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Fix thinning hair Hemp and CBD oil

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Natural first aid

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75% fewer calories makes leaving sugar


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Defy aging and let your natural beauty shine.

Think thin hair, weak, brittle nails, and less-than-supple skin are inevitable? Think again. These tell-tale signs of aging may be associated with a mineral deficiency. FloraSil is the ultimate, plant-based mineral makeover. The silica in FloraSil helps reverse some of the effects of aging by rejuvenating collagen and providing valuable nutrients your body is thirsting for.* Long hair, fewer wrinkles, and strong nails? They’re all within your reach. Say “goodbye” to the effects of time, and say “hello” to FloraSil. *THIS STATEMENT HAS NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.

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6 From the Editor’s Desk 8 Health Pulse

Aromatherapy for allergy symptoms • Reduce length of colds with vitamin C • Beetroot juice may improve sports performance • More

13 Sports Nutrition

Plant-based protein powders.

14 Healthy Glow

Tips for treating thinning hair.

16 Supplement Spotlight

Feed the good bugs with prebiotics.

18 The Goods 20 In Focus

Herbs to boost cognition.

26 Herbal Healing

The latest on hemp and CBD oil.

28 Everyday Remedies Natural burn relief options.

Cover: Calendula

A source for news, information, and ideas for your healthy lifestyle. www.remedies-and-recipes.com


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l remedies


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from the editor ’s desk

remedies for LIFE

Age Appropriate My wife often reminds me that I’m suddenly eligible for senior discounts at a variety of establishments—coffee shops, movie theaters—but I resist. I’m still a few years away from the point at which more significant senior discounts set in, and I guess I’d rather not be reminded. Still, aging does bring changes, some good, some less welcome. This month’s table of contents reads like an inventory of some of aging’s minor drawbacks: “Healthy Glow: Rx for Thinning Hair” (page 14). Hmm. I knew I had moderately thinning hair. I had no idea of the extent of its progression until my wife took a photo of me recently looking at a painting at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. “Do I really have a bald spot back there?” I asked. The picture didn’t lie. “In Focus: Brain Power” (page 20). Check. (Lack thereof.) People’s names escape me with surprising regularity. Researchers say this is normal. Personal experience finds it embarrassing. I could use a boost. “Supplement Spotlight: Prebiotics” (page 16). I think I do all right on this one. No digestive issues. I try to eat 10 different fruits and vegetables a day; I sprinkle flax on my oatmeal and into smoothies; I always choose whole grains. I think I ingest a healthy variety of probiotics from yogurt, kefir, and supplements. Now I’ll pay more attention to prebiotics to keep those bacteria happy. There’s plenty more in this issue. Don’t miss our 2017 Body Care Awards. Young and old alike will appreciate our selection of natural and nontoxic lotions, moisturizers, and more (page 22). To your health and mine!

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remedies l

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June 2017

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Start your day with more! Alive!® complete multi-vitamin gummies include Orchard Fruits™ and Garden Veggies™‡ and a full B-vitamin complex to support metabolism and energy.* Available in Women’s, Women’s 50+, Men’s, Men’s 50+ and Children’s formulas. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ‡Alive!® Multi-Vitamins provide 150 mg fruit/vegetable powder in each serving.

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4/20/17 8:19 AM

healthpulse aromatherapy may ease allergies

An aromatherapy blend significantly relieved allergy symptoms in a recent study. Patients were instructed to pour a mix of almond, sandalwood, frankincense, and ravensara oils onto a fragrance pad, sit comfortably about 12 inches from the pad, and inhale the fragrance with normal breathing for five minutes twice a day. A control group used only the almond oil. All participants suffered from perennial allergic rhinitis (PAR), which is triggered by allergens in the environment and causes sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, and consequent sleep disruption. None had used aromatherapy before, and none were currently taking any medication for their allergies. After eight days of aromatherapy treatment, the researchers concluded that the blended oils “alleviated subjective symptoms, improved the disease-specific quality of life, and reduced fatigue among adult patients with PAR.” “Re: Aromatherapy with Ravensara, Frankincense, and Sandalwood Reduces Symptoms of Perennial Allergic Rhinitis” by Heather S. Oliff, PhD, HerbClip, http://cms. HerbalGram.org, 4/14/17

shorter colds with vitamin C?

Higher doses of vitamin C may shorten the length of the common cold. Most trials examining the effects have used a dosage of 1 gram (g) per day, but two recent studies have found better results with higher amounts. Participants in the studies received daily vitamin C doses ranging from none (the placebo) up to 8 g. Both studies showed significant dose-response relationships, meaning that higher amounts of the vitamin led to shorter colds. “It would be worthwhile for individual common cold patients to test whether therapeutic 8 grams per day of vitamin C is beneficial for them,” said researcher Harri Hemilä, MD, PhD. “Self-dosing of vitamin C must be started as soon as possible after the onset of common cold symptoms to be most effective.” “Larger Doses of Vitamin C May Lead to a Greater Reduction in Common Cold Duration,” University of Helsinki, 3/30/17


remedies l

June 2017

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5/2/17 3:02 PM

juice may enhance sports performance

Beetroot juice appears to improve endurance and speed in male soccer players, according to a new study. Earlier research had shown benefits for other athletes, including swimmers and cyclists. The players drank about 4.7 ounces of nitrate-rich beetroot juice (providing about 800 milligrams of nitrates per day) or an equal amount of nitrate-depleted juice for six days. Those who drank the nitrate-rich juice saw a 3.4 percent improvement on a high-intensity, intermittent running test compared to the other group of players. Their heart rates were also lower. “Beetroot Juice Supplementation Improves High-Intensity Intermittent Type Exercise Performance in Trained Soccer Players” by J. Nyakayiru et al., Nutrients, 3/22/17

did you know?

