Cha, Jun Chase, Chad Cook, Liz Corden, David Dan Ting, Zhuo Della Vedova, Aaron De Pase, Alex Dietz, Paco Domus, Johnny Eckenberger, Rodney Egy, Max Engel, Andy Ferguson, Corey Fiato, Silvano

Finne, Johan Fisk, RussRuss Flatmo, Kore Garcia, Chris Gherman,Cris Gonzales, Regino Hakala, Teemu Haley, Michelle Holcomb, Marty Ivana Ives, Rich Iwasaki, Shige Jordan, Matt Juan, Laura Karg, Florian Katsoulis, Nicos Khan Koren, Mike Kotarski, Meehow Kronik, Kobay Kuznetsov, Roman La Natra, Frank Lofqvist, Carl Looman Linda Mahasakti, Jondix Mancia, Tony Marcinzyn, Eric Marino, Moni Mavridis, George Maxx, John Mullner, Csaba Natalini, Luca Obregon, Javier

Orellana, Rember Panas, Bartosz Pang, Joey Parvainis, Domantas Pasqualin, Matteo Payne, Josh Pepper Pho, Robert Pierides, Paris Pongor, Sandor Portugal, Victor Pretto, Silvia Pucciarelli, Mike Rabel, Erich Raines, Rodney Reinoso, Stefano Russo, Ron Salgado, Juan Seredin, Semyon Siamese III, Noi Sivak, Denis Smith, Jesse Sonski, Marcin Terczynski, Kamil Torfinski, Thomasz Turco, Michele Vison, Dmitry Walkowiak, Przemyslaw Westholm, Ellen Wimmer, Gerhard Yong, Elvin Zehmann, Andre Zyla, Robert

Zyla, Robert

Roman Abrego

Roman Abrego specializes in portraits and color realism. He enjoys doing guest spots at various tattoo shops worldwide. Roman was awarded the Tattoo Society’s Artist of the Year Award in 2009 and 2010.

Artistic Element Tattoo 34185 Yucaipa Blvd Yucaipa, CA FB Page: Roman Abrego

Contact Info: 909 797 8282

Andrea Afferni

Andrea Afferni

was a pupil of Alberto Lanteri, portrait painter of both Papa Giovanni Paolo II and Queen Elizabeth. Andrea is credited as being the originator of the Magnetic Style. According to “The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art� he was said to be one of the greatest portrait tattoo artists on the planet. Andrea has been featured in dozens of magazines around the globe and has given seminars on every continent.

MasterBoy Tattoo Shop Viale Certosa 89 Milano, Italy FB Page: Andrea Afferni

Contact Info:

Stefano Alcantara

Stefano Alcantara is self-taught in the art of tattooing. His greatest artistic influence is his great grandfather, Jose Alcantara La Torre. In 2009, he was invited as a guest at Paul Booth’s studio. It wasn’t long before he became part of Last Rites Tattoo Theater in NYC, where he works one week per month. Stefano is currently in the midst of a World tour. In terms of tattooing, the human skin is a unique canvas that allows him to create a permanent mark in someone’s life. “That, for me, is what tattoos are all about.”.”

Websites: FB Pages: Stefano Alcantara Stefano Fan Page Twitter: Stefanostattoos YouTube: stefanostattoo

David Allen

David Allen has a background in graphic design and has been tattooing for 7 years. He has chronicled his ‘tattoo life’ since the first days of his apprenticeship at Bluebird Tattoo, Indiana. What better way to get to know your artist than from the artist themself. Where he finds the time, we don’t know but there’s so much quality, information, and insight. We recommend it for all collectors and artists. David Allen’s blog

Pioneer Studios 3513 North Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL

Contact Info: 773 883 8807


Anabi, a Polish tattoo artist, has a simple story that many share: Artistic kid, loves comic book heroes and ends up living his dream. Anabi inked his first tattoo in 1999 but he wasn’t tattooing full time until 2007. He has no formal art education but one look at his portfolio, you have to wonder what they could have taught him anyway.

ANABI-TATTOO Malkowskiego 2/2 Szczecin, Poland FB Pages: Anabi Anabi FanPage

Contact Info: 0 51 44 52440

John Anderton

John Anderton is an award winning expert in his field, who currently enjoys realistic tattoo art and large scale challenges. He is supreme overlord of Nemesis Tattoo Studio where he specializes in custom tattoo work.

Nemisis Tattoo Studio 4 Vane Terrace Seaham, England FB Page: John Anderton

Contact Info: 44 191 581 1180

Litos Art

LITOS ART, originally from Rio de Janeiro, was always painting and drawing at a young age. His tattooing career began at the ripe old age of 12. He was mentored later in life at 15. After having some formal art education and 35 years of tattooing, the overall execution and experience is first class. LITOS now finds his home in the U.S.A., in a town called Trinity, on the west coast of Florida.

Forbidden Images 10900 State Road 54 Suite 104 Trinity, Florida FB Page: LITOS ART

Contact Info: 727 846 8757

Image Artcore

Image Artcore (a.k.a Zdenko Mihalinec) had always been an actively creative person. Throughout his life he painted, wrote, sculpted, and created music. He did this through his 15 year career as a mechanic. It wasn’t until a friend told him that a local tattoo artist was looking for an apprentice, he decided to apply. Three years later after much success, he still tattoos at the same shop.

Mahakala Tattoo Marktstrasse 40 88212 Ravensburg Germany FB Page: Image Artcore

Contact Info: +49 0751 3526111

Boris Backert

Boris Backert has been tattooing for over 13 years. He enjoys creating new and different tattoos. He does not limit himself by being committed to only one style. He considers all of his work to be equally important and gets his inspiration from his customers, and lets his imagination run wild.

Mahakala Tattoo

Contact Info:

Marktstrasse 40 88212 Ravensburg Germany FB Page: Boris Backert

+49 751 3526111

Malena Backert

Malena Backman grew up in an artistic family so drawing and painting has always been a part of her life. After many years she started to tattoo her drawings onto her friends. She developed her skill quickly and it wasn’t long thereafter that tattoo shops started to show interest in her work.

