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Peppers make “Herb of the Year”

3/28/16 1:56 PM

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green your pet

Minimize your furry friend’s paw print.

6 From the Editor’s Desk 8 Health Pulse Lavender for better sleep • Lower triglycerides with omega 3s • Green tea helps arthritis • Meditation, exercise improve depression • More

16 Herbal Healing Capsaicin for pain relief and more.

18 The Bare Bones Maintaining a strong skeleton, even after menopause.

23 Sports Nutrition Supplements for joint support.

25 Everyday Remedies Relief from heartburn.

26 The Goods 29 Real-World Homeopathy Remedies for menstrual cramps.

30 Postscript A source for news, information, and ideas for your healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Shoshana S. Bennett discusses postpartum depression. @RemediesMag

Cover: Capsicum (chili pepper).

May 2016

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l remedies


4/6/16 12:00 PM

from the editor ’s desk

remedies for LIFE

Decisions, decisions Consuming mindfully can be exhausting, especially for people who don’t have a store like this one nearby that places healthy, sustainable choices front and center. One of the compromises I used to make was to accept plastic shopping bags from a grocery store only for disposing of kitty litter. And for a while I purchased natural kitty litter but sent it off to the landfill in the plastic bags. A lot of us work this kind of equation in our minds as we walk down the aisles of our stores with our shopping lists and our consciences in tow. What’s best for my family, for my pets, for my planet? At remedies, we aim to help make those decisions less agonizing. This month, we focus on green pet purchases, starting on page 12. Elsewhere in the magazine we celebrate capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot peppers that imparts so much flavor and so many health benefits that it scored “Herb of the Year” this year! See page 16 for that, then read on to learn how to keep bones healthy even after menopause, starting on page 18. If joint health is your concern, we have you covered there, too, starting on page 23. There’s much more in remedies this month to help you make choices that feel good. Cheers to that! To your health,

remedies 2016


remedies l

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May 2016

4/5/16 2:17 PM

healthpulse pulse sleep better with lavender

Sleeping with a patch infused with lavender essential oil led to better sleep quality in a group of college students. They also reported less daytime fatigue and were more likely to wake feeling refreshed, compared to a control group. Prior to the study, the students reported sleep issues such as difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking, or daytime sleepiness. Sleep problems have been linked to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and other health concerns. Each night, participants applied an adhesive patch infused with lavender oil or no oil to their chest. Both groups were coached on good “sleep hygiene” practices, including ■ maintaining a regular sleep schedule ■ avoiding fluid intake before bed ■ avoiding food, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine late in the day ■ creating a good sleeping environment ■ creating a relaxing bedtime routine ■ exercising regularly. “The persistent effect of lavender on sleep quality at twoweek follow-up suggests a rebalancing or long-acting effect on the sleep cycle,” the authors concluded. “Re: Lavender Aromatherapy Improves Sleep Quality in College Students” by Heather S. Oliff, HerbClip, 2/15/16

meditation, exercise ease depression Meditation paired with exercise brought about “meaningful improvement” in symptoms of depression in a new study. Participants began with a 30-minute session of focused attention meditation, followed by 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. The sessions took place twice a week for two months. Symptoms decreased in both clinically depressed and non-depressed participants. “Scientists have known for a while that both of these activities alone can help with depression,” said researcher Tracey Shors, PhD. “But this study suggests that when done together, there is a striking improvement.” “Exercise and Meditation—Together—Help Beat Depression, Rutgers Study Finds,” Rutgers University, 2/10/16


remedies l

May 2016

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3/28/16 1:45 PM

meditation key revealed The benefits of meditation are well known, particularly for reducing stress. Scientists have now determined a physical basis for the change: Mindfulness meditation can reduce inflammation in the brain. Participants took part in “either a three-day intensive residential mindfulness meditation or relaxation training program,” according to the researchers. The relaxation sessions included stretching and “distractions” from worries and stress. The meditation group practiced “an open and receptive, nonjudgmental awareness of your present-moment experience,” said lead author J. David Creswell, PhD. Follow-up brain scans showed that the meditators had more communication among parts of the brain that process stress and relate to focus and calm. Four months later, the meditation group had much lower levels of a blood marker of inflammation compared to the relaxation group, even though most had not continued the meditation practice. “Alterations in Resting State Functional Connectivity Link Mindfulness Meditation with Reduced Interleukin-6 . . .” by J.D. Creswell et al., Biological Psychiatry, 1/29/16 ● “How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body” by Gretchen Reynolds,, 2/18/16

omega 3s lower triglycerides A new study from Australia linked higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids to lower triglyceride levels in adults who ranged in age from 65 to 95. Triglyceride blood levels were found to be up to 28 percent lower in those with the highest levels of omega 3s compared to those with the lowest. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in marine life, particularly krill, algae, and fatty, coldwater fish like salmon. Plant sources include walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds. Omega 3s are also readily available in many supplement forms. “Association Between Omega-3 Index and Blood Lipids in Older Australians” by J.A. Ferguson et al., Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 1/16