“Autism symptoms—such as hyperactivity, social withdrawal, and others—improved significantly following vitamin D3 supplementation,” said the lead author of a recent study. Children ages 3 to 10 took the supplement for four months. The daily dosage varied based on a child’s weight. “Randomised Controlled Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” by K. Saad et al., Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 11/21/16

sea buckthorn aids heart patients Patients with cardiovascular risks saw improvements in blood lipids after taking supplemental sea buckthorn. Total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol were lowered, while HDL (good) cholesterol increased significantly.

Researchers looked at the results of 11 independent randomized controlled studies including more than 900 people. The lipid-lowering effects were not seen in already healthy participants. “Effect of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) on Blood Lipid Profiles . . .” by X. Guo et al., Trends in Food Science & Technology, 3/17

June 2017

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l remedies


4/27/17 3:20 PM

yoga effective for depression

Yoga and deep breathing classes can offer substantial relief from symptoms of depression. A new study found that these practices may work as alternatives or supplements to medical treatments. Individuals with major depressive disorder were assigned to either two or three 90-minute classes a week along with home practice. Those who took three weekly classes had fewer depressive symptoms as a result, but two classes also provided improvements. “This study supports the use of a yoga and coherent breathing intervention in major depressive disorder in people who are not on antidepressants and in those who have been on a stable dose of antidepressants and have not achieved a resolution of their symptoms,” said researcher Chris Streeter, MD. “Twice Weekly Yoga Classes Plus Home Practice Effective in Reducing Symptoms of Depression,” Boston University Medical Center, 3/3/17

better sleep with prebiotics?

There have been many reports about the benefits of probiotics—the health-enhancing bacteria found in fermented foods and dietary supplements. A new study shows that keeping those bacteria well fed may help us deal with stress. In animal studies, prebiotics improve sleep quality while buffering the effects of stress. When beneficial bacteria eat these dietary fibers, they release byproducts that can influence brain function. “We found that dietary prebiotics can improve non-REM sleep, as well as REM sleep after a stressful event,” said study researcher Robert Thompson. Prebiotic fibers are found in plants such as chicory, artichokes, raw garlic, leeks, and onions. They are also available as supplements. “Dietary Prebiotics Improve Sleep, Buffer Impacts of Stress, Says Study,” University of Colorado at Boulder, 2/24/17


remedies l

June 2017

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4/27/17 9:26 AM

supplements linked to memory boost

A new study of lutein and zeaxanthin provides additional evidence of their positive role in memory and other cognitive matters. More than 4,000 adults ages 50 and older participated in the study, which linked higher blood levels of the two carotenoids with better scores in global cognition, memory, and executive function (the ability to process information in an orderly manner and to focus on tasks). Higher zeaxanthin levels were also associated with better processing speed, but no such link was evident with higher levels of lutein. In our February issue, we reported on another study that demonstrated a memory-enhancing boost for older adults from the two carotenoids. Lutein and zeaxanthin provide color to certain fruits and vegetables and are readily available as supplements. “Plasma Lutein and Zeaxanthin Are Associated with Better Cognitive Function Across Multiple Domains . . .,” Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing, J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, 1/20/17

Power Up and Beat Fatigue!

Ever feel like you’re experiencing life in slow motion, plodding through the day low on energy and high on brain fog? No, you’re not a zombie on Valium—but you’re definitely fatigued. What’s the cause of all that tiredness and what can you do to regain your vitality?

Visit Remedies-and-Recipes.com/article/power-up-and-beat-fatigue for the full article that examines causes of fatigue and practical ways of beating it. www.remedies-and-recipes.com facebook.com/RemediesRecipes


June 2017

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l remedies


5/3/17 11:39 AM

Power Your Brain

Kyolic® Brain Energy is a proprietary blend of well-researched herbs and nutrients shown in numerous studies to support healthy memory and cognition. • Aged Garlic Extract is a powerful antioxidant that studies suggest improves learning deficits and prevents brain shrinkage.* • Citicoline improves concentration, working memory, and sustained attention by supporting cellular energy and healthy brain cell membranes.* • Bacopa has been shown to boost cerebral blood flow and markedly improve cognition.* • Vitamin K1 and Folic Acid may also support healthy brain structure and function.*

