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Tatiana Moore 3/7/11 Block 1 English 11

My first trip to Death Valley (Short story) So about 4 years ago it was christmas break we had three weeks off so I was very excited. The weeks went by slowly I was crazy excited for christmas to come. It was going to be a good year I can feel it. The smell of my mothers pumkin pie filled the air along with the amazing smell of the fresh cut christmas tree in the livingroom. Lights shone so sparkly and pretty on the tree along with the angel that sit at the top of the tree.

At last it was christmas day. Presents lay all wrapped and prettty under the tree. The sun not yet rising still dark and quiet outside the city still sleeping. We all get coffee and entamines ready for the morning.We all sit in front of the tree while ohing and ahing over everones gifts. Trash lay everywhere coving every inch of the room ugh so much to clean we all say but whatever it was worth it. Then all of a sudden I remember oh crap I still have to pack. So I quickly clean up the room and put all my things away and run up to my room and and quickly pack. Clothes lay everywhere and my things just stuffed into my bag at last im finished packing and my day is already almost over! I lay my bag and sleeping bag near the door and make sure I have all mmy things ready to go for the next day.

The next morning I wake up my alarm clock goes off at 7:00am oh man it early, but I get up enough energy to get up and get some breakfast. I load up the car and on our way we go. We finally arrive at the Tom Sawyer Camps office, there are kids and luggage everywhere. My mom parks and I get out my bag in one hand and my rockstar on the other. I greet my friends with hugs and smiles its so exciteing to see them after such a long year. Still really tired we all talk and hang out and catch up on the long yet busy year we have all had.

We all get our bags and help out pack up the car. Then we all load up in the vans all bunched up in the back row but still making sure were comfy. At last we head on our way to Death valley with a 6 hour drive ahead. People sleeping while others are laughing and telling stories about school and fun things weve done during the year. After about 3 hours of driving we arive in Red Rock where we always stop to take a break and have a yummy lunch. So we all get out stretch and go to the bathroom. When were all done handling our business we all have sandwiches and after we eat oreos. Then once again we all get back in the van and dive another 3 more hours and at last we arive in Death Valley.

We all load everything out of the vans and qiuckly start setting up tents and get all of our things ready to go. Finally with lots of team work our tents are done and ready to

be moved into. So I have my best friend on my right in the tent and my other friend to my left our sleeping bags lay side by side long ways in the tent while all of our bags and things are stuffed at the top of the tent. As we finish moving into our tents that we will be staying in for the next 5 days we hear everyone its time for dinner please grab all of your dishes and come line up! So that is just what we do everyone runs over and quickly forms a line for dinner and it is quite yummy. Then we have a camp fire and all go to sleep. As we lay in our tents my friend says this is going to be a good week I am so excited for all the fun things we have planned.

So the first day comes around and we all go to a Museum and learn about the history of Death Valley then we go to a place called Devils Golf Course. Its a place thats coverd in hard salt rocks but its so cool. Then the next day we all go to Mosaic Canyon where we play kick the can and sardens and just have a chill day. The third day we go to the sand dunes and basically plan in these humungus hills of sand. Then the fourth day we go to Artist Palace and carve our names into rocks and just have a chill but memorful last day. At last its the fifth day and sadly we have to go back home. We all wake up and start packing our backs and cleaning out our tents people sad and tired, tents being taken down and vans are being loaded all back up.

Finally we all load back into the van and say goodbye to our wonderful week. We drive for 2 hours and arive at this park where we have lunch and do a huge group

hug. Then once again we load back up in the vans and drive another four hours people are sleeping and still others are talking and laughing. Then we finally arive back at the office parents are everywhere with video cameras and dogs and brothers and sisters. Kids are jumping out of the vans with huge smiles on their faces hugs being given left and right numbers are being traded along with many pictures being taken. Finally my mom comes I go home and slowly drag all my things into my room lay on my bed and just think back to the wonderful trip I just had to Death Valley.

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short story