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December 12, 2017, MĂźnchenbryggeriet

“We are the Armani-meets-Apple company” Jewelry integrated with electronics for seamless

On Sale Smart Jewelry

- Authentication (payments etc.) - Medical Monitoring - Mobile Interaction

Advanced SmartWatches


Mobile Interaction

Contact: +46730225095



Medical Monitoring On hold   (Prototype)   Medical Wearables    

Problem Increasing water scarcity is a growing concern. Companies are becoming more conscious of the need for water management, and investors are demanding greater public disclosure. The underlying water data today is often tracked manually, inferred from other metrics - or just plain guessed - leading to unreliable reporting.

Arque’s Solution A cloud-based system integrating with sensors to make water management data collection and reporting easier and more reliable, allowing corporations to monitor and improve on their water usage.

Contact Teresa Hunkeler, M.Eng, MBA Montreal, Canada +1 514 576 8523



Established: 2016 Price comparison launched March 2017 Founders work full time since August 2017 New site in beta testing with planned launch beginning December 2017

COMPANY Bikejungle AB Bågspännarvägen 8 132 43 Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden CEO & Founder: Christian Pedersen +46 (0)707 811191 CTO & Founder: Anders Andersen +46(0)707 961967


The global cycling retail market is a $50 billion industry which makes it the largest sporting goods industry in the world There are globally around 100 million dedicated cyclists There are more bicycles than cars in the world The market is flooded with brands, products and product standards which makes it difficult to know what to buy. What products are good? What suit me or my bike?

THE SOLUTION Bikejungle is a global social shopping community for cyclists, where users can give each other product advice, find top rates products and compare prices. Our goal is to make it easier for cyclists from all over the world to find the best cycling products for them. We connect the cycling market and the combined cycling product knowledge. Who could really give better advice than a fellow cyclist?

WHAT OUR FIRST USERS SAY Here are some of the testimonials from our first users and beta testers ”The information is very valuable” -Steven, UK

“The recommendation part is new and exciting” -Henrik, Sweden

NEXT STEPS • Launch of new social platform December 2017

• Close seed funding

”This will be a very useful site to me” -Jon, Sweden

"BøthOfUS​ ​"​ ​is​ ​a​ ​ ​Stockholm,Sweden​ ​based​ ​company​ ​with​ ​a​ ​goal​ ​of​ ​doing​ ​social impact​ ​projects.    Our​ ​goal​ ​is​ ​to​ ​help​ ​United​ ​Nations​ ​in​ ​reaching​ ​its​ ​SDG​ ​goals​ ​by​ ​the​ ​year​ ​2030,​ ​we  have​ ​selected​ ​5​ ​industries​ ​to​ ​work,​ ​which​ ​are​ ​as​ ​follows  ● Education​ ​(​ ​should​ ​reach​ ​all,​ ​irrespective​ ​of​ ​caste,​ ​sex​ ​or​ ​geographical​ ​origin​ ​of  a​ ​person)  ● Women​ ​safety​ ​(any​ ​women​ ​should​ ​feel​ ​safe​ ​as​ ​same​ ​and​ ​confident)  ● Child​ ​safety​ ​(​ ​Stopping​ ​child​ ​harassment​ ​in​ ​cyber,​ ​physical​ ​world)  ● Inclusion​ ​(Any​ ​foreign​ ​person​ ​in​ ​a​ ​country​ ​should​ ​feel​ ​included​ ​in​ ​the​ ​society,  since​ ​exclusion​ ​leads​ ​to​ ​more​ ​dangerous​ ​activities​ ​by​ ​them)   ● Clean​ ​Energy​ ​(​ ​to​ ​support,​ ​no​ ​carbon​ ​by​ ​2040​ ​bill​ ​of​ ​EU)   The​ ​areas​ ​which​ ​we​ ​work​ ​on​ ​are   ● Tech​ ​(​ ​Android,​ ​iOS​ ​and​ ​web​ ​development)   ● Design​ ​(​ ​Scandinavian​ ​style​ ​of​ ​simplistic​ ​design)   ● Illustration​ ​(​ ​Children​ ​and​ ​for​ ​grown​ ​up​ ​as​ ​well)  ● We​ ​work​ ​with​ ​clients​ ​as​ ​a​ ​service​ ​provider​ ​with​ ​our​ ​competences,​ ​we​ ​are​ ​a  small​ ​team​ ​of​ ​8​ ​people​ ​in​ ​Sweden​ ​and​ ​4​ ​overseas​ ​(​ ​Brazil,​ ​Pakistan,​ ​Russian,  Syrian)​ ​developers.  0768688418

OVERVIEW Cafiend is a consultancy with a core competency in User Experience Design and Branding. The company has recently started consulting in the area of Virtual Reality, with a focus on the physical presentation of virtual reality experiences, and their biomedical applications. Cafiend was founded in the 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, under the name Aartwolf, and has since expanded beyond Australia as Cafiend Singapore. Clients so far have included the Singapore government, Ignite VR, and various small to medium enterprises in Australia. As an equal opportunities employer, Cafiend seeks to maximize the potential of traditionally neglected segments of the workforce – older workers, non-neurotypicals and other power minorities, bringing their skills to clients who may be intimidated by larger consultancies that are seen as hard to work with. As a company, Cafiend is committed to delivering projects in a timely manner at a high quality without the fuss and bureaucracy of larger organizations. Cafiend is currently seeking business opportunities in Sweden and the Nordic region, and will be expanding remote operations in the coming years. CONTACT

Vivienne Koh







Social media marketing Give easy

Help many

Save time

Get insight

No.1 charity destination Lower collection costs More money to charity

Less time and money consumed. More fundings to charity. Simple as that. GET IN TOUCH! AMANDA NORENBERG +46 768 88 95 98 CHARIFYSWEDEN@GMAIL.COM - one platform, thousands solutions

Accounting software: customize or integrate? Both options have their problems. Accounting or ERP software is used by each company and one would expect it to be the central piece of IT infrastructure. However, in reality, companies choose often to run specialized software to power their daily operations (I.e. e-commerce software, branch specific project management solutions, etc.) and integrate it with accounting software via some kind of API or batch import procedures. These integrations are costly and tend to break. The integration problems exacerbate with increased usage of cloud-based accounting software. In ideal world, there would be little need for integrations and operational software would be an integral part of company ERP. Usually such an ideal and desired state is difficult to achieve due to limitations imposed by existing ERP software. Cloud based one tends to be quite rigid in its structure and functionality. Desktop based ERP software in top price segment allows for some sort of customization and extensibility but the typical procedure tends to be complex and requires both low-level programming skills and understanding of internal ERP architecture. This makes customizations quite expensive. Moreover, any customization of this kind can create a conflict whenever update to a newer version of ERP is attempted – sometimes making all future upgrades impossible. Considering all this, many companies choose just to leave accounting / ERP software “as is” and face all the problems related to integration instead.__________________________________________________________________

Answer: web-based ERP with built-in customization and integration platform. Codejig ERP has been built to address the problem of flexibility. Each company gets its own personalized ERP application instance which is hosted in cloud or on premises. Besides of ERP application, each company gets its own cloudbased instance of Codejig Builder – a new lowcode web development platform that is used to customize and update ERP application instance. Builder features a number of rapid application development tools like drag and drop UI editor, object editor, etc. Its most striking feature is a visual built-in programming language, CJ blocks. It is very simple, powerful, and allows compilation to / mixing with Java or JavaScript programming languages. All ERP business logic is open and free to be modified. Customizations of ERP instance are easy, fast (take a few minutes) and most of the time could be done by non-developers – synchronization of database structure happens A piece of ‘code’ in CJ blocks visual language automatically. The problem of upgrade to a new version of ERP is solved with an advanced versioning and merging subsystem. We look for a partner company or an investor that would be interested in localization of Codejig ERP and support of company operations in Sweden. For inquiries, please contact Vasyl Biletskyy ( or Vadym Kozyak ( Codejig Ltd. +38 095 7586327 Y.Slipoho St. 7, 79017 Lviv, Ukraine

Rebuilding learner drivers’ education with technology. STORY: During the summer of 2015 Arish’s mother was learning to drive. From the get go, it was clear that simply arranging the first driving lesson was a complicated and anxious process. Today, his 17year-old sister is experiencing the same process and she is already stressed. Having a driver’s license is one of life’s big milestones. It gives freedom - driving to work, driving to school, keeping in touch with friends & family, all on one’s own terms. It’s exciting!

PROBLEM: The learner drivers’ education today has problems of low availability, weak competition, poor selection of driver instructors, expensive prices, high costs for operating a driving school, big illegal market, poor educational experiences, and a fragmented market. In Sweden alone, over 250,000 practical driving tests are conducted each year. However, the pass rate remains below 50%, and decreasing yearly. SOLUTION: Corso is changing the way people take their driver’s license by connecting students with suitable driving instructors, and with the help of new tools and technology create safer drivers. Our marketplace platform helps students find lesson pricing near them and driving schools can quickly earn extra cash with a reliable stream of Corso students. PRODUCT:


Language availabilities

Detailed lesson reports

1. Enter a postcode

GPS route tracking

2. See local prices

Digital tools

Learn faster & smarter

Flexible time slots

3. Book & Pay securely

Save time & money

4. Start driving with instructor

ROADMAP: First product in development and testing during Nov-Dec, preparing for ready Beta in Q1 2018. We are looking to raise a pre-seed round (€100K investment) closing in May 2018. The money will create a runway to work on product-market fit, customer development, early marketing efforts, and revenue. Plan to raise further round in 12 months to turn up heat on marketing and expanding the team. TEAM: Arish has 8+ years experience from PwC, QLTY+ Consulting, Schibsted Growth, and latest at SUP46 & Danske Bank as Country Manager for Meyser has for the last 2 years been working at a pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, as Business Analyst in Business Intelligence with responsibility for 7 countries. Arish Karadaghi B.Sc. in Int. Business & Marketing @Uppsala University

Meyser Abduljabbar M.Sc. in Industrial Management @KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)

Product & Marketing

Growth & Analytics

Industry: Marketplace, Edtech, SaaS Founded: 2016 HQ: Stockholm, Sweden Backed by: City of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2016, Schibsted - Digital Idea of the Year 2016. Contact: Arish Karadaghi, and +46736769399

Join us on this road trip!


ECobloom Smart indoor farming

Our vision is to empower people to grow their own food more locally in a fun and interactive way. We want to help create a better and more sustainable world for future generations. We want to revolutionize the way we grow food.

Agriculture accounts for more than 800 litres of water consumed per person/day.

More than 1 billion tonnes of food gets lost or wasted every year.

Millions of hectares of agricultural land is lost each year due to erosion.

By 2050, we’ll need twice as much water as a result of the rapidly growing population.

Food waste creates methane, which makes up 7% of total greenhouse emissions.

Most agricultural techniques are old and inefďŹ cient.

A miniature greenhouse and a smart self-sustaining aquarium. One ecosystem that empowers you to grow your own fresh and organic food, all year round. Place your garden anywhere in your home, and control it from anywhere in the world, right from the palm of your hand. OUR SOLUTION


Plant & GROW

Watch & Control

eat & enjoy



Pesticide Free

Faster 2X Growth

90% More Water Efficient

Higher Yields

No Soil

– Trade your knowledge –

Sports! We all love to do something. But how do you become better – or even the best – at what you are doing? We at Exercite strive to empower each individual and give them the knowledge and inspiration to reach their full potential. If you are the one who already knows how to skate faster, jump higher, shoot harder or throw more accurately, why not sell that knowledge to those who wishes to learn? It should be easy to share, trade and profit. Ignore the big companies and reach out directly to your followers. Just because you are not yet a superstar or a household name, does not mean that your knowledge is invaluable. Share and profit from what YOU know and love! Maybe you have already reached the elite, in which case most of us would really want to know how you got there! Exercite is a digital market place that makes it easy to trade knowledge via compilations of videorecorded exercises. As a subscriber to your favorite sports profile or your local gym hero, you get a view of their success down to the last quality detail. Get inspired, learn, play, re-play and become your best! Get exercited!

Exercite AB Sweden

Gamification Nation has recently been awarded the industry’s Outstanding Gamification Award recognised and validated by peers within the industry. After 5 years of servicing clients with bespoke gamification solutions and consistently growing turnover year on year, we are looking to develop a software with a service solution through our adaptive gamified behavioural nudging platform called On-Track Buddy. The challenge for our clients (like most companies today) to engage employees either to actively learn more, develop their career, move forward in leadership ability, be more productive and be healthier. What we found For each of them we developed tailored solutions and found that the platforms on the market today, require a lot of tweaking and bespoke development to deliver an effective solution. We also learned that motivation is actually different for different people with organisational culture also influencing what works well in different organisations. Our solution: On- Track Buddy A gamified behavioural nudging platform to stimulate learning, productivity, career and leadership development and performance. We see it as a software with a service solution residing in both the EdTech, OD and HR tech space because of its application for learning, HR and productivity. What we know from our own work and people speaking and working in the industry is that most systems push content/learning to people, track work but don’t encourage development nor performance. What we all strive for is people to be ‘pulled’ into our solutions and keep returning, Netflix is a shining example of people being pulled into a platform. They are prompted, nudged, receive recommendations based on some of their behaviours, see recommendations from their peers, we believe that we have the knowledge, experience and skills to create a solution that will personalise the employee experience for each and every individual employee and constantly engage them to be more productive and upskill themselves. Our business model The business model will be modular licenses per users and consultancy for design when required. We recommend that clients purchase licenses with design consultancy so they are optimised for the specific organisations in a software with a service agreement. Currently two of our existing clients are interested in being part of any beta development for their organisation. The investment we are seeking is 4 million SEK to develop the platform from conception to scale-able. We have a number of development options available one being IBM’s Bluemix Garage, others include outsourced development whilst we continue to service our existing clients. Contact details: An Coppens Company No. 08145023 • Registered Office: Gamification Nation Ltd, Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK Tel: (+44) 0845 056 9828

Globuzzer is a Travelers' Social Network, that works as a travel guide for new arrivals for a city by providing information about the city as short direct tips that are generated from the locals and travelers' experiences, building also a data network among major cities around the world.

Also, it provides multiple services such as website developing, marketing, event managements, galleries. It was established last year with the help of KTH innovation office.

Contact details: Jovita Markuckyte Communication Manager at Globuzzer +46 73 555 5134

Find the world’s healthiest activities for sustainable behaviour change

Need: When receiving a diagnosis for a chronic condition, people are left with challenging daily situations. Doctors and nurses will not have enough time to look after each patient 24/7. A person with a chronic condition needs to feel confident in making the best decisions for a sustainable lifestyle on their condition.

Approach: We empower individuals with a chronic condition to maintain healthy behaviours by learning from the successes of people in a similar life situation and with similar goals. Social connections and information exchange across peers and carers are one of the most powerful and also underused drivers of behaviour change and self-care empowerment. HealthiHabits has engineered a technology involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Behavioural Economics so that an individual 1) receives personalised and instant support in any situation, considering personal life situation and overall goals that lead to more effective decision making in daily situations. 2) is connected, guided and motivated in their daily lives with other peers. With HealthiHabits, a patient knows better what they can do, how they can do it, and stay on track and motivated -integrated with clinical visits and education programs.

Target Market: Diabetes is leading cause of death & disability, 422 million suffer worldwide at growing rate. Our initial market is the B2C consumer driven care market (has strongest overall growth of all digital health markets) of people with a diabetic condition & relatives and carers.

Team: The core team consists of a seasoned CEO, a head of tech (experienced in health IT), head of medical (MD and experienced in health markets). We seek two additional core members very soon, heading Product and Commercialisation. Contact Christian Guttmann:, +46707419945.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus for updates.


HorsePep – your digital training arena for horseback riding Short overview HorsePep is developing a digital training arena to help horseback riders progress faster by reducing travelling time, training costs and logistics. Only by using a smartphone and livestream video the rider can train remotely and the trainer can coach from anywhere. Contact Jenny Strühle, CEO & Founder. Mobile: 070-318 70 75. E-mail:

Our mission

Contribute to happier horses, humans and environment through smarter training.

Problem How do you progress as a horseback rider? Through frequent training. But training within the equestrian sports has always been done in the same way. The rider travels to the trainer with the horse or the trainer travels to the rider. HorsePep want to change this. Why? Because there are a lot of problems that hinders riders from training as often as they want and need. What are these problems? Lack of time, high training prices, long distances between riders and skilled trainers and logistics with transportation of a horse. The trainers are struggeling with time consuming travelling, building the right customer base and how to grow their business. All this is a big problem worldwide for many of the 90 million riders and trainers. Solution HorsePep is connecting riders and trainers so they can meet more often and progress faster. The rider is filmed with a smartphone, this is livestreamed to the trainer who watch and coach in real time from anywhere. The training session is being recorded and saved so the rider can watch it after, reflect and learn more. On the platform you can also find new trainers, read recommendations and get inspired through qualitive content. With HorsePep riders save time, money and progress faster. The trainers become more mobile, efficient and can scale up their business. This is a way to make the equestrian sport more accessible through tech, democratize it and grow (female) entrepreneurship. And last but not least – we can reduce travelling and harmful impact on the environment.

Nowadays, small number of managers is greatly impressed with their team’s performances and ability to focus on the most important things. A lot of managers feel the pressure to keep people motivated to meet company’s objectives and feel happy in the same time. That could be solved by creating ecosystem, that align all the processes (recruitment, goal setting, enrolling processes, learning and development, etc.) by strategical priorities and values of the company. “In Power Training” is providing consultancy and training programs that create this positive environment in the workplace, by making strategy, company’s culture and employee’s potential converge and transform in outstanding results! We also help to boost personal development of individuals in Stockholm, especially team managers and leaders, who will be able to build best strategies in the future! That is why we provide corporate and individual development programs:

The main output of the delivered services is to build healthy corporate culture in Swedish companies, engaging best talents and growing them to achieve unprecedented results!

Facebook: Twitter: @IPT_consulting Instagram: @inpowertraining

E-mail: Phone: (+46) 76 11 555 05 Address: Luntmakargatan 25, 111 37 Stockholm, Sweden

When you visit a museum, not necessarily a famous or big one, if you don't know anything about its subject there's the risk you won't really appreciate what the location has to offer. Sometimes when you read the exhibition descriptions, you may find very few information or, on the contrary, too much (e.g. people who aren’t learned in the field may feel uncomfortable in some situations). A similar case may arise when you are a tourist and you visit a museum which has descriptions only in a language that is different from yours. From a management point of view, it could be useful to understand what are the most visited expositions or the museum works in front of which the visitors linger more. Especially in large museums, it could be useful to know what are the most visited rooms in order to find a better management of the entrances, guards’ turns or cleaning time. To solve and improve the museum experience we propose to invest in a platform that uses AI to address all these issues. What we are proposing is an indoor/outdoor infrastructure, that can be extensively installed in museums and cultural sites, made principally of displays with which the user will be able to interact. These terminals will offer a user-friendly UI, which will represent the main source of interaction with an artificial intelligence, capable of interpreting natural language to answer questions made by the visitors. The AI will be able to give answers and detailed information regarding the context (museum, room or cabinet) in which the corresponding terminal is installed, also give valuable managerial insight to the museum administration. Usually museums get their funds from governmental entities, and often specifically from the municipalities in which they are located. Those are the organizations we consider as our possible customers, as they will be the ones to accept or decline our proposal and decide to fund the museums (and eventually also our development) in order to equip them with our system. We are also planning to get the attention of private funding institutes, museums and cultural sites to promote our solution as much as possible. So, mainly, entities such as the Ministry of Culture would be our direct customers, while the museums themselves would be some kind of indirect customers. Nevertheless, the latter are the ones with which we are going to communicate after the selling, as to the matters related to the installation and maintenance of the system. This means we, as an organization, would be available to answer directly to the needs of our indirect customers, namely the museums and cultural sites involved in the purchase. The needs of these entities concern mainly the spreading of cultural content, making visitors to know what each museum has to offer and understanding how their internal resources should be better spent. These are exactly the matters we are addressing with our idea. Moreover, through some deeply thought analysis, we have come to the conclusion that our system would certainly lead to a larger income for the aforementioned public and cultural entities, especially because of the consequent increase in the interest and number of visitors. Another important aspect is that the system would help museums and touristic sites that are looking for a better visibility and by this increase the general turnover of the cultural administration. Contacts: Michael Ogbuachi (, Francesca Sartini (, Martina Nigri (

倀 漀 氀 愀爀 椀 稀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 椀 猀  漀渀  琀栀攀   爀 椀 猀攀   琀栀攀   眀漀爀 氀 搀ⴀ漀 瘀攀 爀㬀   猀 漀挀椀 愀氀   愀渀搀  琀爀 愀搀椀 琀椀 漀渀愀氀   洀攀 搀椀 愀  愀爀 攀   昀 攀 攀 搀椀 渀最  渀 攀 最 愀 琀 椀 瘀攀   攀 渀 攀 爀 最 礀㬀   瘀椀 漀 氀 攀 渀 挀 攀 Ⰰ   搀 椀 猀 挀 爀 椀 洀椀 渀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 猀 攀 最 爀 攀 最 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 漀渀    愀渀搀    愀爀 攀   戀愀爀 爀 椀 攀 爀 猀  昀 漀爀  礀漀甀琀栀 琀漀  爀 攀 愀挀栀  琀栀攀 椀 爀  昀 甀氀 氀   瀀漀琀攀 渀琀椀 愀氀 ⸀   圀栀愀 琀ᤠ 猀  琀栀攀   猀 漀氀 甀琀椀 漀渀㼀   圀栀愀 琀  欀椀 渀搀  漀昀   眀漀爀 氀 搀  愀爀 攀   眀攀   栀愀渀搀椀 渀最  琀漀  琀栀攀   渀攀 眀  最 攀 渀攀 爀 愀 琀椀 漀渀㼀

⸀ 䰀 礀猀 猀 渀 愀  倀 愀  伀 猀 猀   一 甀 ℀   ⠀ 氀 礀猀 猀 渀 愀瀀 愀漀猀 猀 ⸀ 渀 甀 ⤀   椀 猀   琀 栀 攀   瘀漀 椀 挀 攀   漀 昀   琀 漀 搀 愀 礀ᤠ 猀   礀漀 甀 琀 栀 ⸀   䤀 琀 ᤠ 猀   愀  搀 椀 最 椀 琀 愀氀   瀀 氀 愀 琀 昀 漀 爀 洀  眀栀 攀 爀 攀   礀漀 甀 琀 栀   昀 爀 漀 洀  愀氀 氀   漀 瘀攀 爀   琀 栀 攀   眀漀 爀 氀 搀   挀 愀渀 Ⰰ

攀 砀瀀 爀 攀 猀 猀   琀 栀 攀 椀 爀   瘀椀 攀 眀猀   愀渀 搀   攀 砀瀀 攀 爀 椀 攀 渀 挀 攀 猀   琀 栀 爀 漀 甀 最 栀   洀甀猀 椀 挀 Ⰰ   瘀椀 搀 攀 漀猀 Ⰰ   戀 氀 漀 最 猀 Ⰰ   愀渀 搀   愀渀 漀 渀 礀洀漀 甀猀   瀀 漀猀 琀 猀 ⸀

  瀀 愀爀 琀 椀 挀 椀 瀀 愀 琀 攀 椀 渀   洀甀猀 椀 挀 Ⰰ   琀 漀 甀 爀 猀   愀渀 搀   洀椀 挀 爀 漀 ⴀ 攀 瘀攀 渀 琀 猀   愀爀 漀 甀 渀 搀   礀攀 愀爀 氀 礀  琀 栀 攀 洀攀 猀 ⸀

挀 漀 氀 氀 愀戀 漀 爀 愀 琀 攀 眀椀 琀 栀   漀 爀 最 愀渀 椀 猀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀猀 Ⰰ   愀猀 猀 漀 挀 椀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀猀 Ⰰ   愀渀 搀   挀 漀 洀洀甀 渀 椀 琀 礀 ⸀

䈀 甀 琀 Ⰰ   椀 渀   琀 栀 攀   栀 礀 瀀 攀 爀 ⴀ 挀 氀 甀 琀 琀 攀 爀 攀 搀   猀 瀀 愀挀 攀   漀 昀   琀 攀 挀 栀 ⴀ 猀 琀 愀 爀 琀 甀 瀀 猀   愀 渀 搀   搀 椀 最 椀 琀 愀 氀   瀀 氀 愀 琀 昀 漀 爀 洀猀 Ⰰ   栀 漀 眀  搀 漀 攀 猀   愀  渀 攀 眀  猀 琀 愀 爀 琀 甀 瀀   洀愀 欀 攀   椀 琀 猀   瘀 漀 椀 挀 攀   栀 攀 愀 爀 搀   愀 戀 漀 瘀 攀   琀 栀 攀   渀 漀 椀 猀 攀 㼀   伀 甀 爀   琀 攀 愀 洀  漀 昀   洀愀 爀 欀 攀 琀 攀 爀 猀 Ⰰ   瀀 攀 愀挀 攀   氀 漀 瘀 攀 爀 猀 Ⰰ   攀 渀 琀 爀 攀 瀀 爀 攀 渀 攀 甀 爀 猀 Ⰰ   洀甀 猀 椀 挀   椀 渀 搀 甀 猀 琀 爀 礀   猀 瀀 攀 挀 椀 愀 氀 椀 猀 琀 猀 Ⰰ   愀 渀 搀   猀 漀 昀 琀 眀愀 爀 攀   搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 攀 爀 猀   ⸀ 愀 琀   䠀 愀 瀀 瀀 攀 渀 椀 渀 最   匀 瀀 椀 爀 愀 氀   挀 愀 洀攀   甀 瀀   眀椀 琀 栀   愀  甀 渀 椀 焀 甀 攀   猀 漀 氀 甀 琀 椀 漀 渀   琀 漀   氀 愀甀 渀 挀 栀   䰀 礀 猀 猀 渀 愀  倀 愀  伀 猀 猀   一 甀 ℀ 䤀 渀   挀 漀 氀 氀 愀 戀 漀 爀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀   眀椀 琀 栀   刀 漀 戀 椀 渀   䘀 漀 甀 渀 搀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 Ⰰ   眀攀   挀 栀 漀 猀 攀   猀 琀 爀 攀 攀 琀   瘀椀 漀 氀 攀 渀 挀 攀   愀猀   漀 甀 爀   氀 愀甀 渀 挀 栀   琀 栀 攀 洀攀   愀 渀 搀   戀 攀 最 愀 渀   眀椀 琀 栀   琀 栀 攀   椀 搀 攀 愀  漀 昀   挀 爀 漀 眀搀 猀 漀 甀 爀 挀 椀 渀 最   琀 栀 攀   眀漀 爀 氀 搀 ᤠ 猀   氀 漀 渀 最 攀 猀 琀   猀 漀 渀 最 ⸀   䄀渀 搀   椀 琀   眀漀 爀 欀 攀 搀 ℀   栀 攀   瀀 氀 愀 琀 昀 漀 爀 洀  戀 攀 琀 愀  眀愀猀   爀 攀 挀 攀 渀 琀 氀 礀   氀 愀甀 渀 挀 栀 攀 搀   漀 渀   ㄀ 㜀 ⴀ 一 漀 瘀  愀 渀 搀   栀 愀猀   最 愀 椀 渀 攀 搀   猀 琀 爀 漀 渀 最   猀 甀 瀀 瀀 漀 爀 琀   吀 昀 爀 漀 洀  礀 漀 甀 渀 最   愀 爀 琀 椀 猀 琀 猀 Ⰰ   洀甀 猀 椀 挀   挀 漀 洀洀甀 渀 椀 琀 礀 Ⰰ   愀猀 猀 漀 挀 椀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀猀 Ⰰ   愀 渀 搀   洀攀 搀 椀 愀⸀ 吀 栀 攀   洀漀 瘀 攀 洀攀 渀 琀   椀 猀   最 爀 漀 眀椀 渀 最   愀 渀 搀   眀攀   愀 爀 攀   琀 愀 爀 最 攀 琀 椀 渀 最   昀 甀 氀 氀   洀漀 戀 椀 氀 攀   瀀 氀 愀 琀 昀 漀 爀 洀  氀 愀甀 渀 挀 栀   椀 渀   匀 瀀 爀 椀 渀 最   ㈀   ㄀ 㠀 ⸀

刀 攀 愀 搀 礀   琀 漀   挀 栀 愀 渀 最 攀   琀 栀 攀   眀漀 爀 氀 搀 㼀   匀 琀 愀 爀 琀   戀 礀   樀 漀 椀 渀 椀 渀 最   愀 渀 搀   猀 甀 瀀 瀀 漀 爀 琀 椀 渀 最   甀 猀   漀 渀   漀 甀 爀   樀 漀 甀 爀 渀 攀 礀 Ⰰ

吀 漀 最 攀 琀 栀 攀 爀   眀攀   愀爀 攀   猀 琀 爀 漀 渀 最 攀 爀 ℀ ⸀ 䰀 礀猀猀渀愀 倀愀 伀猀猀 一甀℀  椀猀 愀 瀀爀漀樀攀挀琀 漀昀 䠀愀瀀瀀攀渀椀 渀最 匀瀀椀 爀愀氀 䔀欀漀渀漀洀椀猀欀 䘀爀攀渀椀 渀最 伀爀最⸀  一爀⸀  㜀㘀㤀㘀㌀㌀ⴀ㐀 㤀㠀 倀攀搀爀漀 吀愀氀愀瘀攀爀愀Ⰰ  嘀䐀 ⠀ ⤀㜀㌀ 㜀㈀ 㔀㌀ 㠀㄀  䔀ⴀ洀愀椀 氀㨀  椀 渀昀漀䀀氀 礀猀猀渀愀瀀愀漀猀猀⸀ 渀甀 圀攀戀㨀  眀眀眀⸀ 栀愀瀀瀀攀渀椀 渀最猀瀀椀 爀愀氀⸀ 挀漀洀 眀眀眀⸀ 氀 礀猀猀渀愀瀀愀漀猀猀⸀ 渀甀  䄀搀搀爀攀猀猀㨀  挀⼀漀 䔀爀椀 挀 䘀爀椀猀攀氀氀Ⰰ  倀 䜀 嘀攀樀搀攀猀 嘀最 㠀 氀最栀 ㄀㄀ ㄀Ⰰ   ㌀㔀㈀ 㔀㈀Ⰰ  嘀砀樀

MAMIO Enabling​ ​our​ ​seniors​ ​to​ ​feel​ ​independent​ ​again. 

Poor​ ​sight​ ​increases​ ​with​ ​age along​ ​with​ ​the​ ​need​ ​for​ ​medication,​ ​particularly​ ​among​ ​seniors.  Not​ ​reading​ ​properly​ ​the​ ​inscriptions​ ​on​ ​the​ ​medicine​ ​box  —​ ​which​ ​may​ ​result​ ​in​ ​taking​ ​the​ ​wrong​ ​medicine,​ ​the  wrong​ ​dosage​ ​—​ ​or​ ​simply​ ​forgetting​ ​to​ ​take​ ​the  medication,​ ​does​ ​impact​ ​the​ ​During​ ​the​ ​medicine​ ​intake. 

MAMIO​ ​is​ ​an​ ​Artificial Intelligence-based​ ​solution  for​ ​monitoring​ ​the​ ​medicine​ ​intake.   It​ ​implements​ ​Image​ ​recognition​​ ​and​ T ​ ext-to-speech  algorithms,​ ​at​ ​hand​ ​and​ ​in​ ​a​ ​user-friendly​ ​way.  Data​ ​are​ ​sent​ ​to​ ​the​ ​cloud​ ​and​ ​secured.  There,​ ​magic​ ​happens​ ​to​ ​make​ ​the​ ​future​ ​of​ ​our​ ​solution​ ​even​ ​smarter:​ ​sending​ ​to​ ​users,​ ​and​ ​to  their​ ​relatives​ ​or​ ​chosen​ ​contacts,​ ​timely​ ​reminders​ ​to​ ​keep​ ​up​ ​with​ ​the​ ​medicine​ ​intake​ ​routine.   Our​ ​subscription-based​ ​Software-as-a-Service​​ ​model​ ​delivers​ ​an​ ​intelligent​ ​application​ ​to​ ​users  via​ ​desktop​ ​and​ ​mobile​ ​platforms,​ ​and​ ​to​ ​customers​ ​via​ ​a​ ​freemium​ ​/​ ​premium​ ​plan. 

MAMIO ℅​ ​Health2B,​ ​SMILE​ ​Incubator  Medicon​ ​Village​ ​Ab​ ​8,​ ​Scheelevägen​ ​2,   223​ ​81​ ​Lund 


A key to the person in dementia care

Person-centered care at your fingertips There are about 47 million people with dementia in the


world and 160 000 in Sweden. In 2050 this number is estimated to triple globally and reach 240 000 in Sweden alone. In long-term care, where as much as 80% of


caretakers have dementia, the staff have limited time, little training and many different clients to care for.


Minnity is an app that provides key information and tips for caring for individuals with dementia in a personcentered way. The digital tool uses an intuitive interface


with icons and shortcuts to offer advice based on the person’s life story and the implementation plan created with the care team. Time-saving, easy to use and facilitating the implementation of dementia care guidelines, Minnity also

Minnity is being prototyped at the moment. We are looking for feedback,

helps the person with dementia to be better understood

co-founders, angels and positive energy.

by caregivers by communicating his or her needs clearly.

Get in touch at!

With Minnity's assistance, the dementia patient is perceived as a unique individual and thus provided with high-quality person-centered care.

that is Mobilsamåkning Sweden's vision. We are taking to the countryside, by combining rideshare, car sharing, public transport and on demand travel into a viable alternative to driving your own car. It is the countryside where is needed the most, we want to bring the freedom not to have to drive the car, outside the cities. Our travelling customers can save money, increase their social activities and contribute to improving the environment all at the same time. We create a new market for transportation providers by combining options in a single application. At Mobilsamåkning we have seven years of experience with rideshare on the countryside. A fully functional rideshare application is operational today, in Sweden and The Netherlands. Our technology is helping people to apply a more sustainable lifestyle in existing communities. We support this transition by integrating our implementation process in pro-active communication (nudging). Mobilsamåkning is a part of Kronoberg county's incubator Företagsfabriken. Currently we are looking for new partners in order to take the next step in our development. Mobilsamåkning Sweden AB Pepijn Klaassen, CEO 0706 194 813

The tool for collaborative care to empower persons to take a better next step Folkungagatan 44, 118 26 Stockholm, Sweden + 46 70 263 2650

The problem. Lack of existing ICT solutions that

The demand. Persons with chronic illnesses or

The reason of MyIndicators´s existence. How we

provide flexible and person-centred care. Today,

psychological stress who require long term

solve this problem? To empower persons to

when care becomes more personalised, it i s

assistance in basic activities, rehabilitation and

design a collaborative care plan with their

important that persons and their caregivers can

motivation for quality of care. The tool also

caregivers, which is truly person-centred around

work together. They can design and follow-up on

benefits caregivers, family members and health

individual´s needs, values, cultures and

the care plan collaboratively to empower the

service providers

lifestyles. An indicator can provide information,

person for better health.

collection, and visualisation of the care plan.

through the design, data

track progress and performance over time for better quality care.

About the company and the tool MyIndicators facilitates a collaborative care with person-centred indicators Design your care plan as an indicator in collaboration with the caregivers. Collect data in an intelligent manner with focus on high quality and secured data. Keep track of your health status through visualisations for an easy to understand and transparent picture. View, share and discuss the health indicators and care plan through a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Competitive Advantages Unique Features

Secure and high quality data management

Exclusive Partnership

A cloud-based service with tailor-made indicators

SHA-2 encrypted data. MyIndicators turns complex

International research institution and industry

that can be shared, designed and monitored within

and qualitative goals into measurable, by applying

partnerships. The European Institute of Innovation

a group. An indicator in English can be viewed and


& Technology (EIT) has funded one of our projects

collected in another language such as Chinese.

within heart rehabilitation.            

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ekologiska & miljövänliga mensskydd

din egen menscykel  

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Explore the World Without Leaving Your City With MY GLOBAL CITY Our C oncept in a Nutshell My Global City is a digital platform developed to connect and celebrate the different cultures that co-exist within multicultural cities. Our mission is to allow people to “travel without traveling�, embracing a life of daily experiences in their own cities.

Our Social Innovation My Global City will improve integration and community cohesion while empowering cultural diversity. The implementation of our platform will generate social, economic and environmental benefits to communities across the world, providing business opportunities while spreading knowledge about the different global cultures. Besides improving integration at a societal level, My Global City will also affect the users in an individual level by empowering their cultures, business potential and connecting them to the different cultures of the world. Since migration and integration are global issues challenging the political, economic, social and cultural dimensions of many cities in Europe and worldwide, the creation of an effective solution that can minimize these problems is highly needed. Once My Global City concept is proven locally in Sweden it can have a European and global impact, being implemented all over Europe and other markets around the globe.

Together We C an Build a Sustainable and Integrated World My Global City started as a project at KTH in 2016, being supported by KTH Innovation. It was prized as the Best Business Idea in the category People and Society at Venture Cup competition 2016, Top 3 Nominee at the Stockholm Innovation Prize 2016 and part of the pre-incubation programs at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES campus) and STING Test Drive Sustainability.

Do you want to be part of our journey? We are now looking for pre-seed investment to power our product development! Visit us at the Sweden Demo Day Exposition Hall or contact us at

Let’s fix the news. Together. 4w


4 week retention

(Industry avg 1 day 25%)

60% Accepts notifications (40% industry avg)

Newsvoice is a new type of news app targeting the US market. It shows more perspectives on the news and lets its readers take part in shaping the content. Founded by a former Silicon Valley Google engineer, we are aiming to move the power over the news from large corporations to our readers, fight fake news and pop filter bubbles. Newsvoice is available on the web, App Store, and Google Play.

35% Creates account

Keeping track of your work sucks! We often make decisions based on performance or profitability — and for that we need data. is a real-time reporting and analytics solution that provides an effortless way to track time and easily measure productivity. lets you: - Seamlessly capture all your work on Mac or Windows - Automatically assign your time to the correct project or client;

Usually, this data comes from information such as time spent on activities, projects and clients. But no one likes time tracking! That’s why we let you focus on what’s really important — your work. automatically captures time and intelligently assigns it to your clients or projects. That simple!

Create your FREE account!

No timers. No timesheets. | +46 722 567 782 2016-2017 All rights reserved.


A social media platform for finding like-minded people for shared activities FOUNDED IN 2016 C O N N E C T @ PA N I O N . I O W W W. PA N I O N . I O

What is Panion? INTRODUCTION

Panion, derived from the word Companion, is a searchable human interest database that allows you to make substantial connections wherever you go without the expectation of having a sexual or romantic relationship.


Loneliness is an epidemic. Sweden has been rated the number one hardest country for newcomers to make friends, for two years in a row. So how do you make friends if you’ve just relocated to a new city? If your closest friend moves away? If you’re traveling alone for a conference? If you’re newly divorced or widowed? Right now, there’s no effective way to find platonic one-on-one connections that focus on personality rather than physical attraction.


Panion helps people of all ages make like-minded friends in any location, based on mutual interests and shared activities. Panion allows you to search for users using specific keywords and uses a unique algorithm and Machine Learning to propose friends with mutual overlaps. With Panion, users form deeper connections that begin with common interests, values, and experiences.