Kyolic Brain Energy – The Smarter Choice for Better Brainpower (800) 421.2998


Mission Viejo, CA 92691 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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4/28/17 7:54 AM

sports nutrition

plant-based power Most of us get plenty of protein from food, but there are times when we need an extra boost. Weight training and other strenuous exercise breaks down muscle fiber. Protein is the key to replacing and building new muscle. Whey—a derivative of milk—has been the go-to ingredient in protein drinks for quite some time. But a wave of studies has found vegetarian options to be as effective for muscle growth. And those options may be safer too: Organic plants are much less likely than conventional foods to harbor heavy metals or traces of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Plant protein may thwart diabetes Eating more plant protein may lower your risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, according to a lengthy study. Researchers analyzed the diets and health of more than 2,300 men over the course of two decades. Plant protein was linked to lower blood glucose, and participants who ate the most plant protein had a 35 percent lower risk for diabetes compared to those who ate the least. SOURCE “Plant Protein May Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes . . .,” University of Eastern Finland, 4/19/17

Organic protein powders and drinks tend to favor vegetarian ingredients like pea protein, sprouted beans, brown rice, hemp, flax, or chia.

Think combos Plant-based proteins are easy to digest and they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. But there’s also the ongoing question of whether vegetable proteins provide the right combination of amino acids for muscle development. It’s true that most plant foods don’t provide all nine of the essential amino acids our bodies need. But drinks and powders that contain more than one vegetable source can fill the bill. Pea protein, for example, is an excellent source of several amino acids, including lysine and arginine, which are necessary for muscle development. Combining pea protein with hemp or rice will make it a complete source. In a recent study of men 18 to 35, pea protein matched whey for increases in muscle strength and thickness. Participants took 25 grams of whey or pea protein twice a day for 12 weeks while doing weight training. People who have trouble digesting soy or milk are likely to have no such difficulty with pea protein. —Cameron Hendrix SELECTED SOURCES “The 6 Healthiest Protein Powders for Your Smoothie” by Stephanie Eckelkamp, 1/14/15, www.Prevention.com ● “Do Protein Drinks Contain Contaminants and Heavy Metals?” www.ConsumerReports.com ● “Do You Need Protein Powders?” by Gina Shaw, www.WebMD.com ● “Pea Proteins Oral Supplementation Promotes Muscle Thickness Gains During Resistance Training” by N. Babault et al., Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2015

June 2017

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l remedies


5/1/17 1:02 PM

healthy glow

Rx for thinning hair boost hair health with these supplements

Hair loss and thinning hair may be seen as the domain of older men, but the truth is that it can affect both men and women as they age. It all comes down to testosterone levels. While up to a quarter of men see their hair starting to thin by the time they’re 30, women have protection from hair loss in their younger years when their estrogen production is at a lifetime high. But as they approach menopause, women’s testosterone-balancing estrogen levels can plummet, leaving them vulnerable to the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT inhibits the normal function of hair follicles, resulting in thinner and fewer hairs and the condition called androgenic alopecia (AGA), also known as male pattern baldness.


remedies l

REM_0617_450_14_15.indd 14

Common causes While AGA accounts for up to 95 percent of hair loss, there are other causes to consider. Hair loss can be triggered by stress and trauma, weight loss, and hormone imbalances. It’s common for women to notice thinning hair after pregnancy due to hormonal changes. It can sometimes be difficult to tell what constitutes normal hair loss, and what may be cause for concern. The consensus seems to be that shedding up to 125 strands of hair per day is normal, but more than that can be a problem, especially if the hairs aren’t being replaced.

June 2017

5/2/17 12:04 PM

Supplemental help Thankfully, there are several supplements that can help reduce the incidence and appearance of thinning hair. ■ Saw palmetto. An extract derived from the small berries of the saw palmetto plant may be effective in blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. One study found that men who treated their scalps with topical saw palmetto and trichogen veg complex reported a hair count increase of almost 12 percent over the course of four months. ■ Omegas and antioxidants. A study of 120 women with hair loss found that supplementation for six months with omega-3-rich fish oil, along with black currant seed oil, vitamins C and E, and lycopene, reduced hair loss in almost 90 percent of subjects and improved hair density. ■ Key oils. Rich in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and iron, nettles may boost hair health and reduce loss. Oil derived from the leaves of the plant can be applied topically or taken in capsule form. Hair treatments

infused with nettle oil boost hair growth and fight grease by inhibiting oil production. Rosemary essential oil stimulates circulation and may be useful for treating hair loss. Its astringent properties help to tone and balance the scalp. Arnica oil works to condition the hair and scalp, and is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat hair loss. Other essential oils that might be useful for improving the texture of thinning hair include calendula, chamomile, geranium, lavender, and lemongrass.

