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Alicia Silverstone INTRODUCES


ALICIA SILVERSTONE Actress, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Health Advocate

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4/20/17 9:55 AM

by Alicia Silverstone

How mykind Organics Got Its Start While I was pregnant with my son, Bear, I embarked on a quest for the cleanest prenatal vitamin I could give my body. A vitamin that was aligned with the way I eat: organic, non-gmo, free of funky processed junk, and completely plant-based. Turns out this search was no simple task! I learned that there really wasn’t anything on the market that I would feel comfortable putting in my body as a nutritional safety net. I could find vegan-friendly options, but they wouldn’t be whole foodbased. Some vitamins claimed to be nothing but whole foods, but in reality included binders, fillers, and other synthetics. What?! That’s like saying your broccoli is nothing but broccoli and then sneaking in some hydrogenated soybean oil. Gross!

son, Bear, I came across gummy vitamin brands that were made with some organic stuff, but most snuck in processed sugar or artificial flavorings! Seriously, take a look; the top four kid-friendly gummy brands on the market all have sugar as a top ingredient. I cringe at the thought of feeding Bear a vitamin that is the equivalent of one teaspoon of table sugar. It was so important to me that we create something with zero processed sugar! So, unlike the other gummy products out there, mykind Organics Gummies uses organic apple and organic peach purée and juice to source the sweetness.

Throughout this tiresome research to seek a pure and wholesome vitamin, my brain really started to hurt! Why would I take something meant to improve my health, when in actuality it was far inferior to the quality food I was eating? I realized that if I wanted a truly great vitamin option, I was going to have to make it myself. So I went on a search for the perfect partner—the stars aligned with Garden of Life—and we co-founded mykind Organics. Together we created an entirely new kind of vitamin line that is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and free of synthetic binders and fillers. That’s right—made with whole foods and love!

On top of processed sugars, many top vitamin brands include the ingredient gelatin in their gummies. What’s the deal with gelatin? Gelatin is a tasteless gelling agent that's made from ground up animal skin and bones—primarily the stuff that’s left over from the meat industry. Items like pork skins, horns, and cattle bones. Nasty! Consuming gelatin is like buying a hot dog on a random city street corner—you really have no idea what’s actually in it. For this reason, we sourced the first ever organic pectin from organic oranges. It’s combined with apple pectin to help bind the gummy. The oranges used are actually reclaimed orange peels that might otherwise be composted. We worked with the company Uncle Matt’s® Organic to create an orange powder made from the remnants of their orange peels. This way, binding the gummy is not only healthier for you or your little one, but it’s also healthier for the planet.

Finally–Delicious, Nutritious Gummies!

A Healthy Farm-to-Gummy Vitamin

I have been over the moon about these vitamins. And I am thrilled now that we have added gummies to our line! Chewing something delicious is more fun—how could it not be? These gummies taste like fruit snacks—nine whole fruits in every bottle—and they're packed with extra nutritional goodness and zero added sugar! Most gummy vitamins have the equivalent of one teaspoon full of sugar in each serving. How crazy is that? From the get-go, we wanted to make these for children and anyone else who prefers chewing to swallowing a capsule. But in order to make it, it took a lot of research since no other gummy on the market is made the way these are: with Certified Organic, Non-GMO whole fruits and vegetables, and we don't add sugar or gelatin.

I am so happy and grateful we can now provide a healthy farmto-gummy vitamin for you! mykind Organics prides itself in being a true health crusader, ditching the conventional vitamin gummy course by steering clear of processed sugars and syrups, artificial colors and flavorings, animal products, and GMOs. Our gummies have nine whole organic fruits in each bottle in addition to a blend of all kinds of healthy goodness from kale to cauliflower, with it’s sweetness derived from the fruit itself, and the organic pectin made from apples and organic orange peels. It is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Certified Vegan and Kosher. Wahoo!! We did it. mykind Organics Gummies (Kids, Prenatal, Women’s, Women’s 40+, Men’s and Men’s 40+) are now available at all major health food stores and online retailers.

In searching for a clean, vegan, and fun kids multivitamin to give my

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4/20/17 9:55 AM

WELLNESS is in our nature

Introducing a new chapter in holistic wellness—Fermented Booster Powders that bring pure and potent herbs to smoothies and more. Our unique 2-step fermentation method makes the herbs easily digestible and unleashes immune-boosting beta glucans.* Our science proves what nature always knew—that wellness is in our nature. With New Chapter,® you’ll feel it.

I’m excited to bring you Fermented Booster Powders, truly a new chapter in herbal holistic health.”

Paul Schulick Founder & Master Herbalist

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FERMENTED BOOSTER POWDERS Fermented Turmeric Booster Powder

üInflammation Support* üBrain Support* üHeart Support* Boost Your Smoothie, Boost Your Health Discover the healing wisdom of certified organic Turmeric, Aloe, and Maca Fermented Booster Powders for inflammation, digestive, and energy support.* What makes our powders so different? Our Fermentation Advantage unlocks multiple health benefits by fermenting with our clinically studied strains of probiotics and whole foods.

TURMERIC MANGO SMOOTHIE 1. Add to blender ¾ cup orange juice and 1 serving Fermented Turmeric Booster Powder. 2. Add ½ ripe avocado, ½ cup fresh or frozen mango, and ½ cup frozen cherries (tart cherries if possible).

Fermented Maca Booster Powder

üRecovery Support* üEnergy* üEndurance*

Fermented Aloe Booster Powder

üDigestive Support* üDetox Action* üCalming*

3. Blend until smooth. Find more recipes at newchapter.com/recipes

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc., Medina, ND, USA © 2017 New Chapter, Inc.

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At Peace The tomatoes on this month’s cover remind me of the simple pleasures of the season. There’s nothing better than a sandwich made with sun-ripened tomatoes, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and spread with a little mayo! My mother and maternal grandmother used to spend summer afternoons sitting for hours, sipping their iced teas while my three siblings and I tore up the yard, playing. I used to think how boring it must be for them. For them, of course, maybe it was a little slice of heaven. I thought of their iced tea ritual this weekend as I sat on my back deck with my own drink. I was literally doing nothing. After about 20 minutes. I felt maybe I should be “accomplishing something.” But then a large gray fox walked into the yard, oblivious to me. I watched her trot to the garden and survey the yard like it was hers before moving on. Ironically, a similar situation happened to my sister that day, but her visitor was a large bear! (One of the benefits/pitfalls of living on a road with a blueberry farm.) Our lives often become crowded with responsibilities, but sometimes the most restorative, refreshing moments happen when our schedules (and we) have the time and space to breathe. At your leisure, get inspired by our seafood recipes (page 33) and learn how seaweed benefits health (page 39). Stay safe this summer with healthy hydration (page 21), check out award-winning new foods on the market (page 44), learn how to strengthen bones (page 17), and enter a contest to win nutrients for eye health (page 26). May the summer bless you with many moments of peaceful pleasures. And encounters with wildlife that weigh less than you.

