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“ amazing difference! ” within days I noticed an


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc., Medina, ND, USA

© 2016 New Chapter, Inc.

New Chapter® Multivitamins are fermented with beneficial probiotics. Gentle to take, even on an empty stomach.

Discover Whole Food r mented Multivitamins Whole-Food Superbroth

Expertly Formulated

Fermentation Difference

New Chapter’s proprietary fermentation technology uses a transformative superbroth of 3 researched strains of probiotics, organic Saccharomyces yeast, and whole foods. The yeast and probiotics work to bring the vitality of fermentation to each vitamin and mineral: pre-digested and as close to what your body needs as food itself.

A team of health experts including naturopaths, nutritionists, and master herbalists have carefully formulated these whole-food probiotic-fermented vitamins and minerals with herbal extracts, such as organic Turmeric and Ginger, to create complete New Chapter multivitamins for your specific life stage or health need.

New Chapter fermented multivitamins are gentle enough to take anytime—even on an empty stomach. They promote overall health as well as specific benefits such as immune, heart, stress, and energy support.* New Chapter was also the first to achieve Non-GMO Project verification and organic certification for our multivitamin products.

Learn more at newchapter.com






Debunking the “Inevitability” of Breast Cancer Prevention strategies.


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How Sweet It Is Honey recipes.

Tired of Being Tired?

How to recharge your batteries.


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Burns Fat, Improves Sleep... and Beautifies Hair, Skin & Nails! Learn Why Over 4,700 Health Professionals Trust the “Original Prescription Strength” Type 1 Collagen Peptides


an one “beauty protein” really help reduce body fat, improve muscle tone, beautify hair, skin and nails, increase daytime energy levels, support joint function and improve sleep? Solid clinical science says YES for prescription strength (high dose) Type 1 collagen peptides. Unfortunately, many consumers overlook the numerous benefits of this amazing anti-aging nutrient, because of a widespread misunderstanding that collagen is only for beauty or joint support.

Proven Medical History

The benefits of Type 1 collagen

protein (enzymatically hydrolyzed into peptides), were discovered in the early 1970s. Since then it has been used by doctors, clinics, and hospitals for weight loss, skin issues (including the treatment of burns), nutritional support for elderly and hospital patients, tissue repair, and to support joints and connective tissue.

How Collagen Works

Next to water, collagen is an essential substance in the body accounting for 25% of its total protein. While scientists have identified 28 different types of collagen in the body, 90% of it is classified as Type 1 collagen.

“BURNS Fat, SHAPES the Body...”


s we age, our bodies become softer and less toned. Type 1 collagen peptides help turn back this age-related decline by preserving and building lean muscle. This increases the metabolism, which burns fat for energy. This creates a firmer, more shapely body. Collagen ollagen is especially effective when taken at bedtime, as it works during sleep when our bodies are repairing themselves and building muscle tissue. As part of a total weight management program that includes diet and exercise, high-dose collagen peptides are truly effective.*

“SUPPORTS Joints, Bones, & Recovery...”


ollagen’s exclusive amino acid, Hydroxyproline Hydroxyproline, plays a primary role in the structure and maintenance of bone and connective tissue. Collagen’s high nitrogen amino acids also support these, plus tissue repair and recovery. A study at Penn State University showed athletes who suffered from exercise-induced joint discomfort experienced significant improvements in six months with use of high-dose hydrolyzed collagen peptides.*

by Jim Caras

Type 1 collagen surrounds all of our organs and is a major component in our ligaments, tendons, bones, muscle fibers, blood vessels, scar tissue, eyes, teeth – and even 90% of our hair, skin, and nails. Type 1 collagen is literally the glue that holds our bodies together. Recently, Type 2 collagen, primarily found in cartilage, has become popular. It is mainly useful for joint health (and has some skin benefits). Type 3 collagen is also found in some products, but it has a minor role in the body compared to Type 1 collagen. Compared to Type 2 and Type 3 collagen, Type 1 collagen has much broader applications and health

“BEAUTIFIES Hair, Skin, & Nails...”


hile many hospitals use Type 1 collagen peptides for skin repair, they also have beauty and personal care benefits. Userss typically notice an improvement in skin softness, hydration, tone, and appearance, as well as improved growth and quality of their hair and nails. In fact, a published clinical trial shows that collagen peptides perform FIVE TIMES GREATER for skin and tissue repair than whey protein.*

“DEEPENS Sleep, BOOSTS Energy...”


nlike other proteins, Type 1 collagen peptides provide seemingly contradictory benefits of both increasing daytime energy levels, while also helping to improve sleep. How can this be? Better Sleep: Collagen’s most abundant amino acid, Glycine, is clinically shown to improve sleep when taken at bedtime. Users typically report deeper sleep and waking up more refreshed. Daytime Energy: When taken during the day, the liver treats peptides like complex carbohydrates. This can help stabilize blood sugar and prevent fatigue associated with blood sugar swings.*

benefits. The weight of the published research supports this.

our bodies, so there are no food allergy concerns.

Around the age of 30, we start losing about 1% of our collagen per year. At the same time, our body’s ability to produce collagen diminishes. Excessive sugar, coffee, caffeine, smoking, and alcohol can further damage our body’s collagen. Stress, drugs, exercise, and even dieting can accelerate this decline. Eventually, we all become “collagen deficient.” The signs are obvious. We feel and see the effects of this deficiency every day in the mirror. Wrinkles form, skin dries, hair thins and dulls, nails become brittle, joints stiffen, and our bodies lose muscle tone and shape. Without healthy collagen levels, our bodies virtually fall apart. Aging is collagen loss. But there is good news. Adding prescription strength (high dose) Type 1 collagen peptides to our diets, provides the body with the precise amino acids necessary to both generate new collagen and maintain existing collagen levels.

The quality, potency, and effectiveness of collagen products varies greatly, so choose carefully. Low-priced products look attractive but lack the collagen required for noticeable results. Here are three things the best collagen products have in common: First, they contain high amounts of collagen. Generally, products with less than 8 grams (8,000 mg) per serving simply aren’t a good value. The more collagen you get, the better your results. Second, they include “enzymatically” hydrolyzed, Type 1 “peptides.” These products are the most natural, provide the best absorption and widest set of benefits. Choosing a Non-GMO, grass-fed product that is certified Kosher and manufactured GMP, guarantees high quality and purity. Third, they are liquid supplements. Would you rather take 16 tablets, 6 scoops of powder, or just one ounce of liquid? Liquid collagen is the easiest to use (just a tablespoon or two at bedtime) and provides the most collagen, in the smallest size. Also, most of the published studies, patents and medical-use are on liquid Type 1 collagen peptide products.

Are You “Collagen Deficient?”

Collagen’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Many people wonder why collagen is different from other proteins, like whey, milk, soy, brown rice and pea. To start, collagen has two exclusive amino acids, Hydroxyproline, and Hydroxylysine, which are NOT found in other proteins. Also, collagen contains more highnitrogen amino acids, most importantly, Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline, and Arginine.. When taken at higher doses (between 8 and 16 grams per serving), these amino acids directly affect healthy:* 1 Weight loss 1 Skin appearance 1 Daytime energy 1 Bone health 1 Connective tissue 1 Metabolism 1 Muscle retention 1 Quality of sleep 1 Exercise recovery 1 Tissue repair Also, unlike other proteins, collagen is natural to

Choosing the Best Collagen

My Top Collagen Pick

Although there are dozens of products available, only one has been used by 4,700 medical professionals over 35 years and is backed by published clinical research. AminoSculpt® AminoSculpt is the original prescription strength, liquid Type 1 collagen peptide supplement and the only with: 1 16 grams per serving 1 Non-GMO ingredients 1 Certified grass-fed collagen 1 Certified KO kosher 1 NO sodium benzoate 1 A money-back guarantee** 1 Over 1,000,000 bottles sold


For information on where to find AminoSculpt, visit: AMINOSCULPT.COM/T4L1610 or call Health Direct toll-free: 1-800-989-9531, Dept. 2933.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary. ©2016 D&J Vision Marketing, Inc. **Call Health Direct for details on money-back guarantee. Policies may vary among retailers. Please call your local retailer for their policy.

Here’s what AminoSculpt users are saying... “Helps Joints and Improves Sleep...”

“I recommend AminoSculpt to many of my patients – and they get great results. It helps patients with joint and disc problems, and those that exercise, recover faster. Also, many patients tell me they have more energy and sleep better.”* Dr. David Maloney Huntington Health Center, CA

“Tighter Skin and a Firmer Body...”

“I’ve been a fitness expert and muscle activation specialist for over 25 years. I know how to keep my body fit, firm and flexible, but it’s incredible how much younger I look, tighter my skin is, and how much firmer my body is, since taking AminoSculpt. I’ve taken it for 2 years and everyone tells me I look at least 5 years younger. T-Tapp and AminoSculpt are my secrets to Turn Back Time.” * Teresa Tapp Creator of T-Tapp and Author of “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes”

“Glowing Skin and Silky Hair!”