Additional supplements Zinc may play a role in preventing baldness, but be sure not to exceed 100 milligrams (mg) daily from food and supplements. Also consider boosting your intake of vitamins C and E, as well as B complex. Silica aids healthy hair growth—some experts recommend taking 3 mg of choline-stabilized, concentrated orthosilicic acid once or twice a day, up to a maximum of 6 mg. —Kelli Ann Wilson

The Complete Guide to Natural Homemade Beauty Products & Treatments by Amelia Ruiz ($24.95, Robert Rose, 2016) ● “Effect of a Nutritional Supplement on Hair Loss in Women” by C. Le Floc’h et al., J Cosmet Dermatol, 3/15 ● Living Beauty by Lisa Petty ($21.95, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2006) ● Natural Beauty by Rebecca Warren, ed. ($25, DK Publishing, 2015) ● “Nettle Oil: More than Just a Backyard Weed,” http://articles.mercola.com ● “Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss: Myth or Miracle?” by Mary Ellen Ellis, www.Healthline.com, 10/10/16 ● “This Supplement Combo Reduced Hair Loss in 90% of the Women Who Took It” by Jessica Chia, www.Prevention.com, 2/10/15

Ready to take on the world? Feel Better. Live Better.


When you’re alert, calm and well rested, you’re at the top of your game. Your brain and body function efficiently together, so you can enjoy life and produce your best work. Redd Remedies® Brain Awakening and True Energy provide natural nutritional support for top performance. At Ease helps you stay relaxed and focused, while At Ease PM provides gentle support for sleep and rest. Face every challenge ready to take on the world!*

Tc Ay Eu


FROM A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE | NOTES FROM OUR FORMULATORS Adaptogenic herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine reduce physical and mental fatigue while improving focus and concentration, including schisandra berry, Asian ginseng and rhodiola rosea. Herbs from European and Ayurvedic medicine contribute to the relaxing effects of At Ease and At Ease PM. Brain Awakening supports cognitive function with extracts of Amla berry and Lion’s Mane, popular throughout Japan, China and Vietnam.

Nurturing Whole-Body Balance Quality and Purity Guaranteed


Questions? 888.453.5058 support@reddremedies.com Redd Remedies, Bradley, IL 60915 reddremedies.com


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

June 2017

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l remedies


5/3/17 5:09 PM

supplement spotlight

prepare with prebiotics feeding healthy bacteria their favorite food

The health benefits of probiotics—the beneficial bacteria found in liveculture yogurt, several fermented foods, and dietary supplements—are well known. From resolving diarrhea and easing irritable bowel syndrome to calming eczema, probiotics contribute to better health in many ways.


remedies l

REM_0617_450_16_17.indd 16

June 2017

4/20/17 3:55 PM

Not so well-known? Compounds called prebiotics that work Either (or both) of these supplements can help the gut in a more indirect fashion. Prebiotics are a category of dietary return to a more balanced state. Appetite, caloric intake, and fibers that cannot be digested by humans, yet are perfect food body mass index all tend to go down when people take prefor probiotics. This means that biotic supplements. These positive consuming more prebiotics coneffects have been seen in children, tributes to flourishing colonies of teens, and adults. 9 health benefits good bacteria in your system. of prebiotics Clear thinking Most prebiotics fall into the ■ Help prevent antibiotic-associated A typical Western diet high in satucategory of carbohydrates, with diarrhea rated fats and sugars can negatively the main prebiotics being inulin, affect the mind. This diet-cognition ■ Improve digestion fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), link is thought to relate (at least in and galacto-oligosaccharides ■ Boost immunity part) to out-of-balance gut bacte(GOS). These prebiotics, when ■ Increase absorption of calcium and ria. It can sound surprising at first consumed in functional foods or magnesium to learn that gut health influences taken in dietary supplement form, ■ Strengthen bones mental clarity, but the connecend up in the intestines where tion has been well established in ■ Lower risk of colon cancer they contribute to the growth of research. In fact, when probiotics healthy bacteria, including bifido■ Lower blood pressure and prebiotics get added into the bacteria and lactobacilli. ■ Control weight diet as supplements, thinking pro■ Lower risk of heart disease cesses can improve. Mood receives Digestive disorders an uptick from prebiotics, which An imbalance of gut bacteria “Fiber and Prebiotics: Mechanisms and Health Benefits” are associated with less anxiety, can be caused by many things— by J. Slavin, Nutrients, 4/13 depression, and stress. When including antibiotic use, dietary healthy volunteers supplement choices, inflammation, or an with prebiotics for three weeks, infection (such as gastroenteritheir anxiety goes down (as measured by cortisol levels). tis)—but the end result is often digestive upset. In such cases, supplementing with prebiotics can ease symptoms and hasten Stronger bones recovery. Building bone mass in teen and early adult years helps guard Bacterial imbalance in the gut is commonly seen in those against osteoporosis later in life. Prebiotics aid in this endeavor with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A few studies in people by boosting the absorption of the bone-building minerals with IBS indicate that prebiotic supplements might be worth a calcium and magnesium. There is still benefit from taking pretry, although not every study has found a benefit. One that did biotic supplements if your teen years are long past: Research was a three-month trial of GOS supplementation (either 3.5 shows that postmenopausal women supplementing with grams or 7 grams daily). Both amounts of GOS supplements prebiotics over a two-year period experience less bone loss. eased symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, and loose stools, Although probiotics continue to grab the spotlight, there are compared to a placebo taken by another group of IBS suffersound reasons to consider adding prebiotics to your dietary ers. supplement regimen.