To your health,



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Power Your Brain

Kyolic® Brain Energy is a proprietary blend of well-researched herbs and nutrients shown in numerous studies to support healthy memory and cognition. • Aged Garlic Extract is a powerful antioxidant that studies suggest improves learning deficits and prevents brain shrinkage.* • Citicoline improves concentration, working memory, and sustained attention by supporting cellular energy and healthy brain cell membranes.* • Bacopa has been shown to boost cerebral blood flow and markedly improve cognition.* • Vitamin K1 and Folic Acid may also support healthy brain structure and function.*

Kyolic Brain Energy – The Smarter Choice for Better Brainpower (800) 421.2998 www.kyolic.com

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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5/22/17 9:01 AM

news bites foods, supplements & prevention


TIP: Keep tomatoes tasty It’s no secret that a fresh-picked tomato is usually more flavorful than one bought at the store. But most of us don’t have yearround access to a garden, so we rely on tomatoes that have been picked elsewhere, stored (at least briefly), and shipped. A recent study determined an easy way to preserve the flavor as long as possible: Keep the tomatoes out of your refrigerator. Tomatoes get their flavor from a combination of sugars, acids, and “volatiles” such as carotenoids and amino acids. University of Florida researchers stored tomatoes at 41 degrees (about the temperature of most fridges) and found that the volatiles deteriorated at that temperature. That significantly reduced the fruit’s flavor. Horticultural sciences professor Harry J. Klee, PhD, told The New York Times that fresh tomatoes should be stored at room temperature and can last up to a week. SELECTED SOURCES “Chilling-Induced Tomato Flavor Loss Is Associated with Altered Volatile Synthesis . . .” by B. Zhang et al., PNAS, 11/16 ■ “In Refrigerators, Tomatoes Lose Flavor at the Genetic Level” by Joanna Klein, www.NYTimes.com, 10/17/16

DID YOU KNOW? A new study found that women who ate moderate amounts of fruit and vegetables were less likely to experience psychological stress compared to those who ate less. Those who ate five to seven servings of fruit and vegetables per day had a 14 percent lower risk of stress than those who consumed up to four servings, for example. SOURCE “Some Veggies Each Day Keeps the Stress Blues Away,” University of Sydney, 3/15/17 www.tas teforl i fe.com

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JULY 2017

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6/9/17 10:50 AM

news bites

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The sweet sound of PAIN RELIEF Music therapy has been found to decrease pain in patients recovering from spine surgery. Postoperative pain treatment is crucial for proper recovery. In addition to their standard care, spine patients took part in a halfhour music therapy session within 72 hours after having surgery. A control group of patients received standard postoperative care only. Participants reported significant reductions in pain after the music therapy, while the control group saw slight increases. “Pain is subjective and personal, and warrants an individualized approach to care,” said researcher Joanne Loewy, DA, director of the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine. “Certified, licensed music therapists are able to tailor treatment to each patient’s musical preferences and meet their pain level.” SOURCE “Music Therapy Reduces Pain in Spine Surgery Patients,” Mount Sinai Hospital/Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 3/28/17

Higher potency fast-acting liquid soft-gels

for Women


Available at Fine Health Food Stores Everywhere. is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation.

12 tasteforlife

J U LY 2017

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news bites

foods, supplements & prevention


Aromatherapy MAY EASE ALLERGIES An aromatherapy blend significantly relieved allergy symptoms in a recent study. Patients were instructed to pour a mix of almond, sandalwood, frankincense, and ravensara oils onto a fragrance pad, sit comfortably about 12 inches from the pad, and inhale the fragrance with normal breathing for five minutes twice a day. A control group used only the almond oil. All participants suffered from perennial allergic rhinitis (PAR), which is triggered by allergens in the environment and causes sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, and consequent sleep disruption. None had used aromatherapy before, and none were currently taking any medication for their allergies. After eight days of aromatherapy treatment, the researchers concluded that the blended oils “alleviated subjective symptoms, improved the disease-specific quality of life, and reduced fatigue among adult patients with PAR.” SOURCE “Re: Aromatherapy with Ravensara, Frankincense, and Sandalwood Reduces Symptoms of Perennial Allergic Rhinitis” by Heather S. Oliff, PhD, HerbClip, http://cms. HerbalGram.org, 4/14/17

For over 20 years, Irwin Naturals has formulated “best-in-class” supplements for women that address a wide spectrum of health needs. Our extensive line uses an all-liquid soft-gel delivery that offers superior advantages over hard-to-digest tablets and capsules. Plus, our signature BioPerine Complex enhances nutrient absorption and potency. Check out some of the latest additions to our family of products below. If you are not yet familiar with the entire breadth of this amazing health-conscious brand, check us out at www.IrwinNaturals.com, and put yourself on the path to better health.

For info on any product and Special Offers go to www.IrwinNaturals.com and enter coupon code: 012728


SAVE $2 EXPIRES: 09/30/17


Consumer: Redeemable at retail locations only. Not valid for online or mail-order purchases. Retailer: Irwin Naturals will reimburse you for the face value plus 8 (cents) handling provided it is redeemed by a consumer at the time of purchase on the brand specified. Coupons not properly redeemed will be void and held. Reproduction by any party by any means is expressly prohibited. Any other use constitutes fraud. Irwin Naturals reserves the right to deny reimbursement (due to misredemption activity) and/or request proof of purchase for coupon(s) submitted. Mail to: CMS Dept. 10363, Irwin Naturals, 1 Fawcett Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840. Cash value: .001 (cents). Void where taxed or restricted. ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE. Not valid for mail order/websites. Retail only.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Garlic for Immunity Garlic is a powerful immune booster. Its long-standing link to fighting infection accounts for one of its many nicknames: the “poor person’s antibiotic.” As an antimicrobial fighter, garlic thwarts the advance of viruses, fungi, protozoa, parasites, and bacteria. The germs that garlic fights off include those that cause stomach ulcers (Helicobacter pylori) and parasite-induced diarrhea (Giardia lamblia). In addition to its antimicrobial use, garlic boosts immunity. “Many of its sulfur compounds, which are responsible for garlic’s characteristic

odor as well as much of its medicinal action, are excreted in the lungs, making it effective against several respiratory conditions, including congestion, colds, bronchitis and coughs,” Dr. Carle explained.

