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MAGDALENA TRUCCO june 19th 1986

Education 2004 - 2010

University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

2003- 1998

St. Georges College Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Work experience Fashion Designer: January 2012- Present, “Jazmin Chebar” , Buenos Aires, Argentina Fashion Designer: September 2009/ December 2011, “AY NOT DEAD”, Buenos Aires, Argentina Fashion Designer and founder member: May 2007 / December 2010, "dame CHANCE!", Buenos Aires, Argentina

"A.Y. NOT DEAD" is a clothing trademark inspired in rock, art and the south american reality. Every collection has a different name, theme and aesthetic. Its clients are teenagers and young people, girls and boys, many musicians and artists known in the country are regular customers. The brand exports its products to latin american countries: Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico; and UK and the USA. Some of my contributions to the collections were the following ...





"jazmĂ­n chebar" is an argentinian woman clothing trademark, characterized for its feminine style. This brand designs most of its textiles, leathers, accoutrements and processes to create every particular sample unique and in the best material quality. Its tailoring has a perfect fit, and quality control is exhaustive. Its one of the countries' leading brands in sales, design, quality and exclusivity. Its products are exported to Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Paraguay and others. My main activity in this brand is to design the accessories and leather clothing lines. I've been working on the prototypes that will be on sale for next Spring/Summer 2012 (Southern hemisfere).

"dame CHANCE!" was a copyrighted clothing trademark, created by me and a business colleague while we were in college. Our main clients were teenage and college girls. Our collections were based on casual look dresses, with colorful prints, with limited stock and low prices, aiming for high quality and exclusivity. .

1st collection



2nd collection



MAGDALENA TRUCCO june 19th 1986 1970 Jose Hernandez 1째 B, Belgrano, 1439 Buenos Aires Cell: 00 54 9 11 65760425 Email:

Magdalena Trucco  

Magdalena Trucco fashion designer porfolio

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