Weight management involves far more than just counting calories. Increasingly, scientists are understanding that dysbiosis—which is an imbalance of gut flora caused by too few healthy bacteria or an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast— may negatively affect your weight. This is where probiotics and prebiotics can both play a helpful role.

Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH, a health journalist for more than two decades, is the author of Life After Baby: Rediscovering and Reclaiming Your Healthy Pizzazz (Basic Health Publications, 2012).

“Clinical Trial: The Effects of a Trans-Galactooligosaccharide Prebiotic on Faecal Microbiota and Symptoms in Irritable Bowel Syndrome” by D.B. Silk et al., Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 3/09 ● “Effects of Inulin-Type Fructans on Appetite, Energy Intake, and Body Weight in Children and Adults: Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials” by A. Liber and H. Szajewska, Ann Nutr Metab, 7/13 ● “Eight-Day Consumption of Inulin Added to a Yogurt Breakfast Lowers Postprandial Appetite Ratings but Not Energy Intakes in Young Healthy Females: A Randomised Controlled Trial” by S. Heap et al., Br J Nutr, 1/16 ● “Gut to Brain Dysbiosis: Mechanisms Linking Western Diet Consumption, the Microbiome, and Cognitive Impairment” by E.E. Noble et al., Front Behav Neurosci, 1/17 ● “The Gut Microbiome and the Brain” by L. Galland, J Med Food, 12/14 ● “Gut Microbiota: A Contributing Factor to Obesity” by S.M. Harakeh et al.. Front Cell Infect Microbiol, 8/16 ● “Prebiotic Intake Reduces the Waking Cortisol Response and Alters Emotional Bias in Healthy Volunteers” by K. Schmidt et al., Psychopharmacology, 5/15 ● “Prebiotic Inulin-Type Fructans and Galacto-oligosaccahrides: Definition, Specificity, Function, and Application in Gastrointestinal Disorders” by B. Wilson and K. Whelan, J Gastroent Hep, 3/17 ● “Prebiotic and Probiotic Regulation of Bone Health: Role of the Intestine and its Microbiome” by L. McCabe et al., Curr Osteoporos Rep, 12/15 ● “Prebiotic Supplementation Improves Appetite Control in Children with Overweight and Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial” by M.P. Hume et al., Am J Clin Nutr, 2/17

June 2017

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l remedies


4/26/17 11:52 AM

the goods don’t miss these products!

Daily routine of proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, and Sanutra Wellness Immunity Health Support Formula from America’s Finest may help strengthen resistance to harmful pathogens and increase your defense system.

Genesis Today’s Resveratrol is a unique blend of seven plantbased sources of resveratrol providing the active form of resveratrol: Trans-Resveratrol. Each concentrated serving supports cardiovascular health and offers antioxidant protection.

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800-916-6642 www.GenesisToday.com

Flora’s CranEssence is a blend of nine herbs, in a base of cranberry concentrate, that promotes and maintains normal urinary tract health—no sugar added, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.

Kyolic Brain Energy from Wakunaga of America is a proprietary blend of wellresearched herbs and nutrients shown to increase mental energy, cognitive function, and overall brain performance.

888-436-6697 www.FloraHealth.com

800-421-2998 www.Kyolic.com

Hair ReVive from Ridgecrest Herbals is a powerful supplement to address female hair loss, combining vitamins and minerals with herbs and bioflavonoids to support hair regrowth and strength. www.RCherbals.com

Whether you’re shedding a few pounds or just want to stay fit, Organic Fit Bars from Garden of Life are a delicious way to enhance your diet and exercise program. www.GardenofLife.com

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


remedies l

REM_0617_450_18.indd 18

June 2017

4/27/17 3:18 PM

Untitled-1 1

4/20/17 8:27 AM

in focus

brain health

herbs give us all something to think about We all want to be our best and brightest, but forgetfulness and attention issues can prevent us from feeling our sharpest. Cognitive issues can occur at any age. They’re multifaceted and often warrant sleuthing out the underlying cause, along with overhauling our diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Nonetheless, several medicinal herbs have a long history of use and recent research to support their ability to perk up your brain. consider this NOW CurcuBrain from NOW Foods features Longvida Optimized Curcumin, which crosses the blood-brain barrier and exhibits up to 65 times the bioavailability of free curcuminoids versus generic curcumin.

Wakunaga of America’s Kyolic Brain Memory is an herbal blend containing a combination of aged garlic extract, ginseng extract, and ginkgo biloba extract to support healthy brain function and memory.

Mushroom Wisdom’s Super Lion’s Mane has the potential to protect nerves from deterioration and boost cognition, and is enhanced with the immune boosting addition of Maitake D-Fraction.

