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FORTIFIED 5for Christmas

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The Christmas Collection THE ULTIMATE GIFT:

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09/09/2010 09:08

is that The sOund of Jingle Bells? in this latest edition of your exclusive Tasting Club catalogue we’re most definitely looking forward to Christmas. and first on the agenda is, of course, the rather special Christmas Collection, which you can see on pages 3-7. specially created to be the biggest special edition, there’ll be plenty of festive fun with friends and family to go round. speaking of fun, on page 8 you’ll discover our exclusive Chocolatier’s mystery – part game, part delicious tasting adventure and ready in good time for the party season.

A catalogue designed just for our members!

also, due to popular demand there will be freshly made, brand new batches of both Fortified 5-star and excellence for Christmas nibbling. and finally, don’t forget that gift memberships (page 13) are a great way to sort out those Christmas presents early! Best wishes

Angus Thirlwell, Club Founder

Why RESERVE? All Tasting Club products are created to member demand. When you reserve we make sure there is a personal collection just for you. This means that when we have finished preparing your box we waste no time in sending it out to you ultra-fresh.

SEND NO MONEY NOW While you can reserve your specials upfront, you don’t have to pay upfront. We only charge you when your box is actually sent out, via invoice or autodebit (if your account is set up with this facility).

Christmas Collection – see pages 3-7

ORDERING YOUR SPECIALS you can order all our specials via post using the form at the back of this catalogue. However, don’t forget you can use the Manage My Membership function of our website to order specials. If you have problems ordering online go to for further details. Finally, if you prefer to talk, you can always phone us on the number below. 2

Chocolatier’s Mystery Collection – see pages 8-11

Phone the Tasting Club Team on 08444 933 933

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09/09/2010 09:09

Tasting Club RESERVE


Christmas 2010

Two Stunning Christmas Collections Our Christmas Collections are the striking centrepiece for your Christmas celebrations. enjoy the colour and excitement of Christmas with the stunning Classic Collection featuring a balance of milk, white and dark chocolate. Or discover our Dark Collection with deeper Christmas notes. Both £22.95 including delivery.



y Ma E ARLYde SeCure your ColleCTion Today DEC to reserve – gO TO PAge 14 016805_TCHC October catalogue_pp10.indd 3


09/09/2010 09:10

The GreaT BiG Chr advenTure Starts H Angus Thirlwell, Club Founder


ith a rich tradition of foods, flavours and aromas, Christmas is an undeniably exciting time. It’s also a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate with some of life’s festive luxuries – which is exactly why our Christmas Collection is our biggest, most exciting special edition of the year. Created to be a striking centrepiece for your Christmas table, it’s brimming with 36 chocolates inspired by the flavours of the season. That’s as well as 6 solid chocolate festive pieces cast from exclusive hand-drawn designs. And it’s not just our biggest collection of the year either, it’s one of our most striking too – bursting with all the colour and excitement of Christmas, from deep reds and greens, to stars and sprinklings of seasonal sparkle.


The must-have COLLeCTiOn FOr ChrisTmas ● ● ● ● ● ●

Created especially for members only 18 exclusive recipes 6 solid chocolate pieces Includes tasting notes Freshly made for Christmas Available in Classic or Dark

Phone the Tasting Club Team on 08444 933 933

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09/09/2010 09:10


Tasting Club RESERVE

s Here!

A feast for the senses awaits you… with the traditional winter warming spices of MULLED WINE in a light ganache…. There’s a festive twist to an upliftingly fruity mousse in CHRISTMAS MESS and a seasonal essential in the form of WHISKY EGGNOG with its creamy ganache, pinches of cinnamon and nutmeg and splashes of warming whisky… get all traditional with the fruity notes of CRANBERRY & APPLE fortified with a tot of calvados… try the dark chocolate mousse in our ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS PUD… and the warming notes of BRANDY BUTTER in a light and fluffy buttercream, or even the spiced light mousse of JOLLY GINGERBREAD… Plus many more Christmas inspired recipes to enjoy. See over for full details.



£22.95 inc. delivery

Send no money now!

