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Starters Pluma Iberico Bulgur salad / tandoori

16 €

Shrimp cocktail presented our way Grey shrimps / little gem / tomato / hot shellfish foam

15 €

Langoustine bisque Crab / gray shrimps / fennel / rouille / toast

11 €

Steak tartare Black olive / rocket salad / old cheese / quinoa

14 €

Salmon Marinated / Avruga caviar / coriander / turnip cabbage

16 €

‘Bad Hunter’ salad Goat cheese / celery / radish / black olive

12 €

Main courses Gnocchi Parmesan / sage

19 €

Simmentaler beef Ripened loin / mini salad / beurre aromatique

28 €

Seabass Cockles / cauliflower / pink pepper sauce

28 €

Cod Pumpkin / fennel / lemongrass sauce

26 €

Neck of lamb for 2 persons Peas / green asparagus / tomato / lemon thyme sauce

55 €

Guinea fowl Leek / potato / old cheese / mustard

24 €

Kids Two tasty dishes for kids always with a delicious homemade ice cream dessert Simmentaler beef Mayo / mini lettuce

10 â‚Ź

Cod Pumpkin / fennel

10 â‚Ź

Desserts Moelleux dark chocolate Bergamot / litchi ice cream

11 €

Lemon cake Blood orange ice cream


Strawberry White chocolate / basil


Banana split served our way


Selection of cheeses With garnish

14 €

After Dinner Coffee French Coffee (Grand Marnier) Irish coffee (Jameson Irish Whisky) Italian coffee (Amaretto di Saronno) Spanish coffee (Quaranta y très) Mexican coffee (Kahlua) Antwerp coffee (Elixir d’ Anvers) Baileys coffee

8€ 8€ 8€ 8€ 8€ 8€ 8€

Espresso Lavazza Coffee Espresso This small cup has the full flavour and aroma of the coffee bean Ristretto Half espresso, full of flavour, but will not keep you awake! Double Espresso Strong flavour and double caffeine Cappuccino Classic espresso in a cup with steamed milk Café Latte Warm milk in a cup filled with a coffee Latte Macchiato Steamed milk finished with a shot of espresso Espresso Macchiato Also called a “mini cappuccino”...

2,6 € 2,6 € 2,6 € 4,8 € 3,0 € 3,0 € 3,0 € 2,6 €

Dessert cocktails At Josephine’s, we really enjoy putting some effort in our desserts, but at the same time we have an enormous passion for cocktails. Hence this selection, so you can enjoy your dessert slurping. A real discovery! Chocolate martini Vodka Eristoff Brut, white chocolate liquor, and Belgian chocolate sauce. Sweet sweet sweet!!! 8,5 € The Saint Cup Bacardi Reserva, lime, mint and syrup of brown spiced biscuit. 8,5 € Espresso martini Eristoff Brut Vodka, Kahlua liquor and espresso. Espresso for professionals. 8,5 €

Dessert wines & ports Chateau La Brie – Bergerac - French sweet wine 2012 Made of Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle. This flower-perfumed sweet wine nevertheless has a refreshing aftertaste per glass 4,5 € PX – Sacromonte Pedro Ximinèz, Spain The nec plus ultra of super concentrated sherries. Perfect for complex desserts per glass 9 € Morgadio LBV (Late bottled Vintage) This port consists of a blend of wines with an average age of 70 years old. The aroma is fine and has a touch of ripe fruits. Really soft tannins and very elegant in flavour per glass 5,8 € Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino A delicious Italian sweet red vermouth, with hints of citrus, cocoa and rhubarb. Surprise yourself with a chocolate or red fruit dessert. per glass 6 €

Tea All our blends come from Kusmi Tea, Paris. EXCLUSIVE BLENDS 2,6 € Created by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff himself, our exclusive blends are realised using the finest teas and flavours of bergamote, citrus and spices according to the original recipes! PRINCE VLADIMIR Blend of black China tea flavoured with citrus fruits, vanilla and spices. ANASTASIA Blend of black China tea flavoured with bergamot, lemon and orange blossom. ST. PÉTERSBOURG Blend of black China tea flavoured with citrus fruits, red fruits and caramel. CLASSIC BLENDS 2,6 € Gentle combinations from various estate teas, these exclusive recipes deliver round and full-bodied teas. ENGLISH BREAKFAST Two original black teas with specific flavours have been selected to make this blend : Ceylon OP and Assam GFOP. EARL GREY Flavoured with bergamot, Earl Grey is probably the most drank flavoured black tea in the world. SPICY CHOCOLATE Black tea flavoured with chocolate and spices. Ideal after meal. HERBAL TEAS, CAFFEINE FREE Chamomille - Flower of chamomille.

2,6 €

NATURAL GREEN TEA 2,6 € GUNPOWDER GREEN TEA Green tea from China with leaves rolled into tiny spheres. ORGANIC GREEN ROOIBOS Unfermented South African red tea. Naturally caffeine free. Organic FRESH MOROCCAN MINT TEA

3,0 €

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