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l remedies


3/24/16 10:11 AM

3/28/16 1:46 PM

yoga good for heart patients A 12-week gentle yoga program improved heart rate, blood pressure, and quality of life in patients with the most common form of cardiac rhythm disorder. The program— which included light movement, deep breathing, and meditation—gave the participants “a method to gain some self control over their symptoms instead of feeling helpless,” said study leader Maria Wahlström. The 80 patients had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF), which is characterized by periods of chest pain, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. “These symptoms are unpleasant and patients feel anxious, worried, and stressed that an AF episode will occur,” Wahlström said. All participants in the study continued their standard treatments. Half of the group took part in the yoga program, which met weekly for one hour. At the conclusion of the study period, the yoga group saw measurable improvements compared to the control group. Wahlström surmised that the deep breathing led to less variation in heart rate. She added that “The breathing and movement may have beneficial effects on blood pressure.” “Yoga Improves Quality of Life in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation,” European Society of Cardiology, 3/13/16

green tea compound may help with arthritis A chemical in green tea may prove to be effective in reducing the joint pain, inflammation, and tissue damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The chemical—epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)—is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. A new study suggests that it also blocks effects of RA without blocking other cellular functions. RA is an autoimmune disease that primarily affects small joints in the hands and feet. It causes painful swelling that can progress to cartilage damage, bone erosion, and joint deformity. When researchers gave EGCG to animals with RA, they observed significant reductions in ankle swelling. Lead researcher Salah-uddin Ahmed, PhD, noted that existing drugs for RA “are expensive, immunosuppressive, and sometimes unsuitable for long-term use.” “Compound in Green Tea Found to Block Rheumatoid Arthritis,” Washington State University, 2/16/16


remedies l

May 2016

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3/28/16 1:47 PM

Yelda, Florencia, and Eufrasia taste pure love as they inspect each and every product by hand.

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By Karen Asp

green your pet eco-friendly care


remedies l

May 2016

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3/28/16 1:38 PM

Earth Day may have come and gone, but there are lots of reasons to be an eco-friendly pet parent all year. Like humans, pets take a toll on the environment, especially given the number of pets in American households. Latest estimates indicate that 37 to 47 percent have a resident dog, 30 to 37 percent a cat. So how can you lower your pet’s carbon pawprint? One guideline should fit all pet products: “Consider where things come from, how they’re made, and where they’re going when you’re finished with them,” says Christine Millar, co-owner of Green Dog Pet Supply in Portland, OR, adding that buying local is also a guiding principle. Locally sourced products don’t have to travel as far or use as much fossil fuel. No doubt you’ll have to do a little research from time to time, but isn’t the Earth—and your pet’s

health—worth it? Follow this guide to source the best Earth-friendly products for your furry friends.


With so many options on the market, it can be mindboggling to decide what foods and supplements to buy for your pet. And that’s just for health alone. Once you start factoring in the green angle, things get more complicated. First things first, though: The vegan diet is becoming

May 2016

REM_0516_450_12_13_14_15.indd 13

l remedies


4/4/16 2:43 PM

continued from page 13

more mainstream as people look to reduce consumption of meat, which has been linked to climate change, but the diet of cats and dogs isn’t as flexible. “Many vegan pet foods have been shown in studies to have inadequate amounts of certain nutrients, and are often carb heavy, mainly from grains, which can cause weight gain and could contribute to inflammation, leading to future health problems,” Millar says. Of course, you have numerous options in diets for your pet, ranging from home-cooked meals to prepared kibble. The most Earth-friendly choice, though, might be an organic, home-cooked diet, or even a raw diet. “Homemade diets don’t often reduce cost. They are great but require a little extra time and effort, which does pay you back,” says Carol Osborne, DVM, founder of Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic in Chagrin Falls, OH. Another benefit to a home-cooked diet? You can source the foods more sustainably, Millar says. For instance, you can shop farmers’ markets to support local growers and find

Get results in 7-10 days!

farmers who are producing more humanely raised meat. Just work with your vet to make sure you’re providing the nutrients your pet needs, Osborne says. If, though, you do want to go with the kibble option, know that many companies are sourcing locally and choosing protein sources carefully, so do your homework when purchasing pet food. The good news? One company in Canada is now producing certified-humane kibble for dogs and cats.


