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16 super supplements

7/5/16 10:17 AM

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for Xlear Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol. Xlear is the most effective non-medicated

way to alleviate stuffiness due to seasonal allergies—without the dryness.

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kids’ supplement awards

Our picks to boost immunity, aid focus, and more.

6 From the Editor’s Desk 8 Health Pulse

Calcium confirmed safe • Omega 3s diminish aggression • Lavender essence for pain • Tart cherry juice reduces hypertension • More

16 In Focus

Nutrient-rich green superfoods.

21 Supplement Spotlight Prevent vision loss.

22 Sports Nutrition

Fight back against gym germs.

27 Cutting Edge

Anti-aging supplement shows promise.

28 The Goods 29 Everyday Remedies Tips for beating insomnia.

30 Postscript

Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, discusses consciousness and meditation.

A source for news, information, and ideas for your healthy lifestyle.

Cover: Spoonful of spirulina algae powder

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l remedies


7/6/16 10:23 AM

from the editor ’s desk

remedies for LIFE

A good reminder I sit at my desk, neck muscles creaking with tension whenever I turn my head. As I face the knowledge that my bike is going to stay racked on the car all day today (again!), I’m fully aware of the irony: All month I work with information to help our readers live healthier lives, and here I am having trouble doing it myself. It happens to the best of intentions. We want to exercise, get the right nutrition, and sleep well, but life sometimes gets in the way. Never mind: The best intentions just happen to be the best start. Each of us can make a small change here and there to get closer to meeting those goals. Whether one of your goals is to consume more greens (page 16), to better care for your eyes (page 21), or to stay healthy while starting a new gym regimen (page 22), the information we’re providing is not to make you feel guilty for falling short, but to make it easier to get where you want to go. In these pages we have also chosen a selection of children’s supplements that can help you give your kids the best nutritional advantage, starting on page 12. And if unmet goals are keeping you up at night, turn to page 29 for some natural insomnia remedies. I’ll see you again on the path to better health!


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August 2016

7/6/16 11:35 AM

healthpulse calcium safety affirmed

A new study provides further evidence of the safety of calcium and vitamin D supplementation. Some previous research had suggested that calcium supplements might increase the risk of cardiovascular events. Researchers found no links between calcium supplements and hospital admissions related to any cardiovascular events, including heart attacks. Results were very similar for calcium/vitamin D combinations. Even in participants who had a history of cardiovascular disease, supplementation did not increase the risk of future events. “Calcium supplementation is widely used, including as an adjunct to therapy for osteoporosis,” said researcher Nicholas C. Harvey, PhD. “Our results, using the largest single study to date, provide reassurance that such supplementation appears safe.” The study included almost 35,000 adults (ages 40 to 69) who took calcium, vitamin D, or both. “UK Study Supports Cardiovascular Safety of Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation,” International Osteoporosis Foundation 4/16/16

omega 3s may thwart aggression Children who display extreme aggression may be helped by nutritional supplements. A new study found that incorporating omega-3 fatty acids, a multivitamin, and calcium into the diets of kids with a history of violence helped reduce problem behavior. The researchers attributed most of the changes to omega 3s, but noted that other behavioral interventions, such as cognitive behavorial therapy, were included. “Omega-3 Lowers Childhood Aggression in Short Term . . .,” University of Pennsylvania, 5/13/16


remedies l

August 2016

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7/5/16 4:37 PM

lavender scent may ease pain

A recent study demonstrated that lavender aromatherapy may be an effective treatment for pain after surgery. Patients received oxygen and lavender essence for 15 minutes, or oxygen without lavender, following heart surgery. Both treatments were administered through face masks. Assessments of pain were done several times over the next hour. Patients who received lavender felt significantly less pain at five, 30, and 60 minutes after treatment compared to those who received oxygen alone. Aromatherapy stimulates the olfactory system (the sense of smell), which helps stimulate calmness and relaxation. “Re: Lavender Aromatherapy Helps Reduce Postsurgical Pain” by Shari Henson, HerbClip, http://cms.HerbalGram.org, 5/31/16

tart cherry juice lowers BP Men with early hypertension may benefit from drinking tart cherry juice. The juice—which is high in polyphenolic compounds—significantly lowered systolic blood pressure over a period of three hours. The men had systolic readings (the first, or higher number) of about 130, which went down an average of 7 percent. The positive results followed a two-ounce dose of Montmorency cherry juice concentrate, and were compared to those of men who had received a placebo. The reduction was comparable to the effects achieved by antihypertensive medication. “Effects of Montmorency Tart Cherry (Prunus Cerasus L.) Consumption on Vascular Function in Men with Early Hypertension” by K.M. Keane et al., Am J Clin Nutr, 5/4/16 ● “High Blood Pressure Lowers Significantly After Drinking Tart Montmorency Cherry Juice,” Northumbria University, 5/5/16

did you know?