The 3Brains line of products from Natural Factors delivers strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support to boost memory, concentration, cardiovascular health, and digestion.


remedies l

REM_0617_20_21.indd 20

June 2017

4/27/17 3:22 PM

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is a multitasking herb for the multitasking person. A calm-energy adaptogen, it eases anxiety while improving the body’s resistance to stress. But this herb—also called pennywort—is most famous for its effects on cognition. Ancient Sanskrit texts laud the benefits of drinking the fresh-pressed juice, and preliminary studies support gotu kola’s ability to improve mitochondrial function and act as a neuroprotective nootropic (smart drug/cognitive enhancer), nerve regenerator, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Research also points to its ability to lessen beta amyloid plaque’s negative effects, so that neurotransmitters can travel through the brain more efficiently. Highlights from human studies include improved working memory and mood for elders who took 750 milligrams (mg) of gotu kola extract daily; improved physical abilities, vigor, and quality of life in elders; and a reduced startle response in healthy adults. In a formula with other herbs including lemon balm, bacopa, and ashwagandha, gotu kola improved focus and attention in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Gotu kola is generally safe—it’s even eaten as a fresh, cooked, or juiced leafy green—and can be taken as a tea, tincture, powder, or capsule. Seek organic, as quality on the market can be poor, and expect it to take several weeks or months for the effects to gradually build.



Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) also goes

can readily be taken as tea, capsule, or tincture, or in food, or inhaled as a fresh rubbed plant or diluted essential oil. For rosemary, foodlike doses may be more effective than higher doses. These are just a few of the remedies showing benefit for cognitive well-being. Rhodiola and ashwagandha are adaptogenic herbs with brain-boosting benefits. Lion’s mane mushroom shows promise in helping to reverse and delay dementia while healing nerve and cognitive damage from disease and accidents. More than 70 human studies have been done on ginkgo leaf standardized extract, and while the results are mixed, there is a general trend toward helping to delay cognitive decline and dementia by improving microcirculation to the brain for older adults. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, vitamin D, iron, and B vitamins including B12 may also improve cognitive function, particularly if you’re deficient in these essential nutrients. —Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG)

by the Ayurvedic name “brahmi,” and has a long history of use supported by modern evidence. This herb promotes a calm-alert state of mind with brain tonic effects. It helps boost levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks it down (acetylcholinesterase), reduces beta amyloid plaque, and acts as a neuroprotective. Clinical studies show the herb’s greatest benefits as being memory free recall, speed of attention, and decreased choice reaction time, but several studies also find it useful for school-aged children, including those with ADHD. It’s a bit bitter as tea but the aerial parts of this plant can be taken in a tincture or capsule.

Mint-Family Herbs such as peppermint (Mentha x piperita), spearmint (Mentha spicata), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), and sage (Salvia spp) are antioxidant-rich herbs that can boost cognitive test scores as well as levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. They often work within an hour and show benefits whether you inhale or eat them. Lemon balm improves focus and calms anxiety, whereas peppermint and rosemary tend to be peppy and invigorating. Although sage’s safety for daily use is questionable, the other four

Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG), is a registered clinical herbalist and freelance health journalist nestled in the pine forests of New Hampshire. She is the author of the book Body into Balance. Learn about herbs, distance consults, online classes, and more at www.WintergreenBotanicals.com.

Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief by David Winston and Steven Maimes ($18.95, Healing Arts Press, 2007) ● Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism: Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Disease by Donald Yance ($50, Healing Arts Press, 2013) ● “Exploring the Role of ‘Brahmi’ (Bacopa monnieri and Centella asiatica) in Brain Function and Therapy” by G.K. Shinomol et al., Recent Pat Endocr Metab Immune Drug Discov, 1/11 ● Herbs and Nutrients for Neurologic Disorders: Treatment Strategies for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, and Seizures by Sidney Kurn and Sheryl Shook ($29.95, Healing Arts Press, 2016) ● “Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials on Cognitive Effects of Bacopa monnieri Extract” by C. Kongkeaw et al., J Ethnopharmacol, 2014 ● “Modulation of Mood and Cognitive Performance Following Acute Administration of Single Doses of Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) with Human CNS Nicotinic and Muscarinic Receptor-Binding Properties” by D. Kennedy et al., Neuropsychopharmacology, 7/03 ● “Positive Modulation of Cognition and Mood in the Healthy Elderly Volunteer Following the Administration of Centella asiatica” by J. Wattanathorn et al., J Ethnopharmacol, 3/08 ● “Recent Updates in Neuroprotective and Neuroregenerative Potential of Centella asiatica” by Y. Lokanathan et al., Malays J Med Sci, 1/16

June 2017

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l remedies


4/27/17 3:22 PM

remedies BODY CARE

Our top picks for




remedies Body Care Awards Face forward with pampering products

The world is tough on our skin, hair, and nails. Keeping our outsides healthy and looking good can take a lot of work. And the thousands of products that line store shelves for softening, strengthening, soothing, and sanitizing aren’t always the healthiest options. The great news is that more and more companies are producing body care products based primarily on essential oils and time-tested herbs instead of toxic chemicals. Staff members and colleagues tried a wide variety of body care products and rated the following as excellent and effective.

