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I miejsce – Anabi, Anabi-Tattoo, Szczecin

III miejsce – Kosa, Art Line, Rybnik

kompozycja duża Thank you again for inviting me to your event. It was a great pleasure for me, I really enjoyed the town, all participants and the aud ience of your show. For me it was the best Tattooc onvention for a long time, I mean this for real. Maybe you want me back nex t year, ´m sure I will have some new trick then.


Paweł, 3rd Eye, Grudziądz

greetings, Alex „Lord Insanity”

TF # 51, July 2011  
TF # 51, July 2011  

Tattoofest convention 2011, Khan, Chil Victor, Pietro Sedda, Mario Hartman, Inspirations: Aleksandra Marchocka, " COLOR TATTOO ART" book, st...