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Tatos Botão Empreendimentos e Investimentos, SA

Type of legal entity:

Anonymous society

Legal entity number:


Constitution date:


License nr:

58/OP1/030/2017 - 7ᵃ Classe

CAPITAL Total capital:

30.000.000,00 MTN

Realized capital:

30.000.000,00 MTN

Part of company group:



Street João de Barros, n⁰ 270 Beira, Mozambique.

Nampula Adress:

Av. Eduardo Mondlane - Millenium Center Bulding 4th Floorr, Door #31

Maputo Adress:

Av. Vladimir Lenin – Predio Millennium Park 1st Floor, Porta # 109


+258 84 58 47 830




“We empower people To do things They thought that never Could do”


ABOUT OUR COMPANY Company nationally and internationally recognized. “At Tatos we believe that people perform well when they are happy, people are happy when their talent is recognized and they are given space to act and make decisions independently. ”

Tatos Botão is a Mozambican Contractor that offers

Tatos Botão, lda. have the “Made in Mozambique” label and

solutions in construction and maintenance in real

won the “100 Best Small and medium enterprises (PME’s)”

estate, railroad and oil and gas. It is part of a Holding

award in 2015, a distinction awarded to Mozambican

company namely Tatos Holding SA, which together

companies that demonstrate consistency in growth and

with other subsidiary companies, we offer specialized

innovation, as well as being internationally renowned in

services, namely Sonhos de Abrão that works

Frankfurt, London, Monaco, Cannes, Rio de Janeiro and São

with catering, promotion and event management,

Paulo in various categories.

DSD Challenge that works with financial Education

Tatos Botão now has strategic partnerships in the railway

and Financial Business Consulting, ControlTech

and oil & gas industry with long-term contractual relations,

that works in Non-Destructive Testing, Hardface

a sign of confidence for the future, which is a huge challenge

Technology’s Mozambique, in the reconditioning of

for a Small medium enterprise, but Tatos has been able to

obsolete and / or brand-name AMV rails and / and

respond to local content, full employment In Mozambique,

Millennium Property’s, in development and real estate

and hiring specialized national technical staff.

management. “ The core business of Tatos Botão is to provide

What our clients say?

solutions in construction and maintenance in real estate, railway and oil & gas areas, as well as

It is to recognize the effort that Tatos Botão has made

non-destructive testing, namely ultrasound, x-ray and

to respond to the highly demanding standards of the

penetrating liquids.

CLN. The growth is visible. We have no complaints of

Being has emerged as a leading national company

disturbance in operations due to the road condition.

providing solutions in the railway industry, founded

This is revealing of the quality of the work being done

in 2007, its focus is on providing the customer with

Eng. Julio Nhancula. Railway and Telecom Manager- CLN.

an international standard service at competitive prices, continually developing technical capacity and resources, creating local capacity. Tatos Botão, SA positions itself as a company with integrated solutions for infrastructure maintenance, in particular railway, and can be a manpower supplier for specialized services in the field of pipeline installations and fuel tanks, special welding, Among others, operating in Sofala, Tete, Nampula and Niassa provinces, with prospects of expansion to Cabo Delgado, other parts of the country, and neighboring countries such as Malawi and Zambia....

Awards Tatos Botão


Consortium Tatos Holding, SA Tatos Botão offers several integrated solutions, through a group of joint ventures, with a vision of solidarity and driven by solid values in everything they do. Below the list of companies that make up the Tatos family of companies.







Construction and Maintenance in;

- Catering;

- Railroad;

- Organization and management

- Real estate;

of events;

- Oil and Gas;

- Rental of rooms and equipment.

- Eprocurement and Supply of materials.





- Non-destructive testing;

- Recovery of rails;

- Special welding;

- Recovery of AMVS;

- Anticorrosive treatment of

- Filling skid marks in full path.



- Certification of fuel tanks, API Standard 653.

UPGRADE - HST and RAC training;


- Technical graduation;


- Project management; - Supply of skilled labor; - Support in ISO Certification.

- Financial education; - Entrepreneurship; - Consultancy and mentoring.




MILLENNIUM PROPERTY, LTD - Property development; - Property management;

- Property development;

- Intermediation;

- Property management;

- Services.

- Intermediation; - Services.


VISSION Be present in every strategic infrastructure implementation project in Mozambique, and to lead maintenance work in the oil & gas, real estate and railway industries, using innovation and technologies, generating value for stakeholders.

MISSION Offer integrated solutions for maintenance of infrastructures, and provide manpower for specialized services in the field of pipeline installations and fuel tanks, special welding, thermal aluminum welding in the real estate industry, railway and Oil & Gas, offering the advantage of its costs And flexibility in operations.