BEARD CARE ✽ Every Man Jack Sandalwood Beard Oil and Beard Wash and Conditioner are rich in essential oils to soften facial hair while moisturizing and soothing the skin. The sandalwood fragrance is refreshing.



remedies l

REM_0617_450_22_23.indd 22

✽ Babo Botanicals Wild Rose Lip Tint Conditioner offers broadspectrum SPF-15 sun protection with zinc oxide while making lips shine. The antioxidant-rich formula softens and conditions the lips.

BODY LOTION ✽ NOW Solutions Shea Butter Lotion Intense Repair is designed for rough, dry skin, especially on the knees, elbows, and feet. This rich lotion promotes superlubricated, soft skin.

✽ Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Blood Orange Lip Balm features organic mongongo oil and Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter combined with the sweet smell of orange for long-lasting softness.

JUST FOR KIDS ✽ Lily of the Desert Kids Calming Lavender Lotion is an aloebased formula designed to soothe children’s skin. Lavender, chamomile, safflower, and calendula add to the skin-calming effects.

✽ Herpetino Soothing Lip Cream from Terry Naturally is purified to remove the beeswax, leaving only the soothing, absorbent propolis. It reduces blemishes while it softens the lips. Enhanced with shea butter and chamomile.

June 2017

5/2/17 10:43 AM

SKIN CARE ✽ Balancing Face Oil from Desert Essence is a fast-absorbing blend of organic jojoba and pomegranate oils. It moisturizes without clogging pores, helping to balance the skin’s dry and oily areas.

✽ Vibrant Health Gigartina Red Marine Algae Ointment helps treat a wide range of skin ailments, ranging from diaper rash to acne to dermatitis. The emu oil penetrates so the other ingredients can heal.

SERUM ✽ Ecco Bella Revitalize Natural Facial Treatment Serum rejuvenates skin with pure jojoba oil, organic herbs, vitamin E, and the essential oils of neroli, jasmine, and sandalwood. Good for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

✽ Home Health Natural Vitamin E Oil is readily absorbed to help soothe and moisturize dry skin. It’s free of parabens, preservatives, and artificial colors. Vegan friendly too!

✽ Natural Factors Womensense Coconut Oil with Essential Oil of Lavender provides intensive moisturizing for skin. Ready-to-use coconut oil infused with organic lavender can also be used as a nourishing treatment for dry hair and nails!


✽ Aquamella Advanced Skin Care with Tremella and Pearl from Mushroom Wisdom hydrates skin while reducing fine lines. Tremella mushroom has been valued as a skin tonic for centuries.

✽ Mellisa B Naturally Signature Series Premium Moisturizing Cream with Argireline & Progeline firms and softens skin for a noticeable difference in feel and tone. The ingredients are responsibly sourced, and it’s free of parabens and other harmful additives.

BODY WASH ✽ Alaffia’s Coconut Reishi Chai Shower Gel includes soothing coconut, nourishing reishi, protective shea, balancing turmeric, and invigorating kola. The result is a refreshing and cleansing gel.

✽ Andalou’s Lavender Thyme Refreshing Shower Gel blends rosehip and argan oils with coconut water and gentle cleansing botanicals for fresh, healthy skin. Ultra-hydrating aloe vera helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

June 2017

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l remedies


5/4/17 11:00 AM



“The summer

is like a

perfection of thought.”

—Wallace Stevens


remedies l

REM_0617_450_24.indd 24

January June 2017 2017

5/2/17 10:54 AM






Make the switch to Spry products and

Using products from the Spry5 system make it easy to get the dentistrecommended five daily exposures of xylitol. Research has shown over and over that using xylitol products five times throughout the day is the The Spry5 System is simple to use, in fact you’re probably going through the motions, just not with products that use mouthwash, chew gum, eat mints or candy you should make it count.

Available at fine retailers

Untitled-2 1

1 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse when you wake up. 2 After meals chew Spry gum or mints. 3 Brush and rinse with Spry toothpaste and oral rinse before bed. The goal of the Spry5 system is to make oral care easy, tasty and retailer at Xlear.com.

4 Use Spry Dental Probiotics before bed. 5 Other exposures to 100% xylitol products throughout the day are added bonuses and will help.

Or visit Xlear.com

5/3/17 11:49 AM

herbal healing

the lowdown on hemp it won’t get you high, and has considerable benefits

Hemp’s legal status may be in question, but its health benefits aren’t. Marijuana’s nonpsychotropic cousin can be used to make food products and supplements, medications, and natural remedies. Currently, the versatile plant can be grown industrially in the United States only for research purposes, but because it’s imported from other countries, particularly Canada, many hempbased products, including hemp seeds and hemp oil, are readily available here. 26

remedies l

REM_0617_450_26_27.indd 26

June 2017

5/2/17 12:11 PM

Medicinal promise

The pharmaceutical value of hemp comes from its component cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, or CBD. Though they’re not currently legal in the US, drugs containing CBD are already used in more than 25 other countries to treat certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis. And a recent trial of a CBD drug aimed at reducing seizures in children with a rare form of epilepsy showed promising results.

