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It was a Beaufort icon that found its true home in Bluffton. BY BARRY KAUFMAN • PHOTOS BY ROB KAUFMAN

Well before Fat Patties crossed the Broad River, a whisper campaign was already underway. Savvy Blufftonians, returning from a trip north of the Broad for a day spent along the water, were coming home with stories of this amazing burger restaurant they’d visited up in Port Royal. A shrimp burger served with fried oysters on top? A black bean veggie patty topped with brie and caramelized apples? Beef blended with bacon under a mountain of pulled pork? Could this rumored nirvana of burgercraft possibly actually exist? For months, even years, this constant campaign continued. We can testify to one Blufftonian who made a trip north just to visit this burger restaurant everyone was talking about. So it should come as no surprise that when Fat Patties finally opened up its second location, in the heart of Bluffton’s immensely trafficked Old Town, it was an instant, runaway, expectations-shattering success. “It blew our expectations out of the water,” said owner Nick Borreggine. “Whenever you go into a project like that, you’re 68


always looking at worst case scenario, asking yourself, ‘What’s the bare minimum I need to make this work?’ It’s doubled that.” The long-whispered-of restaurant, it turned out, was the restaurant that Old Town Bluffton never knew it always needed. Beyond the dizzying array of burgers (the menu starts with 78 options which expands exponentially dramatically as you tweak each burger’s toppings to your liking), Fat Patties is also famous for its brats, served either as a garlic brat or a chili brat. That’s not to mention a generous selection of tacos, chicken wings, oysters, salads and starters (five words: warm pimento beer cheese dip. Two more: you’re welcome). But Fat Patties didn’t get to be Bluffton’s hottest new table on burgers alone – not just a restaurant, this is an entertainment mecca. The happy hour and late night crowds have made the outdoor biergarten the site of a nightly party since Fat Patties opened, enjoying outdoor pool tables, live music and trivia and of course Bluffton’s only outdoor soccer/oversized pool table hybrid game.

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