“I’ve taken AminoSculpt for 6 months, and I am extremely happy with the improvements in my skin tone and smoothness – especially in my elbows and heels. My hair is also now smooth and silky – and I have noticed a significant reduction in hair loss. After only 6 weeks, my friends told me they noticed my face and complexion had a beautiful glow! I feel healthier taking AminoSculpt, and I don’t want to miss a single dose!” * Alysha C, Age 45




Shifting Gears into Seasonal Self-Care October is a favorite time of year for many people. But for some of us who live in northern climes, the beginning of fall also ushers in a bit of dread as our exposure to sunlight begins to decline. Roughly 6 percent of the US population experiences a type of depression called SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which kicks in around November and typically doesn’t loosen its grip until spring. An additional 10 to 20 percent come down with a lesser form of depression called “the winter blues.” These downturns in spirits are as predictable as Christmas music playing in stores before Thanksgiving. Fortunately, a wide range of effective natural remedies exists. We report on how omega-3 essential fatty acids improve mood on page 51, and herbalist Maria Noël Groves takes an in-depth look at herbal “antidepressants” starting on page 61. Along this same theme, journalist Jane Eklund explores the concept of adrenal fatigue on page 41 and interviews experts for tips on supportive herbs and supplements as well as diet and lifestyle tweaks that can help with this form of energy depletion. Be sure to check out our Gluten Free Essentials winners on page 56. These are some of the best gluten-free products we are seeing on the market. Our next Essentials Awards article will focus on top immunity products and appear in our December issue. If you have a tried-and-true product that gets you through cold and flu season, I want to hear about it! Please email me at Lynn.Tryba@TasteforLife.com. To your health,

Lynn Tryba

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A note on recipes Recipes are analyzed by Anna Kanianthra, MS, LD. Nutritional values vary depending on portion size, freshness of ingredients, storage, and cooking techniques. They should be used only as a guide. Star ratings are based on standard values (SVs) that are currently recommended: ★★★★★ Extraordinary (50 percent or better), ★★★★ Top source, ★★★ Excellent source, ★★ Good source, ★ Fair source

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news bites foods, supplements & prevention SPEAKING OF SPORTS

MILK WINS! Milk outperformed a sports drink and water in boosting hydration after workouts. The small study from Ireland investigated which of the beverages was more effective in the recovery of body net fluid balance. Participants did workouts on three occasions, taking a different recovery drink after each. The researchers noted that milk provides several vitamins and minerals that were not present in the carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink. SELECTED SOURCES “A Metered Intake of Milk Following Exercise and Thermal Dehydration Restores Whole-Body Net Fluid Balance Better than a Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Solution or Water in Healthy Young Men” by S. Seery and P. Jakeman, British Journal of Nutrition, 8/1/16 ■ “Study Suggests Milk Better than Electrolyte Drinks Post Exercise” by Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn, www. NutraIngredients-USA, 8/3/16


FAIR TRADE means GMO free Products carrying the Fair Trade USA-Certified label are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Fair Trade USA also works to restrict the use of pesticides and fertilizers, to promote diversified agriculture, and to ensure proper management of waste, water, and energy. The nonprofit organization is the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the US, according to its website. SOURCE http://FairTradeUSA.org/what-is-fair-trade?


GMO LABELING becomes law President Obama signed the federal GMO labeling bill into law on July 29, but most results won’t be seen in stores for about two years. The language in the law is vague enough that consumers will still need to be vigilant in avoiding genetically modified foods. Food companies will be allowed to either disclose GMO ingredients on their product labels or provide scannable QR codes on the labels that lead to websites containing that information. The law also does not provide much enforcement power. It will, however, make it easier for producers of organic products to include a GMO-free label on their products. The law also directs the USDA to develop regulations and standards for a mandatory disclosure on products that include GMOs. SELECTED SOURCES “GMO Labeling Bill Becomes Law: Now What?” http:// HealthImpactNews.com, 8/19/16 ■ “People Want GMO Food Labeled—Which Is Pretty Much All They Know About GMOs” by Chelsea Harvey, Washington Post, 7/21/16

www.tas teforl i fe.com

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9/6/16 8:48 AM

news bites

foods, supplements & prevention


Probiotics may STOP BONE LOSS

A study with mice suggests that probiotic supplements may stave off bone loss following menopause. The mice exhibited hormonal changes similar to what occurs during menopause in women. After ingesting the probiotics twice weekly for a month, the mice had retained their bone density. A control group that did not receive probiotics lost half of their bone density in that time. The mice took either Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG—which is found in some yogurts—or a commercially available mix of eight strains of probiotic bacteria. SOURCE “Probiotics Stop Menopause-like Bone Loss in Mice,” Emory Health Sciences, 4/27/16

14 tasteforlife


Fish oil for MUSCLE SORENESS? A fish oil supplement reduced muscle soreness after weight training in a group of young women. Participants had not done weight training before. They received a high dose of EPA/DHA-rich fish oil (6 grams) or a placebo each day for a week. They then did resistance training for elbow flexion and leg extension. Muscle soreness was measured 48 hours later and again after a full week. The supplement group had significantly less soreness compared to the placebo group. SOURCE “Effects of Fish Oil Supplementation on Postresistance Exercise Muscle Soreness” by G.M. Tinsley et al., J Diet Suppl, 7/21/16

O CTOBE R 201 6

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9/6/16 8:49 AM

news bites

foods, supplements & prevention


Yoga touted for PAIN RELIEF

Yoga has been shown to have numerous positive effects on health, including increased flexibility and an easing of joint pain. Harvard Medical School staff noted some key findings about yoga and pain relief in a recent issue of HEALTHbeat.

■ Two 90-minute sessions of yoga a week for 24 weeks reduced back pain by more than half in a recent study. Participants also had less disability and depression compared to others with back pain who underwent standard care. Increased muscle strength and flexibility, relaxation, and stress reduction are among the benefits. ■ A once-a-week, 60-minute yoga class led to significant pain reduction in women with knee osteoarthritis. The women also practiced at home on several days, averaging 112 minutes of home yoga. After eight weeks, they reported a 38 percent reduction in pain and a 35 percent improvement in stiffness. A control group who did not do yoga experienced worsening symptoms. SOURCE “The Physical Benefits of Yoga,” Harvard Medical School HEALTHbeat, 7/21/16

T’AI CHI helps too The ancient Chinese exercise known as t’ai chi brought about significant improvements in pain, stiffness, joint function, and depression in a group of patients with knee osteoarthritis. Participants, whose average age was 60, trained with an instructor twice a week for 12 weeks. “T’ai chi is a particularly appealing form of exercise, as it is very low impact and emphasizes balance, coordination, and strength,” said orthopedic surgeon Matthew Hepinstall, MD. SOURCE “T’ai Chi: Rx for Arthritic Knees,” www.nlm.nih.gov/

MedlinePlus, 5/23/16

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9/6/16 8:49 AM

PROBIOTICS NEVER TASTED SO GOOD... ISN’T IT TIME YOU DID SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH? • Just one vegetarian wafer is all you need • Delivers 1 billion friendly-flora cultures per wafer

• Great for adults, but kids love them, too

Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Mixed Fruit. American Health® Chewable Acidophilus delivers 1 billion ◊ microorganisms to help keep your microfl ora in balance.* Each wafer contains the “good” bacteria to help keep your digestive system feeling good all day, every day.* Support your digestive health*... delicious Chewable Acidophilus from American Health®. It’s good health made simple™.

• Delicious Natural Fruit Flavors • 1 Billion Bio-Active, Hardy Cultures ◊ • Helps Maintain Digestive Health* • Supports Optimal Intestinal Balance and Nutrient Absorption* • Promotes Overall Immune Health* AVAILABLE AT HEALTH, NATURAL FOOD AND VITAMIN SPECIALTY STORES.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ◊

At time of manufacture | ©2016 American Health Inc. | 16-AH-1135

Learn more at AmericanHealthUS.com






Make the switch to Spry products and start making these things count.

Using products from the Spry5 system make it easy to get the dentistrecommended five daily exposures of xylitol. Research has shown over and over that using xylitol products five times throughout the day is the best way to keep your teeth healthy. The Spry5 System is simple to use, in fact you’re probably going through the motions, just not with products that work together.  If you brush your teeth, use mouthwash, chew gum, eat mints or candy you should make it count.

Available at fine retailers everywhere.

1 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse when you wake up. 2 After meals chew Spry gum or mints. 3 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse before bed. The goal of the Spry5 system is to make oral care easy, tasty and effective. Find your nearest Spry5 retailer at Xlear.com. Or visit Xlear.com

4 Use Spry Dental Probiotics before bed. 5 Other exposures to 100% xylitol products throughout the day are added bonuses and will help.