Pistolero Tattoo Allegatan 60 Sweden FB Page: Malena Backman

Contact Info: 03 34 19 666

Isnard Barbosa

Isnard Barbosa, originally from Brazil, currently works out of Dublin Ink in Ireland. Tattooing for over 7 years, his older work was heavily influenced by his graffiti background. Over the last 4 years he has developed his own style which is a fusion of Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, such as the works of Caravaggio and Alfonse Mucha.

Dublin Ink Cows Lane Temple Bar 2 Dublin, Ireland FB Page: Isnard Barbosa

Contact Info: 353 1 671 888

Nick Baxter

Nick Baxter studied art at Paier College of Art where he made the Dean’s List. At Paier, he learned the basics of sharp-focus still life painting. After one year at college Nick secured an apprenticeship at Tattoo International. He later honed his craft at Darkside Tattoo before helping to form Transcend Tattoo in 2005. After moving to Austin, TX in 2008, Nick authored his first book, “Sharp-Focus Realism in Oil.” Tattooists worldwide attend his seminars to learn his innovative approach to tattooing.

Websites: Instagram: Burningxhope Twitter: burningxhope

Zhivko Baychev

Zhivko Baychev was born in Promorie, Bulgaria and in 2002 moved to Prague, Czech, Republic. He works at both locations of Bloody Blue Tattoo.

Bloody Blue Tattoo

Bloody Blue Tattoo

Studio 1 Husitska 1 Prague 3- Zizkov 130 00 Czech Republic FB Page: Zhivko Baychev

Studio 2 Zitna 47 Prague Nove Mesto 110 00 Czech Republic

Contact Info:

Contact Info:

00420 222 540 337

00420 608 580 148

Nate Beavers

Nate Beavers’ work is original and modern but he is ‘old school’ all the way. Influenced by the likes of Bert Grimm and Freddy Corbin, he has an acute knowledge of cutting edge artists such as Grime, Flatmo, and Hendricks. Nate’s appreciation of the community, past, present, and future are the foundation of what we like to see. His work is stellar, that’s why he’s here.

Custom Tattoo Lexington, Kentucky Houston, Texas FB Page: Nathan Beavers

Contact: 713 542 8278

Chris Blinston

Chris Blinston is a world renowned tattoo artist with over 180 industry awards and the first and only artist to achieve 28 “Tattoo of the Day� awards at consecutive national conventions. His bold line color realism is highly sought after by people around the globe..

No Hard Feelings Tattoo 10331 West Sample Road Coral Springs, Fl FB Page: Chris Blinston

Contact Info: 954 341 3585

Bacanu Bogdan

Bacanu Bogdan is a self-taught tattoo artist, who began tattooing 7 years ago. His deep passion for tattooing is evident in his work. He takes great interest in developing customized pieces for his clients.

2nd Face Tattoo& Body Piercing Strada Sfanta Vineri, nr4,sector 3 Bucuresti, (Langa Clubul Kulturhaus) Romania FB Page: Bacanu Bogdan

Contact Info: 40 072 466 9330

Brandon Bond

Brandon Bond is one of the most influential tattoo artists alive today. His tireless focus on tattooing is equaled by his other business endeavors. His tattoo studio, All or Nothing Tattoo, has become one of the most published and award winning tattoo parlors in the history of tattooing.

All or Nothing Tattoo Studio 2569 South Cobb Drive SE Smyrna,Georgia FB Page: Brandon Bond

Contact Info: 770 435 9966

Paul Booth

Paul Booth’s un-paralleled dedication to the evolution of his craft has garnered him numerous awards and enormous respect from around the globe. Booth’s masterful paintings and macabre tattoo art is known for its aggressive nature and has been in high demand among dark art and tattoo enthusiasts for decades.

Last Rites Tattoo Theatre 511 West 33rd Street (between 10th and 11th) 3rd Floor New York, New York Fb Page: Paul Booth

Contact Info: 212 529 0666

Jason Butcher

Jason Butcher was always into art and drawing…and so it goes…”I had a friend who has tattoos and when I was 18, I got my first tattoo…and I thought…I could be really good at this.” Getting an apprenticeship in the mid 90’s wasn’t easy, so Jason taught himself. Traditional tattoo designs were the predominant style in his early years but once he realized the diversity of styles before him, he was able to fulfill his ultimate self-achievement: express himself through his tattooing in any way he wants. After tattooing for 18 years, Jason has received the highest level of respect from his peers.

Immortal Ink Tattoo 39-43 Baddow Road Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0DB FB Page: Jason Butcher

Contact Info: 01 245 493 444

Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne is a tattoo artist from Leeds in the UK. Steve’s parents were artists and it’s cliché but as a kid, he was always drawing and painting in his spare time. Tattooing pulled him in like gravity, a force you couldn’t explain, see or touch. Like many, he saw himself covered in tattoos and there’s no force that can stop that.

Rock of Ages 2310 S Lamar #105 Austin, TX FB Page: Steve Byrne

Contact Info: 512-804-1213

Jun Cha

Jun Cha is a sought-after tattoo artist specializing in black and grey tattoos. Jun’s work is widely known for its epic themes, drawing inspiration from classical giants and his personal heroes, from DaVinci to Michelangelo. Although he is only 23 years old, he owns and operates a hugely successful tattoo studio in Los Angeles.

Lux Aeterna

Contact Info:

(Private Location) Los Angeles, CA FB Page: Jun Cha

310 305 4141

Chad Chase

Chad Chase has been practicing the fine art of tattooing since 1996. His shop, Venom Ink Tattoo is a thriving success. Chad specializes in realism, but isn't limited to that by any means. Look at his portfolio and you'll see everything from bio-organic to portraiture to Asian inspired.

Venom Ink Tattoo 751 Main Street, Suite A Sanford, Maine FB Page: Chad Chase

Contact Info: 207 608 0306

Liz Cook

Liz Cook specializes

in realism, portraits, horror, and pin-up style tattoos. She works out of her own studio, Rebel Muse, based in Dallas, Texas. Her goal is to please her customers by making them a creation that emphasizes their individualism.