Pets’ bathroom habits are anything but green. From figuring out what to do with dog poop to choosing the best kitty litter, you’re faced with controversy at every corner, and there aren’t any easy solutions. Take, for starters, dogs whose urine harms the grass and whose feces carry bacteria, which can be harmful when not picked up. “Dog poop can carry E. coli and salmonella, which then seep into the ground and,

Start moving again. Feel Better. Live Better.


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remedies l

May 2016

REM_0516_450_12_13_14_15.indd 14

4/6/16 12:13 PM

taking a bite out of wildlife If you love watching birds but have cats, this news may not sit well with you: Domestic, free-ranging cats kill anywhere from 1.3 to 4 billion birds a year, according to a study in Nature Communications. The natural urge might be to keep your cats indoors, but Osborne disagrees. “Indooroutdoor cats are often the happiest cats, suffering from minimal disorders related to stress,” she says, adding that it’s a cat’s nature to hunt birds. Of course, breed may determine

fishing for supplements While vets often recommend omega-3 fatty acid supplements for pets, these can be tricky to source, mainly because there’s little from the sea that’s sustainable these days. However, smaller-bodied fish like anchovies and sardines generally have fewer accumulated environmental toxins, and if obtained from a healthy fishery, they are plentiful and healthful, Millar says. Short answer? “Ask suppliers about sustainability and whether the species they’ve chosen might be certified by a third party for sustainability.”

whether indoor life is best for your feline. Siamese and Persians might be best suited indoors, for instance. Osborne argues that domestication should enhance a feline’s nature, not eliminate it. “Cats love to hunt, and preventing them from doing this can cause stress,” she says. Bottom line? Although you can buy or make feline toys to stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct, being a bird lover and cat parent may simply not be a good mix.

eventually, the water supply,” Millar says. That’s why the number one rule is to pick up after your pup, no matter where you are. But what do you do with that poop, and more important, what should you use to pick it up? Some people compost the poop, but the composters that work best are often too time-intensive and distasteful for most people to use, Millar says. Instead, either use a biodegradable bag—know, though, that many of these just break down into smaller plastic so they’re not always 100 percent biodegradable—or reuse bags you already have in your house. “There’s really not anything more sustainable than reusing what you already have, which requires no extra energy to produce,” she says. When it comes to cats, choose a litter like one made from newspaper or plants, Osborne says. And while you might have thought about flushing their litter down the toilet, the problem is that cats can develop toxoplasmosis, which can get into the water system. In fact, recent studies show that sea otters are testing positive for toxoplasmosis, possibly from people flushing cat litter. Your best option? Litter (without the poop) can often be sprinkled under bushes or composted at home, but, Millar says, “When in doubt, landfill it.” Being a green pet parent might take a little work. But your pet, and ultimately the Earth, will thank you. “The Impact of Free-Ranging Domestic Cats on Wildlife of the United States” by S.R. Loss et al., Nature Communications,, 9/6/12 ● Personal communication: Christine Millar; Carol Osborne, 2016 ● “Pet Statistics,” American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,, 2016

May 2016

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l remedies


4/6/16 12:02 PM

herbal healing


Who doesn’t love the tasty heat of a spicy salsa or curry? The same heat that fires up a bowl of chili is also a therapeutic botanical. A rich source of carotenoids as well as vitamins A and C, the seeds and flesh of chili peppers also contain capsaicin, a phytochemical used historically to stop everything from asthma to ulcers. It’s easy to see why the International Herb Association has named multipurpose Capsicum spp (peppers) as the Herb of the Year for 2016. Here are just a few of capsaicin’s many healing qualities. Topical formulations Cream or ointment containing capsaicin can be applied directly to the skin to help relieve pain. It’s not yet clear exactly how capsaicin works to block pain, but it is thought that heat from the capsaicin stimulates the pain signals in the body, thus blocking communications between the nerves and pain receptors. Capsaicin cream has been used to reduce the pain associated with arthritis, neuralgia (nerve pain), and lower back pain. Creams usually contain 0.025 or 0.075 percent capsaicin. A high-concentration patch (eight percent capsaicin) is also available, and clinical trials suggest that a single one-hour session with the patch produced pain relief for up to 12 weeks. Topical capsaicin creams can cause local burning, though the sensation does tend to decrease over time. It can also cause some skin sensitivity, so sunlight exposure should be avoided after application.

