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#SOS5pm S.O.S. 5p.m. is a great way to bring your community one step closer to growing food that is local and sustainable by raising chickens. The number 5 refers to the number of chickens Tattfoo keeps and “pm” stands for Poop Machine, because that’s what chickens do - they eat, they poop, and they lay eggs. Chickens need a chicken coop, which takes a great deal of planning and design, although is manageable with the help of community members and friends. Tattfoo reduced his upfront cost by using recycled and found materials like canvas stretcher bars and even his paintings, which he uses as barriers. He has also created a hencoop at The New Children’s Museum in San Diego called S.O.S. 5pmWest for the exhibition titled Feast: The Art of Playing with Your Food. You can follow the number of eggs his urban flock are laying on Twitter @tattfoo #eggcount Before taking on this project, Tattfoo recommends asking yourself the following questions:

Build Your Own Chicken Coop

Will you have surplus eggs to sell?

Tattfoo built his chicken coop with recycled woods. According to some estimates, more than 46 percent of the total U.S. hardwood lumber production is used in making moving pallets and approximately 200 million pallets end up in American municipal landfills each year. Pallets are a great source of free, usable wood available to everyone.

Can the hens roam free in your garden?

FYI: Chickens LOVE Pine Shavings

Is owning your own flock cheaper than buying eggs? Where should you place my coop? Can the chickens survive outdoors through the harsh cold winter? Will the coop attract rodents? How will you dispose of the manure?

Can your dog and cat harm the hens?

recommended resource :

Can you eat the egg-laying hens? There are many resources online to investigate answers to these questions.

Urban Chickens Podcast, The Art of the Chicken Coop http:// www.urbanchickenpodcast. com/ucp-episode-007/)

ACTION STEPS 1 - Do your research or take a class on urban chicken farming 2 - Research zoning and permitting requirements in your municipality or city 3 - Identify a site for your chicken coop in a grassy area 4 - Locate and assemble materials (wire, wood, nails, screws, fencing, heat lamps, water system) 5 - Purchase young vaccinated ready chicks from March till July 6 - Build your coop and invite friends and community members to assist in exchange for eggs 7 - Monitor your chickens health and progress daily 8 - Include neighbors, friends and family through the whole process

S.O.S. 5P.M.


S.O.S. Action Guide  

Tattfoo Tan has taken the role of artist to a new level with his invented boy scout personae. This "do-gooder" identity was incorporated int...

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