Rebel Muse Tattoo 570 Edmunds #101 Lewisville, TX FB Page: Liz Cook

Contact Info: 972 420 9666

David Corden

David Corden was a ventilation engineer for 15 years. David started tattooing in 2006 and specializes in realism, portraits, pinup, and wildlife. He works primarily in color but he does love black and grey. “I am one of the few people who can say they don’t work for a living because tattooing is too much fun for it to be classified as work.”

Smokin' on the Job' from the art of Brian M. Viveros

Websites: FB Page: David Corden

Contact Info:

Zhuo Dan Ting

Zhuo Dan Ting is the head artist and co-owner of Shanghai Tattoo. She has been tattooing since 2002 and is considered one of the best artists in Shanghai. Zhuo loves to create large Asian, Realistic, Western, and Portraiture tattoos.

Shanghai Tattoo No 1 Maoming Nan Lu (Yan An Lu) Shanghai, China FB Page: Zhuo Dan Ting

Contact Info: 86 136 1181 4666

Aaron Della Vedova

Aaron Della Vedova has received much attention due to his large, bold, and brightly colored custom tattoos. He is constantly pushing the boundaries and greatly enjoys working in all styles of the art. Take a look at Aaron's portfolio and decide for yourself if you think his style is right for your next tattoo.

GuruTattoo 1122 Granet Ave San Diego, CA FB Page: Aaron Della Vedova

Contact Info: 858 270 1070

Alex De Pase

Alex De Pase is a self-taught tattoo artist, from Italy. At age 14, Alex was introduced to tattooing. As a kid, Alex looked at each tattoo as an act of rebellion against ‘normality’ and prejudice. He took it upon himself to study traditional painting and art without the help of a formal setting. The classical concepts and styles became a foundation to his work. Each tattoo brought experience and knowledge and this knowledge altered his perception. Alex has since come to realize that tattooing is an art form on equal footing with traditional painting..

Alex De Pase Tattoo Studio Via Egidio Grego 3 34073 Grado (GO) Italy FB Page: Alex De Pase

Contact Info: Phone: (+39) 043180220

Paco Dietz

Paco Dietz is a dark, surreal painter, sculptor, and tattoo artist. He opened his own studio in 1993: Graven Image Tattoo. He has been featured in numerous magazines, including International Tattoo Art and Taiwan Tattoo Extreme. He specializes in custom bio-mechanical and figurative tattoos.

Graven Image Tattoo 1793 Lafayette St #200 Santa Clara, CA FB Page: Paco Dietz

Contact Info: 408 260 6868

Johnny Domus

Johnny Domus started out as a graffiti artist. He became an apprentice after showing his sketchbook to a studio in his home town, Setubal, Portugal. He almost makes it look easy. You can see immediately how his work pops off the skin. At 27 he is a smart and talented artist. Give him a tattoo machine and watch it turn into a wand.

Domus Tattoo Art Portugal Travessa FreiGaspar No 15junto ao Largo da Misericordia Setubal, 2900-388 Setubal FB Page: Johnny Domus

Contact Info: 351 265 571 322

Rodney Eckenberger

Rodney Eckenberger is owner and tattoo artist at Wicked Ways Tattoo in Lakeville, Indiana. A rock solid tattoo artist, Rodney brings your skin to life in vibrant imagery. He believes his finest accomplishments occur every day when a client is well pleased with the work he’s placed indelibly on their skin forever.

Wicked Ways Tattoo 217 S Michigan Lakeville, IN FB Page: Rodney Eckenberger

Contact Info: 574 787 2985

Maxwell Egy

Maxwell Egy a second generation tattooist started his career at 15 years old. Max was influenced by his father, tattooist Michael J. Egy, artist Damon Thompson, and his mother, who also wields an art degree. Although realism and illustrative portraiture are his favorites, he is always open to new ideas and styles.

The Max Egy Studio 209 N. Washington St. Suite 2 Bloomington, IN FB Page: Maxwell Egy

Contact Info: 812 822 2149

Andy Engel

Andy Engel has been tattooing since 1994. He has been recognized and prized for his work by collectors and artists world wide. Andy is known in Germany and throughout Europe as a specialist in photorealistic portraits, but is equally as impressive in other styles. In 2009 he began giving his own seminars: Black N Grey Portrait.

Andy’s Tattoo and Piercing Studio Mainbernheimer Str 6 97318 Kitzingen Germany FB Page: Andy Engel

Contact Info: 49 9321 37999

Cory Ferguson

Cory Ferguson specializes mostly in "Blackwork�, a unique blend of Polynesian tribal, geometric, repetitive patterns, henna and Asian influenced art. He also does the occasional portrait and enjoys large scale Japanese tattoos as well.

Good Point Tattoos 2335 Trafalgar Road Oakville, On FB Page: Cory Ferguson

Contact Info: Phone: 905 257 7444 Fax:905 257 7442

Silvano Fiato

Silvano Fiato,, from an early age, has loved art in all its forms. At 18 he bought his first tattoo magazine and was impressed with the realistic tattoos. He realized he could achieve on the skin, what he was already creating on paper and canvas. It was here he realized that becoming a professional tattoo artist was his calling. He has been tattooing ever since. It is his greatest passion.

Eternal Tattoo Studio de Silvano Fiato Via Del Commercio 8P Rosso Gnova, Italy FB Page: Silvano Fiato

Contact Info: 0039 0108596989 0039 3492677664

Johan Finne

Johan Finne’s work speaks for itself. We know you agree. Johan has been working as a tattoo artist since 1995. His Evil Twins Heavenly Tattoo Studio is located in Sweden. Johan has imbued his knowledge deeper into his craft by designing his own needles for tattoo artists. (Ion Tattoo Supply) In paying homage to his amazing talent and respect for our shared mantra: When an artist creates, it’s theirs, and although imitation may be a form of flattery, don’t do it without written permission.

