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TATJANA MEDINA Candidate for 2012 Batch Representative

MISSION I aim to be able to maximize and utilize the potential of each and every batchmate, to bring out the best in him/her while at the same time productively contributing to the progress in the organization.

VISION I envision my batchmates going beyond themselves, fostering unity and active participation in achieving a common goal regardless of limitations.

PROPOSED PLANS AND PROJECTS BATCH UNITY Regular batch bonding activities such as get-togethers and evening gatherings will be organized. We will have at least one major event that will be preferably out of town to be able to just relax, bond and escape from the academics.

ACADEMIC CONCERNS I will organize a centralized distribution of review materials to ensure that everyone will have equal access. INTER-BATCH RELATIONS Building better relationships with not just the batch but also with other batches will be made possible through the help of other batch representatives by providing opportunities and events that will lead to the interaction of the batches. INFORMATION DISSEMINATION I will promptly relay batch concerns to the Executive Committee to make sure that the batch’s voice is heard. To ensure that all of my batchmates will be informed, the dissemination of information will be improved by consistently posting on the 12s FB group and sending text messages.


Tatjana Medina