People who visit parks for 30 minutes or more per week are much less likely to have high blood pressure or poor mental health compared to their peers, according to research from Australia. Regular “doses of nature” of a half hour or more may reduce the risks of heart disease, stress, anxiety, and depression. “Dose of Nature Is Just What the Doctor Ordered,” University of Queensland, 6/23/16


remedies l

August 2016

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7/5/16 10:10 AM

yoga may ease asthma

Yoga can have a positive effect on symptoms and quality of life in people with asthma. Researchers analyzed the results of 15 studies that included more than 1,000 people with asthma and found small improvements from yoga practice. Most participants had mild to moderate asthma. “Yoga May Have Health Benefits for People with Asthma,” www.EurekAlert.org, 4/26/16

asthma can surprise you

Many adults who have asthma may not be aware they have the disease. Most people recognize common asthma signs such as wheezing and shortness of breath, but don’t realize that trouble sleeping, chest pain, or a persistent cough may also indicate asthma. “A lot of people have asthma and don’t know it,” said David Beuther, MD, pulmonologist at National Jewish Health. “It’s not rare that your asthma doesn’t present like the textbook. It’s actually more common than most people realize.” Dr. Beuther said about one of every 200 adults is newly diagnosed with asthma every year. “Survey: Common Asthma Warnings Overlooked,” National Jewish Health, 5/11/16

August 2016

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l remedies


7/5/16 10:10 AM



Our picks for top KIDS’



Health boosters

The end of summer is a busy time for kids and parents alike. It’s also the time when germs no one has encountered all summer start to make their way back into homes (and backpacks and gym bags). Sleep cycles change, eating becomes more regimented (or irregular), and kids’ immune systems can suffer. Help them put their best feet forward this fall with supplements that boost immunity, ease digestive problems, and help them focus on the job at hand. We’ve selected several standouts for you to shop for to make at least that job a little easier.


✽ AlternaVites Kids Vitamin C (Orange Berry Blast flavor) is a sugar-free packet of vitamin C-rich powder that can be taken on its own or mixed into smoothies or yogurt.


remedies l

✽ Natural Factors C 500 mg fruit chews offer a burst of vitamin C in a unique blueberry, raspberry, and boysenberry-flavored fruit chew.

✽ Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 Gummies Kids has 400 IU of D3 per Wild Watermelon Splash– flavored gummy.

August 2016

REM_0816_450_12_13_14.indd 12

7/6/16 12:10 PM


✽ Nature’s Answer Kids Sambucus Kids Formula is a cherry-flavored, super-concentrated syrup with 4,000 mg of immune-supportive elderberry extract.

✽ MegaFood Kids Daily Immune is a powder than can be mixed into your child’s favorite drink to boost immunity. Elderberry, vitamin C, anthocyanins from organic fruits, and astragalus provide the benefits.

✽ Nature’s Way Immunables Kids Immunity. This “immunobiotic” supports immune function by promoting a healthy biome.


✽ Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Organic Kids+ has 5 billion CFU of 14 strains, along with vitamins C and D.

✽ Bluebonnet Rainforest Animalz Probiotic Chewable Wafers deliver a super-stable, chewable dose of probiotics for kids 3 and older.

✽ NOW Foods BerryDophilus is a tasty, chewable probiotic supplement with 2 billion units of 10 probiotic strains.


✽ Wakunaga Kid’s Kyo-Dophilus probiotic supplement is a vanilla-flavored chewable with a proprietary blend of heat-stable, stomach acid resistant probiotic strains to support digestive and immune function.

✽ Country Life Kids Care Digestive Support is a yummy watermelonflavored chewable wafer containing several helpful digestive enzymes.