Secure your Christmas Collection

Reserve yours today – See PAge 14 016805_TCHC October catalogue_pp10.indd 5


09/09/2010 09:10

Christmas Collecti amarena SurpriSe bite in and you’ll experience the succulence of a whole kirsch-soaked cherry, which is beautifully complemented by a super soft cherry butterscotch.

mulled wine The traditional flavours of winter spice in a light ganache, fortified with a splash or two of port to give it an extra, mouth warming kick.

walnuT & Coffee CaKe earthy walnuts and deep coffee notes in a smooth but firm praline, perfect for after dinner nibbling – finished with a walnut for more of those earthy notes.

piSTaChio & honey Two ingredients that just seem to be made for each other come together in this smooth pistachio and honey praline. Finished with a thick naturally green stripe.

rum & raiSin Something very special happens when the comforting flavours of rounded rum and juicy raisins get together, as you’ll discover in this super soft ganache.

jolly GinGerbread Christmas without gingerbread is unthinkable for many, so this light mousse is brimming with the Christmassy flavours of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.

florenTine biTeS 50% cocoa milk chocolate topped with a florentine square – for the perfect blend of honey, almonds and mellow, melt-away chocolaty flavours.

honey & almond CheeSeCaKe The classic sour cream notes of cheesecake in a smooth honey and almond crème paired with a base of mellow milk chocolate hazelnut praline.

Cranberry & apple Although cranberries have other things to do at Christmas, we’ve put ours to good use in a fresh and fruity ganache, together with apple juice and a tot of calvados.

whiSKy eGGnoG A seasonal favourite recreated in a creamy, custardy ganache with pinches of ground cinnamon and nutmeg, not forgetting a splash of warming whisky.

amareTTo Truffle The comforting notes of mellow amaretto in a silky soft ganache, encased in milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkling of crunchy amaretti biscuit.

ChriSTmaS meSS We’ve given the summery eton Mess a Christmassy twist with a light, upliftingly fruity mousse bursting with refreshing raspberries and strawberries.

ChampaGne STar It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of champagne sparkle and this mellow milk chocolate and marc de champagne ganache has plenty!

alTernaTiVe ChriSTmaS pud even if you love the real thing, this pudding shaped recipe is a gorgeous alternative – with a dark chocolate mousse softened with chocolate liqueur.

brandy buTTer We’ve given this seasonal essential an upgrade with a strip of deep, dark praline and a layer of light and fluffy brandy buttercream.

winTer berry SoufflÉ A zippy recipe that’s brimming with blackberries, blueberries, and red currants all in a light cream ganache and a creamy white chocolate cup.

KooKy ChriSTmaS Add a little bite to Christmas proceedings with this gorgeous contrast of silky smooth hazelnut praline and crisp cookie pieces. encased in caramel milk chocolate.

SalTed Caramel melTerS liquid caramel with a pinch of salt in bite-sized milk chocolate shells – perfect to eat whole and let the mellow flavours blissfully wash over you. Collections also include 6 solid shapes


Phone the Tasting Club Team on 08444 933 933

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09/09/2010 09:11

ction 2010

Tasting Club RESERVE

Don’t miss the biggest, brightest collection of the year!

Order by 8th November to ensure you get yours!

made mooth with

Just lift the lid and you’ll feel Christmassy all over, with reds and greens decorating glossy shells, stars and sprinkles of seasonal sparkle. And recipes that are brimming with Christmas cheer too.

usse ours

It’s the must-have Christmas centrepiece and our biggest collection of the year – because you never know who might drop in!


As well as the Classic Collection (shown) featuring a balance of milk, white and dark chocolate, there’s also a Dark Christmas Collection – specially made for dark chocolate lovers. Simply tick appropriate box on order form.






£22.95 ver y

inc. deli

dding – d


Reserve yours today – SEE PAGE 14 016805_TCHC October catalogue_AW.indd 7


09/09/2010 14:59


ne victim, whose final act was to arrange five chocolates on the table in front of him, and a house full of suspects… Thankfully you’ll have the help of the notorious detective, hercule Praline, as well as the chocolates of course, to taste your way to solving this dastardly crime. it’s time to polish your magnifying glass and immerse yourself in this delicious game of Whodunnit!


jan duya The unfortunate victim who was one of the world’s most brilliant chocolate makers – the first celebrity chocolatier. Fame, fortune and an eye for the ladies, he had it all. But who wanted to take it from him…?

Phone the Tasting Club Team on 08444 933 933

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09/09/2010 09:12


the Cast

Tasting Club RESERVE



The elderly vicar whose church has already benefited from Jan Duya’s generosity. He has his eye on a £1 million donation for a new spire, but what would he do to secure it…?

The highly decorated, retired Vice Admiral is finding civilian life a financial stretch. Something he hoped to remedy by becoming engaged to Jan Duya’s first wife, Victoria, but is all as it seems…?