Core Team SAY HI TO









F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N V I S I T O U R W E B S I T E : PA N I O N . I O / P H O N E : 0 7 0 4 5 7 8 0 6 4

A D D R E S S : N O B E LV Ä G E N 6 B 2 1 4 2 9 M A L M Ö

P​riori​S​tyle Reshaping​ ​your​ ​wardrobe

We​ ​help​ ​you​ ​find​ ​your​ ​fashion​ ​identity​ ​by​ ​understanding​ ​what​ ​you​ ​have​ ​and​ ​knowing what​ ​you​ ​need​ ​to​ ​have.​ ​With​ ​PrioriStyle​ ​you​ ​get​ ​step​ ​closer​ ​toward​ ​having​ ​an style-full​ ​wardrobe​ ​with​ ​more​ ​choices​ ​and​ ​less​ ​randomness. People​ ​buy​ ​clothes​ ​for​ ​different​ ​reasons​ ​(price,​ ​color,​ ​brand,​ ​randomness,​ ​boredom ..​ ​etc)​ ​but​ ​not​ ​many​ ​have​ ​an​ ​understanding​ ​of​ ​what​ ​they​ ​have​ ​and​ ​what​ ​they​ ​need. We​ ​try​ ​to​ ​help​ ​you​ ​achieve​ ​this​ ​by​ ​identifying​ ​your​ ​style,​ ​visualizing​ ​what​ ​you​ ​have​ ​in your​ ​wardrobe​ ​and​ ​what​ ​clothes​ ​you​ ​need​ ​to​ ​complete​ ​different​ ​outfits. We​ ​give​ ​you​ ​an​ ​image,​ ​a​ ​plan​ ​and​ ​a​ ​path​ ​toward​ ​a​ ​more​ ​well​ ​dressed​ ​version​ ​of yourself.​ ​Most​ ​people​ ​have​ ​clothes​ ​but​ ​few​ ​have​ ​outfits​ ​that​ ​match​ ​with​ ​their​ ​different needs.​ ​We​ ​guide​ ​you​ ​to​ ​complete​ ​your​ ​wardrobe​ ​with​ ​outfits​ ​that​ ​matches​ ​with​ ​your lifestyle,​ ​connecting​ ​the​ ​dots​ ​between​ ​the​ ​different​ ​pieces​ ​you​ ​have​ ​and​ ​creating better​ ​combinations. Going​ ​to​ ​work,​ ​party,​ ​social​ ​dancing​ ​or​ ​just​ ​hanging​ ​out​ ​with​ ​friends?​ ​We​ ​guide​ ​you so​ ​you​ ​can​ ​go​ ​with​ ​stylish​ ​outfits,​ ​feeling​ ​more​ ​confident​ ​without​ ​thinking​ ​too​ ​much.


PCT - a brief overview

What? PCT is a web based tool designed to help your staff in their daily workflow and by doing so help you minimize your operational risk. The software has a flexible design and supports all your recurring business processes, making them accessible, understandable and relatable.

Why? Tired of the daily handover between team members and departments done verbally? Spend unnecessary time opening to-do-lists and asking around to get a sense of the status right now? Tired of those endless numbers of calls when out sick or on holiday on how to perform that task you always do? What about all those to-do-lists in different spreadsheets which must be copied, cleared and archived? How? PCT is a real-time dashboard with built-in checklists, cheat sheets, reminders and warnings that give you a whole new overview of your business. PCT allows you to take your flowcharts and present them in an intuitive way to your employees with a step-by-step guide. The tool makes all your workflows and processes understandable and giving feedback to the team and co-worker on a user, team and company-wide level. | +46 8 520 162 50



CONTACT Traditional high school courses are not preparing students for the workforce. By the time they graduate, 7 in 10 students do not feel that their education S O U Rprepared C E S Othem L U Tfor I Otheir N S careers. F R O MTheir T O P SIbrahim T U D ENaji NTS. (+46) 076-314 27 56 syllabus is focused mostly on knowledge and theory, but they need, and demand, practice.

Solution RealEDU is the marketplace that connects high school classrooms with projects for real-world organizations. We sustain the system through a 3-step process: 1) Curating projects from businesses, nonprofits, andProject government is matched Submit your organizations; 2) Makingproject projects available to educators at with 50-100 top challenge partner high schools; remotely. 3) Providing students with access to students. projects in the RealEDU digital workspace. Yourproject project challenge challengeisis Your curated by RealEDU, then curated by ImpactEd, then madevisible visibletotoeducators educatorsatat made partner universities.  schools. partner


Professors pool Professorsat atour ourdiverse top-ranked of partner high schools select partner universities select projects projects for forupcoming upcomingcourses. courses.

Companies and high schools do not have efficient means to develop and maintain collaboration. We estimate that our total addressable market from connecting high schools to real-world organizations is $7.4 billion worldwide.



N E ENDE EUDNSI V ED RE SN I TTY BBRR A PW OW TU Athrough I NI NP O E RE?R ? High Organizations pay to assign projects RealEDU. schools pay a membership fee to access these projects.


Open access accessto new perspectives.  to new perspectives through Open consumer and market insight.

Exposure to an innovation pipeline currated by College students embrace innovative thinking. Developed digital workspace for students. Piloted with Swedish boundless and creative students. Energy Agency and University of Gothenburg. Earned $22,750. Projects are highly structured to guarantee Delivered evidence RealEDU projects strongclear outcomes. Highlythat structured projects that have guarantee & Developed sales pipeline with over $1,1m annual revenue valuable outcomes. clear & valuable outcomes.   opportunity, featuring top high school programs, organizations incl. High school projects Carried take place inmarket a controlled Red Cros, Ecancer, MAX, Google. outin validation with University place experts, a controlled environment,projects guided take by faculty subject 40+ high schools across US, Sweden, UAE, UK. representatives and industry leaders.

environment, guided by a faculty expert.

Competitors The likes of MindSumo, Innocentive and Hult Prize operate outisde of high school and unversity walls and therefore, the reach of these providers is limited.

Vision By 2021, connect millions of students each year to projects with real-world organizations across geographies and fields of study.


Industry: EdTech Receive an action Founded: 01/2017 plan to solve your Location: Sweden


Students work on Students work on remote remote projects. You recieve project. You student L Estudent A D Esolutions R receive S Hand I all Pall anplan action solutions and an action plan based on the top ideas based on top ideas. Ibrahim Naji, CEO and strategies.

United World College scholar, Google Launchpad member, GSV Accelerator, SUP46 10 companies are Nov May selected to work 2017 2017  Eric Blom,with COO top students.  Education policy at Moderaterna, Member of SwedishPartner Education Commission. companies Dec June  2017 2017 

are matched with

Jonathanuniversities. Andersson, CCO Head of sales at Scawiba, Recruiter at Allakando, ExecuStudents work on tive Assistant TMA Sweden. Jan Fall

2018 2017

projects and deliver solutions.


Sign November 30. Signup upbyby June 30. 


Contact IbrahimHalbert, Naji, CEO. Contact Austin CEO.

Google Launchpad United World College YouSchool


Agila Samtals Coachomaten bygger på forskningsmodellen "Du bestämmer” - Synliggör snabbt hur mycket tid vi lägger på saker som inte ger välmående och hur vi snabbt kan ta ansvar för en förändring mot mer konstruktivare vanor. Grundaren Lotte Johansson, arbetar för att implementera verktyget inom utbildningsvärlden, inkl. onlineversion med målet att utbilda och handleda fler, utifrån insikten att trenden av ungas ohälsa behöver vända nu. 2 min filmtrailer:


SEEDING IMPACT Do you want to use your expertise to solve the largest challenges the world is facing? Seeding Impact enables students and professionals to work together with local communities and NGOs to solve problems all around the world. • •

Talented students gain experience in their fields & Professionals get to apply their knowledge outside of their companies for ideal causes.

Seeding Impact brings key competence together and creates project teams to solve todays major challenges. From water scarcity to electricity deficit, in Tanzania to Nicaragua, by solving local problems through competent teams we create a global impact.

Laura Pérez CEO +34 649 06 61 22 Supported by the European Institute of Innovation & KTH Innovation

EMPOWERING​ ​WOMEN​ ​IN​ ​IT We are three women: Despina, Barbara and Margareta, experienced in IT sector and business. We have recently started an initiative called SmartCoding because we are familiar with the huge gender gap in IT (both in academia and job market). That is why we have decided on empowering women, in their IT career,​ ​with​ ​a​ ​focus​ ​on​ ​newcomers. SmartCoding brings a dedicated solution to the "women in IT" challenge by providing niche education programs which combine hands-on learning, mentoring, career coaching and a lot of fun, but most importantly - it is free of charge! Our courses will be held in centrally located classrooms, fully equipped with the necessary hardware and software for educational needs. There are two levels of expertise: beginner & advanced. Courses are intensive, each lasting 12 weeks and covers instruction, mentoring and practicing. To resolve any education gaps, SmartCoding will be introducing 3-day intensive courses, as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​winter​ ​&​ ​summer​ ​camps. All courses will be held in English and carried out by both foreign and Swedish IT teachers. Participants will work on real IT problems/tasks/projects given by our partners - large companies or startups. That will allow participants to practice their skills with hands-on learning experiences. ​We would like to make our courses as practical as possible, so that graduates (once they enter the job market) may already present some of their programming assignments. Co-working on real life IT projects/products will support startups in the product development phase and give a chance to later on get graduates as software development interns or employees. Supporting large companies will help them with filling the gender​ ​gap​ ​in​ ​their​ ​IT​ ​teams​ ​and​ ​resolve​ ​software​ ​developers’​ ​(IT​ ​employees)​ ​shortage. Thanks to our partnerships with public and private entities, we can guarantee our graduates internships, short-term​ ​assignments,​ ​and/or​ ​direct​ ​links​ ​to​ ​job​ ​offers. Our two pilot course will start in January 2018 in Stockholm. We are planning to offer more programming​ ​languages​ ​later​ ​on​ ​in​ ​2018​ ​and​ ​2019. We presented SmartCoding at our first event at Goto 10 on 25th October and got our first partner Klarna. Contact: Margareta​ ​Kowalska E-mail:​ ​​​ ​ ​/​ ​Mobile:​ ​0709​ ​653​ ​655​ ​/​ ​

STORYSPOT Storyspot is a digital platform where people can record, share and listen to podcasts and audio stories connected to a specific spot. Creating a crowsourced audio guide to the whole world.



Global from scratch

Premium Accounts- a subscription

Continous innovation of the the

service that gives the storyspotters the

platform to keep up with our users

ability to communicate with their


listeners by branding and offers

Users & Customers manage their

Services for creating storyspots- we

accounts by them self online. From

offer companies help to turn their texts

recordings to paying for premium

into audio files, hire a journalists to

account or ordering plus services.

record series of storyspots & will hold workshops to get new users started

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Make "a storyspot" the official word for a shared story about a place and "storyspotters" for the ones telling them Let the crowdsourcing community be our best marketers spreading the word about their storyspots New platform for influencer marketing

Curious about Storyspot? Visit or contact us  mail: or   tel: 070-4 01 22 02


About SUSIDEX This document acts as a short summary of us and our motives. Trends and observations regarding sustainability: Today we see that there is a:  Lack of reliable information for consumers about products and transparency about the production impacts.  Sustainability focus that is mostly on company level and not product level  Consumer demand for clarified information about the impacts connected to a product.  Public authority demand on sustainability and on green procurements. What we are aiming to achieve:  For consumers to understand the environmental impacts of buying a certain product and be able to track the environmental influence in their purchases  For retailers and producers to find clearer ways of displaying their assortment’s sustainable products to their customers. How we are going to reach our goals:  By creating a system that will rate a product by a sustainability index, using well defined indicators. How it will work:  Platform/Blockchain/ML: o Central to the system is a platform that will collect data from producers, labels, scientists and inputs it to an algorithm that calculates an environmental number. We are also aiming at including a Blockchain solution to improve transparency of supply chain. 

Data: Data in this case will be provided by different actors. o E.g collecting producer’s electricity and water bills, combine it with data from municipalities and scientists and then show the producers’ environmental impact per product.

We want to help consumers and retailer to do more sustainable choices. By collaborating with retailers we hope to create gains in their environmental and financial goals and create a foundation for a more sustainable retail market. Contact: Jonathan Cygnaeus

Kostas Litsios

Description Water purification: Removal of toxic heavy metal pollutants (Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr etc) from potable and waste water

We, researchers at Linkoping University (Sweden), has developed a novel nanomaterial, which attracts heavy metal ions in aqueous solutions. Material, originating from carbon, it is only ONE ATOMIC LAYER THIN and therefore has the highest possible surface area, which makes it an ideal absorbent. We invented a unique approach for the nanomaterial processing and developed a product: filter with the efficiency of 95% for HMs removal.

Business Model

Talent Molecule Portugal



Chemistry, Circular economy, Cleantech, Nanotechnology

Main targets in 2017 are protection of the IP via filing the patent and development of a prototype ready for market entry. We plan also to perform intense customers development and establish a contacts with top global players on the water purification market.



Volodymyr Khranovskyy

Powered by TCPDF (

We focus on B2B segment with our main product - a filtering unit for various HMs removal. Our filters will be 100% compatible with the systems existing on the market, which will decrease significantly the “cost of change” for the customers. Our main customers are large companies – integrators, providing water cleaning solution to their customers. We plan also to provide our customers filtering units for zero cost, but then further charge their customers for the substitution of the HMs filters, thus providing the approach “pay per clean” water.

SPARAR ARBETSTID FRÅN FÖRSTA DAGEN. Tid är ju som bekant pengar. Här går det att spara! Du kan spara in över 85% av arbetstiden för manuell temperaturmätning. Här går det att både öka kvaliteten och samtidigt sänka kostnaden. Med TempOnline går det att spara in många, många arbetstimmar varje månad. Och tid är ju som bekant pengar.


-Låg startkostnad. -Låg abonnemangsavgift. Nu krävs det inte längre en omfattande investering för att få tillgång till professionell, automatiserad övervakning av kyl och frys. TempOnline är istället en molnbaserad tjänst du abonnerar på till en fast avgift, utan bindnings eller uppsägningstid. Ett komplett system som abonnemang där all utrustning ingår.


-Du installerar det lätt själv, om du vill. Systemet är trådlöst, så inga komplicerade kabeldragningar, extra rör eller nya regulatorer behövs. Varken elektriker, kyltekniker eller IT-personal måste kallas in. Hela installationen tar oftast inte mer än någon timma.


Our Audience > 45K monthly views > 80% newcomers > 60% female visitors 450+ 



A social innovation company focused on empowering newcomers in their relocation to Sweden. 

Do you want to reach our visitors? Contact us about our marketing options.

WHAT WE DO We run the digital platform The Newbie Guide to Sweden, a single point of entry information hub for both practical, cultural and social information about Sweden. We keep our growing audience active and loyal with fun, engaging social media content. 070-237 88 31 070-375 60 28

Our next step

newbie 1:1

Get in touch to know more about our next venture!

Julieta Spoerer CEO

We want to re-signify relocation! Newbie 1:1 is a shared economy digital platform that bridges together people with needs (newbies) and people with the knowledge to help (oldbies). Newcomers, expats, and locals will be able to benefit from community knowledge as well as turn their own experiences into income. 

Isadora Spoerer Content Manager

Garance Legrand Business Developer

Natália Faria Marketing Manager









Val i antGameSt udi oABi sagamedev el opments t udi o, t hatus esgames ’out r eac ht ot el ls t or i esf ors oc i ali mpac t . Thegoal ,i ns hor t ,i s : -Tomak egamesf oradul t swhoenj oyengagi ngwi t hc har ac t er s , r at hert hank i l l i ng. -Tomak egamest hatdi s c us sr eal wor l di s s uest hr oughs t or y t el l i ng. -Togi v eourpl ay er st het ool sandl anguaget odi s c us sandf i xr eal wor l di s s ues . -Tobeaf or c ef orgoodi nt hewor l dandwi t hi nt hegamesi ndus t r y .

Ourf i r s tt i t l ei saSoc i alPuz z l eGame, s eti naF ant as yv er s i onoft heRoar i ng20s .

www. val i ant . se | hel l o@val i ant . se

Vi vill skapa hållbara människor och relationer. Vår produkt hjälper människor a! pro-aktivt, tillsammans med sin partner, ’levla upp’ den relation de lever i. Genom a! medvetandegöra de gemensamma värderingarna och aktivt applicera dessa i val och ageranden boostas vardagen med mening - inifrån och ut! #the weway






Vi i världen

Människor i välmående relationer sover bä!re, presterar bä!re och har lä!are a! hantera stress.

Anna Fredin - CEO & Founder Lisa Lööf - Founder

Idag är ett jobb inte bara ett jobb... Idag säger jobbet du har mycket om din personlighet, dina drömmar, din passion, din historia och mycket mer. Kanske är det därför som så många vill jobba på en arbetsplats där man inte bara får bra betalt utan även kan känna att man kan tillföra något och förändra på sättet man jobbar eller till och med att göra världen till en bättre plats. Wopify är den perfekta plattformen för att synliggöra beteendet av förändring och skapa en digital bro mellan personer med vilja att upptäcka miljoner av nya möjligheter och kunna söka till dessa och samtidigt vara anonym. Wopify är den smarta och användarvänliga motor som inte bara hjälper användare att registrera sig och skapa ett konto, utan även presenterar jobb som passar utifrån ens profil med hjälp av AI-motorn. Genom Big Data kan vi även presentera jobb som kandidaten inte visste sig passa för, allt man behöver göra är att svepa höger för att ansöka och svepa vänster för att tacka nej till ett jobb via mobilen, surfplattan eller webben. Vare sig man befinner sig i sin hemstad eller i ett helt främmande land, gymmet, baren eller varför inte på jobbet. Vi har som mål att vara Europas ledande bolag inom jobbmatchning innan år 2020 och utveckla fler roliga och användarvänliga funktioner för att ge fler möjligheten till att hitta sitt nästa drömjobb. Vi tror på ett samhälle där det finns ett jobb för alla - vi hjälper bara fler att hitta dit.

Kärnverksamhet Grunden för Wopify bygger på att företagskunden enkelt kan gå in på sitt konto genom webben eller appen och administrera sin annons, ta emot ansökningar, chatta med kandidaterna, planera sin rekrytering, boka in olika intervjuer, dela med kollegor mm. Med vår smarta och innovativa mötesplats kommer vi att kunna guida företag så att platsannonsen når sin fulla potential och det bästa av allt är att företagskunden endast betalar för de kandidater man önskar gå vidare med, inga dolda avgifter eller annonseringskostnader. Wopify är även modulärt, vilket gör att man kan integrera mot andra databaser och system – en perfekt lösning för rekrytering och bemanningsföretag. Wopify är inte ett bemannings eller rekryteringsföretag och vi har ingen avsikt att börja hyra ut personal. Vi lägger ned vår tid, energi och kunskap på att dagligen utveckla framtidens matchning genom vår framtagna AI-motor. Vi vill göra det lättare för företag, oberoende av bransch att kunna hitta relevanta kandidater och kunna effektivisera processen av att hitta dom. Varumärket Wopify står för inkluderande, gemenskap, innovation, framtidstro och glädje. Vi riktar oss mot att attrahera morgondagens arbetstagare och göra dom tillgängliga idag. Med hjälp av vår otroligt enkla design presenteras alla potentiella arbetssökande i en lättläst, enkelnavigerad och multifunktionell design där man snabbt kan få en uppfattning kring personens kunskap, egenskaper, tidigare erfarenhet, vilja att lära sig, sociala liv, mål och visioner. Glöm krångliga Cv, personliga brev som tar timmar att sortera hålla koll på och administrera. Du får marknadens bästa matchningsmotor, mängder av potentiella medarbetare och ett administrationsverktyg för rekrytering på en och samma plats.

Artificiell Intelligens AI-motorn är en del av Wopifys helhetstjänst men kan även ses som en separat produkt. Målet med denna AI-motor är att kunna digitalisera en mänsklig rekryterare och kunna göra den tillgänglig för fler företag. AI-motorn kommer dels kunna läsa av vilken person som är bäst lämpad för de respektive tjänsterna som finns ute på marknaden men även kunna dra olika slutsatser kopplat till användarens beteende, framtidsmål, vision, lärförmåga och andra mönster för att kunna föreslå den med mest optimala rekryteringen. Denna produkt kommer så småningom kunna ersätta en mänsklig rekryterare i dess första fas – från annons till sortering och filtrering, vilket gör att rekryterare hinner med fler rekryteringar då tiden kapas med upp till 80%. Motorn med dess algoritmer kommer även kunna användas i andra sammanhang

Kontakt: Fahrim Shirinzade,, +46722511001 Jimmy Larsson,, +46702247699



•  85% of valuable personal documents and information are today stored in a drawer or binder1 •  …meanwhile electronic receipts are increasing when 62% of the Nordic population is doing parts of their shopping on-line2 •  Only 30% is satisfied with current way of storing valuable documents and information1

THE SOLUTION For persons that are dissatisfied and not in control of current storing of their valuable documents and information, YourPDi is the ultimate application that is POSITIONED to provide; •  Simplification- to save your valuable paper- or digital- document and information in the cloud to get in control. •  Pre Defined Categories – Help you to easy organize your documents and information •  Your privacy is our top priority - Your stored documents is securely protected and encrypted. •  Secure access and simple search – When needed


•  Sweden will be our pilot market (launch February 2018) followed by entry in Germany, France and UK •  12 million users across all markets (only the extremely dissatisfied according to our survey) •  Purchase categories: MiniMe, Me or Family


A sneak peak,

•  Target customers; Persons in the middle of their life's & digital natives. From a single household to a large family. •  Target partners: Online and physical stores for durable goods eg electronics, furniture, sport, insurance-, security companies and credit providers •  Excelling in marketing, sales and customer insight (to develop the ultimate app functions) will be our key to success

WHY US? • • 

Middle-aged females that are “living” the need for the YourPDi app. Two Co-founders with a perfect match, marketing and technical fusion, international experience, used to do business and have both a large professional network

CO-FOUNDER & CTO Patricia Ingemarsson –

25+ years interna-onal experience from the Telco area; System engineering, network architecture, leading cross func-onal sales teams, Account Director etc.

CO-FOUNDER & CEO Jenny Wuori –

21 + years interna-onal experience from informa-on/services/ technology and pharmaceu-cal companies. Management, marke-ng, sales & business development. Execu&ve MBA from Stockholm School of Economics 1. A monkey survey “Storage of valuable documents” March 2017 2. E-handel i Norden 2017, IIS report

䄀䐀䐀 夀伀 唀刀匀䔀䰀䘀


Addlrr AB is a new digital platform that aims to redefine the advertising industry and change the scope of brand engagement and social impact for digital natives. Addlrr connects people, brands, social causes and trends offering a distinctive and unique formula that is currently lacking in the market. With the rapid transformation of the Internet, advertising has quickly positioned itself as a nuisance in our daily lives. Whether we are on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, we are now trying to find ways to avoid unwanted ads, regulate them, and subsequently block them. Addlrr is changing this!

B R A N D S continue to spend billions involuntarily bombarding people with

intrusive ads.

P E O P L E see advertising as primarily one-sided and feel constantly pushed to watch ads with no real benefits.

C O N S U M E R S are becoming aware of global problems - thanks to social

media and the Internet, however, they may lack resources to make a difference. Through partnering with Addlrr, brands will be able to effectively deliver targeted ads to a receptive audience, promote CSR, increase brand engagement and most importantly capture new customers. Social causes that partner with Addlrr will be able to receive new donations and support, gain awareness and exposure. Finally, consumers using Addlrr will have a reason to watch ads rather than avoid them, with incentives created to reward people and give them access and resources.

Addlrr will redefine advertising and will bring people back to ads voluntarily, whilst ensuring that brands, people and social causes gain.

䄀搀搀氀爀爀  䄀䈀 嘀砀樀Ⰰ   匀眀 攀搀攀渀 䌀漀渀琀愀挀琀㨀   䔀爀椀挀  䘀爀椀猀攀氀氀Ⰰ   嘀䐀  ⠀ 㜀㌀  㐀㌀㠀  㐀㐀㄀㘀⤀ 䔀洀 愀椀氀㨀   椀渀昀漀䀀 愀搀搀氀爀爀⸀ 挀漀洀 圀 攀戀㨀   眀眀眀⸀ 愀搀搀氀爀爀⸀ 挀漀洀


AddTruly In short AddTruly - a unique digital platform for content marketing through social responsibility.

AddTruly is a digital platform that builds efficient and profitable collaborations between companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Our tools provide companies with unique content marketing through social responsibility. We create shared value by enabling companies to do good, strengthen their brands and become more profitable.

Competitive advantage: A unique CSR/marketing platform that -­‐ Connects companies and NGO's -­‐ Provides content marketing -­‐ Strengthens brands -­‐ Creates shared value -­‐ Saves time

Need Awareness, new regulations and profitability focus put high pressure on companies’ social responsibility. Companies need to demonstrate their social responsibility in order to comply with regulations as well as consumers’ and employees’ demands. At the same time they have to consider profitability – at all times.

Top Milestones - A timesaving CSR/marketing platform that is used by companies and NGOs - Constant positive feedback from clients, experts and media - Successful fundraising campaigns effecting lives of ten-thousands.

Solution AddTruly is a B2B platform that solves one of the most pertaining challenges when it comes to social responsibility: how to contribute to something good and simultaneously achieve economic success. We provide companies with a powerful management tool that builds unique stories around brands. AddTruly:

The team Anna Urombi, founder/CEO Lella Bräuner, Head of Sales & Marketing Stina Eriksson, CTO Annika Sköldberg, Chairwoman of the Board

- builds transparent, credible and efficient collaborations with unique, carefully hand-picked, community based NGOs across the world - generates relevant content for marketing – content that tells a story and high-lightens companies’ sustainability work

Advisors/Investors: Sïmon Saneback, Wellstreet Bo Mattsson, BEMIT AB Lennart Grebelius Sätila Impact Investment AB Johan Sköld, Chalmers Ventures

- helps companies to attract and retain super talents and customers. - saves companies time and resources


Business model Companies pay a monthly fee for access to the platform and a fixed fee for one-off campaigns. Donated money go in full to the different NGOs through our Unify for Good Foundation

Anna Urombi, CEO +46 736 53 27 75

Interactive video ads

Boosting Brand Boosting Brand Boosting Brand Cross Interactive Marketing Platform Awareness Awareness Awareness

The 200bUSD problem: Intrusive ads à Adblockers

Reward Interest inin your Brand Reward Interest in your The 30min solution: A self service tool to build Reward Interest yourBrand Brand interactive everyone loves in3marketing that 3simple simplesteps steps in in 3 simple steps

Upload Upload Upload Video Upload VideoVideo

Define Publish Campaign Publish Campaign AddDefine Challenge Define Publish Campaign Publish on Social & Questions & Reward Questions &&Reward Questions Reward & Reward Digtal media


Contains least

Contains Contains least amountleast of calories? amount of calories? amount of calories? Coca-Cola

• • •

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Viral effect

Apple juice

2,5 min engagement time Apple Applejuice juice Coca-Cola Zero Lots of Data

Coca-Cola Zero Coca-Cola Zero Orange juice Orange juice Orange juice

Well Done!

Well WellDone! Done!

Here is your mobile

Here discount code: Hereis isyour yourmobile mobile discount discountcode: code: zero 2017

zero 2017 zero 2017 Phone number:

Phone number: Phone number: +X-XXX-XXXX +X-XXX-XXXX +X-XXX-XXXX

Rewards: 10 times better conversion Interactivity: Documented Brand Awareness Sales Partners & Customers Contact


Martin Rödén Mob: +46 708 17 52 58 Email Web site:





Airmee optimizes last-mile deliveries in real-time with new revolutionary proprietary research-based technology. The powerful optimizations allow logistics providers to deliver goods from retailers to consumers as fast as in an hour and at the same time maximize the utilization of their capacity which reduces the carbon footprint.

With 2/3 of all transportation taking place in cities and e-commerce deliveries rapidly growing as consumers demand faster and more convenient deliveries, there is a huge demand for a sustainable solution to fast last-mile deliveries, a €70 billion market, both from a cost perspective as well as an environmental perspective.

Airmee’s network of independent logistics providers can deliver any item the same day or as fast as in an hour from retailers to consumers. Powered by Airmee’s groundbreaking technology, dispatch of all vehicles, scheduling and routing are all done automatically, enabling cost-efficient and sustainable deliveries in cities. Your goods delivered directly to you, whenever and wherever you need it.


Julian Lee (CEO) +46 70 650 84 77

akla save food - save money

Akla is the only food saver app in the Middle East

With the Akla app food outlets reduce their waste and at the same time

save money. Consumers on the other

hand buy great food at discount. And

we all contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

Milestones reached for 2017 Founded

MVP done



First signed






From idea to ďŹ rst customer in 6 months Founded: 2017 Focus area: Middle East Launched: In Dubai and the United Arab Emirates Stage: Growth Funding: Seeking funding Contact:

Arkimera Robotics AB Tjuvbackevägen 5, 392 39 Kalmar

Founded: 2014 Team: Kenny Håkansson - Founder/CEO Erik Lindblom - Founder Henrik Cullgren - Strategic Growth Thomas Nilsson - Developer Mattias Rosell - Developer Industry: SaaS, Automation Number of Employees: 3 Auditor: Sporrong & Eriksson Law Firm: Bergenstråhle & Partners (IP) Current Owners: KEHL Invest, StartCap Småland 2017 Financing Sought: 3 MSEK Use of Funds: Build team. Intensify sales activities. Target global vendors.

Phone: +46 70 634 93 64


Company Mission: Arkimera Robotics’ (AR) mission is to become a leading provider of automation solutions to services industries. Business Principles: Scalable for BUSD+ growth markets. Business Description: AR was founded to free organizations and people from monotonous, time-consuming manual administrative activities. The backbone of AR’s products is a proprietary software robot that has the ability to learn how a user wants to perform repetitive administrative tasks. By being adaptable to new conditions, the robot can handle non-standardized and divergent documents and data. More importantly, the self-learning capability eliminates the need for configuration or setup by the user - the robot learns by studying the user and can soon reduce time spent on manual entry of data by 85-90% or more. This flexibility and ease of implementation mean removal of the two main barriers associated with today’s automation solutions, thus positioning AR with a unique opportunity within the automation paradigm shift. Strategic Opportunity: Accounting and bookkeeping services are expected to face massive automation in the near future. AR solves some of the highest priority pain points in this sector, thus AR has gained recognition not only from accountants and accounting firms but from accounting systems vendors and large enterprises as well. This sector provides a large near-term opportunity for AR with a TAM exceeding 1 BUSD+ (expected growth rate 2018 exceeding 15%). A top priority for AR is to win the position as the leader in automation microservices for the accounting sector by 2020.

Summary of Business Strategy: AR’s first target segment is entry-level accounting software vendors. Through this channel, a large portion of accounting firms, as well as SMEs, will be efficiently covered. AR’s strategy to capture the largest possible market share is to offer the robot as an integrable building block (API microservice). The API microservice will be available upon licensing on a pay-per-customer subscription model, gross margin ranging from 80% to 93%. Products/Services: AR’s first product is the AzoraOne Automation API which allows accounting software vendors to integrate self-learning automation into existing product portfolio, thus increasing ARPU and retention. Beta version for testing and evaluation purposes launched in May 2017. Production version for high-volume processing launched in Dec 2017. Market: The entry-level accounting software segment hosts global players such as Intuit, Xero and Sage. Those vendors cover a geographic area with more than 100 million potential end customers (SMEs). Of those, only 15% are estimated to use dedicated accounting software, meaning a large market opportunity for new and existing accounting software vendors. The main driver for adoption of accounting software is the transition from desktop to cloud solutions. This, in its turn, is catalyzed by the development of automation services which opens a window of opportunity for AR on a rapidly growing market. Distribution Channels: Accounting software vendors through direct sales (high-profile vendors) and automated online sales (low-profile vendors). Competition: Transaction processing solutions (e.g. invoice processing). Major players are Xerox and BancTec. Although serving a variety of clients around the world, including government agencies, banks, utilities, and telecommunications companies as well as accounting software vendors, the processing involves a high degree of manual work. AzoraOne provides three major advantages over existing solutions: 1) No configuration of processes needed, 2) rapid processing (seconds rather than hours as in existing solutions) and 3) adaptable to different document types. Moreover, since manual work is eliminated on the server side, AR’s processing costs are significantly reduced compared to its competitors, thus enabling higher margins and pricing flexibility. Future Growth Opportunities: AR’s core technology can be modulated for automation of a wide range of processes where data are selected from a document by a human and entered into a computer system. Actionable opportunities have been identified in many different sectors and verticals, ranging from medical labs and law firms to banking and public agencies. Outlook: EPO patent application (Q1 2018). Agreement with national tier-1 vendor (Q1 2018). Recurring monthly revenue 100 KUSD+ (H2 2018).

Babloon Studios Babloon Studios is a 6 man game development company seated in Skรถvde, Sweden. We make shorter story driven PC-games for gamers who are looking for an engaging and atmospheric experience. Our games are for the people who feel their weekly hours are too few to get into massive time consuming games. Currently working on our second project called "Bound To Light", a dark adventure puzzler set in Oblivion. In Bound To Light you outwit your enemies and save souls on your journey back to life. We are looking for project funding and partners willing to help us give busy players a unique profound experience. Kaplansgatan 16B 54134, Skรถvde, Sweden

BLOWPOINT at SWEDEN DEMO DAY December 12th 2107

OFFER Blowpoint AB is raising 3 MSEK in exchange for 20% stake in the company. PROBLEM Each day 12,500 people in Sweden drive despite being under the influence of alcohol, thereby causing injuries and deaths – most of these people aren’t even aware that they are under the influence! SOLUTION Public alcohol meters help people make better decisions on whether they should get behind the wheel or not. COMPANY Blowpoint AB (556993-3724) is a Swedish company that designs, manufactures and sells stylish alcohol meters for public use. The business model is to rent these machines to customers allowing their guests to make responsible decisions the day after on whether they should get behind the wheel or not. After only a few months of commercial sales Blowpoint has 30+ paying customers - primarily amongst high-end hotels. MORE INFORMATION Full Investment Memorandum (Swedish) can be obtained by mailing CONTACT For more information please contact Blowpoint CEO Christian Nordberg, or +46(0)70 5918101.

Our vision is to help millions of people across the world to increase their mental wellbeing Mental health issues is one of the world’s fastest growing challenges ____________________________________________________________ BlueCall currently offers two types of anonymous and affordable therapy counseling. Call or chat, directly trough the app. Create positive change. Talk to Proffs

Get instant relief. Talk to Volunteers

Understand your thoughts, manage your feelings to change your behaviour.

Get listened to and acknowledged.

200 SEK/30 min session

Free of charge

____________________________________________________________ We are currently raising money Become part of making a real difference

Board management made easy




Boardeaser is a board management system designed to ensure that your board of directors work efficiently and can make the best strategic decisions.

Manage your investments Manage multiple investments from one dashboard. Quickly overview the financial situation, read the latest CEO report and prepare for the next board meeting for each company, all in one place.

Features include: • Business intelligence tailored to your needs • Digital meeting process from agenda to signed protocol • E-signatures • Manage multiple organizations from one dashboard

Startups – improve your odds to get funding! Using Boardeaser will pay off the day someone wants to do a due-diligence of your company. We make it easy for you to be compliant and have documents and contracts in order. Just invite them to your account where your minutes, contracts and financial data will neatly be in place.

• Track decisions and to-dos • Shared documents and contacts • Integrated CEO reporting • Board evaluation tool And lots, lots more!

Curious? Feel free to contact us at any time!

Pär Haga, CEO +46 73 725 19 83

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BOOST THYROID Improving autoimmune conditions with an AI self-help app

TEAM Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor, CEO TEDx speaker — PhD cancer immunology — former Director of Science at Clue — Studied at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship — Digital Health Specialist at Stanford-SPARK

Log symptoms and intensities

View symptoms

Log and view lab tests

This is Hashiboto

Dr. Mikael Högqvist Tabor, CTO PhD in computer science — former Data Science team lead at Wrapp — Head of Backend Engineering at Hive Per Almquist Full stack developer

Dr. Vishnu Sundaresh, MD Thyroid Specialist


Lorenzo Cercelletta Designer


COMPETITORS Competitors in the thyroid mHealth market lack a user friendly or intuitive interface, are one-feature solutions and must be combined to provide a


THE PROBLEM is inadequate disease management lowering the quality of life, diminishing cognitive and physical functions, leads to preventable health complications: cancers, infertility, heart diseases and dementias. This

minimum user benefit. Generic apps: Flaredown and My Symptoms, offer a range of symptom logging and customization, no specific thyroid info. One app is in development. None of the competitors has an AI component.

drives up the costs of healthcare and personal costs.


Hashimoto’s ~ 12%






















It lacks preventive management, as successfully used for diabetes Lack of comprehensive information or understanding patient experiences in a succinct and quantifiable way hinders patient-doctor relationship.

Summary: Present apps failed to deliver a wholesome experience that goes beyond excel charting.


BOOST THYROID is available for iPhone as the first AI app for Hashimoto’s built together with medical professionals. It has 3 user-facing components:


1. Tracking: symptoms, therapy & lifestyle using a 5-point intensity scale 2. Insights: personalised wellbeing report or actionable insights by Big Data 3. Conversation: chatbot Hashiboto has a simple & friendly messaging interface. It is built using keyword pattern recognition, intent discovery and


matching, containing a large knowledge-base on thyroid & autoimmunity.

Chronic disease management

This is Boost Thyroid

I can't state how incredible your work is ! I discovered that I have this disease 6 months ago but I have the symptoms for several years. That’s the first time I have the feeling I can improve my condition. Your bot is excellent !!

Diet & fitness apps >1 bn downloads

I think this is awesome! You should share with everyone! Especially me! I can't wait to see what else you are planning!

Now I have more control over my disease. I can reflect my living and how I structured my day and my week. Thank you!

There is a need for wholesome person-centered companion apps in health and there are a few nice solutions on the market for diabetes and healthy lifestyle.


WE HELP COMPANIES ESTABLISH A GLOBAL FOOTPRINT Our mission: Help companies transition from a single market enterprise into a global organization by turning established best practices into teachable, repetitive skill sets delivered through excellent coaching and learning solutions.


We achieve our mission by teaching companies how to integrate three of the leading indicators for financial performance into their global development agenda.

Global Business English

Organizational Communication

Social-Emotional Intelligence

BPTA GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS ARE DESIGNED FOR CLIENTS WHO ARE: • Increasing an organization’s global productivity • Starting a company in an English-speaking nation • Developing leadership skills • Improving communication with English speaking clients/customers EMAIL: OFFICE NUMBER: +46 58 13 000 CELL NUMBER: +46736731889 OFFICE: Centralvägen 21, 718 30 Frövi, Sweden

• Improving technical English skills • Strengthening employees’ soft skills • Building a productive team • Improving workplace communication in English

CarbonCloud AB Gothenburg/Stockholm, Sweden

Industry Restaurant and food industry Product Kitchen management system Core partners Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation Chalmers University of Technology RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB Advisor Magnus Larsson, CEO, Pinchos Business model Software as a Service (SaaS) Status Scale up. Currently over 20 paying restaurants, ARR over 300,000 SEK. Core Team David Bryngelsson, PhD, CEO & Founder. 8 years of experience in research on food and climate. Ample experience in public communication. Retail experience. Receiver of Åforsk Entrepreneur of the year 2017 scholarship. Andreas Vrålstad, M.Sc., CTO & Founder. 7 years of experience on managing large IT projects. Mathias Bylund, M.Sc., Software Developer. Håkan Axelsson, M.Sc., Chairman & Founder. Serial entrepreneur and business coach at Chalmers Ventures. Fredrik Hedenus, Associate Professor, CSO & Founder. 15 years of research experience on food and climate.