Supplements Fresh chili peppers are linked to lower risks of dying from many chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. They may also aid weight loss: A 2013 study of 37 overweight adults found that those who supplemented with bioactive ingredients including capsaicin experienced a significantly greater increase in satiety compared to a placebo group. Research has also linked regular intake of cayenne to a reduction in insulin levels. Some clinical trials also showed that caloric intake and appetite decreased, while metabolism increased, in subjects who supplemented with cayenne. Dietary consumption of cayenne pepper is considered safe, so if you’re a fan of spicy heat there should be no adverse effects from adding more of it to your diet. It may, however, exacerbate symptoms of gastric reflux (GERD) or some ulcers. Cayenne pepper may also interfere with some blood-pressure medications and MAO inhibitors, so it’s a good idea to consult your healthcare practitioner before supplementing. —Kelli Ann Wilson “Acute Effect on Satiety . . . of a Combination of Bioactive Food Ingredients in Overweight Subjects” by M. Rondanelli et al., J Am Coll Nutr, 2013 ● “Capsaicin – Topic Overview,”, 11/14/14 ● “Eating Spicy Food Linked to a Longer Life” by Nicholas Bakalar, The New York Times,, 8/4/15 ● “Topical Capsaicin (High Concentration) for Chronic Neuropathic Pain in Adults,” by S. Derry et al., Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2/28/13 ● “Topical Capsaicin for Pain Management: Therapeutic Potential and Mechanism of Action of the New High-Concentration Capsaicin 8% Patch” by P. Ananad and K. Bley, Br J Anaesth, 10/11 ● “The Two Faces of Capsaicin” by A.M. Bose and Z. Dong, Cancer Res, 4/15/11


remedies l

REM_0516_450_16.indd 16

May 2016

3/31/16 8:50 AM

Maximum Digestive Support from Human Strains*

Naturally compatible probiotic power. PrimadophilusŽ Optima Women’s contains HDS Probiotics™ (human digestive strains) which are naturally compatible with your vaginal, urinary and intestinal tracts to support healthy yeast balance, regularity, digestion and immunity.*

By Lisa Petty

the bare bones KEEPING OUR ESSENTIAL SUPPORT SYSTEM STRONG In the last century, life spans for women have increased by almost two decades. Although having more time is a bonus, living longer doesn’t come with a promise of health— particularly in reference to bones. In fact, osteoporosis is most prevalent in countries like the US with aging populations. At midlife or older, is there anything you can do to protect your bones?


remedies l

May 2016

REM_0516_450_18_19_20_21.indd 18

4/4/16 11:47 AM

Building a framework Bone is living tissue composed of collagen (which forms a framework and provides flexibility to bone) and calcium (which combines with other minerals to contribute to bone strength). Bones constantly undergo a process of building and tearing down, or resorption. When we are young, this process favors bone growth. After we reach peak bone mass at about age 30, resorption increases. As we age, inflammation in the body becomes more prevalent, which is partially due to an increase in adipose (fat) tissue at this time of life for women. Inflammation is associated with bone loss. Similarly, bone loss speeds up at midlife due to decreasing estrogen. Until recently, researchers believed that bone loss increases after menopause, but new studies suggest that the greatest bone loss happens in the years before the end of menstruation and continues for about four to six years afterward. While scientists figure out the details, what is agreed is that women’s chances of developing osteoporosis increase around menopause. Strategies to protect bone should involve both boosting bone-building activity and slowing down resorption. Bone-building activities include regular weight-bearing exercise such as walking, dancing, yoga, t’ai chi, and weight training. Tactics to reduce bone-damaging inflammation are also key, and involve lifestyle factors including restoring healthy intestinal microbial flora, getting enough exercise and sleep, easing chronic stress, decreasing exposure to environmental pollution, and maintaining a healthy weight. Perhaps not surprisingly, diet and exercise may explain up to a 25 percent variation in adult bone mineral density

(BMD). Food choices also affect both inflammation and our potential to preserve bone health.