Cancer Prevention, Cardio Support Look to garlic for anticancer perks. “Garlic provides protective effects against the development of cancer and inhibition of cancer progression, benefits that have been seen in animal studies. Meanwhile, observational studies in humans link regular consumption of garlic with a reduced incidence of some cancers, particularly those involving the gastrointestinal tract,” said Dr. Carle.

When it comes to the circulatory system and cardiovascular health, garlic shines. Including garlic in the diet (or taking it as a supplement) relaxes the veins and artery walls, which lowers blood pressure. Garlic ups levels of HDL, the “good” cholesterol, while reducing levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Because garlic inhibits platelet aggregation (the clumping together of cells in the blood) it acts as a blood thinner, which lessens the chances of a person developing a blood clot. Garlic should be used with caution by those taking other blood-thinning medications or supplements. Not all of the uses of garlic require ingesting this herb. There is some promising research supporting the folk use of garlic in topical form to ease psoriasis, keloid scars, and aid in wound healing. One research area, however, that did not pan out for garlic: repelling bugs. It was long thought that eating lots of garlic would keep mosquitoes and other insects from biting the garlic-lover, but this use has not been confirmed by modern science. TFL Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH, a health journalist for more than two decades, is the author of Life After Baby: Rediscovering and Reclaiming Your Healthy Pizzazz (Basic Health Publications, 2012).

SELECTED SOURCES “Assessment of Antibacterial Effect of Garlic in Patients Infected with Helicobacter pylori . . .” by M. Zardast et al., Avicenna J Phytomed, 9-10/16 n “Garlic in Dermatology” by N. Pazyar and A. Feily, Dermatol Reports, 2011 n “Garlic: Review of Literature” by S. Adaki et al. Ind J Cancer, 2014 n “The Microaerophilic Flagellate Giardia intestinalis: Allium sativum (Garlic) is an Effective Antigiardial” by J.C. Harris et al., Microbiology, 2000 n Personal communication: Kirsten Carle, 5/17 n “Protection Against Insects” by W. Rudin, Ther Umsch, 2005

14 tasteforlife

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J U LY 2017

6/5/17 3:35 PM


Trusted Choice of Healthcare Professionals samelas formu K NEW LOO

AdrenaSense® Stressed No Energy Lack of Sleep



Painful Periods Non-Cystic Acne PMS

Hot Flashes Night Sweats Irritability

ThyroSense® Weight Gain Tired Thinning Hair

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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5/25/17 12:06 PM

T! C U D O R P IN M U C R U C G IN L L THE #1 SE ive Curcumin


Stronger, More Effect

31 groundbreaking, scientific studies Up to 500 times stronger than turmeric^ The ONLY PATENTED curcumin with turmeric essential oil containing turmerones Proven, superior absorption (unlike standard curcumin and turmeric)

“I guarantee you the results you deserve or your money back!” Terry Lemerond, Founder and President of Terry Naturally® products

Absorbs Better

Works Longer

More Effective

Clinically Proven Results

When it’s your health, count on CuraMed ! ®

EuroPharmaUSA.com MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE †Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse. ††SPINSscan Other Herbal Formula Subcategory Product Item Rank, data ending 4/16/17. ^Based on enhanced absorption of CuraMed curcumin versus equivalent weight capsule of unstandardized turmeric containing 2% curcumin.


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5/22/17 9:00 AM


Stay Strong Sticks and stones may break your bones—but so will a poor diet and lack of exercise Protecting bones from degeneration often seems like the least of our concerns—until they ache. But attention to bone health throughout life will keep your body properly framed, protect organs, and let you move without discomfort as you get older. “As we age, we become aware of bone health and the need to take care of our frames. And that’s great,” said Jason Sonners, a chiropractor in Florham Park, NJ. “But most of our bone growth happens before we’re 20 years old. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to take care of your bones, but it’s important to know it really matters early in life.” Most people reach peak bone mass by 30. That’s why Dr. Sonners and other health experts stress the importance of building bone mass in youth to prepare for the later years of life, when instead of making new bone fast and furiously, our bodies remodel much more slowly. As we age, we lose slightly more bone mass than we gain, opening the door to weak bones and the

www.tas teforl i fe.com

TFL_0717_100_17_18.indd 17

JULY 2017

tasteforlife 17

6/7/17 1:12 PM

continued from page 17

development of conditions such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. All people can be better bone stewards by taking two simple steps: eating healthy and exercising as hard as your body allows. Diets should include vitamins D and K and the minerals calcium and magnesium, while exercise should place some stress on your bones so they won’t atrophy.

Diet Does Your Bones Good The “Milk does a body good” and “Got milk?” advertising campaigns made a lasting impression that the vitamin D and calcium in milk were the best sources to fortify bones. But a 2014 study of more than 100,000 Swedes over approximately two decades found no link between milk consumption and bone fracture risk. While the once ironclad ties between milk and bone health might now seem fragile because of concerns about fat intake, few people dispute the importance of vitamin D and calcium. Our bodies contain more calcium than any other mineral, storing most of it in bones and teeth to keep them strong. “Many published studies show that low calcium intake throughout life is associated with low bone mass and high fracture rates,” said Steven Hausman, PhD, a researcher from Bethesda, MD, who specializes in immunogenetics and transplantation biology. “Many people in the United States consume much less than the recommended amount of calcium in their diets.” Good sources of calcium include low-fat dairy products such as yogurt as well as salmon, sardines, shrimp, fortified soy milk, fortified tofu, almonds, and white beans. Other good sources include dark green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, mustard and turnip greens, and kale. And don’t forget calcium-fortified foods such as juices, cereals, and breads. Those who have difficulty consuming enough calcium through food might need calcium supplements, best absorbed in amounts of 500 milligrams. Magnesium, naturally found in veggies, helps the body absorb calcium and stimulates a hormone that draws calcium from the blood and tissues to place it back into bones. Naturally occurring vitamin D is found in salmon, tuna, and 18 tasteforlife

mackerel as well as egg yolks. It can also be supplemented with daily doses of fish oil and sunlight. Human intervention studies show that vitamin K increases bone mineral density in people with osteoporosis and can reduce fracture rates. Studies indicate it works synergistically with vitamin D to bolster bone density. Good sources of vitamin K include veggies, beans, soybeans, eggs, strawberries, and meat. Vitamin K can interfere with certain meds, such as Coumadin, so as with any supplement you are considering, consult a healthcare practitioner before adding it to your regimen.

