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“Critical 180: The First 6 Months of Marriage”

First Baptist Church, Lacombe, LA

“Marriage Makeover: The 3-10 Year Window”

First Baptist Church, Flora, MS

“Discipling Your Family”

First Baptist Church, Sarasota, FL

“De-Stressing the School Year”

First Baptist Church, Wilmer, AL

“The Fine Art of Forgiveness”

MAAP, Hattiesburg, MS

“Making the Most of the Bad Times in Marriage”

First Baptist Yazoo City, MS

“The Heart of a Pastor”

First Baptist Church, Summit, MS

“Romancing the Home”

National Collegiate Student Week, Glorieta, NM

“House or Home: God’s Plan for Family”

Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, Jackson, MS

“Caring for Your Congregation”

Salem Heights Baptist Church, Laurel, MS

“Stress and Ministry Effectiveness”

Lincoln County Baptist Association, Brookhaven, MS

“Prioritizing Your Family and Ministry”

Metro BCM Conference, Providence Rhode Island

“Understanding Your Call to Ministry”

Baptist Assoc. of Greater New Orleans

“The Relationship Between Food and Love”

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, Alberta, Canada

“Relationships 101: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”

Gulf Coast Baptist Association, Biloxi, MS

“The Emotionally Healthy Marriage”

Winshape Family Camps, Mount Berry, GA

“Assessing Your Authenticity in Relationships”

Kingsland Baptist Church, Keatty, TX

“The Model Parent”

First Baptist Church, Taylorsville, MS

“Effective Discipline Strategies for Parents”

St. Tammany Baptist Association, Slidell, LA

“The Marriage Starter Kit for Couples”

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

“Spirituality in Your Marriage”

Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Madison, MS

Cockrell Ministries Making a difference in today’s families. . .

Pastor’s Conference, El Cuco, El Salvador Florida Baptist Convention, Orlando, FL First Baptist Church Brandon, Tampa, FL OVER 100 OTHER EVENT LOCATIONS COCKRELL MINISTRIES

Dr. Tate Cockrell 106 Cypress Lake Blvd. S Madison, MS 39110 Phone: 601-937-0468

Dr. Tate Cockrell

Making a Difference . . . The Need Families are bombarded by challenges today. Some are simple and some are mindbogglingly complex. I spend hundreds of hours with individuals, couples, and families each year as they discuss some of the most difficult problems in life. Despite all the resources available to us, families don’t seem to be getting healthier. Instead, families seem to be getting more and more dysfunctional. People are looking anywhere for answers that can help them sort through the struggles that have them weighed down.

God’s Word provides practical, real-world instructions that are relevant and sufficient to answer life’s toughest questions.

The Answer I am more convinced than ever before that God’s Word is our only hope for saving families. People do not need trite answers or empty platitudes, but TRUTH that can only be found in God’s Word. With hundreds of books written every year on marriage and family, and with an overabundance of professionals in the fields of psychology, counseling, social work, and ministry, we have continued to turn further and further away from very practical and obvious teachings of Scripture. We must return not only to knowing and understanding what God says about

in Today’s Families . . . family life, but we must apply these incredible truths to our lives.

Experience Matters Dr. Tate Cockrell celebrated his 20th year in ministry in June of 2009. He has a B.S. in Psychology with minors in Biblical Studies and English; an M.A. in Religious Education, an M.A. in Marriage and Family Counseling; and, a PhD. in Psychology and Counseling. Dr. Tate taught full-time at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and adjunctively for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. He has over 15,000 face to face hours helping families resolve issues and has conducted over 200 conferences and seminars on topics such as divorce, communication, conflict resolution, addiction, parenting, discipline, eating disorders, mentoring, healthy sexuality, and spirituality. He has spoken to churches, associations, state and national conventions, corporations, and non-profits. Dr. Tate previously directed Dawson McAllister Association, where he oversaw daily ministry operations and co-hosted the nationally syndicated live radio show— Dawson McAllister Live, heard by over 500,000 people each week. He has written numerous articles and chapter inserts and is currently working on his first book entitled One: God’s Plan for Marital Unity. Dr. Tate speaking to group in Bogota, Columbia, where marriages are in crisis. With the divorce rate sky rocketing, this church had a passion to make a difference by mentoring married couples.

By God’s Grace . . . Currently, Dr. Tate is family pastor at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, MS, one of the fastest growing churches in America. As an executive staff member, he coordinates adult ministries, ensuring their family health and focus. Dr. Tate’s best training has come “on-thejob” with his own family. He and Wendy have been married for almost 16 years, and they have one daughter, Tatum, and twin sons, Preston and Spencer.

How We Can Help Here are just a few of the ways we can help you as you build healthy families. -- Marriage Retreats -- Weekend Seminars -- Special Focus Sundays -- Mediation Services -- Family Programming Evaluations -- Marriage and Family Revivals -- Conflict Resolution Seminars -- Parent Training -- Staff Assessment -- Life Coaching

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