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SUSTAINABILTY Sustainability explained through animation (video) watch?v=B5NiTN0chj0 Steps to Sustainability (Fractured Iceberg) http://stepstosustainability. com/?p=1191 Can We Feed the World, Sustain the Planet? (Scientific American) default/files/Scientific%20American%20Article.pdf

Working Person’s Store DIY Merit Badges how-tuesday-make-a-meritbadge/ Boys Scouts of America Sustainability Merit Badge Workbook

BICYCLE Bullitt by Larry vs. Harry Custom bicycle of Metrofiets Yuba Bicycle Madsen Bicycle Bicycle Trailer at REI


How to Decode Egg Cartons http://www.motherearthnews. com/homesteading-and-livestock/how-to-decode-egg-cartons.aspx#axzz36ssRofYl The Lexicon of Sustainability | The Story of an Egg | PBS watch?v=v2vyU-hilrY Project Design - Chicken Coops toolbox/tool/chicken-coops/ SEED LIBRARY

HERBARIUM Food: An Atlas (collection of maps, by the Guerilla Cartography Community - Jan 2013) Food%20%7BAn%20eAtlas%7D. pdf CERTIFICATIONS CSA Citizen Science Academy Ecology Center Occidental Art & Ecology Center Daily Acts (Permaculture Design Certification) Solar Living Institute (Courses in Sustainable Living) IDENTITY The Empathic Civilization watch?v=l7AWnfFRc7g Custom Patches http://www.custompatchesonline. com

Open Source Beehives http://www.opensourcebeehives. net/ Real Time Farms (crowd-source nationwide food guide) Farm Hack (Open Source Community for Resilient Agriculture) RAFT - Renewing Americas Food Traditions resources.html

How to make a plant press au/herbarium/files/MakeHerbSpec.pdf

How To: Build a DIY, Pop-Up Seed Swapping Station how-to-build-a-diy-pop-up-seedswapping-station

DIY Herbarium part 1 watch?v=rhspYfnQM9M

Rio Salado Seedshed Library

DIY Herbarium part 2 watch?v=GBgkLd5_GkQ



Civil Eats (Daily News Source on American Food System)

DIY recycle papermaking How-to-Make-and-Recycle-Paper/

Just Food (Training community leaders in NYC city farming)


Greenhorns (supports alternative young American farmers) Center for Nutrition Farm to School Toolkit http://toolkit.centerfornutrition. org Permaculture Institute permaculture-resources-2/

Vermicomposting Build your own Compost Bin NUTRITION NUTRITION

The Chicken Chick http://www.the-chicken-chick. com/p/chicken-resources-directory.html

Nature Matching System a project by Tattfoo Tan nmscurriculum

Backyard Chicken Basics http://www.motherearthnews. com/homesteading-and-livestock/backyard-chickens-zm0z11zgri.aspx#axzz36ssRofYl How Do Your Eggs Stack Up? http://www.motherearthnews. com/real-food/best-eggs-comparison.aspx#axzz36ssRofYl



S.O.S. Action Guide  

Tattfoo Tan has taken the role of artist to a new level with his invented boy scout personae. This "do-gooder" identity was incorporated int...