Problem Restaurants struggle to meet increasing demands from their guests regarding sustainability and especially climate change. They spend time and money on this to educate their employees, purchase ever-increasing amounts of organic groceries, at 15-40% additional cost, and to communicate to their guests. They have a credibility problem as most of their guests are not aware of the resources spent on this. The sector struggles with small revenue ments are key, implying digitization, but the sector is conservative with low levels of IT maturity. Dedicated IT systems tend to be cumbersome to use and expensive to license. Chefs express frustration about this. Solution With CarbonAte, we provide the solution. We provide restaurants with a green profile as we create menus with carbon footprint labels for each dish, every day. Climate friendly food is cost neutral. The system is easy to use. A chef with little IT-knowledge is up and running in minutes without the need for any manuals. CarbonAte combines an ever-expanding array of relevant tasks into one platform. Users only ever have to type in each thing once; each dish or recipe entered into the system is stored for easy recall, climate and nutritional values are calculated automatically with clear feedback. Custom designed menus, with climate labels for each dish, are automatically generated in the system for print and screens, and webpages are automatically updated. Shopping lists can be automatically generated, to make planning as simple as possible. Market Size There are 25,000 restaurants in Sweden alone and 1.5 million in the EU. We intend to rapidly make an international expansion. When we reach 10% of the Swedish market, we get an ARR of 60


Tel: +46 (0) 704 40212

MSEK and 10% of the EU market will generate an ARR of over 3 BSEK. Our go-to-market strategy has two tracks. The first, an enterprise model with traditional selling has been validated. The second track involves a self-onboarding scheme through which restaurant can start their own account via our website. The enterprise model can take us far, but the self-onboarding is where the large potential lies. Traction Founded late in 2016, we launched our MVP in the spring 2017, signed our first paying customers in June. In October, we launched CarbonAte 1.0 and have since signed several more paying customers, two of which are large lunch service provider chains. We have three people working full-time and several working part-time. Goal In five years, we will be the leading IT-system provider for restaurants in EU and be present and growing on most relevant international markets. We will have transformed how the restaurant sector views IT. People will expect to see our labels where food is sold and use our systems to find places to eat, book tables, pay for their meals, and keep tabs on their carbon footprints. Current Investors 2 MSEK received this far from Climate-KIC, Vinnova, Innovationskontoret Väst, Chalmers Area of Advance Energy, VGR, and Åforsk. Investment opportunity 3 MSEK (of which 500 kSEK already secured) in Q1 of 2018 to scale our operations with more developers and more sales/marketing people. We also want to devote a team of developers and market specialists to develop and evaluate the self-onboarding process for a large-scale international expansion.

CareChain AB 2017-11-10 ❞ When laying the foundation for a robust interoperable healthcare system, we need to start at the protocol level and design new infrastructure that is owned and controlled by no one and everyone. We need identity and digital value protocol layers and we need immutable health records controlled by their rightful owners. Due to regional data protection regulations, like GDPR, privacy sensitive information, like health records, must be guaranteed to stay within specific geographic jurisdictions. This is why public chain deployment is not yet an option. Together with The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, we want to contribute to the development of required tooling and policy frameworks to run permissioned blockchains as critical infrastructure. Leveraging the decentralized computing platform, we are reinventing data management for the entire healthcare system. We are forming a consortium, CareChain, to deploy Trusted Infrastructure, starting in Sweden and the European Union ❞

From the press release when CareChain joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 1

CareChain is an initiative and a consortium that aims to create a national blockchain for health data. A blockchain makes it possible for the first time to give individuals ownership and control over their own health information. It is no longer just technology enthusiasts who collect data about themselves via their own sensors (wearables). A study from 2016 [2] shows that 32 percent of the population in Sweden registers their weight and that 26 percent registered their training data. Twenty percent have shared self-generated data with care practitioners. The number of individuals engaging in their own health and care is rapidly increasing, with the technological development of wearables and sensors instrumenting the human body moving at amazing rates. Healthcare and research professionals are showing an accelerating interest in supplementing journal and research data with large amounts of self-generated data. Such a wealth of data allows them to extract key insights by running analyses across the entire data and full history, including each measurement, journal entry, diagnosis, drug intake, surgical procedures as well as environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute to health and disease risk. The consortium can establish a blockchain network to which everyone can connect, but where only members, independent organisations who enjoy public trust, are jointly responsible for the computers (nodes) that verify the transactions. 
 Let’s fix health data and establish a data economy to take advantage of the full potential of machine learning! 1

(c)CareChain AB

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Collabrik is a cloud-based software work-tool that provides production planning for news and other content producing and publishing companies. Any company that continuously publishes content to several platforms need to adapt to new work processes and planning is key. With more and more platforms being added and publication happening 24/7 as opposed to one or a few times per day, having a platform independent planning tool that lets users focus on the story is invaluable. This enables organizations to develop the story topic and decide how to use the available platforms to tell that story to the greatest effect instead of just viewing the platforms as something to be “filled”. Collabrik supports modern and collaborative work-methods to enable publishers and users to free up time that can instead be spent to tell the story. It delivers cost and operational efficiencies as well as opportunities to exchange expensive legacy software licenses. The problem with increasing complexity is obvious and the time for new workmethods is “now”. TV4 News has used Collabrik for more than a year with approx. 200 users and with excellent user response. The company was formed in April 2017, and during Q2 2017 sales towards major broadcasters and publishers internationally has commenced. The expected sales cycle for this B2B software is 9-12 months from introduction to first usage. /

© ConsumIQ AB (556965-9682)

WHAT We have built a disruptive technology platform for the grocery industry, both online and offline creating value for consumers, food recipe publishers, brands and retailers. ✓

We help consumers save time and facilitate their everyday life

We help publishers & bloggers increase traffic and overall earnings

We help brands and retailers optimize their advertising

HOW Using AI and natural language processing we have automated big data analysis of recipes online and are able to understand groceries, recipes and brands. Since the consumers’ behavior in the end will dictate the industry we started with developing a superior, frequently used mobile app for all kinds of grocery shopping, meal planning and recipe management. By combining the mobile app with our web technologies, we are bridging the offline and online world in a totally unique way. Our goal is to create a seamless grocery shopping experience and ecosystem where all involved stakeholders benefit. ✓

Our patent pending sorting algorithm saves consumers valuable time when shopping in physical stores.

We make food recipes shoppable by linking ingredients to collaborating retailers and delivery services.

For each site visitor we make sure that the most relevant ads are shown in the most relevant context.

WHY Shopping for groceries is a constant chore for most people. Online grocery shopping is growing but still the large majority of people worldwide do their own grocery shopping. No matter how and where you shop in the future, time will always be a scarce resource and people will always be willing to pay for time saving services and extra convenience. In the era of platforms, we see the need of an independent technology platform for disrupting the grocery industry.


About to go international and launch revenue-generating products

Talented team of 15 designers and developers

Bootstrapped, still no external investor

Unicorn ambitions

JOIN US We are currently planning a seed round of € 300 000 for 18 months of acceleration with a bigger Around during 2019. We are a good fit for business angels and VC’s supporting rapid growth of a B2C/B2B venture.

Contact: | +46 701-47 04 07

Introduction CrewDox is a SaaS application built for the aviation industry. The purpose is to provide an easy to use tool for training managers to maintain a high compliance standard as well as reducing administration. Background CrewDox was founded in 2014 by Niklas Steinbach who at the time was acting as training manager for a medium sized European airline. Like many airlines around, excel and paper files were used to keep track of crew documents etc, which can easily create an unorganised environment. Team The current team consists of founder and CEO Niklas Steinbach who has 20 years of experience as a commercial pilot and instructor. In addition, Niklas has held several management positions in different airlines, mainly as Training Manager. The technical team is led by CTO Henrik Skotth who has 20 years of experience developing web applications. The industry The aviation industry is currently undergoing a change when it comes to digitalisation. New regulations also requires airlines to be able to follow up and analyse training and checking performance in order to tailor future training events, which in turn should improve flight safety. Large companies usually accomplish this by large training departments and expensive software solutions, while smaller companies usually has to rely on manual spreadsheet work in combination with paper files. Product CrewDox training management software was built with small and medium sized airlines in mind in order to provide a solution that can be easily implemented. One of the main features of CrewDox is the possibility to convert paper forms into fully electronic versions that at the same time keeps the customer's authority approved layouts. Data is automatically collected and visualised for the customer. Future We currently have paying customers in three different countries and are ready to start our global expansion within the next six months. Contact CrewDox AB Niklas Steinbach +46 70 453 30 81

Looking for SEK 3M investment

curlabs AB 5591096-2004 Registered Office: Stockholm +46 703 540 522

Curious collaborations, from curiosity to value created The Problem Based on our experience from refining

The solution is integrating a collaborative, curious and

our concept, research, talks with Leadership teams, HR professionals and data from Gallup we have identified these problems: - Poor or de-motivating processes for internal Ideas. - Many C-Levels are concerned with the innovation performance of their organisation. - Increasing number of disengaged employees. - Difficult to deploy an Innovation process that stick. - Organisational and cultural obstacles impede or even crush innovation and creativity. - Innovation is hard because of its immersed uncertainty. - P&L responsible are measured and rewarded focused on conformity and predictability.

value creating mindset in day to day work. To make this happen we have adapted the hackathon process into a 3 or 5 month cycle, centered around a hack day during office hours. By using proven methods for strategic alignment, communication, onboarding, hacking, coaching, follow-up and verification. We create value in the form of new prototypes, faster processes and interpersonal trust.

What makes us different is our process of encouraging prioritizable and implementable change. By creating the individuals that make it and connect it to their organsation’s vision. Three pillars: The Individual, by inclusive methods, coaching and long term follow-up. Value created, by verifying perceived value in the idea stage, efficient problem solving when putting the right talents together and implementing relevant metrics. Leadership, by strategic alignment and the involvement of leadership team in the innovation process.

Customer group is European companies with 100+ employees. Targeting the first top 10% innovative and forward leaning organisations, mature enough to take the next step. By approaching product, tech, HR or leadership team. End users are their employees, partners and customers.

Market size EU 2018 (2020)

Investment SEK 3M Split

Total Available Market, 104 000 (110 240) MSEK Serviceable Available Market, 10 400 (16 536) MSEK Serviceable Obtainable Market 7,2 (200) MSEK

Competitors Another Tomorrow, Elevate, BeMyApp

Research Salaries 25% 37%

Business model we will charge per cycle a fixed fee and an additional per participant fee.

Marketing 20% IT Legal 18%

The team of Johan Bäckman and Vilho Jonsson have been evolving this hackathon based concept during the last 4 years. In 5 countries SE, EE, LV, LT, NL and working with LES, Academia and Charity partners.

Milestones Founded 1.5 FTE 1 Customer

Q2 17

1.5 FTE Market reach out with MVP 1 Customer

Q3 17

1.5 FTE New web 1 Network 1 Customer

Q4 17

2 FTE 1 Network 3 Customers

Q1 18

3 FTE 1 Network 6 Customers

Q2 18

4 FTE 2 Networks 12 Customers

Q3 18

6 FTE 2 Network 15 Customers

Q4 18


The Castle Ball SaaS production management and

back office for TV, film, video, commercials & VR / 360° PROBLEM



Manual, inefficient, chaotic &

Great customer need. A few

RAISING! Product ready for

costly project management

small competitors globally,

growth & scaling. Paying

and administration.

focused solely on drama.

customers onboard




€ 2.2 B

+1500 pro users. + 200

productions. +35 countries.

+46 70 435 05 45

Digitialized solution of quality assured sustainability efforts Companies as we target along with their value chain, must live up to goals set by the UN and directives set by the European Union for the nations to enforce by local laws. The company’s challenge to become trustworthy and transparent lays in • Data source reliability • Compliance of company policies • Choice of degree of transparency • Degree of effort to meet shareholders expectations • Degree of efforts to live up to employees expectation • Degree of engagement in the value chain • Degree of integrated leadership • “What matters”

The solution is unique how we combine risk mitigation, data traceability and quality assurance visualized as KPIs with our management tool for daily use - EASY TO TRUST. The tool is easy to set up, easy to use and EASY TO TRUST and it allows customers to risk mitigate financial as well as non-financial data giving a competitive advantage.


Long Term Preservation (e:Archiver)

Enigio Times mission, is to provide digital solutions using patented blockchain technology, in areas that until now have not been solved.

Our cloud based solution revolutionises the earchiving business being the first ”Software as a Service” offering in the area. In addition it creates blockchained secure authentication of stored data. The solution is ready and will be in production Q4 2017. Sales effort is ongoing.

The drivers of digitalisation is cost reduction, making public & private service more accessible, and adaption to changed consumer behaviour. Environment, long-term preservation and traceability are highlighted as areas in the need for modern solutions adjusted to today’s society. While digitalisation is the most profound driver of change in society today, several processes, documents, and contracts remain in analogue and physical formats. Employment contracts, receipts in bookkeeping, and several instruments used in financial services are some examples.

Digital Originals (trace:original) Enigio Time is currently in dialogue with more than 90% of the Swedish mortgage market introducing a solution for digital promissory notes. To this date, we have conducted six Proof of Concepts with five banks/mortgage institutions and one large international IT company. One mortgage institute has already signed a license agreement. Three have signed Letters of Intents to run a project. The solution makes it possible to issue, accept and preserve an original in digital form. The created digital original is fully traceable, protected and immutable, but still transferable and kept in one single original, impossible to duplicate or manipulate. Business case In Sweden roughly 500 000 promissory notes are created yearly. The cost of handling one physical promissory note in its total lifecycle is estimated to be between 2000 SEK - 4000 SEK, thus the annual cost saving potential is 1-2 BSEK.

Business Case The potential number of customers only within Sweden is estimated to several thousand. As a first crucial step we have signed agreements with GCC Capital and a a Swedish Governmental agency that will prepare and archive data records using the e-Archiver. GCC will start production in December 2017 and the Agency in Q1 2018. The e:Archiver solution is being rolled out through our partner Digital Beat AB. our solution is so efficient that it enables a low-cost storage with archive functionality, meeting GDPR requirements, for public sector without any demands on a public tender process. Expected revenue during 2018 is 4 MSEK for 2018 and 8 MSEK for 2019, with high margin.

Digital Notary Service (time:beat) This solution is already in production and now ready for a global market. The time:beat solution is a natural part of a notary process securing data and content from manipulation. This is our very first offering on which the other offerings are based. It has great potential in several different business areas. With our current customers Noréns Patentbyrå, Syrian Archive and private persons securing copyright we have reference cases that will open up new business opportunities. Initial talks are currently held with several major organisations in both private as public sector and we see a large number of use cases for the technology.

Our business model will enable credit institutions to reduce their costs to one tenth of todays estimated levels. Thus, a market share of 50%, give us a potential annual revenue between 50 and 100 MSEK with an attractive margin. In addition, the solution can be applied for a large variety of bearer instruments globally. In other words, the total business case is massive. One pager - Enigio Time AB 2017:12

CUSTOMER PAIN Who has the time or inspiration to find the most relevant articles for all my lifestyle interests and hobbies? I used to buy magazines but now look for a more personalized and mobile-first service!

OUR SOLUTION PERSONALIZED | AI | CREATIVE CENTRIC As an Enliven user you personalize your “magazine”, following the topics, styles and top creatives (journalists, photographers, stylists and personal brands) that inspire you the most. AI | LEAN | REVENUE SHARE


The business model for lifestyle publishing industry is forever broken and it needs to rethink how it creates, package & distributes premium feature content and shares the revenue with its freelance content creators. With the right platform talented creatives will be the winners and the publishing houses the losers. Enliven provides lifestyle creatives with a transparent platform enabling them to build their personal brand & reach and to distribute & monetize their work – 70% of all income distributed to creatives. The heart of our innovation lies in our distributed and lean platform, leveraging a distributed editorial model and AI/machine learning to optimize global content production. Though early-stage Enliven has attracted great interest for its innovative business model and managed to recruit many of Sweden’s top lifestyle journalists and photographers for our beta.

+46 72 929 46 90


Millennials read more than older generations did at the same age.

Today >50,000 magazine titles in Europe alone

80 BUSD market worldwide 20 will be in digital in 2020

Boost Your Products’ Performances & Reduce Your Carbon Footprints with Our Nanocellulose



We believe green ingredients are needed in many formulations such as cosmetics, paints, and printing inks. We also believe super-duper strong and lightweight composites are needed by building and automotive sectors. We help manufacturers boost their product’s performances and reduce their carbon footprints with our tiny tiny particles originating from plants, which are called NANOCELLULOSE.

As a result of several years of research performed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, we developed and patented a technology to extract nanocellulose from plants through a highly energy- and cost-efficient process. Unlike the other producers, we are able to provide DRY PRODUCTS that are especially favorable for making strong and lightweight composites, whereas our NANOCELLULOSE HYDROGELS suits many formulations like cosmetics, paints, and printing inks.







Reinforcing agent for

Our DRY CELLULOSE POWDER is a green and highperformance reinforcing agent for manufacturers to develop high strength and lightweight materials or composites. Our NANOCELLULOSE HYDROGEL is a green and multifunctional ingredient for manufacturers of cosmetics, paints, and printing inks to simplify their formulations as well as add new functionalities to their products. Currently, our leads from these industrial sectors are testing our products. Stabilizer Dispersing aid Coating reinforcement for




Moisturizer Stabilizer Carrier of active ingredients for



Reinforcing agent for




Nanocellulose as a cocomponent in bioinks ensures high fidelity and high strength of 3D printed scaffolds, which are great substrates for conducting biomedical research, tissue engineering, and developing artificial organs for transplantation.


Jonatan Henschen CTO


FineCell Sweden AB LinkedIn: Kloce Dongfang Li

Visiting address: Lindstedtsvägen 24 c/o KTH Innovation 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden


Om du endast har 10 sekunder: Food2change är en ideell förening med mission att minska matsvinnet i samhället genom att koppla samman t.ex. butiker med människor som har det riktigt tufft. På så vis får både butiker och dessa människor en chans att göra en fantastisk miljöinsats och därmed bli samhällshjältar.

Digital matdelningsteknik i en analog värld helt enkelt. Highlights 2017: -

Ramavtal ICA Sverige AB + Netto Sverige AB. Middag med kungafamiljen. Media: Tv4 Nyhetsmorgon + Nyheterna, SVT nationellt + lokalt, Aftonbladet, Expressen m.fl. Finansmarknadsminister Per Bolund Mycket kraftig och exponentiell ökning av förmedlad mat och verksamhet i hela Sverige.

Välkommen att besöka oss för att få veta hur det fungerar och hur vi kan hjälpa varandra!

Om du har 40 sekunder till Allt utgår från vår tro på den enskilda människan och hennes förmåga och vilja till att göra skillnad, att ingen är uträknad i förtid och att vi tillsammans kan åstadkomma mätbar och hållbar förändring i samhället.

Vi startade 3 maj 2016 med första förmedlingen i första butiken i Västerås och har till dags dato förmedlat mat för över 3,3 miljoner kronor till ca 700 människor i 8 städer och 25 butiker. För att få riktig kraft behöver vi bl.a. anställa en kärna av proffs som på heltid kan ta detta till helt nya höjder.

Vi söker nu dig som vill investera och vara delaktig i att ta detta koncept till Sveriges alla hörn och vidare ut internationellt.

Välkommen! Ordf. Rikard Lundgren 0761872000

Investor proposal Fooever Fooever is a digital market place, helping local Food providers to be found by buyers by keyword filters and/or geolocation. They rate one another after the payment, to stimulate quality. This new, disruptve way of facilitating for people to get the food they want (diet restrictions, ethical decisions) or need (allergies) is welcomed by very many different groups of people and will revolutionize the way we trade food. The problem and how Fooever solves it Let’s face it: people eat differently. To fulfil and match the wants and needs with the supply, we could either invent many apps, or just one. The best thing of inventing one, is that there are scale advantages. If someone in Stockholm has apples in her garden, she could be seen by the members of ”garden leftovers” (potential non-existing app). But by only posting it there, she would miss out on the interested members of ”vegans trading”, ”locally produced vegetables and fruits”, ”Stockholm trading”, etc. So instead of posting it in several apps to gain as much interested audience as possible, we recommend one: Fooever. Before lots of apps for food start to gain market share (and many of them might be too small to succeed) Fooever aims to show all food in one solution and let the filters do the match. Exchanging the apple example above to any other food type (dish or ingredient) we would find that different target groups are interested. Fooever is hosting a platform for Food providers and Foodies where food is sold locally without crossing larger food intermediaries; also meaning less transportation. With the help of filters (origin, type of dish, type of food, allergy friendly, preparation time, take away or cook at Foodie’s, etc) and geo-location, Fooever help the providers to get found in one single solution. A payment solution is included, which helps pre-ordering and administration and saves time. Also included is a rating system, to reward quality and help great providers with great food gain more interest from Foodies. Fooever is for both food professionals and people who have food interests to market and sell their food, and to gain new potential customers by using the right key words (for the filters to match). The idea applies to everyone from the local tomato farmer to the seafood buffet caterer to meat sold directly from the hunter. The groups of people interested in this new way of buying food, are primarily people with diet restrictions (allergies or certain diets to keep a better health) or ethical standpoints regarding what to eat (locally produced, vegetarian, fair trade, etc.). Or both, since the filters can be combined. It is also for people who want to help integration by buying food services from immigrants, or want to save money or the planet by buying left-overs from restaurants’ lunches or their neighbour’s dinner or garden crops. A secondary group consists of people who want to save time by preordering and prepaying for their meals. Depending on what is important to the Foodie, she uses the equivalent filters to find the matches within the area from which she can consider to buy it. Team Karin Angerind, CEO Fredrik Losman, Sales Anne Beskow, Country Manager Sweden Nico Giesen, E-Commerce Advisory board of PR, Food, Finance, and Technology

Competitive landscape Today, many sites facilitate meal sharing at people's homes (Airdine just quit though;. Sweden not yet being a large enough market for them to succeed). Moreover, networks for farm shops ( and exist in addition to sites where people can buy products directly from the producer (, etc.). Regarding restaurants, the market offers help within transportation (, Uber Eats, Foodora, Hoodifood,, etc) and pre-ordering (, they also just quit). There are examples of sites that help to reduce waste (,, Karma, etc) and others that help integration by dinners (invitationsdepartementet). However, no other solution exists for combining the above exemplified services, combining ingredients with dishes and focusing on the local production in ones’ vincinity. Fooever offers all features above. One app with lots of options (filters) has much more ability to gain much traffic and be sustainable in the long run, adapting to food trends. Business Model Fooever takes a cut on the transaction fee, and will add yearly fees for Food providers' Premium memberships. Fooever earns money from what is left of the transaction cost (after fees have been paid). This is at least €0,2/transaction to Fooever (depending on the amount of the transaction) and already built into the app. During the next year Fooever will offer free memberships in order to gain content. In the following years Fooever will charge different amounts depending on what benefits the providers are interested in on the site. Advertising, ambassadors, and social media campaigns are needed to get food providers in to the app, starting in Sweden by building a good case locally first. New targeted campaigns on Social Media, as well as PR work, are needed to get Foodies into the app (estimated time Q1 2018). Product/service distribution The Foodie downloads the app from Google Play or Apple Store or search and the providers can also log in and upload their offers through the web. We use Stripe as payment solution. The service is built in Wordpress, by Swedish well known app builder firm The Farm. Delivery of the food is up to the seller and buyer, but a third party can easily be included for delivery depending on the area we are serving, via API. We talk to several possible transportation companies. Use of Funds The investment funds mean that we can be much faster and efficient in penetrating the different geographical markets, to make the most of our launch. It will most of all be used on sales and marketing.,, +46 (0)70-89 52 746

Friendbase is a vibrant virtual world for teens. Our community is populated by users (13+) who make new friends, take fun & educational quizzes, and play games together. As opposed to a stand-alone app, Friendbase is an extremely flexible platform that is continually evolving with additional content and experiences for its users. How have we done so far? Although we are operating on a very bootstrapped budget, Friendbase has received some pretty impressive metrics after its release, with virtually no marketing spend. 600,000 user accounts have been created since the beginning of 2016. The platform is currently monetized through virtual goods and advertising; there are massive opportunities for organic brand integration and sellable content.

Now closing a round of 2MSEK and preparing to take in 15MSEK to ramp up from proof-of-concept to a hugely scalable product. Want to join our adventure? contact Deborah B Lygonis CEO E-mail: Phone: +46 708 330089

Dementia is one of most costly and fastest growing diseases in the world, with 9.9 million new patients diagnosed each year and an estimated annual cost of $1 trillion. Dementia is an umbrella term for a number of different symptoms caused by different diseases. The common cognitive symptoms involve the deterioration in memory and thinking, as well as behavioural changes, which restrict the ability to perform everyday activities. There is a dramatic need for dementia care and treatment. Currently, there is a very low availability of specialist doctors and nurses globally and the prevention methods and medicines available are not effective enough. Geras Solutions offers three modules, each targeting a different stage of the disease: •

Pre-Diagnosis: through evidence-based standard tests and access to direct video contact with specialized doctors and nurses, those in need of a qualified diagnosis are able to get answers in a sensibly shorter time from home.

Post-Diagnosis: diagnosed patients have access to disease management support and video chat availability.

Risk Reduction: users are able to engage in brain training games and activities based on years of scientific research conducted at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, one of the world’s top medical universities, and they can track their progress with Geras’ digital tools.

We collaborate with expert scientists and researchers in the field of dementia, experts in the field of dementia care and disease management, as well as with well-established and globally known awareness groups. Together with them, we at Geras Solutions have worked to create an easy to use, accessible, and effective tool for all those who are touched in one way or the other by dementia. Contact: Haza Newman +46 70-325 64 18

w w w .g r e i n o n .se

Grei no n’ s Sma rt Cit y So l u t i o n Greinon Engineering develops communication devices for LED lighting and smart city systems, including hardware and software which can be used as standalone plug-and-play system on existing installations/luminaries, or embedded into lighting unit and distributed together as a complete product.

Greinon’s ultra-light wireless control modules turn conventional infrastructure into smart city objects, interconnected in a city-wide low power wireless mesh network.





Greinon’s wireless control systems

Greinon’s expertise allows to

The modularity of Greinon’s wire-




are modular and can be easily

create a new product based on

less controller allows using it, with

technical expertise based on

customized in such parameters

your specific requirements quickly

little or no modifications, in various

academic and industrial research.

as power efficiency, size, cost,

and efficiently, or alternatively

smart city applications, such as

We provide consulting services

and other special requirements,

to modify either hardware or

communicating with street lights,

in embedded design, wireless


software module to fit your needs.

bus stops, traffic lights, and more.






Wireless Controllers


systems, data network, and more.

product or your installation needs.

Smart City Applications


Software Development

Hardware Development

Grei non E ngi neeri ng AB , Ideon Sci ence P ark S cheel evägen 15, SE -223 63 Lund Sw eden

Green ICT

Copyright © 2015

Guru Games

Executive Summary Business Idea Video games have been around for decades now, seeping into every part of our culture, and as the gamers themselves grow older they find that they have less and less time to play. They desire high quality products, but AAA games require them to have 40-60 hours of free time to complete them. This is where we at Guru Games have found our blue ocean in the market. Guru Games aim to scratch the same itch a great movie or a television series would, by providing video games that are designed to be played through in an evening, but that will stay on the players mind for a month.

The Team Guru Games is an independent game company working out of Skรถvde, Sweden. We have four co-founders that each is an expert in their respective field as well as several contractors that come and go depending on the current project.

Mission Statement We provide an older demographic of busy gamers with compelling stories told through visually stunning games, challenging the notion that longer games are better. Our core business is the development and sales of games, but we also do contract work as part of our long-term strategy. This provides us with a solid revenue stream while also working on our own projects, reducing the risk of investment in each game. Guru Games main mission is to focus on quality in everything we do, from which contracts we take or which games we make to who we hire.

HAYP Have you ever felt that working out has become like a chore, that the excitement that you felt as a child is gone. How many times have you felt that you want to try a new sport but didn’t do it because you didn’t know where to start? Most people have also felt how they would like an opponent for tennis or get few people to play football but felt it’s too difficult to organize every time. HAYP gives you exiting and new sports activities nearby and a community to connect with. So many options of sports activities gives people the chance to be spontaneous, to find partners for the passions and community to share sweat and laughter with. Be part of the next big thing in fitness and join the revolution!

Problem identification HAYP is for everyone that feels that’s tired of going to the gym every day or doing the activity. Its for those that need an opponent for their sport activities or need new friends to train with. It’s also for those that need to plan a tournament or sports activity including a lot people and would like a smoother way to organize the event.

Solutions Features and uses HAYP lets you see the activities that’s happening nearby in 48hrs. That will create so many activities that the variety and excitement will be overwhelming. You can also create your own activity which helps you find an opponent or a new friend to train with. You can also invite friends and will see those that accepted and can gather all the information in one place, making it easy to plan large sports activities.

Homer gives Homeowners one dedicated, digital place to save and organise any and all information about their home and household. Tired of random stacks of paper, crumpled receipts, lost warranty cards, missing user manuals, and spending time looking for things?

Use Homer! We’ve created an amazing, user friendly place to save and organise all types of useful, important, interesting or even boring info about your most important personal investment - your own home.

Homer is will help make home ownership simpler, less stressful and more effective. Homer will help you with tips, useful info and save money.

At Sweden Demo Day, we are looking for: ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

More team members Seed funding Beta testers Partners & contacts

Visit for your Beta invite!

Humla Games Humla Games is a startup founded by Compete Now AB and Kirikoro Studios AB. Compete Now has  created Swedens most beloved trivia brand MIG and has over 17 years experience in creating trivia  games. Kirikoro Studios is a modern Video game studio which creates innovative games with  innovative methods in marketing and development. With all the experience in the team and the help  of world leading business incubator “The Game Incubator” Humla games is creating 0-100 for iPhone  and Android. You play online against family, friends and unknown opponents. 0-100 is the quiz  game where every answers is a number between 0 and 100. The MIG brand is used to market 0-100  in Sweden.              0-100 Powered by MIG  Android, iOS  Soft-launch in Sweden 2017-11-30 

Team Pontus Lindgren, Co-founder, Producer, Business development & Online marketing   Helena Liewendahl, Co-founder, Creative Director, Business development & Marketing  Git Hansson, Co-founder, Administration, Business development & Sales  Jesper Ehrling, Freelancer in digital media, Art Director & Marketing content lead  Per Fornander, Programming consultant, Senior Developer  Elin Fahlgren, Marketing consultant, Marketing & Social media manager 

The future Humla Games has soft launched 0-100 in Sweden. 0-100 currently has over 30% monthly retention  for the first batch of users. In the coming 3 months Humla Games are continuing to spread and  develop 0-100 on our own. The goal here is to experiment with our business models to prepare for  the international market. To keep up our tempo and kickstart the international campaign Humla  Games are now looking for a seed funding to market and localize 0-100 for new markets.    For additional inquiries contact Pontus:  +46702948996 

IAMRUNBOX Lifestyle Lund, Sweden "IAMRUNBOX is an active lifestyle brand offering optimal packing solution for daily commuters, sports and travel. We inspire people to actively move in style."

Company Summary Launched in 2015, IAMRUNBOX offers a smart carrying solution that inspire a balanced lifestyle. We have already reached 100k in monthly sales revenue and delivering consistent performance in premium retail shops in Stockholm, MalmĂś, Copenhagen, London, Singapore and Hong KongWe have formed a strong Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Co-Founders team with all capabilities needed to build a strong and profitable brand.

Executive Summary Management See our pitch deck

Customer Problem Many people run or bike commuting to the office or going to short business tripneed to get their office clothes delivered crease-free during the move.We found it almost impossible to pack business attireinto the backpack without getting shirts wrinkled andtrousers creased. After making a market research we realized that we are not alone. To solve this problem, we have developed IAMRUNBOX.


Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017

Company URL: Founded: January 2015 Employees: 4

Entrepreneur Kirill Noskov

Round Overview Funding Stage: series_seed Capital Raised: kr3.36M Capital Seeking: kr5M Pre-Money Valuation: kr25M Run Rate: kr1.2M Net Burn: kr300k

Team Kirill Noskov

Social iamrunbox

Our product range consist of backpacks, carriers and accessories designed for sports and travel. Our USPs:- New "briefcase" for success Clean and minimalistic Scandinavian design- Premium quality and lightweight materials- Ergonomic fit that reduces bouncing when running or biking- Optimal packing solution for sports and travel- Crease free clothes guaranteed- One eco-system and products integration

Target Market We are developing and testing success formula in Sweden and will replicate it further digitally and through selected retailers around the world. We are targeting key metropolitans and already present in premium retail stores in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Business Model We are selling both online and through selected premium retailers. We are already present in chains like Loplabbet & Runners Store in Sweden. We are currently having 40% gross profit margins & have a strategy in place to reach up to 60% by end of 2018 through the digital growth, price increase and reduction of manufacturing costs.By end of 2018 our annual revenue will grow up to 7.3 MSEK & we expect to be cashflow positive by Jan 2019.

Open innovation made simple THE PROBLEM


95% of all innovations fail. 45% due to product-market-gap. Companies validate and test their products too late.

Save time and money by market testing your products early using our augmented reality applications.



Large FMCG companies in Europe and US operating in a fast paced trend-driven market.

Idea Hunt was founded 1 year ago. We are 10 employees in Europe, US and Asia.

Augmented reality use cases:

Test new products

Contact our CEO: Elia Mรถrling

Test new packages


Develop products

Phone: +46 70 751 59 64

Inicio is a non profit organisation enabling citizens to be engaged creators of tomorrow Inicio aim at enhancing digital skills and digital iteracy to various target groups so that eventually all citizes can participate and contribute to the future smart, sustainable societies. Inicio applies a mentoring approach and hands-on practice for students and teachers in schools and professionals providing a method for growing capabilities, empowering youth and up-skilling the professional workforce with entrepreneurial training. Inicio collaborates with schools, libraries, youth- and community centres and other meeting places for education and innovation such as the Kista Mentorspace. Our network of mentors are Swedish and international master students at KTH or EIT Digital Master School who in addition to sharing their knowledge, provide a dynamic element to our workshops and events with a rich diversity in perspectives, cultures and languages.

nicio works with social innovation to meet the global goals of the Agenda 2030. #4 Quality education The education system is facing major changes as lifelong learning is the new norm and the schools need to adapt to new knowledge and skills that can prepare the next generation for future studies and careers. Good education for all can be enhanced with digital technology and understanding how to innovate and create solutions with digital skills becomes an important foundation for realising individual and societal ideas, interests and ambitions. Inicio offers packages for schools providing workshops for students in 3D-printing, building basic robots and sensor nodes that can be programmed for various tasks. We also offer teachers and school boards two day course on how to integrate digital technology in the curricula as well as addressing the opportunities but also the challenges of digitalisation, according to the new directives specified by Skolverket. # Gender Equality – Girls in ICT The wealth in a society increases when women and girls are able to contribute with their resources and knowledge on equal conditions to men and boys. Inicio work with enhancing gender equality by organising special events and workshop for girls and women only, inspiring them to learn about and use technology, in particular information and communications technology. A regular event run by Inicio in Sweden is the international Girls in ICT Day, an initiative of ITU, organised to raise awareness among young women about the importance of digital skills and encourage them to consider technical careers. #11 Sustainable cities and communities Inicio is engaged in urban development projects and workshops with the aim of testing and prototyping new solutions by e.g applying sensors, gatering data, exploring how interhet of things can be used for enhanced quality of life social innovation. Inicio collaborates with KTH at Kista Mentorspace in the Urban ICT Arena, a Swedish testbed and co-creation arena for digitalisation in urban settings.

“We get customers the insurance coverage they need and make them feel good about it.” THE COMPANY

THE PROBLEM “Property & casualty insurance is more boring than toilet paper, but just as necessary” Property and Casualty Insurance isn’t something that a consumer, an organization or small business can experience through their senses. It is complex and described in a language serving the Insurance company and at its best customers are limited to compare a series of legal “if/then” statements printed on 26 pages of papers in size 6 font. Furthermore, since you can’t understand your insurance policies, people don’t discuss or compare them with their friends or family members Insurance success requires a conscious effort to create a meaningful relationship that transcend the infrequent times when formal documents are involved. Relationship, trust, comfort and availability are important aspects of the connection between an insurer and its customer – the insured. Insurers are not neutral and very often the customer cannot to the point understand what they are protected against. Even worse when the customer files a claim, the customer will be extremely surprised to find out that what you thought was your protection actually is not. TM

DrJones – THE SOLUTION We solve the insurance complexity by helping you – our member to rely on Dr.JonesTM for the right protection. We will not bore you with numerous details but make sure you trust our recommendation, in a language you understand. We make the Insurance company commit to that specific risk with no exceptions. We help you benchmark your policy and renegotiate it during its lifetime, when your situation changes and when the Insurance company try to change the terms. We help you file the claim if needed and make sure you get the help the insurance promised. Our solution is built on AInnovative technology – Dr.JonesTM. It contains a syntactic and semantic text mining NLP processor, a Bayesian inference engine, a Big data (both text & number) cruncher, an audio/visual interpretor/guide, a rule and process engine all packaged in a mobile app with cloud backend for unlimited scalability in all valid parameters. Our customers love understanding the protection they are buying. They understand what is protected, to what cost and what reimbursement they will receive when the risk has realized and their claim is made. Our customers love getting proactive support to help reduce the risks but even more so they love to understand the complete picture of their risks and the protection they have. They love the life journey support we provide in order for them to stay properly insured.


COMPETITORS The Intermediation distribution channel mean in Europe is 70%. The Non-life yearly premium is €330bn. The provision is typically 5-15% ,or more depending on complexity of the product (policy). This is a market of €12bn a year. • We aim to take 25% of this market within 4 year. • Becoming one of the top three new digital intermediaries in Europe.

Spixii, UK (hey)Brolly, UK Friendsurance DE, Knip, DE Clark, DE GetSafe, DE

Founded: Dec 2015 Launched: May 2016 Earlier Investments: Founders+Vinnova Authorization: Insurance Simplified is authorized by The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to conduct insurance mediation. Member of Balance Sheet: No loans or similar liabilities.

Headquarter: Alsnögatan7, 116 41 Stockholm, Sweden Current Services: Brokerage Commercial Lines SME, Sweden, licensed to operate across EU. Revenue Estimates: Year1: Investors pls inquire! Year2: Investors pls inquire! Year3: Investors pls inquire! Investment Round: Limited to 500K Euro Looking for seed investment. Use of Investment: R&D: 50% Infrastructure: 10% Sales & Marketing: 30% Operations: 10% Initial Target Market: All SME in the Nordic countries, to scale

up to EU.

THE TEAM Meet the folks who aren't bored by insurance product models and think about how you think about insurance, all day. Seriously! Christer Braaf, CEO and Co-founder. Christer focuses on sales and implementing the operating model. Before Insurance Simplified; Accenture Nordic Insurance Practice and Folksam Insurance Group among others. BSc degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics. Patrik Kähäri, COO and Co-founder. He focuses on insurance product modelling and machine learning, the core of Dr Jones. Before Insurance Simplified he worked at Länsförsäkringar Insurance Group. Patrik been operating within the Swedish P&C insurance market, sine 1997, assisting the largest P&C insurers on the Swedish market. Alexander Hedlund, CIO/CTO and Co-founder Alexander focuses on architecting the Enterprise. Before Insurance Simplified he worked at På/ and Folksam Insurance Group among others. MSc degree from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Bo Valpeters, Acting Chairman/CDO and Co-founder. Bo focuses on digitization and usability aspects. Bo is also our Chief Digital Officer. Bo has 15+ years experience in the digital field and are one of the owners of a top tier Swedish digital agency, Bazooka. Bo is a serial entrepreneur and have started several companies. Steven Batiste, CAIO, Chief Data Scientist. Steven our latest core member. Steven brings AI, Machine Learning and big data skills. Before INSU he has worked at various large institutions in these fields, started a software development offshoring company from scratch, built it to a 100 developers + 10 at the onshore bridge head. Earlier he has built almost everything within graphical and number crunching.

Insurino provides a search engine for insurance policies based on the individual preferences. Find out whether your current insurance matches your needs, without reading all the conditions yourself!


Keeping track of the terms and conditions of home insurance policies is a nightmare. A wide majority of individuals don’t even bother reading all the terms of their insurance policies. They hope for the best until the damage occurs and only after that learn if they are covered and to what degree.


Premiums for various insurance policies may differ somewhat, but the greatest difference is usually among the payouts due to damage. Comparing the conditions of several insurance providers becomes necessary, but gets even more complicated.

Insurino automates the work of an insurance broker. The insurebot provides a simple oversight of the contractual details and helps individuals to make smart and educated policy selection.