Exercise for Bone Health Robert Herbst, an 18-time world and 30-time national powerlifting champion, advocates weight training such as squats and deadlifts to prompt bone growth. Heavy, multi-joint compound movements place stress on long bones and the spine, prompting the body to manufacture more bone, he said. “If you want to do it properly and avoid osteoporosis, you have to do weight-bearing stuff,” Herbst said. Not everyone can weight train, but even activities such as lifting groceries can help, he said. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, weight-bearing exercises that force you to work against gravity are best for building bone. In addition to weight training, the organization recommends walking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis, and dancing. Our desk-bound society has more bone-health issues than previous generations that used their bodies for work in the field and factories, Herbst said. Times have changed, he said, but that doesn’t mean people can’t give their bones the exercise and food they need to stay strong. TFL SELECTED SOURCES “Calcium,” National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, https://ods.od.nih. gov ■ “Calcium/Vitamin D,” National Osteoporosis Foundation, www.nof.org ■ “Exercise for Your Bone Health,” National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, www.niams.nih. gov, 5/15 ■ “Melatonin-Micronutrients Osteopenia Treatment Study (MOTS): A Translational Study Assessing Melatonin, Strontium (Citrate), Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 (MK7) on Bone Density, Bone Marker Turnover and Health Related Quality of Life in Postmenopausal Osteopenic Women Following a One-Year Double-Blind RCT and on OsteoblastOsteoclast Co-cultures” by S. Maria et al., Aging, 1/26/17 ■ “Milk Intake and Risk of Mortality and Fractures in Women and Men: Cohort Studies” by K. Michaëlsson et al., BMJ, 10/28/14 ■ Personal communication: Jason Sonners; Steven Hausman; Robert Herbst, 5/17 ■ “Vitamin K and Bone Health” by P. Weber, Nutrition, 10/01

J U LY 2017

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6/7/17 1:14 PM


Start your day with more! Alive!® complete multi-vitamin gummies include Orchard Fruits™ and Garden Veggies™‡ and a full B-vitamin complex to support metabolism and energy.* Available in Women’s, Women’s 50+, Men’s, Men’s 50+ and Children’s formulas. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ‡Alive!® Multi-Vitamins provide 150 mg fruit/vegetable powder in each serving.

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5/8/17 11:09 AM






Make the switch to Spry products and

Using products from the Spry5 system make it easy to get the dentistrecommended five daily exposures of xylitol. Research has shown over and over that using xylitol products five times throughout the day is the The Spry5 System is simple to use, in fact you’re probably going through the motions, just not with products that use mouthwash, chew gum, eat mints or candy you should make it count.

Available at fine retailers

Untitled-1 1

1 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse when you wake up. 2 After meals chew Spry gum or mints. 3 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse before bed. The goal of the Spry5 system is to make oral care easy, tasty and retailer at Xlear.com.

4 Use Spry Dental Probiotics before bed. 5 Other exposures to 100% xylitol products throughout the day are added bonuses and will help.

Or visit Xlear.com

4/20/17 8:57 AM




Body Chemistry The human body consists of about 60 percent water, so it’s not surprising that it plays a number of critical roles in keeping us healthy. Among water’s functions: • Acting as a building material at the cellular level • Regulating body temperature • Metabolizing and transporting carbohydrates and proteins through the body • Flushing waste through urination • Serving as a shock absorber for the spinal cord and brain • Lubricating joints • Creating saliva.

How Much Is Enough? The amount of fluid each person needs varies. On average, the National Academy of Sciences’

Institute of Medicine recommends men consume at least 13 cups of fluid a day; women need at least 9 cups. Toddlers need 5 cups of fluid daily; kids over 3 should have 6N cups at minimum. But there’s an easier way to determine how much fluid you and your kids need: If you are adequately hydrated, you’ll need to urinate every two to four hours, and your urine will be clear or pale. If you’re going hours between bathroom breaks and your urine is dark, you need to drink more.

What to Drink? Water? Sports drink? Fruit juice? What’s the best option for maximum hydration? A 2015 British study aimed to find out. The researchers had 72 men in their mid-20s drink a liter of water,

then measured how much of that they voided through urination two hours later. They repeated the experiment with 13 other beverages and compared. Orange juice remained in the body slightly longer than water, and three others—fat-free milk, whole milk, and an oral rehydration solution (like Pedialyte)— stayed in the body considerably longer than water. “Normally when you drink, it signals the kidneys to get rid of the extra water by producing more urine,” lead researcher Ronald J. Maughan told The New York Times. “However, when beverages contain nutrients and electrolytes like sodium and potassium, as milk does, the stomach empties more slowly with a less dramatic effect on the kidneys.” TFL

SELECTED SOURCES “Avoiding Dehydration, Proper Hydration,” https://My.ClevelandClinic.org, 2017 ■ “How Much Water per Day Should My Child Drink?” by Robert Kellow, Association of Childcare Physicians, http://ChildcarePhysicians.com, 2/17/14 ■ “Milk and Other Surprising Ways to Stay Hydrated” by Amby Burfoot, The New York Times Well Blog, 6/30/16 ■ “The Quest for Hydration” by Heather Hatfield, www.WebMD.com ■ “Water: How Much Should You Drink Every Day?” by Mayo Clinic Staff, www.MayoClinic.org ■ “The Water in You” by Howard Perlman, US Geological Survey, 12/2/16

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© 2007-2017 Waterwise Inc

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PO Box 494000 Leesburg FL 34749 www.waterwise.com

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5/22/17 3:38 PM


Chart a Course for Better Health Who hasn’t had an experience like this at a store: You have a goal of buying a relatively healthy drink. You ignore the sea of sodas and choose an iced tea that seems to have an acceptable amount of calories and sugar. You drink the whole bottle, only to realize later—when you review the label more carefully—that you consumed two servings. Even when we think we’re making good choices, we’re inadvertently pouring a lot of sugar into our system—an average of 22 teaspoons a day. Our sugar consumption is putting even those at healthy weights at increased risk of heart attack and Type 2 diabetes. And this is why the government stepped in with new Dietary Guidelines last year.

New Guidelines & Labels The government revises its Dietary Guidelines every five years. The 2016 changes include the recommendation to limit sugar to no more than 10 percent of daily calories. If you’re an average person eating a 2,000-calorie daily diet that includes 22 teaspoons of sugar, that means you need to cut your sugar almost in half—consuming just 12 teaspoons a day. New changes being made to food labels may help us make better choices. They include the following:

Making sense of nutrition guidelines

■ “Added sugars” will be conveyed in both grams and as percent Daily Value. ■ Serving sizes must be based on how much people actually eat, not what they “should” eat. For example, the reference amount for a serving of ice cream used to be 1⁄2 cup. That’s changing to a more realistic 2⁄3 cup. ■ Package size influences how much we eat. For packages between one and two servings, the nutritional info must be labeled as one serving because that’s how much the average person will consume at one time. ■ For food products that could be consumed all at once or spread out over a few sittings, manufacturers must provide dual label columns to indicate the calories and nutrients on both a “per serving” and a “per package” basis. ■ The type size for “Calories,” “Servings per container,” and “Serving size” will be increased. The number of calories and the serving size must now be in bold type. Most food manufacturers have until July 26, 2018, to make label changes. Those with less than $10 million in annual food sales have an additional year to comply.

