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Artistic Year Javier Ruiz 8th “B”

Index • Contests I. Poetry II. Short story III. Origami IV. CDA Idol V. Journalism VI. Photography •. Assemblies

Poetry • Students have to learn poems and say them in a contest. 1. The winner of poetry was: Lucia Cabrera

Short story • Here the students have to write stories and the best story win. 3rd place Adriana Arenas.

Origami • The students have make figures with paper.

CDA idol • Here the students have to sing and the best singer win the contest.

Journalism • Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level

Photography • Here the students need to take pictures and the best picture win.

Assemblies • The assemblies in what have passed in the year are: 1. Artistic year 2. Independence


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