Feed healthy bones If you need another reason to boost your intake of fruit and vegetables, consider the fact that four women in 10 over age 50 will suffer an osteoporotic fracture of the hip, spine, or wrist in their lifetime. Many studies show the health benefits of plant foods to protect Did you bone health. Fruit and vegetables provide know? nutrients that support Long-chain polyunsatubone development, rated fatty acids (PUFA) including vitamins A, like those found in deep C, E, and K, as well as water fatty fish and fish potassium, magnesium, oil boost bone health by and, of course, calcium. increasing bone mass and Research suggests, slowing down resorption. however, that a major PUFAs like the omega-3 benefit of plant foods is fats EPA and DHA also their ability to counteract help to reduce chronic the typical Western diet inflammation. that is high in acidforming grains and meat. “Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Sources and As we age, kidney Evaluation of Their Nutritional function can weaken, and Functional Properties” by E. Abedi and M.A. Sahari, which contributes to Food Sci Nutr, 9/12 chronic, low-grade acidosis. Fruit and vegetables, which are sources of alkaline minerals, help to balance the acid produced by the rest of the diet. In the absence of dietary minerals, our bodies maintain homeostasis by removing alkalizing minerals from where we store them—in our bones— which leads to weakened bones. Plant foods also provide phytochemicals and antioxidants that work together to reduce inflammation and free-radical damage. May 2016

REM_0516_450_18_19_20_21.indd 19

l remedies


4/5/16 11:27 AM

continued from page 19

Talk to your doctor if you are prescribed medications linked with osteoporosis: Oral glucocorticoids Cancer treatments Thyroid medicine Anti-epileptic medications Gonadal hormone suppression Immunosuppressive agents “The Surgeon General’s Report on Bone Health and Osteoporosis: What It Means to You,� National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, www., 3/12

Some plant foods that inhibit bone resorption include broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, green beans, oranges, and prunes. Tomatoes also inhibit bone resorption, and along with tomato sauce, juice, and paste, are a source of the carotenoid lycopene. Higher intake of lycopene is associated with a lower risk of hip fracture. Women should aim to eat three to five servings of these and other plant foods daily. Add bone-preserving flavor to food with basil, dill, garlic, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Optimal servings are between half to one teaspoon of dried herbs, and up to one-quarter cup of fresh parsley and basil.

Supplementary support Bone health relies on several nutrients that may be difficult to get from diet alone. For example, vitamin D is crucial for helping to absorb calcium in the intestine, yet there are few food sources of this nutrient. Researchers in 2015 determined that, along with adequate calcium intake and physical activity, women should supplement with 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily to reach a blood level that will positively affect bone health. Although calcium is required for bone health, it is a plateau element, meaning that once you have what you need, taking more


remedies l

does not reduce fracture risk. Studies show that daily intake of less than 800 milligrams (mg) is associated with increased bone loss in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women, while daily intake of 1,200 mg is linked with decreased bone loss. If you are not reaching that high amount, supplements of 500-2,000 mg may be helpful. Take calcium in combination with vitamin D and the fatsoluble vitamin K2. Although researchers have only started to uncover the benefits of vitamin K2, its role in bone health is to activate osteocalcin, a protein in bone-building cells (osteoblasts) that draws calcium into bone. In other words, vitamin D helps you absorb calcium into your blood, and vitamin K2 helps your bones absorb it from the blood. Vitamin K2 provides the added benefit of reducing your risk of arterial calcification associated with heart disease. Research of women over age 60 shows that daily supplementation of vitamin K2, vitamin D, and calcium for six months improved bone-mineral density in the lumbar 3 vertebra. Remember that your bones are alive, and you have the power to preserve and protect them so they can continue to support you.

May 2016

REM_0516_450_18_19_20_21.indd 20

4/4/16 11:48 AM

consider this NOW Calcium Citrate from NOW Foods has 600 mg of highly absorbable calcium, along with 300 mg of magnesium, for the maintenance of bone structure and function.

BoneActiv from North American Herb & Spice is based on the power of wild spices of sage, rosemary, and oregano, three of the most potent mountain herbs known.

Lisa Petty, ROHP, is a nutrition and healthy living expert for TV and radio, an award-nominated journalist, and an author who has shared her unique perspective with thousands of people through her workshops, lectures, coaching, and extensive writing. She is author of Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous & Live Well, a modern guide to feeling younger at any age. Her website is

“Bone Loss in Premenopausal, Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women: Results of a Prospective Observational Study Over 9 Years” by V. Seifert-Klauss et al., 2012; “Calcium and Bone Health—Goodbye, Calcium Supplements?” by A.Ströhle et al., 2015, International Menopause Society ● “Diet, Weight, Cytokines and Bone Health in Postmenopausal Women” by C.A. Gunn et al., Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, 5/13 ● “Lifestyle and Nutritional Imbalances Associated with Western Diseases . . . ” by B. Ruiz-Nunez et al., Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 2013 ● “Midlife Women, Bone Health, Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit Study . . .” by C.A. Gunn et al., BMC Public Health, 2013 ● “Oral Vitamin D Supplements Increase Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D in Postmenopausal Women and Reduce Bone Calcium Flux . . . ” by A. Schild et al., Journal of Nutrition, 9/2/15 ● “Protective Effect of Total Carotenoid and Lycopene Intake on the Risk of Hip Fracture . . . ” by S. Sahni et al., Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 2009 ● “Vitamin K Supplement Along with Vitamin D and Calcium Reduced Serum Concentration of Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin . . . ” by S.H. Je et al., Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2011

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l remedies


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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sports nutrition

joint relief a to z

Vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements are readily available for the relief of joint pain, along with many excellent food sources. Here’s a quick alphabetical guide to effective pain reducers. (We only left out two letters!)

