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marie-claire quittelier

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tom swalens

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debby de mangelaere

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FoodID is a team of three professionals, Marie-Claire Quittelier, consultant, author and recipe developer, Debby De Mangelaere, food stylist and Tom Swalens, photographer. By putting our 20+ years of experience in the culinary industry at work our mission is to advise, create, monitor and accompany our customers in the Food manufacturing and distribution sector to create tools for their consumers. Our mission is to guide and aid our partners in their culinary projects from concept, food styling and photography to graphics design.


Marie-Claire Quittelier, loves to share her passion for good and simple things ---------------------------------------------------------Marie-Claire is a passionate cook. As a child, she read recipes like others read comic strips. Her grandmother and mother, both fine cooks, taught her the joys of simple dishes and transmitted their secrets for an authentic cuisine. This rich culinary heritage would direct her career. After a successful marketing career, this foodie decides to share her passion, know-how and culinary secrets. She organizes cooking workshops. Her natural and spontaneous approach, and love for good things are reflected in fresh and light recipes. Those recipes are geared to major distribution chains, food manufacturers and magazines. Her cookbooks received numerous awards at the famous Gourmand World Cookbook Award.


Tom Swalens, photographer and fine gourmet ---------------------------------------------------------Tom discovered photography with his Father. The moments he observed his Father in the dark room fixing images on paper where magical. His passion for photography was born. While following photography courses at the NARAFI Institute in Brussels, he works as a student in restaurant kitchens. He discovered a second passion. His future profession is profiled: he will combine photography and gastronomy. Since more than 15 years, Tom collaborates with advertising agencies, lifestyle and women magazines and publishing companies. He worked with great chefs and made pictures for numerous cookbooks. Tom brings food to life so each photo exhales the aromas and makes your mouth water. Since September 2004 he teaches photography at the NARAFI Institute.

Debby De Mangelaere, the styling fairy ---------------------------------------------------------Since her childhood, Debby is absolutely taken by aesthetics. She oriented her studies towards design and photography at the St. Luc institute for Arts in Gent. Her entry to the profession was with a magazine publishing group. This opened the door to the food pages of women magazines where she displayed her talent of composition and harmony. She specializes in food styling. Debby composes all elements of the plate as a scene using authentic materials. Her compositions are simple and natural and bring out the freshness of the food. As a fairy, she brings the little detail that sublimates the picture. Her work is pure and refined. She has done the food styling and graphics design of several cookbooks.