Evil Twins Heavenly Tattoo Studio Karlsgatan 10 25221 Helsingborg, Sweden FB Page: Johan Finne

Contact Info: 46 42 12 97 29

RussRuss Fisk

RussRuss Fisk completed a two year formal apprenticeship and has since tattooed professionally for five years. He pushes himself to learn and create beyond the ‘normal’. He is well known for his PinDot shading and micro detail. He has one goal and that is “to achieve the impossible.”

Bad Donkey Tattoo 4181 Osage Beach Pkwy Lake of the Ozarks, MO FB Pages: RussRuss RussRussFan Instagram: RussRuss

Contact Info: 573 348 1322

Kore Flatmo

Kore Flatmo established PluraBella in 1999 as a private studio to create and promote tattoos. Entering into his second decade of tattooing and hoping for at least three more, Kore would like to express his gratitude and appreciation for all those that have, and continue to, make all this possible. Joining him as a tattooist at PluraBella is his wife Brenda, a talented artist of 14 years. Her infinite patience, is a prerequisite to work alongside Kore. If you’d like to see Brenda’s work, please visit her website:

PluraBella Tattoo Studio Cincinnati, OH FB Page: Kore Flatmo

Contact Info: 513 542 9837

Chris Garcia

Chris Garcia is excited to be a part of Club Tattoo, a top-notch shop. We have to believe he has exceeded his client’s expectations. In 2010 Chris received an endorsement from Eternal Ink. uses Eternal Ink exclusively to create his masterpieces. Though he enjoys all styles and strives to be versatile, his favorite styles are portrait and realistic.

Club Tattoo 3663 S Las Vega Blvd Las Vegas, NV FB Page: Chris Garcia

Contact Info: 702 363 2582

Cris Gherman

Cris Gherman has been tattooing for over 10 years, his artistic influences include bio-organic, realism, and surrealist works. Mostly recently Cris picked up 2 awards at The Great London Tattoo Show for Best Large Color and Best Chest Piece. Cris is always up for a challenge. His motto… “Today is only a warm up for tomorrow.”

Websites: FB Page: Cris Gherman

Contact Info:

Regino Gonzalez

Regino Gonzalez, along his artistic journey, he received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2001. This only scratches the surface. Some of his other outlets include photography, painting, and digital design.

Invisible NYC Art Gallery Tattoo Studio

Contact Info: 917.627.4406

Teemu Hakala

Teemu Hakala has always loved art from an early age. In 2001 he started tattooing and immediately realized it was his calling. He enjoys a number of styles: black and grey, color, Japanese, new school, and even realism. It’s been great for him to watch the art form evolve over the years and he is glad to be a part of it.

Black Label Tattoos FB Page: Teemu Hakala

Contact Info: 250 715 6039

Michelle Haley

Michelle (Meshay) Haley is a published, world traveling, award winning custom tattoo artist and owner of Sacred Soul Tattoo. In her 7 years of tattooing she has accomplished much as a local and international artist. She knew she was meant to spread her art all over the world. Michelle specializes in vivid colorful and soft black and grey hyper-realistic tattoos inspired by nature and astronomy.

Sacred Soul Tattoo 17235 140th Ave SE Suite #1 Renton, Washington FB Page: Michelle Haley Michelle Haley Fan

Contact Info: 425 923 4772

Marty Holcomb

Marty HolComb has over 40 years in the professional tattooing business. He has done thousands of custom designed tattoos and has won numerous awards for his art and tattooing. He is an accomplished painter and designer as well as a world renowned tattoo artist. Marty works by appointment only.

Marty Holcomb Custom Art & Tattooing Columbus, OH FB Page: Marty Holcomb

Contact Info: 614 317 7440


Ivana is a tattoo artist from Slovakia who enjoys creating custom and original designs for her customers. Working with color is her specialty. Ivana is constantly on the go, traveling to tattoo conventions and guest spotting around the world. To find out when she will be in your neck of the woods check out her website or contact her via email.

Websites: FB Page: Ivana

Contact Info:

Rich Ives

Rich Ives has won over 400 awards in his career spanning two decades. He is a four time recipient of the National Tattoo Association’s coveted Best Tattooist Award. His clients travel from all over the world for his one-of-akind “personal illustrations”. “It’s not novelty, it’s about connectivity.” ~Rich Ives

Steel City Tattoo 1322 E Hwy 50 Bypass Pueblo, CO FB Pages: Rich Ives

Contact Info: 719 545 3602


Shige Iwasaki has been tattooing since 1995. He is a self- taught tattooist who has numerous accomplishments under his belt. He established Yellow Blaze Tattoo Studio in 2002. He then published an art book entitled “Shige� in 2009. Shige pursues original Japanese style with traditional Japanese style underneath.

Yellow Blaze Tattoo Zip: 231-0868 1-15-6 SAZA Blvd 6F Ishikawa-Cho, Naka-Ku Yokohama-City, Japan FB Page: Shige

Contact Info: 81 0 45 662 7807

Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan owns his own shop in New Zealand. Matt highlights Paul Booth, Robert Hernandez, and Filip Leu as three tattoo artists who are iconic inspirations for him. In 9 years Matt has grown from flash to a world respected artist. He realizes that there are a thousand amazing artists out there…so be humble, respectful and always improve your skills. Achieving your full potential is a fantasy but the journey is your character.

Ship Shape Tattoo 8N Moana Avenue Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand FB Page: Matt Jordan

Contact Info: 64 9 942 1800

Laura Juan

Laura Juan has been drawing and painting her whole life. At the age of 21, she started to apply her talent to tattooing. Finding it a difficult challenge at first, it soon became her passion. She enjoys the ability to express herself and share her work with others, in works that will last a lifetime. Specializing in realistic tattoos, she captures on the skin what she captures on paper and canvas.

Laura Juan C/ Badajoz, 31 28931 Mostoles Madrid, Spain FB Page: Laura Juan Instagram: Laura Juan

Contact Info: +34 916 458 898

Florian Karg

Florian Karg

was infected with the love of tattooing when he received his first tattoo at the age of 15. A self-taught tattooist, Florian learned the hard way, by first practicing on his own body. He was so determined to learn, that he pushed past the pain and went on to be one of the world’s greatest tattoo artists. He believes that with discipline and ambition you can achieve your goals.