Debunking the “Inevitability” of Breast Cancer Prevention strategies


www.tas teforl i fe.com

TFL_1016_100_19_20_23.indd 19

O CTO BER 2016

tasteforlife 19

9/1/16 3:52 PM

continued from page 19

Even so, breast cancer is not inevitable. Cancer researchers have identified a long and growing list of potential cancer-fighting compounds. There are encouraging signs emerging from cancer laboratories around the world: From vitamin D to green tea, there are a lot of promising strategies for reducing the risk of breast cancer. “Although a significant number of women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime, it’s heartening to know that simple, everyday changes to what we eat and how much we move could prevent one-third of all breast cancer cases in the US, according to estimates from the American Institute for Cancer Research,” says clinical oncology dietitian Crystal Langlois from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Southeastern.

The Sunshine Vitamin Vitamin D’s vast benefits encompass a lower risk of many cancers including breast cancer—yet so many Americans fall short with this vital nutrient. “Since low vitamin D levels appear to contribute to the development of cancer, supplementing with 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily could help reduce your risk of breast cancer,” notes Holly Edwards, clinical oncology dietitian from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Southeastern.

20 tasteforlife

Fasting for Better Health Instead of hearing more about which supplements you should take or foods you should eat, here’s something different: expert advice suggesting not eating at all to avoid breast cancer. No, you don’t have to give up food forever, but you might want to take a break each evening and through the night. Nighttime fasting from dinner to breakfast could reduce the risk of breast cancer in women, according to research from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. “New evidence suggests that when and how often people eat can play a role in cancer risk. Specifically, increasing the duration of overnight fasting could be a novel strategy to reduce the risk of breast cancer,” explains Ruth Patterson, PhD, leader of the Cancer Prevention Program at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. Nighttime fasting also affects breast cancer recurrence in women previously treated for breast cancer, with a 36 percent higher risk of breast cancer recurrence among women who reported fasting for less than 13 hours per night. “Prolonging your nightly fast is a simple dietary change that most women can understand and adopt,” says Dr. Patterson.

Integrative health nurse Myers agrees: “In the past 10 years or so, vitamin D has finally been getting greater recognition for its ability to reduce breast cancer risk. In fact, a French observational study found that

vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women who were also undergoing hormone therapy. Additionally, research shows that vitamin D stops some of the inflammatory factors involved in the earliest stages of tumor development.” Vitamin D supplements come in two forms: vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) or vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). The first is made from fungus or plant sources and the second typically comes from animal sources such as fatty fish. Go for the D3 form: It’s considered more effective. Myers considers vitamin D3 “a critical component of any regimen for those concerned with breast health.”

Going Green The antioxidants in green tea have shown anti-cancer effects in hundreds of studies. Regularly drinking green tea lowers a woman’s risk of breast cancer, particularly in premenopausal women and in those who previously had breast cancer and now aim to reduce their risk of recurrence. One small caveat: Women who have fibrocystic breast changes (typified by times of dull or achy feelings in one or both breasts), might consider avoiding any beverages with caffeine, including green tea. For women with fibrocystic breasts, caffeinated coffee and tea (and even chocolate to a

O CTOBE R 201 6

TFL_1016_100_19_20_23.indd 20

9/14/16 12:44 PM


# ABSORBED form of curcumin

New Supercharged Formulas! MEMORY




Supports memory and cognitive health*

Supports joint health and function*

Promotes healthy heart function*

Supports healthy inflammatory responses for whole body benefits*

naturalfactors.com ‡

Scientific scrutiny revealed that Theracurmin was more bioavailable on a milligram-to-milligram basis than other leading◊ enhanced and regular forms of curcumin.

As measured by SPINS 2014 data. * The statements made in this advertisement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

continued from page 20

1 in 8 women


degree) could contribute to discomfort. Decaf versions of green tea and green tea supplements are available, however, and they won’t aggravate fibrocystic breasts.

Protective Spice The Indian spice turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin that fights against many cancers, including breast cancer. Curcumin blocks precancerous changes to the body’s genetic code and interferes with enzymes otherwise needed during cancer promotion. Turmeric can be added to food, or curcumin can be taken as a daily supplement.

Fabulous Fiber Fiber does far more than simply keep a person regular; it can also lessen chances of developing breast cancer. Fiber’s role as a breast cancer defender appears to be related to sweeping out excess estrogen. A prudent goal for women (not just for breast health but for overall health) is 25 grams of fiber daily, according to the Institute of Medicine. Keeping in mind that the average American consumes just 10 to 15 grams each day, it’s likely you have room for improvement. Excellent fiber sources include whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The bottom line is that your diet and supplement regimen can contain many cancer fighters to lower your risk (although none will eliminate the risk completely) of developing breast cancer. TFL Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH, has been a health journalist for more than two decades; her latest book is Life After Baby: Rediscovering and Reclaiming Your Healthy Pizzazz (Basic Health Publications, 2012).

SELECTED SOURCES “Curcumin and Cancer: Barriers to Obtaining a Health Claim” by J.G. Devassy et al., Nutr Rev, 3/15 ■ “Diet and Breast Cancer: Understanding Risks and Benefits” by C.A. Thomson, Nutr Clin Pract, 10/12 ■ Personal communication: Cheryl Myers, Crystal Langlois, Holly Edwards, Ruth Patterson, 7/16 ■ “Tea and Cancer Prevention: Epidemiological Studies” by J.M. Yuan et al., Pharmacol Res, 8/11

Sucontral D, powered by a time-tested herb, Hintonia latiflora, is the safe, effective way to keep your glucose levels on track. Scientists have discovered a unique compound in Hintonia that powerfully supports healthy blood sugar balance—validated by over 60 years of research in Germany.*† ®


www.tas teforl i fe.com

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O CTO BER 2016

tasteforlife 23

9/12/16 12:12 PM


How Sweet It Is The Magic of Honey

Honey was the first sweetener the world knew, and we’ve been enjoying it for thousands of years. Discover its timeless appeal with these recipes, which celebrate its versatility in both sweet and savory dishes. SELECTED SOURCES The Fresh Honey Cookbook by Laurey Masterton ($14.95, Storey, 2013) ■ Honey by Hattie Ellis ($19.95, Sterling Epicure, 2014)

Honey Granola dV From Honey by Hattie Ellis ($19.95, Sterling Epicure, 2014)

30 minutes prep time ■ makes 1 18-oz jarful

1 2 1 3K 1O

Tbsp sunflower oil, plus extra for greasing Tbsp honey tsp vanilla extract oz rolled oats oz nuts, roughly chopped (small nuts such as hazelnuts or pistachios can be left whole) 1 oz seeds, such as sesame, sunflower, linseed, or mixed seeds 1O oz dried fruit or dried berries (chop larger dried fruit into pieces about the size of a hazelnut)

D Dairy Free G Gluten Free N Nut Free V Vegan V Vegetarian For a guide to nutrition breakdowns, see page 10.

1. Preheat oven to 275°. Lightly oil a baking sheet. 2. Put oil and honey in a small pan, measuring out oil first and then using same spoon to measure out honey so it slips easily off spoon. Heat gently for 30 seconds or so, stirring, to loosen and combine the two. Stir in vanilla extract and take off heat. 3. Put oats, nuts, and seeds into a big bowl. Pour over honey mixture and use a wooden spoon or a hand to mix honey thoroughly and evenly into dry ingredients. Spread honeyed mixture over baking sheet. Toast in oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until lightly brown, stirring two or three times during this period so that mixture cooks evenly. 4. Stir in dried fruit and leave mixture on baking sheet to cool, stirring it around a couple of times so it doesn’t stick together too much. This keeps well in an airtight container for a couple of months. Per serving (serves 8): 153 Calories, 4 g Protein, 19 g Carbohydrates, 3 g Fiber, 8 g Total fat (1 g sat, 4 g mono, 2 g poly), 3 mg Sodium, ★★★ Manganese, ★ Vitamin B1 (thiamine), E, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium

26 taste tasteforlife tastefor

O CTOBE R 201 6

TFL_1016_100_26_27.indd 26

9/12/16 11:12 AM

Honey-Caramelized Fennel Soup Gn From Honey by Hattie Ellis ($19.95, Sterling Epicure, 2014)

40 minutes prep time ■ serves 4

1 medium-large fennel bulb, trimmed (about 5 oz trimmed weight), roughly chopped and any fronds reserved 2 Tbsp olive or sunflower oil, divided Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 1-1K Tbsp honey (a dark honey such as thyme, heather, or chestnut works especially well) 1 tsp sherry vinegar or white wine vinegar 1 onion, finely chopped 1 celery stick, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 1 potato (about 5 oz), peeled and finely chopped 32 oz low-sodium chicken stock Juice of N-K lemon

Sticky Stuff Measuring out honey is no easy feat, as it sticks to all it touches. To prevent a gooey mess, try dipping the measuring spoon into very hot water first. Then dip the spoon into the honey. The honey should slide right off the spoon.