✽ RenewLife Digest Smart Kids Enzyme in Berry Blast flavor helps tender tummies digest food. Comes in an appetizing chewable tablet. August 2016

REM_0816_450_12_13_14.indd 13

l remedies


7/6/16 12:12 PM


Our picks for top KIDS’





✽ Barlean’s Kid’s Omega Swirl Fish ✽ Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Lemonade flavor is a smooth Oil for Kids in Mango Peach flavor delivery system for healthy EPA and has 1,500 mg of DHA and EPA, DHA oils. It tastes like a treat! vitamins A, D3, and E, and lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health.

✽ Carlson Kid’s Chewable DHA, Orange flavor supports brain and eye health in a unique chewable.


✽ Lifeline Foods Buried Treasure Added Attention is a liquid supplement that contains B vitamins, chromium, omegas, herbs, and more to help improve a child’s focus. No gluten, dairy, or yeast.

✽ Oxylent Children’s Multivitamin Supplement Drink is an effervescent treat with vitamins, minerals, and no sugar.


remedies l

✽ Rainbow Light Brain & Focus Multivitamin gives teens and young adults a mix of vitamins, herbs, and other nutrients that support mood and focus.

✽ Ester-C kid stiks Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement Daily Drink Mix Powder in Tropical Punch flavor is for kids who want their vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in a nonfizzy drink.

✽ Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi offers omega 3s, vitamins, amino acids, and Natural Calm magnesium and calcium.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

August 2016

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7/6/16 9:04 AM






Make the switch to Spry products and start making these things count.

Using products from the Spry5 system make it easy to get the dentistrecommended five daily exposures of xylitol. Research has shown over and over that using xylitol products five times throughout the day is the best way to keep your teeth healthy. The Spry5 System is simple to use, in fact you’re probably going through the motions, just not with products that work together.  If you brush your teeth, use mouthwash, chew gum, eat mints or candy you should make it count.

Available at fine retailers everywhere.

1 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse when you wake up. 2 After meals chew Spry gum or mints. 3 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse before bed. The goal of the Spry5 system is to make oral care easy, tasty and effective. Find your nearest Spry5 retailer at Xlear.com. Or visit Xlear.com

4 Use Spry Dental Probiotics before bed. 5 Other exposures to 100% xylitol products throughout the day are added bonuses and will help.

in focus

greens for health superfoods bring colorful benefits


remedies l

Let’s face it: “Popeye the Sailor Man” was not exactly the picture of health. He was a smoker, for one, and the poor guy had only one working eyeball. But you can’t deny this: He sure did know how to eat.

August 2016

REM_0816_450_16_17_18.indd 16

7/5/16 2:47 PM

tial amino acids may increase blood flow, Of course, the beloved 1930s cardigestion, and detoxification, and may be toon character with the bulging biceps useful in treating chronic diseases. Barley gobbled down his favorite food—spingrass is available in supplement form in ach—from a can; perhaps we could powders and tablets. imagine a more modern, more refined Popeye bending to trim a delicate Wheat grass: The young shoots patch of spinach leaves from his abunof the common wheat plant contain chlodant, pesticide-free garden. rophyll and various vitamins and other Spinach Perhaps not. nutrients. Early testing in animals sugBut you get the idea. Spinach gave provides 56 gests wheat grass may have cancer-prePopeye his superhuman strength, and vention and cancer-fighting potential, percent of the we know now that it’s among a bevy of and may help with conditions such as recommended green “superfoods”—such as kale, colrheumatoid arthritis, blood disorders, daily allowance lard greens, lettuces, and bok choy— diabetes, and obesity. Wheat grass comes of vitamin A that are especially nutrient-rich and in juice form, but you can also find it in alone—and the good for the body. Spinach provides tablets and powders, so you can mix up numbers only 56 percent of the recommended daily your own customized beverages. go up in kale allowance of vitamin A alone—a masChlorella: Available in capsules, sive benefit to the immune system— (206 percent of tablets, and powder, this green, singleand the numbers only go up in kale vitamin A) and cell microalgae contains proteins, (206 percent of vitamin A) and collard omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, collard greens greens (308 percent). and other nutritional properties. Some (308 percent). Eating your green superfoods in studies have suggested chlorella may their natural, leafy form is generally help control cholesterol and diabetes, advisable, but there are alternatives and protect against cancer and lung disease. Start if you’re on the go or want convenient coverage for slowly: Overdoing it might cause diarrhea, nausea, your recommended intake. Here are some for your flatulence, or stomach cramps. consideration. Spirulina: This is a type of bacteria that lives in Barley grass: Barley grass is simply young the water and makes its own food. Its composition of barley leaves. Its vitamins, minerals, and eight essenproteins and vitamins contribute to its antioxidant

August 2016

REM_0816_450_16_17_18.indd 17

l remedies


7/6/16 10:21 AM

continued from page 17

consider this NOW Chlorella Tablets are a convenient way to obtain the natural nutrients found in chlorella, including chlorophyll, beta carotene, mixed carotenoids, vitamin C and more.