Vicious Circle Tattoo Bahnhofstrasse 7 88171 Weileri Allgau FB Page: Florian Karg

Contact Info: 08387 390512

Nikos Katsoulis

Nikos Katsoulis started tattooing in 1985. He is the owner of Nico Tattoo Crew in Greece. He was one of the first Greeks to become involved in the tattoo industry. He has won many awards for his outstanding work. His popularity continues to grow.

Nico Tattoo Crew (Thessaloniki 1) Alex Svolou 37 Navarino, Thessaloniki FB Page: Nikos Katsoulis

Contact Info: 30 2310 260 903 info@tattoo.g


Khan is originally from South Korea.

He has traveled the world. He has taken the passion for tattooing with him on this journey. Khan has recently moved to Australia to spend more time with his family. He believes a tattoo artist never stops learning. “The key is to stay humble and always hunger to learn new techniques and find the inspiration to do better tattoos.�

Khan Tattoo Goldcoast, Australia FB Page: Khan

Contact Info: 07 5536 4980

Mike Koren

Mike Koren when getting his first tattoo at age 17, Mike was wearing a t-shirt that he had designed himself. His tattoo artist offered him an apprenticeship on the spot. His family, skeptical at first, supported him as he focused his energies into drawings. After home schooling himself for 4 years, he returned to tattooing. In 2006, he opened Eternal tattoo. Mike loves the originality of tattooing. Everyday has its own Genesis.

Eternal Tattoo Minoritenplaz 4 8600 Bruck an der Mur Austria FB Page: Mike Koren

Contact Info: 43 3862 51242


Michael ‘Meehow’ Kotarski is a Polish artist who began his tattoo career in 2000. ‘No Regrets’ was his first studio after arriving in the United Kingdom. Meehow has since become a highly respected artist by peers and customers alike, specializing in black and grey realism.

No Regrets Studio 58 High Street Cheltenham, GL50 1EE FB Page: Meehow

Contact Info: 01242 578 892

No Regrets Studio 37 Westgate Street Gloucester, GL1 2 NW

Contact Info: 01452 524 900

Kobay Kronik

Kobay Kronik is a successful and internationally known tattoo artist. He was born with a natural talent for drawing and painting. As he got older he discovered the world of tattooing. Though starting out as an amateur, he realized it was more than just a hobby, it was a passion. Born in Cyprus, Kobay now resides in Istanbul where he works out of his own studio customizing tattoo designs.

Kronik Tattoo Istanbul, Turkey FB Page: Kobay Kronik

Contact Info: 90 534 638 3914

Roman Kuznetsov

Roman Kuznetsov was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and was mesmerized by the tattoos on heavy metal stars. When he joined the Army he made a make-shift tattoo machine from a pen, electric razor, and a guitar string. Thus began his passion for tattooing. When he left the Army he pursued his passion. A few years later he began working for Pavel Angel. Preferring to work with color, he finds his inspiration in the world around him. You can now find him on the road.

Website: FB Page: Roman Kuznetsov

Contact Info: 7 926 610 97 10

Frank La Natra

Frank LaNatra was born and raised in Brooklyn. Originally a music major and a talented bass player, he formulated his artistic endeavors at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After receiving his BS in illustration, he opened ‘Into the Woods Gallery’ in Dania Beach, Florida. He has also created LaNatra Art Studios where he free lances as an illustrator and fine artist. He describes his tattoo style as a fusion of fine art and animation.

Into the Woods Gallery 138 N. Federal Hwy Dania Beach, Florida FB Page: Frank LaNatra Frank La Natra Fan Page Instagram: Frank La Natra

Contact Info: 954 404 9536

Carl Lofqvist

Carl Lofqvist doesn’t like to put restrictions on himself. He likes to work within a mix of styles. When it comes to tattoos and art he appreciates the contrast in styles. He is inspired by comic book, poster and classical art. He draws inspiration from artists such as Rembrandt, Bouguereau, Mucha, Norman Rockwell, and Dali.

Wicked Tattoo Sweden Norra Farsakergatan 19 431 67/Molndal Gothenburg, Sweden FB Page: Carl Lofqvist

Contact Info:

Electric Linda

“Electric Linda” Looman’s mother

dragged her to Personal Art Tattoo in Norway. Birdie took one look at Linda’s drawings and gave her an apprenticeship on the spot. She worked for him for 8 years before opening her own studio. She’s inspired by other artists, “not only the ones who specialize in color realism, but every style, because there are no limits in tattooing, only in your own creativity.”

Attitude Tattoo Studio Storgata 7 1531 Moss, Norway FB Page: Electric Linda

Contact Info: 47 6925 1313


Jondix Mahashakti is inspired by Barcelona 70's Dali. His tattooing incorporates Buddhism and geometric expressions and the transmutation principle of light. Jondix is either guesting at Tin Tin Paris, Into You London, or Temple San Francisco. He is a guitar player of Aeonsgate, a member of Corpselogic and Shirtsanddestroy. "Biographies suck…we will all die anyway…life is an illusion...death is the ultimate reality”

“On the Road” FB Page: Jondix

Contact Info:

Tony Mancia

Tony Mancia has a strong passion for tattooing and artistry. He owns his own shop in Atlanta, Georgia. He has created a unique studio atmosphere that is comfortable and private. This allows his clients to enjoy their tattooing experience to the fullest.

Mancia Studios 681 Edgewood Ave Atlanta,Georgia FB Page: Tony Mancia

Contact Info: 404 660 5502

Eric Marcinizyn

Eric Marcinizyn started as a graffiti artist and formalized his art education with a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Tattooing for only 5 years, Eric has a unique talent for black and gray portraiture. According to Eric, “An enthusiastic collector with a lucid idea is always appreciated.�

Infamous Tattoo Company 2914 Lancaster Ave Wilmington, DE FB Page: Eric Marcinizyn

Contact Info: 302 376 7880 E.MARCINIZYN@GMAIL.COM

Moni Marino

Moni Marino has been tattooing since 1993. She is the daughter of a painter so art in her blood. Moni learned to tattoo on her own. She travels from town to town bonding with other artists along the way. Moni’s specialty is highly detailed Photo Realistic Portrait in full color.

