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Tatiana Rada Visual Communicator

PotiďŹ cia Universidad Javeriana Cali


Contact 3058136915 - (032)6536739

Education July 2010 May 2015

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali Visual Communication.

June 1997 June 2009

San Luis Gonzaga Elementary, middle and High school education.

October 2014 June 2015

Montparnasse Rencontres París Basic French.

August 2017 December 2018

Speak.Up London Upper Intermidiate. Calle 38 N # 2an-67 Prados del Norte

Profile Designer and Visual communicator. May 2015. Emphasis on Branding and Editorial Design. Wide performance in marketing and communication strategies. Tools: Design: Web (Dreamweaver), video (After Effects), illustration (Illustrator), edition (Photoshop) and editorial design (InDesign). Marketing: DOFA, Ansoff, BCG, PE, PI, MIME, PC, etc.

Professional Experience January 2018Actually

Play Technologies - Communication and design Chief. - Communication and Design Ccoordination, work chronograms and monitoring. - Marketing plan and Btl/Digital management. - Communication strategies. - Graphic Design: Identity Manuals, user manuals, flyers, broschures, among others. - Communication and negotation with Asia for the import of Hardware. (Cities: Shenzhen Shanghái). - Digital Stratefy. Content Marketing for Facebook, Instagram, Blog and Website. - Marketing strategy for inhouse agency.

August 2017 Diciembre 2017

England Connections London- Community manager.

General Info Naci onal ity: C o lombian B i r t h D a t e : 22/07/1 992 Birth Place: Cal i - Valle del Cauca


- Marketing plan and Btl/Digital management. - Communication strategies. -Content Marketing. - Visual content: flyers, broschures, photography, video, among others.

Languages S panis h En glis h F rench

May 2017 July 2017

SPAI-SONS International Cosmetics - Graphic Designer - Internal audit of marketing department, macroeconomic analysis, marketing plan, and strategies. - New line of cosmetics.


March 2 0 1 5 October 2016

- Designed website sketch. - Redesign of labels for cosmetic products. - Graphic design of the content for social network. - Product and brand research. -Creation of brand for pharmaceutical products. - Graphic pieces for internal and external communication of the company. - Customer service through the ZOPIM Platform. - Designed Argan Oil Label. - Marketing Plan.

First marathon of Design Award: ¿What is Design? – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali. Second marathon of Design Award: Green Act Generator. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali. Brand Strategy Class Award: Rebranding Aquavida – Intergral Company.



Nove mb e r 2 0 1 3 May 2 0 14

Colombian Consulship in Paris (internship) -Communication and design - Design of communicational tools such as papers, flyers, etc. - Visual identity Cultural Agenda. - Design of the web site according to the chancellery guidelines. - Internal and external strategist communications, consulship image, and release of the consulship plans, programs, projects and activities. - Support the activities related with the interaction between the Consulship and the Colombian community in France. - Support the Consulship activities at the administrative and bilateral field. - Users orientation.

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Academic Experience

November 2014

Thesis Alimen to de amor - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali Rebranding and Communication strategy for the Non-Profit Organization Asoempreservar.

August 2012

The Luisa´s cottage Visual Communication Strategy for a children´s foundation located in the neighborhood Alirio MoraBeltrán (Aguablanca district)

March 2011

Rebranding Aquavida Brand made in Brand Strategy subject, with Integral company, company.

References +33675518 7 4 2

Eugenio López de Mesa Local Employee - Consulate General of Colombia in París

310323257 4

Enrique Ponce de León Cardenas Marketing and Advertising Manager Laboratorio Spai-sons International Cosmetics - Bogotá valledelcauca@spai-sons. com

30145613 8 6

Mónica Bustos Pérez Marketing and Advertising Chief Laboratorios MERC

+44 7500 8 6 3 3 2 2

Alba López General Manager England Connections

315 48681 3 8

Diego Torres Vidal General Manager Play Technologies


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Cv tatiana rada arias