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vegan supplements stick to the plan

One of the most daunting tasks for vegans isn’t dining out or facing criticism from friends and family. Instead, finding supplements that fit their lifestyle, one that eliminates the use of any animal product, has always been the challenge. Pill coatings and capsules, for

There’s never been an easier time for vegans to find supplements designed just for them.

instance, might contain gelatin, a substance made by boiling down animal parts, while some supplements themselves are sourced from animals, which may not be obvious. In recent years, though, it’s become easier to find supplements that fit a vegan lifestyle. Part of that new growth

has come from supplements designed to be vegan-friendly. Gone are the days of in-depth online searches to find veganfriendly supplements, thanks in part to more consumers shifting to animal-free diets. Just take a stroll down the supplement aisles and you’re

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