Get the insight of your existing policies, without reading all the conditions yourself, simply by logging in to the platform.

Compare your policies to the alternatives on the market and switch if you find a better match.

Get independent and automated advice within minutes, always free of charge for the users 08 559 26 751

Invigos empowers everyone to be a good writer

We engage students and save time for teachers. We make writing fun, educational and meaningful!

Investor contact: Martin Tiberg, CEO +46 72 539 8030

A better day starts with taking back control of your night

Learning to Sleep helps people with sleeping disorder getting better sleep through digital improvement programs. We have a history of more than 4 years of research studies and have become one of the leading digital health companies in Sweden. We have treated over 700 patients with sleeping problems and today we start treating one new person every day. Learning to Sleep AB Head office: Anckargripsgatan 3 211 19 Malmö Sweden Branches: The Park Hälsingegatan 49 113 31 Stockholm Nordic Innovation House 470 Ramona Street Palo Alto, California Twitter: @learningtosleep IR contact: Micael Gustafsson, CEO

9 of 10 gets improved sleep Our clinical validation shows that more than 9 of 10 says gets improved sleep.

Learning to sleep offers clinically proven digital sleep improvement programs for people with sleeping problems. Problem About 16 percent of the population has so severe sleeping problems that it affects their daily life. In US alone over 65 million people suffers from bad sleep, causing a cost for society of 73 billion USD per year. Bad sleep also causes other diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our solution We offer a clinically validated 5 week program that gives the person improved sleep and for instance take away the need for sleeping pills or other drugs.. We are on the market and has treated over 1200 patients. How it works Th r o u g h o u r r e s e a r c h we h ave gathered over 350 different scenarios in order to change the behaviour of our patients. Those scenarios are the foundation of our digital program Sleep Better and will - after a one we e k a n a l y s i s - c u s t o m i s e t h e treatment after the patients behaviour and sleep pattern. The patient will then go into the next phase where we reset the bodys biological clock and change behaviour and creates good sleeping routines. Everything is supervised through our advanced back end by a sleep coach that will secure result and compliance.

Based on AI and machine learning
 Our program uses the latest AI and machine learning for customisation and cost effectiveness. Market approach We r e g a r d o u r s e l ve s a s a B 2 C company since we are targeting individuals with sleeping problems. The payer can be the individual, but we have payers also amongst companies and insurance companies. In the future the cost will be covered by the public health care system. Market The market for our products consists of more than 900 million potential customers. We use Sweden as our test market and are launching in Germany, US and UK in 2018.. Growth We are aiming towards 100 000 customers in 2020 with a forecasted revenue of nearly 49 million USD.SD. Team LTS has a team of behaviour therapists, psychologists, developers and business people. Together we form a unique combination of life science, business and technology knowledge. Financials LTS has ongoing revenue of USD 8k per months and a budgeted MRR of 50k USD from January 2018. Investment LTS closed a seed round of 400 k USD in fall 2016 and is raising 2 million USD late 2017..

Lettuce​ ​Grow​ ​is​ ​an​ ​online​ ​marketplace​ ​for​ ​small​ ​scale​ ​farmers​ ​and​ ​food​ ​related​ ​SMEs. Small​ ​scale​ ​farming​ ​and​ ​food​ ​related​ ​SMEs​ ​are​ ​no​ ​longer​ ​profitable.​ ​This​ ​is​ ​because of​ ​high​ ​competition​ ​from​ ​supermarkets​ ​and​ ​very​ ​long​ ​supply​ ​chains.​ ​Currently supermarkets​ ​control​ ​over​ ​60%​ ​of​ ​the​ ​retail​ ​food​ ​market.​ ​They​ ​also​ ​have​ ​a​ ​monopoly on​ ​food​ ​logistics. Our​ ​solution​ ​is​ ​an​ ​online​ ​platform​ ​with​ ​a​ ​marketplace.​ ​The​ ​platform​ ​allows​ ​farmers​ ​to search​ ​for​ ​SMEs​ ​which​ ​are​ ​in​ ​need​ ​of​ ​their​ ​products.​ ​SMEs​ ​in​ ​turn​ ​will​ ​also​ ​be​ ​able​ ​to search​ ​for​ ​farmers​ ​when​ ​their​ ​stocks​ ​are​ ​running​ ​low.​ ​The​ ​search​ ​is​ ​always​ ​based​ ​on proximity​ ​and​ ​will​ ​show​ ​the​ ​closest​ ​result.​ ​This​ ​is​ ​to​ ​reduce​ ​logistics​ ​costs​ ​and​ ​make them​ ​more​ ​sustainable.​ ​Over​ ​time​ ​as​ ​trends​ ​are​ ​created​ ​routes​ ​become​ ​more​ ​fixed. We​ ​will​ ​cover​ ​most​ ​of​ ​the​ ​logistics​ ​costs​ ​through​ ​our​ ​food​ ​waste​ ​handling​ ​system Re-fresh.​ ​Re-fresh​ ​will​ ​allow​ ​us​ ​to​ ​build​ ​a​ ​relationship​ ​with​ ​farmers​ ​by​ ​buying​ ​their waste.​ ​This​ ​will​ ​allow​ ​us​ ​to​ ​highlight​ ​how​ ​much​ ​money​ ​they​ ​are​ ​losing​ ​on​ ​waste​ ​and how​ ​much​ ​they​ ​could​ ​earn​ ​on​ ​our​ ​platform. The​ ​platform​ ​will​ ​be​ ​launching​ ​this​ ​fall​ ​in​ ​Portugal​ ​for​ ​pilot​ ​testing.​ ​In​ ​the​ ​meantime, we​ ​are​ ​building​ ​a​ ​local​ ​team​ ​in​ ​Hungary​ ​in​ ​preparation​ ​for​ ​a​ ​successful​ ​pilot​ ​in Portugal.​ ​Both​ ​countries​ ​are​ ​very​ ​similar​ ​in​ ​their​ ​agricultural​ ​market.​ ​This​ ​allows​ ​us​ ​to launch​ ​with​ ​only​ ​small​ ​changes​ ​made​ ​to​ ​the​ ​system​ ​to​ ​adapt​ ​to​ ​the​ ​local​ ​market.​ ​With a​ ​successful​ ​launch​ ​in​ ​both​ ​countries​ ​we​ ​will​ ​prove​ ​our​ ​business​ ​model​ ​and​ ​scalability.


CHALLENGE Over two billion smartphone users worldwide take pictures and videos every day and then they give it to social media companies for free! Social media channels monetize the content for themselves and divert content creators’ audience, provide poor visibility, no control or ownership and with no monetization opportunities. On the other hand, brands, advertisers and other organizations struggle to find and access the authentic user generated content they need from that overwhelming uncategorized, scattered and unauthenticated pool of media.

SOLUTION LOOK8 brings users together in tightly knitted communities based on subjects that matters to the members who in turn contribute with authentic, categorized and relevant content. Brands create brand specific channels or competitions to collect, curate, distribute and publish authentic UGC to their other digital properties.

MONETIZATION LOOK8 enables content creators to monetize their hot and viral content by collecting rewards from fans in form of virtual currency that they can cash out! Any user can link their videos to external web links to convert their audience into customers through e-commerce. Videos on LOOK8 are categorized and thus can be monetized with relevant advertisements (pre, mid or post roll).

LOOK8 EMBED = PAID STREAMING SERVICE LOOK8 EMBED enables brands, bloggers and other organizations to broadcast live and stream VOD to their website, blogs and apps. LOOK8 EMBED gives the control back to the content creators and curators to retain and engage their audience on their own domain, with full access to followers and analytics. Plus, the ability to monetize the content with advertisements, pay-per-view videos and subscriptions based channels.

MARKET AND BUSINESS MODEL Study by Cisco predicts that by 2020, 75% of mobile traffic will be video related. 55% of people watch videos online every day (MWP) and 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it (Animoto). LOOK8 business model is twofold: • LOOK8 APP; a cut from in-app transactions (fans rewarding content creators with virtual money) and part of advertisement revenues generated through user content. • LOOK8 EMBED; monthly subscription fee from users and companies who embed their LOOK8 channel on their websites, blogs or apps and a cut from advertisements shown on embed customers domain.

FOUNDED 2015 INVESTMENT 5.2 MSEK Investors: Angels SEEKING 2.5 MSEK for commercial roll out ACHIEVED 4000+ downloads, 6000+ videos and 100+ channels created during beta release (iOS only), with no monetization. All major technology development completed, implemented and working. SCHEDULE Android app release Dec 2017 Embed service (paid) fine tuning now, customer trials and full roll out Jan 2018 In-app monetization Q1 2018 TEAM Tejpal Singh, CEO Tobias Larsson, CPO Mustafa Saeed, Dev CONTACT Tejpal Raj Singh CEO +46 708 399 007 WEBSITE

Customized News, Events and Jobs based on your roles and topics Recommended activities

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Stay updated on the go iOS & Android

Map​ ​Project​ ​Sweden​ ​AB   ________________________________________________  

“Behind​ ​the​ ​petrol​ ​station,​ ​take​ ​the​ ​street​ ​that​ ​leads​ ​to​ ​where​ ​the​ ​church​ ​once​ ​stood,​ ​our house​ ​is​ ​on​ ​the​ ​right​ ​after​ ​the​ ​third​ ​mango​ ​tree,​ ​the​ ​door​ ​is​ ​grey.”     

4​ ​billion​ ​people​ ​are​ ​affected​ ​by​ ​inadequate​ ​addresses​ ​and​ ​are​ ​not​ ​able​ ​to​ ​fully​ ​exercise their​ ​human​ ​and​ ​civil​ ​rights.     Without​ ​an​ ​address​ ​it​ ​is​ ​difficult​ ​to​ ​get​ ​access​ ​to​ ​banking,​ ​insurances​ ​or​ ​even​ ​explain​ ​to  emergency​ ​services​ ​how​ ​to​ ​find​ ​you.​ ​Governments​ ​cannot​ ​reach​ ​all​ ​citizens​ ​with​ ​goods​ ​and  services,​ ​and​ ​business​ ​opportunities​ ​are​ ​missed! 

We​ ​have​ ​a​ ​solution! Map​ ​Project​ ​is​ ​developing​ ​a​ ​system​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​complete,​ ​precise​ ​and​ ​easy​ ​to​ ​use​ ​addresses  for​ ​everyone​ ​and​ ​everywhere!     Anyone​ ​can​ ​register​ ​with​ ​our​ ​system​ ​and​ ​be​ ​provided​ ​with​ ​an​ ​easy​ ​to​ ​use​ ​address​ ​that  combines​ ​the​ ​location's​ ​GPS​ ​coordinates,​ ​available​ ​address​ ​data,​ ​user-generated​ ​content  and​ ​smart​ ​use​ ​of​ ​landmarks.​ ​ ​The​ ​address​ ​can​ ​be​ ​easily​ ​shared​ ​and​ ​used​ ​by​ ​authorities,  suppliers​ ​and​ ​individuals.​ ​Address​ ​verification​ ​is​ ​being​ ​built​ ​in​ ​in​ ​order​ ​to​ ​ascertain​ ​the  accuracy​ ​of​ ​the​ ​address.     We​ ​have​ ​tested​ ​our​ ​business​ ​idea​ ​and​ ​prototypes​ ​in​ ​Uganda​ ​and​ ​Rwanda,​ ​and​ ​developed  partnership​ ​for​ ​beta​ ​testing.​ ​Our​ ​future​ ​customers​ ​are​ ​excited!     Investment​ ​with​ ​a​ ​4​ ​billion​ ​people​ ​purpose!  We​ ​have​ ​been​ ​bootstrap​ ​for​ ​over​ ​a​ ​year,​ ​but​ ​are​ ​now​ ​looking​ ​for​ ​investment​ ​in​ ​order​ ​to  take​ ​us​ ​to​ ​launch​ ​in​ ​two​ ​African​ ​markets.​ ​We​ ​believe​ ​that​ ​our​ ​future​ ​investors​ ​have​ ​a  passion​ ​for​ ​making​ ​change!   

Contact​ ​person:​ ​Karoline​ ​Beronius,​ ​CEO Email:​ ​  Tel:​ ​+​ ​46​ ​(0)​ ​73​ ​310​ ​0670  Website:​ ​   Facebook:​ ​  LinkedIn:​ ​   

Mi l l i j oi n

#met oo

Sexualhar assment s,r apeand assaul ti sahuge pr obl em i n oursoci et yt oday.Ar ound 50% f eel unsaf e her ei n Sweden -i t ’ sone oft he saf est count r i esi nt hewor l d. Advi sor

Mi l l i j oi ni scr eat i ngagl obalsoci alcommuni t yf or publ i c saf et yt o make i teasi erand f ast erf or peopl et o suppor t each ot her i n r eal t i me si t uat i onsvi aourapp.

Launched 3mont hsago


member si n40count r i es.


new member sever yday.

Tobi asSvenl Ăśv CEO andCoFounder t obi as@mi l l i j oi n. com +46735236600


Democratizing investing Investing is one of the best ways to build personal wealth. But it looks complicated and can feel risky if you don’t know anything about it Mojo Stocks App connects portfolio tools and banks trading systems and reshape them into a whole new user experience that makes it so simple that anyone can invest smartly and independently regardless of your prior knowledge about the stock market

Understand and enjoy investing through the flow of an intuitive user experience Try it out before taking risks or trading with real money Compare banks and trade at your preferred bank directly in the app

todays regular solution

Special sauce

Platform for investing in

Empowering you in investing by making

stocks and funds.

it intuitive, fun and accessible

Sonja Nasehi, CEO 076 201 99 42

Building the first platform for sustainable digital transformation





Our mission is to make sure that digitalisation results in smart, engaging and user focused products and services that adds business value and contributes to a sustainable future. We started off in spring 2017 and are set on the goal to take a position as the leading platform for digital transformation in the Nordic within two years.

Always human centric | Insight driven | Hollistic | Sustainable

A subscription-based platform for digital transformation services Make the most of the digital era The digital era has brought plenty of new opportunities, but many struggles to make the most of it. Investing in enabling technology, such as cloud services and digital platforms is one part of it. But using it to become user-centric, data- and insight driven can be challenging. With our subscription-based coaching services, we help companies to get ahead, as we provide access to smart and costefficient services and the best and most qualified digitalization competence on the market.

Insights, metrics & KPI:s

Engaged Customer

Engagment Platform

Business Experience

Personalised Communication

Enabled Organisation

Best practice Best of breed Best fit

Digitalisation based on sustainable insights

A one stop shop for digital transformation Our platform provides all you need to succeed:

Eva Stattin CMO & Co-founder

Andreas Markewärn CEO & Co-founder

“We want to use our long and extensive experience in business development and innovation, digital strategy and concept development to put an ease on the frustration that many feels when it comes to digital transformation.” “We believe in the power of shared knowledge and insight that digitalization provides.” Interested? Lets talk!

Coaching from a network of highly qualified competence with broad, deep and specialized digitalisation skills

Plug & Play Programs that includes smart, efficient and proven tools and methods for successful transformation

Training with seminars, workshops and classes to inspire, engage and show the way by best practice examples and research based knowledge on how to succeed

Nolbi is a partner owned limited company, founded in 2016. Nolbi stands for No Language Barrier Instrument. Our company is all about communication. Today there are large groups of people, in Sweden and in all of Europe, who can´t communicate due to language barriers. Simply booking an appointment at the doctor’s office can be a task too hard to handle, if you don´t know the language. There are interpretation challenges in society today • • • • •

There is a lack of internal resources Lack of interpreters There are privacy and quality issues It´s time consuming It´s costly

Market situation More than 6,500 languages are spoken around the world. The global translation industry currently turns over almost €40 billion per year (as at 2015), more than half of which is within Europe. So what is Nolbi? The business idea of Nolbi AB is to provide technology for instant interpretation and documentation of phone calls or direct conversations between people. The NO Language Barrier Instrument offers innovative cross-language conversation tools that helps to provide better, more seamless and effective two-way communication between service providers and people who do not speak the same language. NOLBI has two core products. NOLBI IVR (Interactive Voice Response), which provides digital voice translation over the phone, and NOLBI application, which offers instant translation via tablet/ipad, in live meetings between people. Nolbi software is cost effective, it available 24/7, it offers 80 language combinations including dialects and it has no geographical limitation. We are now searching for capital or technical partners to join the Nolbi team. If you feel that you can be a potential partner, let´s book a meeting today!

Contact: - Phone : 0705 88 35 75 -

Soil and water remediation using Archaea

Our microbes rapidly eliminates up to 99% of spilled petroleum products! Our microbial products are intended for use on oil and refined petroleum oil spills. Our microbial products provide containment of the spilled material by locking it up and then activate quickly to degrade and destroy the spill. The application results in a reduced time to clean up and eliminate the spill, while saving you time and money!


Highly effective microbes

Easy to use

The greatest difference between Nordic

Bacteria usually work under narrow

Our absorbents contain a consortium of

Bioengineering’s products and those of

conditions and on one specific

natural occurring microorganisms,

our competitors is that our products are

contaminant. Archaea can tolerate much

concentrated in a dry and dense powder.

not made of “bacteria” but a more

harsher environmental conditions and

Activate the microbes at your

primitive microbe group called “Archaea”.

degrade a variety of hydrocarbons.

convenience and on your timetable.

Problem solving inspired by nature! | | | phone: +46 709 40 29 03

Ochno provides the worlds-first converged power- and communication platform for smart buildings based on the new USB-C standard. It connects, powers, monitors and controls energy storage, LEDlighting, building automation and consumer electronics, all through the same smart outlet. With this and the cloud service Ochno Operated, we enable among other things: • Increase PV-installation and energy storagy utilization and remove energy losses with up to 20%. • Plug-and-play any smart device into a building and it is immediately configured and managed. As easy as connecting a mouse to your laptop. • Remove all chargers, power adapters, dongles and most cables • Secure and flexible IT-services for co-working spaces and activity based offices


+46 730 63 62 86

Ochno, Västerås, Sweden

Smart resurshantering 
 med digitalisering 
 inom offentlig sektor ”Vi gör återanvändning möjlig!”

Vårt erbjudande

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Utrustning som kan återanvändas kastats istället för att matchas med behov i en annan del av organisationen
 (exempel från en medelstor kommun)

Vi är en digital startup med hållbarhet som affärsidé off2off arbetar sedan starten 2011 med resursoptimering i och mellan organisationer genom att synliggöra befintliga överskott vilket möjliggör återanvändning av dem. Vår affärsmodell bygger på ökad återanvändning och förlängning av livslängden för dessa överskott. Vi har resultat som visar att vi sparar pengar och miljö för våra kunder, samt skapar arbetsmöjligheter lokalt. Vårt digitala ekosystem skapar nya marknader och är redo för skalning!

In many developing countries, the absence of a referral/general practitioner (GP) system often forces patients to visit specialists directly or resort to self-medication. This results in excessive consumption of antibiotics as well as a high load on the specialists. Additionally, increasing ageing population and unbearable traffic jam are creating huge demand for HCPs at patient’s location. On the other hand, young Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)1 flock to the cities for higher education, pass a hard time to find suitable job. Among doctors, majority are female and many of them do not practice the profession even being scarce resource. We can use ICT effectively to bridge this gap between demand and availability and establish a GP system in an innovative way. We facilitate the patients and the right HCPs to meet at the patient’s place by spatial mapping with the help of a ICT platform. The call center ensures proper medication and further treatment by follow up. Our plan includes training of the HCPs and equipping the HCPs with point of care testing (POCT) tools and devices. Our business model is simple. The patients pay us and we pay the HCPs after keeping a margin. As an example market, there 100 million GP visit requirement in urban Bangladesh. We have launched our pilot project in Mohammadpur, Dhaka at the end of November and have received more than 100 calls for information and served 7 patients at their home in first 10 days. • Benefits for patients are 24-hour access to a doctor at low cost (due to spatial mapping) , reduced lab tests and irrational antibiotics consumption, direction to right doctor specialists if needed • Benefits for doctors includes competence development through the training, serve his community and earn money while studying for higher degrees and opportunity to grow own customer base • Benefits for the society includes reduced lab tests, self medication and antibiotics consumption and reduced pressure on hospitals and specialists due to both early treatment and screening High penetration of mobile phones, popularity of app based services, availability of underutilized HCPs and rise of homebound patients make it the right time for our home visit service and establish referral system in an innovative way. Along with a pool of advisor doctors from home and abroad, 5 of our team members finished their BSc in EEE from BUET, Bangladesh in 2001. After that they have worked in different industries and academia assuming diverse roles. 1) M M Aftab Hossain, DSc.: Did his MSc (2009) and DSc (2016) from Aalto University and postdoc from KTH, Sweden. He cofounded Mobitech Ltd. and NGSL Ltd. during the 2000s. 2) Mojahedul Hasanat: Being the CTO of Therap Services, LLC for 12 years, he built a healthcare software platform, serving half a million people 24x7 in the USA. 3) Abdullah Faiz: Currently working as Head, market analysis and planning and Director, product and pricing at Banglalink, a 30 million subscriber mobile operator. 4) Aminur Rashid: Worked in Ericsson before starting as Customer Solution Manager at Nokia Bangladesh from 2006. 5) Shameem Kabir Chaudhury, Dr.-Ing.: Currently working in Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Germany. Previously he did his master and PhD from Germany. 6) Aamir Mahmood: Obtained his first degree from Pakistan before obtaining his MSc and DSc from Aalto University.


M M Aftab Hossain,, +358 44 210 8331 1

HCP- Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Medical technologists, Medical assistants

Newspapers and magazines are having a hard time keeping their readers, people don’t have time to read the same way they did 10 years ago. Papereed solves this by making it possible to listen to articles. We have professional narrators recording articles from a number of popular Swedish magazines. Listen to the articles in our app or on the web.


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pat hosi nt er act i ve. net busi ness@pat hosi nt er act i ve. net +46( 0) 762143419

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OURTEAM Gr ossI ncome $7, 160, 000

$750, 000

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Technology for optimizing performance and health of athletes

PHOTON SPORTS TECHNOLOGIES AB Digitizing body movements. Cutting edge technology in combination with great UI/UX. Market Need And Potential Speed is of the essence. Nearly all major global sports are speed based. Over 5000 professional sport clubs and hundreds of thousands of smaller sporting teams, gyms, training centers and other organizations spend vast amounts of time and resources to develop their athletes speed, agility and quickness.

The main competing alternative, photo gates, measures time between predetermined locations only. Detailed information on speed and movement are presently only available with high cost technologies, Motion Capture and Lidar. Low cost solutions, such as simple photogates and wearables are available, but are inadequate. These systems deliver poor and insufficient data.

PR Patent application May 2017, Sweden, ”Method and camera arrangement for measuring a movement of a person”, Photon Sports Technologies AB.

Current Status We have performed Technical Proof of Concept and developed a demo system. We have performed tests with local clubs and coaches as well with the Swedish national team in athletics, recording data on six of the fastest sprinters in Sweden. We are presently travelling and demonstrating our test system to get feedback from speed coaches, athletes, sports scientists and investors.

Sport coaching platform technology market was at $49 million in 2014 and is projected to reach $864 million by 2021. Relevant objective data and real time feedback on speed related parameters such as reaction time, speed profile, acceleration, planned and unplanned change of direction, explosive jumping capacity enables clubs to gain leverage on their competitors.

Our Solution Photon Sports is a Swedish start up that is developing a new measurement technology for sports. Our solution is a technological breakthrough that uses the latest in 3D-sensor technology in an innovative way. We provide fast and accurate measurements of true 3D–position of individual athletes during drills, tests and exercises. We are aiming to develop a solution that will have all characteristics necessary to enable democratization of professional feedback during speed training of athletes. Our solution is aimed at Sport Clubs, gyms and training centers. We are presently also in discussion with a global partner that may help us take the product to the market.

Partnerships/Collaborations Sought We are presently looking for partners and investors to, initially, help us refine the minimum viable product. Total project 2.2 – 2.7 MSEK, funding sought 300 – 600 kSEK.

Team Competitive Advantages Photon Sports provides athletes with a truly motivating training experience. Sports Capture offers feedback and metrics during training of Speed, Agility and Quickness: ⇒ Immediate quality feedback on relevant parameters ⇒ Flexible, measure anywhere and on any surface, any exercise, any direction. Quick set-up. ⇒ Tracking of Progress, Recovery and Rehabilitation ⇒ Individuals or team support. ⇒ Competitive price

Competition To perform measurements on the same range of drills with competitive solutions different systems such as pressure sensitive mats, Laser Radar, Photo Gates etc. are needed. Some of which are extremely costly and not user friendly. And you would still end up with less detailed and less relevant data, probably also having spent more time recording it.

We are a small and tight team that enjoys being in a creative environment working on, what may be, the next big hit in sports performance tools. Jonas Sjöberg, founder and CEO. Leading expert in Optical System Design with more than 20 years of experience, Adopticum, Optronic, Epsilon/ÅF and Sony Ericsson. Axel Andersson development engineer, partner. Mikael Hertz, system design and database development. Strativ, front end development Floe, UX/UI design Andreas Lind, coach business development Lucas Eriksson, business development Fredrik Petrusson, Head of Design gillets and waistbelts, Sigr Photon Sports Technologies is supported by the business incubator Uminova Innovation and has access to its extended networks. Contact: Jonas Sjöberg Phone: +46 70 374 69 28 E-mail:

Profitable​ ​returns​ ​management​ ​for​ ​eCommerce

With​ ​up​ ​to​ ​50%​ ​of​ ​everything​ ​purchased​ ​online​ ​being​ ​returned,​ ​we​ ​increase​ ​the​ ​profitability​ ​of merchants​ ​by​ ​improving​ ​the​ ​returns​ ​process​ ​for​ ​both​ ​merchant​ ​and​ ​consumer.   Through:   1. A​ ​customer-centric​ ​flow​ ​where​ ​consumers​ ​does​ ​returns,​ ​exchanges​ ​and​ ​complaints  2. A​ m ​ erchant​ ​admin-tool​ ​to​ ​automate​ ​and​ ​control​ ​the​ ​returns​ ​process  3. Generating​ ​new​ ​revenue​ ​through​ ​re-conversion,​ ​meaning​ ​trying​ ​to​ ​get​ ​the​ ​customer​ ​to  buy​ ​new​ ​items​ ​for​ ​their​ ​return​ ​value​ ​instead​ ​of​ ​a​ ​requesting​ ​a​ ​typical​ ​refund  4. Automating​ ​administration​ ​connected​ ​to​ ​returns​ ​management​ ​e.g.​ ​sending​ ​credit  information,​ ​exchange​ ​orders​ ​to​ ​external​ ​systems​ ​ ​etc. 

CASE​ ​-​ ​FLATTERED -50%​​ ​less​ ​administration​ ​costs  -30%​​ ​less​ ​customer​ ​service​ ​e-mails  +26%​​ ​re-conversion​ ​peaked​ ​on​ ​weekly​ ​basis  (on​ ​average​ ​20%​ ​re-conversion​ ​over​ ​time) 

Happier​​ ​retailer,​ ​warehouse​ ​staff​ ​and​ ​consumers  

Contact​ ​information Haider​ ​Abdo,​ ​CEO,​ ​​,​ ​+46​ ​722646708 

the problem creative agencies around the world discover everyday difficulties in handling time and money-management in existing ERP systems and/or spreadsheets the solution is a simple, yet smart and efficient time- and money tool - in order to get rid of frustration and can´t-count-them-all-spreadsheets a small system including resource planning, time tracking, forecasts and quite soon machine learning with a lot of renowned swedish agencies on the growing client list Roughly Right is now about to take it to the international scene of SAAS systems

 Anders Pihlgren, founder

Mission Savely’s mission is to provide young people between the age 12-18 with knowledge and control over their personal finances. We exist in order to give young people a better beginning in life! Savely is powered by gamification and a digital platform that connects bank services, payment solutions, e-commerce, and education. Product & solution Our first product is to develop an engaging and fun digital platform in which the users through gamification will learn about personal finance and will be able to make purchases after completing their savings goal. We aim to reach users in order to increase their understanding and to make them save more and consume smarter, that is to become more conscientious and less impulsive, which for the user creates a more long-term sustainable financial behavior. Methods that historically has worked such as weekly or monthly allowance works less well since fewer parents use cash. This in combination with a more digital and abstract economy has made the subject harder to approach and learn about for youths. Market & users The target group has a significant need for knowledge since their current knowledge level is in general poor and the trend is that it is declining. Savely aims to enter a market that has rapidly changed because of digitization and has been overlooked by competitors and has few substitutes. What makes our product unique is that it is the first holistic solution that connects mobile bank services, payment solutions, e-commerce, and education. Our Business model is in the short term to simplify the process of saving and purchasing a product for youths. In the long-term, we aim to become a digital and mobile full-service provider for youth’s private finances and payments. The solution is scalable; thus, the potential market is global, in particular, the barriers to expansion to the EU is becoming lower because of PSD2. A new EU regulation that breaks down bank’s monopoly on their user’s data. It will allow Savely to retrieve users account data from their banks and make purchases via Savely. Current stage We have received 0,5 MSEK in funding from Vinnova and Almi and is currently testing our product with a limited number of users and families. Savely’s first goal is to launch an open beta before the summer 2018 and create steady flows of revenue during next year. Further, we have completed the SSES fellowship program, an early stage incubator and assembled an advisory board with six senior persons with diverse and relevant experience. The company is made up of four co-founders who have the relevant knowledge and experience from app development, gamification, and building companies.

• • • • • •

SceneThere’s solution hyperlinks 360 videos to make it possible to move around in them. Our main markets are: Tourism, Real Estate, Food production and Virtual Factory Tours. Our solution is ideal for any brand that wants to present a deeper story about Production, Transparency and Sustainability. We are the only solution to automate the creation of interactivity. Anyone can use our solution to create a VR-experience. We are the only platform that can distribute interactive video on both Web and VR. We have a very strong team. We’ve known eachother for 20 years, and have deep understanding of imaging technology as well as 3D-Graphics. We are currently raising $500k to scale our platform. For more info, email: or call 0708-124125


Search Indie is an online platform with discovery and services which will enable Indian expats to connect back to their home country.


Around 25 Million Indians live outside their home country. There exists no common platform to discover the local needs which includes food, culture, events.


Search Indie is a website/app based discovery platform by which Indian expats can discover Restaurants, Shops, Events, culture in 12 European countries. Our event ticketing platform is one of the services we offer to event organisers to sell tickets online, through which more than 200 events are already ticketed. We are a part of FbStart program and YCStartup school program this year.


Renjith Ramachandran 076 967 14 15 A​ ​fully​ ​autonomous​ ​AI​ ​system,​ ​running continuously​ ​scraping​ ​news​ ​articles​ ​in​ ​40  languages​,​ ​formalizing​ ​the​ ​natural​ ​language  in​ ​ ​news​ ​stories​ ​to​ ​structured​ ​data​ ​for​ ​search,  analysis​ ​and​ ​generating​ ​new  non-overlapping​ ​clustered​ ​stories.​ ​The  system​ ​uses​ ​meta-data​ ​from​ ​several​ ​sources,  to​ ​transform​ ​a​ ​collection​ ​of​ ​news​ ​articles​ ​into​ ​a​ ​fully​ ​fledged​ ​news  post,​ ​published​ ​to​ ​a​ ​feed​ ​and​ ​a​ ​map​ ​with​ ​automatic​ ​geolocation  tagging.​ ​Sentiment​ ​is​ ​measured​ ​with​ ​aggregated​ ​social​ ​media  commentary​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​to​ ​determine​ ​popularity​ ​and​ ​relevance.  Finally​ ​solving​ ​the​ ​following​ ​problems ● ● ●

Readers​ ​must​ ​visit​ ​several​ ​news​ ​sites​ ​for​ ​a​ ​full​ ​media​ ​coverage​ ​of​ ​daily​ ​events Most​ ​articles​ ​overlap​ ​between​ ​the​ ​different​ ​publishers Bias​ ​between​ ​the​ ​different​ ​publishers​ ​create​ ​a​ ​problem,​ ​as​ ​readers​ ​are​ ​deeply​ ​craving factual​ ​accuracy​ ​and​ ​objective​ ​news


The foundation for quick and relevant communication

Seravi simplifies how information is delivered to individuals from organisations. A couple of quick clicks in the Seravi application and a representative from the organisation can deliver relevant information to those who need to, and want to, know. Simple, smooth, and always without advertising. Instead of having multiple sources for alerts - flight information, government notifications, sources for temporary projects, the list goes on and on - Seravi is the one system where all these sources meet. You choose what channels to follow, cutting through the noise associated with the current ways of receiving information. There is no marketing or spam on Seravi, this is where you get important and relevant information pertinent to your life. The one application that streamlines the way you are notified of the information you need to know, when you need to know.

Seravi Exemplified Say your street is getting new water pipes installed. When the contractor comes to make the installations, they will have to dig up your street, turn on and off your water, etc, etc. Instead of having your water turned off mid-shower, wouldn’t it be nice if you could be alerted to these inconveniences beforehand? How about having that information delivered to your mobile device? That’s Seravi! A city/county with an account can have all its inhabitants sign up for their specific channel. Seravi enables the city to reach out to all these citizens with important and relevant information in a quick and efficient way: Hazardous fire! - close your windows! Natural disasters

Sewage leak! - don’t drink the water! Trouble in the streets - don’t go here!

More detailed information can be coupled to the message, making it possible to further enlighten your audience.

Contact Information

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Sätt upp servicenoder på platser där din personal utför service & underhåll


SIOS combines Internet of Things, Scandinavian design and urban farming, with a purpose of removing the obstacles and complexity of growing your own herbs and vegetables and making it to an exciting user experience.

Our technology enables simple ”plug and play gardening” and our strong focus on design makes our products a natural part of the interior. This combination is our solution to a more sustainable and attractive environment in the cities.

Watering and lighting are automated and optimized for each kind of plant – and the powerful LED lamps enables gardening the entire year. In the conntected app, the growing process can be initiated and monitored from distance – easy and flexible gardening.

Based on great interests from hotels, restaurants and open office environements we are now under development of a modular concept. Same technology as Fjorgyn, but fully customizable in size, assembly and finish and fits any customer’s context. Production is estimated to start in Q3 2018.

Founded in December 2016, SIOS has sold and delivered a series of 13 IoT greenhouses and begun the development of the next product. SIOS is based in Science Park Mjärdevi, Linköping, with close connections to Linköping University – where all the three of us have our roots. (M.Sc in Design as well as Computer Science). SIOS has not yet receiced external funding.

Invest in an award winning app that gives everybody a voice to stem the epidemic of harassment. Speak UP! is an app and a management system that gives students, employees, school administrations and corporations a tool to report, identify and manage harassments and other misdemeanours that happens daily in schools and at the work place. Speak UP! has been tested for more than a year on three markets, with very good results. Students and employees can report incidents, anonymously.

MORE INFO: +46 70 078 6151



The worlds smallest VR controller

Oscar Spaak +46739777252


MANAGEMENT TEAM Katarina Hedbeck Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Bejhed Chief Technology Officer Christopher Blacker Chief Medical Advisor Hanna Andersson Chief Design Officer

Engineer with an MBA. Several years of national and international experience from product and business development. PhD and master in engineering science, master in medical science. Experience from research and development of medical technology product. Medical doctor. Large national and international network of contacts within the medical field. Master in fine arts. Experience from product design and user/customer experience design.

PRODUCT INFORMATION Our product meets the well-known, so far unsolved, medical need of protecting medical tubes from breakage and associated consequences for patients and personnel. Our weak link connector with built in normally closed valves enables the tube to separate when pulled, without damage or spillage. The reconnectable feature enables rapid reinstatement of liquid transport to/from the patient. The global catheter market that would benefit from our connector is worth €8 billion, consumes 3.5 billion units per year and increases steadily. Approximately one third of all catheters We have identified two competitors, both being American start-up companies and both developing a single-use connector for infusion tubes. Our advantage over them is that our connector is re-connectable, something that we have learned to be important from our user panel. Also, we address a larger market not limited only to infusion tubes but also including tubes for transfusion, dialysis, surgical drains and urinary catheters. MARKET Today, a pulled medical tube could lead to painful and expensive consequences such as patient harm, prolonged hospital stays, additional workload for personnel, loss of blood and expensive medicine, interrupted therapy and spillage of toxic liquids. Our product allows for the tube to be pulled while mitigating all these associated consequences. Our connector protects the patient while at the same time saving money for the user and providing a unique selling point for the supplier. Our business model combines license agreements with own manufacturing and sales through partnerships, depending on market segment and geography. HISTORY TRACK RECORD


✓ Filed for two Swedish patents and two international patents under the PCT ✓ Raised soft funding and in-kind at a value of 5 million SEK ✓ Member of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program ✓ 0-series currently in production ✓ Address the global catheter markets with millions of units sold per day ✓ Several parallel market strategies possible, e.g. license agreements, royalty deals etc., enables easy exit for investors

We are in need of a seed round of 6 million SEK to be used for ISO and CE certification, processes for sterilization, labeling, packaging and storage, marketing and networking and set-up of business channels for segmentation and globalization.

TADA Medical AB, Drottninggatan 102 B, Stockholm, 070-220 65 00

Automated text robots for e-commerce Within e-commerce, web-shops and retailers produce large amount of text and content to market products in digital channels. For example product descriptions needed for search ranking or personalised marketing tailored to individual customers throughout the customer journey. People struggle with translations, versioning for different channels and updating content to reflect seasons and campaigns. For example if you have 20.000 products, in 5 languages the estimated cost is around $500.000 to write texts, translate and change during a product lifecycle.

The cost for manual copywriters estimated to 100 BUSD every year globally.

Textual Content Engine Unique content solution for 15 languages Textual provides unique grammar based text robots for e-commerce! ● Product descriptions ● Online ads (AdWords, Facebook Ads, programmatic etc) ● Personalised offers for example SMS and e-mail. ● Support for 15 languages: Scandinavian, most European languages, Chinese etc. Unique features ● 100% grammatically correct ● True natural language ● Full control of every aspect of the texts ● Millions of variations for each product ● Easy to target texts to individual customers based on CRM-data ● Optimisation of texts using A/B-test to learn best conversion and search ranking.

PHONE: +46-706806500 MAIL: WEB:

TICKETBIRD // With one of the world’s first Suggestion Engines


Did you know that companies lost $62 billion due to poor customer support in 2016. That’s because 89% of consumers are willing to buy from a competitor because of a poor support experience. 1 In short, customers will love you or leave you. We believe that the core reason for this is lack of, or no access to, knowledge.


Ticketbird is an online platform (SaaS) that boosts customer retention and acquisition. Ticketbird makes customer support much easier and successful with: 1. CHECK-IN: All inquiries from email, live chat, social media, website, phone calls, are channeled into one team inbox. 2. SUGGESTION ENGINE: Provides smart responses to most frequent questions. All Q&As can be saved to be reused by anyone later. 3. AGENT VIEW: Team inbox, collaboration, assigning the right expert to a question, ticketing system, integration with CRM for customer data, and more. 4. CONVERSION TOOLS: Triggers, recipes, live chat, and more tools will of course be available in Ticketbird. Because we all know that helping a customer solve a problem is a great up-sell/cross-sell opportunity.


Customer support interaction market size is valued to $68.5 billion by 2020. 2


Zendesk. Agent view, knowledge base, live chat (plugin). Freshdesk. Agent view, separate knowledge base. Intercom. Live chat, agent view, knowledge base. All above. No Suggestion Engine.


Our unique Suggestion Engine gives real-time answers, Q&As can be saved after being resolved. All helpdesk, customer support, and sales tools are easily accessible in one platform, with a generous pricing structure!


