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Claude & Uli’s brings the best flavors of the continent under one roof. BY BARRY KAUFMAN • PHOTOS BY ROB KAUFMAN

He’s the French chef with the Italian name, the one who’s been delighting diners from coast to coast for decades. She’s the Austrian hostess who works the front of house like no one else, her natural charm making every visit like coming home. When Claude & Uli Melchiorri opened Claude & Uli’s in 2005, their fame preceded them. And every day since then, they’ve built on that fame with an inspired menu of European cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere that has brought back a loyal clientele time and again. “We have had a lot of good help around us, and we’re consistent,” said Claude. “If you get good people in the kitchen and you do a good job, people come to you.” The good people in Claude’s kitchen, under his watchful eye, 76


do a good job, to say the least. The Carrée d’Agneau (rack of lamb), one of the restaurant’s signatures, melts with rich flavors on the palate. The Moules frites (mussels with French fries) luxuriate in a shallow pool of white wine and shallot broth that enraptures both taste and smell. There’s a certain set of lofty expectations that come with French food. Here, those expectations are blown away with every delectable course that arrives at your table. “French cooking is simple,” said Uli. “As Claude says, a potato has to look and taste like a potato. He cooks with simple, French ingredients… It’s not farm to table, it’s not organic, it’s just good French food.” And here we see how Claude’s dual pedigree from two of

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