Websites: FB Page: Moni Marino Instagram: Moni Marino

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George Mavridis

George Mavridis began tattooing as an amateur at age 18. He applied his graffiti skills to his art. In 1999, he established his first tattoo studio and 8 years later he was inspired to open a studio in the heart of Thessalonika, Greece, the city of his birth.

Tattooligans Georgiou Theohari Str. 5-7 Thessaloniki, Greece FB Page: George Mavridis

Contact Info: 011 30 2310-283182

John Maxx

John Maxx is 33 years old and lives in Bucharest, Romania. He started tattooing 11 years ago. He is an extraordinarily, talented, realistic tattoo artist. Whether utilizing classic black and grey or brilliant color, magnified by amazing detail‌.words just seem to lose the power to describe.

Radical Ink Str Stirbei Voda 78, sector 1 010106 Bucharest, Romania FB Page: John Maxx

Contact Info: 40 72 315 8166

Csaba Mullner

Csaba Mullner has been tattooing since 1999. He specializes in realism with a touch of the surreal. He strives to illustrate emotions within his work. Mullner enjoys creating complex tattoos which consist of components of different scales. What inspires Mullner? “The inimitability is the definition of art for me, so this inaccessibility is my inspiration.�

Websites: FB Page: Csaba Mullner

Luca Natalini

Luca Natalini’s father introduced him to the arts through oil pigments and a guitar. When he got his first tattoo in 2003, the artist agreed to teach him to tattoo. Luca was unimpressed by the artist and traveled to London where Bugs at ‘Evil from the Needle’ tattooed him a sleeve. Luca has since come to believe that working with great artists is the key to artistic growth. Nick Baxter is one artist who has earned his respect by appreciating the truly important things in life and leveraging off that energy for inspiration in his tattoos.

Milano City Ink Viale Papiniano 22/a 20123 Milano, Italy FB Page: Luca Natalini

Contact Info: 0039 3474 9143

Javier Obregon

Javier Obregon, born in Buenos Aires.Though he has tattooed for 33 years, it has only been the last 10 that he has tattooed professionally. He specializes in Bio-Skull-Mechanical and Asian tattoos. His private studio is in Belgrano and you will find him at several conventions throughout South America and Europe.

Websites: FB Page: Javier Obregon

Contact Info: 15 6502 8284

Rember Orellana

Rember Orellana has been tattooing for 5 years. He is 27 years old, was born in Guatemala and he now resides in Dallas, Texas. While having a competitive spirit he believes there is something to learn from every artist. Rember is always looking to bring himself to the next level, technically as well as artistically. “There is always room for improvement and evolution of style.� His style is a combination of realism with surrealism, highly inspired by gothic and the medieval dark ages.

Websites: FB Page: Rember Orellana

Contact Info: 972 387 0990

Bartosz Panas

Bartosz Panas is a tattoo artist from Warsaw, Poland. He loves life and he loves tattooing. We think he might love coffee too as his tattoo studio is called Caffeine Tattoo.

Caffeine Tattoo Marszalkowska 140/3 Warszawa, Poland FB Page: Bartosz Panas

Contact Info: 48 789 229 208

Joey Pang

Joey Pang has taken her expertise in Chinese calligraphy art and applies it to her tattoo technique, so much so, that she actually made a special brush-stroke which closely imitates those found in Chinese calligraphy.

Tattoo Temple 18TH Floor Tak Woo House 1-3 Wo On Lane 17-19 Aguilar Street, Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong FB Page: Joey Pang

Contact Info: 85225244244

Domantas Parvainis

Domantas Parvainis is a tattoo artist from Siauliai, Lithuania. Although his family was skeptical at first, they became happy for him when they realized tattooing was his life’s calling. Domantas specializes in black and grey realistic tattoos.

Totemas Tattoo Vivinskio 17 77156 Siavliai,LT FB Page: Domantas

Contact Info: 370 610 92291

Matteo Pasqualin

Matteo Pasqualin was born in 1974 just outside Venice, Italy. His father loved to paint with oil on canvas. He credits his father for inspiring him to draw with pencils. His current preference for black and grey tattooing is attributed to those childhood drawings. Matteo received his first tattoo and his first job from the same tattoo artist. His favorite tattoo artist is Dmitriy Samohin. Matteo is interested in creating a large scale tattoo inspired by Pulp Fiction just in case it’s your favorite film as well.

The Inkers Tattoo Shop Via della Vittoria 2a 45014 Port Viro, Italy FB Page: Matteo Pasqualin

Milano City Ink (guest) Viale Papiniano 22 Milano, Italy

Contact Info: 393 4746 57795 (InkersTattoo) 390 2894 52953(Milano City)

Josh Payne

Josh Payne set out 9 years ago in Berkshire, NY to better his tattooing abilities. From Sayre PA to Wilmington NC, Josh has established himself in the world of tattooing. Looking to own his own shop, Josh returned to upstate New York in 2011 to open Ascend Gallery, where he produces intricate and high quality work.

Ascend Gallery 15 Central Avenue Cortland, NY 13045 OpenTues-Sat 12-8 FB Page: Josh Payne

Contact Info: Phone: 607-749-0150


Pepper is a professional tattoo artist with an extreme passion for black & gray, realism and portraiture. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She started tattooing directly out of high school and loves every minute of it.

Family First Tattoo 216 Princess Street Wilmington, NC

Contact Info: 910 254 1288

Robert Pho

Robert Pho is a national award-winning tattoo artist at Skin Design Tattoo Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been tattooing for over 20 years and is completely selftaught. . Pho’s specialty is black and grey realism. He is a highly respected tattoo artist and an extremely successful businessman.