Arnica creams and gels relieve joint pain as well as muscle aches and bruises. Boswellia improves blood flow to joints and decreases pain. Extracts of this herb are readily available in supplement forms. Collagen is an essential part of our connective tissue. Collagen supplements are effective for osteoarthritis.

D3—the more bioavailable form of this vitamin—is recommended as part of a “whole-body” approach to arthritis relief. E—the vitamin—fights cellular damage that can cause joint pain. Fish—particularly fatty, cold-water varieties like salmon, tuna, and sardines—is an excellent source of inflammation-lowering omega-3 fatty acids.

Glucosamine, usually paired with chondroitin, is widely used for joint pain. Both substances are naturally found in cartilage. Ice is a key part of the RICE Treatment for injuries: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Icing for 15 minutes several times daily relieves short-term discomfort.

Juice, particularly from pineapple and grapefruit, can help relieve pain. Pineapple contains a painrelieving enzyme called bromelain, while grapefruit is rich in antiinflammatory substances. (Grapefruit juice can affect blood levels of certain medications, including statins and antidepressants, so discuss it with your healthcare provider first.)

Kava kava root extract is good for back and temporomandibular (jaw) joint pain. It’s available in several supplement forms.

Limes and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps fix cellular damage that may be hurting your joints.

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Magnesium is necessary to thwart the buildup of calcium in joints, which causes pain.

Nettles contain anti-inflammatory compounds. The leaf extract is particularly effective for osteoarthritis.

Olive oil may ease inflamed joints and reduce morning stiffness. Consider using it instead of saturated fats. Papaya is among many foods that can help relieve joint pain. Consider eating more garlic, grapes, nuts, and spinach too.

Quinoa and other whole grains can help ease arthritis flare-ups.

Rhus tox is the go-to homeopathic treatment for joint pain. SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) has been shown to ease arthritis pain. It’s readily available as a supplement. Turmeric, the popular Indian spice, reduces inflammation. Look for curcumin—its primary component—in supplement forms.

“Up.” As in “Sit up straight!” Proper posture while working at the computer can minimize the risk of aches and pains.

Veggies like bell peppers, carrots, and leafy greens are loaded with inflammation-reducing antioxidants. Look for the brightest colors when

shopping in the produce aisle. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts) contain a compound that reduces the destruction of cartilage in joints.

Willow. Extracts from the dried bark of this tree are effective for joint pain relief. Try it in tea or capsules.

Yoga and other forms of gentle exercise can strengthen muscles to stabilize joints. Zinc has been shown to have pain-relieving properties. It appears to regulate the transmission of pain signals. —Cameron Hendrix

“8 Tips for Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief” by Matthew Kadey,, 2015 ● “Bioavailability of Vitamin D(2) and D(3) . . .” by U. Lehmann et al., J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 1/13 ● “A Bitter Pill to Swallow: Grapefruit Juice and Medication,” by Sylvia R. Karasu,, 5/31/12 ● “Daily Dose,” ● Herbal Therapy & Supplements by Merrily A. Kuhn and David Winston ($42.95, Wolters Kluwer, 2008) ● “Supplements for Bones and Joints,” ● “Zinc Acts on NMDA Receptors to Relieve Pain” by Megan Talkington,

Natural remedies and tasty recipes to support a healthy way of life.

Improve Your Digestion Naturally

Cancer Prevention, Naturally

Classic bitter and aromatic digestive tonics can help.


remedies l

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Take note of the following tips, and scroll to the bottom for delicious recipes.




Don’t Succumb to Cold and Flu

Most of us want to spend the holiday season socializing with friends and family, not spending quality time on the couch with a box of tissues.



Italian Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Garlic Croutons

Roasted red peppers are the perfect antidote to the salt shaker habit.




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e ve r y d a y r e m e d i e s


(Gastroesophageal reflux disease—GERD) What is it? A burning sensation in the upper abdomen or behind the breastbone experienced by one in five Americans. Symptoms may include difficulty swallowing and a dry cough. Can be worse after a meal or when lying down. What causes it? Stomach acid refluxing (or seeping) into the esophagus, often due to a valve between the stomach and esophagus that does not close properly, or opens too frequently. Slow digestion is also a factor.