Tired of messy juicing? Berry Good Greens from BioActive Nutrients contains 25+ superfruits and dark greens, and the nutrition of 8 cups of fruits and veggies, in a tasty mix.

One scoop of NovaForme CytoGreens has 21 times the chlorophyll as a full serving of dark, leafy greens, and all you need to help with recovery, energy, digestion, and immunity.

“The Antioxidant, Immunomodulatory, and AntiInflammatory Activities of Spirulina: An Overview” by Q. Wu et al., Arch Toxicol, 6/16 ● “Chlorella vulgaris: A Multifunctional Dietary Supplement with Diverse Medicinal Properties” by Y. Panahi et al., Curr Pharm Des, 2016 ● “Discover Matcha Tea”; “Is Chlorella Good for Health?” www. DrWeil.com ● “Get Your Fill of Fall ‘Superfoods’” by Jess Amaris, http://MayoClinicHealthSystem.org, 11/14 ● “Health Benefits of Blue-Green Algae: Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” by C.S. Ku et al., J Med Food, 2/13 ● “The Medical Use of Wheatgrass: Review of the Gap Between Basic and Clinical Applications” by G. Bar-Sela et al., Mini Rev Med Chem, 2015 ● “Therapeutic Potential of Young Green Barley Leaves in Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases: An Overview” by L. Lahouar et al., Am J Chin Med, 10/15


remedies l

and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Spirulina may battle plaque buildup in arteries, heart-muscle thickening, heart failure, and high blood pressure. Clinical trials have shown it may also prevent exercise-related skeletal muscle damage. It’s available in powders and capsules. Blue-green algae: These primitive organisms are made up of components that may lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress. More recent studies have demonstrated that blue-green algae may be taken to protect against heart disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It is recommended that any blue-green algae supplement meet safety standards because contamination has been reported. It is available in capsules and powder. Matcha tea: Matcha is a special type of Japanese green tea. The whole leaf is ingested, which, in part, makes it more beneficial than other green teas. Brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, matcha tea may protect against cancers, fight against heart disease, and slow the signs of aging. It is high in fiber and low in calories. Matcha is a powdered tea, so you could drink it in traditional form or go bold and add it to stir fries or soups. —Karen Lovett

August 2016

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7/6/16 10:22 AM


BEAUTY. OWNED. From healthy hair to strong nails to glowing skin, Natrol® has got you covered with a full range of beauty-boosting products. Natrol’s newest beauty powerhouses provide your body with the nutrients it needs, so you can always look and feel your most beautiful.† Go ahead, own your heath with Natrol.

natrol.com †This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ©2016 Natrol LLC.

Yelda, Florencia, and Eufrasia inspect each and every product by hand.

Nordic Naturals Bottling & Encapsulation Facility San Diego, CA

Nordic Naturals. Passionately Perfected. We may not look like fish oil fanatics. But we are. Some people build buildings. Some paint paintings. At Nordic Naturals we perfect the art of fish oil manufacturing. Our masterpiece is each bottle of fish oil that comes off our line. We know that what we do matters. For your health. For the health of your family. That’s why we’re obsessed with doing what’s right at any cost. Everyone doing their part to passionately perfect every batch. Because nothing less will do. Not for us. Not for you.

Omega-3s for ■ Healthy Heart* ■ Brain Health* ■ Optimal Wellness*

nordicnaturals.com | 800.662.2544 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

supplement spotlight

the eyes have it a look at prevention

Our eyesight generally declines as we age. (No kidding, right? Who among us of a certain age doesn’t find themselves squinting at screens or wondering why the words in our books or magazines keep getting smaller?) Cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are common ailments, but there is much we can do to maintain our vision. It starts with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Dietary supplements can help too. Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that are found in abundance in healthy eyes. They’ve been shown to protect against AMD and some forms of cataracts. In a group of young adults, supplementation with the two carotenoids led to improved processing speed of visual signals. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and its effects on eye health are well documented. It’s vital for reducing the negative effects of free radicals, which attack enzymes, membranes, and proteins in the lens.