Making Sense of the Numbers To help you assess if you’re getting the nutrients you need, turn the page for the Taste for Life annual Nutrition Chart. RDA stands for recommended dietary allowances that will meet the nutritional needs and prevent deficiencies in 97-98 percent of healthy people. Adequate Intake (AI) is used when an RDA can’t be determined. You may need more or less of the recommended amounts if you have certain health conditions. SELECTED SOURCES “Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label,” www.FDA.gov ■ “New Dietary Guidelines Crack Down on Sugar . . .” by Allison Aubrey and Maria Godoy, www. NPR.org, 1/7/16

www.tas teforl i fe.com

TFL_0717_100_23_24_25.indd 23

JULY 2017

tasteforlife 23

6/12/17 12:42 PM

TFL_0717_100_23_24_25.indd 24

6/12/17 12:45 PM

TFL_0717_100_23_24_25.indd 25

6/12/17 12:45 PM


A FUTURE VISION FOR EYE HEALTH THE MANY BENEFITS OF LUTEIN, ZEAXANTHIN, AND MESOZEAXANTHIN The idea that a select few dietary nutrients could protect the tissues of the eye and brain, improve their function, and prevent age-related disease in those tissues may seem preposterous. But consider lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin. Lutein and zeaxanthin are naturally occurring yellow carotenoid pigments found primarily in leafy green vegetables. Mesozeaxanthin is converted from lutein within the retina—the neural tissue found in the back of the eye. These nutrients are not synthesized by the body, and must be obtained from dietary sources or supplements. Lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin are deposited in tissues such as the retina and brain— areas vulnerable to oxidative stress. Fortunately, these antioxidants protect tissues against damaging free-radical oxygen.

Protection Against Blue Light Lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin protect the retina in two ways. In addition to their antioxidant functions, they act as filters of high-energy blue light. Light in the blue region of the spectrum has higher potential to do damage. And once retinal cells (photoreceptors) die, they don’t return. The two-pronged antioxidant and blue filter defense for the retina ultimately manifests in a significantly reduced risk for developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in those over 60 in the US. Although this preventive dietary approach to addressing AMD is encouraging, exposure to blue light may be increasing due to its emission from screens (e.g. smart phones, tablets, and computers). A recent study of lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin supplementation found benefits for high screen time users, including significant reductions in eye strain, eye fatigue, and headache frequency. The study participants taking the supplement were also found to have increased levels of lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin in the retina.

Cognitive Enhancement Lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin have been associated with better cognitive function in people over 50. People with higher levels of these nutrients in their eyes perform better on cognitive tasks relat-

26 tasteforlife

TFL_0717_100_26.indd 26

ed to long-term memory and decision-making. In a 2013 study of deceased centenarians, researchers found that brain concentrations of lutein were significantly higher than any other carotenoid, especially in areas that serve cognitive function, such as the frontal and temporal lobes. This suggests not only that lutein appears important to brain function well into old age, but also (based on the areas into which it is deposited) that lutein is important in preserving high-level cognitive function. It may be the case that these carotenoids are acting in the brain exactly how they do in the eye—preventing cumulative damage over the lifespan.

Takeaway Although lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin are not considered essential nutrients in the same way as vitamins, based on the scientific evidence, they may be considered essential for optimal health. Unfortunately, based on the results of laboratory studies, the average American ingests only about 10 percent of an effective daily dose. Changing your diet to include more leafy greens or daily supplementation with lutein, zeaxanthin, and mesozeaxanthin can ensure you get enough—and derive the short- and long-term benefits. TFL SELECTED SOURCES “Brain Levels of Lutein (L) and Zeaxanthin (Z) Are Related to Cognitive Function in Centenarians” by E.J. Johnson et al., The FASEB Journal, 4/11 ■ “Macular Lutein and Zeaxanthin Are Related to Brain Lutein and Zeaxanthin in Primates” by R. Vishwanathan et al., Nutr Neurosci, 1/13 ■ “Relationship Between Serum and Brain Carotenoids, a-Tocopherol, and Retinol Concentrations and Cognitive Performance in the Oldest Old from the Georgia Centenarian Study” by E.J. Johnson et al., J Aging Res, 6/9/13

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“I take BioSil every day... I’m amazed at the results I see in my skin, hair, and nails!” CHRISTIE BRINKLEY

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“BioSil Generates Collagen the Natural Way!” BioSil is not “made out of collagen,” it “generates collagen” through your body’s own natural pathways.† That means the collagen you add is collagen with your own DNA fingerprint. That’s why BioSil helps you look beautiful, youthful, and healthy – naturally!

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“Put the Science of Beauty to Work for You!” Try BioSil and experience the real science at work in your skin, hair, and nails. You’ll be happy to know BioSil works naturally and contains no animal parts whatsoever. Discover more of Christie’s beauty secrets at www.BioSilUSA.com/TFL0717

©2017 Bio Minerals NV. Manufactured by Bio Minerals NV, Belgium. ch-OSA, BioSil, the ch-OSA logo and Advanced Collagen Generator are registered trademarks of Bio Minerals NV. † This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Consider Collagen Collagen is a long-chain amino acid, responsible for giving skin its elasticity, strengthening hair, and keeping connective tissue healthy. Collagen supplements are gaining in popularity, but what does the science say about their effectiveness?

Visit www.tasteforlife.com/consider-collagen to learn how collagen can reduce joint pain, boost skin elasticity, and much more! ScientiďŹ c studies show that collagen improves skin elasticity and strengthens hair and nails. Did you know that you can add it to your favorite recipes?


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^SPINSscan Other Herbal Formula Subcategory Brand Rank, data ending 4/16/17.


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HOMEMADE PIZZA! ON THE GRILL THERE ARE PLENTY OF CONVENIENT, PRE-MADE GLUTEN-FREE CRUSTS OUT THERE. BUT WHEN THE DESIRE TO MAKE PIZZA FROM SCRATCH STRIKES, HERE’S A GLUTEN-FREE RECIPE THAT CAN BE GRILLED FOR THE ULTIMATE IN FLAVOR. Keep in mind that gluten-free pizza dough tends to be more fragile than its gluten-containing counterpart. Working with it can be a little tricky, but by carefully following the technique outlined in the recipe that follows, you’ll have homemade grilled gluten-free pizza in relatively no time.

