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ДЕНЬГИ: КОПИТЬ ИЛИ КУПИТЬ? Гид по домашним финансам. с. 28

Учим и развиваем малыша с пеленок. с. 24

КОРЗИНКИ С ШАМПИНЬОНАМИ Готовим из грибов. с. 22



Садимся за руль без страха. с. 36

ТОЛСТУХА ИЛИ ОБАЯШКА? Главное – найти свой стиль в одежде. с. 13

Работа – не волк, работа – work! Как сделать карьеру в Чехии? с. 30

• Age 25+

ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ is a lifestyle magazine for russian speaking women. The magazine's editorial scope appeals to all types of women from recent college grads to business executives. Each issue uncovers intriguing, stimulating, informative articles with such diverse topics as personalities and self-development, lifestyles, relationships and harmony, runway trends in high style and fashion, beauty tips on hair, makeup, exercise, health, food and more. Periodicity

6 times a year


217 x 274 mm

Print Length

64 pages +


full color (4-color), lustre


Czech republic



цена: 55 крон/2,5 евро

Readership portrait

• Middle class, upper middle class • Active live-style, Taking care of herself and her health • Following new fashion trends • Core Values – realism, confidence, extreme fun, social • 50% of readers are married • Every fifth is a student • Every second is employed • Every forth has (had before moving to CR) a leadership style at workplace or has (had) a managerial position • Work and family balance • Dealing with money – earn to spend

Reader's Lifestyle • Family and Housekeeping

• Visiting exhibitions, theaters, concerts

• Career

• Sports (fi tness, joga etc)

• Shopping • Meeting friends • Going out to restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, cinema • Reading magazines, newspapers, books

• Traveling (often around Europe by car) • Watching TV • Surfing the Internet for useful information



“Честные” уловки продавцов. с. 34


Из чего она состоит на самом деле? с. 6






women’s magazine




tête à tête

Issue covers Beauty Tips on hair, makeup, cosmetic and perfume «new-comers» Fashion Trends, styleadviser Health Fitness, diets, professional advices Cooking Recipe, healthy cooking, cooking tips Children Advice on child care, children's education, growth and development Psychology Emotional and physical well-being, building confidence, finding a sense of purpose and balance, expert's advices Relationships Woman & Man, intimate questions and romantic advices Useful advices From car rental to insurance. Clear answers for common questions Traveling Information for active, curious travelers. Advice on vacation planning domestic and foreign destinations, personal travel reflections, food and restaurants, great places to stay, adventure, ecotourism, road trips, cultural events Taste of Home Practical advices about decorating, building and remodeling, gardening, creative decorating ideas from design professionals. Everything for making home a warm, casual, inviting place Historical page Women in World History, legendary personalities as the examples. Biographies of women rulers, women who are considered heroes in their countries, influential women from selected eras Reading-room Culture Pages: books, movies, music, cultural life, cultural news

Why working with ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ • ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ is a new type of a magazine at Czech market oriented to russian-speaking women. • Our readers made a big important step – they have moved to Europe. And now they would love to integrate to European culture, build live from a new page in Czech republic.ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ gives women the tools they need to explore and reach for their dreams, to express their individual style and to make choices that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. • ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ encourages women to become more confident, helps to reach for their dreams, find their own unique style and make choices. • The magazines of ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ type are very popular among women in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. Russian-speaking women happy to have high quality analog in Czech republic, to read and get information in their native language. • The magazine has a well-established readership. • Readers are very receptive to the suggestions, information and materials TET-A-TET is giving. Advertising in the magazine is taken as an personal advice. • Every issue is elegant, eclectic, and always up-to-date. ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ is a women's guidance on what's hot, what's good, and what matters. ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ is a magazine women trust.

The company in cooperation with TET-A-TET magazine: ● Presents its services to new target russian-speaking audience ● Becomes more notable amongs competitive companies ● Expands portfolio and number of clients

In the list of our partners are ● AEROFLOT ● AEROSVIT ● BELAVIA airlines ● Czech Connect Airlines ● Central Park ● FIM Group ● Diamonds International Corporation (DIC) ● Boutique Elegante ● United Colors of Beneton ● Victoria Secret ● Gedevani Georgian Wine ● Moser glass ● Leonardo Glass ● Green Pan ● Home Art ● Almi Decor ● Cordeus Centrum trvalégo zdráví ● Slim& Go ● Bio Dent ● Uniqa ● University of New York in Prague ● Happy Language School ● Mamma Coffee cafe ● Tongal restaurant ● Lehka Hlava Restaurant ● Hotel Romance Pushkin ● Evropská-Ruská banka ● Autoškola Ondřej Horazný ● Autoškola Dejvice ● Art Business Group etc.