We offer unlimited number of seats for our customers. Prices are: Startups: $60/month SMBs: $240/month Enterprise level (incl. SLA): $1,200/month. // We have more than 4,000 users, in 35 countries, using the system. As a result we have saved more than 20% in each support line// Anders Murhed, Manager OEM Business team, SICK 1

Forbes, 2 Radiant Insights, 3 Lee Resources

// 80% of companies say they deliver “excellent” customer support. Only 8% of their customers agree.3 //FOUNDERS & TEAM

DANIEL HEDBERG. CEO, CTO// Entrepreneur with 15 years of hosting and web service, mainly for e-commerce clients. Linux and Unix wizard. MAGNUS VIGREN. SALES & BUSINESS// More than 10 years experience from purchasing and administration at a Fortune 500 company. Customer support evangelist. ROGER ERIKSSON. MARKETING// Serial entrepreneur in the communications field, with 25 years experience. Brand strategy and inbound preacher. DEVELOPMENT TEAM// We are already global, with a team of 20 developers working in Sweden, USA, Russia, Belarus, Mauritius, Ukraine. We have partnerships with Waterway Data (AI) in San Francisco, USA and Invento Labs in Minsk, Belarus.


FUNDING: Länsstyrelsen Västmanland $53,000 Almi Mälardalen, several loans/credits $180,000 FoU-rådet Västmanland $18,000 LF Bank $60,000 ADVISORS: Marie Björkman, Create Business Incubators Julie Hanna, Scott Barkley, Victor Belfor, Daniel Kjellén, Nathan Gold, Sean Percival, Scott Sambucci, Nick Norena, Anne Lidgard, Andrew Waterman, all TINC mentors.


2012: First version of the system developed in co-operation with SICK 2016: Funding from Almi and others; $191,000 2016: Invited by Business Sweden to SLUSH Helsinki 2017: Invited, as one of six startups by Business Sweden to SLUSH Tokyo. Reached the semi finals in the pitching contest (80 startups pitched) 2017: Qualified, as one of four startups to the “Språngbrädan” investor program, by Connect 2017: Accepted, as one of 12 Nordic startups, into the TINC program, four weeks in Silicon Valley 2016: Funding from LF Bank and Almi; $120,000 2017: Partnership with Tieto 2017: Released Ticketbird version 5.0 2017: Started boarding 15 new customers 2017: Invited by Business Sweden to SLUSH Helsinki. Presented our Suggesion Engine in a demo booth.



treQster​​ ​is​ ​a​ ​data-driven,​ ​mobile-first,​ ​automation​ ​solution   for​ ​small​ ​and​ ​medium​ ​businesses​ ​who​ ​are​ ​always​ ​on​ ​the​ ​go.   

treQster increases  operational  efficiency  of  small  &  medium  sized field service  businesses  by  automating  daily  administration  of  task  planning  and  transportation  routes.  treQster  automatically  assigns,  schedules,  dispatches  and tracks tasks for field service technicians based on available resources, task  priority​ ​levels,​ ​traffic​ ​conditions,​ ​geographical​ ​location.    

Manual​ ​planning​ ​and​ ​administration​ ​are​ ​time-consuming​ ​and​ ​inefficient, wasting​ ​valuable​ ​resources,​ ​time,​ ​fuel​ ​and​ ​money.​ ​Does​ ​your​ ​day​ ​look​ ​like​ ​this? 

Get​ ​in​ ​touch​ ​with​ ​us​ ​at​ ​treQster​ ​and​ ​let​ ​us​ ​help​ ​you   automate​ ​and​ ​improve​ ​your​ ​field​ ​service​ ​planning​ ​and​ ​task​ ​execution. 

Sergei​ ​Beilin,​ ​Ph.D.,​ ​CEO

+46​ ​760​ ​91​ ​68​ ​91

Trustcruit​ ​is​ ​a​ ​HR-tech​ ​SaaS​ ​startup​ ​from​ ​Sweden.​ ​We​ ​help​ ​companies​ ​and​ ​organizations​ ​to turn​ ​more​ ​candidates​ ​into​ ​promoters​. The​ ​problem​ ​in​ ​recruiting​ ​today​ ​is​ ​that​ ​you​ ​do​ ​not​ ​measure​ ​and​ ​work​ ​with​ ​improvements​ ​in the​ ​recruitment​ ​process. We​ ​have​ ​created​ ​a​ ​fully​ ​automated​ ​tool​ ​to​ ​collect​ ​feedback​ ​from​ ​your​ ​candidates​ ​in​ ​order​ ​to work​ ​with​ ​improvements​ ​in​ ​the​ ​recruitment​ ​process​ ​after​ ​application,​ ​interview​ ​and​ ​after ending​ ​the​ ​recruitment​ ​process. In​ ​9​ ​months​ ​from​ ​launch​ ​we​ ​started​ ​working​ ​with​ ​2​ ​of​ ​the​ ​3​ ​biggest​ ​in​ ​staffing(in​ ​the​ ​world). We​ ​work​ ​with​ ​Stockholms​ ​stad,​ ​Linköpings​ ​kommun​ ​and​ ​many​ ​privately​ ​held​ ​companies​ ​and we​ ​collect​ ​data​ ​which​ ​helps​ ​them​ ​get​ ​more​ ​applications,​ ​get​ ​better​ ​at​ ​interviewing​ ​and​ ​an overall​ ​better​ ​recruitment​ ​process. And​ ​the​ ​best​ ​part.​ ​We​ ​have​ ​something​ ​that​ ​makes​ ​us​ ​unexchangeable.​ ​We​ ​own​ ​the​ ​most data​ ​in​ ​the​ ​world​ ​about​ ​the​ ​recruitment​ ​process.​ ​All​ ​our​ ​data​ ​presented​ ​in​ ​the​ ​dashboard​ ​is compared​ ​to​ ​an​ ​industry​ ​average.​ ​Our​ ​customers​ ​do​ ​not​ ​only​ ​know​ ​how​ ​good​ ​their​ ​recruiters are​ ​at​ ​interviewing.​ ​They​ ​know​ ​how​ ​good​ ​they​ ​are​ ​compared​ ​to​ ​the​ ​whole​ ​database​ ​of recruiters​ ​we​ ​have! We​ ​have​ ​set​ ​the​ ​industry​ ​standard​ ​and​ ​owns​ ​the​ ​data​ ​which​ ​makes​ ​us​ ​unexchangeable. Interested​ ​in​ ​talking​ ​more?​ ​ Interested​ ​in​ ​having​ ​a​ ​closer​ ​look?​ ​

ASGARD1 Automated Signature Generator for Automotive Radar verification

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Radar sensors are one of the key elements in automotive industry, enabling autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the top most areas of today’s technology, for easier driving and improved safety. However, radar systems are like vision or other sensing methods prone to errors and we hear now and then that ADAS features or under-development autonomous cars have failed to create such safety in particular occasions. So, prior and proper testing is an absolute need for ensuring safety of autonomous vehicles and ADAS. The current method for this is test-driving, which is time-consuming, insufficient and lacks accuracy and repeatability. UniqueSec AB has an innovative solution for in-lab testing of ADAS and autonomous driving radar systems based on two recently granted patents. The solution, called ASGARD1, enables generation of radar signatures corresponding to a countless number of real-world scenarios using analytical methods, recorded data bases or both. Access to ground truth, repeatability, possibility to create millions of new test scenarios, real Hardware/ Vehicle-In-the-Loop (HIL/VIL) setup instead of modelled sensor or vehicle, and covering rare scenarios make ASGARD1 unique compared with other existing solutions. At the moment, UniqueSec has a proof of concept for ASGARD1, which generates a moving target with changing speed and distance for radars inside the lab. The potential market for ASGARD1 is huge. There are more than 450 End-of-Line test sites for cars and trucks worldwide, more than 30 major car manufacturers and 9 automotive radar suppliers, located in different countries, as well as test institutions, policy makers and authorities such as AstaZero, EuroNCAP, US NCAP, NHTSA, CNCAP (China NCAP) and etc., which need to have a test bench for assuring safety and reliability of future cars under controlled lab conditions, or to make sure requirements standards such as AEB or ISO constitutions for different automotive safety features such as ACC and FCW would be maintained. ASGARD1 can respond to what is needed for verification of radar systems in all these situations.

Uniquesec AB, Hovås Snöbärsväg 2, 436 54 Hovås,,, Phone: +46768458847

Venue is a cutting-edge music platform, putting the power directly in the hands of music fans to support emerging and existing artists at live venues.

Problem: The recorded music revolution has already happened. We’ve seen this through services like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc. However, the live music revolution is just waiting to happen, and that’s where Venue comes in. Artists are going through exactly the same process to book their gigs as The Beatles did back in the 60s. Young artists these days are struggling to get booked. Very often they’re asked by venue owners to rent the entire place for the night of the concert, in order for the venue to ensure they cover the cost of opening. Since new artists aren’t yet established, venue owners struggle to know whether they will sell one ticket or 1 000. In Stockholm and many cities around the world, this can be pricey. For many bands/artists, those prices are beyond their budget and most of the time shows can’t happen. Solution: The solution is simple. We engage and empower people who are going to concerts by letting them vote and choose the band/artist they want to see. We create a bridge between fans, artists, and venue owners/promoters creating more shows for everyone to enjoy. Bands can engage with their fans and build their fan base. Fans can choose what they want to see live and support their favorite artists. Venues will be assured that we will handle the booking from start to finish, not only find a great artist for their event but selling tickets and get patrons to their venue. Who are we? Together we have over 25 years of experience in the music industry. We are artists, booking agents, band managers but above all; we are fans. Venue is a product of two long-time friends who were connected by their passion for music.

World-leading ergonomic solutions ◦ Neck and shoulder pain – the No. 1 Problem The frequent computer user is exposed to a high risk of getting repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in the neck, shoulder and arm region due to the sedentary and static work style. RSI is one of the most common labour safety problems in developed countries, hitting about every second or third office worker. The use of the ever more common sit-and-stand desks is unfortunately not a remedy to upper body RSI. ◦ WorkMotions unique technology is going after a multi-billion dollar market As the only currently-existing supplier of ergonomic office equipment effective on preventing RSI in the neck, shoulder and arm region, WorkMotions has a unique standing in a market valued to SEK 3 billion in the Nordic region alone. With a steadily increasing amount of computer users (Sweden: 21% use a computer 8 hrs/day), the market is destined for growth. ◦ WorkMotions’ products deliver real ergonomic gain WorkMotions’ products are proven – they are covered by two patents and based on leading medical research from Linköping University Hospital. Clinical trials have proven the preventive and rehabilitating effect (>75% of users lower their pain level after only a few weeks’ usage). ◦ Assorted customer references

The Solution Continuous movement by DynaDeskTM

DynaDeskTM DynaDesk has a rectangular moving tray on which the user places the keyboard and mouse. The tray moves continuously over the course of the workday in a slow, dynamic pattern – downwards, forwards, slightly tilting, and then back again to the starting point. When the shoulders, arms and wrists slowly move and change angles, the hazardous static strain to the upper body is eliminated, the blood circulation increases and the muscle tension decreases. Repetitive Strain Injuries in the upper body The human body is designed to move. Many people now sit for more than 8 hours each day. As a result, an increasing number of people experience back pain – in the lower back, in the neck, shoulder, arms and wrists. Also, due to the reduced level of cardiovascular activity, the blood circulation in the related muscle groups becomes limited as well as the production of enzymes related to burning of fat into energy.



◦ What we are looking for WorkMotions, with a team of four, is in a phase focusing strongly on growing sales – directly to create success cases, and indirectly through building a partner network of resellers and OEMs. To support this, WorkMotions is looking to raise SEK 3-4m in intelligent equity. Contact:, 0708-89 91 90


In Sweden 52% of respondents in a Novus research report complain about pain in the neck, shoulder and arm region due to work during the last 12 months. 12.5% of all sick days are attributable to back pain in the UK, and in Sweden 13.5%.


WorkMotions AB Tillverkarvägen 20 SE-187 66 Täby, SWEDEN Phone: +46 70 511 93 43.


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Elevate your FMS with Vultus Satellite API that provides cutting edge plant health and nitrogen analysis


Vultus provides plant health analysis and nitrogen recommendations as a plug-in mapping tool for FMS providers through an easy to integrate API service. Our high frequency, high resolution satellite data calibrates for 12 types of atmospheric factors and features automatic cloud removal to ensure consistent, high quality imagery. Fully processed plant health analysis is delivered to give a clear overview of the field whilst proprietary nitrogen analysis enables optimized fertilizer distribution to elevate farming profits.


With an outreach of 5.5 million hectares after a month of expansion, Vultus is scaling its cutting edge API worldwide. Now, any FMS provider can realize the benefits of the most advanced plant health and nitrogen provision service, to improve its offering to farmers, and generate drastically increased revenues through nitrogen analysis sales.


Plant health analysis Nitrogen recommendations New revenue streams Easy to integrate API 12 Atmospheric corrections Automatic cloud removal

Reach us at About Vultus

We are experts in satellite based image analysis for farming, with a strong and broad agronomic and technical foundations. Our team of seven includes the best and brightest in remote sensing, web development and programming, with international experiences in remote sensing and farming missions. Our development included field trials and pilot studies with researchers, agronomists and most importantly, farmers!

Welcome home Geeks! There’s a geek in all of us. Some are tech geeks while others are cooking geeks; some are gaming geeks while others are into fitness or digital marketing or startups! And then there are super-geeks who are many geeks in one! Wevlr loves geeks! Wevlr thinks that being geek is a damn cool thing! That’s why we are connecting geeks from all over the world through their geek pursuits. It doesn’t matter what your passion is, as long as you’re passionate about it. Wevlr gives you the opportunity of weaving all your passions into one spider-web of social media. No more hopping from one random app to another to satisfy different aspects of your personality. Imagine your professional interests, your hobbies, your academic needs, your love desires, every different thread of your life weaved into a life-sized web available at a single click on your device. Wevlr is the answer to a geek’s dreams. A platform where all geeks meet and greet. Game on, geeks!

The future of social media! Wevlr AB is a startup based out of Växjö, Sweden. We are developing world's first multi-dimensional social network to make social media meaningful. Are you an investment geek stuck with a lackluster portfolio? Or a coding geek wanting to write the opening lines of the next unicorn? Drop us a short hello on

WORLDISH Start-up from LEAD Business Incubator Worldish breaks language barriers in healthcare through a digital interpretation tool – Helen, which ensures quality communication between healthcare staff and patients.

Founders: Abhishek Jacob & Naveen Sasidharan WHAT WE DO: Digital translation for Healthcare CONTACT US: abhishek.jacob@worldi

Goal: We aim to break language barriers in healthcare through our digital interpretation tool, Helen. Through Helen, we foresee a world where language does not separate people. With Helen, we aim to reach out to Healthcare providers in Sweden and then globally because language barriers is a global challenge. We envision Helen as an innovative E-health solution for the future, empowering Health Care professionals all over the world.

Need: Communication with foreign patients is often a challenge for most healthcare staff today all over the world. Today, Patients do not have access to quality healthcare because of unavailable interpreter services or bad interpretation. Solution: Helen is a digital interpretation software tool that can help health-givers communicate effectively with patients, on demand. Helen uses a synergy of multiple communication mediums to help health givers communicate with patients in different situations to break language and cultural barriers. Customers: We are building Helen for Public and Private Healthcare providers to ensure high quality care through clear communication with their patients. We are focussing on the Swedish Healthcare market currently. We are clinically testing Helen and working with 5 Healthcare clinics in Region Östergötland. Helen currently supports medical consultations for Primary, Emergency, Dental and Women Care. Secured Funding: 870 000 SEK from Vinnova, Tillväxtverket, Almi and Swedbank Rivstart 2017. Investment Need: 1.5 Million SEK What’s next: Worldish plans to expand Helen to different counties in Sweden the coming year. We are seeking investments to accelerate our growth and penetration into the Swedish healthcare market.

Take control of your friends’ dating lives Overview

Current situation

Youviame exists to facilitate real meetings between real people. With the core belief that dating can be simpler, more fun and more rewarding than ever before.

Harassment is a huge problem. Roughly 57 percent of female respondents and 21 percent of male experiencing feelings of harassment.

Friends have for a long time been a part of matching people together and with the launch and growth of social media, introductions are now made using a wide range of different platforms instead. Not only single people wants to have the thrill of being a part of the dating-game.

Getting to the actual meeting in itself is a big hardship. Only 34% of matches from a leading dating-app actually lead to a date.

Youviame gives a matchmaker the simple task of presenting people to the persons around them. Meeting complete strangers online can be a scary.

People in a relationship are disconnected from the dating scene. They try and stay connected by using their friends app to “swipe�, use the apps to increase self esteem, or referring friends using different social media outlets.


Send date proposals to your friends

Your friend plans the date

Validated date-suggestion

Instantly input free times

Active Mama

Pelvic support belt with active pain relief In 20% of all pregnant women in the world , the loosening of the joints causes severe pelvic pain. Pharmaceutic pain is problematic. Current devices offer insufficient usability and support – and offer only passive pain relief. The belt Active Mama is a very flexible, comfortable support system. It is infinitely adjustable so you easily find the right comfort zone. It works to support and stabilize the joints, keeping them in place, and reducing pain. Active Mama is adaptable to modern technology with adding TENS electric pain relief device and a SmartPhone app with useful information. The Unique Selling Points are Its wider to give more comfort, infinitely adjustable, an effective stabilizer, has all the new electronics for even greater pain relief. The Active Mamas teams mission is to help the pregnant woman to live an active life and have a good quality of life in her pregnancy. Active Mama provides Med Tech products and give general information about well being during pregnancy. The Active Mama Concept is driven by Gerla AB. Gerla AB Org 556666-1400 Gertrud Blomstrand CEO Physiotherapist Industrial Designer Mob:+46723 98 33 33 Email: Address: Lars Peterson Gerla AB Founding partner Lenngrensgatan 2d Mob:+4670 595 23 24 254 39 Helsingborg Email: Sweden

Executive Summary

Disrupting the game industry as YouTube disrupted TV By making it possible for people of all ages to make, share and play 3D games in the web browser we become the globally preferred game making, sharing and playing plaJorm. COMPANY OVERVIEW 4k games by 6k beta users

Mul. $bn market

Rapid scaling

Sizable and profitable

Experienced team and world class tech

•  30k Beta testers have already, pre-launch, produced over 10k games (20170918) •  To be able to create own games is highly desired. Customer feedback includes: “This is awesome”, “I love it so much I’m addicted” and “My life is now complete” •  Game-soNware revenues of $102B during 2016. 2.7 Qmes bigger than global movie box office revenues of $38B. A consumer game sharing site will be 2.7 Qmes bigger than YouTube. •  Our first target audience consists of over 100 million registered MinecraN users. •  At launch December, 2017, we scale with MinecraN YouTubers, web game distributors and virally, based on users sharing games they made with friends. •  Gross margin of 70%, including customer acquisiQon costs of less than $1 per customer. •  EBITDA and cash-flow posiQve 2018 based on an accelerated expansion strategy reaching 1.6 million acQve users. •  ForecasQng profit before tax to scale from a loss of $985 thousand (2017) to a profit of $157 million (2019). •  InternaQonal management with experience from building and exiQng over ten companies. •  World class knowledge of Consumer Generated Content, HTML5 online and Volumetric Pixel (Voxel) 3D technology. •  Patent pending in USA, EU, China and Japan for online voxel technology supporQng over 50 million users. •  Highly capital efficient - raised less than €2.5 million so far. Cost below €50 thousand per month.

INVESTMENT Contemplated financing

$5M Series A capital Q1 of 2018 to •  Accelerate global expansion •  Regional adaptaQon and markeQng •  Reach profitability

Fully-dilluted ownership (%) 18%

Founders 29%

Board and staff Angel investors

29% 24%

Series A investors

Christopher Kingdon CEO, Director, co-Founder M +46 73 051 1414

native advertising platform for immersive realities Niklas Bakos CEO & co-founder +46703669646

What​ ​is​ ​Afiya​ ​Health? Afiya​ ​Health​ ​is​ ​a​ ​SaaS​ ​Platform​ ​which​ ​brings​ ​together​ ​healthcare​ ​solutions​ ​and​ ​services​ ​on​ ​a single​ ​unified​ ​platform. Go​ ​to​ ​Market​ ​ ​-​ ​Sweden​ ​and​ ​Kenya Actors​ ​on​ ​Afiya​ ​Health​ ​Platform: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Doctors Patients Companies​ ​with​ ​employees Innovators​ ​in​ ​Health​ ​Sector

Business​ ​Models: 1. B2C​ ​-​ ​Patients​ ​get​ ​access​ ​to​ ​healthcare​ ​services​ ​through​ ​their​ ​smartphones/laptops 2. B2B: a. Companies​ ​provide​ ​healthcare​ ​benefits​ ​to​ ​their​ ​employees​ ​using​ ​the​ ​Afiya Platform b. Health​ ​Insurance​ ​companies​ ​use​ ​Afiya​ ​Health​ ​to​ ​complete​ ​the​ ​health​ ​check-up process​ ​for​ ​prospective​ ​insurers c. Through​ ​Afiya​ ​Health,​ ​innovators​ ​in​ ​Sweden​ ​who​ ​have​ ​developed​ ​innovative healthcare​ ​solutions​ ​get​ ​access​ ​to​ ​patients​ ​in​ ​Kenya​ ​for​ ​usage​ ​of​ ​their innovations Revenue​ ​Model​ ​-​ ​Freemium 1. Free​ ​-​ ​Diagnosis​ ​through​ ​Afiya​ ​Health​ ​Bot a. All​ ​Patients​ ​get​ ​an​ ​initial​ ​diagnosis​ ​done​ ​with​ ​the​ ​help​ ​of​ ​Afiya​ ​Health​ ​Bot 2. Paid​ ​Subscriptions a. B2C​ ​Patients​ ​paying​ ​for​ ​consultations​ ​with​ ​a​ ​Doctor​ ​through​ ​Afiya​ ​Health​ ​in​ ​a Pay-as-you-Go,​ ​pre-paid​ ​number​ ​of​ ​consultants​ ​model b. B2B​ ​Companies​ ​paying​ ​monthly​ ​access​ ​fee​ ​based​ ​upon​ ​number​ ​of​ ​employees c. Health​ ​Insurance​ ​companies​ ​paying​ ​monthly​ ​fee​ ​based​ ​upon​ ​number​ ​of prospective​ ​insurers d. Innovators​ ​in​ ​Sweden​ ​pay​ ​access​ ​fee​ ​or​ ​share​ ​equity​ ​in​ ​their​ ​innovations

A Swedish Cybersecurity Start-up Founded in 2017 by leading industry experts, Baffin Bay Networks is a Swedish tech start-up poised to disrupt the cloud-based cybersecurity market. Our globally distributed Threat Protection Centers™ protect customers from the most advanced Distributed Denial of Service and Web Application attacks, and discovers and protects against known and unknown malware and exploits.

Our Mission

Baffin Bay Networks e:

No company or organization should be defenseless against advanced cyber threats. Our mission is to build the world’s best Threat Protection Platform: one that is easy to use for any company or service provider to protect their key assets and services. We’re a team of gifted cyber security experts, passionate about building a world-beating Threat Protection Platform that helps our customers to mitigate all cyber threats.

Our Solutions

w: LinkedIn: YouTube: Twitter: @BaffinBNetworks

THREAT PROTECTION We provide comprehensive mitigation against a range of severe and continually evolving threats, including Malware and Exploit Code. We provide a unique combination of technical expertise and exceptional capacity and technology to ensure that our customers always maintain safe and efficient online functionality. We ensure our customers are safe from all known and unknown threats. Our Security Operation Center continuously monitors the dynamic threat landscape to offer the best possible protection from new attacks. DDOS PROTECTION We provide complete protection from more than 250 different types of DDoS attacks – all with measures that are easy to implement and deliver results from day one. With a mitigation capacity of up to 3 Tbps and transit capacity of 500 Gbps, we operate an unrivaled global Threat Protection Network™ together with the largest service providers. All attacks can be monitored as they occur in realtime through our RiverView™ portal. Statistics on all attacks and traffic is available, and a comprehensive reporting engine allows you to manage daily, weekly and monthly reports. WEB APPLICATION PROTECTION Companies and organizations use web applications such as banking, e-commerce and trading platforms to enhance the scope and functionality of their businesses. Some of those applications may be developed in-house and some are purchased externally. Organizations’ IT security functions also face the challenge of keeping pace with a rapidly evolving threat landscape, as new vulnerabilities are disclosed. We prevent attackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities, and provide real-time logging, reporting, and statistics on attempted attacks.

Sed sed magna. 
 Nam dolor.

SERVICE PROVIDER OPERATED TPC Our specially designed Service Provider platform allows customers to “white label” their outward facing platforms, to the extent to which they can use their own logos and colors, and even on-board their own clients: so for customers, the platform appears to be an integral part of the Service Providers own online presence.

Baffin Bay Networks AB
 ℅ SUP 46 Regeringsgatan 65, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden

Legal Right/Trademark 2017 Baffin Bay Networks AB. Baffin BayTM and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Baffin Bay Networks AB. All other registered trademarks or trademarks are property of their respective owners.


䈀甀猀椀 渀攀猀猀  䌀漀洀洀甀渀椀 琀 礀  椀 猀  漀渀氀 椀 渀攀  瀀氀 愀琀 昀 漀爀 洀  琀 栀愀琀   瀀爀 漀瘀椀 搀攀  戀甀猀椀 渀攀猀猀攀猀  眀椀 琀 栀 洀愀爀 欀攀琀 椀 渀最  琀 漀漀氀 猀  琀 漀  ǻ渀搀  挀漀洀洀甀渀椀 琀 礀  琀 漀  挀漀瘀攀爀   琀 栀攀椀 爀   ǻ渀愀渀挀椀 愀氀   渀攀攀搀猀⸀

吀漀  ǻ渀搀  ǻ渀愀渀挀椀 愀氀   猀漀氀 甀琀 椀 漀渀猀 

吀漀  椀 渀瘀攀猀琀   最氀 漀戀愀氀 氀 礀

吀漀  攀砀瀀愀渀搀  礀漀甀爀   戀甀猀椀 渀攀猀猀 

吀漀  戀攀  愀  猀栀愀爀 攀栀漀氀 搀攀爀   椀 渀  戀甀猀椀 渀攀猀猀 

吀漀  戀攀  攀渀琀 爀 攀瀀爀 攀渀攀甀爀

吀漀  愀挀栀椀 攀瘀攀  瀀爀 漀ǻ琀

匀攀氀 攀挀琀   礀漀甀爀   洀愀爀 欀攀琀 椀 渀最  瀀愀挀欀愀最攀

匀攀氀 攀挀琀   戀甀猀椀 渀攀猀猀  愀洀漀渀最  氀 椀 猀琀   漀昀

琀 漀  ǻ渀搀  昀 甀渀搀

戀甀猀椀 渀攀猀猀  愀琀   漀甀爀   眀攀戀猀椀 琀 攀⸀  

戀甀猀椀 渀攀猀猀䀀戀挀漀洀洀甀渀椀 琀 礀⸀ 漀渀氀 椀 渀攀

眀眀眀⸀ 戀挀漀洀洀甀渀椀 琀 礀⸀ 漀渀氀 椀 渀攀

Industry: Design-tech, sharing economy, on-demand economy, furniture and art Founded: 2016 by Marie Rudenstam, Sebastian Rudenstam and Pontus Gustafsson Information: Launched in September 2017, 11 employees, 60+ brands and 2000+ products HQ/Showroom: Barnhusgatan 4, 11123 Stockholm Backed/funded by: STING Incubate, SUP46, Vinnova, ALMI, Soläng Invest, Simon Josefsson, Anna Ljungbergh, Mattias Weinhandl and Propel Capital III Partnerships: BASE2 (L E Lundberg, Akademiska Hus, Balder, IKANO Bostad, Einar Mattsson, Fastighetsägarna, Skanska) and TMPL (Com Hem) Contact: Sebastian Rudenstam, and +46763397277 Imagine having really nice interior design without spending hundreds of thousands at once. To not be stuck with furniture that was expensive to buy and difficult to move. Imagine that you can update and change your home as often as you like. Beleco is a design-tech startup that offers Design on Demand. Users stream furniture and art per month and can whenever they like to buy the products by just paying the difference. We deliver, carry in, assemble and can even remove the users’ unwanted furniture that goes to secondhand — which is great for you and great for the environment. The users can decorate in a more sustainable way since Beleco is part of the circular economy which gives freedom to follow trends, move around or adapt to life situations and still count as environmental superheroes. The business model is possible since we use cross-stocking and the products have a great margin. We are funded but are looking to raise a series A (€1M - €2M investment) opening in March 2018. The money will go towards expansion to Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen.

Belly Balance Sverige AB The pain IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) affects 15-20% of the world's population. The disease is costly for society not only because of the many visits to the national health care system, but also due to the reduced quality of life of the individual. Today there is no medical treatment available to cure the diesese. However, the evidence based dietary treatment FODMAP helps 75% of those suffering from IBS. The Belly Balance solution Belly Balance introduced the FODMAP treatment in Sweden 10 years ago. Initially by treating patients within the national health services. Belly Balance recognised the opportunity of creating a scalable IBS-treatment and developed Programmet Magbalans; an online IBS treatment combining a dietary programme and stress management tools. The proof We have treated over 8000 patients of which 85% experience less symptoms and increased quality of life. One of the founders, Sofia Antonsson, has become the leading expert in the treatment of IBS in Sweden and is frequently present in print as well as TV. So far, Belly Balance has released four books, launched the Magbalans programme and developed the Belly Balance app. Belly Balance is still the primary educator of dieticians specialising in IBS within the national health services. The core business The Belly Balance core business is the online IBS-treatment Programmet Magbalans. The books and products are marketing tools to drive business to the online programme. The programme is only available online and the business model is recurring subscriptions with an unlimited lifetime value, as it supports a lifestyle change with non-stop challenges. Success In 2017 Belly Balance has increased turnover by 100%, invested in product delivery and experience (an improved digital platform), invested in a marketing automation platform to ensure conversion of leads as well as retention, invested in SEO and digital analytics to increase acquisition with the result of an increase of email addresses in the datatbase from 3000 to over 15 000 to date. Belly Balance has tied a marketing & sales focused managing director to the company. The focus ahead is to further increase ongoing sales at an aggressive rate by ensuring current customers stay longer and buy more as well as recruiting and converting new customers through targeted marketing. As well as expanding internationally. Way forward To succeed Belly Balance need to further develop the technical platform to ensure a user experience exceeding customer expectations to meet customer demands through an app-solution. This to ensure we are in our customers pockets every day and become their true companion with a limitless life time commitment. We are actively looking for a CTO to run this as well as a customers services support team to meet the increasing needs with a growing customer base. We are looking for investors with knowledge and passion for e-health, willing to invest to take Belly Balance to the next level.

+46761153521 Stockholm, Sweden

"We build future low-cost connected devices for the community benefit, pedestrian and cyclist."

On Telekom AB

Tourist comments on Bike Sharing in Stockholm

By far the worst, most deplorable bike sharing scheme I've ever used. 3 hour time limit - sorry about your lovely plans for a picnic - nope, you have to return the bike in 180 minutes

The bikes can't be locked during your journey. This should be a basic!

The hire stations are far and few between - given that there's no locks on the bikes, you have to return them at a station with an available/empty space... good luck in Gamla Stan!!


Must return the bike in 180 minutes

Limited hours

No bike lock provide

Only 140 station

Limited location to find a station with an available/empty space



BLAZE image

Return it wherever bike public parking exist (25 000 slot).

Use it as long as you want.

Smart-Lock for the bike using NbIOT*. *Patent pending for prototype

Smart Luxury farming Yacht and Cruise Ship Italian

Top Chef Bruno Barbieri Restaurant


Problem: I would like to be more Green and sustainable, i wanna eat top food. i LIKE TO HAVE THE BEST.

BioPic Solution: Growing YOUR OWN fresh food and sprouts in your Luxury Kitchen at Home, Yacht/ CruiseSchip or TOP Restaurant WITH NASA SPACE BIOPIC TEK

Brickchain Ltd

Improved trust for the access economy Data is the oil of the digital era Data has become abundant, ubiquitous and incredibly valuable with the development of customer databases and machine learning techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI). In this context, privacy and data protection have become the key challenge for businesses, with the evolution of new regulations and the massive increase of data leaks.

Integrity, your global identity We just launched Integrity, a personal digital passport that protects your data, and enables you to conclude safe and trust based transactions. Access services in a secure way

Decentralised identities We build a system that enables secure identification, transactions and signatures in a decentralized service model. We believe that decentralisation of data is the key to protect identities: our passport stores key information directly in the user phone, and uses strong cryptography to enable transactions. It provides a safe experience for users as well as for organisations, and thus establishes trust, engagement, and more transactions.

Protect your information: credentials, certifications and transactions history Get mandates to execute transactions and sign agreements Share your own resources and start your own business Benefit of data portability, by choosing what information you want to share with who

Avaible on Play store and Appstore

How it works For any service they oer, organisations can define what information they need from their users. Our infrastructure ensures that the information comes from a trusted and certified source. In return, users have a better control of their information: they get it stored in their device and protected by a high level of encryption. They can see what information is shared, and access services in a simple and secure way.

About us We are a passionate team of 8 people working between London, Paris, and Stockholm. Visit or contact us via

BriXtar is a social digital platform created by LEGO® lovers for LEGO® lovers and a tool that helps you get the most out of your bricks and contribute to a climate smart LEGO@ experience. At BriXtar you can easily register your LEGO® inventory digitally into the app and see what else you can build from the bricks you have at home. Build creations made by fans, some of them Sweden’s most talented builders, with an innovative 3D instruction renderer that enhances the building experience for those who build and at the same time saves time for those who create the build. With BriXtar you get new inspiration, deeper feedback, reach a broader audience, save money and build more sustainable.

Market size

70 billion

42 billion

NUMBER OF BRICKS Produced by LEGO® 2015


400 M


NUMBERS OF USERS ON USERS BRIXTAR 2022 (Worldwide) Share of market 2% of all LEGO® users in the world

Market validation Faceebook MOC-pages (AFOL webb page)

500 000

Number of active users


Percentage of Facebook users that uses the platform primarily to share their hobby. LEGO® facebookgroups gather hundreds of thousands every day.

3,5 M users

20 M users

Martin Krosstedt

Jonathan Jehander

+46-703-80 89 99

+46-706-17 28 37

Besök LinkedIn

Besök LinkedIn

What is Bruce? A fitnessmembership that gives you access to all types of workouts, yoga, crossfit, climbing, swimming, gym, fighting etc. More than 200 unique studios in one membership.

The problem Most people likes to have a variety in their workout schedule. Swimming on Monday, weight training on Wednesday, climbing on Friday and sometimes try something new for instance a boxing or yoga class. It is impossible for a person to have membership in all this places, it´s too expensive and you don't have time to use them all.

The solution With Bruce you don't need to choose. It is the only membership you need. You book all your classes easy through your app and check-in with your phone on the studio. It is easy.

Contact details

Local Food Nodes – Local food, directly from your farmer

LOCAL FOOD NODES is built on the idea of creating a direct

connection between local producers and you as a food consumer. You buy food straight from the producer knowing how that food is produced and knowing that all the money you spend goes straight towards supporting that producer. We want to make it easier for you to create a closer relation to the food that eat and to the people that produce it. The reason for doing this is simple. We believe in the importance of increasing the amount of locally produced food in the daily diet that does not take any detours getting to your plate. We also believe in doing it in a way that makes it possible for smaller scale farmers to remain small and connected by allowing the producer to keep all of the sales revenues. We would like to see more small farmers instead of fewer large ones.

We want to make it easier for you to create a closer relation to the food that eat and to the people that produce it.


The project is contains a physical part and a digital part. The physical part is a number of shared local delivery spots (nodes). Examples of these can be a parking lot, a farm-shop or a daycare center. Producers will come to this spot at a given time to deliver their pre-booked goods straight to the end consumer. Producers use the digital platform where they make their goods available and administer their own offers and orders free of charge. It is through this service that the consumers place their orders before the deliveries.

– Becoming a platform member As a consumer you register an account and pay an annual membership fee in order to use the service. You set your own membership fee according to what you feel that having this service is worth to you. The fee is yearly and after 12 months you will be prompted to enter a fee again. These fees are what the financial basis for the whole platform. – Pre-booking food digitally As a member you are free to book food that you would like connected to the local node(s) that best suits you (filter via map, product type, etc). Connect to the nodes that interest you in order to receive ongoing information about what food is available and when, at these particular nodes. – Pick up food locally, pay straight to the producer You pick up the food that you have ordered at the given time of the delivery nodes that the food is delivered to. Pick up and payment is made directly with the producer, unless something else has been decided between you and the producer. Payment can be made in whatever way the producers choose (cash, invoice, mobile payment, electronic transfer, etc) and this will be shown when the consumer books the food.

BUILDFLOW A service platform catering all actors of the sales and purchasing process for building material

BuildFlow Insight

BuildFlow Connect

BuildFlow Insight analyse prices of building material. This gives a deeper understanding of pricing, competition and trends to increase competitiveness, revenue and profitability.

BuildFlow Connect integrate existing estimating and project management software with suppliers to minimise manual work in the purchasing process of building material. The order process becomes more cost effective with a higher quality.


BuildFlow Consumer BuildFlow Consumer deliver current prices from suppliers to help consumers in finding and comparing building material, to be quicker and more satisfied with their online purchase.


BuildFlow saves time and increase the quality by automating the interaction concerning building material and reducing the risk of errors in orders. Revenue



€ 2 000 000 45%



Development International Expansion Marketing

LAUNCH Consumer February, 2014

Magnus Svensson, CEO +46 (0) 704 449 987

LAUNCH Insight, Excel June, 2014

LAUNCH Insight, Portal May, 2017

INTERNATIONAL Consumer Norway June, 2016

Connect Pilot August, 2017 TOTAL FUNDING € 800 000

Patrik Dahlén, CIO +46 (0) 703 200 226


PITCH CloudBackend is the backend for SaaS & apps, removing all server code & enabling intelligent edge cloud computing, disrupting IaaS and PaaS through the new model of Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). The service also enables decentralization of the cloud through Micro Clouds, while it at the same time also provides a centralized public cloud infrastructure to coordinate all the micro clouds. Edge cloud computing and the intelligent edge is the next era of cloud computing – necessary for the forthcoming billions of connected IoT devices. CloudBackend’s edge cloud technology is a vital missing piece in all of the big cloud computing services offerings. The founders behind CloudBackend built the service and sold iCloud to Apple. They also built and through this experience they realized that a serverless backend infrastructure with edge cloud computing is the way to go forward.

HIGHLIGHTS Key takeaways of the CloudBackend service and technology.


CloudBackend is a serverless backend for SaaS & apps, removing all server code by providing a configurable ready to use backend


The service is delivered as a Backend as a Service (BaaS) through API’s, SDK and Micro Clouds


CloudBackend enables edge cloud computing, disrupting the centralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model by decentralizing the cloud


Traditional IaaS are built for people who want to manage and run their own custom backend code with considerable longer time to market and requirement for in-house 24/7 oversight of all virtualized servers or containers


CloudBackend provides over 100 ready to use SOA micro services that can be combined to cover most backend use cases through an easy to use SDK


CloudBackend is like a real-time synced object storage and data repository for any application


CloudBackend includes edge Micro Clouds that can be used inside apps and private clouds – making the public cloud decentralized and connected to the edge


Almost any app, SaaS service, or IoT use case can be built on top of CloudBackend


Micro Clouds can talk to other Micro Clouds in a peer-to-peer fashion as illustrated to the right (the CloudBackend public cloud is illustrated by our logo symbol) and form a resilient mesh cloud.


CloudBackend’s business model is pay as you go for the capacity consumed and new customers are onboarded through a selfservice portal and charged through credit card or invoice similar to current public cloud offerings

CLOUDBACKEND’S CONTACT INFORMATION Daniel Arthursson, CEO +46 709-16 32 64

CloudBackend Drottninggatan 33 Web site intentionally provided with sparse information, Box 569, 581 07 Linköping Sweden since product is not commercially available

This document may include certain statements, estimates and projections with respect to the anticipated future performance or capacity of CloudMe AB that involve significant elements of subjective judgment and analysis that may or may not prove to be correct. There can be no assurance that these statements, estimates or forecasts will be attained and actual results may be materially different. Nothing contained herein, is intended to be, or shall be relied upon as, a promise or representation as to future performance of CloudMe AB. Only those representations or warranties which are made in a definitive investment or purchase agreement will have any legal effect. CloudMe AB is a registered EU, US and elsewhere trademark. CloudBackend is a trademark of CloudMe AB.