To Garnish Light cream, optional Fennel fronds and pollen*, optional 1. Preheat oven to 400°. Put a piece of baking parchment on a baking sheet and fold it up at the edges so that it will contain melted honey. Lay fennel on top and toss with 1 tablespoon of the oil and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Use oily spoon to measure out honey and spoon it over fennel. Put baking sheet in oven for a couple of minutes until honey melts. Remove from oven and stir honey into fennel. 2. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes, or until fennel is starting to caramelize lightly at edges and honey has darkened, checking after 7 minutes and stirring fennel around in honey. Sprinkle vinegar over fennel and stir it around again. 3. While fennel is cooking, heat remaining tablespoon of oil in a saucepan over a low heat. Add onion, celery, and garlic and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until softened. Add potato and cook for 2 to 3 minutes to soften slightly. 4. Add fennel and its honeyed juices to pan. Pour in stock, bring to a boil, and then cover and simmer for 15 minutes, or until vegetables are soft. Leave to cool slightly, and then blend in a blender. 5. Taste and stir in enough lemon juice to balance sweetness of soup, remembering that the cream, if using, will mellow out the flavors. Ladle soup into bowls and decorate with a swirl of optional cream. If you have them, scatter over a few fennel fronds, if desired. A scattering of pollen also looks wonderful on this soup. *Fennel pollen is less sweet than other commercial pollens and makes an interesting garnish for the soup. Standard pollen is widely available in health food shops and also works well. If you can’t find either, don’t worry. This soup will still be delicious.


For a recipe for Smoky Honey Almonds, visit tasteforlife.com/honey-almonds



Per serving (without cream): 187 Calories, 5 g Protein, 24 g Carbohydrates, 3 g Fiber, 9 g Total fat (2 g sat, 5 g mono, 1 g poly), 151 mg Sodium, ★★★ Vitamin C, ★ Vitamin B6, Manganese, Potassium

www.tas teforl i fe.com

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O CTO BER 2016

tasteforlife 27

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Eat in My Kitchen by Meike Peters ($35, Prestel, 2016) Autumn can trigger cravings for warm, hearty dishes as well as the familiar flavors and textures of home. For Berlin-based writer and photographer Meike Peters, a lifelong love of traditional German comfort food led her to develop a popular blog, Eat in My Kitchen, and now a new cookbook of the same name. Although informed by the food of her homeland, Peters’s recipes are also a reflection of her travels throughout the Mediterranean, especially the summers spent with her partner’s family in Malta. Peters’s recipes are a mélange of Maltese cooking, steeped in Arabic flavors and spices and benefiting from the liberal application of native citrus fruit, and typical American staples (think: sandwiches, cookies, and muffins). Perfect for home cooks looking for fresh, seasonal dishes, Eat in My Kitchen contains 100 recipes, accompanied by 140 of Peters’s full-color photographs.

32 tasteforlife

The Goodness of Garlic by Natasha Edwards ($14.95, Kyle Books, 2016) Garlic is something of a miracle herb, which might explain its prevalence in native dishes from around the globe. Not only does garlic add a boost of flavor to even the most mundane fare, but it also has many proven health benefits. Packed with vitamins and minerals, garlic cloves contain beneficial sulphur compounds that can boost immunity and protect against many common ailments. Natasha Edwards, co-author of The Garlic Farm Cookbook, spent her childhood surrounded by garlic at Mersley Farm on the Isle of Wight. While overexposure can sometimes cause distaste, in Edwards’s case the opposite has happened. The Goodness of Garlic is an enthusiastic homage to all things garlic, brimming with heart-healthy, immunity-boosting recipes for everything from soups to salad dressings.

O CTOBE R 201 6

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The Meat Free Monday Cookbook by Meat Free Monday Campaign ($22.95, Kyle Books, 2016) Would you like to boost your health, cut greenhouse gases, and save money, all while enjoying tasty soups, salads, casseroles, and more? You might consider embracing the Meatless Monday movement, launched more than a decade ago in the US as a way to showcase the value of eating less meat. In 2009, Paul, Stella, and Mary McCartney brought the movement to the UK, calling it Meat Free Monday. Now the McCartney family, along with food stylist and writer Annie Rigg, have made going vegetarian just one day a week even easier with the release of The Meat Free Monday Cookbook. Packed with fresh, seasonal recipes and menus for all 52 weeks of the year, this new paperback edition covers everything from pancakes to pasta, and makes going meat free on Monday (or whatever day you choose) a breeze. Contributions from Kevin Spacey, Vivienne Westwood, Mario Batali, and many other celebrity supporters will tempt even the most ardent meat lover at the table.

Think Happy by Karen Salmansohn ($12.99, Penguin Random House, 2016) Positive thinking can have a big impact on our confidence, attitude, and mood, according to happiness expert Karen Salmansohn. A best-selling author and online columnist, Salmansohn is in the business of providing resources to help us cope with those moments in life when things aren’t going our way. With over 25 titles to her name, Salmansohn knows a thing or two about what makes a book successful, and her newest offering does not disappoint. A collection of 50 inspirational pep talks accompanied by Salmansohn’s own gorgeous illustrations, Think Happy is designed to help readers retrain their brains to think more positively, and develop habits that will lead to a happier life. Whether you’re trying something new and need some reassurance, already tried your hardest and failed, or just feel grumpy and need a lift, Salmansohn’s thoughtful affirmations may give you the boost you need to “stay happy—no matter how much life throws at you!” www.tas teforl i fe.com

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I promise you a pain-free life or your money back.* †

I have been involved in natural health for over 45 years. During this time, I developed over 400 formulations and learned what it takes to make people healthy. I have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and I want to change your life, too. My products were inspired by my dedication to natural health and passion to make your life better. Because pain can destroy your life, my goal was to develop a formulation to get you pain free.† Curamin® is the result of my research on pain relief.*† Its primary ingredient is an enhanced absorption curcumin with additional turmerones which has been the subject of 29 scientific studies. I develop products that will provide you with results. It is an honor to put my name on them and I’m proud to give them to my children and grandchildren. With Terry Naturally ®, you could say you’re using our family products. If you don’t get the benefits you expect from them, I have not earned your trust or your money. Therefore, I offer you an unconditional money-back guarantee. Some people call me a pioneer. I don’t know about that. What I do know is that I work every day to be able to offer you products that you can trust to be safe and effective, and provide results that will change your health and your life for the better.

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“My patients are looking for relief from pain, so I recommend Curamin.† I feel better knowing they are getting results without the side effects.”* —Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD**

Other Curamin formulas that also provide safe relief.*† No kidney, liver, or intestinal damage. EuroPharmaUSA.com MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE †Occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse.

^SPINSscan Other Herbal Formula Subcategory Brand Rank, data ending 7/10/16.

**Member of the EuroPharma Scientific Advisory Board.




Cuticle Care If you have dehydrated cuticles, massage them nightly with vitamin E, jojoba, or coconut oil.

PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD IF YOUR FEET HAVEN’T RECOVERED FROM A LONG, ACTIVE SUMMER, NEVER FEAR, THERE’S STILL TIME TO GET THEM INTO GOOD SHAPE FOR WINTER. TRY THESE HEALING TIPS TO TRANSFORM YOUR FEET FROM MONSTROUS TO MAGNIFICENT! If you’re prone to calluses and rough skin, try this technique. Before bed, wash your feet and pat them dry. Rub a heavy moisturizer over them, and slip on a pair of cotton socks. When you wake, take a shower and gently rub off any calluses and rough skin with a pumice stone or quality foot file. After showering, dry the feet and moisturize them. They should feel smooth and soft. Certain essential oils can be helpful. Do a small patch test on your skin to make sure you don’t experience any redness, blistering, or irritation before applying the oils to larger areas. For a relaxing foot massage, combine 2 teaspoons of soybean, jojoba, extra-virgin olive, or almond oil with 2 to 6 drops of lavender, German chamomile, orange, or clary sage essential oil in a small bowl. Massage mixture into feet. Put on socks to allow oils to absorb. For fresh-smelling feet, try making your own antibacterial foot soap. Combine 8 ounces of liquid castile soap and 10 drops each of tea tree and thyme essential oils in a squirt-top bottle. Shake well. Apply a squirt or two to a footbath. Soak feet to help clean, disinfect, and reduce bacteria and fungi.

