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Bike culture is growing in America and this idea piqued Tattfoo’s interest to investigate further into the cargo capability of a bicycle. In India there are vendors who use bicycles to fulfill one’s livelihood. Velocommerce is business that is dependent on the bicycle (from the French word ‘velo’ referring to bicycle). It is about the mobility of property, and it challenges notions of ownership and private capital. It is special because it exists at the intersection of entrepreneurship, mobility, sustainability, grassroots innovation, cultures, local economies and decentralized. S.O.S. Mobile Classroom was created from a unique multi-usage cargo bicycle, which functions as a mobile classroom when parked on the street or doing a workshop in a school or community event. It is a catalyst for an interesting green conversation and for spreading the message of sustainability. Tattfoo’s mobile classroom engages participants while doing workshops and provides a real-to-life scale model of what a mobile garden and a compost bin would be by hauling all the necessary equipment along.

ACTION STEPS 1 - Adapt or re-build an old bike working with your local bike shop or organization 2 - Design and plan activities you will present from your mobile classroom 3 - Gather materials for your activities from donations or reuse/recycle centers 4 - Invite local community members and friends to help you assemble your mobile classroom 5 - Finalize your designs and assemble, paint, decorate your classroom 6 - Collaborate with local schools or nonprofits to bring the mobile classroom to them! see resources



S.O.S. Action Guide  

Tattfoo Tan has taken the role of artist to a new level with his invented boy scout personae. This "do-gooder" identity was incorporated int...

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