■ Eyebright capsules (or tinctures) are good for relieving itchy, inflamed eyes. As with chamomile, the tea bags make an effective compress.

Sight savers Many nutritional supplements can boost our eye health or simply ease the strain from overuse. Consider these.

■ Sea buckthorn oil can be effective for treating dry eyes, especially in winter months. Adults took the oil orally and saw reductions in burning and redness.

■ Astaxanthin, a carotenoid like lutein and zeaxanthin, may help prevent AMD. One study found that it improved visual sharpness in people who use computers heavily. ■ Chamomile tea bags (slightly cooled) will soothe strained, puffy eyes when placed gently on the lids for 15 minutes. The tea itself is great for reducing tension and helping you ease into dreamland.

■ Grapeseed extract’s strong antioxidant properties may protect against cataracts by neutralizing free radicals. A recent study found a combination of grapeseed extract, zinc, and other nutrients to be effective in preventing AMD.

■ Green tea catechins are able to penetrate the lens, retina, and other eye tissues, putting their antioxidant properties to work in preventing glaucoma and other conditions. ■ Vitamin C has been shown to have a strong relationship with the incidence of cataracts, with higher levels of the vitamin reducing the risk. Vitamin C levels in the eye naturally decline with age, so supplementation may —Cameron Hendrix be helpful.

“Current Data on the Role of Anthocyanosides and Flavonoids in the Treatment of Eye Diseases” by I.V. Vorobeva, Vestn Oftalmol, 9-10/15 ● “Do Nutritional Supplements Have a Role in Age Macular Degeneration Prevention?” by M.D. Pinazo-Duran et al., J Opthalmol, 2014 ● “A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study on the Effects of Lutein and Zeaxanthin on Neural Processing Speed and Efficiency” by E.R. Bovier et al., PLOS ONE, 9/14 ● “Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin Extract Protects Human Lens Epithelial Cells from Oxidative Stress . . .” by Z. Jia et al., Mol Vis, 1/20/11 ● Medicinal Herbs by Rosemary Gladstar ($14.95, Storey, 2012) ● “New Evidence that Green Tea May Help Fight Glaucoma . . .,” American Chemical Society, 2/20/10 ● “Oral Sea Buckthorn Oil Attenuates Tear Film Osmolarity and Symptoms in Individuals with Dry Eye” by P.S. Larmo et al., J Nutr, 8/10

August 2016

REM_0816_450_21.indd 21

l remedies


7/6/16 2:54 PM

sports nutrition

give gym germs

Antioxidants Antioxidants, as defined by the Linus Pauling Institute (LPI) at Oregon State University, are substances that prevent or reduce damage caused by chemical reactions in the body (or in a plant). Among those LPI considers noteworthy are: Vitamin C, which significantly reduces oxidative damage, Vitamin E, which is especially important for people with heart disease, and Selenium, which has been shown in several human trials to have anti-cancer effects. “The New Recommendations for Dietary Antioxidants . . .” Linus Pauling Institute, http://lpi.OregonState.edu


remedies l

August 2016

REM_0816_450_22_23_24.indd 22

7/5/16 10:07 AM

the boot Gyms are some of the germiest places around, which is why it makes sense to strengthen your immune system, especially if you’re starting a new fitness program. Here’s how to tweak your nutritional habits to help do just that. Starting a new workout plan or new to exercise in general? While the gym can be a great place to get expert advice and meet fitness buddies, it’s also a germ mecca, meaning the person on the treadmill before you may have left you the start of a nasty cold. Not to mention, of course, that a new workout program can place increased demands on your body that can compromise your immune system. The irony, of course, is that exercise is actually an immune booster. In fact, studies have shown that regular exercisers have a lower risk of catching the common cold than non-exercisers. Even if they do catch a cold, it’s not usually as severe. To boost that response even further, a diet high in antioxidants to offset the body’s oxidative response to exercise can be helpful. But that’s just a start. Keeping

your calorie intake at a reasonable level is a critical component of the immune system. “So many people want to eat like a bird and work out like a maniac, and they’re just asking to be sick,” says Jackie Buell, RD, a dietitian at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus. Her recommendation? If you are trying to lose weight, eat only about 300 to 500 calories less than the amount your body needs for the proper calorie balance according to your gender, height, weight, age, and activity level. You should also focus on eating a balanced diet. “It should have supportive calorie intake, enough protein to support new muscle protein synthesis, and lots of fiber,” Buell says. She recommends consuming about 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight spread out throughout the day. August 2016

REM_0816_450_22_23_24.indd 23

l remedies


7/5/16 4:38 PM

continued from page 23

Try the following to further boost the body’s immune response:

Flax: Flax is high in

omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, both of which can improve your health.