D Dairy Free G Gluten Free N Nut Free V Vegan V Vegetarian For a guide to nutrition breakdowns, see page 6. 30 tasteforlife

J U LY 2017

TFL_0717_100_30_31.indd 30

6/12/17 11:43 AM

Gluten-Free Grilled Pizza with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil GV From the Taste for Life test kitchen

25 minutes prep time + K hour crust rise time ■ makes a 9-inch pie (serves 3)

K 1N 1 K K V 1 N 1 K K 1 2 N

c warm water tsp active dry yeast tsp unrefined cane sugar c sorghum flour c almond flour c potato starch tsp xanthan gum tsp salt Tbsp olive oil, plus additional for oiling hands and crust tsp apple cider vinegar c pizza sauce c shredded mozzarella cheese medium-size tomatoes, sliced N-inch thick c thinly sliced fresh basil leaves

Top It Off You can’t beat a classic when it comes to pizza: Tomato and cheese, we’re looking at you. But there are times when you want something a little different. Try these ideas for a completely unique slice.

■ Sliced zucchini, olive tapenade, Parmesan cheese

1. Add water to a small bowl. Stir in yeast and sugar. Set aside for 5 minutes. 2. Using a whisk, mix sorghum flour, almond flour, potato starch, xanthan gum, and salt in a large bowl. 3. Add 1 tablespoon of the oil and the vinegar to yeast mixture. Using an electric hand mixer, slowly add yeast mixture to flour mixture. Mix for 5 minutes. Dough will be sticky.

■ Sliced figs, arugula, crumbled goat cheese, drizzle of balsamic vinegar

4. Oil a 10x10-inch piece of unbleached parchment paper. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Scrape dough from bowl onto parchment paper. 5. Oil your hands well with oil. Using oiled hands, shape dough into an 8-inch circle. Prick dough a few times with a fork. Set dough aside to rise, uncovered, in a warm, draft-free area for 30 minutes. (Dough will expand to approximately 9 inches in diameter.)

■ Marinated artichoke hearts, baby spinach, roasted garlic, feta cheese

6. Heat grill to Medium. Have pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and basil ready near grill. 7. Carefully brush top of crust with 1 teaspoon of the oil. Take parchment paper with pizza crust still attached to it, and flip it onto grill so oiled side of pizza is face down on grill and parchment paper side is face up. Using a pair of metal tongs, slowly peel parchment paper away from crust. Discard parchment paper. 8. When underside of crust begins to blister and brown, flip it. (This can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on type of grill.)

■ Roasted butternut squash cubes, ricotta cheese, fresh sage leaves, drizzle of honey

9. Quickly spread tomato sauce over crust. Top with cheese and tomatoes. Grill pizza for about 5 minutes, until cheese is melted and crust is cooked through. 10. Using a grill spatula, carefully slide pizza off grill and onto a serving platter. Garnish with basil, cut into slices, and serve. Kitchen Note: This pizza recipe makes a soft and chewy crust that can be topped with any of your favorite toppings. Per serving: 408 Calories, 16 g Protein, 37 g Carbohydrates, 4 g Fiber, 23 g Total fat (6 g sat), 511 mg Sodium, ★★★★ Phosphorus, ★★ Vitamin C, K, Calcium, ★ Vitamin A, B12, Potassium, Zinc

■ Caramelized onions, sliced apples, crumbled goat cheese

www.tas teforl i fe.com

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are your digital devices



We are addicted to digital devices, but you may not know how harmful they are to your eyes.


you need this

Blue light from digital devices causes eye strain, headaches, dry eye, fatigue and contributes to long term damage. Blutein™ Protection is formulated to shield you from the damaging effects of blue light.§ Text, email, play and work without technology slowing you down.

Have the best of both worlds. | Blutein.com AVAILABLE AT

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©2017 Twinlab Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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catch of the day


Crab Cakes with Mustard Dill Sauce n From Eat What You Love by Marlene Koch ($19.99, Running Press, 2017)

30 minutes prep time ■ serves 4

fresh seafood

Summer’s all about living easy—getting outdoors and enjoying the vibrant flavors of the season’s harvest. Try the following seafood recipes. Seasoned and topped with bright herbs and spices, these dishes offer the fresh taste of summer.

Crab Cakes 1 lb lump crabmeat (1-lb cans can be found in the seafood department) O c dry breadcrumbs, divided 2 egg whites, lightly beaten 3 Tbsp light mayonnaise 2 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce K tsp Old Bay seasoning Black pepper to taste Mustard Dill Sauce ¼ c plain low-fat yogurt 2 Tbsp light mayonnaise ¾ tsp prepared yellow mustard 1½ tsp fresh minced dill (or ½ tsp dried) Pinch of sugar 1. Place crabmeat in a large bowl. Add remaining crab cake ingredients, using ½ cup of the breadcrumbs. Gently mix together with a large spoon, taking care to keep as many large crab pieces as possible. 2. Mix all sauce ingredients in a small bowl and set aside. 3. Use your hands to shape crabmeat mixture into 6 patties (using about L cup of mixture for each crab cake). Coat a large nonstick sauté pan with cooking spray and place over medium heat. Lightly dust both sides of crab cakes with remaining N cup of breadcrumbs. 4. Add crab cakes to pan. Cook crab cakes about 5 minutes on each side, or until lightly browned and warmed through. Repeat as necessary to cook all crab cakes, using additional cooking spray if needed.


D Dairy Free G Gluten Free N Nut Free V Vegan V Vegetarian

5. Serve crab cakes with mustard dill sauce.

For a guide to nutrition breakdowns, see page 6.