Back to Basics Follow these tips for healthy feet. ■ Wash feet daily. Be sure to clean between the toes and under the nails. Dry completely, especially between the toes. Damp feet are a breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, and odor. ■ Cut toenails straight across to avoid ingrown nails. Smooth rough nail edges with a nail file. ■ Rotate footwear regularly. Alternating between pairs allows shoes to dry and the padding to return to its normal shape. ■ Work an exfoliating lotion into dry feet two or three times a week to remove dry skin. TFL

SELECTED SOURCES Glow Guide: Spa: Simple Steps for Health and Well-Being by Andrea McCloud ($12.95, Chronicle, 2004) ■ Inner Beauty by Reenita Malhotra Hora ($19.95, Chronicle, 2005) ■ “A Review of Applications of Tea Tree Oil in Dermatology” by N. Pazyar et al., Int J Dermatol, 7/13

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What’s missing from your turmeric supplement Discover Nature’s True Proportions New Chapter® believes Nature got it right the first time, so our whole-herb approach delivers hundreds of Turmeric’s remarkable compounds—from Curcumin to oil-based Turmerones: Nature’s True Proportions. Sustainably sourced from organic farms in India, we use supercritical and traditional extracts of the entire herb to maximize its pure and potent benefits. Turmeric Force™ supports heart health, brain health, and healthy inflammation response,* and is formulated with whole Turmeric for optimal absorption. Discover more at newchapter.com/turmericforce

Curcumin Non-GMO Project Verified Turmerones 100s of Phytonutrients No additives Naturally brilliant color *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. © 2016 New Chapter, Inc.

Curcumin only

New Chapter’s Turmeric Force

ü ?

ü ü ü ü ü


METABOLISM IN SLOW MOTION? HOW YOUR HABITS MAY BE HINDERING WEIGHT LOSS IF YOU’VE BEEN SCANNING THE INTERNET AT NIGHT LOOKING FOR WEIGHT-LOSS STRATEGIES, YOU MIGHT BE SABOTAGING YOUR EFFORTS. NEW RESEARCH SHOWS THAT EVENING EXPOSURE TO BLUE LIGHT—LIKE THE LIGHT FROM COMPUTER SCREENS—HAS NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON METABOLISM. Northwestern University scientists found that exposure to bright blue light increased insulin resistance during morning and evening exposure. But in the evening, the bright light also caused higher blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance leads to a buildup of blood sugar, which can cause weight gain, higher body fat, and an increased risk for diabetes.

Blue Nights Participants were exposed to blue-enriched light for three hours during the morning or evening. The morning group ate breakfast during that time and the evening group ate dinner. Hunger, sleepiness, and blood levels of glucose, insulin, and other metabolic markers were compared. “Our findings show that insulin was unable to acutely bring glucose levels back to a baseline level following a meal with bright light exposure in the evening,” said researcher Ivy Cheung. “Our lighting environment impacts our health outcomes.”

Shedding Light Cheung also participated in an earlier Northwestern study that determined that office workers with greater exposure to natural light (via windows) slept better, got more exercise, and reported a better quality of life compared to workers with less access to natural light. A recent Harvard Medical School study found that exposure to blue light in the evening strongly suppresses the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our circadian rhythms. That disruption appears to raise the risk of obesity. Harvard staff recommends avoiding bright screens at least two hours before bedtime. TFL SELECTED SOURCES “Blue Light Has a Dark Side,” Harvard Health Publications, 9/2/15 ■ “Bright Light Alters Metabolism,” Northwestern University, www.ScienceDaily.com, 5/18/16 ■ “Morning and Evening Blue-Enriched Light Exposure Alters Metabolic Function . . .” by I.N. Cheung et al., PLOS ONE, 5/18/16 ■ “Natural Light in the Office Boosts Health” by Marla Paul, www.Northwestern.edu, 8/8/14

Did you know? Upping your protein intake might not lead to weight loss, but it can have a major impact on your body-fat percentage. Researchers put adults on high-calorie diets with varying amounts of protein (5, 15, and 25 percent of the diet) for eight weeks. All gained similar amounts of weight, but those eating 15 and 25 percent protein stored nearly half of the excess calories as muscle. Those on the 5 percent diet stored 95 percent of the excess as fat. SOURCE “Can Eating a High-Protein Diet Increase Your Metabolism?” by K. Aleisha Fetters, www.WomensHealthMag.com, 11/11/14

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BE HAPPY YOU TOOK YOUR ESTER-C® The only vitamin-C that offers 24-hour immune support*

Eat healthy, get your rest—and take Ester-C® every day.* Taken just once a day, Ester-C® capsules, vegetarian tablets and effervescent powder packets absorb into your system and stay there to deliver 24-hour immune support and potent antioxidant activity.* So now, more than ever, trust your immune health to Ester-C®… Nothing else works like it.*

The Better Vitamin C.


, Ester-C ® and The Better Vitamin C ® are registered trademarks of The Ester C Company. U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,197,813 & 6,878,744. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Learn more at AmericanHealthUS.com ©2016 American Health Inc.





to food Shoyu and Mirin, the right and left hand of Japanese cooking. Ponzu and Tamari enhance and balance in seasoning, cooking, and marinating. Artisan crafted of EDEN Non-GMO ingredients, these magic delights deliver rare, rich character by way of koji fermentation.


Š 201

01 089 ds o o nF Ede



TIRED OF BEING TIRED? HOW TO RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES CHRONIC OR INTENSE STRESS CAN LEAD TO CHRONIC EXHAUSTION, AND THAT CAN MEAN LIVING WITH AN UNDERLYING TIREDNESS THAT SLEEP CAN’T ALLEVIATE. IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE WALKING THROUGH YOUR DAYS CARRYING THE WEIGHT OF FATIGUE, YOU MAY WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ADRENAL FATIGUE, A CONDITION THAT RESULTS WHEN THE ADRENAL GLANDS AREN’T FUNCTIONING TO CAPACITY. “Adrenal fatigue can wreak havoc with your life,” according to AdrenalFatigue.org, the website of James L. Wilson, a naturopath and chiropractor who named the condition in 1998. Here’s the premise behind adrenal fatigue: The adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, produce stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol. They’re intended to kick in under high-stress situations, like when you slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a dog. But for people under constant stress and those with fast-paced lives, the adrenals can go into overdrive. Such constant use can exhaust the glands and prevent them from

functioning as they should. That can lead to symptoms including low energy, general tiredness even when you’ve had enough sleep, weight gain, and anxiety, in addition to an inability to cope with stressful situations. One thing to be aware of: Adrenal fatigue is not recognized as a medical diagnosis by most practitioners of conventional medicine, and it is not the same as adrenal insufficiency, also called Addison’s disease, which is treated with prescription hormones. Holly Lucille, ND, RN, a naturopathic physician based in the Los Angeles area, believes that “ad-

www.tas teforl i fe.com

TFL_1016_100_41_42.indd 41

O CTO BER 2016

tasteforlife 41

9/14/16 12:46 PM

continued from page 41

renal fatigue” is a misnomer. “The adrenals are not fatigued,” she says. Rather, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis “has adapted as a result of chronic stressors, traumatic stressors, and/or perception of heightened stress, and I would refer to it as adrenal dysfunction and/or HPA dysfunction.” Be sure to consult with a trusted healthcare practitioner—Dr. Lucille recommends seeing a licensed naturopath—to investigate the causes of your fatigue and talk about a course of action to address it. In the meantime, try some of these suggestions for safely addressing stress and chronic tiredness: Supplements: Dr. Lucille suggests vitamin C, which is temporarily stored in the adrenal glands, as well as B vitamins, especially B6 and B5, also called pantothenic acid. Some people have also found vitamin D to be helpful. Magnesium may protect against anxiety. One study showed that

people living in conditions of chronic stress experienced depleted magnesium and needed supplementation. Omega 3s help protect neurons from damage caused by stress. Herbs: Try adaptogens, herbal remedies that help our bodies adapt to stress. Ginseng boosts stamina and decreases fatigue. Eleuthero increases energy and supports the immune system. Rhodiola reduces stress and sharpens the memory. Ashwagandha, an antioxidant, can help repair the damage caused by stressors. Dr. Lucille

recommends licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and rehmannia (Rehmannia glutinosa). “Both support liver function and restore adrenal function,” she notes. “They also facilitate the body’s normal response to stress, and help keep adrenal hormones active longer.” Diet: When you’re stressed, resist the impulse to reach for sugary or carbohydrate-filled comfort foods like pasta or pastries. They’ll play havoc with your hormone and blood-sugar levels, and stress you out more. Instead, aim for nutrient-rich food. Think protein (eggs and oily fish are great sources) and vegetables (dark, leafy greens are a good choice). If you need a sweet, nibble on dark chocolate, which contains mood-boosting flavanols. Remember to eat three meals a day and choose healthful snacks. Lifestyle: Aim for at least seven hours of sleep nightly. Avoid caffeine and processed sugar, which are stimulants that strain the adrenal glands. Learn relaxation techniques and practice them regularly. Try yoga, meditation, or t’ai chi, or take a walk outdoors. If that feeling of tiredness won’t lift, then get checked out by a healthcare provider you trust. TFL