OUR VALUES In the past 9 years that Tatos Botão is in the national market, he has been building his own way of acting day by day, being guided by certain principles and values listed below:

1. Integrity - A tradition of ethics and honest business conduct is our business philosophy, and the foundation of our entire organization. We value our sense of responsibility, transparency, impartiality and commitment. Above all, be true by saying what we think, doing what we say and acting correctly even when no one is looking.

work, based on technical quality and flexibility in order to overcome the expected results. We are globally connected and we divide the merits by successes. 7. Sustainability - We believe that our business will only make sense if we can intervene effectively in preserving the environment, improving the quality of life in the communities where we work, and in the development of human capacity and the humanization of our employees.

2. Commitment - Our sense of commitment and responsibility function as a mantra for us that compels us to honor with commitments and consider sacred goals.


3. Human Value - The human is the center of our way of being, and is our most valuable asset. Its value is reflected in its training through training, an attractive compensation and incentive policy, and a protection plan through safety, health and insurance plans.

• Deliver Quality Services to the Customer; • Provide employees with a pleasant work environment; • Be an active partner in the community, adding value; • Maintain high standards of competence and professionalism of employees;

4. Overcoming Results - We continually seek new ways to overcome our results, be they using technology or improving rudimentary processes, to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

• Continuous improvement of our services. The aspects mentioned above serve as a basis for our actions. Recognizing that sustainable best practices change and will

5. Continues improvement - We believe that there is no limits to achieve excellence in our activity roadmap. We chose to leave everything always better than it was and establish the highest standards for our services, our staff and our performance.

continue to evolve, Tatos will lead by example and serve as ambassador of environmental, social and economic sustainability. We will educate our employees, inform our customers and engage the communities in which we work to achieve those goals.

6. Collaboration and innovation - We believe in the strength of inclusive participation in everything we do and, therefore, we promote collective talent in order to create a synergy of


SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY Associated with patronage and donations, Tatos Botão promotes a concept of Social Responsibility, creating and associating with events that impact on communities. Tatos Botão association at these events enhances the company’s corporate image among stakeholders and society in general. In order to enhance the patronage and donation aspect, with growing brand awareness, Tatos started to create an Annual Plan of Action and Social Responsibility of internal nature that contains: • Number of actions planned and individual budget for each action; • An annual global patronage donation budget; • A detailed plan for each event, including the participating Tatos team; • Identification of potential protocols between Tatos Bud and social partners Tatos’ concept of social responsibility is linked to the notion of business ethics and sustainable development. Business ethics is developed with the idea that in addition to creating wealth, it is also Tatos’s duty to observe certain values, focusing our actions in the areas of Education, Culture and Environment, making these actions a bet on improving the quality People’s lives and the consolidation of our socially responsible practices.

“We educate our employees, inform our clients and involve the communities where we work, to achieve the social objectives of the company. ”

1: Education - Regarding his intervention in this area, Tatos Botão has participated in several AIESEC events, which culminated in the signing of a contractual relationship between AIESEC and Tatos Botao, in which Tatos Botão gives space for professional career development plans To the Young Talents of the organization, be they Mozambicans or coming from related countries. Tatos has also been sponsoring certain events related to the organization. Tatos Botão joined the AIESEC “Global Talents” initiative in 2016 because he believes in the vision of this organization, and sees in young people the guarantee of making the world a better place for all, without discrimination of any kind. For Tatos Botao, the best way to achieve this is to promote direct exchange among young people from all over the world, and encourage them to develop networking with strong emotional connections, thus discouraging them from attacking tomorrow when they are In the leadership of their countries and organizations. As it did in 2016, where Tatos Botão brought a young Brazilian to Mozambique for a period of six months, the company will always leave open the possibility that more AIESEC youth may come from outside Mozambique or from Mozambique to others Countries. Tatos also funded the rebuilding of Adventist School at Ponta Gea. Tatos has long funded the development of a subsidiary called its DSD Challenge, which is an institution of financial education communities