Lifestyle: Eat smaller meals; avoid fatty foods. Quit

smoking and reduce alcohol intake, and don’t drink iced beverages while eating. Wear clothing that does not bind the abdomen. Lose weight.

Homeopathy: Pulsatilla, Ipecacuanha, and Nux

Herbal therapy: Fennel, licorice, aloe, cranberry,

Food therapy: Green vegetables, steamed or chopped. Almond milk, oatmeal, ginger tea. Avoid acidic foods and drinks (like orange juice), high-fat foods and condiments, caffeine, chocolate, spearmint and peppermint, and carbonated beverages. Take bicarbonate of soda in water before bed. If slow digestion is the problem, add vinegar to food at the beginning of a meal.

Nutritional supplements: A daily

vomica (for nausea); Carbo vegetabilis (for bloating and indigestion).

or mastic in capsules, powders, tinctures, or teas.

multivitamin/mineral that contains vitamins A, C, E, and the B vitamins, as well as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Omega 3s, digestive enzymes, probiotics.

“9 Foods That Soothe Heartburn Naturally” by Lambeth Hochwald,, 5/5/15 ● “Acid Reflux” by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, Cures A-Z, www. ● “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease,” University of Maryland Medical Center, ● “Heartburn? Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Acid Reflux Symptoms” by Digestive Health Team,, 4/15/14 ● “Herbs and Supplements for Acid Reflux” by Dale Kiefer,, 6/30/12 ● “Understanding Heartburn—The Basics,”, 3/18/15

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l remedies


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the goods don’t miss these products!

Oreganol P73 Oil from North American Herb & Spice is a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown in natural, mineral-rich soils, extracted without chemicals or alcohol.

NOW Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) from NOW Foods has phospholipid-bound omega 3s and can help support joint comfort and healthy blood lipid levels already within normal range.


Flora Women’s Care Probiotic provides 75 billion cells of probiotic goodness per capsule, at time of manufacture, to support both vaginal and intestinal health— no refrigeration required.

Wakunaga of America Kyolic Liver Support is a blend of herbs and nutrients shown to support liver function by protecting against free radical damage, stimulating regeneration, and fortifying cells.


VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake from Naturade provides 20 grams (g) non-GMO protein, 6 g dietary fiber, 22 vitamins and minerals, whole food complex, omega 3s, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.


Get more out of your vitamin C effervescent with delicious, natural-raspberry-flavor Ester-C Powder Packets from American Health—one packet delivers 24-hour immune support, plus B vitamins and electrolytes. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Introducing World Leader in Ginseng Science Since 1971

Enzyme Fermented Ginseng... The Next of Generation Ginseng! The Most Bio-available Ginseng in the World [1]


ILHWA is the World Leader in Ginseng Science Since 1971 The most recommended ginseng by Health Care Professionals

Through 40 years of continuous scientific research and development, ILHWA has become the World Leader in Ginseng Science and is recognized globally for its quality products. ILHWA means “One Harmony.” We pursue the harmony of science and nature. The company is driven by a single passion… to bring wellness to humanity world wide through this incredible herb.


ILHWA utilizes the best that modern science has to offer in all of its research and development.

• Sustained Energy*

The key is to use the best in science while carefully honoring the quintessence of this remarkable

• Mental Clarity & Focus*

ginseng root, which has been used for 5,000 years to heal and optimize human potential. The

• Immune Support* • Homeostatic Balance* • Stress Management*

discovery of Compound K, the 4-time patented GS15-4® ingredient in ILHWA’s high absorption enzyme fermented ginseng, is the result of dedicated science that honors the integrity of nature. The Ohio State University has entered into a research agreement with ILHWA Corporation to study the stress, sports performance adaptations, biochemical

• Restful Sleep*

modulation, and neurological aspects of ginseng. This research may lead to greater


William J. Kraemer, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Human Sciences

understanding of ginseng and its application in these areas of study.

The Ohio State University

Ask for ILHWA Enzyme Fermented Ginseng at local health food store. Call 1-800-815-7310 or visit for FREE SAMPLES and to learn more. [1] (Search # 22178175) ^Based on a human clinical trial

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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“It has become eminently clear that our choices in terms of food and nutritional supplementation are among the most important decisions we make. This is especially important from the perspective of how these choices nurture our microbiome.�

David Perlmutter, M.D., FACN ABIHM Board Certified Neurologist, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author & Expert in the Human Microbiome

Just what the

DOCTOR FORMULATED Available at Fine Health Food Stores and Etailers Nationwide.