Skin Designs Tattoo 5645 S Eastern Ave #10 Las Vegas, NV FB Page: Robert Pho

Contact Info: 702 739 9946

Paris Pierides

Paris Pierides is the winner of the prestigious EB1 Award from the United States government for Extraordinary Outstanding Artistic Ability. This award is only given to the most talented artists in the world. Paris Tattoos has been established since 1989, in Nicosia, Cyprus. After receiving the EB1 award Paris relocated to North Carolina.

Paris Tattoos 1820 South Blvd Unit 102 Charlotte, NC FB Page: Paris Pierides

Contact Info: 704 910 1929

Sandor Pongor

Sandor Pongor has always been drawn to the fine arts and fell in love with tattoos. When he met master, Bela Olah it changed his life. Bela Olah saw the vast talent he possessed and helped him to hone his skills. He started tattooing in 2006 at the ‘Pain Art Studio’ in Hajduszoboszlo where he still works to this day. His highest goal is the satisfaction of his customers and because he enjoys the variety of tattooing specialties, he has not committed himself to any one style.

Pain Art Tattoo 4200 Hajduszoboszlo Jozsef Attila u. 2-4 Arkad uzlethaz FB Page: Sandor Pongor

Contact Info: 36 20 460 0174

Victor Portugal

Victor Portugal, born in Uruguay, had been a tattoo artist since 1998. Though he specializes in dark biomechanical tattoos with surrealist accents, his talent spans every style of tattooing. He is currently studying in Krakow where he is working on a variety of tattoo projects.

Victor Portugal Studios Old Town Krakow Slawkowska 16/2 31-014 Krakow-Poland FB Page: Victor Portugal

Contact Info: 48 12 341 5445

Silvia Pretto

Silvia Pretto, “The artist’s instinct within me is sparked when a collector walks through the door, choosing me. It’s a powerful moment for me as a tattoo artist and spreads from that initial spark. The encounter and dialogue with the collector amplifies the energy, from the subtle request, to the ideas that sprout from it. My ideas bridge themselves directly to the skin. The process is pure surprise to me. The experience is unique each time. This is my form of realism and the result is ‘That Tattoo’.”

Princess Tattoo di Pretto Silvia Via Carlo Cignani, 10 47121 Forli Italy FB Page: Silvia Pretto

Contact Info: 39 054333708/39 34745336658


Mike ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli opened Altered State Tattoo in 1996. Influenced by such artists as HR Giger, Frank Frazetta, and Filip Leu, just to name a few. Pooch set out to create unique custom tattoos that reflect his love for visionary and surreal art. Pooch immersed himself into fine art painting in 2000. He also creates acrylic paintings which have been shown and collected worldwide.

AlteredStateTattoo 2402 N Dixie Hwy #8 Lake Worth, FL FB Page: Pooch

Contact Info: 561 585 4741

Erich Rabel

Erich Rabel has only been tattooing for 5 years. Although Erich’s style is realism, you can see in his gallery the range of his work. Maintaining this level of quality across a diversity of styles is an uncommon feature. He is among the minority and for a tattoo artist with only 5 years tattooing experience, his peer group with these same qualities is even smaller. Erich says that regardless of style, the only thing that matters in the end is the quality.

Delirium Tattoo Zilinska 11 81105 Bratislava, Slovakia FB Page: Erich Rabel

Contact Info: 421 911 333 887

Rodney Raines

Rodney Raines’ girlfriend gave him a graduation present that would last a lifetime, tattooing equipment. With the help of Shay Cannon, he began his 16 year adventure. Although he had no formal apprenticeship, Rodney had a formal visual art education from grade school through college. He also had Phil Colvin as a guiding force through the early years. Rodney finds inspiration in movement and says that movement is an increasingly important component. His style, he calls, ‘Unorthodox’.

Ace Custom Tattoos 1312 Thomas Avenue Charlotte, NC FB Page: Rodney Raines

Contact info: 704 342 3661

Stefano Reinoso

Stefano Reinoso is a young talented tattoo artist in Rome, Italy. Like many great artists, he prefers to have his work speak for itself. What we can say is that he is an artist whose creativity and professionalism makes every single tattoo a work of art. With the trust of the collector before him, Stefano’s imagination combined with his skill has the ability to make the body a canvas on which to express himself.

Delirium Tattoo Via Quinto Pedio 10/12 Roma, Italy

Contact Info: 06 4554 23251

Ron Russo

Ron Russo specializes in horror and portraits but if we left it at that we’d be neglecting the diversity of his work. Although the art is the focus, it is impossible to feature Ron without mentioning the dedication and intensity with which he has forged his way. For a great bio, check out more about Ron at Ron570

570 Tattooing Co 57 North main Street Wilkes-Barre, PA FB Page: Ron Russo

Contact Info: 570 825 7270

Juan Salgado

Juan Salgado’s creations have taken him all around the United States. He has an enormous following among collectors. He is often cited as an inspiration for many artists.

Color Conspiracy Tattoo Gallery Centro Comercial Altamira Calle Perseo Esq. Sirio #4 San Juan, PR FB Page: Juan Salgado

Contact Info: 787 775 2222

Semyon Seredin

Semyon Seredin is originally from Siberia, Russia. Though he has only been in the tattooing industry for 8 years, his talent outweighs his inexperience. Semyon now lives in Auckland, New Zealand representing Mai Tattoo. He specializes in realistic 3-D tattoos.

Mai Tattoo 57C High Street Auckland, New Zealand FB Page: Semyon Seredin

Contact Info: +64 9-368-3585

Noi Siamese III

Noi Siamese III has tattooed for over 10 years. He opened his first studio in Phuket, Thailand. In the summer of 2008 he moved to Norway, his wife’s homeland and opened his first studio in Oslo. After one year he outgrew his first shop and moved to a larger one with space for several artists. Noi puts his heart and soul in every tattoo.

1969 Tattoo Toftesgate 24 (Grunerlokka) 0556 Oslo,Norway FB Page: Noi Siamese III

Contact Info: 47 4833 1969

Denis Sivak

Denis Sivak is a Ukranian tattoo artist who specializes in realistic tattooing.He has a mastery in several other styles as you can tell by his portfolio. Like many modern day tattoo prodigies, Denis often travels the globe wielding a needle and ink as he shares his talent to all those who recognize true talent.