2: Environment - Tatos Botão seeks to know and comply with its customers’ Sustainable Development Policy, in combination with its own principles in the area. Among other aspects, Tatos Botao seeks: • Adopt all the environmental controls and protection necessary to comply with current environmental legislation at the country level and applicable environmental requirements; • Be responsible to the Public Authorities and third parties, for any damages caused to the environment, resulting from the execution of their activities in contracting contracts; • To meet all the requirements applicable to activities subject to works contracts, included in the standards and standards of Environmental Quality Management Systems (SGQA) of its clients; • Predict and ensure the adequacy of resources required to meet established environmental requirements, including training


of its employees; •Inform, immediately to the representative of its clients, the occurrences of non-compliance with the environmental requirements established in the contracts; • Provide the information necessary for the development of inspections and audits by the agents of the clients or public; • You should act proactively in order to avoid possible drip contamination of the soil through your equipment or in the equipment supply operation; • In the event of an accident involving equipment that implies soil / water contamination, remedy the damage caused and immediately inform the indicated entity of the client or publish. In cases of suppression of vegetation, this should be authorized by the competent entities, as it was the case in which Tatos Botão recently developed the project of weeding activity that covered more than 400 km, in the Nacala line, where it covered 25 sections / sessions Of the way in which grass cutting was carried out, totaling 418 km of weeding involving 265 people from the community who benefited from working directly on the project. Tatos Botão is in the process of developing its Environmental Quality Management System (SGQA) to affirm its commitment to the environment. 3: Community Support - During his environmental project a Tatos financed a project called “Tatos Botao - For more responsible communities”, where it had as main objective to give training on environmental education, health and teachings on railway lines. This project involved about 80 direct beneficiaries of which there were religious and community leaders and covered around 1900 people through the methodology used to replicate the same. Tatos Botão is one of the pioneer companies in Mozambique that developed the pilot project “Responsible Companies: Analysis of Social Dialogue and Social Responsibility (CSR) of Local and Foreign Companies in Mozambique”, aimed at developing a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) By private companies operating in Mozambique, with particular reference to the objectives defined in the RPA II Poverty Reduction Action Plan). The project was carried out in partnership with CEPKA - Konrad Adenauer Research Center of UCM, with its partners (Progetto Mondo MLAL - Italian NGO and ALTIS High School in Business and Society of the Catholic University del Sacro Cuore in Milan (Italy), as described below, as a basis for promoting a process of empowerment and corporate empowerment in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Partners in SRE:



AWARDS WORLD QUALITY COMMITMENT (WQC) Country: Frankfurt - Germany Category: Gold Medal Year: March in 2012

INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CROWN (IQC) Country: Longon - England Category: Platinum Medal Year: May in 2014

THE BIZZ Country: Monte Carlo - Mônaco Category: PME Empreededora Year: May in 2015

THE WINNER Country: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Category: The Winner Year: June in 2016


GRUPO SOICO Country: Maputo - Mozambique Category: 100 Melhores PME Year: May in 2016

MADE IN MOZAMBIQUE Country: Beira - Mozambique Category: Seal Year: March in 2016

EUROPE BUSSINESS ASSEMBLY Country: Cannes - France Category: Business Leadership Year: October of 2016


COMPANY MANAGERS The development of human capacity is Tatos’ key strategy to ensure the quality of its work and deliveries on time and safely. And most importantly, to ensure post-delivery assistance satisfactorily.

FELISBERTO BOTÃO Chairman of the Board of Directors

Leader of the team, being responsible in the definition of the vision, mission, and values of the company, and ensures the team’s adherence to them. @.:




Assures the normal course of the company’s daily operations, the management of available resources and, above all, ensure that the team achieves its goals. @.:administracao@tatosbotao. com

Responsible for the excussion of the activities in the operational area in order to respond and satisfy the requirement of our clients effectively. @.:pete.cacecussa@tatosbotao. com

Executive administrator


Construction Director


Projects Manager

IT & Marketing Manager

Gestora Financeira

Responsible for ensuring efficiency, the implementation of the projects in process of the company in the real estate and civil construction area at the central office level, supports the company’s logistics area.

Responsible for keeping updated and managing the entire network of information inside and outside Tatos Botão in order to create a striking image in the national and international market.

Assures, with the assistance of the accounting consultant, organized and auditable accounts and with fiscal responsibility, as well as monitors the liquidity of the company, and proposes financial investments and investments. @.:




Sails for the administrative area and human resources of the company giving support in labor matters and the compliance of all legal and administrative documentation of the company.

Manager responsible for the development of the Oil & Gas business segment, focusing on new opportunities based on the application of technologies (drilling). @. : e n o q u e . p a n g u a n a @ c o n

Human Resources Manager

Oil and gas manager

COMPANY STRUCTURE The team’s commitment to teamwork has been a focus of all members to achieve a team work status that effectively fulfills the company’s mission and gradually realizes the vision of building local capacity. Tatos Botão Holding Administrative Board Tatos Botão, S.A Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Operational Officer




Log. Aproval .and geral serv

Marketing, Comm & Social Responsability



• Operations • Project man. • And Contracts

Human Resources Quality man, environment & healthy


Legal and Tax Advice

“At Tatos we believe that people perform well when they are happy; People are happy when their talent is recognized and they are given space to act and to make decisions autonomously. However, greater autonomy of the company towards the employee means greater responsibility of the employee towards the company and its resources. We encourage the feedback culture.”