Tart red cherry juice: The juice alone

is loaded with antioxidants. Add whey protein to it after exercising, and you’ll help your muscles recover better. Tart cherry juice is also available in supplement form.

Omega 3s: These essential fatty acids help tamp down inflammation, which can affect overall health and, specifically, cause post-workout pain and soreness.

Probiotics: These “good” bacteria improve your gut microbiome, which researchers have found plays a significant role in your immune function.

While there’s no guarantee you won’t get sick from those germy gyms, if you factor all of these dietary boosters into your routine, your body will be stronger from the inside out. . —Karen Asp

Avoid germs at the gym No matter where you go, you’re always surrounded by germs. Yet gyms tend to be even bigger breeding grounds for germs than other spots. Just how bad are they? The most common gym equipment—think treadmills, exercise bikes, and free weights— contains more than one million germs per square inch, all of which can cause illness, according to recent data from www.FitRated.com, which reviews exercise equipment. Consider this: An exercise bike had 39 times more bacteria than a plastic reusable cafeteria tray while a treadmill had 74 times more bacteria than a water faucet. And those free weights? A whopping 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. None of this, though, is meant to gross you out or, worse yet, make you avoid the gym. Instead, just being aware can help you take greater precautions to avoid these germs. Follow these tips from Cristina Lachowyn at FitRated:


remedies l

Bring your own water bottle, towels, and exercise mat to cut down on the number of germs you share with others. Wipe down shared equipment before and after using it. Most gyms have sterilizing wipes so make sure you use them. Clean even the seats on exercise equipment, free weights, and consoles on cardio machines. Carry sanitizer. Rub this evenly on your hands before and after exercising. Shower smart. Showering at home is best, but if you must shower at the gym, wear flipflops in the locker room and shower. Otherwise, if you have any nick or cut in your foot, germs could easily enter your body. Avoid touching your face: This is a universal sickness prevention strategy, but it’s crucial when you’re at the gym. Unless you’ve sterilized your hands, don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, some of the main entry points for germs. “Examining Gym Cleanliness,” www.FitRated.com, 2016 ● “Moderate Exercise Improves Immunity and Decreases Illness Rates” by David C. Nieman, American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 4/28/11 ● Personal communication: Jackie Buell, Cristina Lachowyn, 6/16

August 2016

REM_0816_450_22_23_24.indd 24

7/6/16 9:10 AM


Children’s Multi-Vitamins That Really Stack Up. Made with Orchard Fruits,™ Garden Veggies™‡ and high potency vitamins and minerals, Alive! Children's Multi-Vitamins are perfect for ®

supporting your child's daily nutritional needs. Available in great tasting gummies & chewables, they're nutritious, delicious and fun! Gluten Free • No Preservatives

‡Alive!® Multi-Vitamins provide 150 mg fruit/vegetable powder blend per serving

Natural remedies and tasty recipes to support a healthy way of life.

Don’t Succumb to Cold and Flu

Most of us want to spend the holiday season socializing with friends and family, not spending quality time on the couch with a box of tissues.


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the right combo an anti-aging “cocktail”

A dietary supplement made from commonly available nutrients showed surprising promise in battling the effects of aging in mice. Researchers hope the mixture may someday slow diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS in people. “The findings are very dramatic,” said Jennifer Lemon, PhD. “Our hope is that this supplement could offset some very serious illnesses and ultimately improve quality of life.” While the supplement is not commercially available, most of its components are. It included a total of 30 nutrients, including B vitamins plus C and D, green tea extract, and cod liver oil. The mice had the equivalent of severe Alzheimer’s disease. Taking the supplement for several months eliminated severe brain cell loss and halted cognitive decline. “There is tremendous potential with this supplement to help people who are suffering from some catastrophic neurological diseases,” said Dr. Lemon. She explained that mice experience the same basic cell mechanisms that contribute to neurodegeneration in humans. “All species, in fact,” she said. “There is a commonality among us all.” The supplement was developed at McMaster University in Ontario. The researchers plan to test it on people soon. —Rich Wallace “Fountain of Youth? Dietary Supplement May Prevent and Reverse Severe Damage to Aging Brain . . .,” McMaster University, 6/2/16 ● “A Multi-Ingredient Dietary Supplement Abolishes Large-Scale Brain Cell Loss, Improves Sensory Function, and Prevents Neuronal Atrophy in Aging Mice” by J.A. Lemon et al., Environ Mol Mutagen, 6/16