SELECTED SOURCES “6 Top Herbal Adaptogens” by Michael Castleman, Mother Earth News, 6-7/08 ■ “Addison’s Disease”; “Stress Management: Relaxation Techniques,” www.MayoClinic.org ■ “Adrenal Fatigue: Is It Real?” by Eric Metcalf, MPH, www.WebMD.com, 11/11/13 ■ “Alterations in Magnesium and Oxidative Stress During Chronic Emotional Stress” by I. Cernak et al., Magnes Res, 3/00 ■ “Eat Right, Sleep Tight, and Keep Life from Pushing Your Buttons” by Casey Seidenberg, Washington Post Wellness blog, 10/1/13 ■ “An Exhausting Battle over Adrenal Fatigue” by Julie Deardorff, Chicago Tribune, 9/21/10 ■ “Food-Mood Connection: How You Eat Can Amp Up or Tamp Down Stress” by Allison Aubrey, Morning Edition, National Public Radio, 7/14/14 ■ Personal communication: Holly Lucille, 8/10/16 ■ “What is Adrenal Fatigue?” www.AdrenalFatigue.org

42 tasteforlife

O CTOBE R 201 6

TFL_1016_100_41_42.indd 42

9/9/16 10:29 AM

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On-the-Go Protein

Each serving of Bone Broth Protein from Ancient Nutrition delivers 20 grams of protein, collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and organic turmeric, with no carbs or sugars. www.BoneBrothPro.com

Nondrying Nasal Spray

Simple saline sprays alone can be drying to the nasal passages. Xlear Sinus & Nasal Spray with xylitol is cleansing, moisturizing, and protective to the delicate tissues. www.Xlear.com

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Many experts call magnesium the women’s mineral. For most women, supplementing is the best way to get enough magnesium (essential if you’re taking calcium). Eating foods containing smaller amounts of magnesium, such as some nuts, seeds and beans, is a good practice; but most Americans don’t get the minimum daily requirement of this key mineral from their diets. That’s where Natural Calm comes in. This best-selling, highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium works quickly and effectively to ease stress, help you sleep, relax your muscles and supply magnesium for hundreds of physical processes. Of course, talking about it is just talk. The only way to feel the difference in running your body at healthy magnesium levels is to try it. It’s called The Calm Experience.

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ARE YOU READY? YOUR DOORBELL WILL SOON BE RINGING WITH TRICK-OR-TREATERS CLAIMING THEIR LOOT. Instead of the bite-size candy bars that everyone seems to hand out, offer candy with a conscience—Fair Trade Certified treats. You’ll be making a statement about how workers in developing nations are treated. Fair Trade Certified products guarantee a fair income for farmers and harvesters who provide the cocoa beans that are manufactured into chocolate treats. The United Nations Children’s Fund states that 200,000 children in West Africa are working under forced labor conditions on cocoa farms. Halloween is a good time to educate children about fair trade and efforts to end worker exploitation. Look for Fair Trade Certified mini dark chocolate bars and truffles, particularly brands that are gluten- and dairyfree as well as non-GMO. Items that are Fair Trade Certified will have a logo on their packaging. The following recipe delivers spooky Paleo cookies you can make for a haunted Halloween party. SOURCE “Fair Trade,” www.GreenAmerica.org, 2014

While most kids love candy, there are other goodies to tempt them with when they’re trick-or-treating. Stickers and Halloweenthemed pencils and erasers are great options instead of sugary treats. The nationwide movement known as the Teal Pumpkin Project began in 2014 by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) to offer an alternative for kids with food allergies, as well as other children for whom candy is not an option. To be a part of it this Halloween, paint a pumpkin teal and place it by your door to let others know that you’ll be giving out non-food treats.


Not All Treats Need To Be Sweet

SOURCE “The Teal Pumpkin Project,” FARE, www.FoodAllergy.org, 2016

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9/8/16 9:02 AM

Naturally compatible probiotic power! PrimadophilusŽ Optima Women’s contains 100% HDS Probiotics™ (human digestive strains) which are naturally compatible with vaginal, urinary and intestinal tracts to support healthy yeast balance, regularity, digestion and immunity.*

continued from page 46


From Against All Grain Celebrations by Danielle Walker ($35, Ten Speed Press, 2016)

35 minutes prep time + 30 minutes chill time ■ makes 12 cookies

3 N 3 L 2 1 N N 2

Tbsp palm shortening or grass-fed unsalted butter* c unsweetened sunflower seed butter, chilled Tbsp light-colored raw honey c coconut sugar tsp pure vanilla extract tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice c plus 2 Tbsp coconut flour tsp baking soda oz dark chocolate (85 percent cacao), chopped

1. Preheat oven to 350°. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 2. In a stand mixer fitted with the beater attachment, or using an electric handheld mixer, cream together palm shortening and sunflower butter for 30 seconds, or until light and creamy. Keep mixer running and add honey, coconut sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice. Turn mixer off and add coconut flour and baking soda. Beat on high for 30 seconds until combined. Let dough sit for 5 minutes and then beat again on high for 15 seconds. Roll balls of dough slightly smaller than golf balls between your palms and place them on prepared baking sheet spaced K-inch apart. 3. Bake for 12 minutes, until lightly browned around edges. When cookies come out of oven, lightly indent tops with your fingertip. Cool completely on a wire rack. 4. Gently melt chocolate in the top of a double boiler. Let it cool until it is at room temperature and thick enough to hold its shape when piped. Spoon chocolate into a piping bag fitted with a small plain tip, and fill indentation on each cookie with chocolate to form the spider’s body. Then pipe eight legs coming out of spider body. Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes, or until chocolate sets. *If using butter, this recipe will not be dairy free. Per serving (1 cookie): 131 Calories, 2 g Protein, 10 g Carbohydrates, 2 g Fiber, 10 g Total fat (5 g sat, 2 g mono, 2 g poly), 28 mg Sodium, ★ Vitamin E, Copper, Manganese

www.tas teforl i fe.com

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© 2016 Nature’s Way® Brands LLC.

$10,000 Reasons to Feel Alive! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Promotion starts at 12:00 PM ET on 9/1/16 and ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on 10/31/16. Subject to Official Rules available at play.feelalive.com. See Official Rules for how to play the game, entry instructions, odds of winning, prize details and restrictions, etc. Open only to legal residents of the U.S. 50 states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Must be at least 18 years of age. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Sponsor: Nature’s Way Products, LLC.

Untitled-1 1

‡Alive!® Multi-Vitamins provide 60-200 mg dried fruit/vegetable powder in each serving.

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SMOOTH OUT MOOD SWINGS OMEGA 3S MAY HELP WITH DEPRESSION AND RELATED DISORDERS OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS HAVE OFTEN BEEN STUDIED FOR THEIR POSITIVE HEALTH BENEFITS. RESEARCH SUGGESTS THAT THEY MAY PREVENT HEART DISEASE AND STROKE, PROTECT AGAINST CANCER, AND HELP CONTROL CHRONIC CONDITIONS LIKE RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. THEY ALSO APPEAR TO LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART RATE, AND TRIGLYCERIDES, AS WELL AS EASE INFLAMMATION. The human body is able to make many of the fats it needs using its own raw materials, but omega-3 essential fatty acids can only come from food. There are three main types of omega-3 fats: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which come mainly from fish, and alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which can be found in oils, flaxseeds, nuts, leafy green vegetables, and some animal fats. In addition to their myriad other benefits, research now suggests that omega 3s may help alleviate symptoms of some common mood disorders, particularly major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar disorder. The exact mechanism for this is not yet

known, but some scientists think it may be related to serotonin levels. Deficits in omega-3 fatty acids also seem to be a contributing factor to mood disorders. An early study of fish oil in 30 patients with bipolar disorder found that nearly two-thirds of those who took 10 grams of fish oil per day over the course of four months experienced a marked improvement in their symptoms (versus less than 20 percent of those who received a placebo). A recent meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials found a beneficial overall effect of omega-3 supplementation in MDD patients, which was especially pronounced in those taking higher doses of EPA

alongside antidepressants. A similar review of 26 relevant studies confirmed a small-tomodest benefit against symptoms of depression. Researchers at the University of Melbourne recently found that in addition to omega-3 fish oils, certain nutritional supplements, including S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and vitamin D, seemed to boost the effects of antidepressant medications. There did not appear to be any major safety concerns in combining the supplements with the pharmaceutical therapies, but researchers stress that people always consult with a healthcare practitioner before starting a new supplement. TFL

SELECTED SOURCES “Meta-analysis and Meta-regression of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation for Major Depressive Disorder” by R.J. Mocking et al., Transl Psychiatry, 3/16 ■ “Nutrient Supplements Can Give Antidepressants a Boost,” University of Melbourne, 4/26/16 ■ “Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Major Depressive Disorder in Adults: An Abridged Cochrane Review” by K.M. Appleton et al., BMJ Open, 3/16 ■ “Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mood Disorders” by G. Parker et al., Am J Psychiatry, 6/06

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GRAB A SLICE OF GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA! FROZEN CRUSTS ARE GREAT FOR CONVENIENCE, BUT THERE ARE TIMES WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING HOMEMADE THAT YOU CAN SERVE PIPING HOT, STRAIGHT FROM THE OVEN. THAT’S WHERE THIS RECIPE FOR GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA CRUST COMES IN. IT’S THIN AND CRISPY WITH A SPRINGY TEXTURE AND GREAT FLAVOR. Top this crust with your favorite toppings. Or try something different. Some unique combinations to consider are grilled pears and Gruyère cheese with an olive oil base; curried chicken, sweet potato, and shredded mozzarella over mango chutney; broccoli rabe and Parmigiano Reggiano on top of a hearty tomato sauce; or roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, and fresh mozzarella slices layered over basil pesto.