Clover Therapeutics SRL via Luigi Marziani 13/D, 70054 Giovinazzo (BA) P.IVA e C.F. 07853450729 -


Democratizing the Heart Follow and analyze your heart. Anytime, anywhere. Coala Life a Swedish digital health venture on a mission to reduce cardiovascular fatalities, the leading cause of death in the world. Founded in 2015, the company has raised in excess of SEK 80 million from Swedish investors, powered by over a decade of R&D to launch its first award-winning digital heart monitor system – the Coala Heart Monitor - in late 2016. Over 30 million with undiagnosed heart disease Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death globally and it is one of the most frequent reasons for visiting the hospital. Atrial Fibrillation is major contributor with over 30 million diagnosed and an additional 30 million that remain undiagnosed, and with a significant increased risk of stroke and premature death. Smart analysis, in real-time for everyone, anywhere Coala Heart Monitor is a unique Swedish medical innovation that enables self-screening and analysis of the heart - anytime, anywhere. Coala is connected to a smartphone and records and digitizes the user's heartbeat and ECG. The analysis is then carried out in real time in the cloud without sticky electrodes, wires and tampering devices. Coala is designed to detect signs of irregular heart rates such as Atrial Fibrillation, various types of arrhythmias and other signs of heart disease that clinically trained staff can detect by auscultation. Coala automatically detects 10 different arrhythmias, including normal state, based on advanced, cloud based algorithms developed and validated in Sweden.

AI-powered cloud based system Coala Life’s solutions are the first to facilitate early detection of heart disease while reducing healthcare costs by limiting the need of face-toface appointments and contributing to research. With more than 1 million heart beats collected and analyzed to date, Coala is already a powerful tool for medical research with the potential to with its intelligence to predict and further enhance diagnostics and treatment of CVD. Integrated with care provider or simply connect your own doctor Data can easily be shared with any caregiver that the user has chosen to connect to. If an abnormal result is detected, Coala Premium users can take direct contact with Hjärtupplysningen™, which is a unique integrated healthcare provider that provides clinical advice with support of the Coala. Solutions both for consumers and health care providers The Coala Pro enables smart cardiac assessments in everyday life. It’s developed for caregivers with the individual in focus. The patient screen himself by regular 1-minute recordings and when arrhythmias are experiences. Appropriate review period is determined by the caregiver the system has no restrictions. Coala Pro enables screening remote care and effective arrhythmia assessments – all with strong patient engagement. Multi-prize winning. All made in Sweden. Coala’s solutions are patented and multi-prize winning. Everything is designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden. For more information, see

Diretto Employment Services AB Anna Leinder Founder & CEO

Diretto is a plattform for P2P employment helping private individuals becoming responsible employers creating jobs, contributing to integration and getting help at home in the most economical way.

The founder of Diretto, Anna, is not good at cooking. She employed refugees to help the family. It took 4-6 hours for someone to cook all the food needed for a week. Others wanted to do the same but found the paperwork challenging. Anna built Diretto to automate admin, taxes, insurance and facilitate the matching process. Public beta version is up and running!

Winner of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2017 in the social sustainability category.

Funded by Vinnovas program Innovative Startups.

Dor emi rhavedevel oped auni queAIt echnol ogy t hatunder st andsmus i c. Thi sr evol ut i oni zest he wayyoucancr eat eand expr es smus i c. “ T r uemagi c! ” BennyAnder s s on,ABBA

“ Googl eT r ans l at ef ormus i c! ” Kar i nRehnqvi st ,compos er

Sport and Health Sensors AB Break boundaries – e-athletic Mankind has always wanted to break new boundaries. There is a huge demand to perform sports in an optimal way and at the same time prevent injuries.

The athlete’s learning curve will accelerate by mounting sensors on the athlete and/or implement. e-athletic assists world class practitioners in track and field to dramatiquallly improve their technique and performance. Our solution is applicable on many sports, such as athletics, weightlifting, bowling, crossFit amongst others. The demand for e-athletic solution is huge.

Contact Information: Founder: Kjell Bystedt Web: Phone: 070-6222832 E-mail:

E-athletics Facts • A Sensor platform that makes it possible for athletes and coaches to optimize the performance and minimized the risks of injures.

TARGET MARKET Gartner estimates the market for fitness and personal health wearables to 5 billion in 2017 and in estimations for 2020 Wearable Tech Market will be worth $34 Billion. Our Customers are organizers athletics clubs and athletes. We start in Sweden. In a second step we will focus on the same target group in Finland, the former Eastern Bloc and Germany, as well as US where the Universities have potential to become large customers. e-athletic will support athletes to perform their sports in their very best way at events and competitions.

BUISINESS MODEL e-athletics will be sold as product with subscription for cloud storage, analyse services online coaching that tailors the athletes workouts in order to correct mistakes and faults in the athletes technique. This will accelerate the learning curve for all athletes independent of the level that the sportsman is at.

WHY INVEST? • The product is developed and tested together with world class athletes • It is an easy to use global scalable business • We are a high qualified team who got together to create a product that is needed in the market


Final Design …………………………………… 100.000 Collect further data…………………………. 200.000 Finalize app and services design……… 250.000 Co-laborations and tests………………… 250.000 Marketing (in personal and social media)………………………..………………….. 200.000 FOUNDING………………………….…….….1.000.000

•Furthermore the platform makes real time data from the athletes performance available for the spectators in real time.

Current Status: § Successfully tested and scrutinized by world class athletes § Testing period in progress with real athletes § Gaining Big data (best practise)

Team Kjell Bystedt CEO (Founder) Former Olympian in athletics and 25 years expertise within project management and software development. BS in Computer science. Stefan Söderlund CTO (15 years expertise within electronic development and owner of Solarit AB and M.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mattias Jons CMO Former elite athlete in athletics and a MBA in Business Management

Einride Einride is the next generation’s disruptive road transport solution: safe, cost-efficient and emission-free. By rethinking the foundation of transportation, Einride‘s T-pod is the first transport vehicle designed and developed for self-driving electric propulsion. Einride’s mission is to be a major contributor to a sustainable society by lowering the carbon dioxide emissions of the transport industry. A Disruptive Transport Solution With a smaller and more agile T-pod, Einride’s Transport System allows for a more flexible and optimized supply chain. By allowing for cost-efficient smaller shipments, the T-pod can reduce tied-up capital, delivery time and cost of transport. Einride´s transport system is a new way of thinking about road transport, creating new and innovative supply chain solutions. Cost-Competitive Goods Delivery The T-pod has the potential to disrupt the transport industry since diesel is getting more expensive while battery technology is getting cheaper and better. The T-pod system is the first solution creating a competitive offer to the heavy truck transport market. Einride replaces an old and expensive solution with a new cost-efficient alternative. Reliable and Predictable Delivery At the core of Einride’s operation is a planning and execution system that creates a reliable and predictable transport system. The smaller transport units, the available operating hours and reliable all-electric T-pods let Einride users reap the benefits of a lean and efficient transport setup. A Cleaner and Healthier World Einride strives to create solutions that meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The T-pod is an all-electric vehicle powered by green-electricity allowing for a substantial reduction of carbon dioxide and hazardous particles produced by diesel engines. Einride´s solution helps to reduce the emission from road transport and is the first real solution for a healthier and cleaner future. Contact Linnéa Kornehed Marketing Director Ph. +46 707 550 200

Cutting Edge Smarts For IoT ”By 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives – and 100% of IoT initiatives – will be supported by AI capabilities.”

The Short Story

The Product

Ekkono means cognition, and that is what we add to the world of connected things. We upgrade them from being connected to becoming smart. This enables all great promises of IoT (Internet of Things) to come true, where companies save and make money on automation, optimization and predictive maintenance, and consumer products become self-learning, intuitive and make relevant recommendations. With smarter things we democratize technology and make it available to everyone.

Ekkono is an embedded advanced edge analytics engine, purpose-built for IoT (Internet of Things). The unique design makes it resource efficient with an unusually small footprint. Still, Ekkono doesn’t compromise on functionality:

Ekkono provides tools that make IoT smarter. This comes in the shape of embedded software components that we license (OEM) to developers in all industries. The uniqueness, and the result of seven years of machine learning research at the University of Borås (Sweden), is a lightweight machine learning engine that can run at the edge, even on small microcontroller platforms at par with Raspberry Pi/Arduino, or smartphones. IoT is the next big disruption to the Internet. Suddenly we deploy billions of new processors at the edge of the network, which introduces massive amounts of processing capacity. Edge Computing leverages this new capacity, and enables all the data, closer to the data source, to be processed in real-time instead of looking at blunt averages that are sent to the cloud. This makes the intelligence personalized for the individual device, speeds up response time, improves data security, and dramatically reduces network load. IoT holds the promise of everything becoming smarter – from homes to cars, robots, vending machines and cities. The reality is that most of them today are just getting connected. Many move around, or are in locations with challenged connectivity. Smartness is capped at uploading raw data to a big-data haystack, and showing historical averages for the entire installed base. With Ekkono you can delivers on IoT’s promise of making things truly smart and personalized.

•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Baseline calculation Predictive analytics Forecasting Anomaly detection Attribution Simulation of alternative scenarios Guaranteed confidence calculations on predictions

Ekkono is a pure software solution that is platform-agnostic and runs on virtually any platform and in any environment. With standard APIs for input/output of data, automated preparation of data, and integration with surrounding applications, it is designed for programmers to quickly implement machine learning on their connected devices. This enables proactive detection and self-healing of faults, alerts when a system deviates from normal state or behavior, scheduled rather than unscheduled maintenance, determination of what has the biggest impact on target, optimization of performance, more intuitive human-machine interaction, genuine personalization, behavioral learning, tailored recommendations, and more.

For industrial IoT (IIoT) – this translates into money. Either by being one step ahead of an emerging issue, or by being one step ahead of the competition: •  •  •  • 

Less unscheduled downtime and maintenance Maximum performance through tailored optimization Lower communication cost Better use of available processing power

Ekkono Solutions AB | |

A better life for patients with chronic disease.

Problems Elsa aims to solve Patients

Healthcare providers

Pharmaceutical industry

do not reach the best treatment outcome due to unhealthy lifestyles.

lack efficient tools for following-up on patients’ treatment outcome between (yearly) visits.

struggles to demonstrate the value of their drugs in the patients’ real world.

Solutions Elsa aims to provide Patients

Healthcare providers (TBD)

Pharmaceutical industry

An app for supporting better health and treatment outcome by gathering, analysing and visualising lifestyle data showing dependencies, progress and prognosis.

Dashboard with patient lifestyle and treatment analytics, or new data in patient journal.

A Patient Support Program focusing on lifestyle activities and treatment effects.

A new tool for communication and follow-up.

A means to visualise the effect of medication adherence. Access to a unique data source on lifestyle and treatment. A tool for following up on lifestyle and treatment effects during clinical studies.

Where we are right now


October – December



First version of Elsa targeting patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Sweden is launched for iOS in App store.

Reviewing first version with patients, healthcare providers and scientists.

We have 2 paying pharma clients.

Developing new and updated functionality for Sweden. Launching on Android.

Designing new and updated functionality

Developing Elsa in English. Signing more paying pharma clients.

Come talk to us for the longer and bigger plan ahead! Sofia Svanteson Co-founder & CEO of Elsa +46 733 11 32 40

ELYPTA AB Minimally invasive liquid biopsy platform for convenient, safe, and low cost cancer detection and tracking Clinical Need and Market There are many major unmet clinical needs in cancer diagnostics today: - Early diagnosis / screening; - Correctly diagnose, stage and guide treatment; - Regularly surveil recurrence; - Monitor treatment response; To partially circumnvent these problems that severely compromise patients' chances of survival and quality of life, clinicians rely heavily on imaging and biopsies. These diagnosticts tools are ill-suited for regular use: a) they are costly; b) they either expose to radiation or are invasive; c) they may not be conclusive; d) they require separate clinical procedure involving the patient; e) they must be done at point of care. There is a demand for minimally-invasive, “simple”, repeatable blood or urine tests for monitoring, surveillance as well as early diagnosis if accurate and cost-effective - the “holy grail” of cancer diagnosis. The market for liquid biopsies is expected to grow by ~22% annually next 4 years and total $4,3 billion in 2020 (BCC research).


●● ●●


●● ● ● ● ●


● ●●

● ● ●


● ●●

● ●●

●● ● ●● ●

● ●● ● ● ●● ●

●●● ●●

● ●● ● ● ●

● ●

●● ● ● ● ●





Value Propositions Our lead indication is RCC, for which no diagnostic biomarkers are today used in the clinical routine, untapping a $500M addressable market. We are testing the utility of our platform for two applications, totaling 300,000+ tests/year: 1. Easily monitor drug response instead of waiting 3 months for CT-scan, thereby enabling a timely switch of therapy line in 60% of RCC that do not respond to first line drugs; 2. Easily surveil high risk RCC after surgery, thereby enabling a timely treatment of 30% RCC that relapse.

Our Solution Elypta is a molecular diagnostic company developing cancer diagnostics based on a novel proprietary liquid biopsy platform: 1. Quantifies a panel of 20 metabolites in blood plasma and/or urine. 2. Machine learning algorithm used to score and improve a cancer-type specific signature. The platform is unique in being exceptionally accurate (>95%), minimally-invasive, low cost and with proven pan-cancer potential. Multiple potential value propositions are addressed by the platform in e.g. diagnosis, prognosis, surveillance to detect recurrence, monitoring to assess response of treatment.

Clinical Evidence and Competitive Advantage Our liquid biopsy platform represents one of four technologies globally with widely recognized pan-cancer classification potential, but differentiated by its more practical assay technology at much lower cost. Its exceptional accuracy has been shown in two indications already: 1. 93,7-100% accurate for renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in a study with 127 subjects – recognized by publication in high-tier journal Cell Reports; 2. 97,4-100% accurate for prostate cancer (PCa) in a study with 55 subjects. The clinical development program already funded entails a growing data collection from 300 samples to 1,500+ in 2018: - 1 retrospective study (470 samples) & 2 prospective trials in RCC (~180 samples) funded – show utility in RCC (phase III) - 5 observational studies exploring or confirming potential in 12 additional cancers funded (~1000 samples) (phase I & II).

IPR We filed 4 patent applications covering the use of the 20 metabolites to make diagnosis or prognosis in RCC, in PCa, and pan-cancer. We have an exclusive worldwide license on the laboratory assay to quantify the metabolites. Our algorithms are developed internally and continuously learn from new data.

Financials Elypta has recently closed a seed phase round. The key milestones are: 1. Execute the clinical development plan; 2. Set up lab and initial optimization of the assay; 3. Develop strategy for indications, business model and regulatory pathway. An estimated $5M are needed for the Series A round, and around $20M to fully automate pan-cancer platform.

The Team CEO - Karl Bergman, Former Principal at Arthur D. Little; CSO - Francesco Gatto, Ph.D, platform inventor and cofounder; Chairman of the board - Jens Nielsen, Ph.D., co-founder, Prof. Systems Biology at Chalmers University of Technology; Member of the board - Jamal El-Mosleh, former CEO at Immunicum AB; Pontus Ottosson, Head of Investment at Chalmers Ventures. Advisory board includes Robert Langer, prof. Bioengineering at MIT.

Semifinalist 2016 - Europe and Rest of the World

One - pager

Replace kitchen. Cloud kitchen + delivery + tech

the only 10 € dinner that is hand-made, fresh and delivered to your home.

we will be the first meal delivery to MAKE A PROFIT. Kitchen + sourcing + cooking


positioning within 10€ dinners

Martti, CEO

Teemu, Operations

Heini, Marketing

Petteri, Menu

2 past startups


2 past startups

Bocuse D Or

this will buy: 1. Break-even (lightweight scaling cost)

Looking for:

1 M€ in equity

2. The next metropolitan launch

Join the home food revolution:

Martti Paatela, @EpicFoodsCo

DISRUPTIVE INDOOR LIGHT ENERGY HARVESTING Power sensors wireless and get out of the pain of regular battery replacements

Seamless supply, control & management of construction equipment



Global market size


Reduced rental cost with EquipmentLoop


Waste in Europe

White collar time freed up per month

The Problem

The Solution

Current procedure is analogue and characterized by low transparency, firefighting and low utilization rates leading to inefficiencies and high cost for both provider and user.

Independent platform helping construction companies in reducing number of rental days, and providers increasing predictability of inventory

EquipmentLoop helps construction companies to cut rental cost, while construction equipment rental companies increase their profitability, enhance inventory control and improve customer service levels.

The construction equipment rental process is inefficient. Construction companies lack transparency and control, leading to high rental cost and waste, time consuming process and low productivity. Construction equipment rental companies, on the other hand, struggle with customer acquisition, maintain customer excellence, internal operations and to meet the need for digitalization.

Key accomplishments Founded

MVP launch

1st rental company integrations

7 rental company integrations


Seed round

Founded: 2016


1st paying customer

1st rental transaction

About EquipmentLoop

9 paying customers


FTEs: 5

EquipmentLoop is an independent digital platform that helps both construction companies and construction equipment providers to simplify rental and management of equipment and tools. By combining usability and business acumen with technology we are creating the next generation digital fleet.

Simon Fogbring Founder & CEO

Christopher. Bark Founder & CCO

Carl von Blixen Partner & CTO

The Fastest Way To Ask A Dermatologist - All Things Skin San Francisco | Stockholm

PROBLEM • • • •

Only 150 000 dermatologists in the world Demand for dermatology services is outstripping global supply Average wait-time to see a dermatologist in the US is 32 days 70% of cases can be resolved online, other 30% can get a prioritized dermatology appointment

MARKET OPPORTUNITIES 20% of family doctor visits (~167 million visits) are skin related (acne, rosacea, eczema, moles, STDs etc.) Market (US): $75B (visits + procedures + drugs) Target Market Size: $3.5B Revenue streams: • Direct to consumer sales - internet - apps and affiliates • B2B2C - corporate wellness, pharmacies and health plans • Dermatology “skin customer support” - i.e Philips & FitBit • Pharmaceutical - OTC & Rx skin creams ($25B US market) • Referral to dermatology medical services ($45B US market)

SOLUTION 1. 2. 3. 4.

In any connected device: iOS, Android and Widget Take a picture of the skin concern Describe symptoms Pay a consultation fee and send anonymusly FREE AI answer after 48 hours

It takes a dermatologist on average 2 minutes to answer a query. The customer waits an average of 4 hours to get an answer, with: • • • •

The likely identity of the skin problem Possible treatment options If and when a doctor’s visit is recommended 70% of First Derm cases can be resolved with OTC treatment. 30% of users have more serious skin problems and are prioritized

INVESTMENT RAISED to date: $900K friends, family, and Techstars (2012-2016)

• • • • • •

Product development - optimization and retention Global prescription capabilities Afilliate program roll out - dermatolgoists and pharma Marketing online and sales Corporate partnerships - Philips, Merck, Walgreens, CVS Machine Learning - continuation - better than a dermatologist

TRACTION • • • • • • • •

5 people team 30 dermatologists on the team that speak 8 languages 200K+ monthly website visitors 200K+ total app downloads 30K + cases successfully answered 220K+ images used for Univeristy Machine Learning research Partnerships include, Philips, DermLite, SoftRay, NHS, Insurance company, and largest pharmacy chain in Sweden Techstars and UC Berkeley SkyDeck Alumni


Health plans: Through mobile triage we eliminate unnecessary doctors’ appointments and prioritize necessary ones, saving money while improving outcomes (Kaiser, Aetna, BUPA) Data: largest tagged database for machine learning (Microsoft, IBM, Google, Apple) Pharma: Targeted advertising platform and user data (Merck) Minute Clinics: Added service (CVS, Walgreens)

WHO WE ARE Executive Management: • Founder CEO: Dr. Alexander Börve: Mobile dermatology researcher (PhD UC Berkeley/ MD Lund U/ Gothenberg) • Co-Founder CTO Jimmy Stridh: CTO and lead engineer - 10 years of experience, 5 years leading engineering teams (UC Chalmers) • Co-Founder, A. Prof. John Paoli, MOHS, Teledermatology • Anastasia Yip/ Marketing (UC Berkeley) Advisors: • Daniel Kraft: Mobile health (Singularity U. & Exponential Med) • Andreas Penna: Corporate Development (mobile industry veteran) • Prof. Hans Peter Soyer, A. Prof. Iris Zalaudek, Dr Ash Marghoob, Dr Jonathan Bowling, Dr Jordan Shlain, John Bottjer

Mobile games has always been a highly engaging medium. 23% of all installed apps are games and time spent in games exceeds most media channels by far. Therefore, many of the larger brands have tried to launch their own branded games, often to engage a younger audience. The results have been mixed, mainly because before Flarie, there was no scalable solution for it. Flarie is a platform with several different games in one app, where users play and challenge friends. All these game are dynamic modules that enables brands to choose a game, design it, target the audience in the Flarie-app and launch a branded game campaign within minutes. When brands connect prizes to their games, like products or gift cards, we have seen high redemption/conversion levels. Spending hours in a game generates commitment and a willingness to redeem the products or use the discounts. Quote: ”I dreamt about Pressbyrån last night”. Stefan, 28.

Activity 310 000 users 95 M gameplays 610 000 h game time For brands, this target group is generally very hard to reach and to keep.




Redemption > 70 %

> 70 000 store visits

>18 % store visits

550 new customers in 2 days

See more about Flarie and a case-video at Gabriel Kratschmer - | 079 - 337 53 34

Find advice and expertise, live in your phone With Fliffr you can buy and sell services through video calls in your phone. It’s easy  for both seller and buyer and you pay either per minute or per call with an  integrated pay-per-action in local currency with smart search .  HOW IT WORKS:  1. Download Fliffr. Fliffr is available  on both Android and iOS.  2. Sellers use hashtags to describe  their services, so try searching for  a service to buy eg. #javascript,  #math help, #homework #guitar  lesson, #value your antiques,  #help in assembling your IKEA  furniture, #legal services,  #terapist, #yoga, #meditation etc.  You can also browse all of the Fliffr  profiles for what suits you.  3. Start a call. When you find a seller  with a good price that you want to  contact, calling them via video or  audio is as simple as tapping a  button. Fliffr notifies the seller   and also takes care of the  payment.  4. Review the seller: We want to keep  the highest standard on our  sellers. That's why we ask you to  review all Fliffr calls. 

EARN & LEARN  ● Earn money in a flexible way, 
f rom  home or on the go  ● One stop shop with easy 
and  secure payments  ● Personalized advice and 
expertise  on demand    BUSINESS MODEL  ● Pay-per-minute  ● Shared revenue with user (80/20  model)  ● Allow free content and ads by  companies    FLIFFR, the marketplace for selling  onlineservices – via video call, chat and  phone with an integrated pay-per-action  in local currency with smart search. 

    Linda von Beetzen  Chief Executive Officer +46 070 146 02 32 

FLIFFR Drottninggatan 82  SE­111 36 Stockholm SWEDEN       


Find us on FLIFFR #fliffr

ZERO FOOD WASTE B2B IN THE FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN PROBLEM 1/3 of all foods produced are wasted though it is still eatable. Some of the contributing factors are: - lack of time in organizations - less value in 2:class produce - lack of alternative business contacts Food losses and waste amounts to roughly US$ 680 billion in industrialized countries alone and the unnecessary impact on the planet is enormous.

SOLUTION We matchmake small and large batches of food and are building a B2B platform for sales and donations. With a wide variety of companies and organizations in the network we can offer companies a fast, secure and cost effective way to find new business and alternative ways for all great food and beverages. Today in Sweden! Tomorrow global?

CONTACTS Foodloopz Sweden AB +46 729 11 44 99

for a better work environment and safer undertakings Tomorrow’s society will to a greater extent than today use service robotics, i.e. mobile robots that are autonomous, semi-autonomous or remote controlled. The area is still in its infancy, although applications such as robot vacuum cleaners and robot lawn mowers have been established on the market. With our FUMO robot platform, we are entering that market. Together with the major Swedish rescue services, MSB and SKL, AB Realisator Robotics has developed the robot FUMO to meet the needs of the rescue services. The FUMO concept consists of a base module onto which different applications, depending on the desired functionality, can easily be mounted. For the rescue services FUMO will contribute to a better work environment and safer undertakings. Our focus is to deliver the first robots to the Swedish rescue services that will serve as a proof of quality for FUMO.

Besides the rescue services we have noticed interest for FUMO from other areas such as the construction industry. Once more it is the size, robustness, and flexibility of FUMO that are of interest. Several applications are identified and development activities are on going.

Contact AB Realisator Robotics Box 98 619 22 Trosa Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)70 271 02 17 Website: E-mail:

The global food system is still using enormous amounts of fresh water(some say its around 70% and that’s completely insane), fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and this MUST change according to “World Economic Forum” and the UN. (Today we are 7B and in 30 years we will be10Billion on planet and the food production have to double. And at the same time 33% of our arable land is lost the last 40 years.) With Gaia Grow System™ we contribute to a sustainable development in a very concrete way. Farming in an urban environment giving the consumer the tangible solution to live a healthy and a sustainable lifestyle, that is fun and easy to do! We offer a Scandinavian designed equipment which makes it possible to grow automatic and highly effective 365 days a year everywhere and almost anything. Gaia (Grow System), a truly unique modular hydroponic cultivation system, from a small table top devise at home to 10.000 sqm urban commercial green house set ups. Gaia uses only 1/10 of fresh water, it grows 2-3 times faster with high nutritional content, better taste and no pesticides. We offer complete food safety. Total spent in home gardening is up a dramatic 43% the last 5 years according to US Gardening Association and 1 of three households in the US are now doing their own home gardening. Same trend in EU In April -16. Forbes Magazine wrote that the market for medical plants will grow to 7,1 Billion UD in the US We have two basic markets in our business model, world wide equipment for commercial green houses and a plug & play package for Urban consumers. Easy Urban Gardening AB +46705366766

MOBILE APP FOR GARDEN AND PLANTS In Gardenize, you organize all information about your garden and your plants . And you get inspiration and know how.


As a gardener you… … have several hundred plants to keep track of … think you will remember - but you never do … need inspiration, reminders and advise


• Mobile App for iPhone and Android • Connect to gardening friends • Connected to plant web shops • Inspiration from the best garden bloggers • Available on 6 languages


Gardena: market leader of gardening tools Nelson Garden: lead producer of seeds in Nordic Frökungen: Number 1 webshop for seeds



All-in-Garden-app with all information about own garden, - and more. Smart and personalized reminders based on geo-location, weather, climate, interest etc Special featured articles, podcasts etc

2 3


Gardenize founded Aug 2015 Launched MVP May 2016 31 000 Downloads Nov 2017 7500 returning users/quarter Jun-Aug 2017 Nominated garden product of the year


To support the growth and development of Gardenize, we are raising 3 MSEK. Money will be used for development and market expansion. For more information, contact:

PRODUCT ROADMAP 1 Q1-18 Native advertising

2 Q2-18 “My Garden friends”

3 Q3-18 “My Garden planner”



Q4-18 “Gardenize professional”

2016 SE

2018 DE, US, UK


Jenny Rydebrink

Josefin Wulff

Jessica Lyon



2019-> RoW

CONTACT INFORMATION +46 707 208911 Follow us on

Magnus Janemyr

FoodTech Company of the Year 2017

What is Gastronaut Gastronaut is a marketplace that connects international homechefs with people who are tired of having the same food options every single day.
 The Market Problem: Two sides of the same coin. Four out of five restaurants close before their 5th year because of an unsustainable cash-flow reality that eats away any potential for margins. One in five restaurants that survive don’t make a profit.
 As restauranteurs cut costs, consumers get low quality, westernised adaptations that are “easy to sell” to the “average customer”. Go to 10 Chinese (or Greek, or Lebanese, or Japanese) restaurants in Stockholm and you will confirm that they serve exactly the same “easy to sell” food. The consumer’s one and only option is to compromise with the market supply. The Solution Gastronaut offers aspiring restauranteurs the opportunity to make more than 20 times higher profit per meal than the average restauranteur. As a result, they get to focus on and cook what they love instead of marketing, logistics, paying bills and personnel turnover. Through Gastronaut, consumers get better access to a great variety of much better food from all around the world. The Economics of the Market From a macro perspective: The Swedish restaurant industry turned over 127b SEK while the global music industry turned 135b SEK, in 2016. About one third of that was turnover generated by small family restaurants that do not make profits. From a micro perspective: The last time you paid for music was probably your 100kr/month to Spotify. You spend about the same amount every day for lunch that is, at best, mediocre. On top of that you are tired of the same options every day, and there’s not much you can do about it. The Gastronaut Management Team Shu Wei, CEO/cofounder. Previously, Global Supply Manager at Ericsson +46 (0) 76 760 2108 • Kai Xie, CTO/cofounder. Previously, Lead Engineer at Skype. +46 (0) 72 366 8098 • Akis Palamidis, CMO/cofounder. Previously, Strategy Director at DGA (advertising agency). +46 (0) 70 854 8300 • Other company info: Official launch: June 2017 • Technically independent team • Multiple revenue streams • Close collaboration with government/state agencies & authorities • Experienced Advisory Board (veterans in the restaurant industry, FoodTech and management) • 5 full-time employees • Seed by Angel Investors • FoodTech Company of the Year 2017.

Grönska – Indoor urban farming Grönska is an end-to-end company revolutionizing food production by developing technology for vertical farming and producing city grown vegetables and herbs. Last year Grönska was the first company to sell a vertically farmed product on the Swedish consumer market and was awarded with the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship. Driven by a vision of a more sustainable food consumption, the goal of Grönska is to grow food locally on a large scale. Grönska develops technology for vertical farming, and produces vegetables and herbs that are sold to local food stores and restaurants. The growing is done with vertical farming; a scalable and space efficient growing method based on cultivation in shelf systems with LED lighting and hydroponic watering systems. Grönska was founded in 2014 by Petter Olsson, Robin Lee and Natalie de Brun, and in 2016 we entered the market. Our growing facility is located in Hammarbyhöjden in the south of Stockholm, and we are currently in the middle of expansion. Our solution meets the growing need for locally grown vegetables and herbs (in future also berries and fruits). Awareness on how food consumption impacts the environment is increasing. Still, consumers demand a large variety of vegetables and herbs no matter the season - a challenge here in Sweden where growing food all year round is hindered by cold climate and limited sunlight. Grönska’s innovation solves this contradiction. Why vertical farming? • Food can be grown indoors – means locally grown food all year round, no matter the climate outdoors. • It is space efficient – means the growing of food can be put near or even in the city, where space is limited and costly. This in turn reduces the food transports and gives fresher produce. • Growing in a controlled environment – means no toxins such as pesticides are needed, and nutrient levels in the plants can be increased by using the right light recipe. Grönska’s goal is to offer as locally grown produce as possible to residents in Swedish cities, and in the long run also in other Nordic cities, through large scale vertical farming. Our vision is to contribute to sustainable food consumption by making the city more self-sufficient. Read more on www.grö / Contact us on @gronskastadsodling Grönska Stadsodling is the first Holiday accommodation booking website dedicated to people with mobility issue, disabilities or elders. At the core of Handiscover lies a unique classification system, which allows users to select accommodations based on their different levels of physical disability. It is very challenging today for our community to find accommodations adapted to their level of mobility, as accessibility is not being well addressed by the general booking websites like Booking, Airbnb or Homeaway. Airbnb has just taken over our smaller competitor Accomable in its try to become more disabled friendly (Nov 2017). We solve this by answering those accessibility questions upfront and classifying accommodations through our algorithm! With Handiscover, anyone with mobility issue will be able to travel the world, finding accommodations adapted to their level of mobility, at different price points as we offer both professional (B&B,, small hotels, apartments/house) and private hosts. Handiscover has now prove its scaling of supply capability, through integration with key industry players, growing its supply form 2500 to over 30 000 rooms in 2017, in over 50 countries. We have already have our first proof of concept with over 2000 night enquires in the last 12 months, users loving the website (15% bounce rate, 6-67 pages/sessions) and already good media exposure internationally (The Guardian, NYT, etc).

Backed by Almi Invest and Entreprenรถrinvest (Kamprad family foundation) and business angels we have been able to grow the team and re-launch our tech platform to make it fully scalable. We are now ready to scale bookings in UK and FR/Spain in coming months, before entering the US market later next year.

Connect with your community

Get in touch with your neighbours, ask locals for 6ps when visi6ng a new city or strike up a conversa6on with other people on the beach! Hoodprints is a communica6on pla=orm for a loca6on. It can be used to get in touch with those nearby, no ma@er where you are. At home, you can use Hoodprints to communicate with your neighbours. Or, when you are thinking of moving, you can chat with your future neighbours on Hoodprints. When travelling, you no longer need to rely on advice from other tourists. Instead, Hoodprints is your direct line to local experts. Download Hoodprints from the App Store today! karri@trickle

Imagimob – Real time AI on small devices

Imagimob helps businesses improve safety, efficiency and user experience in their products and services by running AI software on small devices. Problem The picture below shows a typical IoT/AI model. Products, devices and sensors are streaming raw data to the cloud, where analytics and predictions are done.

This model causes a number of problems: • Enourmous amounts of unstructured data • Latency • High power consumption Solution Our solution is to have AI software running in the device, ie on the edge, see picture below:

The benefits with this model are: • Devices becomes autonomous, they can think for themselves • Devices can act in real time • Lower power consumption Contact details Anders Hardebring, CEO and Co-Founder Email: Mobile: +46 70 5910614 Website:

| Discover  |  Interact  |  Save Money  |

FINALLY, A DIGITAL CAMPUS! You are new on the campus, you have not made any friends, you do not know what events are taking place and where, you are struggling to find accommodation or to furnish it, you want a part-time job but don't know where to look for - the list can go on. It doesn't matter which university or country you are in, the struggle is the same and it is real. Social networks are a little help because they only manage to connect you with your existing network. What if the entire campus could fit in the palm of your hand with all the information you need? We are making this possible! Nordic Digital Ventures AB is a Växjo-based startup. We have recently launched inCampus, a free mobile app for students with several features: - Events & News updates from campus and city - Deals & Discounts from campus and city businesses - Jobs & Housing information from several sources - Ride Sharing, Food Sharing, Polls, and much more inCampus has generated strong interest among students, local businesses, student associations, and organizations within a short span of 3 months. We are now expanding to several campuses and need your support on this journey! Want to invest or collaborate? Write to us at

inCampus is a product of Nordic Digital Ventures AB Org. nr. 559101-1068 Växjö, Sweden

Insurello in one sentence: Insurello maximizes insurance claims by taking a complete grip of a case and finding “unknown” insurances, all through a digital and automated solution. Background: The insurance industry is the least digitalized sector globally and specifically in Sweden, the customer experience is ranked as one of the absolute worst. This shows particularly for personal injuries, given that insurance terms and customer rights is particularly difficult to understand, where 75% of the injuries never gets claimed for. This motivated us to create Insurello, with our goal to help the injured individuals to get their compensation. Our platform,, manages notifications and compensation through a digital automated solution. We take a complete grip of a customer's case, which is important as customers often fail to seek compensation from additional “unknown” insurances (e.g. via school, employer, partner, municipality, union, sports club, VISA card, etc.). Our goal is to become the first independent digital service for insurance compensation within the EU.

Our Solution •

Desktop & mobile website

Built on scalable cloud technology

End-to-end functionality

Contact: Marcus Janback, CEO,, +46 790 111 222

(proxy, timeline, CRM)

Wedevia AB Presents: -A Game Changing Online Insurance Comparison and Broker Platform The insurance market of today offers complex products that the end consumers struggle to understand. The result is customer uncertainty during the purchase of insurance products, low confidence for the insurance companies, and unhappy customers in case the insurance is needed. Furthermore, online insurance brokers are dominated by actors who compare and/or sell insurance products mainly focused on the lowest possible price. This has created an unhealthy business climate where customers do not know what they actually bought, until something happens. The insurance companies fight each other by trying to underbid the competition’s lowest prices with diminishing margins as a result. This is a market where quality means nothing and price means everything. Until it hurts. As an answer to this problem, Wedevia AB has developed, the next generation online insurance comparison and broker platform. compares the terms and conditions of all insurance products that are available online on the Swedish market, and offers the possibility to buy and gather all your insurances in one place. helps the customer to compare insurances through an intuitive icon based interface and find the best match for their unique object, preconditions and needs. This is a novelty in the insurance market. The insurance of choice can then be bought directly within Insurograph, and is added to the customer’s personal insurance portfolio which is available online 24/7. focuses on quality and finding the strengths in each insurance product. For the first time, insurance customers actually see and understand what they are buying. is free to the end user and is financed through comission for insurances sold. The targeted insurance market segment is valued 80+ bn SEK annually and growing. Contact : Michael Grönroos | CEO Mail : Tel : +46 (0)702 – 68 84 75

© 2017 Wedevia AB | Stora torget 3, Västerås

An international Transaction network Consumer makes transactions in four possible ways.    

Merchant receives payment in three possible ways.

Offline/POS transactions Paying invoices via local bank account. Online store transactions Peer to Peer transactions

As fintech scene is changing, consumers are getting advanced digital payment methods e.g. immidiate transfers, credit card payments, installment payments, cryptocurrencies etc. At the same time, consumer wants to make some extra cash on savings in terms of interest and/or on transactions in terms of bonus points. When it comes to an international peer to peer transfer, both parties want better currency exchange rates , instant transfers , less transaction fees and in some cases, sending or receiving party may NOT have bank account too. This situation complicates local and international transfer. iTransa is solution of all above mentioned problems for consumer. Consumer can pay for all above transaction scenarios by adding credit/debit cards to iTransa wallet or choose cryptocurrencies, saving or receiving money as ” Kredit” in app. Consumer earn bonus points on every transactions too..

  

POS / Offline transactions Receiving payment against invoices. Online store/ marketplace payouts.

Merchant wants to invest least amount of money in payment instruments as current payment solutions are NOT promoting their services and /or increasing foot prints to their physical locations. At the same , they want to accept all types of available payment methods without any extra charges. Merchant would be excited to use payment methods which promotes their products and/or services to consumer and allows all possible consumer payment methods without affecting their payouts. iTransa is QR code based payment solution, where merchant can create QR codes for different scenarios like POS, invoices , split payments, fund raising and start accepting payments from their consumers via these QR codes. There is NO need of extra hardware. Consumers can simply scan QR code and pay desired amount either from credit/debit cards wallet, ”kredit” or cryptocurrencies and merchant payout will NOT be dependent on consumer payment choices and same transaction commission will be charged for any scenario. As iTransa has built-in O2O marketplace, which promotes their products and services to consumers. With iTransa, merchants can reduce their marketing budget significantly.