August 2016

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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August 2016

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e ve r y d a y r e m e d i e s

insomnia What is it? Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. What causes it? Stress, illness, discomfort, medications, environmental issues such as noise or light, changes in normal sleep schedule.

Lifestyle: Exercise regularly; avoid naps; work on controlling stress; use a sleeping mask or ear plugs; develop a bedtime routine.

Food: Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and heavy meals late in the day; try bananas, dates, figs, milk, tuna, turkey, or yogurt.

Supplements: Calcium, melatonin, magnesium,

Herbs: California poppy, catnip, chamomile, hops,

Homeopathy: Arnica, Belladonna, Bryonia,

lemon balm, passionflower, valerian root.

vitamin B complex, vitamin C, zinc.

Calcarea carb., Coffea, Gelsemium, Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox, Sulphur.

The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses by Dennis Chernin, MD, MPH ($29.95, North Atlantic Books, 2006) ● “An Overview of Insomnia,” www. WebMD.com, 8/21/14 ● Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC ($29.95, Penguin Group/Avery, 2006)

August 2016

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Experiencing Consciousness When I ask myself, what did I learn about consciousness at medical school? the answer is, not very much. Our generic patient was either conscious, unconscious, or somewhere in between—concussed, stuporous, obtunded. My psychiatric training was likewise lacking. We did, of course, learn about sleep with its various stages and maladies, and we attended lectures on hypnosis. We also learned about mood, anxiety, and other disorders listed in the latest manual of psychiatric ailments. We were taught to inquire about people’s thoughts, dreams, and feelings, and even to make some attempt to understand where they came from and how best to deal with them. As I think about it, though, all of this learning involved the contents of consciousness—the subject matter, if you will— not consciousness itself. Consciousness as a topic for study and understanding was not on the menu.

Ancient wisdom: States of consciousness

Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School and a New York Times bestselling author of books including Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation. He was the first psychiatrist to describe and diagnose Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). www.NormanRosenthal.com.

Although most scientists ignored the study of consciousness until the late 1980s, sages from many traditions have contemplated the subject for thousands of years. In general, different states of consciousness have been defined in terms of subjective experiences—for example, feelings of stillness, boundlessness, and bliss. Now scientists are using modern technology, such as EEGs and brainimaging techniques, to try to understand the physiological underpinnings of these states. While in my new book I focus primarily on meditation derived from the Vedic tradition of ancient India, including brain changes that occur in TM practitioners, other forms of meditation have also been associated with measurable brain changes. But despite technical developments, I have to say that in our current state of knowledge, subjective reports remain the most precise way to characterize states of consciousness. Technology has yet to catch up. Three states of consciousness are self-evident: waking, sleeping, and dreaming—though there can be huge variations even within these separate states (for example, efficient and restful sleep versus broken, disturbed sleep). These states of consciousness are accompanied by specific physiological and brain changes. Beyond the three ordinary stages of consciousness, other states have been observed by practitioners from different cultures and by scientists alike. In several cultures there is a recognition that expanded states of consciousness can be classified according to increasing degrees of complexity, refinement, or purity. According to Vedic tradition, as transcendental consciousness extends beyond the experience of meditation, it enters the waking state where it unfolds progressively. It is this unfolding of consciousness—along with its accompanying benefits—that we are calling the Super Mind. Although this unfolding occurs progressively over time, it may start surprisingly soon after a person begins to meditate. – adapted from Super Mind by Norman E. Rosenthal, MD ($27, Tarcher-Perigee, 2016)


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August 2016

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! F F I B Fight for Truth and Justice and Your Child’s Immunity.* Support your child’s immune health with immunables,® a year-round probiotic with two researched probiotic strains shown to promote healthy immune function.* Available in convenient sugar-free powder that can be easily mixed into drinks and foods, or taken directly. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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