The ex-army butler who genuinely enjoyed his job, despite having his patience and morals tested regularly by Jan Duya’s temper and his philandering. Surely the butler didn’t do it this time…

The beautiful new wife who married for money and stayed with Jan Duya for the celebrity status that she craved and he gave her. Would she really risk all that for money…?



The long-suffering first wife who received a generous divorce settlement, thanks to the guilt that Jan Duya felt, and with more promised in his will. But could she wait…?

The painfully shy nephew of whom Jan Duya was extremely fond. An introverted computer genius who found any human interaction a challenge. Clearly he wouldn’t dare say boo to a goose…

See over for full details




£22.95 inc. deli

ver y

Secure your CHOCOLATIER’S MYSTERY COLLECTION Reserve yours today – SEE PAGE 14 016805_TCHC October catalogue_AW.indd 9


09/09/2010 10:21

Mystery, Mischief...

and Chocolate!

The STory

it was Christmas eve at Ganache Towers, home to one of the world’s greatest chocolatiers. however, the one person who would not be enjoying Christmas day was the man himself. For Jan duya lay slumped over his chocolatier’s table – dead! hercule Praline, the renowned chocolate detective, was on the scene within the hour. undoubtedly foul play was afoot, but which

of the six people in the house that night had a motive? Who had the means? and did any have the opportunity? With the party season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to gather your friends and family and indulge in a little mystery, mischief and chocolate – please order by 11th november to make sure you get yours!

EXCLUSIVE PRIZE DRAW ● An irresistible game for the party season ● For up to 12 players (when the chocolates are cut in half) ● Including 30 chocolates, Menu, CD & Suspect Cards ● One special making in time for the Christmas season ● exclusive Prize Draw to win a year’s FRee chocolate ● Members-only price ● £22.95 including delivery


Phone the Tasting Club Team on 08444 933 933

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09/09/2010 09:13


Tasting Club RESERVE

The Game

Jan duya’s last act was to arrange five chocolates on the table in front of him. Was this merely the work of an obsessively neat man, or an intriguing and jolly tasty clue?

There’s only one way to find out…

● The menu – giving you the low down on each piece of delicious evidence with detailed guidance of how to play the game. ● The SuSpeCT CardS – featuring Hercule Praline’s notes on each of the suspects, so you can consider their motives. ● The Cd – to make it really easy to play just pop in the CD, set the scene and let the voice of Hercule Praline guide you though the game. ● The SoluTion – carefully sealed to deter any premature peeking, this is where the answer lies. Inside you’ll find details of how the player who offers the best solution can take part in the exclusive winner’s prize draw in which 10 lucky “detectives” will receive a year’s free chocolate tasting.

Your chance to WIN a whole year of FREE chocolate tasting once you have reached your conclusion.



Send no money now!

Reserve yours today – See See PAge PAge 14 15 016805_TCHC October catalogue_pp10.indd 11

£22.95 inc. delivery


09/09/2010 09:14


Want Fortified or Excellence for Christmas?

As requested by members we are remaking two of our recent special collections just in time for the Christmas festivities.

forTified 5-STar for Christmas The mingling of authentic chocolate and premium liqueurs is for many the ultimate marriage made in heaven. Which probably explains why every year the Fortified Collection is one of our highest rated special editions. and by popular demand we will be creating a fresh selection of Fortified for Christmas time.



Contains 36 chocolates full of boozy recipes brimming with 5-star wines, spirits and liqueurs.

DelIVeRy eARly DeCeMbeR

£22.95 inc delivery

exCellenCe returns for yule-tide




£17.95 inc deliv

The ‘Oscars’ of the chocolate world! One of the most delicious highlights in the chocolate tasting calendar and our most exclusive event – strictly members only. We are creating an ultra-fresh reprieve of the Classic box for Christmas.

Contains 30 ultra-fresh Classic chocolate superstars.

er y

DelIVeRy eARly DeCeMbeR


Phone the Tasting Club Team on 08444 933 933

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09/09/2010 09:14

The ultimate Christmas Gift


Recipients of a gift subscription can choose to receive Classic, Dark or elements selections.

THe CHAnCeS ARe that if you love chocolate, then quite a few of your nearest and dearest will too! Which is why a gift subscription to the Tasting Club could be the perfect gift for them. It comes beautifully presented in a stylish wallet so you have something impressive to hand over and is complete with an activation card. Recipients can choose to receive either the Classic, Dark or elements selections, and when to start their adventure.

you won’t just be opening up a whole new world of chocolate for them, they’ll also get all the benefits of Club membership too – including 5% discount on Hotel Chocolat purchases.