+ +

QUALIDADE ACIMA DA QUANTIDADE “O Trabalho com Qualidade, Respeito ao Meio Ambiente e Segurança, Gera Progresso e Confiança.”

14 14


ESTORIL RESIDENTIAL Client: Tatos Bot達o, Lda Status: In progress Cost forecast: 2.000.000 USD Local: Beira

MACURUNGO MULTIFUNTIONAL BUILDING Client: Tatos Bot達o, Lda Status: In Progress Cost forecast: 172.413,79 USD Local: Beira

TATOS OFFICE Client: Tatos Bot達o, Lda Status: Finished Successfully Cost: 310.314,82 USD Local: Beira

PARTY ROOM Expansion and alteration of partyroom Client: Tatos Bot達o, Lda Status: In progress Cost forecast: 120.689,65 USD Local: Beira


APARTMENT CHANGE T1 FOR T2 Client: Sábado João Botão Status: In progress Custo: 22.622.75 USD Local: Beira

DSD CHALLENGE OFFICE Client: DSD Challenge Status: Successfully finished Forecast cost: 7.332,31 USD Local: Beira

COMERCIAL SPACE Client: Tatos Botão, Lda Status: In progress Forecast cost: 7.000.000,00 USD Local: Beira




PERMANENT ROAD MAINTENANCE Client: CLN - Corredor Logístico do Norte Status: In progress Cost: 6,516,686.77 USD Local: Linha de Nacala, 680 km

CONSERVATION AND MAINTANANCE OF PERMANENT ROAD Client: Vale Status: Succesfully finished Cost: 2,235,310.84 USD Local: Beira Port & coal mine in Moatize

CONSTRUCTION OF THE STAKER LINE PHASE 1 Client: OAS International Status: Successfully finished Cost: 447,920.13 USD Local: Beira

CONSTRUCTION OF THE STAKER LINE PHASE 2 Client: Corredor Logístico do Norte Status: Successfully finished Cost: 386,709.61 USD Local: Nacala-a-velha


LOWERING THE LINE ON VIADUCTS Client: Corredor de Desenvolvimento do Norte Status: Successfully finished Cost: 676,356.88 USD Local: Nacala Porto

STACK LINE RAIL WELDING Client: Vale e Rio Tinto Status: Successfully finished Cost: 81,427.91 USD Local: Beira coal terminal

WELDING OF MOATIZE PATIO RAILWAYS EXPANSION Client: cR20 Status: Successfully finished Cost: 45,942.32 USD Local: Courtyard of the Vale in Moatize

VALE LOCOMOTIVE WORKSHOP CONSTRUCTION Client: Odebrecht Internacional Status: Successfully finished Cost: 239,856.34 USD Local: Beira


CONSTRUCTION OF A Â PARTICULAR DEVIATION Client: Beira Grain Terminal Estado: Successfully finished Cost: 250,841.92 USD Local: Beira

SUSPENSION CONSTRUCTION AT THE LOCOMOTIVE WORKSHOP Client: Vale Mozambique Status: Successfully finished Cost: 83,144.00 USD Local: Beira

BEIRA COAL TERMINAL Client: Odebrecht internacional Status: Successfully finished Cost: 194,889.18 USD Local: Beira


OIL & GAS PROJECTS Tatos BotĂŁo recently introduced to its portfolio the oil and gas services in partnership with Silverwing, through its subsidiary ControlTech where they provide to Mozambican market with non-destructive testing services in storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines and other critical components that Are designed for Processing Industry, Energy Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Fuel Terminals where human error or mechanical structural failures of such equipment can result in serious local accident.



PROJECTS FOR MORE RESPONSIBLE COMMUNITIES Benefited: Religious and community leaders Invested: 7.723,87 USD Local: Bases da Vida, Nampula

WEEDIING IN RAILWAY SECTIONS Benefited: Religious and community leaders Invested: 240.260,63 USD Local: Bases da Vida, Nampula


COMPANY RESUME 2017 Real estate Railway Oil & Gas

Telephone: +258 84 58 47 830 E-mail: site:

Tatos Botão, SA. Enterprises and investments

Beira, Mozambique. Rua João de Barros, no 270

Tatos Botão Company Profile  
Tatos Botão Company Profile