Junaid Joosani +46735173132

s al es @get ki s i . com


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# innan#inköpen#börjar#

i#en# av#alla#i#hushållet# Som#används# #de# handlar##–# på#nätet#&#i# fysiska#världen# För helt #av#alla# bu=kskedjor#&#aktörer# (L) #med#stöd#för# alla#inköp#oavseB#nätC#eller# bu=kshandel#

”#–#innan#och# under#köpet# mellan#reklam,# inköpslista#och#det#fak=ska#köpet# #

#och## i#och#utanför# bu=kerna#–#både#på#nätet#&#i# fysiska#världen# #baserade#på#kunders#planering# och#beteenden# de# uppstår#–#på#nätet#och#i#bu=kerna# .ALLT.IHOP.DELAT SMART.

ned#=ll#enskilda# produkter#och#preferenser






TEAM: Jenny Pettersson

Evelina Laroussi COMPETITION: Birgitta Jansson

Ivan Mendozza BUSINESS MODEL: Membership:



18000 members

80 groups


300 events

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LunaMicro​ ​AB

Fabric​ ​that​ ​pumps Imagine​ ​that​ ​you​ ​bike​ ​to​ ​work.​ ​It’s​ ​a​ ​warm​ ​rainy​ ​summer​ ​day,​ ​so​ ​you​ ​wear​ ​your​ ​rain​ ​jacket.​ ​Even if​ ​the​ ​rain​ ​jacket​ ​keeps​ ​the​ ​rain​ ​out,​ ​you’re​ ​still​ ​likely​ ​to​ ​be​ ​soaked​ ​when​ ​you​ ​reach​ ​your destination​ ​-​ ​not​ ​from​ ​the​ ​rain,​ ​but​ ​from​ ​sweat.​ ​Your​ ​jacket​ ​protected​ ​you​ ​from​ ​the​ ​rain,​ ​but​ ​failed to​ ​remove​ ​the​ ​sweat​ ​your​ ​body​ ​produced.​ ​Physical​ ​activity​ ​causes​ ​your​ ​body​ ​to​ ​sweat​ ​to regulate​ ​your​ ​internal​ ​temperature,​ ​but​ ​in​ ​many​ ​situations,​ ​like​ ​when​ ​biking,​ ​skiing,​ ​or​ ​climbing, being​ ​sweaty​ ​can​ ​both​ ​reduce​ ​your​ ​performance​ ​and​ ​can​ ​even​ ​damage​ ​your​ ​health. All​ ​“breathable”​ ​fabrics​ ​used​ ​in​ ​protective​ ​clothing​ ​like​ ​rain​ ​jackets​ ​are​ ​passive,​ ​meaning​ ​that​ ​the transport​ ​of​ ​moisture​ ​is​ ​driven​ ​by​ ​ ​the​ ​difference​ ​in​ ​humidity​ ​between​ ​the​ ​inside​ ​and​ ​outside​ ​of the​ ​garment.​ ​ ​Not​ ​only​ ​do​ ​“breathable”​ ​materials​ ​transport​ ​sweat​ ​more​ ​slowly​ ​than​ ​your​ ​body can​ ​produce​ ​it,​ ​but​ ​they​ ​work​ ​best​ ​when​ ​you​ ​don’t​ ​need​ ​them,​ ​when​ ​the​ ​weather’s​ ​dry,​ ​and​ ​not at​ ​all​ ​when​ ​you​ ​do,​ ​like​ ​when​ ​it’s​ ​raining.​ ​ ​Who​ ​wears​ ​a​ ​rain​ ​jacket​ ​when​ ​it​ ​isn’t​ ​raining? LunaMicro​ ​has​ ​developed​ ​a​ ​battery-powered​ ​fabric​ ​that​ ​actively​ ​transports​ ​sweat​ ​from​ ​one​ ​side of​ ​the​ ​fabric​ ​to​ ​the​ ​other,​ ​regardless​ ​of​ ​the​ ​external​ ​conditions.​ ​With​ ​our​ ​technology,​ ​the​ ​fabric can​ ​transport​ ​sweat​ ​10​ ​times​ ​faster​ ​than​ ​your​ ​body​ ​produces​ ​it,​ ​regardless​ ​of​ ​the​ ​conditions outside.​ ​This​ ​technology​ ​is​ ​the​ ​result​ ​of​ ​research​ ​from​ ​Linköpnig​ ​University,​ ​initially​ ​conceived as​ ​a​ ​way​ ​of​ ​controlling​ ​the​ ​motion​ ​of​ ​liquid​ ​in​ ​microfluidic​ ​point-of-care​ ​diagnostic​ ​tools,​ ​when​ ​we realized​ ​that​ ​the​ ​technology​ ​can​ ​also​ ​be​ ​applied​ ​in​ ​fabrics.​ ​We​ ​see​ ​a​ ​need​ ​for​ ​a​ ​fabric​ ​that electronically​ ​controls​ ​the​ ​motion​ ​of​ ​water​ ​in​ ​a​ ​wide​ ​variety​ ​of​ ​applications​ ​such​ ​as​ ​protective garments,​ ​smart​ ​bandages,​ ​and​ ​general​ ​electronics. Contact​ ​info

Magnea – Making people move. Magnea can help patients and elderly to increase their physical activity with over 30%! Magnea develop and produce unique activity sensors with advanced motion detection to monitor, analyse and increase motivation of physical activity at healthcare facilities.

*A healthy 70-year-old person will lose up to 10% of his or her muscle mass within the first ten days at a hospital, due to inactivity.

Inactivity is not only dangerous, it is also costly. Only in Sweden, inactivity is linked to prolonged hospital stays and fall injuries equals costs of 9.7 billion SEK / year. Clinical trials show that Magnea increase the activity with over 30% which significantly could reduce these costs.

Inactivity at healthcare facilities is linked to 30+ health issues e.g.: • • •

3.2 million unnecessary deaths per year worldwide 17% of patients at Swedish hospitals suffer from pressure ulcers 11% prolonged hospital stay

We give patients and seniors motivation, and the staff activity data to monitor and analyse.

Magnea solution also includes fall detection. It gives an automatic alarm when a fall occurs and based on our machines learning solution, staff will also be notified in advance if a fall is about to happen in order to prevent injuries.

Our vision is to make physical activity considered as natural as pharmaceuticals or surgery when it comes to prevention and treatment within health care and elderly care. Magnea AB Science Park, Gjuterigatan 9 553 18 Jönköping Sweden Daniel Ström CEO 0734-17 50 16

MEVISIO The Digital Platform for Visualization and Teamwork

As a leader in any organization, it’s difficult to have full control of the daily operation and at the

The board is always updated so that everyone can get real-time information of the status of the

same time develop the organization in an effective way. The most common reasons are lack of time, lack of information and lack of

business. It is especially designed to work on large touch screens with an inviting and easy-touse interface, ideal for modern stand-up

communication. This eventually lead to loss of opportunities, sick leave and unnecessary risk.

meetings. Since the platform is accessible from any web browser, the participants don’t have to be at the same location.

MEVISIO solves this by providing the leader with a flexible and user-friendly tool for visualization. MEVISIO presents the information needed to

If several teams, departments or production sites use MEVISIO, the platform can produce

discuss and act on opportunities, risks and problems.

boards, or customized reports, with aggregated data that gives top management an overview of the entire organization.

With MEVISIO, the leader creates a visualization board in the platform together with her team, and decides what information it should present — all aligned with the Lean philosophy. The board then works as an agenda for a daily meeting and automatically highlights the most important things to discuss.

Marcus Wejderot, Co-founder/CEO
 +46 72 25 25 330

Mats Ljungqvist, Co-founder
 +46 70 30 07 397

My-Fm Listen to what you want to Listen Why and What is MY-FM ▪

No podcasts, FM, Radios etc asks for your opinion what you want to listen

There is just few fixed time of the day where you can listen to FM/Radios. Do you really want to waste time listening to the garbage Or Spending time in searching for what you want to listen.

MyFM provides you a portal where you can specify what you want to listen and for how long would you like to listen.

A commuter to work can specify: It generally takes 20 mins to reach work. 10 mins I want to listen to world news, 5 mins I want to listen to News from Sweden and remaining 5 Mins I want to listen to Football News.

A commuter back to home from office can specify: I have 20 mins time to reach home. I want to get latest update on World news, news from Canada and Hockey News; All this with in 5 mins. Rest of the time, I want to listen to Pop songs.

Time is money in today’s world. People want to have quality time. Getting opportunity to listen to their preferred information/news while commuting is time well spent for many individuals.

Scale the app so it will also read Facebook/Twitter feed and broadcast/Transmit as news/information/entertainment item to User. For ex: My Friend Harry Checked in to Arlanda Airport. The info that will be transmitted is ”Harry is travelling today. He checked in to Arlanda Airport”.

Contact: Ritesh Shreevastav,, +46-763350556,

Näktergal AB Information class K1R1T1

"Innovation-as-a-Service consumer lending platform for banks and other lenders.” Banks deliver poor customer experience due to legacy systems and technical debt. We provide banks and lenders with a comprehensive consumer lending platform built for innovation through collaboration.

Customer Problem

Business Model

Banks are being outrun by the tech giants such as

We charge a percentage of the lending volume

Amazon, Apple and Facebook, that might render banks obsolete in the not-so-distant future. The tech solutions to this are out there, but banks are busy with legacy systems, day-to-day business and adapting to a steady stream of new regulation.

handled by our system, aligning our interests with our customers. Annual profit in 3 years; a rapidly increasing ~€2,5M.


Solution Superior functionality through collaboration – our system and company alike are made for integrating the best-of-breed in fintech. We scout for ideas and tech rather than build ourselves and have created a business model and system architecture that

Currently we focus on progressive banks and lenders willing to break new ground. Later nonfinancial brands with good consumer relationship together with a bank as the credit line. Eventually, the main limiting factor will be the bank's balance sheet, so progressively larger banks.

makes this work. This cherry-picking approach allows us to outgun

Sales/Marketing Strategy

even the tech giants, today and tomorrow, since

We sell mainly through word-of-mouth and

they do not have a monopoly on good ideas.

accelerate this by public speaking, attending major events and social networking. By adding many


fintech-providers to our collaborative platform we

Mikael Abrahamsson, Erik Bennerhult and Mattias Lejbrink have complementing skills from finance

co-market with our partners, large and small.

and technology. We have built financial companies


and systems for decades and have been CEOs,

Several bank system providers that are established

CTOs and Lead Architects at banks and other

and trusted. Other banks build in-house solutions,

lenders in the Nordics.

usually with a lot of capital and political investment. These all share the weakness that they

Target Market

are part of the problem – they are slow at implementing new requirements in general and

Initially Sweden and Finland where we have excellent market knowledge and connections. The unsecured consumer lending volume in this market

innovation in particular.

is ~€35BN. We aim to handle ~0,5% of this volume

Competitive Advantage

in 3 years and then expand globally – what is a

Dream team with insider knowledge of banking and

good system in the Nordics is a great system elsewhere.

finance. First mover advantage by being the first collaboration-based consumer lending platform.

Capital Seeking: €5M

Founded: December 2015


Annual Revenue Run Rate: €587k

Employees: 6

Twitter: @naktergaltech

Current Annual Profit: €50k

One app for all your news

Why go to all the different news apps to learn more about what’s going on? We do not have any click baits or scandalous headlines, just true, relevant news. Our mission is to educate and inspire people in a positive direction, that’s why we don’t try to scare you. Did we mention that we do not have any commercial ads popping up? That’s right, just a clean news app.

Earn money by reporting local news

Everyone can apply to be one of our local reporters and if you are approved you can start reporting local news to our readers. You’ll get an email each night with your revenue and statistics from the day before and once a month get cash to your account. You need to have f-skattsedel (tax approval). We have a central editorial desk that checks your articles, that they are true, relevant and interesting.


Founded in late 2016 as an idea to solve the democratic problem that occurs when news companies are closing down, especially in smaller towns and cities. 70% of the subscription fee is shared each night to the contributing reporters. We have a product-market fit and are now closing our A-series funding. The famous Swedish news reporter Lennart Ekdal is one of the investors.

Contact Rolf Bäck, +46 70 377 68 20

Personalised Meal Kit Technology

Northfork supply e-grocery retailers the tools needed to create real time personalised meal kits for a seamles online grocery shopping experience. New technologies and new behaviours have created a void between consumers expectation and current shopping experience. Figuring out what to eat is mentally taxing. Shopping is hard work. Meal kits don’t fit my lifestyle. That’s why Northfork develops smart technologies for grocery shopping by recipe.

Personalized, Fast and Easy Grocery Shopping Discovery Real-time personalised meal plans based on historic purchases.

Thinking of spaghetti bolognese is mouth watering — a package of minced meat isn’t. Shopping groceries through recipes feels natural, is inspiring, fast and personalized.

Smart Cart Converts any combination of recipes to an optimized shopping cart.

Brand Promotion New revenue streams through adwords for ingredients.

Northfork integrated and always-up-to-date platform creates a great consumer experience and higher conversion and retention for our customers.

Timeline August 16

September 16 20 % of Coops orders contains recipes

December 16

March 17

August 17

Seed round raised

”Northfork is powering everything with recipe shopping at It is a central part of our customer experience.”

Team: Eight

Market Size: EUR 42B

Industry:​​ ​Fintech Founded:​​ ​2017​ ​by​ ​Tobias​ ​Larsson​ ​and​ ​Jon​ ​Wikman Links:​​ ​​​ ​​​ ​

Northbricks​ ​will​ ​enable​ ​third-party​ ​to​ ​build​ ​the​ ​best​ ​apps​ ​on​ ​banks​ ​data.​ ​With​ ​one​ ​API you​ ​will​ ​get​ ​access​ ​to​ ​hundreds​ ​of​ ​banks. Our​ ​goal​ ​is​ ​to​ ​enable​ ​developers​ ​within​ ​5​ ​minutes​ ​create​ ​amazing​ ​innovations​ ​on customers​ ​data​ ​in​ ​banks​ ​-​ ​access​ ​to​ ​accounts​ ​and​ ​payments.

Contact person: Joe Lu +86728898466

INSO is a VR + Blockchain project that is seeking for seed money to prepare for the upcoming ICO in 2018. This project was initiated in July 2017, based on our previous VR project “Prism VR”, which was started in April 2016. Right now we are a team of three, an software engineer from Ericsson, a PhD candidate in AI/Machine Learning and our founder with a background of HCI, research experiences in VR and plenty of knowledge about Digital Assets and blcokchain since 2012. INSO is a unique project consisting of three essential parts:

Insomni0x: GI • • • • •

Unique MobileVR headset Cooling & power supply features Weight balance & comfort Protected by utility patents Not for sale, designed to be free gift for ICO participants

Insomni0x: TR • • • • • •

Dedicated for Cryptocurrencies and Digital assets Customizable trading interface in VR Currently being built using Unity Token relayer based on 0x protocol Support social & community functions in VR rooms Virtual token wallets*

ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain Prism Shards (PMS) Total supply 2,000,000,000 ICO Stage 1: 1 ETH = 10000 PMS, Stage 2: 1 ETH = 8000 PMS, Stage 3: 1 ETH=6000 PMS 50% circulating supply and available for Pre-sale event, 50% locked & reserved for advisors, investors and founders. • Tokens can be used in our virtual community, marketplace and invested in our virtual mining rigs. • • • •

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY VITALIZED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Nelson Seed Development is an innovation and research company within the Nelson Garden Group. The company started its operation in 2013 with head office in Tingsryd in south east part of Sweden, while the laboratory is located within a science park in the ancient university town of Lund.


We have developed a revolutionary, patented seed enhancement method that increses the quality of seeds – resulting in faster germination, higher capacity and stronger, better harvests. It is also fully ecological. The method offers all the benefits of traditional seed enhancement methods – but none of it’s drawbacks. Our method is called Seed Vitalization and some of the many benefits are: - An automated process – with drying included - Fast process – ready in 1 – 3 days for most species - Excellent storability - Faster, more uniformed crop and stronger weed competition - Fully ecological, no chemicals Optigrow® is our quality hallmark that can only be used by vitalized seeds, indicating a unique set of properties for the end-user.

The Optigrow Vitalizer 90® the first Seed Vitalization equipment, is developed, tested and ready for sales.

OPPORTUNITY Current methods to enhance seeds are both expensive, takes long time to process, has much shorter storability and is most often chemical. Our method can: - Make good quality seeds available to larger markets (because of its cost ­efficency and its excellent storability that makes it possible to reach longdistance markets). This is a key factor, as we are facing global problems /challenges with increased population, urbanisation and increased life spans. Markets such as China and India have with their dense populations reached a point where they have to find working solutions – fast! - Repare poor seed lots, making them functional again. (Traditional priming is often, becasue of its cost, reserved only for high quality seeds). - Can be preformed fast, when you want and within the premises of the producer. This means a substantial cut of the total seed enhancement cost.

Tests on more than 80 species and 200 varieties have been made in our laboratory. The method works for all kind of seeds, for example vegetables, field crops, forestry, forage and ornamental species. The test above shows an increased crop development of 180% on vitalized leaf parsley.

MANAGEMENT: Torsten Nilsson is CEO of Nelson Seed Development. Torsten is also the second generation owner Nelson Garden, a leading seed company in the Nordic countries. During his time as CEO Torsten increased the turnover for Nelson Garden from 0,1 million Euro in 1978 to 33 million Euro in 2015.

- Be used on the hobby market (because of the prolonged shelf-life). Traditional seed enhancement methods can not be used on the hobby market at all since the effect dissapears too fast.

TOP MILESTONES - In 2017 the first Seed Vitalization equipment, the Optigrow Vitalizer 90 was tested and ready for sales. - In 2016 our R & D manager won the National Swedish Award for Innovation in Memory of Alfred Nobel (the SKAPA award), for her development of our seed enhancement method; Seed Vitalization. - In 2016 we were granted 1.2 million EUR from the Horizon 2020 funds (EU framework programme for research and innovation). - In 2015 we got funding from Entreprenörinvest Sverige AB, owned entirely by the Kamprad family (Mr Kamprad is the founder of IKEA). - In 2013 we got funding from The Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova).

USE OF FURTHER PROCEEDS CONTACT FOR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Torsten Nilsson Phone: +46 (0) 70 665 11 00 Mail: Nelson Seed Development AB Lokgatan 11 SE-362 31 Tingsryd, SWEDEN

Since 2013 our focus has been on to develop the business concept for vegetables. We would use further fundings for our next step – to create a business concept for field crops, that will demand bigger volumes and larger process equipment.

Sport and Health Sensors AB Break boundaries – e-athletic Mankind has always wanted to break new boundaries. There is a huge demand to perform sports in an optimal way and at the same time prevent injuries.

The athlete’s learning curve will accelerate by mounting sensors on the athlete and/or implement. e-athletic assists world class practitioners in track and field to dramatiquallly improve their technique and performance. Our solution is applicable on many sports, such as athletics, weightlifting, bowling, crossFit amongst others. The demand for e-athletic solution is huge.

Contact Information: Founder: Kjell Bystedt Web: Phone: 070-6222832 E-mail:

E-athletics Facts • A Sensor platform that makes it possible for athletes and coaches to optimize the performance and minimized the risks of injures.

TARGET MARKET Gartner estimates the market for fitness and personal health wearables to 5 billion in 2017 and in estimations for 2020 Wearable Tech Market will be worth $34 Billion. Our Customers are organizers athletics clubs and athletes. We start in Sweden. In a second step we will focus on the same target group in Finland, the former Eastern Bloc and Germany, as well as US where the Universities have potential to become large customers. e-athletic will support athletes to perform their sports in their very best way at events and competitions.

BUISINESS MODEL e-athletics will be sold as product with subscription for cloud storage, analyse services online coaching that tailors the athletes workouts in order to correct mistakes and faults in the athletes technique. This will accelerate the learning curve for all athletes independent of the level that the sportsman is at.

WHY INVEST? • The product is developed and tested together with world class athletes • It is an easy to use global scalable business • We are a high qualified team who got together to create a product that is needed in the market


Final Design …………………………………… 100.000 Collect further data…………………………. 200.000 Finalize app and services design……… 250.000 Co-laborations and tests………………… 250.000 Marketing (in personal and social media)………………………..………………….. 200.000 FOUNDING………………………….…….….1.000.000

•Furthermore the platform makes real time data from the athletes performance available for the spectators in real time.

Current Status: § Successfully tested and scrutinized by world class athletes § Testing period in progress with real athletes § Gaining Big data (best practise)

Team Kjell Bystedt CEO (Founder) Former Olympian in athletics and 25 years expertise within project management and software development. BS in Computer science. Stefan Söderlund CTO (15 years expertise within electronic development and owner of Solarit AB and M.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mattias Jons CMO Former elite athlete in athletics and a MBA in Business Management



Become the leading cross-border eCommerce platform in the Nordics for foreign Internet retailers.


Helping Nordic online consumers access the global eCommerce market.

The Problem

Nordic consumers that want to shop from international online shops with lower prices and better assortment face a poor online experience as international players most often miss out on localizing.

The solution

Localized online shop based on successful international eCommerce concepts.

How it works

Etaility operates a local online shop for each market, a carbon copy of successful international Internet retailer’s without ever touching the product: Nordic consumer 3


Sending out product to end-consumer

German Webshop

Nordic consumer buys from Etaility’s local shop setup


Etaility makes a B2B-order from German webshop

Local webshops

Market Opportunity

Cross border eCommerce today accounts for about € 5,5 billion in the Nordics and is expected to grow 14%/year until 2020 - faster than traditional eCommerce.


Experienced team with specific knowledge in helping eCommerce companies to expand within/into the Nordics.

ETAILITY AB Stockholm, Sweden

CEO Anders Andersen +46 76(0) 348 5867



August, 2017 WEBSITE EMAIL


Tamir Sen, Developer

Mickaël Fourgeaud, Developer

Rolando Mathias, Designer

PrimaBlock is a flexible, open-source smart contract platform that runs on the ethereum network. We automate all transactions related to pooling ethereum funds. With our product, ICO investors around the world have been achieving economies of scale.

BUSINESS MODEL ICO investors have always been trying to pool their ethereum contributions together to secure much better terms on their ICO investments. With PrimaBlock, investors are assured that their efforts are error free and exponentially more efficient.









FUTURE ROADMAP Our users have offered great feedback but our product is designed for savvy blockchain users only. We would like to build out more features in order to capture more of the mainstream. We also have powerful ideas that extend beyond our current ICO niche.

Preventing pressure ulcers with a presice and objective risk assessment

Pressure ulcers are local

Our solution is a device for

injuries to the skin and underlying tissue caused by insufficient oxygen supply due to pressure or shear. Anyone can get a pressure ulcer but it mostly affects persons with limited mobility, and it can cause great suffering and long healing times.

optical measurement of the blood flow, based on the same principle as most new pulse watches, which is called photopletysmography (PPG). The measurement is performed with different wavelengths to reach different depths in the tissue.

Aside from the suffering, pressure ulcers also causes huge costs for the healthcare. 13% of all admitted patients in Sweden had pressure ulcers according to measurements made by SKL 2017 and estimations of the healthcare costs caused by pressure ulcers in Sweden are 8 billion SEK. Pressure ulcers are a global problem and with an aging population the need for a precise and objective risk assessment is growing. Today the risk of developing pressure ulcers is evaluated using scales such as RAPS or Norton, but these methods are subjective and unprecise. With a better method for risk assessment, resources could be used more efficiently and many pressure ulcers could be avoided.

The blood flow is measured both without pressure and with the pressure from the patient’s bodyweight. If the blood flow decreases at pressure the patient is at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Based on the result preventive actions can be taken in time. PUsensor was founded 2016 by AnnaChristina Ek (RN, PhD, Prof.em.) and Margareta Lindgren (RN, PhD, Assoc.Prof.), who both have long experience of pressure ulcer research at LinkÜping University. During 2016 and 2017 another two persons have joined the company, to work with product development and business development. At this point, PUsensor is planning to test the device in a clinical setting. LED


Detector Sensor plate Skin

PPG: Light is applied to the tissue from LEDs. Since blood is a strong absorbant of light a pulsating signal from the blood flow can be detected.

PUsensor AB | Teknikringen 9 | 583 30 LinkĂśping | |

Participate in the Customer Influence Revolution together with

”Influencer” as you know it, has a new meaning

Our SaaS platform drives thousands of new Customers via trusted Recommendations from your Happy Customers. Out of every

250 000 customers reached


of Customers say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations rather than ads.

We generate over

350 000 Impressions

via friends and followers from new potential customers


of all buying decisions are based on Customer Influence.

ROI Resulting in

400 000 engagements


of all Word-Of-Mouth comes from Customer Experience.

This is why you should add Customer Influence as a part or your Sales & Marketing tactics!

ResQ your evening! “We wanted to create a platform that works kind of like a ‘crystal ball’ that allows people to see the valuable resources that they appreciate that are just around the corner at risk of going to waste. The service allows high-quality food to be rescued, and that’s why we call it ResQ Club.” – Tuure Parkkinen ResQ Club is a digital platform that helps restuarants, hotels, cafes and bakeries reduce their food waste and users to rescue high-quality food from great local restaurants at around half price or more. Since the launch in Finland January 2016 the service is now operating with growth in both Sweden and Germany and over 350 000 portions of food has been rescued from over 200 000 registered users, which corresponds to 935 000 kilos of CO2. In May 2017 german MealSaver was acquired because in the fight against food waste we need to work together. ResQ Club users are a club of rescuers that make the best use out of otherwise wasted products. The deal is that you sign up on the ResQ Club service, which you can use via your browser or a smartphone app (available on both Android and iOS). As a user, you are up to date to what portions of food are being sold, from where, what time they are available for pick up and for what price. The food is sold for between 40-70% less than the regular price. Payment is taken care of through the app so you just find your portion and go fetch it. This system benefits both the customer and the participating restaurant. • •

For the customer, it’s a very attractive alternative to making something from scratch after a long day at work, and avoiding the full cost of ingredients. Heavily reduced food expenses.

For the restaurant, it is beneficial for a number of reasons: • • • •

Additional revenue from selling portions that would otherwise go to the bin. Saving of money from reduced waste handling services. Exposure for the restaurant and its normal services. The ability to keep their food offering fresher for longer.

From both the restaurant’s and the customers’ point of view, there is also the satisfaction for getting to take part in reducing food waste which is a global problem. Join the food waste revolution, Welcome to ResQ Club!

World’s first mobile diagrams editor for course design in equestrian sports  - 600+ signups, including industry professionals    

Need ● The equestrian sports use diagrams to make course design for... ○ competitions in show jumping, dressage freestyle, cross-country, driving, training exercises across disciplines, and more. Problem ● High tech solutions​ are ​expensive​ (MS Visio + CD-ROM, 600 €), ​inefficient (Draw course tracks manually, calculate length manually, select obstacle numbers manually, point arrows manually...) and ​inaccurate ​(Manually model to scale, manually determine safe distances between obstacles, manually enforce rules according to FEI Regulations) ● Low tech solutions​ (drawing on paper, using MS Paint or similar) are ​equally inefficient and inaccurate​, but also ​difficult to organize​, share and collaborate with, on top of ​lacking standard symbols​. Solution ● A niche diagrams editor specifically for the equestrian sports ● A ​cross-platform app​ for mobile & desktop ● Affordable app includes ​basic features​, in-app purchases / subscription model to unlock ​professional features​. Seed investment opportunity ● A growing market, globally, with professional users in 200+ countries ● Scaling: possibility to adapt the product to many other sports ● Scopey is a registered trademark ● Currently conducting iterative prototyping and testing with expert users ● Featured in media & established collaboration with market leading sponsors ● Pre-seed funded by the owner, 25k SEK grant for exhibiting in Sweden Village in CHIO Aachen, Germany 2016, and 300k SEK innovation loan by Almi. Looking for ● The first seed investment of 300k < 500k SEK ● Experience in: ○ Go-to-market plan & execution ○ Series A round strategy

Contact: Ebba Kierkegaard, ​​, +46706793760 @ebbakier @scopeyapp #scopeyapp ​

Sellforte provides marketing analytics for large retailers as a scalable SaaS solution. We have an extremely strong team of management consultants, data scientists and retail executives.

Juha Nuutinen CEO Former top-tier mgmt consultant

Teppo Luukkonen Dr. Mikko Ervasti Jonas Stjernberg CTO Chief Scientist Senior advisor Business modelling expert

Quantum physicist turned data scientist

Seasoned retail executive

We leverage retailersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; millions rows of transaction data from POS and loyalty records.

Big data analytics

Machine learning engine

Easy-to-use SaaS

Our software gives actionable recommendations to optimize marketing activities incl. promotions, media. We have already received Seed from Icebreaker VC. We look for senior execs as investors or advisors to open doors to clients in Scandinavia!

Juha Nuutinen +358 400 705 364

STRIPS BY SENSATIVE: Strips Guard: An invisible window & door sensor • Attractive design that can be mounted invisibly • 10 years battery life • Easy mounting Problems with today’s sensors: • Bulky, unattractive design • Short battery life • Difficult mounting

Product roadmap: • Q1-18: Strips Guard Pro (for home security market) • Q1-18: Strips Drip (water leak sensor) • Q1-18: Strips Comfort (temperature & light sensor) • 2019: The Dot Concept IPR: • Patented technology


Total addressable market: > 87 Billion USD by 2020 > 70 Millions window & door sensors sold/year 20 Million window & door sensors sold in US/year 3%




Strips Guard Z-Wave

B2C Door windows & sensors

B2C door/window sensors

B2B Door / window sensors

CONTACT INFO: Fredrik Westman, CFO +46 708 – 24 51 61

THE SENSATIVE COMPANY Our mission is to unleash the power of smart homes Two business areas: • Strips – wireless sensors • Yggio – Open & Secure IoT middleware platform for smart buildings and smart cities Revenue: • 2015: 0,35 M USD • 2016: 0,9 M USD Founders: • Mats Pettersson, CEO (25 yrs from mobile industry, VP Sony Ericsson) • Anders Hedberg, CTO (serial entrepreneur) • Fredrik Westman, CFO (student in economics) Team: • 25 team members • +150 years of experience from the mobile industry Sensative goals: • Our vision is to make Strips the next generation of smart home sensors • 2018: 3 M USD revenue from existing customers and B2B sales • 2019: 9 M USD revenue • 2020: 27 M USD revenue • 2022: > 1 M sensors sold / year Status 2017: • Sold > 35 k Strips • 2 major partnership contracts • 1 major B2B contract • Strips Guard Patented • Ongoing discussions with major smart home & Home security service providers

Sensative is disrupting the smart home & home security market with Strips sensors, providing discreet sensors that are easy to use with 10 years battery life. Contact Fredrik Westman for more information.

Bakgrund Den digitala transformationen av ekonomin i Sverige har skapat ett enormt underskott av programmerare. Detta underskott uppgår idag till kring 300001 personer/år och behovet av relaterade kompetenser ser endast ut att öka den närmsta tiden. I Etiopien finns det idag ett överskott av utbildade mjukvaruutvecklare då marknaden idag inte är stor nog för att absorbera den kompetens som finns tillgänglig. I framtiden ser man även att den snabbt växande ekonomin kommer att utgöra en stor tillväxtmöjlighet för de företag som etablerar sig där i tid. Affärsidé Sensei Works är ett digitalt produktionsbolag som outsourcar mjukvaruutveckling från Sverige till Etiopien. Företaget grundades av Sennai Mebrahtu i 2016 och har under sitt första verksamhetsår omsatt strax under 500 000 SEK. Företaget arbetar idag med att leverera hela projektuppdrag åt kunder i Sverige. Arbetet kravställs, projektleds och kvalitetssäkras i Sverige, medan mjukvaruutvecklingen sker i Etiopien. Utveckling Under det närmsta året söker Sensei Works vidare etablera sig i Sverige samt bygga en starkare närvaro i Etiopien. Medan det under 2017 endast var grundaren som var aktiv heltid i Sverige planerar Sensei Works (konservativt) att växa till tre heltidsanställda under 2018, till fem anställda under 2019 och ca 10 anställda under 2020. Omsättningen ska växa från 500 000 under 2016-2017 till 3 MSEK 2018, 6 MSEK 2019 och överstiga 10 MSEK 2020. Entreprenören Sennai Mebrahtu har en kandidatexamen i Internationell Ekonomi och magister i entreprenörskap och innovation. Sennai har innan Sensei Works arbetat med affärsutveckling och marknadsföring samt drivit ett IT-startup, Boolace AB. Sennai driver på fritiden den ideella föreningen Svensk-Etiopiska Handelskammaren samt driver andra projekt som syftar till ökat handelsutbyte mellan länderna. Sensei Works – Sennai Mebrahtu 073-7783340 1

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A G L O B A L P L AT F O R M F O R LOCAL SKILLS A digital P2P marketplace for knowledge and inspiration. â&#x20AC;˘ Find a person locally to help you learn new

things or develop your interests. â&#x20AC;˘ Make extra money on sharing your passion and helping others. A European business opportunity worth 3 Bn Euro. Commission-based business model. Released 1.0 in Stockholm summer 2017. Initial focus on categories Music, Sports and Language. Strong KPI:s and full automation, now starting seed round for growth. We help people enrich their lives.

Smart Video AI-Based Performance Marketing Smart Video is an AI-based performance-marketing software that increases sales and conversion. It adds an interactive layer on top of existing video, highlighting products and promotions to activate the viewer. The process is controlled by an AI that selects those ads that are most likely to convert, given the viewer's preferences, the surrounding video context, and the advertiser's strategy. Smart Video makes the best of all platforms, browsers, and screen sizes, and has been developed with a mobile-first mindset. Visit our website to learn more and book a free demo!

At e mE nt e r t ai nme nt i sac ompanyt hat de v e l opsandpr oduc e sI nt e l l e c t ual P r ope r t i e s . S pac eY oghur t i st hec ompany â&#x20AC;&#x2122; sbi gge s t br and, gr owi ngi npopul ar i t yi nS c andi nav i a.

Spac eY oghur ti sa360c onc eptwi t hga mes , book s , mov i esa ndmer c ha ndi s eont hema r k et . T he r s tpr oduc toutwa sS pa c eY oghur t , t heboa r dga me . I tbec a mea ni mmi di a t es uc c es swi t h 4outof 5s t a r si nga met es t st hr oughoutt hec ount r y . T hebr a nde x pendedqui c k l ywi t hbook s , a not herga mea ndaTVs er i es . Oura udi enc eha v ea nuni quec ha nc et oe x pl or et hewor l dofours pa c ec ha r a c t er sondi ďŹ&#x20AC;er ent pl a t f or msbot hphy s i c a l a nddi gi t a l .Weha v es ev er a l newc onc ept si ndev el opmenta ndwea r e i nnegot i oa t i onwi t hi nt er na t i ona l br oa dc a s t er sa ndl i c ens i ngpa r t ner s . Wea r el ook i ngf ori nv es t or swhowa ntt ogr owwi t husa nde x pa ndt hebr a ndi nt er na t i ona l l yt o br i ngmor ef una ndent er t a i nmentt ooury oungc us t omer sa ndt hei rf a mi l i es .



Sportswik is a niche social media, on a mission to democratize sports media coverage Traditional media and sport apps put all their focus on the big teams and leagues, and millions of teams and athletes never get any attention at all. Getting appreciation and positive feedback for what we do is a key motivator, not only in sports, but in life in general, and a very big driver in all social media. The Sportswik app and media platform enables a fun and engaging, professional style, media coverage at any age or level, based on user and robot generated content. The app makes it super easy for communities around teams to shoot pictures, videos, comment, cheer, and live report goals and game events. The content engine removes all editorial needs using sport specific algorithms to generate personalized sports magazine feeds and automatically set pictures, headlines, leads, game facts, stats etc.

We give micro communities of about 100 people surrounding any team at any age or level (players, staff, family, friends & fans) sport specific tools to share their passion, and see fantastic engagement and retention within our teams. In soccer only, there were 10M teams the last time FIFA made their big count, so the market potential is huge. We are 10 people in UmeĂĽ, Sweden and 2 people in our London office. We have raised â&#x201A;Ź2.2M so far and are looking to raise â&#x201A;Ź3-5M in 2018 to kick off our global roll out.


155 K

50 %

44 %

5,5 MIN




avg session length

10 week retention

avg sessions/month

10 month retention (of all members)

contribute with content

Contact: Martin Wiklund, Founder & CEO,, +46 70 685 84 55

SPRÅKKRAFT – Sveriges största integrationsinitiativ Varför? Integrationsutmaningen från ankomst till etablering är större än någonsin. Regeringen pekar på att civilsamhället måste börja involveras när traditionella metoder och angreppsätt på många sätt är uttömda. Hela 78 procent av Sveriges befolkning är mycket eller ganska oroade för en ökad främlingsfientlighet enligt SOM-institutet vid Göteborgs universitet. Vad? Språkkraft är en ideell allmännyttig förening på väg att bli en stiftelse som startades inom ramen för inkubatorn Center för Socialt Entreprenörskap 2015, med lansering på Internet Discovery Day 2015 där det prisades med Best Social Impact Idea Award. Språkkraft har genom donationer av rättigheter, projektfinansiering, crowdfunding och partnerskap kunnat sprida sina appar utan kostnad till asylsökande, nyanlända och andra invandrare i Sverige. Hur? Språkkraft är början på en folkrörelse med fokus på snabbare etablering genom det svenska språket. Målet är att skapa en organisatorisk, teknisk och pedagogisk infrastruktur som inte bara stödjer etablerade aktörer i anvisade aktiviteter vid asyl- och anläggningsboenden, kommunal utbildning, arbetsmarknadsåtgärder samt ideella projekt, utan också når enskilda individer utanför åtgärder att lägga mer av sin fritid på att utveckla sin svenska. Språkkraft har lanserat tre appar med en fjärde på väg som alla är kopplade till användarens individuella lärprofil där det svenska grundordförrådets mappats till europeiska ramverket för språkinlärnings sex olika språknivåer (A1-C2). Den generiska teknologin gör att språkstöd till 18 olika invandrarspråk (arabiska, farsi, pashto m.fl.) automatiskt integreras i olika av media.

Primärt hjälper Språkkrafts appar invandrare att börja läsa svenska media och litteratur, vilka är samhällets viktigaste kultur- och språkbärare. Det är idag svårt eller omöjligt för nyanlända och en stor del av invandrarna att snabbt nå upp till;

SVT Språkplay

UR Språkplay

Språkkraft Läscoach

Styrelsen Niss Jonas Carlsson (Ordf), entreprenör; Alexander Hallberg, förbundsordf SVEROK Richard Granberg, entreprenör; Christian Ahlberg, entreprenör och uppfinnare Vi söker: Språkkraft har på två år nått stabila intäktsflöden och 150 000 användare och söker nu stiftelsekapital för att skala upp konceptet till 1 000 000 användare i Sverige och börja sin internationalisering. Kontakt:; 0707-485693

The Team Preedik Poopuu (28), Estonia: “The visionary maniac with the spark of wisdom.” Philipp Rödig (28), Germany: “The sunny boy with the eye for structure.” Jonas Fellenstein (24), Germany: “The digital nomad with a sense of creativity.” Akilvenithan Umaganthan (23), Sweden: “The grounded, handsome tech-Shakespearean.” Jacob Torehov (24), Sweden: “The humble sales genius.”

The Mission Established October 2017, under the guidance of Science Park Jönköping, Sweden Starling aspires to digitize the retail industry by envisioning the first Artificial Intelligence Retail Assistant (AIRA). Consisting of five international Digital Business Master’s students, this early start-up is currently conducting extensive market research with the prospect to apprehend the inefficiencies behind retailing.

The Problem From early market research and prior experience, initial problems in retail processes were defined. This includes data overload, internal miscommunication and lack of resources to make thought-through decisions, as well as a slow information exchange on a variety of tasks. Accordingly, a noticeable amount of considerations and decision-points during product selection, pricing strategies and product placement were identified.

Our Solution Subsequently, Starling envisions a digital retail communication platform with the integrated Artificial Intelligence Retail Assistant ‘AIRA’. This AI platform will be capable of managing internal communication between head office and store, as well as extensive data collection and real-time decision making. AIRA will thus have the ability to analyze large amount of data, take quick decisions and communicate recommendations accordingly. This results in a digital retail communication platform that enables instant access to cloud based information to interactively make faster and improved decisions with the help of AI recommendations.