Per serving: 175 Calories, 20 g Protein, 11 g Carbohydrates, 2 g Fiber, 4 g Total fat (2 g sat), 480 mg Sodium, ★★★★★ Vitamin B12, K, ★★★★ Phosphorus, ★★★ Zinc, ★★ Vitamin E, ★ Vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B6, C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium

www.tas teforl i fe.com

TFL_0717_100_33_34_35.indd 33

JULY 2017

tasteforlife 33

6/13/17 8:56 AM

Aromatic Fish in Parchment dG

continued from page 33

From Deepa’s Secrets by Deepa Thomas ($24.99, Skyhorse Publishing, 2017)

35 minutes prep time ■ serves 4

1–1K lb black cod or halibut, cut into 4 pieces of 4-inch squares Dusting mix N tsp turmeric powder N tsp cayenne powder N tsp allspice powder N tsp dried thyme 1 tsp salt N tsp freshly ground black pepper 4 unbleached parchment paper squares (approximately 12-inch squares) Condiments 4 cloves, smashed 4 garlic cloves, smashed into a paste 1 shallot, sliced thin 1 Tbsp ginger, slivered (you can leave skin on) 8 curry leaves 4 Tbsp unrefined coconut oil, melted over low heat 4 lemon slices (N-inch thick) 4 jalapeños, slit in half lengthwise with top intact 2 Tbsp New Indian Gremolata (recipe follows) © SHERRY HECK

1. Preheat oven to 400°. 2. Pat fish dry with a paper towel and dust with dusting mix (turmeric through freshly ground black pepper). 3. Place parchment squares on a baking sheet. Mix condiments (cloves through curry leaves) and divide among parchment squares. 4. Place fish on top of condiments in middle of parchment squares. Drizzle with melted coconut oil. Top each piece of fish with a lemon slice and a jalapeño. 5. Fold parchment paper like an envelope, tucking two open ends under fish bundle. 6. Cook until fish is done, approximately 12 minutes. 7. Serve fish on a platter, still sitting in its parchment paper (keep it unwrapped). Or, if you prefer, remove fish and condiments from parchment paper and plate. Sprinkle fish with New Indian Gremolata before serving. Make ahead: Parchment bundles can be prepared a few hours ahead of time. Kitchen Note: Cooking in parchment is a French steaming technique, which seals in food’s moistness and flavor. Per serving (without New Indian Gremolata): 424 Calories, 59 g Protein, 5 g Carbohydrates, 1 g Fiber, 18 g Total fat (16 g sat), 797 mg Sodium, ★★★★★ Vitamin B3 (niacin), B6, B12, Phosphorus, ★★★★ Potassium, ★★★ Vitamin C, ★★ Magnesium, ★ Vitamin E

34 tasteforlife

J U LY 2017

TFL_0717_100_33_34_35.indd 34

6/7/17 1:17 PM

New Indian Gremolata dGnV From Deepa’s Secrets by Deepa Thomas ($24.99, Skyhorse Publishing, 2017)

10 minutes prep time ■ makes 1 cup

¾ c cilantro leaves, stemmed and finely chopped N c mint leaves, stemmed and finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 Tbsp lemon zest 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 2 tsp jalapeño, finely chopped ½ tsp cumin seeds, toasted and ground ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper ½ tsp salt 1. Mix all ingredients together. Use to top soups, grains, veggies, or meats. Keeps in fridge for up to 3 days. Bring to room temperature before using. Per serving: 9 Calories, 2 g Carbohydrates, 1 g Fiber, 44 mg Sodium, ★ Vitamin C, K

For more recipes, visit tasteforlife.com/catchoftheday



Maple-Ginger Salmon dn From the Taste for Life test kitchen

25 minutes prep time + 1 hour marinate time ■ serves 4

N 2 1 2 2 1½

3. Preheat oven to 400°.

c pure maple syrup Tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce* Tbsp apple cider vinegar tsp fresh peeled and grated ginger tsp fresh minced garlic lb wild salmon, skin on

4. Roast salmon in marinade, uncovered, until fish is cooked in center, approximately 20 minutes.

1. In a large baking dish, whisk together maple syrup, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, and garlic. 2. Place salmon skin side up in marinade and refrigerate, covered, for 1 hour.

*To make this recipe gluten free, substitute the soy sauce with gluten-free soy sauce or gluten-free tamari sauce. Per serving: 311 Calories, 38 g Protein, 15 g Carbohydrates, 10 g Total fat (2 g sat), 591 mg Sodium, ★★★★★ Vitamin B3 (niacin), B12, Phosphorus, ★★★★ Vitamin B6, ★★★ Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), ★★ Potassium, ★ Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Magnesium


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DEET DEET Free Proven Effective


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JULY 2017

tasteforlife 35

6/7/17 1:18 PM



Shaving Shaving is the most popular hair removal method. It’s cheap, convenient, and offers quick results. The problem is hair grows back quickly. The resulting stubble can be unsightly, irritating, and cause dry, flaky skin or ingrown hairs. Many natural shaving creams can help soothe troubled skin. Look for ones containing botanicals such as chamomile, witch hazel, and tea tree oil.

Waxing If you’ve never waxed before, a great place to start is with the legs. As you gain experience, move to trickier areas like the underarm or bikini line. Since waxing pulls hair from its roots, it can be painful, but results can last anywhere from three to eight weeks. Before waxing, let unwanted hair grow out to N-inch long. Avoid waxing irritated or sensitive skin, and stay out of the sun immediately before and after the waxing process. Over time, waxed hairs become weaker and finer. Look for natural waxing kits at your health food store.

Sugaring Sugar-based waxes are similar to traditional waxes in that they remove hair from its roots. Made into a sticky paste that’s smoothed directly on the skin, sugar waxes work best if hair is at least N-inch long. The area is covered with a cloth strip, and when the strip is pulled off, it takes the hair with it. Some people find sugaring less painful than waxing. It also offers a simple cleanup with warm water. Look for natural sugar waxes at your health food store. Ones containing chamomile, tea tree oil, azulene oil, and aloe vera help with irritation.

Stay Smooth Exfoliate dry and flaky patches with an exfoliant containing almond or rice meal, clay, sea salt, or fruit enzymes like papaya or pineapple. Moisturizers containing lactic and glycolic acids also work well for this purpose. Moisturizing is also a great way to get your legs ready for swimsuit season. Hydrate legs daily with a moisturizer rich in emollients such as shea butter, vitamin E, or oils like almond, sunflower, and safflower. Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp from the shower. TFL

36 tasteforlife

TFL_0717_100_36.indd 36

J U LY 2017

6/12/17 12:47 PM

One of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine, Dr. Murray has literally written the Textbook of Natural Medicine as well as The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

A New Paradigm in Cleansing Detox!


Daily Regularity Formulated by

Dr. Michael Murray

Author of over 30 books featuring natural approaches to health

Coconut Charcoal Formulated by

Dr. Michael Murray

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Liver Detox Formulated by

Dr. Michael Murray

Author of over 30 books featuring natural approaches to health

m pPM

Complete Body Cleanse Formulated by

Dr. Michael Murray

Author of over 30 books featuring natural approaches to health


Untitled-1 1

5/5/17 8:35 AM

Untitled-1 1

5/16/17 8:33 AM

seaweed, wonderweed?


Why this iodine-rich food is so important

Sure, you’ve seen sushi wrapped in it. More adventurous types have tried it in its dry form, savoring it like a sliver of crisp, crackly jerky that melts in the mouth.