Nutritional value

The edible parts of the hemp plant, the seeds (sometimes referred to as “hearts”), are used to make a milk alternative, protein powder, and oil, and they can be sprinkled directly onto food. Toss two tablespoons of the seeds over your salad, oatmeal, yogurt, rice, or vegetables, and you’re getting two grams of fiber, five grams of protein, 300 milligrams (mg) of potassium, 25 percent of the daily requirement of iron, and 15 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin A—in addition to a tasty crunch. Hemp milk contains both calcium and protein, making it a great nondairy replacement for cow’s milk. And as a protein powder, ground hemp seeds also provide fiber.


While growing industrial hemp is allowed only for research purposes by the US government, several states, most recently Rhode Island, have challenged federal law by legalizing industrial hemp production. Medicinal and/or recreational marijuana use is also legal in a number of states. A two-year-old federal bill to legalize hemp growth is stalled in Congress, though. As support for legalizing marijuana grows, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been vocal about his opposition, so it’s hard to predict the legal future of either marijuana or hemp. —Jane Eklund “Cannabidiol”; “Why Are Hemp Seeds Good for Me?” by Keri Glassman, WebMD.com ● “Cannabidiol as an Emergent Therapeutic Strategy for Lessening the Impact of Inflammation on Oxidative Stress” by G.W. Booz, Free Radic Biol Med, 1/14/11 ● “Cannabinoids May Help Soothe Certain Skin Diseases, Study Shows,” www.scicasts.com, 4/18/17 ● “Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015,” www.congress.gov ● “Marijuana-Based Drug Found to Reduce Epileptic Seizures” by Andrew Pollack, The New York Times, www.NYTimes.com, 3/14/16 ● “New Hampshire Committee Passes Bill to Decriminalize Industrial Hemp” by Mike Maharrey, www. ActivistPost.com, 2/6/17 ● “State Industrial Hemp Statutes,” National Conference of State Legislatures, www.ncsl.org, 3/4/16 ● “Will Jeff Sessions Launch a War on Weed?” by Paul Waldman, Washington Post The Plum Line blog, 4/20/17

Hemp health benefits

■ Heart health: Hemp contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which fight inflammation and provide heart and immune system benefits. ■ Mood enhancer, pain relief: It is believed that CBD bolsters a chemical in the brain that is related to pain, mood, and mental function, accounting for its pain and anxiety-relieving properties. ■ Anti-inflammatory: A review of studies looking at CBD’s effects on inflammation concluded that cannabidiol “offers promise as a prototype for anti-inflammatory drug development.” Research suggests the immune system diseases that may be good candidates for treatment with a potential CBD drug are rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and depression. ■ Skin care: A just-published meta-analysis by researchers at the University of Colorado Anshutz Medical Campus found that cannabinoids show promise in the treatment of skin diseases. The scientists noted a study in which patients found that a topical solution alleviated severe itching, and another in which tumors in mice with melanoma were inhibited. June 2017

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l remedies


5/2/17 10:24 AM

e ve r y d a y r e m e d i e s


What is it? Damage to the epidermis (outer layer of skin) resulting in pain and redness. What causes it? Skin exposed to heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation (including UV rays).

First aid: For minor burns, apply cool water to burned

area, either with tap or clean towel; moisturize burned area with aloe vera lotion or gel.

Diet: High-protein foods including beans, eggs, meat,

Topical herbal therapy: Aloe, calendula, gotu

Homeopathy: Arnica, Causticum, Hypericum

Supplements: Vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10

nuts, and tofu.

perforatum, Phosphorus, and Urtica urens.

kola, and propolis.

(CoQ10), coconut oil, L-glutamine, omega 3-fatty acids, and probiotics.

“Burns,” University of Maryland Medical Center, www.umm.edu/health, 3/24/15 ● “Burns: First Aid,” www.MayoClinic.org, 7/10/15 ● “Nutrition for Burn Patients,” University of Utah Health, http://healthcare.utah.edu


remedies l

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June 2017

4/27/17 9:45 AM

Try the Cleanest Performance Line Ever The new Garden of Life Sport Line is designed to be used as a Complete 4-part Performance System to help you achieve your best, regardless of the type of sport, intensity or duration. It includes a Pre-Workout drink, Post-Workout drink, Refuel Plant Protein, Refuel Whey Protein plus delicious new Performance Protein Bars—all completely clean and free of any banned substances!

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1/24/17 3:51 PM

Vacation First Aid

Before you head off on a summer road trip, put together a ďŹ rst-aid kit. Visit the link below for a list of treatment essentials.


Remedies-and-Recipes.com/article/vacation-first-aid REM_0617_450_30.indd 1

4/26/17 11:11 AM

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4/28/17 7:55 AM


Support rt SUPE R


Synergistic Support for Healthy Joints* Genesis Today’s Organic Tart Cherry is a pure liquid concentrate that supports healthy joints. Each serving features 100% organic tart cherry juice concentrate that includes phenolics, natural plant compounds containing antioxidant properties which protect against damaging free radicals. Aquamin™, a marine source of bioactive trace minerals, is synergistically incorporated to support joint health.*


Visit the all-new GenesisToday.com for coupons & exclusive offers. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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