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S.O.S. Headquarters – Designate a space at your school or organization as an “S.O.S. head quarters” to display, map and showcase any sustainability projects. This is a perfect place to display your S.O.S. pledge, seed packets, brochures or badges created throughout this Action Guide.

S.O.S. Design Lab – Create a space at your school or community center to work on your S.O.S. costume and character. Invite local designers to work with donated fabrics, second hand clothing and thrift-store materials to create a uniform and badge for your S.O.S. project. Display your design process and create re-usable patterns to upload online for others to share.

Worm Palace - Vermicomposting uses the power of worms to break down organic waste into compost for your garden. To create a vermicomposter, transform a small plastic storage container or wooden box by drilling holes to provide aeration, and then covering with wire mesh or screen. Next create bedding from shredded cardboard, newspaper or peat moss. Wet with a spray bottle, and then add a handful of redworms (Eisenia foetida). Feed your worms kitchen scraps like chopped veggies, fruits and coffee grounds. Avoid anything with oil, citrus, dairy or meat and read Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof for more in-depth instructions!

Swap-o-rama-rama – Organize a swap-meet in your community or school inviting friends, family and students to trade clothing, toys, electronics and other items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Combine the event with a potluck gathering or musical performance to build community.

HackLab – Set up an electronics drive to collect obsolete technology and e-waste. Invite a local fixers collective, AV club, hacker space or science teacher to lead a workshop on repurposing these materials into new inventions, musical instruments or sculptures. Bring the items that could not be used to an e-waste facility for recycling.

Green Design Collaboratory – Organize a design charrette at your school or workplace to map the flow of waste and other resources such as water or electricity. Identify the origin of materials used and where items like paper, plastic bottles, cans, or organic wastes end up. Brainstorm ways to reduce your material stream through better signage, clearly marked bins and a fun visual campaign to encourage participation. If a recycling plan doesn’t exist, talk to an administrator about initiating one.



Pocket Collecting – Design a cape for kids or adults with pockets sewn into the back of each cape. Organize a series of neighborhood walks inviting participants to wear their capes while they look for local specimens and natural artifacts. Encourage participants to place their findings in their cape pockets and create a small exhibition of your collection by hanging each cape on a hook for display.

S.O.S. Comic Book - Use your S.O.S. character to inspire a comic book exploring ecological themes or issues. Start with a simple story board and begin to sketch out your character in their new setting. Illustrate your first chapter with an exciting story and setting inspired by where you live. Craft your comic into a small zine to share with others or launch a digital blog to share your creation.

S.O.S. Cinema – Use your phone or a video camera to create a short film or performance inspired by your S.O.S. character. To begin, storyboard your film around the idea of encour- aging a sustainability initiative in your community. Add some humor with special effects and invite guest stars from local non-profits or community groups to share their mission for a greener world. With everyone’s permission, upload to Vimeo or YouTube and post to social media.

MOTTO 3: BE A GREEN CITIZEN S.O.S. Radio – Create an internet-based radio platform and invite students, family members and communities to broadcast alive from their school or community space. Use the S.O.S. Action Guide as a prompt for conversation and interview sessions. Ask participants about local social or environmental issues, ideas for encouraging local food systems and building community.

S.O.S. Action Guide  

Tattfoo Tan has taken the role of artist to a new level with his invented boy scout personae. This "do-gooder" identity was incorporated int...

S.O.S. Action Guide  

Tattfoo Tan has taken the role of artist to a new level with his invented boy scout personae. This "do-gooder" identity was incorporated int...