Distribution list ● Points of sale CZ Press TET-A-TET magazine is distributed by CZ Press spol. s r. o. The company was established in 1991 and during its existence has gained the position of a reliable and fast supplier of current magazines and newspaper issues with their clients in the Czech Republic who are interested in foreign press. Today CZ Press spol supplies 400 sales places themselves with the foreign press, but nearly 7, 500 individual readers. The number of readers is regularly increasing.


Anjutka – Russian Food, Apelsin, Delikatesy – Russian Food, Hurman, Kalinka – Russian Food, Lastochka, Okean Delikatesov, Russian book, Smak

Spa & Beauty:

Amistudio, Beauty lines studio, Centrum Laserove Estetiky, Eskulap Clinic Estetica profi permanent make up, EzFlow, ImageLine, I-Studio, Luxusní Salon pro psy Richie, Salon Essela, Salon Delice, Salon Hairlequine, Salon Mary Kay, Salon Millenium, Salon Perfect Style, Salon Stefanija, Salon Julia, Salon Unique Style, Studio IrenStar

● At our partners: Embassies: Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan,Consulate of the Republic of Belarus, Embassy of Georgia, Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Karlovy Vary, Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Prague, Embassy of the Russian Federation, Russian Centre of Science and Culture Airlines: AEROFLOT (Russian Airlines), AEROSVIT (Ukrainian Airlines), BELAVIA (Belarusian Airlines).

● In Karlovy Vary: Hotel CARLSBAD PLAZA, Hotel BRISTOL, Hotel GRANDHOTEL PUPP DE LUXE, Hotel AMBIENTE, Hotel KOLONADA, Hotel Excelsior, Hotel AQUA MARINA, Hotel PROMENADA, Hotel BRISTOL, Hotel ČAJKOVSKIJ, Interhotel CENTRAL, Hotel DVOŘÁK, Hotel ELIŠKA, Hotel HUMBOLDT, Hotel OLYMPIA, Hotel ROMANCE PUŠKIN, Hotel ULRIKA , Hotel VENUS, Sanatorium ASTORIA, Hotel Aura Palace Hotel ESPLANADE, Dependance WOLKER

Our partners distribute the magazine according to their internal rules

Pricelist of advertising (CZK) Non VAT payer back outside cover front inside cover back inside cover standard double page 1/1 page 1/2 page (horizontal) 1/2 page (vertical) 1/3 page (horizontal) 1/3 page (vertical) 1/4 page (horizontal) 1/4 page (vertical) 1/4 page (corner) 1/6 page (corner)

217х274 217х274 217х274 434х274 217х274 217х137 108х274 217х91 72х274 217х68 54х274 108х137 72x137, 108x91, 98x98 52x137, 108x68, 86x86

1/8 page (corner)

30 000 25 000 23 000 27 000 19 000 17 000 17 000 12 000 12 000 9 000 9 000 9 000 6 000 4 500

Fixation (reservation) of advertising place – 10 % Adapting the advertising + 10% of advertising spaceprice Advertising text writing and publication: page – 9 000 CZK, double page – 14 000 CZK



tête à tête


30 000

25 000

НАТУРАЛЬНАЯ КОСМЕТИКА Из чего она состоит на самом деле? с. 6


23 000

27 000


“Честные” уловки продавцов. с. 34

Учим и развиваем малыша с пеленок. с. 24



Гид по домашним финансам. с. 28

Готовим из грибов. с. 22

НАЧИНАЮЩИМ 10 СОВЕТОВ АВТОЛЕДИ Садимся за руль без страха. с. 36

ТОЛСТУХА ИЛИ ОБАЯШКА? Главное – найти свой стиль в одежде. с. 13

Работа – не волк, работа – work! Как сделать карьеру в Чехии? с. 30

цена: 55 крон/2,5 евро

back outside cover

front inside cover

19 000

back inside cover

17 000 17 000

1/1 page

1/2 page

12 000 12 000

1/2 page

9 000

1/3 page

6 000 9 000

9 000 1/4 page

standard double page

1/4 page

1/4 page

1/6 page

1/3 page

4 500

1/8 page

Rates for back-advertising pages(CZK)



4 500 CZK



3 000 CZK



1 500 CZK

1 500

3 000

4 500




Flyers insert into the magazine pricelist: ● Unspecified position

6 500 CZK

● Unspecified position + packing

15 500 CZK

● Specified position + packing

10 500 CZK

● Specified position + packing

19 500 CZK

● Inserting + fixing on a glue-point

12 500 CZK

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ENGL TAT Media-Kit  

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