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Exploring the Titanic – Centenary Expedition The great ship titanic is known by all the people and the accident that happened with titanic is also very well known. Titanic was crashed in the year 1912 and many divers in many years have tried to find the titanic inside the ocean and finally it was found in the year 1982. Ever since titanic crashed it has been lying inside the ocean titanic cannot come out from the ocean but now you can go inside the ocean to see what titanic looks like and you can experience the real Titanic expedition. This is a great thing to do and this is very adventurous and you don’t have to worry at all as all the actions for your safety will be taken by us and you will be traveling or can say diving in groups and there will be a guide who will tell you everything about the ship and what all happened. . Now you have the rare opportunity of diving inside the water and go to the depth of 12500ft (3800m) and you could explore the liner RMS titanic during the centennial year of her sinking. This is the best thing to do and this experience will be the greatest experience of lifetime.

Exploring the Titanic – Centenary Expedition