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Basil Stir-fry


Fresh Rolls(2)


chicken, shrimp, rice noodles, vegetables wrapped in rice paper

Mango Salad


julienned green mango, shallots, red pepper, coriander, tossed in a special house dressing, topped w/ peanuts

Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry

crispy rolls with chicken glass noodles and vegetables

Glass Noodle Salad

Pad Thai

Skewered Chicken(3)

thin translucent rice noodles tossed in a special house dressing w/ sweet onion and coriander

Thai Spring Rolls(4)

4.99 4.99

Grilled chicken marinated in coconut milk and curry

Butterflied Tiger Shrimp (6)


wrapped in wonton skin, deep-fried and served with sweet chili sauce

King Beef Salad



Thin slices of beef, tossed w/ mixed peppers, sweet onion, shallots, herbs, roasted rice, hot chili, and lime juice

Chicken Salad


Crispy golden chicken wings tossed in special Thai sauce

chicken breast, mixed peppers, sweet onion, coriander, fresh hot chili pepper, tossed w/ house dressing



Bangkok Chicken Wings(7)


Coconut Chicken Soup Sm 2.50 Lg 4.49 chunks of chicken breast in a rich coconut broth flavoured with tamarind, chili paste, fresh chili, and Thai roots

Lemon Shrimp Soup

Sm 3.00 Lg 5.49

plump shrimp in a lemony broth flavoured by lemon grass, w/ mushrooms, lime leaf and fresh lime juice

Wonton Soup

Sm 1.99 Lg 3.49

pork dumplings in a delicious broth, garnished w/ green onions

Hot and Sour Seafood Soup


shrimp, mussels, scallops, crab meat and squid in garlic chili broth, fresh lemongrass, mushroom, garnished with herbs

House Egg Noodle


boneless chicken breast, bamboo shoots, mixed peppers, topped w/ cashews


choice of chicken/beef/pork, stir-fried with fresh chilies, bamboo shoots, and basil spices

Chili Seafood


seafood melody stir-fried w/ fresh chilies, mixed peppers, bamboo shoots and house sauce

Ginger Stir-fry


yellow noodles w/ chicken and vegetables

Thai Spice Noodle


rice noodles w/ beef and green beans and hot chilies

Curries (all served with white rice) 10.99

bamboo shoots, mixed peppers, carrots and coconut milk

Pineapple Shrimp Curry


red curry sauce, fresh chunks of pineapple and coconut milk

Emerald Chicken Curry


green curry, bamboo shoots, snow peas, eggplant, coconut milk and fresh basil (very spicy)

Panang Beef Curry

Yellow Chicken Curry

Chili Stir-fry


rice noodles, w/ chicken & shrimp, egg, carrots, cabbage, stir-fried in pad Thai sauce, topped w/ peanuts & bean sprouts


coconut milk, green beans, crushed peanuts and panang curry paste

From The Wok Cashew Chicken


beef, broccoli, onions and green peppers

Red Chicken Curry

Spring rolls (1) 1.50 Fresh rolls (1) 1.50 Coconut Soup Sm 2.50 Lg 4.49 Hot & Sour Soup Sm 3.00 Lg 5.49 Vegetable Fried Rice 6.99 Noodle Stir-fry w/ vegetables 5.99 Pad Thai 7.99 Garden Stir Fry 9.99


choice of chicken or shrimp, fresh basil, bamboo shoots, mixed peppers, stir-fried w/ chilies and a basil sauce


choice of chicken or shrimp, w/ fresh ginger, mushrooms, mixed peppers, fried onions, stir-fried in our house sauce


coconut milk, potato, onion, and carrot, topped w/ squash

Fried Rice Dishes Chicken Fried Rice Vegetable Fried Rice Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

6.99 6.99 7.99


***No Longer Offering Delivery Service

11AM – 3PM

$ 6.99 Red Chicken Curry bamboo shoots, carrots, onions and lime leaves

Yellow Chicken Curry potatoes, onion, and butternut squash

Green Chicken Curry green beans, bamboo shoots, zucchini and Thai basil

(289) 897 - 8459 (289)897-8459

Cashew Chicken boneless chicken breast, bamboo shoots, mixed peppers, topped w/ cashews


Ginger Chicken or (choice of beef/pork) fresh ginger, mushrooms, mixed peppers in our house sauce

Basil Chicken or (choice of beef/pork/shrimp) fresh basil, bamboo shoots, mixed peppers, stir-fried w/chilies and basil sauce

1376 Haist Street, Fonthill, ON

Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry

Ph: (289) 897 - 8459

beef, broccoli, onions and green peppers

*White rice included with above dishes Pad Thai House Egg Noodle Thai Spice Noodle

Open: Tue-Thu 11am-9pm Fri Sat 11am-10pm FriSunday 12pm-9pm *Website: Website: Twitter: TastyThai_ **Please alert us of any food allergies before ordering

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Menu of Tasty Thai Restaurant

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