The Japanese have been reaping its health rewards for millennia, particularly when it comes to the prevention of breast cancer. It’s seaweed. If you haven’t already made seaweed a part of your diet, it’s time to reconsider.

more of us have cut down on iodized table salt in an attempt to reduce our overall salt intake, we’ve been depriving ourselves of iodine.


Iodine, a trace element found in soil, is a key component of thyroid hormones that regulate biochemical reactions, such as protein synthesis, enzymatic activity, and metabolic processes. It’s especially important if you’re pregnant, as it’s essential to proper central nervous system and skeletal development in fetuses and infants. Some research suggests that seaweed also helps regulate levels of estrogen and estradiol, the hormones associated with your sexual and reproductive systems. That might mean a lower risk of breast cancer (Japan’s populace has remarkably low rates of the disease), mammary dysplasia, or fibrocystic breast disease.

Yes, seaweed is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, but its real value lies in the one nutrient we all need that is generally in short supply elsewhere in nature: iodine. Iodine, which some table salt manufacturers in the West have been voluntarily adding to their product since the 1920s, is essential to maintaining a healthy thyroid gland. The thyroid produces and regulates hormones. When it’s out of whack, symptoms can include impaired brain function, weight gain, depression, fatigue, and constipation, among other issues. Decades ago, food manufacturers starting cranking up the salt volume in their products to make them more appealing to our palates. Unfortunately, processed food, responsible for 70 percent of Americans’ salt intake, does not typically contain iodized salt. So as more and


AS IN ALL THINGS—INCLUDING SEAWEED—MODERATION When it comes to seaweed, you can have too much of a good thing. Seaweed is rich in potassium. Some types of seaweed, the red, for example, are so high in w w w.t astefor life.com

TFL_0717_100_39_41.indd 39

J U LY 2017

tasteforlife 39

6/13/17 11:04 AM

Untitled-31 1 TFL_0717_AmericasFinest.indd 1

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potassium that they can cause problems for people with kidney conditions. Scientists writing in the Thyroid Research Journal studied Japanese consumption of seaweed to determine how much seaweed is enough and how much is too much as part of a healthy diet. The scientists looked at the three main varieties of seaweed—red, green, and brown—to assess optimal levels of seaweed and iodine consumption. While allowing for the differences in varieties, growing conditions, preparation treatments, and other variables, the researchers learned the average Japanese consumer ingests 1 to 3 milligrams per day of iodine, largely through seaweed. (That’s 1,000 to 3,000 micrograms [mcg]). The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies has established these recommended guidelines for iodine intake: RECOMMENDED DIETARY ALLOWANCES (RDAS) FOR IODINE Age



Birth to 6 months

110 mcg*

110 mcg*

7–12 months

130 mcg*

130 mcg*



1–3 years

90 mcg

90 mcg

4–8 years

90 mcg

90 mcg

9–13 years

120 mcg

120 mcg

14–18 years

150 mcg

150 mcg

220 mcg

290 mcg

19+ years

150 mcg

150 mcg

220 mcg

290 mcg

*Adequate Intake (AI)

HEALTHY SNACKS FROM THE SEA Some 60 percent of the world’s consumable seaweed is produced in China, but most of the nori sold in the US comes from South Korea. Small artisanal growers and processors are also popping up here, including Rising Tide Sea Vegetables, which harvests its seaweed off California’s Mendocino coastline. Seaweed is also available in capsule form. Or, do what lots of parents are doing—throw a package of roasted nori in the lunch box as a snack instead of potato chips. TFL PER THE US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION THESE ARE THE



Micrograms (mcg) per serving

Percent DV (daily value)

16 to 2,984

11% to 1,989%

Cod, baked, 3 ounces



Yogurt, plain, low-fat, 1 cup



Iodized salt, 1.5 g (approx. ¼ teaspoon)



Milk, reduced fat, 1 cup



Seaweed, whole or sheet, 1 g

SELECTED SOURCES “Assessment of Japanese Iodine Intake Based on Seaweed Consumption in Japan . . .” by T.T. Zava and D.T. Zava, Thyroid Research Journal, 10/5/11 ■ “Dietary Seaweed Modifies Estrogen and Phytoestrogen Metabolism in Healthy Postmenopausal Women” by J. Teas et al., J. Nutr, 5/09 ■ “Iodine,” National Institutes of Health, https://ods.od.nih.gov ■ “Iodine: Deficiency and Therapeutic Considerations” by L. Patrick, Altern Med Rev, 6/08 ■ “Savoring Seaweeds: What You Need to Know Before Diving In” by Lisa Landers, KQED Food, ww2. kqed.org ■ “Trace Elements: Iodine,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, www.CDC.gov, 6/12/12

w w w.t astefor life.com

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Turmeric and Curcumin


Supplements can act as concentrates of wholesome, active ingredients. The ideal approach is to use all three: ■ The fresh, whole (ideally organically raised) root ■ A high-grade form of the whole spice, also ideally organically raised and nonirradiated ■ A top quality, nonpetrochemical solvent–extracted root complex containing both curcumin and the full complement of the essential oils, including the turmerones, as well as the other wholesome, naturally occurring elements of the unprocessed spice. All the key active ingredients of turmeric, including the pigments and essential oils, are anti-inflammatory. Curcumin can inhibit both the activity and the synthesis of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) as well as a host of other enzymes that induce inflammation. Studies have determined that the various curcuminoids, when taken together, blocked inflammatory pathways, preventing the production of a protein that triggers pain and

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swelling. As demonstrated by investigators publishing in Clinical Nutrition, even common protein markers in the bloodstream, like C-reactive protein (CRP), are positively affected—in one human study, all consumers of curcumin had lower levels. (CRP is a substance made by the liver in response to inflammation and is considered a marker of inflammatory diseases.) There was a bonus, which was an antidiabetic effect, with lower blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C levels. This benefit was also likely a result of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory actions. The placebo group had, in contrast, no improvement in blood sugar levels or inflammation. Essentially, this means that this turmeric active ingredient is effective in reversing the toxicity and inflammatory consequences of metabolic syndrome, allowing insulin to not only be less noxious but also more well utilized. This caused the investigators to recommend turmeric and/or its extracts for anyone with a high CRP level. TFL

Curcumin is the yellow pigment and active ingredient found in the herb turmeric (Curcuma longa), a member of the ginger family. Curcumin has a long tradition in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines as an antiinflammatory agent. It is a natural, effective alternative to NSAIDs.

Excerpted with permission from The Wild Turmeric Cure by Dr. Cass Ingram ($24.95, Knowledge House Publishers, 2017). Dr. Ingram is the author of more than 30 books, including The Cure is in the Forest.

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tomatoes “A world without

is like a string quartet without violins.” —Laurie Colwin

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