Dr. Formulated Probiotics, Enzymes and Fiber are specifically designed and formulated to nurture the microbiome.

real-world homeopathy

menstrual cramps Painful periods, also known as dysmenorrhea, affect more than half of all women who menstruate. Common menstrual cramps (“primary” dysmenorrhea) are usually felt in the lower abdomen and back, and tend to begin shortly before or at the start of the period and can last for several days. During menstruation a woman’s body produces natural chemicals called prostaglandins that cause the uterus to contract. If the contractions are very strong they can press on blood vessels, cutting off oxygen to nearby muscle tissue and causing discomfort. When the pain of menstrual cramps becomes intense, it might be tempting to reach for an over-the-counter solution. However, homeopathy offers a wide range of pain-relieving therapies with no unwanted side effects. Here are several soothing remedies to try. —Kelli Ann Wilson Remedy

Best For


Intense cramps and stinging ovarian pains.


Cramps that accompany a sensation of heaviness, or that occur before menstruation begins.


Heavy or extremely painful periods.

Calcarea carb

Cramps with heavy bleeding and for those who are overweight or anxious.

Calcarea phos

For young women, and those with low energy.


Needle-like pains and very light periods.


Unbearably painful cramps, especially for those who feel sensitive and irritable.


Spasmodic cramps, especially when they occur while traveling.


Cramps that improve with warmth and pressure.

Cuprum met

Violent and extreme cramps.


Menstrual cramps accompanied by nausea and vomiting.


Premenstrual pain, or uterine cramps that occur during menopause.

Magnesia phos

Pain that starts before the period and continues throughout menstruation.

Natrum mur

Cramps accompanied by headaches, sore breasts, and heart palpitations.


Pain in the right ovary.


Cramps associated with late periods, or spotty bleeding.


Stabbing pain and heavy bleeding.


Cramps causing pressure in the abdomen and lower back.

The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses by Dennis Chernin, MD, MPH ($29.95, North Atlantic Books, 2006) ● “Dysmenorrhea: Painful Periods,” The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,, 1/15 ● “Your Guide to Menstrual Cramps,”, 9/20/14

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Overshadowing the Joy

Following life-threatening postpartum depressions, Shoshana S. Bennett, PhD, helped pioneer the field of maternal mental health. She founded and led national and international organizations, plus authored four books on the topic, including Postpartum Depression for Dummies. She is the executive producer of Dark Side of the Full Moon, and recently co-founded the Postpartum Action Institute. She has helped over 20,000 women worldwide.


remedies l

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Postpartum depression (PPD) is the most common complication of childbearing, affecting about one in seven new mothers. It can be caused by a combination of factors, and with proper help from a specialist it’s completely treatable. Some common symptoms are: Low self-esteem Difficulty sleeping at night (even when the baby is sleeping) Big appetite changes (usually a decrease) Anger Worry Guilt Feeling overwhelmed Frequent crying Hopelessness (feeling of nothing to look forward to) Every new mom and mom-to-be should have a strategy in place in order to stay healthy and help prevent postpartum problems. 1 Throw out the myths of motherhood, such as “my needs shouldn’t matter anymore,” “taking care of a baby should be no big deal,” “I should be able to do this all myself,” “breastfeeding should be easy,” and so on. 2 If you have a partner, discuss your wishes and expectations. Never assume, for instance, how the other one feels about what the baby should eat, where he or she will sleep, and who is on duty during the night. 3 Protect your brain chemistry with excellent proteins, complex carbohydrates, and supplements. We have excellent data regarding the positive effects on mood from omega-3 fish oil during pregnancy and postpartum. Along with a few others, vitamin D3, folate, and probiotics are also important in helping to prevent and treat mood issues. Talk to a healthcare practitioner you trust for individual guidance regarding supplements. 4 Get a few hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleep. Even a breastfeeding mother can do this with the right plan. 5 Exercise a few minutes per day for endorphins and oxygenating the brain—nothing strenuous until you’re sleeping well, or else it can backfire. 6 Line up emotional support with friends, family members, and support groups. 7 Schedule physical support—someone to clean your home and/or watch your child/ren so you can nurture yourself on a regular basis. If not, even the strongest moms will get depleted and burned out, which can easily lead to depression. 8 If you’re suffering or high risk, find a psychotherapist who specializes in PPD. If other treatment is necessary, the specialist should be able to refer you.

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Up to 22 g rams of Fa t Digested W ith Just One Capsu * le!

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