Sting Free Snus – short summary. No pain & less strain and stain. Those are the properties of the now patent approved snus innovation Sting Free snus that eliminate the stinging and burning sensation on the gum and oral mucous membrane and protects these by adding a protected side on the snus portion in manufacturing of snus. An ultra-thin, unnoticeable, impermeable membrane adds all advantages to snus in portion. Important facts and verified statistics (based on major surveys):   

   

9 of 10 snus users have experienced stinging sensations 4 of 10 snus users find the stinging “unpleasant” 4 of 10 snus users have experienced oral problems with gum and oral mucous membrane due to snus use 8 of 10 snus users can consider buying sting free snus varieties 8 of 10 Swedish tobacco retailers want to sell sting free snus varieties 8 of 10 Swedish tobacco retailers think Sting Free snus is an interesting product 7 of 10 Swedish snus users are former smokers of cigarettes (Ramström & Foulds 2006) “the stinging sensation associated with snus acts as a deterrent to many would-be users” (The Golden Leaf Award international jury) Patent approved solution in Sweden and patent applied for with EPO and in USA covering a total of 39 countries Consumers in Sweden and Norway ask for Sting Free snus in physical tobacco stores although the products are not yet for sale Sting Free snus “not only serves the cause of harm reduction, but is also a commercially attractive proposition. Incorporating the membrane into snus pouches adds very little to the cost of production, but allows manufacturers to charge a premium for their sting-free brand varieties.”(The Golden Leaf Award international jury) Swedish Match has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement. The owner of the patent has the world’s biggest producer as a customer… Global award winner of “Most exciting newcomer to the industry” at The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum 2017 Winner of “Best business idea in Sweden” Dec. 2016 in Venture Cup

 

 

   

“Could easily be considered the greatest snus innovation since the invention of the pouch.” (The Golden Leaf Award international jury) Developed with help from some of the world’s top scientists of oral health and snus (Professor Tony Axéll and Dr. Ann Roosaar of the Karolinska Institute) Most read news article in all of Sweden in Sweden’s biggest newspaper (Aftonbladet) Listed as the product that can help smokers quit in Scandinavia’s major health media news site ( 1,2 billion smokers of cigarettes could be considered potential customers Snus users who quit, due to oral problems caused by snus, could remain snus users in the future Snus in Sweden has an almost double profit margin at retailer level (per snus can) as compared to a pack of cigarettes. Retailers therefore prioritize snus before cigarettes. Sting Free method works on all snus and moist snuff in pouch brands Snus in EU most probably. EU court of Justice decision in Sept. 2018 on snus China is since 2017 allowing snus Major science study published in The Lancet concludes 0 % increased health risk with snus in Nov. 2017 Sting Free Snus in Tv-series Företagsänglarna in all 7 episodes and finalist October 2017.




Vad är Storage365? Storage365 är marknadsplatsen för all typ av förvaring. Här kan du enkelt hyra eller hyra ut ledig yta. Med godkända hyresavtal, säkra betalningar och verifierade användare skapar vi enkla, trygga och lönsamma affärer för både hyresvärd och hyresgäst.

Hyr eller hyr ut ledig yta Har du ett förråd, en källare, en parkeringsplats, båtplats, en lada eller en bit mark som du inte nyttjar för tillfället? Behöver du någonstans att förvara dina kartonger, din båt, dina möbler eller kanske 1000 traktorer? Då är rätt ställe för dig.

→ Välkommen till

Hur fungerar Storage365? Storage365 är en förmedlingstjänst för lediga ytor. Här kan du på ett smidigt sätt annonsera och söka efter storage som matchar dina önskemål. Tjänsten tillhanda­ håller även funktioner för att hantera bokningsförfrågningar, avtal och betalningar.   Det är kostnadsfritt att annonsera, söka och skicka bokningsförfrågan av storage. För hyresvärden tillkommer endast en förmedlingsavgift då ytan faktiskt hyrs ut.   Alla användare, både hyresvärdar och hyresgäster, identifieras via BankID. När hyresvärden godkänner en bokningsförfrågan skapas en affär som innehåller betalning och juridiskt bindande avtal mellan båda parter.

Betalningen sker enkelt via kort och både hyresvärd och hyresgäst erhåller kvitto på betalningen.   För oss är det viktigt att båda parter ska känna sig trygga och säkra i affären. Trygg och säker som hyresvärd och trygg och säker i att förvara dina ägodelar hos hyresvärden.

KONTAKTA OSS Storage365s kundtjänst nås via telefon och e-post och du är varmt välkommen att höra av dig med frågor när som helst. Vi finns på plats för dig! Telefon: +46–705 40 34 21 E-post:

För dig som hyresvärd & hyresgäst →

We help employers attract and recruit ITtalents. Through awesome tech events in Stockholm like Tech Boat and Tech Meet employers meet the talents. The students discover great employers and connects with leaders in their industry, like CTOs, which is crucial for a great career.

Interested? Come talk with us and we will tell you about Tech Year 2018! Contact: Erik Sturesson 076-2070662​ ​is​ ​a​ ​cloud​ ​based​ ​authoring​ ​and​ ​editing​ ​platform​ ​enabling

companies,​ ​schools​ ​and​ ​individuals​ ​to​ ​produce​ ​and​ ​share​ ​interactive​ ​and

digital​ ​eLearning​ ​material​ ​in​ ​a​ ​simple​ ​three​ ​step​ ​process.​ ​The​ ​platform​ ​is​ ​a further​ ​development​ ​of​ ​an​ ​already​ ​existing​ ​interactive​ ​learning​ ​concept

developed​ ​for​ ​the​ ​international​ ​airline​ ​industry​ ​and​ ​taps​ ​into​ ​the​ ​rapidly growing​ ​markets​ ​of​ ​Digital​ ​Learning,​ ​Virtual​ ​Reality​ ​and​ ​Gamification.

Please​ ​contact​ ​us​ ​for​ ​more​ ​details: Patrick​ ​Sävström,​ ​Founder​ ​&​ ​CEO,​ ​ ​


The protein shift The demand for protein expected to increase 60-80 % to 2050 due to a growing population with ever increasing prosperity. But our seas are overfished and 70 % of the farmland areas are already used for meat production. So, what should we eat? Summary

Insect breeding for human consumption is climate-smart, healthy and effective compared to conventional farming. It’s proven that people will find it easier to accept a insect protein as a neutral food ingredient, instead of whole insects. Our award winning 88 % protein ingredient have a huge potential in different food applications. The oil extracted have the potential to replace palm oil.

What we do

Nutritional opportunities

Tebrito has two fields of operations. Our aim is to be key actor in creating automated industrial production of insects for human consumption in Sweden and elsewhere. We have also developed a unique process of protein extraction from mealworms, that have been proven well suited for different food applications. The powder has the same protein quality as beef, is taste neutral and has many exciting and unique features.


Founded 2016. Tebrito has three founders; Nils is the inventor/entrepreneur, Åsa is the food agronomist and Peter has a long history of running successful businesses.

@tebrito /tebritoab /tebrito

Why insects? Insects are extremely effective converting side streams from the cereal industry into high quality proteins. They are also packed with nutrients, good tasting, and can be reared profitable in large volumes

Tebrito AB | +46 70 61 808 60 Perisholsvägen 16, 792 91 Mora, Sweden | Org nr: 559054-6999

Collaboration partners & contributors

Nils Österström, CEO

A.I. can fix train delays! Problem: Train delays Trains are not as reliable as they should be. When trains are late passengers suffer, train operators suffer, employers suffer and government suffers. There is also very limited access to reliable and actionable traffic information, helping passengers gain control of their situation in case of disruptions. Solution: Forecasting delays By accurately forecasting train delays upcoming disruptions can be isolated and knock-on effects (delays spread fast in train systems!) minimized by traffic control. When disruptions are unavoidable forecasts can generate early warnings directly to customers ahead of travel (smart phone notifications) or directly or indirectly (via on-board staff) to customers traveling on trains. Good forecasts help make better decisions! Benefit to train operators Improved punctuality will increase ticket sales and reduce costs (costs for replacement traffic, personnel costs, less fines for late-running services, less compensations to customers who have suffered disruptions).

Benefit to cities Cities will be more attractive and be able to grow faster and with more reliable train services.

Next time your train is delayed. Rest assured, there are people working on it.

For commuters in Sweden, things may be looking up.

The next-generation forecasting tool for the commuter train industry.

Ten years ago, this mountain of data would have been unassailable, but with todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faster machines and this new algorithm it is possible to make accurate predictions.

The first automated transit forecasting tool of its kind.

Benefit to countries Countries will be better equipped to reach climate goals with more reliable train services.

Benefit to customers/passengers If train punctuality improves and traffic info is more reliable, actionable and proactive public transport will be a more attractive option to customers/ passengers.

Website: Twitter: @thetrainbrain LinkedIn: Phone: +46 73 32 10 100 Email:

A new algorithm that can predict when trains will be delayed, letting commuters avoid delays and better plan their travel.

The Train Brain works like an actual brain, it remembers what happened in traffic in the past to make more precise forecasts.








www.u rb a n oa s is . lif e

Viable Waste AB (UB) Viable waste offers services in digital waste handling by connecting bins and cans. The offer will also include management and planning tools together with AI. Digitalization and sustainability,two things are on the top of most lists today. I the fumes of those two you will face a lot of challenges but also opportunities. Some of those challenges are as fundamental as waste handling. After a quick scan of the Swedish market today it seems that the lack of smart and secure waste handling systems is obvious. Most of the companies in the smart waste business today are handling bigger containers and are more focused on the transportation part than the gathering of the data.

By using a strategic thinking from all smart city initiatives popping up all over the world combined with a clever integration team a secure and ready to use service could be proven in a live environment within a few month time. The plan is to find a innovation test bed to have the first PoC by the end of September 2018. Next stage will be to start to sell the services at the same time as the industrialization of the product starts. By knowing when a bin is almost full a clever management system can cut milage and by that cut CO2 and cost.

Contact: Simon Oest 070-3090638 Ă&#x2026;re, Sweden

About Virkesbörsen  

Virkesbörsen is  the  Swedish  digital  market  place  for  timber  trading.     The  forest  industry  in  one  of  the  most  important  economical  sectors  in  Sweden,  over  70  000   people  are  employed  in  the  sector  and  more  than  70  percent  of  Sweden’s  land  area  is   covered  by  forest.  The  Swedish  timber  market  is  valued  over  30  billion  SEK  annually.  And   the  forests  are  constantly  growing.       However,  for  the  330  000  forest  owners  in  Sweden  its  very  difficult  to  know  whom  is   interested  in  buying  the  timber  and  to  what  price.  Therefore,  the  forest  owner  tends  to  sell   to  forest  industry  companies  that  can  afford  high  marketing  spend  and  strong  brands.   Hence,  smaller  timber  buyers  have  difficulties  finding  the  right  quality  timber  at  the  right   timing.  As  a  result  of  the  total  un-­‐transparent  market  for  timber  trading,  the  timber  are   being  transported  long  distances  (on  average  around  100km).  And  ¼  of  all  the  heavy  truck   hauling  in  Sweden  is  timber  transport.     Our  vision  is  a  more  efficient  and  transparent  market  for  timber  trading  in  Sweden.  We   believe  that  a  transparent  market  place  for  timber  trading  enables  shorter  transportation   distances  and  enables  new  companies  to  enter  the  market.     The  wooden  fiber  will  be  utterly  important  as  raw  material  in  the  transition  to  a  sustainable   society  when  replacing  fossil  based  products  with  products  based  on  renewable  raw   materials.  A  transparent  and  functional  market  for  timber  trading  is  a  natural  part  of  the   bio-­‐economy.  And  the  demand  for  wooden  fiber  is  increasing.     We  believe  in  opening  up  the  market  for  timber  in  Sweden  will  increase  the  purchasing   power  for  the  forest  owners  in  Sweden.  The  forest  owners  have  had  a  difficult  time  in   entering  the  market,  as  they  are  dependent  on  the  information  from  the  timber  purchasers.   We  strongly  believe  that  the  forest  owners  still  will  rely  on  advice  and  external  knowledge   in  order  to  actively  manage  their  forests,  and  actively  managed  forests  absorbs  more  CO2   and  help  battle  the  climate  change.       Virkesbörsen’s  online  platform  enables  for  forest  owners  to  sell  their  thinnings  and  final   fellings  in  the  way  they  want,  with  greater  influence  over  the  contract  and  conditions.   Virkesbörsen’s  online  platform  also  enables  for  the  forest  industry  to  purchase  wood  at  the   right  place,  at  the  right  price  and  at  the  right  timing.    The  synergies  achieved  with  a  more   transparent  market  will  result  in  a  more  efficient  market  where  forest  owners  can  afford  to   actively  manage  their  forests  and  provide  a  market  where  the  forest  industry  can  lower   their  costs  for  purchasing  wood.    

The missing piece for chatbot performance By 2020, it is predicted that nearly 9 out of 10 online customer interactions will be handled by a machine*. The promise of chatbots in financial services is huge. Chatbots can be applied as an automation tool for banking customer service which dramatically reduce the cost of serving customers. Customers are no longer forced to call banks for simple tasks or search through help sections on a bank’s website . The chatbot it is available to answer customer queries and resolve issues 24/7, whenever the customer prefers to reach out. Accessing the bank’s knowledge base, it can surface the right content instantaneously and provide both relevant and personalised answers. But current chatbots fall short when handling customers’ real problems - the problems where customers need solutions the most and with most urgency. The reason for this is simple; current chatbots are trained with either fictive customer requests or customer queries from text-based support channels. However, when your customers have a real problem that has to be solved, they will call you, regardless of the associated waiting time and frustration. Moreover, phone channels still handle 68% of all contact center communications* and 57% of customers still end up switching from web to phone for support after resolution failure*.

Voxo Brain - powering the chatbots of the future

Voxo Brain enables your chatbots to learn from real spoken conversations with your customers. It automatically transcribes the conversations into text, extracts all questions in the conversations and classifies their category and intent. By capturing responses of human agents, Voxo Brain even provides your chatbot with response suggestions for each extracted question. Starting out with all historic calls to build the initial training set, Voxo Brain continuously feed your chatbot with new data from real-time analysis of incoming calls, capturing the constantly changing nature of why customers contact you.

Contact centers in financial services can typically expect +10k different customer reasons for contacting you. If your chatbots are not trained on the contents of your dominant support channel where the most critical customer issues are handled, they will fall short on your customer’s expectations now and in the future.

Let Voxo Brain power the deeper customer understanding needed to train your next generation chatbots.

⁃ ⁃ ⁃

On-premise or cloud-based Multi-language support Anonymised and secure

For more information:

* * *

Partner for Renewable Energy Investment

Ahmad Karnama Email: Website:

Tel: +46 73 051 40 55 Linbastuvägen 10J, 18765 Täby Stockholm, Sweden

N E X T Project

Project name


Solar radiation

Project Size

Land ownership



Project IRR

Yazdanshahr Solar Park

Zarand, Kerman, Iran

5.4 kWh/m2/day

10 MW (100 M SEK)

20 ha lease (1100 Euro per year)

Minimum 17 GWh per year

0.12 Euro per kWh

Minium 26%

... close finacing 31 January 2018 ... Picture: Ween Energy solar generation site, Kerman, Iran

We work together in a collaboration for a sustainable future by reducing waste of food & beverages. In a group of different companies we can solve challenges such as accessability, logistics and processing of waste. Join us and make a difference today!

Makes collaborative purchasing easy

Marketplace for great surplus food & bev. B2B

Sustainable transport with electric cargo bikes

Great meals made of surplus produce


WhatsLocal Vi älskar lokal samverkan!

Vi älskar lokal samverkan!


Appen WhatsLocal är en helt ny extremt pricksäker digital kommunikationskanal för ditt närområde. Vi är den nya länken mellan lokalsamhällets alla aktörer, var du effektivt samverkar för smartare handel, effektivare resursanvändning och ett tryggare samhälle. Tack vare avancerad algoritm och machine learning anpassar vi innehållet och maximerar relevansen på ett helt nytt sätt för varje enskild användare på deras nuvarande geografiska position, baserat på intresse och i helt rätt timing.


Idag finns ingen självklar kommunikationskanal för lokalsamhället alla aktörer att samlas på. Det saknas en plats där lokala handlare på ett naturligt sätt kan nå ut lokalt med sina produkter i en attraktiv paketering. Utöver det saknas det effektiva metoder att distribuera produkterna från handlaren till köparen. Det tycker vi är märkligt då vi ständigt är i rörelse, vi åker fram och tillbaka och kors och tvärs. Vår digitala värld öppnar upp för fantastiska möjligheter och vi vill ta bort denna ineffektivitet.


Vi har lanserat en ny app i vilken vi skapar förutsättningar för alla samhällets aktörer att samverka mer effektivt med varandra. Det är lokala företag och handlare, kommun och invånare som möts på ett helt nytt vis. I appen samlar vi allt som rör lokalområdet på ett ställe. Exempelvis har vi lokala evenemang, grannsamverkan, hittat & tappat, köp & sälj, kommuninformation, trafikinfo och lokala deals. Vi erbjuder en marknadsplats i vilken lokala producenter enkelt kan exponera sina produkter till grannskapet i en attraktiv förpackning och med ett bra erbjudande .Vi underlättar för konsumenter att göra goda miljöval genom att välja lokalproducerat, som både är bra för miljön, producenten och lokalsamhället.

Lokalappen Sverige AB

Johan Jensen | 070 6 07 10 10 | Olav Törnblom | 070 219 04 06 |

Go-to-market strategy

The Problem Never before in the western world have people been wealthier. Never before have they been more educated. And never before have they had more opportunities to live their life exactly the way they want to. And yet the number of chronically unhappy people is alarmingly high. They are unsatisfied with their jobs or their relationships, struggle with poor health or feel anxious about life in general. Wolkify aims to provide those people the necessary resources to increase their well-being. The Solution Wolkify AB will offer an online platform for people interested in personal growth and self development. It aims to give people easier access to personal growth content as well as online courses and related products they can purchase right there. This will be beneficial for the individual who gets to improve his well-being in the most effective way. And it helps coaches and trainers who work professionally in this field to gain a more direct way of reaching their target audience. The Platform is a platform that strives to bring the personal growth community closer together. The five main areas that are covered on are: mental growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, social growth and professional growth. All of these areas are broken down into subcategories, such as meditation, mindfulness, happiness etc. will allow anyone to share their own content and learn from the content shared by others. Users are also able to interact and support each other directly through instant messaging, groups or forums. Everybody wins Wolkify AB generates revenue by taking a commission on sales that are generated through the site. Especially smaller personal development professionals will gladly pay this small amount. By using, they can drastically increase their exposure and sales while spending less on marketing. Wolkify therefore makes a considerable contribution to getting other personal development entrepreneurs off the ground and help them grow a client base and their revenue, all of which helps people live a better life. Contact Email:

The Intelligent Edge Cloud for Applications


OVERVIEW A large part of the world’s population does not have access to SaaS apps. This creates a huge unbalance in the world, cutting off people in regions like Africa, South America and parts of Asia from progress and innovation. The reason for this is that software is dependent on proximity to data centers and the further away from the data center, the worse the user experience. The businesses that can afford it spend billions on building data centers throughout the world, a solution out of the reach for regular companies and startups. Adding more and more servers to data centers while the client processors are not used is also a waste of resources and has a negative impact on the environment. XIOS/3 is the 8 million USD edge cloud computing platform that utilize and harvest the processing power of billions of connected devices. Our technology enables world-wide scalability with only one third of the servers needed, providing inclusiveness for everyone, everywhere. It will change how SaaS is built and distributed, it will also open up the global market for the smallest startup. Now you have a chance to be part of the commercialization and launch of this important technology and together with our team work for a more connected, faster and more sustainable world.

MARKET OPPORTUNITY In a mobile first world, three major problems exist: latency issues caused by unstable networks and server round-trips, high consumption of network bandwidth and the use of more and more servers. XIOS/3 can fix these problems by reducing experienced latency issues for end-users, making services work world-wide from one single data center, increasing performance during unstable network conditions and reducing costs of operating a data center, ranging from investment costs in servers to used electricity and network bandwidth. This is achieved by the paradigm shift of moving the execution of web applications from servers to the connected clients. All new software is today built and delivered over the Internet. This have resulted in many different practices, tools and solutions to build server-based software for web applications. No one has thought of how software can be delivered over the Internet while executing on the local client – inside the web browser. By solving this problem and packaging the technology into an easy to understand Client Application Server that boosts the performance of web applications, XIOS/3 allow developers to continue building apps in HTML5 and JavaScript, but with increased user experience, less code, faster time to market and easier maintenance. It is an end to reinventing the wheel with each new project.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW Our unique Client Application Server is the result of over 100 man years of R&D and is protected by 18 issued US patents. It enables the browser as the application platform – moving execution logic from the server-side to the client-side. The technology does not install anything; it only requires an out of the box HTML5 compliant web browser. XIOS/3 allow developers to focus on finishing the project instead of constantly having to reinvent the wheel, since building blocks with commonly used functionality is easily available. It also provides very advanced functionality like multiple application and instance execution, a very intelligent data-binding mechanism, collaboration, transaction management and hibernation. These are things too complex to build for everyday projects, but quite useful if readily available to developers. With the help of XIOS/3, the role of the server-side application logic can be focused on providing a good API and microservices with the purpose of coordinating client communication as well as providing, aggregating and persisting data used in applications. The server is then relieved from generating HTML and handling user interface logic. The guiding thought has been – what if we can move two thirds of the application execution from the server to the client and enable a truly intelligent cloud edge? Everything needed to run an application built on the Client Application Server is delivered lightweight with zero footprint over a traditional web server or CDN. Thereby working as any normal web application, complementing any back-end application server of choice. It offloads the server-side application server or LAMP-stack, allowing the data center to burst out into clients and tap into the processing power of each connected client to perform the execution of applications. This naturally results in a faster user experience, world-wide scalability from one data center, extreme reduction of network bandwidth consumption, and reduced number of server requests – in the end, reduced costs and happy customers. XIOS/3 CONTACT INFORMATION Karl Hyltberg CEO

XIOS/3 +46 734-07 92 97

This document may include certain statements, estimates and projections with respect to the anticipated future performance or capacity of XIOS/3 that involve significant elements of subjective judgment and analysis that may or may not prove to be correct. There can be no assurance that these statements, estimates or forecasts will be attained and actual results may be materially different. Nothing contained herein, is intended to be, or shall be relied upon as, a promise or representation as to future performance of XIOS/3. Only those representations or warranties which are made in a definitive investment or purchase agreement will have any legal effect. XIOS/3 is a registered US and EU trademark.

Produktnamn & Bakgrundsfärg

Multi-channel Identity Verification made Easy

Zignsec helps regulated business to create better user experiences for individuals when registering for services while at the same time making sure that all needed identification verifications are carried out.

Powering identity methods covering 65+ countries around the world. With a focus on Europe, Zignsec aggregates multiple different identity methods to provide the best available option for each customer.

Reseller of BankID in Norway and Sweden and NemID in Denmark Zignsec.

Through Zignsecâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s API you get access to a variety of channels to verify identity through a single point of integration Contact us at or +46 8 410 785 00

Droshi –  The  future  of  e-­‐commerce     Our  platform  makes  it  easier  for  suppliers  and  retailers  to  find  each  other  and   sell  more.  Droshi  is  a  b2b  marketplace  and  a  24/7  fair  in  the  cloud.       Droshi  is  the  European  version  of  Alibaba/Aliexpress.  The  difference  between  us   is  that  we  only  use  European  products  and  suppliers  with  stock  in  EU,  which   makes  it  faster  to  customer  delivery  and  better  quality  check  on  products.  And   we  will  never  have  problems  with  the  customs  because  of  this  either.       E-­‐retailers  can  sell  products  without  buying  in  a  stock.  With  our  system   everything  goes  directly  to  our  connected  suppliers  who  pack  and  ships  the   products  to  their  customers  with  drop  shipping/direct  delivery.       Instead  of  large  purchases  of  products  the  e-­‐retailers  can  now  put  money  on   marketing  and  focus  on  selling  their  products  instead  of  finding  new  suppliers   and  take  the  big  risk  with  stock.  Or  they  can  use  our  system  as  a  complement  to   their  own  stock  and  increase  their  range.  We  have  API  connections  to  both   suppliers  and  retailers  from  our  system  for  stock  levels  and  order  flow.          

Droshi  AB     Rosengatan  8   172  70     Sundbyberg   +46  8-­‐51836230   +46  735727835    

For too long small companies have been forced to use accounting programs that are meant for more complex companies and are way too difficult for what they need – WREBIT makes the accounting, billing and taxes a part of the entrepreneur’s lifestyle, on the go! WREBIT is the complete billing and accounting system in a single app. Take a photo of your receipt / invoice and let the app take care of the rest. Wrebit is aimed at those who need it the most, the very smallest entrepreneur companies who may just have started his/her business and do everything possible to make the daily life easier. Most of them are forgotten by developers, and the services and solutions they are often forced to use are far from user-friendly or smart. We know that a small business owner usually has many things in the air, always on the go and the last thing they wants is to learn a new program and spend more time on a computer in the evening after work, and work with the administrative. However, entrepreneurs want to control what's happening in their business but do not want to pay big sums for someone else to do it for them. Wrebit aims to make the accounting feel almost automagical and be a naturally part of an entrepreneur’s way of life, a way that it's already comfortable and where they can decide themselves exactly when and where they want to work, on the go.

It is easy to make something look difficult. But it is a bigger challenge to make something difficult seem easy

Company info: - Björn Kapstö CCO - - 0704476516

30minMBA is an award-winning company dedicated to mobile learning and behavioral change designed to increase workplace engagement. Learn actionable business skills 'on the go' â&#x20AC;¨ and apply them instantly in your work. Learn more at

Bridging the gap between what science knows and what business does



FÖR KUNDER För de som behöver catering vill vi göra det lätt att hitta och beställa catering. Därför samlar vi cateringleverantörer på ett ställe så att de slipper irra runt. Vi vill göra det lätt att hitta cateringföretag som levererar till en specifik leveransadress och önskad typ av mat exempelvis buffé, veganskt eller mat från Italien.

FÖR CATERINGLEVERANTÖRER För de som levererar catering ska det vara lätt att bli hittade, visa sina erbjudanden och ta emot beställningar. Därför har vi skapat en plattform där de får en specialbyggd e-butik där kunden ser vad de erbjuder och kan beställa och betala direkt.



Alla hantverkare har rätt att få betalt för ett korrekt utfört arbete. Tyvärr är det inte alltid fallet. Utan rätt dokumentation kan man förlora mycket pengar. Med Cling blir det superenkelt att få underlaget på plats och vinna affären.

Badrumsrenovering 7kvm


65 000 000 kr Offererade affärer genom Cling

Offererad volym sedan start.

65M förmedlad 50M


170 företag


Har börjat använda tjänsten sen augusti START AUG



Samarbete 2018 Från start januari 2018 kommer Cling hantera utskick av offerter & avtal för en en av Sveriges största förmedlare av hantverkstjänster som skickar 250 000 jobb per år.

CombiQ – Let your machines talk! CombiQ can help industries save over 30,000 EUR* per hour! CombiQ develop and produce wireless sensors to monitor production, diagnosing machinery and fleet service management.

CombiQ has supplied customized IoT solutions since 2010 to industries like pulp&paper, forest and construction. We will now launch the next generation of our own complete Industrial IoT system and product range to the market. With our new generation of IIoT sensors our customers’ will benefit from: • • • • •

*If, for example, a paper machine encounter an unexpected stop, every hour of downtime can cost over 30 KEUR. This can also be applied on other industries as they may struggle to know if all assets are healthy and in full operation.

Able to know if it’s assets are operational Able to know if it’s assets are healthy Schedule maintenance and prevent unexpected machine stops Central monitoring panel for all machinery in a factory independently of brand or types Share sensed information with existing systems Dynamic monitoring to alert users

In the end our customers can benefit from increased stability, efficiency and runnability.

CombiQ also have a solution for identification and authentication via active tags currently used as entry and exit control via automatic locks. This solution can also be applied to activity detection, location determination, alarm / monitoring systems and similar applications.

We are looking for new partners and customers to take this next step with us.

Combiq AB Science Park, Gjuterigatan 9 553 18 Jönköping Sweden 036-332 08 20

Daniel Ström CEO 0734-17 50 16

Travel outside the box What is Coral Road?

Coral Road is a website that ONLY lists eco-cer<fied and awarded accommoda<ons and tours.

Sign me up, ScoVy!

Why should I use Coral Road?

•  Make a posi<ve impact when I travel •  More authen<c and memorable experiences •  Save <me and easily find sustainable hotels/tours •  Find op<ons for all budgets

Go to our website: hVp:// Follow our Facebook page: @thecoralroad to get all the latest news!

The Team

We are travelers who want our trips to have a posi<ve impact for everyone involved, including our planet. Our journey began at Startup Weekend, where we won a special award for sustainable travel.

I want to be a part of the team!

Contact us: or 076-294-6957 (Chayan)

Disir Productions AB – virtual windows to the past Discover a new place by visiting its origins There is something magical about getting to know a place and its people. Imagine what it would be like to also travel in time, to see and experience what that spot looked like in another era… Disir Productions gives you a virtual window to the past through digital reconstructions of long-gone time layers. Presented in high quality 3D graphics, our concept Augmented History makes it possible to experience historic sites in their actual scale and surrounding. By using the positioning system and gyro of your mobile device, you can walk around and explore the sites in your own pace, with plenty of opportunities to sense the tide of time and be inspired to learn more. In addition to the 3D graphics there is information to read about the sites and its contents. The experience is enhanced through interactive features where you can find and explore objects and interact with real and fictive historical characters. Through our apps you will discover new dimensions of space and time and gain a deeper experience of your visit. Visit the cathedral of Uppsala in the 16th century with Visir Uplandia, available for free at App Store and Google Play, or go to Gamla Uppsala and see the pre Viking age royal estate with Gamlis AR, available at App Store. Welcome to enter the past with us!

Disir Productions – making time travels possible. Soon also in VR Disir Productions was founded in 2015 by a group of archaeologists, researchers and game developers. Our innovative and dynamic work is based on front line research. Learn more at or and on facebook: “We are all part of a story and a historic context, but our notions of heritage are often limited, and the contexts are hidden. Knowing more about the story of a place and it´s people is a smart way to get acquainted and to feel at home, whilst lack of history may lead to rootlessness and social uncertainty.” Helena Hulth, CEO at Disir Productions.

Förenkla din vardag med klimatsmart mat! Som entreprenör har man ofta brist på både tid och pengar. Vi hjälper dig fixa båda. Samtidigt gör du en viktig insats genom att minska din klimatpåverkan från mat. Snabblagade recept som ger dig fyra portioner mat på 30 minuter 30 kr / portion. En kasse innehåller 12 portioner och kostar 359 kr Recepten är klimatsmarta och kan halvera dina matvanors klimatpåverkan

1 2

Hur fungerar det? Du beställer på Varje eller varannan vecka får du råvaror och recept hemlevererat eller hämtar dem vid en upphämtningsplats

Vill du prata med oss? Du kan hitta oss på Sweden Demo Day iklädda vita t-shirts som det står Enkla Kassen på eller skicka oss ett mail så svarar vi asap! |

An app that gives you recipes you can make with the ingredients you already have Solving the ever present question ”What should I eat for dinner?” For those of us:

That don’t want to spend lots of time to go through recipe after recipe and find that we cannot make it due to missing ingredients

That don’t want to go shopping for those missing ingredients in the recipe

That want to find recipes that uses ingredients that soon will expire

That want to eat healthier and try out something new once in a while



Who don’t plan our meals well in advance and want to have help in deciding what to cook for dinner.



How it works – getting started 1) Use a start kit

2) Adjust what you have

3) Match with recipes

4) Choose your dinner

5) Cook it

Getting active users Awesome shopping list in the app

Automated email/push/sms

Fridge whiteboard as reminder

Mavenoid is a troubleshooting platform that helps people find the cause of a machine problem, such as why an engine doesn’t start, and correct the issue. In minutes. With super-human accuracy. We do this by amplifying human intelligence, not replacing it. At every level, Mavenoid combines human observations with sensor data, human judgment with objective probabilities, and human knowledge with machine learning. It’s troubleshooting like you’ve never seen. At scale.


Companies & Organizations


Common Challenges:

Common Challenges:

       

The need for improvement never ends Poor trends on performance indicators Quality flaws in products and services Not enough time for improvement Results not visible in spite of efforts Improvement work too ad hoc Culture and silos hinders us to improve Lack of experience in improvement tools

       

Stuck in career, need for a change Too much stress in everyday life Dreams remain as only dreams Problems remain as problems Anxieties impacts everyday life Lack of healthy balance in life Lost perspective on important things Fail to change despite wanting to

My Services

ImprovementExpert ImprovementLeader ImprovementMentor


Get more in return from Engage a leader to drive Develop effective Develop yourself through your efforts to improve your improvement work improvement leadership dialogue & self-improvement

Do you want help to leverage your full potential? Contact me, details below. 19 years of valuable experience in successful improvement work from different parts of the world Christian Högberg Improvement Leader, Mentor & Coach Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Diploma in Coaching +46 (0)70-3414675

Passion 2 Improve AB

PENSIONERA ÄR SVERIGES LEDANDE OPARTISKA PENSIONSTJÄNST. Vi tycker det är helt fel att banker och förmedlare tar dyra avgifter från dom anställda. Vi tar inga provisioner och avgifter. De flesta sparar över 10 000 kr p.g.a låga avgifter och bättre avkastning

De flesta sparar över 10 000 kr per / år lägre avgifter, högre avkastning

Bevakning mobil & webb

Nedförhandlade priser, ex försäkringar

Rådgivning, löneväxling, spar, m.m.

Visualisera vad bolaget satsar på sina anställda, lönespec, förmåner

Ingen extra kostnad för bolaget

Över 50,000 medlemmar - Jämför pensionen mot allt på marknaden - Mervärde: Lönespec, löneväxling, förmåner

Pensionera Förmedling i Sverige AB, 556976-8269 Västerlånggatan 54, 111 29 Stockholm

Price your product or service using: Willingness to pay measure Quick, affordable and accurate Demand, electric bikes

Sales volume at different prices

Better Price, Better Sales

: ! r e ff ups O l rt a i a t c s e Sp ff for o % 20

0 kr

5,000 kr

Those who commute

10,000 kr

15,000 kr

The entire market

20,000 kr

25,000 kr

Acceptable price range


Sales4Profit International AB | Stockholm | Los Angeles

" I believe, a bridge with trust, quality and integrity

About us

between Swedish companies and our international team of developers can lead to great mutual

Strativ AB is a born global IT consulting company founded in Umeå, Sweden and Dhaka, Bangladesh; with the vision of being the trusted IT partner for Swedish SMEs.

benefits. "

Offering quality digital solutions with better prices. Abdullah Yousuf Founder and CEO

Our team

Local and international team of software engineers with curent number of 11 team members.

Our competencies

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Machine Learning

We design and develop high quality custom web applications according to specific business requirements. Our applications are powered by modern web frameworks.

We create mobile apps for android and iOS devices with elegant UX/UI design facilitated with smooth functionality.

We provide basic solutions for data analysis and 2D computer vision powered by modern Machine Learning tools. Our primary solutions involve recommendation systems, predictions, and image/pattern recognition.

How we do it Global & Local Better quality

Project management and QA in

Better price

Experienced and skilled.

Global and local.

Rigid recruitment process.


Low turnover.

One month guarantee.

Sweden, and Coding in Bangladesh

Tvistevägen 47, 907 29 Umeå

Telness is the first digital only mobile operator in the Nordics for SMEs. We believe in a simpler everyday where the customers are in center and have total control. In everything we do, we challenge complexity and unfriendly services. We offer honest mobile telecom solutions for modern businesses â&#x20AC;&#x201C; digital, easy and valuable. Before founding Telness, Martina used to work at one of the leading Nordic telecoms, most recently as head of the SME sales channel. She witnessed a general widespread unhappiness in the industry among the smaller corporate customers due to low attention from the operators, higher prices and too complex solutions as they were all built for larger enterprises. In fact, as much as 20% of the corporate customers in Sweden expect to leave its current operator within a year â&#x20AC;&#x201C; although many donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know where to go (the alternatives are more or less all the same) however they do not want to stay. That changes now. Telness brings simple to use customer experience with a product offering customized for SME customers.

Martina Klingvall +46 791 000 000

TRYGG MAT AB Several times a day we make choices about what to eat and what to serve others. Many of us want to know what our food contains and where it comes from. While we have access to more food and health related information than ever before, sorting through it and deciding whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accurate and what isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t can be daunting. Not only allergies, but lifestyle, religious, environmental and ethical reasons matter increasingly when it comes to making food choices. TryggMat (SafeFood) is a mobile application for everyone in the need of knowing what their food contains. Whether you go grocery shopping, eat at a restaurant or seek quick and informed advice at home, TryggMat provides safe and instant help based on your individual dietary/nutritional preferences. By simply scanning the barcodes of food items TryggMat helps you to decide whether the product fits your diet. Thus, TryggMat empowers consumers to make responsible, healthy and sustainable food choices, based upon their own preferences.

Contact: Hanna von Schantz, CEO/founder or 0709301059

Ungapped Deliver an exceptional customer experience. Description Ungapped is a complete platform for growing businesses with tools for email marketing, surveys, invitations, signup forms and text messages. Our easy to use platform makes quick work of bringing a campaign to life, from creating the next email campaign, to feedback surveys or event invitation flows its simple and easy to use. We are with you all the way to grow your company through your customers.

Social Media Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Links Website: Blog: Sign up:

Contact People Oscar Uribe CEO & Founder +46 733 526 000

Aniel Bhaga Head of Growth +46707103111


In a connected world, our realities (real, augmented, mixed, and virtual) are enabled by intelligent use of sensor data. We develop software for embedded computer vision and deep learning technologies, i.e. the stuff that enables computers to make sense of the world using the visual data that sensors generate. This is a wide description, but the technological capabilities that we build our company on are widely applicable. Currently, our team of PhDs in computer vision and deep learning (combined with experience in embedded development) focuses on sensing and mapping intelligence for autonomous vehicles, deep learning for robotics, as well as SLAM for VR and AR. -

What the former means is basically enabling a vehicle to interpret the world around it – stable and moving objects and the trajectory of the latter – as well as its own positions and trajectory in the world around it Deep learning for robotics is to help robots learn from observing humans, to be able to then support them in their executing manual tasks The latter means to enable you to synchronise your movements in a virtual reality with how you move in the real world (for example, using Google cardboard or more advanced applications, you can twist and turn yourself/ the hardware, but you cannot move in the virtual world unless you have external sensors. We can fix that – and we need only one arbitrary sensor; be it a camera, a radar, or a lidar

The origin of Univrses Our founder and CEO has built technology start-ups since ’96. Three years ago, he initiated discussions with 15 universities and some 15 corporations around the world to identify solutions within computer vision. He and some colleagues quickly concluded that the area was completely under-exploited, in spite of the fact that computer vision and artificial intelligence are central components in IoT, robotics, automation, AR/VR … and a bunch of other emerging technology application areas. So they created Univrses. And for the past 2.5 years, we have focused on recruiting a bunch of best-of-breed developers in the area, with twofold experience in research and embedded development. Currently we are in over our heads with client work related to automation and autonomous vehicles, as well as developing our proprietary SLAM solution for VR and AR. Research clearly shows that organisations leveraging automation and technology innovation are significantly more productive than their less innovative peers. And at the heart of this transformative technological development lie computer vision and artificial intelligence. That is why we are building the most sophisticated and progressive technology and competence centre within computer vision and machine learning in our Univrses. Looking forward to speaking to you! Best, Ingrid af Sandeberg COO +46 (0) 732 34 57 12

WIKIVA UF is a youth company which started in September 2017. During one year we will run this company as a part of our schoolwork. We offer a reusable silicone cover which is a replacement for the regular plastic film. It can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. We offer two sizes, one which is 19 x 19 cm and the other which is 25 x 25 cm. They are also heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius and cold resistant down to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Our silicone covers are a more sustainable option for the plastic film and it is also more userfriendly.

How to reach us: 076 864 58 39 WIKIVAUF@GMAIL.COM @WIKIVAUF WIKIVA.SE

Sweden Demo Day 2017  

Sweden’s largest and most spectacular un-conference for startups and investors in the digital realms is back to display and crown the up-and...

Sweden Demo Day 2017  

Sweden’s largest and most spectacular un-conference for startups and investors in the digital realms is back to display and crown the up-and...