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Titanic Expedition Experience Now you can see the ship which is well known by all and which is inside the water lying there from ages and you can see it and explore it and that ship is none other than titanic. Titanic is a ship which was a great ship and due to an unfortunate accident it crashed and now the ruins of the ship is lying inside the water and now with the help of Titanic expedition we can go inside the water and check out the whole ship. Now you have the rare opportunity of diving inside the water and go to the depth of 12500ft (3800m) and you could explore the liner RMS titanic during the centennial year of her sinking. This is a great opportunity and you will surely love what you will see and this is a very amazing experience on its own. During the dive there will be other participants too and also there will be some guide who will tell you all about the titanic and the history. During the dive series, participants will enjoy specialist lectures, observe the Mir submersible program in action and enjoy international class cuisine with their fellow expeditionary.

Titanic Expedition Experience