The Crust of the Matter Pizza crusts made from dough are a traditional favorite. But these days, you’ll find all sorts of vegetables and grains making up the bottom layers of pizzas. Here are some that stand on their own or are combined with other ingredients for unique textures and flavors. Butternut squash slices Cauliflower florets Eggplant slices Polenta Potato slices Spaghetti squash Sweet potato slices Zucchini slices

52 tasteforlife

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Yelda, Florencia, and Eufrasia inspect each and every product by hand.

Nordic Naturals Bottling & Encapsulation Facility San Diego, CA

Nordic Naturals. Passionately Perfected. We may not look like fish oil fanatics. But we are. Some people build buildings. Some paint paintings. At Nordic Naturals we perfect the art of fish oil manufacturing. Our masterpiece is each bottle of fish oil that comes off our line. We know that what we do matters. For your health. For the health of your family. That’s why we’re obsessed with doing what’s right at any cost. Everyone doing their part to passionately perfect every batch. Because nothing less will do. Not for us. Not for you.

Omega-3s for ■ Healthy Heart* ■ Brain Health* ■ Optimal Wellness*

nordicnaturals.com | 800.662.2544 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

! T C U D O R P G IN L L E S # 1 E TH Curcumin


Stronger, More Effective

Up to 500 times stronger than turmeric** 29 groundbreaking, scientific studies The ONLY PATENTED curcumin with turmeric essential oil containing turmerones Healthy Inflammation Response*† Cellular Health Support*

“I guarantee you the results you deserve or your money back!” Terry Lemerond, Founder and President of Terry Naturally® products

Absorbs Better

Works Longer

More Effective^^

Clinically Proven Results

When it’s your health, count on CuraMed ! ®

EuroPharmaUSA.com MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE †Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse. ††SPINSscan Other Herbal Formula Subcategory Product Item Rank, data ending 7/10/16. ^Five hundred 500 mg capsules. ^^Compared to plain curcumin. **Based on enhanced absorption of CuraMed curcumin versus equivalent weight capsule of unstandardized turmeric containing 2% curcumin.


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Gluten-Free Pizza Crust GnV From The United States of Pizza by Craig Priebe with Dianne Jacob ($30, Rizzoli, 2015)

30 minutes prep time + overnight chill time ■ makes dough for 2 (12-inch) pizza crusts

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N 2

Tips to keep your family healthy? ✓ Inspiration for dinner? ✓ Free stuff ? ✓



c potato starch c sweet rice flour c sorghum flour Tbsp powdered unflavored psyllium Tbsp dry powdered milk* Tbsp active dry yeast Tbsp baking powder tsp salt tsp sugar large egg, beaten c extra-virgin olive oil, plus 1 tablespoon for the bowl c warm water Nonstick cooking spray

1. Place potato starch, flours, psyllium, powdered milk, yeast, baking powder, salt, and sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Mix on the lowest possible setting to avoid blowing fine flours everywhere. Then add egg, N cup of the oil, and the warm water and mix on medium-low speed until smooth, about 2 minutes. The batter will be wet like cake or pancake batter. 2. Oil a bowl with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil and pour batter into it. Cover with plastic wrap and chill overnight. The dough will not rise much but it will firm up and thicken and fill with bubbles. 3. Preheat oven to 400°. 4. Spray a 12-inch round cake or deep-dish pizza pan generously with nonstick cooking spray. Pour half the batter into the pan and spin it around to get dough to spread out evenly. 5. Bake crust for about 15 minutes, until firm. It will not be browned. Cool for 5 minutes before removing it from pan. Spray a pizza screen or pan with nonstick cooking spray and place it over top of pan. Invert pan and crust should fall out onto pan. If not, remove it with a spatula. The glutenfree crust is now ready for pizza toppings. (Bake second crust and use, or freeze for up to 3 months.) *If you wish to make this crust dairy free, the powdered milk can be omitted. It’s added to help brown the pizza. Removing it will not affect the crust’s taste or texture. Kitchen Note: Sorghum is the main flour, providing sweetness and structure to the dough. Ultra-fine potato starch makes crusts crisp and crunchy. Sweet rice flour adds flavor and lightness. Psyllium adds crunch and texture. Per serving (without toppings): 279 Calories, 4 g Protein, 47 g Carbohydrates, 1 g Fiber, 8 g Total fat (1 g sat, 6 g mono, 1 g poly), 140 mg Sodium, ★★★★★ Phosphorus, ★ Vitamin B3 (niacin), Folate, Manganese

www.tas teforl i fe.com

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About one percent of the population has celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that attacks the small intestine when gluten is consumed. For people with celiac, there’s no way to safely ingest gluten. A smaller percentage of us have a diagnosed wheat allergy, which makes eating wheat products (not specifically glutenous foods) at least uncomfortable. But possibly a larger number just feel better reducing or eliminating the amount of gluten in their diets. Gluten can lurk in unexpected places, so it’s helpful that gluten free labeling is becoming more common. Here, we share some of our favorite gluten-free products, including skin care and lots of tasty snacks! Enjoy.

CONDIMENTS Bragg Liquid Aminos aren't fermented, but are made from nonGMO soybeans and purified water. A great alternative to soy sauce or tamari. Tastes like a delicious seasoning but adds 16 amino acids to your food!

PERSONAL CARE Alaffia Coconut Reishi Nourishing Day Cream with kola and turmeric feels luxurious going on and helps protect skin from environmental toxins.

Home Health Almond Glow Body Lotion Massage Oil from American Health seals in moisture, smoothes skin, and doesn’t feel greasy.

SUPPLEMENTS Bluebonnet Super Earth VeggieProtein isn’t just gluten free, it’s also organic, and full of protein from brown rice, yellow peas, chia, and quinoa.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein Vanilla contains plant protein, vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, and amino acids.

Renew Life Organic Clear Fiber—Made from acacia fiber, this appetitecurbing clear mix delivers glutenfree prebiotics to the digestive tract. continued on page 59

56 tasteforlife tasteforlife tastefor taste forlife life OM CTO AY BE 2016 201 R 62016

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Available at natural health stores nationwide

Does this Health-Conscious Super Model and Super Mom Really Have an Unfair Advantage for Defying Age? “YES, Regain Your Lost Collagen!”

“BioSil Is Backed by Genuine Clinical Trials!”

“After the age of 21, we women lose about 1% of our collagen every year,” says Christie. “Collagen, of course, ‘plumps’ your skin and makes it smooth and youthful looking. In addition, collagen gives your skin its vital youth-promoting elasticity. Plus, collagen is responsible for helping to make your hair thicker and stronger. It makes your nails stronger, too.”

“I first tried BioSil because I saw the remarkable results of its double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials in genuine medical journals. I keep using it because of the results I see in the mirror!”

BioSil gives you the ability to regain lost collagen, add new collagen, and protect both your new and existing collagen.† “So yes, I feel like BioSil does give me an unfair advantage,” says Christie smiling.

“BioSil Generates Collagen with My Own DNA Fingerprint!” BioSil is not “made out of collagen,” it “generates collagen” through your body’s own natural pathways.† That means the collagen you add is collagen with your own DNA fingerprint. That’s why BioSil helps you look beautiful, youthful, and healthy – naturally!

Clinically Proven BioSil® • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles 30% ‡† • Strengthens & Thickens Hair 13% **† • Improves Skin Elasticity 89% ‡† • Strengthens Nails ‡† As demonstrated versus placebo in the published clinical trials: ‡ Barel et al. 2005, Archives of Dermatological Research 297, 147-153. ** Wickett et al. 2007, Archives of Dermatological Research 299, 499-505. Results may vary.

Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage! Try BioSil and give your skin, hair, and nails an unfair advantage! You’ll be happy to know BioSil works naturally and contains no animal parts whatsoever. Discover more of Christie’s beauty secrets at www.BioSilUSA.com/TLM1016

©2016 Bio Minerals NV. Manufactured by Bio Minerals NV, Belgium. ch-OSA, BioSil, the ch-OSA logo and Advanced Collagen Generator are registered trademarks of Bio Minerals NV. † This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

伀䴀䔀䜀䄀ⴀ㌀ 䘀伀刀 䔀嘀䔀刀夀 䈀伀䐀夀

䰀漀眀 椀渀 挀愀爀戀漀栀礀搀爀愀琀攀猀 愀渀搀 瀀愀挀欀攀搀 眀椀琀栀  渀甀琀爀椀琀椀漀渀Ⰰ 䈀愀氀攀愀渀ᤠ猀 伀爀最愀渀椀挀 䘀氀愀砀 伀椀氀猀 愀爀攀 愀 瀀甀爀攀  愀渀搀 搀攀氀椀挀椀漀甀猀 猀漀甀爀挀攀 漀昀 瀀氀愀渀琀ⴀ戀愀猀攀搀 伀洀攀最愀ⴀ㌀  昀愀琀琀礀 愀挀椀搀猀⸀ 倀氀甀猀Ⰰ 䈀愀爀氀攀愀渀ᤠ猀 椀猀 挀漀氀搀 瀀爀攀猀猀攀搀  眀椀琀栀漀甀琀 挀栀攀洀椀挀愀氀猀 愀渀搀 猀漀甀爀挀攀搀 攀砀挀氀甀猀椀瘀攀氀礀 昀爀漀洀  一漀爀琀栀 䄀洀攀爀椀挀愀渀 漀爀最愀渀椀挀 昀愀爀洀猀⸀ꀀ

㠀  ⴀ㐀㐀㔀ⴀ㌀㔀㈀㤀 簀 戀愀爀氀攀愀渀猀⸀挀漀洀

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SNACKS Our Little Rebellion Bean Crisps Saucy Salsa (Verde) are a perfectly spiced gluten-free treat! Light and crunchy Our Little Rebellion PopCorners in Salt of the Earth flavor also won high marks.

I Heart Keenwah Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Quinoa Puffs make for a divine, addicting snack that packs some protein.

Enjoy Life Foods Crunchy Minis in Sugar Crisp are sure to be a crowd favorite!

Matt’s Munchies Premium Fruit Snack Mango far exceeds expectations. Exceptional flavor! Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter bar offers 12 grams of protein for a satisfying plant-based snack that includes greens, fruits, and veggies.

Pamela’s Whenever Bars Oat Chocolate Chip Coconut offer delicious flavor, 10 grams of whole grains, 10 percent of your daily fiber needs, and omega-3 fatty acids.

New Zealand Jerky Peppered made from free-range, grass-fed beef is delightfully tangy, thanks to the use of apple cider vinegar and spices. Great high protein snack at 11 grams per serving.

Alter Eco Dark Salted Burnt Caramel Organic Chocolate hits all the right notes— organic, gluten free, fair trade, and absolutely decadent.

It must be the tangy blue cheese that makes Barbara’s Original Cheese Puffs so distinctive . . . or maybe it’s the crunch?

Find the winners online and learn more at tasteforlife.com/glutenfree-essentials



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NATURAL ANTIDEPRESSANTS RELIEF IS ON THE WAY THE BLUES CAN HIT AT ANY TIME OF YEAR, BUT WE’RE PARTICULARLY SUSCEPTIBLE WHEN THE DAYS SHORTEN AND HOLIDAY STRESS KICKS IN. DEPRESSION CAN BE A COMPLICATED AND HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL CONDITION, YET MANY HERBS AND NATURAL APPROACHES CAN HELP NUDGE THINGS IN A BETTER DIRECTION. Before you consider herbs, review the bigger picture. Inadequate sleep, stress, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies (especially omega 3s, B vitamins, vitamin D, and iron), lack of sunlight exposure, and a sedentary lifestyle can all cause or exacerbate depression. Unresolved emotional issues and unhealthy mental patterns benefit from therapy such as counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy. While herbs may help alleviate depression in these situations, you’re more likely to get better, long-term effects with a multifaceted approach that addresses the root cause(s) of imbalance. If nothing else, start exercising, which outperforms antidepressant drugs in effectiveness with fewer relapses. And consider these promising herbs.

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)) is the most researched herbal antidepressant. It produces similar effects as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac, which gradually boost serotonin levels in the brain. Hundreds of studies support the use of St. John’s wort, traditionally used as a nervous system tonic, for mild to moderate depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), anxiety, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, and menopausal mood issues. Like its pharmaceutical counterparts, it can take several weeks (even months) at a relatively high dose for St. John’s wort’s effects to build, although some people notice an immediate benefit. Quality varies on the market: Look for products made with fresh buds and flowers (not dry or whole plant), such as a fresh tincture (it should be deep red), carbon dioxide extract pills, or standardized capsules. It interacts with many medications (including antidepressants) and, rarely, can increase photosensitivity and raise thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels.

Hypericum perforatum

www.tas teforl i fe.com

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Curcuma longa

Melissa officinalis

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) offers scientifically proven mood-boosting properties when inhaled or ingested. According to herbalist David Winston, lemon balm enhances the effectiveness of St. John’s wort when the two are combined, though you can also use lemon balm solo. Studies have found that it relieves anxiety while boosting cognition. Lemon balm also tends to improve digestion, aid sleep, and quell hyperthyroid stress and heart palpitations, and is well tolerated by most people. I prefer fresh plant tincture because lemon balm loses potency quickly, but some studies use capsules. Combining it with antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and some types of pain pills like opioids and muscle relaxers may increase the sedative action, so gradually introduce lemon balm if you take these medications to see how it affects you. Rarely, lemon balm may worsen hypothyroid disease.

Albizia julibrissin

Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin), known in Chinese medicine as the “tree of collective happiness,” has long been used to boost mood and quell anxiety. It is not as well known in the West even though it grows here abundantly. Only a handful of highly preliminary studies have been done, but they support traditional use. In my own practice, I find fresh or freshly dried bark tincture of mimosa fast-acting and among my most reliable herbs for depression and anxiety without oversedation—often better than St. John’s wort. You can find Albizia tincture from a few herb companies. It appears to be very safe, but use caution when combining it with pharmaceutical antidepressants and mood drugs. Avoid using when pregnant.

Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG), is a registered clinical herbalist and freelance health journalist nestled in the pine forests of New Hampshire. She is the author of the book Body into Balance. Learn about herbs, distance consults, online classes, and more at www.WintergreenBotanicals.com.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) may not come to mind as an antidepressant; it’s more well-known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and liverdetoxifying properties. Yet it has performed exceptionally well in recent clinical studies on major depression. In one, 500 milligrams (mg) of curcumin capsules taken twice a day for eight weeks significantly improved major depressive disorder symptoms. Another study found that this same dose improved the efficacy of antidepressant medications in major depression. Researchers compared 1,000 mg of curcumin with 20 mg of Prozac or a combination of the two. Individually, both treatments had nearly 65 percent improvement, but combining them bumped success to nearly 80 percent. It’s generally very safe but may interact with blood-thinning medications. Many others herbs can also be beneficial, particularly those with stress-relieving adaptogenic properties. Consider holy basil or ashwagandha for a mood and gentle energy boost that also quells anxiety, whereas rhodiola has more stimulating effects that are not always appropriate in anxiety or insomnia. TFL

SELECTED SOURCES Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief by David Winston and Steven Maimes ($18.95, Healing Arts Press, 2007) ■ “Antidepressant Efficacy of Adjunctive Aerobic Activity and Associated Biomarkers in Major Depression . . .” by C.C. Siqueira et al., PLOS One, 5/6/16 ■ “Anxiolytic Effects of Julibroside C1 Isolated from Albizia julibrissin in Mice” by Y.H. Jung et al., Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 7/13 ■ Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care by Maria Noël Groves ($24.95, Storey Publishing, 2016) ■ “Efficacy and Safety of Curcumin in Major Depressive Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial” by J. Sanmukhani et al., Phytother Res, 4/14 ■ “Melissa officinalis L.—A Review of Its Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology” by A. Shakeri et al., J Ethnopharmacol, 7/16 ■ “Modulation of Mood and Cognitive Performance Following Acute Administration of Single Doses of Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) . . .” by D.O. Kennedy et al., Neuropsychopharmacology, 10/03 ■ “Physical Exercise Intervention in Depressive Disorders: Meta-analysis and Systematic Review” by T. Josefsson et al., Scand J Med Sci Sports, 4/14

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autumn, “There is a harmony in

and a luster in its sky . . .” —Percy Bysshe Shelley

For more inspirational quotes, visit TasteforLife.com/words-for-life



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