3 months


(save £4.90 Regular price £49)

6 months


(save £9.50 Regular price £95)

12 months £171.00

(save £19.00 Regular price £190)

members receive 10% discount on gift subscriptions.

order online now at or call 08444 933 933 016805_TCHC October catalogue_pp10.indd 13


09/09/2010 09:15

Reserve & Extra Gifts Order Form juST follow The eaSy STepS.

1 CoMPLete your DetaILs name __________________________________________________________________________ Member no. _____________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ Postcode ________________________________ Telephone no. ___________________________________________________________________ email Address ___________________________________________________________________ Please tick box if you would like to receive offers and news via email. If you want to send any of the extra boxes to a different gIFT delivery address. Please add these details at step 5 opposite.

2 Choose your PersoNaL CoLLeCtIoNs

Christmas Collections YES! Please reserve my personal Christmas Collection for £22.95 Tick box


x525 DARK


DelIVeReD eARly DeCeMbeR

Chocolatier’s Mystery YES! Please reserve my personal Chocolatier’s Mystery Collection for £22.95 inc. delivery. Tick box


DelIVeReD lATe nOVeMbeR

Fortified for Xmas

YES! Please reserve my personal Fortifed for Christmas Collection for £22.95 inc. delivery. Tick box


DelIVeReD eARly DeCeMbeR

Excellence for Xmas

YES! Please reserve my personal Excellence for Christmas Collection for £17.95 inc. delivery. Tick box



DelIVeReD eARly DeCeMbeR

Phone the Tasting Club Team on 08444 933 933

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09/09/2010 09:16

3 Choose your extras aND saVe uP to £3 oN eaCh oNe extras can only be bought at the reduced price after your personal box of that collection has been reserved at the full price. when ordering more than one please indicate quantity in space provided. 1 QTy 1 QTy 1 QTy 1 QTy QTy

exTRA Classic Christmas Collection @ £20.95 2 OR MORe exTRA Classic Christmas Collection @ £19.95 exTRA Dark Christmas Collection @ £20.95 2 OR MORe exTRA Dark Christmas Collection @ £19.95 exTRA Chocolatier’s Mystery Collection @ £20.95 2 OR MORe exTRA Chocolatier’s Mystery Collection @ £19.95 exTRA Fortified for Christmas Collection @ £20.95 2 OR MORe exTRA Fortified for Christmas Collection @ £19.95 1 OR MORe exTRA excellence for Christmas Collection @ £16.95 ToTal priCe payable

£ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £

4 PayMeNt DetaILs

Please enclose payment by cheque/postal order or complete the credit/debit card details below.

I enclose a cheque postal order made payable to CTC marked on the back with my cheque guarantee card. Please charge my credit/debit as detailed below.

Pay by o Visa o Visa electron/Solo o Mastercard o Switch/Maestro o Amex o Cheque (Payable to CTC) Card number: Start Date:

Issue no. (Switch only)


expiry Date:


Cardholder signature ___________________________________________ Date _______________________

5 extras to DIFFereNt aDDresses Please complete the below. Title ___________ Initials ______________ Surname __________________________________ Company _______________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________ Postcode _________________________________

GIFt MessaGe (max 20 words) ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ SubjeCT To Timely reCeipT of order all exTraS will be SenT early deCember in Good Time for ChriSTmaS. poST: To reserve only just complete the left hand side of the form. If ordering extra collection(s) complete

both pages. To post, put into the envelope that comes with your monthly box or use this FReePOST address: CHRISTMAS SPeCIAlS, TASTIng ClUb, Ang10659, MInT HOUSe, ROySTOn, Sg8 5yD.

online: To reserve your specials online or order extras please order via Manage my Membership. WWW.CHOCS.CO.UK/MMM . For help with Manage My Membership and ordering online go to or Call uS: 08444 933 933. 016805_TCHC October catalogue_pp10.indd 15


09/09/2010 09:16

The Christmas 2010 COLLECTION


8th November


Discover meltingly soft champagne stars and luscious ganaches with coffee, walnut, cranberry and gingerbread, to mouth warming recipes with rum and raisin, brandy butter, mulled wine and more…

HURRY! Reserve your must have collection now TO ENSURE YOURS IS SECURED. Just £22.95 ( See overleaf to order.



Fresh Making just for Christmas

The FORTIFIED 5-Star Collection

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SEE PAGE 12 FOR MORE DETAILS 09/09/2010 15:01

Tasting Club Catalogue - October 2010  

The Chocolate Tasting Club members only catalogue.

Tasting Club Catalogue - October 2010  

The Chocolate Tasting Club members only catalogue.