L.O.V.E. Machine

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith, the owner of Loose Screw Tattoo, has been featured in a multitude of magazines. As the recipient of many awards his works are shown in galleries across the United States. Highly sought after because of his amazing talent, he is best known for his quirky designs.

Loose Screw Tattoo 3313A W. Cary Street Richmond,VA FB Pages: Jesse Smith Jesse Smith

Contact Info: 804 342 1981

Marcin Sonski

Marcin Sonski was ready to call it quits after 6 months of tattooing. He felt his skills were not improving. After his ‘final’ tattoo, he found motivation in its result. Marcin has now been tattooing 10 years. In 2006, he moved from Poland to Ireland where his evolution as a tattoo artist blossomed. He appropriately labels his style as surreal. A great moment for Marcin is when his customer sees the reflection of his completed tattoo and smiles. The greatest moment is when they come back for more ink.

Zulu Tattoo Dublin 26 Strand Street Great Dublin IE FB Page: Marcin Sonski

Contact Info: 00353 1 878 3145

Kamil Terczynski

Kamil Terczynski and Pawel Stroinski joined forces to create "Kamil Tattoos". Reinforced by years of experience and great passion for the tattoo art, they create unique artwork and adapt to the needs of each customer.

Kamil Tattoos Unit 208 A Belgravra Workshops 159-163 Marlborough Rd N19 4NF London,UK

Contact Info: 44 0 783 476 8238


Tomasz Tofi Torfinski , a tattoo artist from Poland realized his talents at the late age of 17. This realization occurred after creating his first tattoo. It motivated him to learn more about art. The results can best be described by one of his clients: “14 months from now I have an appointment with him and I CAN’T WAIT!”

Ink-ognito Tattoo Ul. Sobieski 4 44-200 Rybnik, Poland

Contact Info: 785 343 605

Michele Turco

Michele Turco is a self-taught tattoo artist. He tries to catch the real meaning and the deepest emotions of those who entrust their skin to him, because every single person is unique and special. He prefers working with color than Black & White.

Tattoo Da Cosa Nasce Cosa Piacenza, Italy FB Pages: Michele Turco Michele Turco 2

Contact Info: 011 39 338 5220157 011 39 0523 305302

Dmitry Vision

Dmitry Vision has been tattooing professionally since 2010. He works out of Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Pittsburg, PA. He specializes in Bio-Mechanical, Realism and Portraits.

Wyld Chyld Pittsburgh 742 Brookline Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA FB Page: Dmitry Vision

Contact Info: 412 668 2263

Przemyslaw Aero Walkowiak (in progress)

Przemyslaw Aero Walkowiak, at the ripe old age of four, painted his first work. Aero and his family are extremely respected artists who have created some of the finest stained glass windows, including works within over 150 churches in Poland. Aero leveraged these same techniques for an extremely successful commercial career. You can see his art all over buses, trains and trams for Welcome, Astra Coffee, Orange, and many other household names. He has been tattooing for 8 years. His skills are deep and diverse. He simplifies it for us: “Find what you like to do most in life, and make people pay for it.�

Tattoo Studio Arts st Seclusion 20 65-775 Zielona Gora Poland FB Page: Aero

Contact Info: 607-207-389 691-017-658

Ellen Westholm

Ellen Westholm tattoos out of Wicked Tattoo in Sweden and you can occasionally find her at Zoi Tattoo in Malmo. Her greatest influence has been her mother. She is an artist as well and always encouraged Ellen as a young child. The talent that surrounds Ellen on a day to day basis can be intimidating. We believe this inspires her to excel. It’s astonishing to believe Ellen has been tattooing for a mere 3 years.

Wicked Tattoo Sweden Norra Farsakergatan 19 43163 Molndal Gothenburg, Sweden FB Page: Ellen Westholm Instagram: Ellen Westholm

Contact Info: +46 31-160-259

Gerhard Wimmer

Gerhard Wimmer is an Austrian tattoo artist, who has been tattooing for 14 years. Like most tattoo artists, it is his passion. Gerhard’s tattoos are always custom made and he always stresses the importance of hygiene. A tattoo is like body jewelry that lasts forever, so the responsibility given to him by his clients is never taken lightly. This confidence is not only appreciated but results in a symbiotic relationship allowing Gerhard to achieve the full potential of each client’s piece.

Wild Art Factory Rasumofskygasse 15 1030 Wien Niederosterreich, Austria FB Page: Gerhard Wimmer

Contact Info: 43 676 31 66913

Elvin Yong

Elvin Yong, a self-taught tattooist, has been tattooing for over 12 years. He is currently working in Singapore, the city of his birth. He specializes in black and grey. Tattooing comes to him naturally and he takes great pride in customizing tattoos, each one unique to each collector.

Elvin Yong Singapore FB Page: Elvin Yong

Contact Info: 65 979 89140

Andre Zechmann

Andre Zechmann was an art prodigy. His paintings and drawings awed his family, friends, and teachers alike. After high school, Andre started an apprenticeship as a graphic designer. Friends forced him to get tattoo equipment. He refined his craft as a graphic designer until 2011 when he finally made the decision to quit his job. Inspired by incredibly talented tattoo artists around the world, he is driven to create the perfect tattoo. The long and successful journey gives him hope.

Tattoo Design Art Studio Andre Kaindorf 48, 8962 Grobming Steiermark, Austria FB Page: Andre Zechmann

Contact Info: 43 664 4344741

Robert Zyla

Robert Zyla has been tattooing professionally for only 18 months. In primary and secondary school he mastered the art technique of aerography. Robert’s first career was as a stonemason, but the financial challenge became the catalyst for switching careers. His skills as an artist quickly landed him his first professional tattooing job. Robert believes the pinnacle of mutual satisfaction between artist and client occurs when he is entrusted with free artistic reign.

Michael De Bear Tattoo Shop AB25 3 YB Aberdeen,Scotland FB Page: Robert Zyla

Contact Info:

For inquiries contact: